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Summer 2013 TV Discussion

Hello fellow TV Addicts!  Well, it's been a crazy TV Season, but things aren't really slowing down this summer.  We found plenty to discuss last summer with our unofficial "LOST Rewatch".  But, I'm sure we will have something to talk about this summer as well.  With Game of Thrones discussion, there are book readers in the discussions but we are mindful of TV Only watchers and will precede any book discussion with a "Spoiler Warning" or a "Book Stuff" warning!  See you in the comments!

NOTE: All comments after 200 are the next page of comments (click "newer" and you'll see them).  Hope you guys figure it out! 


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Mike V. said...

Game of Thrones - I know some will feel let down by the season finale. I mean, how can you top the Red Wedding? You simply can't. The 10th episode has always been an "aftermath" type of episode for Game of Thrones. But, this was one juicy aftermath episode. So many awesome awesome scenes, which I will discuss. The most shocking thing was the lack of a crazy cliffhanger. We had been trying to predict what it would be this year, and I never would've put my money on Dany becoming "MOTHER" to the freed slaves of Yunkai. I mean, I guess I should've with the name of the episode being MHYSA. Anyway, so the thing that we thought would end this season will now probably come at the end of NEXT season. And my mouth is shut. lol

Thought I'd share a few of the EW articles. There was a good one where the producers, GRRM, and HBO execs talk about how they're dealing with the fact that the books aren't finished yet. I really think the issue is going to come with book 7 and not 6. And once again, GRRM mentioned that the 7th book may not be the last. He'll keep writing until his story is done and the # of books are irrelevant. He said that the writers have plenty of material to work with if they wanted to show "EVERYTHING" in the books. But the producers don't want to stretch the story for the sake of stretching. Oh boy! This issue will really be an issue in about 3 seasons. lol Which is why I think book 6 will at least be out by then. (hopefully)

Here's an interview with the "BOY" or now we can finally call him "Ramsay Bolton"....of course, now we know why they didn't reveal his name until now. Because we needed to feel invested in Roose Bolton and that wasn't going to happen for TV viewers until the Red Wedding. The book readers obviously knew who this demented guy was. And him calling Theon REEK at the end of the scene was chilling to no end. Reek is Theon's new name when we meet him again in book 5, when he has been reduced to a fragment of the person he used to be. (Reek Reek it rhymes with Sneak! So many of those ridiculous inner monologue rhyming phrases for the Reek chapters. lol)

Okay, I'll comment more on my thoughts on the episode in my next post.

Mike V. said...

Game of Thrones -

Highlights - Whew...the small council meeting in King's Landing was AWESOME. Joffrey being put in his place by both Tyrion and Tywin. They bring so much intensity to these scenes. I know a scene like this happened in the books but I don't remember if it was exactly like this. They are definitely portraying well the mutual disrespect that Tyrion and Joffrey have for each other. That could come in handy one day. But, I can't believe we had a season of Game of Thrones where Joffrey didn't get slapped! lol I guess he got theoretically slapped a few times by Tywin's awesome words. "When someone has to repeatedly say 'I am the King' he is no king." lol

There should be no confusion, if there ever was, that Tywin Lannister was the mastermind behind the red wedding. And of course Tyrion's disagreement for how he handled it led to an amazing scene between those 2 once again. Tywin's usually hard exterior even cracked a bit when talking about how he didn't have Tyrion killed when he was born. Great stuff.

Bran and Sam met at the Wall! Figured that's where they were going to leave us this season. Bran's story definitely gets more interesting from here. The problem is...there aren't many more chapters in the books for him. (So, I can see the writers makings some stuff up on his journey north. We'll see) There was an interesting omission in this scene that I'm guessing they're saving for next season. There was a character that Sam met who helped them get through the wall...and then helped Bran North of the wall. It may or may not be important that Sam didn't meet this character. Instead, Sam read a book and knew how to get through the wall. Jojen had his best scene when he discussed how no one in the realm can defeat the White Walkers....definitely adds purpose to Bran's journey.

Which leads us to Team Stannis....finally they're getting on track with where they need to go. The Davos stuff I may have unintentionally spoiled earlier in the season. He did the same stuff in the books with another of Robert's Bastards "Edric Snow"....Gendry filled the role here. So they embellished it with the whole leeches in the flames...tying it into the Red Wedding with Robb's death....that was a sign that they could sacrifice Gendry and totally defeat his enemies. But Davos freed Gendry/Edric before it could happen. Good stuff. Loved the Gendry/Davos scenes too.... And of course, Davos learning how to read allowed him to read the raven from Castle Black about the White Walkers returning. And now Stannis/Mellisandre have changed their course...they're aligned with the greater threat to the realm and have enlisted in the Battle of Ice and Fire. (There's no such battle named in the book...I was just playing with the book series title).

Jon Snow just barely made it back to Castle Black....He think he did arrive there injured...I'm not so sure it was Ygritte putting 3 or 4 arrows into him though. But, that was a nice scene between those 2. He does really love her but he was always a man of the Night's Watch. They did a good job (eventually) showing that conflict within him. Obviously, it's much more powerful in the books because we can read his internal conflict on every page. He has knowledge that will be invaluable to the Night's Watch as Mance prepares his invasion. Should be a fun season 4!

Mike V. said...

The Varys/Shae scene was not in the books but it was certainly interesting. There may or may not have been some foreshadowing there. :-) But it was nice to see them show for sure that Shae does love Tyrion. You never knew if it was just the money.

The Sansa/Tyrion scene was fun too. But, I don't remember Sansa ever being happy in their marriage. But, it was a nice scene to show the before and after of learning about the Red Wedding. Tyrion is in such a difficult position now...considering Tywin still wants the heir to Winterfell. Say it with me now....DRAMAAAAAA!!!!!!

Jaime finally returned to King's Landing...definitely a logical "Pause Point" between seasons. Also very interesting that Cersei didn't just go running to Jaime...the first thing she noticed was the hand. (or lack of hand) Granted...they did end the scene abruptly so we'll see how they handle that. It was interesting that Cersei also seemed adamant that she wouldn't marry Loras.

And then of did we forget to mention the fallout from the Red Wedding?! We indeed saw a bigger shot of Robb's forces being slaughtered. And then we saw indeed why Grey Wind (direwolf) also had to die. I wasn't sure they were going to put this scene in...but they certainly did put Grey Wind's head on the corpse of Robb Stark. If it wasn't clear in this scene what was happening, then it was certainly clear when Arya heard the guards/soldiers talking about it later. I don't necessarily remember the scene of Arya killing one of them in the books....but she certainly did kill people in the books. It's part of her character development. Considering Mellisandre saw eyes that she'll forever's safe to say there will be more. There's one in particular that I hope they show next season. And don't worry..I'm not talking about a major character, but it's significant for Arya's storyline.

I liked that she admitted it was the first "MAN" she ever killed...since she killed the boy in King's Landing in season 1. And she had Jaquen kill people last season.

And of course...i didn't get into the gruesome details of the Ramsay/Theon/Reek scene with the pork sausage...and the delivery to Balon and Yara (Asha in the books) Greyjoy. I don't remember Asha launching a full scale search and recovery mission in the books..but maybe this is where they'll embellish that story a bit next season. Because, I'm not sure what else they do before they get into book 5 territory.

I think I've typed enough for now. I really enjoyed this season...hopefully it played just as well for non-book readers. Can't believe we have to wait until March/April 2014 to see any more!

Mike V. said...

Crap...I forgot one thing (I'm sure I forgot many things).....Bran telling the story about the king eating his own son in a pie was certainly interesting. And the tied in the laws of hospitality being the worst law you can break...which was a tie into what Walder Frey did at the twins. So, it just adds to the severity of what a great offense The Red Wedding was. Robb may have broken an oath...but Walder Frey broke an ever worse one. I guess he's fortunate to have the protection of the Lannisters. But, maybe he should stay away from dessert for awhile! LOL :-)

Anonymous said...

GoT--First of all, LS in the finale wasn't a bad idea, we were all searching for a finale that would be worthy of a finale cliffhanger.

You've got to give me props for calling a Dany scene in Yunkai liberation in the finale.

Baylon's line on Theon not giving him any heirs was pretty good. I was wondering if I had missed something on Yara setting out to get Theon--I didn't remember all that effort, she doesn't even really like him. Again, I don't get all this Theon stuff when there is great material elsewhere--I know you say the producers like him, but I don't know anyone who really liked his character.

Some have pointed out how many bad fathers there are and their troubled offspring. Tywin, Stannis, Baylon, Walder, Roose.

