Monday, April 14, 2014

TV Discussion: Week of 4/13/2014 - 4/19/2014

Hello TV Addicts! Here's our weekly place to discuss the non-recapped shows. See you in the comments!

Note: Game of Thrones discussions will be split into a separate post!


Mike V. said...

ONCE - I watched this last night but I'll admit I was reading all of the Game of Thrones EW articles during it so I was only half paying attention. But, I could tell they were trying to expand Hook's backstory during the "lost year" and show that he is a changed man. Emma is realizing some of her powers thanks to Regina, but Zelina (sp?) is working Hook to kiss her and take her powers? I definitely missed something there, but that seems to be the gist of it. lol

No Mad Men yet unfortunately, this will probably be a Monday night show for us...though once 24 starts, maybe Tuesday. :) lol

Of course..none of this is factoring in that little girl that's coming into the family pretty soon! Could be a rough couple of TV months between travel and parenting, not necessarily in that order! lol

Anonymous said...

Grimm--good ep. The mother is just not a nice person though, she's just all business. Her son worries that she's killed this or that person--lol. Interesting that the Capt was in on the baby snatch.

MadMen--have it and TURN recorded.


Leslie said...

Mad Men - So, we are in January 1969. Love it that Don is using Freddie to do his pitches, and Peggy wasn’t expecting him to be so good!

Pete in his new LA wardrobe looked ridiculous! And, Roger has gone to a new low.

The new creative guy is pretty cold to Peggy and is “immune to her charms”. Bet she feels like she has gone backwards. I don’t remember Peggy becoming a landlord or building super. She just seems to be in a bad place, and you certainly feel that from her when she collapses in tears on her floor.

Don and Megan just seem to be going through the motions and keeping up appearances, and Megan doesn’t seem to know about his job, although he is still working in a way. lol

Too funny that Joan’s meeting ended up being with Travis from Cougar Town!

Like it was with HIMYM, there's is talk about how they are gonna end this....with Megan getting killed like Sharon Tate, and Don actually falling/jumping like in the opening credits. It was interesting then to see the expression on his face when he walked out on the balcony at the end.

Mike - when is your daughter expected?

Anonymous said...

Madmen, yea my wife thinks he's going to die in the end, much like the opening with the guy falling. I'm thinking that's just too obvious, who knows.

I agree Leslie with what you posted.

Also, rEcall that last year there was a lot about family, Betty and problems of divorce. I was actually hopeful back then that Betty and Don would get back together. When Don told the girl on the plane that he hadn't been married long enough to Megan, it gave me a little more hope. But, when he said the vessel might be broken and the shot of him on the balcony, I began thinking my wife might be correct.

Lou must be doing a great job from what everyone is saying. Except Peggy who thinks they're just going through the motions and pursuing excellence.

Roger is a basket case, proves Joan was right. I really don't like Bob, he's such a slime and surprised Joan can't see it.

I'm not sure how invested I can get into this show given how their doing the "last season". I feel like they're jerking the audience around.

Turn--haven't seen 2nd ep yet. Not sure I like the main actor though. LIke the premise though.


Mike V. said...

Leslie - I shouldn't be reading your Mad Men comments, but I can't resist. Yeah...I agree with Richard that it might be a little too obvious for Don to die. But I guess you never know. It just doesn't seem like that kind of show. Sure, they had the one tragedy with Lane killing himself and the one lawnmower incident, but most of the "losses" experienced were people getting fired or finding new careers. We'll see what happens though! We'll probably be watching in a few minutes once our one child goes to sleep! lol

Speaking of 2 children, you asked the due date! May 5th is the due date, but we're scheduled for 4/29. So, unless she decides to come early, that's the day we're going!

I'll try to squeeze in some Grimm too, Richard.

Still haven't started Turn yet. Keep me posted on this one. BTW...I saw Captain America 2. Awesome film, and I definitely agree it's the best of the Marvel movies. I can totally see how this could affect Agents of SHIELD. I may have to tune back in. Maybe I'll check out from a few episodes back instead of watching all of the ones I missed. Again, not sure when I'll do this but they're all still on the TiVo! lol

Leslie said...