Yea, it doesn't look good for Walder in the long run since he's now dishonorable and untrustworthy.

According the the Melissandre leaches we still have Joffrey and Baylon to go. Honestly I won't miss either. Maybe Yara leaving will make Baylon more vulnerable in an attack?

Very interesting listening to how the Targaryans conquered Westeros with a smaller force, but with magic/dragons. Stannis may have a point and a funny line when he told Davos that Melissandre and lord of the light saved his life--LOL.

Sam still has a dragonstone dagger. Great to see the shock when the others realized he killed a whitewalker!

Lots more to discuss, but got to take a break.


Anonymous said...

Continuum--oh yea, should mention that I watched the new ep until I couldn't stay awake. Honestly something seemed missing and/or something was wrong with me but this opener seemed to be weak and going over stuff already covered a lot. Also in this day and time it seems strange to be blaming big companies when we see what is really going on--lol.

Anyway, I was disappointed but maybe there was some good stuff I missed.

Madmen--OMG, Sally catching her Dad. Does anyone believe Don and Ted aren't going to be competing down the road? Interesting to see Ted's homelife, I hope he does better than Don.


Mike V. said...

GoT - Okay gonna have to split this into Non-Spoilers and Spoilers. lol


Agreed, it wasn't a bad idea for a cliffhanger but I think it will pay off bigger next year. They just opted for no cliffhanger which is interesting. I will give you credit for the Yunkai liberation...though I thought we already kinda knew that she liberated the city! So, we just got to see a big scene with them calling her mother. lol I guess it is technically a cliffhanger because that's a lot of mouths to feed! lol You know...if Dany intends to keep trekking onward! (which we obviously know if she does or not)

Theon - I thought it was very important to see Theon's transformation into Reek. We know Theon's story is not over since we know the contents of the 5th book. If Alfie Allen needed to stay contracted to the show to fulfill the rest of his role as Theon/Reek/whatever. It's nice for the TV audience to watch the transformation happen rather than hear about it 3 years later. I think they're doing it justice. It doesn't have anything to do with liking the character or not. He plays a pivotal role in the story.

I thought more about the Yara/Asha stuff. And it reminds me of some storylines with Reek in book 5. I think I know where they're going with that. (at least at a high level)

Good point on the bad fathers.

Whoops gotta go!! Real quick spoiler section

********BOOK STUFF (SPOILERS!!!)*******************************

Be careful what you unveil with those leeches! lol I think they made it clear that the leeches were only a "small sacrifice" so all they were able to do was kill Robb....they would've had to kill Gendry to "end the war" (i.e. kill the rest of them). Baylon.....if you recall there are just stories of his demise. Doesn't he fall off the bridge or something? Maybe they'll change that....but I don't think so. lol
And well we know what happens to ol J....i really like them building up the Tyrion/J stuff to make it all the more plausible.


MJ said...

Ugh! Please tell me that that was not Robb's wolf's actual head on Robb!?! Horrible to see. Frey was just so hateable - gloating over the whole thing. And really - it's better to kill a few at dinner than many in a battle Tywin? Not when it goes against all the rules of accepted society it isn't. How horribly sad when Tywin told Tyrion he wanted to kill him at birth. Finally have a name for Theon's torturer - Ramsey. And yes I really did think he was eating Theon's manhood until Theon's dad received it. Pretty funny though - the whole phantom limb thing. So did any one NOT think of LOTR when Hodor was yelling down the well ? LOL Bran can't know about Robb and his mom yet so it was chilling that he told that story of the man condemned by the gods for killing guests in his home. So now all of a sudden Sam has a bunch of dragonglass ? ok then ! At least Yara cares about poor Theon ! And we thought everyone on Lost had daddy issues - but the daddys on this show all suck, except for Ned Stark - Sigh ! Seriously thoug - every father on this show is just an a-hole! But look at Cersei having a decent conversation with her brother ! Wonder how she thinks she's not getting married to Loras . I had expected to have at least one more wedding this season - I don't know much but I have been told that one of the remaining two weddings has a lot of bearing on things to come. Now I am guessing it will be Joffreys ! But don't tell me book readers if I am wrong. LOL And poor Arya - my heart breaks for her - though damn, that girl is getting cold ! So is the Hound her protector now, her partner? Cause he has no one to sell her to now - so why is he keeping her safe? An just how did Ygritte catch up to a man on a horse? She fringed it ! LOL And Jon was right - she had to know where his allegence truly lied. Was hard watching her so hurt - and hard to watch her shoot him with those arrows too. Is this the last time we hear 'you know nuthin Jon Snow !' ? Was I the only one yelling at Sam to TELL JON where he'd just seen Bran? LOL Had to laugh at Davos telling Stannis as his first Lt that he advises not killing him. And finally - Jamie arrives home. It will be interesting to see where his realtionship with his sister goes from here. What a great season this has been. Can't wait til next one already.

Dexter - glad to hear that EW is going to once again recap it.

We'll have plenty of summer discussion with the end of both Dexter and Breaking Bad.

Anonymous said...

Ygritte knew and we saw her tell Jon that she knew he was not on the Wildings side. She also asked him to commit to her that he would take care of her personally and not abandon her. That was his betrayal, imo.

I have been reading where a lot of people are disappointed, so was I but in a way not surprised. A lot of set up for next season.

But, I do think the ep was key in that it identified and published the real threat, the real fight yet to come and how some are going to respond to that threat of the North. Jojen, Jon,Bran, Melissandre, Davos and others are coming together to fight this threat. How Tywin will respond and when Dany comes on board will be fun to see.


MJ said...

Caught up with the comments now ! I wouldnot have bet the ep ended with Dany freeing more slaves either - and the name Mhysa meant nothing to me - LOL I think Dany got another title added by her personal assistand (can't remember her name). Good one - on Joffrey not getting slapped. I laughed at Cersei leading him away like a petulant child, and Tyrions ' we sent the king to bed without his supper'. I knew last week when the guy said to Rob 'courtesy of the Lannisters' that Tywin was behind it - but yes it was made very plain in this ep. Interesting that you are saying that Sam met someone who helped him get thru the wall cause my husband pointed out last week that Mance Raydor had been in the watch and didn't know about this secret door and how odd it was. I know Sam went to great length explaining how he read about the door in very old books but it was odd. If you spoiled anyting with Davos then I didn't notice or remember LOL.

So I guess then that this ep is starting to point us at the real danger that keeps getting mentioned - the white walkers. Bran and his friend ?jogen? have been talking about the walkers and now Stannis and Melisandre are looking towards the north. Guessing the Lannisters will come to the realization next season. Oh man ! I totally forgot the scene where Tyrion goes to tell Sansa and she already know ! Very poignant! They showed where there was a chance that Sansa and Tyrion could at least be friends but then the feeling is that it now won't happen. So if Tyrion doesn't have an heir with Sansa there will be no future with a Lannister name? Hmm - bet Jamie will be out of Kings guard now so he could always supply a kid with the Lannister name then.

Oops - only just seeing now that Richard already covered the crappy dads angle - sorry !

I can't understand how Stannis is seeing Baylon as a threat to the throne? Baylon was one of the named slugs - but other than him sending each of his kids to take a couple of towns it was not pointing to him making a move for the throne. At least not to me so what did I miss? He didn't even send Theon to Winterfel - Theon went there on his own to take it to prove something to daddy, and to say screw you to the starks.

Continuum - huh, I wasn't disappointed at all. I like that they have her kinda working on her own now and using the police for support - so she can work outside the lines.

I a def re-watching GofT as I watched it late cause I had Continuum on DVR to watch and my Falling Skies 2 hr premier as well - so I watched Gof T very very late.

I haven't read any comments on other sites yet but I was not disappointed. Unlike most shows GofT's finale is not the most exciting - thats the next to last. The finale is usually the setup to a fab premier the next year. I only thought we'd see one more wedding - but I'm ok with waiting for next year too.

Anonymous said...

GoT--A BTW comment--I haven't and don't read hardly any other blogs, but just a couple at the end of like the ew recap. What I have found a lot of times in even the Westeros comment sections is nonsense with little thought, mostly ranting--lol. I haven't even registered on the others, but do like some of the thought given to this blog.


MJ said...

Agree Richard - EW comments are especially annoying. Most of us who found Mike did so during Lost when trying to get thru the inane and stupid comments on EW got so annoying !

Just read the article on EW about the show catching up to the books - very interesting. Could be really interesting if Martin would allow HBo to show the last book bef the book itself is out. Put everyone on the same page with not knowing what is coming. LOL Doubt that would happen though. But watching all this without any previous knowledge has literally been breath taking - like the Red Wedding. I can't even imagine watching it and already knowing what was coming. Hah! And her we are talking about how stupid and nasty comment sections can get and my robot word is Civil !