Mad Men - Don falling in the opening credits could also be symbolical of the decline we have seen him go through over the past few years. He was on the top of his game when this story started and now he is on a forced break and his personal life is kind of a mess. Honestly, I don't even have an opinion on how I would like it to end. I'm just along for the ride.

Bates - Looks like Norman is in trouble now!

Mike - Wow! It's getting close! How exciting!

mj said...

Grimm - momma Grimm def not warm but baby seems quite attached to her. Guess the capt knows what is truly best for the baby.

Bates - did not see it coming with the dna. I was never really sure they had sex even. Dylan really in a bad spot too.

I knew Ryan wouldn't really just shoot and kill Joe - but I wanted him too. Sorry they killed Lily - and that Mike did it the way he did. Only 2 eps left -the twins are gonna lose it now.

Mike V. said...

Ugh...My wife threw a curveball with me last night and we watched the Justified finale instead of Mad Men! lol So, I'll get to it tonight.

Justified finale was good. I was trying to figure out if we'd get a Brad Paisley version or a cover version of "You'll Never Leave Harlan Alive" at the end. Of course, the fact that they have ended 4 out of 5 seasons with some version of that song and that lyric makes me worried for Raylan's chances of surviving the final season. I could see a big standoff between him and Boyd. But, I really want to see him get to Florida to be with his family! lol

Grimm - Agreed on all comments. Nothing much else to say at this juncture! lol

Bates - Still have half an episode to watch and I think I may have accidentally read some clues to where the rest of the ep is going here. OOPS! lol

Mike V. said...

Mad Men - Finally watched! Agree with everything you said Leslie. Yeah that Sharon Tate rumor has been flying since she wore that shirt last season (I think it was last season)....same with the Don falling. There was that episode where he looked down an empty elevator shaft, which people always refer back to.

Don certainly is lying to Megan about his job. But it's funny he's still making pitches. And his pitches seem to be better than they have been the past few seasons. And yeah, it's a shame to see Peggy where she is. Many people think this show will end up being Peggy's story more than Don's when all is said and done. So, maybe this is just a little reminder of where she came from before she continues her ascent. Of course, didn't last season end with her wearing the pants suit and that was such a big statement? It feels like this downward spiral was so sudden. Granted, it coincides with Don not being there. So, maybe it's showing how tied to each other their fates are.

Richard - as for Don and Betty getting back together, I think this show has always tried to reflect "Real life" more than "TV happy ending life". People last their jobs and never came back. Don and Betty got divorced and never got back together (Though they did have a fling last season). I don't know if we'll see that happen, but I'm sure they will have at least have a few moments before the show is over.

And yeah...Roger? That was some pitiful stuff to see. You couldn't help but laugh at him getting into bed with that crazy woman and the dude. lol

BATES - Ahh the DNA!! So, I guess Norman actually slept with the teacher before killing her? That's pretty nuts, and I didn't expect it. Of course, there still is a percentage of doubt that he actually killed her. But, knowing who he eventually turns into makes it hard to consider any other possibility! Crazy there's only 3 episodes left. I felt like the season just started. lol

Recorded FARGO. I heard it's pretty darn awesome, but don't know when I'll watch it. Sounds like it's another Anthology series like True Detective/American Horror Story, hence the level of talent they pulled into it.

Anonymous said...

Madmen--agree that Don/Betty probably won't get back together,I'm just hoping. Certainly it looks like their new marriages won't work out long term.

Shield--For a show I wasn't that crazy about, this is turning out to be a lot better. I really like the tie-ins with the movies. Ward doesn't look to be on the good guys side, even showing hidden things that the bad guys didn't know about. May needs to learn to smile. Interesting dialogue when Ward was revealing how he worked his way in. He may like Skye, but she's tertiary right now to his other motivations--be interesting when she finds out. It will likely be a storyline as to whether she can redeem him. Kind of a symmetry deal where he helped her at one time.