Mike V. said...

Game of Thrones - Whew..lots to read. I'll just respond as I read...sorry if I'm repeating! lol

@MJ - Certainly was Robb's wolf's head. I figured you'd love that when you mentioned not liking them showing the direwolf's death. It's a brutal world, what can we say!? Frey definitely is hateable...he's also a fool. Tyrion summed him up pretty well in the episode. LOL...I was too busy at laughing at hodor screaming down the well to think of LOTR...but that's a good comparison! Very true...Bran probably doesn't know about Robb....I think in the books though, he dreamed about it so he knew. But, I may be mixing that up with when he dreamed of Eddard's death.

If you recall...Sam found a BUNCH of dragonglass last I guess he had ALL of it. They made us think he only had the one dagger though this season. So yeah...he definitely had a bunch. Agreed on the dads! lol

No comment on future weddings...except that yes there will be at least one wedding next season.

Arya is probably most people's favorite character when reading the book. She has a great story (her and Tyrion). And even when she becomes a cold blooded still root for her! Because, you've seen what this girl has gone through! We've seen with the Hound before that he has a soft spot for those Stark girls. It was mainly with Sansa...but he probably sees a little of himself in Arya. In either case...the Hound really isn't that bad of a guy...besides following orders and killing some innocents. But, no one is really unscathed in this world. As for where that story is going..obviously no comment!

I don't want to say if it's the "LAST TIME" we hear Ygritte say that. (but I like how you spelled that out phonetically. lol) But yeah...I guess there's one thing in knowing who Jon was and another in seeing it. But, basically she knew he wasn't necessarily loyal to the wildlings, but he thought she'd be loyal to her....which he was...he did his best to keep Ygritte uninvolved in that fight.

In the books...people had to continue perceiving that Bran and Rickon were Sam was sworn to secrecy. But...not sure how they'll handle that in the show. But, Jon was pretty much unconscious when he got to castle black. (btw...nice seeing PYP again lol Haven't seen him since season 1!)

the Davos/Stannis scene was a good time...agreed! Glad you enjoyed the season! And yes...I'm more excited that James Hibberd is doing the Dexter recaps. He does a great job!

@Richard - I figured people would be disappointed...but every episode 10 has always been fallout from ep I didn't expect anything bigger than ep 10. I just thought they may do a big cliffhanger which didn't happen (obviously you thought that too!). But, I thought the episode in itself was fabulous. did establish the real threat. the overall arc of the story is coming into the equation for more people.

I see you guys commented more. I'll get to that in a bit! lol I will say that you can find my comments on EW a lot. I sign on as "Mike V." there too. lol

Mike V. said...

Game of Thrones:

Yeah...good point on no one knowing about that entrance. Though Sam is the most BOOKISH of the Night's Watch. Everyone always makes fun of him for being so into books. So, it makes sense that he may be the only one with that knowledge. But, not introducing this character was certainly interesting. Glad I didn't spoil the Davos stuff!

Not too bad on your speculation there on the Lannister family. Of course, there's no telling how the Lannisters will respond to the threats from the North. Good point on no Lannister heir....Jaime being in the King's Guard definitely is a point of discussion in the books. Might be a theory worth remembering! lol As for you being right or wrong...obviously I won't say

I think the fact that Baylon is looking to eventually unseat the Iron Throne and take it for himself...Stannis looks to him as a usurper. Stannis is the rightful king by law...since Joffrey's claim is illegitimate so anyone else who is making a play is his adversary.

@Richard - Glad you enjoy the discussions on this site! I definitely find myself commenting on EW pretty often but mostly responding to ridiculous comments. lol

@MJ - Agreed...I don't think GRRM would ever allow his plot to be revealed before the books are out. But, maybe his distribution of the books will change because of the show. i.e. maybe he'll release "half of a book" so it precedes the show or something weird like that. They'll have to figure something out. I think an article was going up at noon to why HBO greenlit Game of Thrones. Gonna have to go look for that!

I think wherever you experience the plot has the opportunity to be an awesome experience. I totally enjoyed reading the stuff on the page. And it's still fun to anticipate seeing the adaptation on screen. So 2 equally exciting experiences! Funny on your "CIVIL" robot word. lol

Continuum - Tried watching an episode over the wknd but it was late. I enjoyed what I saw though. We'll see if I can catch up. Also made the mistake of watching the pilot episode of Alias (never watched the show)....I really enjoyed it obviously. May have to keep on watching! lol

Mike V. said...

Here's that article I mentioned in my last comment:

MJ said...

Oh man ! Alias was a great show. Its been so long now but we loved it - very new and refreshing for its time. First show that really had a kick a** female in a long time at that time. Jennifer Garner and Bradley Cooper before they were big stars.

Mike V. said...

Yeah...I was shocked to see Bradley Cooper in the show. lol All I had known him from "pre Hangover" was The Wedding Crashers. lol

Garner, I obviously knew was from Alias.

We'll see how far I get into it or if I watch Continuum instead. Plus, I still have Americans on the TiVo and Orphan Black. Ugh..too much!

Leslie said...

Mad Men – Poor Sally! Start saving for therapy! With Don and Betty for parents, she’ll be scarred for life! lol I love how Don explained that he was “comforting” Mrs. Rosen. Sally is not stupid. Surely that won’t be the end of that. I don’t think Sally will keep her mouth shut about that. Love how Don told Megan to stay out of the situation with Mitchell and then he goes and gets right in the middle of it including bringing the war up at the Chevy meeting. Ted was right on that one....not too smart!

Peggy talking to Pete’s mom was hysterical when she mentioned the child they have. Peggy looked like she was going to throw up! I laughed when Peggy called Stan to come get the rat! Too funny!

If Bob is gay, he should go after anyone but Pete! Too bad Sal isn’t around anymore! lol

Leslie said...

Forgot to ask if anyone is watching Hannibal? I caught up on it over the weekend. Weird and creepy! Still hard to see anyone other than Anthony Hopkins as Hannibal. His accent is hard to understand on occasion.

Anonymous said...

GoT--yet another good reason to hit the gym. And be passionate about your work.


Mike V. said...

Touche' Richard! lol

BTW...Haven't watched Mad Men yet. Planning to do that tonight. Though, everywhere I turn I keep hearing how awful a father Don is...and "poor Sally"...hopefully that didn't spoil anything! :-) lol

Opted for Episode 2 of Alias instead of starting Continuum....we'll see if that trend errrr "continuuuues??" lol Wow that was a bad joke.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Don being a poor Dad is news--LOL. Just that it's Father's Day coming up and he pulled yet another bonehead move. "Poor" Sally, ok well, true, but seriously she's always been tough.

AFter some thought, her life really isn't bad compared to Don's childhood


Mike V. said...

Mad Men - Finally watched. Crazy stuff with Sally! Agreed...probably haven't seen the end of that. Of course, each episode is usually a month later so she will have calmed down a bit (maybe). Or maybe it's been simmering for awhile! we think Bob is gay? I thought he was indicating that the "nurse" was gay. Or was it a double insinuation? lol

Yeah all of the stuff with Pete's Mom was fantastic. Nice way to bring up that 1st season drama again too.

Finished TVD season (pretty crazy!) and now we're starting up Nashville again. We're 4 episodes I think 17 to go. whew! lol Then we still have Revenge to watch. Yikes! And we really want to watch Scandal but I don't really want to have to buy all of season 2 to watch it. So, we may have to wait for netflix to pick up season 2!

mj said...

Hannibal - I'm watching but a few eps behind. Agree - very creepy. And agree about accent - sometimes like a french Elmer Fudd. lol.

Killing - saw the premier last week- i loved it! And Linden was smiley. Lol but those kids' lives are so sad.

GofT - yeah you knew that wolfs head thing would get to me.

Saw an article on EW about the final eps for BB, not spoilery really.

True Blood back this weekend.

Speaking of Shame (robot word) u read about the Shameless casting bomb?

Mike V. said...

Shameless - If you're talking about Jimmy then yeah...we already talked about it! lol

Breaking Bad - I think I read it too!

Yep...TB is back..not sure how I feel about it, but I'm sure I'll still be watching!

mj said...

Hah! Forget we talked about Jimmy

Mike V. said...

Hope everyone had a good wknd! Just thought I'd throw out there that I did not watch anything last night. Will have some catchup to do tonight! (TB/MM) Though, I saw EW gave the TB premiere a C+. Sounds about right! lol

Still trucking through Alias season 1. Couldn't help myself.

My wife and I are running through Nashville. Revenge on deck...then Scandal (still will have to wait for season 2 to show up on netflix though).

mj said...

C+ not that fair. I would give a B.

Mike V. said...

Yeah...I'm gonna guess it's more of the same, which means it's "watchable" and there's a couple good one-liners from Jason. lol I'll try to get to it tonight, though I'm guessing Mad Men will get top billing!

mj said...

Lots of good lines, some fr Jason.

HIMYM. read premier is 1 hour. Yay.

In the Flesh - anyone watch this 3 hr miniseries fr BBCA? Was def not what i expected.

Been marathoning 10 seasons of stargate sg1, then will marathon 3 seas of GofT !

Anyone ever see Web Therapy on showtime. Fond it by accident, first thought odd but have to admit i was laughing, has Phoebe fr friends.

Mike V. said...

I saw the premiere date for HIMYM, but didn't know it would be an hour. Nice!

Did not see "in the flesh"....never even heard of it. Was it unexpected good or bad? lol Or indifferent?

Web Therapy - I knew of the show, and I watched a running arc with David Schwimmer (for obvious reasons lol)...but I don't watch it regularly.

Still no True Blood - probably tonight!

Watched Mad Men - WHEW...That Don Draper is turning into quite the scum bag. Of course, he really always was. lol Good episode though! Great reveal with Bob Benson...he's pretty much Don 2.0. Pete worked out a little deal with him...and got Ken's account in Detroit. The movie they went to see was Rosemary's Baby which plays into the whole Sharon Tate rumors that have been going on....(who was married to Roman Polanski who directed that film).... But, I don't think Megan will be a victim of Charles Manson. lol It's the wrong year anyway!

Leslie said...

Mad Men – What?? I haven’t heard anything about Megan and Sharon Tate! Crazy!

Seems like Don is just waiting for the ball to drop on his affair, and he’s not handling it all that well. Yet he can still manipulate things at the office to get his way on Sunkist and mess with Ted and Peggy.

So funny with Ken getting shot by the Chevy guys! lol Guess that was the last straw for him, and Pete just worked that in his favor! Guess Bob is not what he seems. I wondered last week if he was just screwing with Pete.

I understand Sally not wanting to be around Don and running off to boarding school, but I was shocked that Betty let her smoke in the car in front of her!

Mike V. said...

Mad Men - Yeah...when I saw Betty allow Sally to have a cigarette I just laughed because it's totally something ridiculous Betty would do! lol But yes...shocking by anyone else's standards! Agreed on Don...he's definitely just waiting for his life to come apart.

As for the Sharon Tate theories going has to do with the shirt that Megan wore on the balcony (that looked like a Macy's shirt lol...apparently Sharon Tate wore it in a famous photo). Anyway, I googled it real quick and here's an article summarizing some fan theories out there.

Still no True Blood - Can't really get my wife on board to watch...we ended up watching 2 more eps of Nashville. I think we have like 9 left at this point. Things are definitely heating up!

Alias - Still trucking along. Just watched an ep where an Old Guy fixed a clock and talked about Rambaldi living to a very old age (per a prediction by some dude that told him exactly when he'd die). Then he slipped and mentioned that Rambaldi told HIM something directly...of course this made me think that maybe HE is actually Rambaldi or he has lived a long life just like Rambaldi. He seemed to have been told when he was going to die too...because once he fixed the clock he knew he was a goner. (BTW...I do recognize Anna, Sydney's nemesis, from Firefly now! lol)

I think I've heard that many were dissatisfied with the resolution to the Rambaldi stuff eventually. I'll chalk that up to people not being happy with J.J. Abrams-style storytelling because it builds up to impossibly high expectations.

Leslie said...

Mad Men - Interesting...I hadn't heard any of those theories. But, really, how can we trust an article that says, "time-traveling would be a Lost finale-like catastrophe"? They clearly don't know good TV! lol

Mike V. said...

lol...I didn't even see that. Pretty funny! I didn't read THAT article very carefully. I thought it was just a summary of theories that have been buzzed about by fans all over the internet. I think this Sharon Tate/Megan thing even found its way to EW at some point. lol It got so much publicity that Matthew Weiner had to comment on it as well. Of course, I forgot what he said. Probably didn't confirm either way. lol

mj said...

Omg! I tots forgot about Rambaldi. Been such a long time.

In the Flesh was on bbca - brit humor usually pretty bizarre. Instead of zombies they had PDS Partially Deceased Syndrome so I expected it to be quite quirky. It wasn't, but it was ok.

Mike V. said...

You're making a good sales pitch to watch "in the flesh"! lol I think I'll pass.

Yeah, I'm really enjoying Alias. I always knew I would. Nice to finally get around to it. Though, I should be watching other stuff on my TiVo or rewatching Breaking Bad!

And of course, just yesterday I was talking of rewatching The Sopranos since HBO GO finally has come to the Apple TV. I can watch any episode of any HBO show current or past at any time I want. Can't believe it took so long to get that native app on the ATV. And then, I found out a couple hours later that James Gandolfini died. What a weird coincidence and a tragic loss to the entertainment world. And, based on how people are talking about him, maybe just the world in general. RIP Tony Soprano!

TB - Still haven't had time. The Mrs. is hooked on Nashville. We may end up just having to marathon a few episodes later in its run. With my brother's wedding coming up next Saturday, I don't think I'll have much time to do anything! lol

Anonymous said...

Madmen, watched part of Mercy today getting ready for season finale. I didn't think Don was THAT bad in dealing with Scherring-Plow. Certainly Peggy and Ted seemed thrown under the bus, but when the customer said Mr. Plow saw the estimate and was very upset, well I've been in those circumstances and without a really good reason, it just won't happen. But, Don could have asked to speak in a sidebar before taking that tactic.

Sally smoking by the invitation of her mother should be take into the context of the times. So many people smoked and didn't believe they were really bad for you, even with the warnings.


Anonymous said...

Madmen, well I saw the last 1/2 of the finale. Wow, it was crazy. Don forced out with no return guaranteed!! Just as he appears to be coming to grips with his past. Ted going to CA was fitting. Megan walking out stating they had no children was interesting since I don't think she wants them. Roger siding against Don must have been tough but the Hershey deal was nuts too. It actually hurt watching Don give a true confessions.

But watching him with his kids at the end was pretty good. It makes me wonder if he'll get back with Betty??


Mike V. said...

Unfortunately, wasn't able to watch Mad Men last night. I'll try tonight...but it's going to be a tough week with TV with my brother's wedding on Saturday approaching!

We're going to try and wrap up Nashville...and then we'll probably marathon like 3 True Bloods in a row before starting our Revenge binge. lol

mj said...

Watching true blood in a mini marathon is prob a better way to do it.

Cant believe your mad men is done - i can remember when all of u were so excited it was back!

Anyone checking out Under the Dome tonight? I will def look at it but maybe not tonight. Still have last nights Falling Skies and killing to watch.

Mike V. said...

TB - Good to know.

Dex - Excited for Dexter on Sunday though! Hopefully, we'll get to watch.

Under the Dome - Recording, not sure if I'll watch tonight or when I'll watch!

Leslie said...

Mad Men – WOW! What a finale! Maybe we saw Don’s rock bottom with getting caught by Sally, then spending the night in jail after drinking. Even Megan was ready to give up on him and their marriage. Clearly his life was falling apart around him. It was huge for him to share some of his past in a client meeting (although not a good business move), then take his kids to see where he grew up! That moment between Sally and Don at the end spoke volumes! Maybe there is hope for some healing there for both of them. Guess he’s got some time off now to put his life back together. Pretty bad when your partners tell you to go away for awhile and won’t even give you a return date. I wonder if Megan will really go off to California. That would leave the door open for Don and Betty to get back together. But, really, Don shouldn’t be married at all unless he plans to change his ways.

I felt bad for Peggy! Ted professed his love, said he was going to leave his wife, then tells her he’s running off to California with his family because he can’t be near her! But, in the end, with Don and Ted gone, she gets a boost in the agency. Even had her 60’s pantsuit on in the end! lol

Kinda fitting that Pete and his brother decide not to spend any more money to find out what happened to their mother. Pretty funny that Bob set Pete up knowing he couldn’t drive a stick. Now it looks like he is off to California. Like Trudy said, he’s free now. So, are they going to have a bi-coastal agency next year? Surely that’s not the last we’ll see of Pete.

Under the Dome - I plan to record it also.

Mike V. said...