Coulson hanging strong with his mission while some of his people questioning him. That's why he's one of I think 4 that know Fury's still alive.

Hydra's probably being set up as a long story arc for next season??? Shield has to redeem itself. I hope to see Fury soon.


Mike V. said...

Mad Men - I agree at least for Don that his marriage probably won't work out. You never know with Betty, she may just be content to live a bland life. lol

SHIELD - Still not watching, but planning to but I can't help read your commentary on it. Definitely sounds improved...this is a show that totally benefits from the movies giving it an opportunity to reinvent itself. Very unique in that nature. I heard Jackson (Fury) and Smulders (honestly don't remember her character's name in the Marvel-verse) will be in the finale.

Did you see Captain America - Winter Solider? If so, did you notice the "quote" on the tombstone at the end of the movie? It was classic. lol

mj said...

Shield - agree its improved. Also heard both in finale. Yeah - seems Ward is truly on bad side I guess. Hoping to see movie this weekend

Wow on the baby. Thought was later in May - real close now.

Bates - it did just start!

Fargo - also taped and not watched

mj said...

Scandal - did we ever talk last weeks scandal ant one? I cannot believe Cy will let this bomb go off just to kill Sally! He has become so evil this season. He was smiling!

Mike V. said...

Baby - Well, she's due May 5th, but we're scheduled a week early. lol

Captain America - No spoilers, but the movie definitely lives up to the hype. It was really good.

Bates - I looked it up...looks like both seasons 1 and 2 were/will be 10 episodes. So we've seen 7 of this season already. lol

Scandal - No we didn't discuss. Yeah that was pretty creepy with Cy! I guess he's still mourning the death of James (that's his name right?) and is willing to go to any lengths to win this election. That is pretty low though! We're going to try and take the show's promotional department's advice and watch the finale tomorrow night. lol But, we'll see if the Mrs. is up to it!

Mike V. said...


EW had a feature in a recent issue about the art of constructing a TV finale and interviewed various showrunners. Now they are posting the full interviews for each show. This was a great one with Marta Kauffman and David Crane of FRIENDS.

There was one with Vince Gilligan too on BB, but I'd have to hunt down that link.

Carlton Cuse was interviewed for LOST. I'm sure if they post that, it will get the most comments and lead to me defending the show one more time. lol

mj said...

Lol on finales and defending Lost

Scandal - may watch tonight. Off tomm so can watch then too. Cy was always doing things he shouldn't but for moreltruistic reasons - getting the better man elected. But this is pre evil - worse the even pimping out yr own husband.

Orphan black - back this weekend I think

Fargo - was quirky as was the movie. Enjoyed it. Quite the body count. Didn't realize was over 1.5 hours though. Was odd

Mike V. said...

Fargo - Didn't watch yet, but I heard it improves and is really great. I'll have to watch at some point. Since it's a mini-series maybe that factors into the longer run time. Or because it's FX and Kurt Sutter set a precedent! :)

Scandal - Agreed. This would tip the scales on Cy being more evil than good...but maybe there's a twist coming in this finale to prevent that (I should say.."PROBABLY" there will be a twist coming lol). We'll try to watch tonight. The Mrs. isn't off tomorrow (I am), so I'd have to wait for her! lol

Orphan Black - I'll probably get to it during the week. But excited it is back!

Anonymous said...

Vikings--great ep, again. So funny how they want to be Ragnar's equal. They can't be and they know it. I recall Ragnar from decades ago, not these others. Ecbert knew Ragnar was the one to deal with. Flokie liking the dark gods and so identifies with Horic. Horic's wanting a fight, that's crazy. If you're Horic though, you have to be a little insecure with Lagertha on one side and Ragnar on the other. Because I don't think Lagertha will go with Horic when things get down to the nitty gritty.

Was that princess crazy or what.


Mike V. said...

Finale articles - yup the lost one posted and yup I'm in the comments. Lol

Richard I watched Vikings this afternoon (off for Good Friday) and read your comments. Just haven't had time to post my thoughts! Great ep though!