Mad Men - Funny...when Don started going into where he came from (i.e. letting his Dick Whitman back in)....I said to my wife "man, if I was the rest of SC&P I would have probably fired Don by now this season lol" Leave it to Matthew Weiner to spend a whole season essentially setting up the final season! Because that's pretty much what we did this year.... At one point I thought they were setting up Don to be in LA for the start of Season 7.... I was listening to podcasts and they made points to how Don always has these life changing moments in LA and he's always happiest out there. So, it seemed like the natural evolution for him to move there. But, for the show he needs to be in New York for the final season. I thought it was interesting that we went from Christmas 1967 all the way to Thanksgiving 1968.....Doesn't leave them much room to skip any time for the start of next season since we're assuming the show ends when we hit 1970 (or maybe right before we hit it).

Of Don's professional showed growth as a character. So, maybe he'll finally be learning from his mistakes. Will he lose Megan? Possibly...did Sally have new respect for her father after seeing where he grew up? Dunno.... As for him getting back with think that ship has sailed (it would be too cliche' for Mad Men to do it), but at least they're on good terms now.

The podcast I listened to also referred to dual identities all season too. From the poster of Don passing by all of the products they were working to get. Margarine is a cheap imitation of butter. Ocean Spray and Sunkist.... Chevy/Jaguar?? And then of course...Don Draper and Bob Benson. (not to mention Don Draper/Dick Whitman and whoever Bob Benson really is...if it matters).

Yeah...Peggy being in Don's office at the end had to be a bit of foreshadowing of where her character is going. Obviously, she's the only character that has been moving forward this whole series...she's the one we're supposed to be rooting for. So yeah it was tough to see what Ted did to her....but whenever a married man promises he's leaving his wife...we're trained to know those are empty promises. He may think he means them, but reality sets in when he goes home!

And Pete and the mother stuff...."She fell off a boat!?!?" lol But was she really murdered? Does it matter? Dunno!! The car in reverse was hysterical...pretty slapstick stuff for Mad Men. But still classic. (in a now classic car no less lol) It wouldn't surprise me if it's a bi-coastal agency going into the final season. Seems like a logical move for the company to expand in L.A. too. With TV becoming a prominent part of society...all the actors are out there for their commercials! Probably will provide Don opportunities to go to L.A. as well. If he's still on working hiatus...he may go after Megan out there....and then work his way back into SC&P from the West Coast. Who knows?? I know Weiner did some interviews so I'll probably read them now. was an okay season. It was pretty much a setup year which only Mad Men can afford to do. But, there were still some memorable moments from the season. And, in the end, that's all we'll probably remember!

MJ said...

Under the Dome - I thought the premier was pretty good. Met the chars, got a hint of who they were, got right to the mysteries. Pretty cool when that cow got sliced too. And did not think they'd kill off the sherriff Jeff Fahey so quick. Obviously suspicious how the gov got there so quickly. Decent twist that Barbie (Del Val native by the way Mike) killed and buried a guy and it is that guys wife that invites him to stay with her. So - I'm left questioning - is the entire town in this dome - or part of this town? They made it seem like the whole town is - so why were all hotel rooms booked that Barbie couldn't get one? At first I thought it was be part of the town under dome and that some locals would be homeless since their house was outside the dome - causing a re-arrangement of living partners by necessity. But if the whole town is in the bubble then it's only Barbie and the women couple with their daughter who are outsiders and needs rooms. Oh - and creepy with the whole 'stars are falling in lines' thing. Both of them held their arms/hands weirdly too.

Anonymous said...

Under the Dome--Not bad, but really don't need yet another show highlighting an alternative lifestyle couple's struggles and their kid.

The guy from Lost as sheriff was great.

The creepy kid holding the girl hostage is wierd. The propane shipments are obviously either real big or a rouse.

I think it's all one big town.

In a way, it's kind of like a Peyton Place where almost everyone knows everything about what's going on but doesn't want the secrets getting out--LOL. Is it me, or was there a lack of questioning by the leaders about what this is, why it happened, etc questions? CBS supposedly has a lot banking on it.

Defiance--you know this show is weird but getting better. Not nearly as much CGI helps a bunch.


Leslie said...

Mad Men - I agree that Peggy shouldn't have counted on Ted's promises, but I still felt for her because I do root for her.

I don't think Sally all of a sudden had respect for her father, but it's part of growing up to figure out that our parents are human and make mistakes, so I think she realized in that moment that it was important that Don was sharing something real with her for the first time.

I doubt that Don and Betty will end up together, but they could play with that a little next season since hopefully Don will be doing some soul searching. Betty is no prize as a parent either. lol

Under the Dome - I also thought it was pretty good. That cow was just gross! Yeah, it seemed like the sheriff and the council guy were going to be one of the main power struggles. What's with the council guy's son? He's creepy! Now he's got his girlfriend in the shelter. Crazy! They definitely set up some mysteries. They weren't exactly clear whether the dome covers the entire town, but that's the impression I got. I thought the same thing about the hotel rooms, but maybe there are other visitors there that we just haven't met yet? It's a small town, so maybe not many rooms anyway??? Intriguing enought to keep watching.

Anonymous said...

Madmen--Betty and Don getting back together for the children makes some sense. When you consider that her childhood and his were both not good each in their own ways and being reflected in their current state(Sally sees this now and I think that was a thread throughout the season). It would be an unusual ending in 2013 TV for a couple to get back together for the kids AND themselves as they have worked through their own internal issues. Who knows, but it would be a very different unexpected ending. BTW, I wouldn't bet on that ending happening--LOL,

Falling Skies--I have got to where I like this series, it's not super fantastic, but pretty good. The premiere was showing real promise until the end when they crashed and were in the woods again almost starting all over. I forget the name of the alien leader that was helping, but it was late and can't remember if he survived. The Pres being on board is good. Ben's issues seem to be growing and his deceit.

Wow, when that woman killed the scientist to hide her daughters genetics, that was not good. She's supposed to be a good doctor too. But she may be getting into trouble now. Wasn't sure how that happened, maybe I missed how she got tracked--LOL


Anonymous said...

Hi all,
Just thought I'd check in to see what people thought of The Dome. I thought it was a pretty good start but I was hoping it was designed to be a mini-series and not a full-blown series. Mainly because if it is the latter there is a good chance the fans that follow it will be left without an end if the ratings are bad and it is cancelled (Flash Forward, Alcatraz, Terra Nova, etc.). At least if it was a mini-series you know there is a committed ending.

Here is a good interview from one of the producers about where the show is heading and what to expect. The only spoilers are for last night's pilot episode. Everything else is general and not specific. For instance, each episode will equate to about one day under the dome. When the first 13 episodes end it will encompass two weeks of actual time.

Not sure how long I will stick with this. As long as they keep revelations and answers coming in each episode as new questions arise I will probably stick with it a while.

Bill B

Anonymous said...

By the way. Reminds me a little of the Simpson's movie :)

Bill B

Mike V. said...

Mad Men - Good points Richard. We shall see what happens! And agreed Leslie...we were meant to feel bad for Peggy. Didn't mean to insinuate that we shouldn't! lol

Good points on finding out about Parents too.

I read Weiner's EW interview about the season. Was a pretty interesting read.

The Dome - So, I accidentally read some of your guys commentary on it. But, of course, since I'm not invested yet it didn't matter to me that I may have accidentally stumbled upon a spoiler. :) I'm sure I'll check it out at some point. Heard the ratings were actually better than some "in season" shows that premiered this year. Pretty nuts.

Bill, good to see you checking in!

Not sure if I mentioned it here yet or not, but Damon Lindelof is back in the TV writer's room cooking up something for HBO. It's a show based on some novel "The Leftovers"....they're taking the concept and adapting it for TV (not necessarily the book itself). Basically, "the rapture" occurs. I think it's the rapture. You know...when the "chosen people" are taken to heaven before JUDGEMENT DAY. So a percentage of the world's population just disappears one day and we deal with the world of people that are left behind. Sounds like such a great idea for a show...especially with Lindelof at the helm. So, I'm excited for that one!

Anonymous said...

I thought Dome was a mini series type from an article I read in USA Today.


Anonymous said...

Madmen--saw the first part tonight. Really helps understand the 2nd half--LOL. Particularly about the preacher, earlier shots of whorehouse, bar scene and Becky telling Don that Sally is from a broken home.

Don wanting a new start in LA, then trading that in for family. Similar to what Ted did.

Agree that Peggy is going to be playing a bigger role in the company. Peggy challenged Ted on his leaving his wife because she suspected that was just a line.

Also interesting that Don was willing to go out and start a new agency in LA, basically.


mj said...

Defiance - agree weird and improving. Really liked one about astronaut

Falling Skies - this show def better with each season. Actress pkaying Ann preggers and going on leave so that is why she is disappearring. They had hoped to keep her longer but she had tostart her leave earlier than expected. Loved Hal arguing with himself, but girlfriend def suspicious already. They call the alien Cochise, wonder if tom becoming a pres or VP?

Dome - orig was a mini-series but since then if ratings good will continue. And theere are 13eps which is long for a mini-series. TWD was orig a mini-series and haf 6 or 8 eps thnen became a series with 13. Creatorsfor Dome have planned for future seasons as needed, read that King loved their changes to the end they came up with to accomodate multi-year story

Mike V. said...

Still never got into Falling Skies. It's on Amazon Prime Instant if I ever want to catch up (probably netflix too lol)

Dome/TWD - Just wanted to clarify that The Walking Dead was never designed as a mini-series. It was just a 6 episode "1st season". As to why they only ordered 6, I'm not exactly sure. I'd say they were following the Breaking Bad model, but their first season was only 7 episodes because of the writer's strike. lol

Still haven't watched Dome...we have 4 eps left of Nashville then we'll be free to catch up on some recent stuff! lol (Pre Revenge that is) Thought about subscribing to Hulu for a couple months just so we can catch up on Scandal. Might be cheaper than buying each episode! lol

mj said...

Twd - that is not my recollrction. I was on vaca when i premiered over halloween as a miniseries eventbis my memory. Ratings were so good they brought it back

mj said...

Guess i remember wrong. lol. I knoe Dufabont has stated it wasn't but i swear AMC called it a miniseries

Mike V. said...

Yeah, I never heard it was intended to be a mini-series. There is an infinite amount of source material..and if they were planning to only do 6 episodes I doubt they would have focused on so little of the plot and also ended on a cliffhanger! lol

Now...Downton Abbey WAS intended to be a 1 and done Mini-Series, but its popularity brought it back as a series.

Anonymous said...

Dome--To me, our old LOST actor as the sheriff was key to my interest. He's just smooth. I saw it got about 13mill. I guess that's OK, I don't know. I think Vikings had about 5 to 7mill, but it's only on History/cable.


PJ Carz said...

The Dome -- I watched, and will give it a chance to develop, because the pilot episode of anything has to spew bits of information in all directions. And as someone else already said, hey, it's the dead zone on Monday nights, so this will be fine. Great seeing "Lapidus" from Lost.

Anonymous said...

How about that, Anna Torv finally got some recognition for her acting in Fringe.....

And, for those that like Jeff Fahey (aka, Lapidus) check out one of his earlier acting roles in the movie, The Lawnmower Man if you've never seen it. Kind of a forerunner to some of the concepts explored in The Matrix when the idea of computer virtual reality was a new concept. Pretty cool sci-fi film.

Bill B

PJ Carz said...

To Bill B

Thanks for reminding some of us that "Lapidus" (Fahey) was in Lawnmower Man. I rented that some time ago after Therese of the Houston Chronicle kept referring to him as Lawnmower Man, and yes, it was a good showcase for his acting. I hope Fahey's admirers increase and that we will see him in more projects in the future.

Anonymous said...

Under the Dome, without Lapidus it's really not as good. Heading toward a last man standing kind of plot. I would hate to have pastor like that guy.


Mike V. said...

I know this was supposed to be a June posting but let's just keep going on with July! lol

Still haven't watched "Dome" but sounding like I may hold off to see if it improves!

Still watching Alias...Finished Nashville (woo...dramaaaa!!!)

And of course, watched Dexter! Good start to the final season. I like that they introduced this doctor person or whatever. I know a little more about who she is based on some interviews so I'll hold off until they unveil it in the show. Deb is certainly off the rails. And because of that, so is Dex....he's losing ability to control his urges...not really following his code.

I'll see if I can convince the wife to watch True Blood tonight. But, I'll admit..from what I've heard so far I'm not looking forward to it! lol

mj said...

Been away - so very behind in my watching anything

Been meaning to say though - rewatching SG1 and seeing alot of actors fr our current or recent shows. Michael Rooker, maybe kid fr home alone, Tyrol and Helo fr BSG, sherriff Andy and Allison fr Eureka. They were so young.

Mike V. said...

MJ - I think you did mention you were rewatching SG1. Never watched that one. When you say Kid from home alone do you mean Macauly Culkin?? Pretty sure it wasn't him! lol

Mike V. said...

Whew...really falling behind on TV viewing. It's been a busy end of June/start of July. Gonna try to get in Dexter at some point this week but we're doing a little remodeling project in the house at the moment. lol So..we'll see. Probably halfway into the 2nd episode of True Blood.

Haven't started any other catch-ups yet.

Just watched the 2 part Quentin Tarrentino eps of Alias. Good stuff!

One thing I know for sure...once Breaking Bad starts its final run...the rest of the world will just have to stop until I watch it! :-)

Anonymous said...

Defiance finale last night. Wasn't bad and lots of big changes actually made it interesting. Storyline changing a lot from a Defiance resident perspective. Kenya being murdered was sad but her absence next year will open up opportunity for Amanda and Joshua. Irisa big time important with the keys. Saw where this show was a $100million production.

Under the Dome--went to bad after about 20 minutes, getting tired--LOL.


Anonymous said...

Still behind on lots of stuff lol. now watching Sopranos too.

Defiance - 3or 4 behind so i did not read yr comment Richard.

Expected to have so many comments to catch up to, guess we are all busy. I also had a remodel thing going at home. Hate that! Such a pain to have part of house in chaos.

Mike V. said...

Was that last post MJ? lol Well whoever it is, that's funny that you're doing a remodel too. We've been wanting to do this for awhile now and now we're facing a deadline (the only way things ever get done, right?), so we're finally sucking it up and doing it. But, TV is taking a toll! The good news is, when it's all done, we'll have a new room to watch TV in. :-) lol

I really want to watch The Sopranos again too. Was meaning to do it even before the recent news. My wife has never watched so it's a perfect excuse to watch them. With HBO Go in a remodeled living room, there will be NO EXCUSE! lol

Anonymous said...

GOT-GRRM commenting on the HBO vs throne he designed. Saw some pics and wow, his version is huge. Love how the king looks down on everyone.


Mike V. said...

GoT- Yeah, actually saw that on GRRM's blog yesterday too. Definitely how he describes it in the books.

Mike V. said...

Anyone going to watch The Bridge on FX? I'm hearing good things. TiVo will be set, but don't know when I'll get to it!

Leslie said...

Yep, I'm checking out The Bridge. DVR is set. I remember MJ mentioning it awhile back, and I hadn't heard of it, but I've been seeing the ads for it now.

Anonymous said...

Falling Skis--anyone else watching?

Hell on Wheels--starting I think on Aug 10th--anyone watching?


Mike V. said...

Sorry Richard never got into either of those! They're still set on my TiVo but I just never watched. I've heard falling skies got good too. I think MJ watches that one.

Mike V. said...

Didn't get to The Bridge last night. Leslie, let me know if you watched and what you thought!

Dexter - All caught up. Loving the relationship between the psycotherapist and dex. Of course, I can't help but think she's behind the murders we've seen so far. With all things culminating to a grand finale this season, that would seem to tie things up nicely. But, of course, I'm sure that's too obvious! Deb is a hot ass mess which is entertaining to watch. Took me awhile to realize that her new boss is Sean Patrick Flannery....I'm sure he's more known for the Boondock Saints, but I remember him from the Young Indiana Jones chronicles! lol Anyway...enjoying the eps so far. We'll see where it goes.

Still behind on True Blood, and haven't started Revenge/Scandal yet. Pretty soon we're going to be running out of time this summer! lol Hopefully our house will be done after next weekend.

Mike V. said...

OH SOA Teaser!

MJ said...

Yeah - it was me ! LOL Don't know how it went up as anon.

Sopranos - I hate using go but HBO is showing one season a month on demand so that gives a person 30 days to watch 13 eps - very doable.

Falling Skies - yup that's one of my faves. Anne story a bit weird but the actress is out on maternity leave so they had to come up with something to excuse her in the story.

I'm a week behind on Dexter still.

Bridge - sooo not what the commercials made it seem. I didn't dislike it - but didn't realize it was just another murder mystery. Interesting premise on where they are going with it. Don't want to get into politics here but wonder where they are going with that call at the end - one white woman in Texas is killed and everyone jumps to investigate but hundreds (I can't remember the exact number and am paraphrasing a little) die in Juarez and no one cares. So is that what this is going to be about - that Mexico doesn't care about investigating their murders?

Still enjoying Under the Dome - good summer entertainment.

Tvline has been reviewing the new fall shows - a few of them I thought of NOT checking out they are giving pretty good reviews.

Anonymous said...

Forgot to say - saw that SOA thing and loved it.

Mike V. said...


Sopranos - HBO Go is getting much easier for us. It's a native app on the apple TV in HD, and I think it's included on the new Smart TV we just got for our remodeled living room. (still in progress lol) Cool on the on demand though. At least with that, it puts you on the clock to watch it!

Bridge - Haven't watched yet, but that's the premise I understood...but I haven't seen many commercials! lol

Yeah...i'll probably be checking out the new Abrams show with Karl Urban...the cops get paired up with androids or whatever. The Fringe team is going to be doing it. And I'm sure I'll check out at least an episode of the Josh Holloway show. Maybe will get into Once Upon a Time in Wonderland...dunno. lol I'm sure when Comic-Con rolls in next week we'll be seeing lots of info on these shows!

Leslie said...

Bridge - yeah, it'll be interesting to see where they go with this. I will lose interest quick if it gets too political, but we'll see. I like the two detectives facing off already.

Under the Dome - I'm enjoying it also. I hope they pick up the pace though.

Little side note - I caught a rerun of Big Bang Theory yesterday where they show when Leonard and Sheldon first meet, and Leonard runs into Sheldon's former roommate leaving who was none other than Glenn from Walking Dead!

Watched Hollywood Game Night last night mainly because it was titled "The One with the Friends". Had Matthew Perry and Lisa Kudrow. Also
Alyson Hannigan. Pretty silly. Matthew was looking a little rough.

PJ Carz said...

Forgive me if this is a duplicate. I tried to post a moment ago, and it failed.

Am I the first or only voice in the wilderness to admit that I watched Sharknado and had fun with it? So bad it was good in a Three Stooges kind of way.

Mike V. said...

@Leslie - Pretty funny that Daryl was on BBT! Don't think I remember that one. And missed the game show with Perry/Kudrow. But I can absolutely agree that Matthew Perry does not look too great these days. I think all those years of substance abuse have caught up with him. He hasn't really been able to recapture his comic timing that came to him so naturally on friends either. Every sitcom character he's played since has seemed like some over the top exaggerated version of Chandler. lol But, maybe I just have him stereotyped in my brain!

@PJ - I'll admit that I have no idea what you're talking about! lol So, no I haven't watched it. But, I'm sure I would enjoy it if I did!

Still doing the big home remodel project...but was able to plug in the kitchen TV while we were painting last night. So, I'm caught up with Dexter, even if I watched on a very tiny TV! :) Good ep, but I'll wait until we're on the same ep to discuss.

So on the list still to watch: True Blood (3 or 4 eps now?), The Bridge, Revenge, Scandal.....whew It's piling up fast! Of course, it's nice to be doing something different than just coming home, putting the baby to sleep and watching TV every night! This coming from the author of the TV ADDICTS BLOG! :-)

Anonymous said...

Falling Skies--not a bad ep last night. The fight between the families was interesting and sad. Don't trust the new pres of Charleston. US pres being assasinated was kind of expected but yet maybe not. The actor I've seen before I didn't think would hang around on the show. Better the way it was done last night then die in a plane crash as we now see other alien intruders.


mj said...

PJ - almost watched it for just the same reason. So bad that its fun.

Read about that guy fr Glee that died. Not a show watcher but knew his character. Didn't know he'd left though.

Mike V. said...

Glee/Cory - Yeah, We gave up on Glee this past season. Just couldn't keep up with it and didn't care that we weren't. But, definitely had no issues with the actors involved. I didn't realized he left the show either...but it wouldn't have surprised me. They graduated last season and were still trying to figure out ways to keep the cast around. Just a shame, obviously, that he lost his battle with addiction.

Hmm...I posted a comment earlier... I guess it didn't take. I responded to Leslie and PJ. I didn't see the show PJ mentioned. Didn't even hear about it. lol And I didn't see the game show with The FRIENDS either but agreed that Matthew Perry hasn't looked so good lately. lol I think his years of substance abuse has caught up to him too.

And funny with Daryl on BBT! Never would have realized it was him back when it aired, obviously!

All caught up on Dexter but will wait to discuss. Still have TB, Revenge, Scandal, The Bridge and who knows what else to watch whenever I get a chance. Still doing the home remodel stuff too and surprsingly I haven't really missed TV. It's a nice change of pace to do something different for a bit after work! :-) This coming from the author of the TV ADDICTS BLOG! :-)

Leslie said...

It was Glenn I saw on an old BBT, not Daryl.

I heard about Sharknado, but didn't see it. I think they are airing it again this week. May have to record it. :)

Movie note - I saw World War Z this weekend. A lot of fluff and not much substance. And, fast zombies? What's up with that?

The Killing - it's been interesting this season, but I wonder if they will wrap up the case before the end since there was such backlash with the first season.

Mike V. said...

@Leslie - ahhh my bad! lol

WWZ - Haven't seen it but I've heard it was pretty entertaining. Not sure how much they stuck to the book or not though. But, I do know that Damon Lindelof was brought in at the end to salvage the script that had gone through several rewrites. lol

PJ Carz said...

Thanks for the moral suppport, mj.

I quit watching Glee, too; all the new characters weren't interesting to me. Still, Finn, (Cory Montieth)was one my favorites, and I would have followed him to other venues. Really sad. So young.

Going to try to watch the Dome once again tonight. Have wine ready to help.

Anonymous said...

Dome--a psychologist saves the town--LOL. And junior's a nut.

Just call me crazy for watching, LOL.

I keep waiting to see if they get barbie involved as he is in the book.

I wonder what Stephen King thinks about this adaptation?


Leslie said...

Under the Dome - Last night was a better episode. I'm enjoying it. It's good summer TV.

Richard - I didn't read this book, but am a Stephen King fan and saw his "open letter" about the show.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link on King's comments. He had difficulty writing the book too. It's just entertainment and it's not that bad(LOL) and has some mystery to it.

I did find it hilarious that a psychologist was also an ER doctor, etc fixing the town's people of physical ailments while there are simultaneously many town's people having "mind" problems and not receiving care.

The barbie deal will be key for me, for a lot of reasons I don't want to say due to spoilers.

This blog also adds the the fun of watching.


Leslie said...

Dome - Richard - Yes, convenient about the psychologist working in the ER. And, at least the brother (can't remember his name) finally asked about his sister who he hasn't seen, and I guess she's been found now by Big Jim. Junior (the new deputy) will have to do some fast talking. We also found out that the two teenagers had seizures again when they touched, but they kept that from everyone else. Hmmmmm....

Yep, this blog does add to my TV watching fun. Thanks to Mike and everyone who posts! :)

Anonymous said...

Leslie on Dome--Good point on Jr holding girl being found by Big Jim. I am beginning to think that Big Jim might go along with it so that he can maintain his cover and standing. What a shame for the girl.
But, the dome may be affecting her and Jr. both.

Certainly is affecting the two teenagers with shock. I think there is some humor with that--LOL.

The Reverend paying his money back and trying to get back spiritually is interesting--another dome effect.


Mike V. said...

@Leslie - you're totally welcome. lol I just wish I could join in the discussion. But I've been too busy to be watching these shows!

Of course, watching a 12 year old show in the little spare time I do have probably isn't helping those matters. But, I'm hooked on Alias right now! lol

MJ said...

Hey Mike - have a couple of questions regarding your Tivo and how it works with
Verizon. I'm sure I've asked before so sorry for asking again but man - Verizon
just raised their rates and with my 2 DVRs plus internet, IP phone and cable my bill is now 179 a month - and that's with a 20.00 good customer credit ! Something gotta go and we don't want to go back to Comcast.

So - once you buy your Tivo box do you pay a monthly fee to them for service? I think you need a card to make it work with Verizon - do you know the cost of that? I know you have HBO go thru your tv but I don't so I think you said there was a restriction that because you don't have their box you can't rent their movies on demand, but do you still have HBO on demand available?

Thanks in advance for the info.

Broadchurch - heard this show coming to BBCA is supposed to be really good. Leslie - they are describing it as good as the Killing in intensity but visually brighter. LOL I'll prob check it out.

Dome - finally caught up - def upping the creep factor a bit. I agree - Big Jim will leave her there to die to hide what his son has done. See how proud he looked when sherriff told him how well he did? And scarily enough he did do well, but he's a total nut job. So now they are hinting that Barbie did not kill her husband? I got confused there.

Mike V. said...

Hey MJ, always happy to answer technology questions! lol

Ouch on Verizon raising the rates. I wonder if they've done that to me too. Well, after my 2 year contract was up, the rates went up I think. And I've been hesitant to make any changes to my account for fear it would raise the price again!

Anyway, with TiVo...the TiVo box eliminates your need for a Fios Cable box. Instead you'd get a multi-stream cable card which inserts into the TiVo box and allows you to record multiple shows at one time. TiVo does not cooperate with FIOS on demand YET. I believe they may have worked something out with Comcast or Time Warner (in other non Philly areas lol). But, they do provide access to multiple options like Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, Youtube, etc...

So, if you still wanted access to On Demand, you'd need to rent a cable box and have it in another input in your TV or Receiver. Of course, with TiVo...I have a DVR expander, and I just record everything and leave it on my TiVo until I'm going to watch I usually don't need on demand. There is a subscription fee for TiVo...and depending on how many boxes you have you can get a multi-service discount. I think the cost is like 15 or 16 bucks a month. But you can also pay a product lifetime fee (which is like 300 or 400 bucks depending on the multi-service discount)...and then never pay another cent. It pays for itself in a couple years if you count a couple years of subscription. TiVo has new options like TiVo Mini which is 89 bucks and can stream shows off of your 4 tuner TiVo....that also has a subscription fee of like 6 bucks a month or 150 product lifetime. I bought one that we're moving to our bedroom...since the remodeled living room will need a tivo as well. lol

I know it's not cheap...but you might be able to work some numbers and it might work out to being cheaper than verizon in the long run. I love the TiVo service. The new UI is a little slower than it used to be PRE-HD....but it's still a great service.

If you were interested in HBO Go...there are some cheap options out there to get access to it. Roku boxes are pretty cheap and there are tons of streaming options on there. Apple TV just added it to their arsenal as well. The most expensive version of Roku is $99 which is the same as Apple TV...but there are $60 versions of Roku out there on Amazon too. And those are non-subscription based units. may have to subscribe to things like Hulu if you want to use it. HBO Go is free with your subscription to cable.

I'm typing fast because i have a 9:00 meeting...but if you have further questions let me know. Go onto and do some research too. Might help you run your numbers!

MJ said...

Thanks for the 411. Will def run the numbers.

Was also in a hurry earlier - meant to expand on the Dome comments I made - was creepy when the kid dis the sssh to himself on tape. And with Barbie what confused me was him acting shocked when the DJ said the husband was dead.

Anonymous said...

Dome--on Barbie. I'm thinking the storyline is indeed changing as they may try to run this show longer and are changing up the storyline a little? Barbie is key in the book, don't know how he'll get involved on the show.

While it seems hilarious about the psychologist/ER doctor, I think the psychologist will play a bigger role as it becomes more obvious that people aren't acting right.


MJ said...

Do you use a MoCA, or are you connected directly to an internet router

Done - agree the psychologist's role will be expanded as people need help dealing.

Mike V. said...

@MJ - I actually use both. FIOS is the only cable company that has MoCA built right in without an adapter. My 4 tuner TiVo is using MoCA, as is the TiVo Stream that I purchased as well (allows me to watch my TiVo on my iOS products within my wifi network). But, my current Bedroom TiVo is still running on wifi. I'm not sure if it would work natively on the MoCA network or if I'd need an adapter. Maybe I'll try to hook it up without the wireless when I set it up in my living room.

If you're going to use a TiVo Mini or TiVo Stream your tivo box must be setup with MOCA (or Ethernet). It's so much faster than wireless and allows for smooth streaming from box to box.

Leslie said...

MJ - I read that about Broadchurch, too, and plan to check it out. Also came across Top of the Lake on Sundance with Elisabeth Moss from Mad Men, but don't know when it started or anything. Found it on Netflix streaming, so I also plan to check it out.

My 2 cents on the Roku box that Mike mentioned. That's how I started with my Netflix streaming. I bought the cheaper box, and it works just fine for me. I now have a blu-ray that connects to Netflix, but still use the Roku on my other TV. There are a lot of free options on it, but you can also pay for Netflix, Hulu Plus or Amazon video.

MJ said...

Cool - thanks to both for the info

MJ said...

One more question - if we don't get the Tivo mini or stream, will a Tivo wireless G adapter be sufficient for the Netflix and such? I specify the G adapter because our Fios wireless internet router is 54 Mpbs.

Mike V. said...

Hmm, I want to say that I used to watch Netflix with a wireless G adapter (I have wireless N now with my airport extreme router). It may have an issue with HD streaming though.

You should check with FIOS though on wireless N. I think they have updated their router to support that now. I have wifi disabled on my fios modem so that I can use the airport. But, if the one they provided you isn't capable of wireless N, they may give you a free upgrade. I could totally be wrong about that though. Might be worth a chat with verizon though.

Saw this link that might help:

I did some googling about netflix on wireless G and found this. Not sure if it's accurate or not!

Hope this helps a bit!

Anonymous said...

I just tried my newer blu ray with netflix and I could get 1 month free, then so much/month. I didn't do it. There was a speed test you could do for determining HD vs HD1080, etc. Mine was barely HD due to using DSL.

I think to get true HD--1080P working well, you'll need to use a cable vs wireless.


Mike V. said...

Richard I use Netflix on my ps3 which is on the wifi and vudu as well. Both give me 1080p streaming. And that's not even on wireless n. so I think there are other factors too. Lol. That ps3 is close to the router but I feel I've done it in my bedroom too. Bizarre

mj said...

Killing - don't know if you r current Leslie but wow this last ep was tense when they at end of pier

mj said...

Killing - don't know if you r current Leslie but wow this last ep was tense when they at end of pier

Leslie said...

Killing - MJ, yes I'm up to date. That last episode was definitely intense! I think there are just 3 more episodes, and I'm wondering if they will wrap up the case this season since so many people were upset the first season. I didn't watch the first season until the second season was out, so it wasn't an issue for me. lol

The Bridge - Interesting how they are revealing this lady detective to us. Even though we've read that she has asperger's, they haven't explained why she is different in these first two episodes.

Leslie said...

Ahhhh....Josh Holloway back on my TV!

PJ Carz said...

Does anyone else have an issue with Netflix CDs? We finally cancelled membership because the last 4 movies we rented wouldn't play even when they sent replacements. Other CDs, whether we had recorded them or bought the "official" shows play fine. Netflix said it must be something wrong on our end. Not! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

My saddest viewing moment was when Blockbuster went away totally out of our area.

I'm an impulse viewer and that doesn't work well via mail and I haven't found any online as good as true 1080P blueray. HD can be defined as 720P or 1080i as well as 1080P, I think.


Mike V. said...'s been a crazy couple weeks but I think things are going to be settling down now. Got the floor laid, new TV up in the new living room and ready to catch up on some TV! I've been following comic-con and know EW has some great coverage on The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Revolution and what not. I haven't caught up on it all but did see the trailer for The Walking Dead season 4. Looks great! watched an interview with some GoT peeps, they're highly optimistic that season 4 will surpass season 3 even though the Red Wedding has happened. Knowing what's coming based on the rest of book 3, I would agree. They say season 5 scares the hell out of them though and I don't blame them! lol I think season 5 may be where the book and show start going down different paths. They may not have a choice. But we'll see.

Anyway responses to commenters (and more comic-con stuff):

@Leslie - Yeah, that's definitely one of the shows i'll be checking out. But, of course, it being on CBS means it will probably be mostly procedural and it will fall to the backburner for me (i.e. Person of Interest lol). I'm sure it will be a good show though! I'll definitely be checking out the new JJ Abrams produced show with the Fringe production/writing Team... I forget the name of it but Karl Urban stars, and it's the future where cops get paired up with human-like robots.

I also heard that the pilot of S.H.I.E.L.D. got a standing ovation from the comic-con crowd (of course, it was made for that kind of setting! lol).....but, I am excited to see what they have in store for that show as well. Also Colbie Smulders (Robin on HIMM) will be reprising her role from The Avengers on the that's pretty cool. Guess she'll be doing double duty this TV season.

I'll definitely check out ONCE Upon a Time in Wonderland. Naveen Andrews has been cast as Jafar from Aladdin. Kinda curious about that considering the show is about WONDERLAND! lol But hey...Sayid is back on TV! All of our LOSTIES are getting back on the screen. Good to see.

@PJ Carz - Are you talking about the DVDs? I cancelled my disc plan recently just for the streaming. We weren't using it enough...and with Redbox being only 1 or 2 bucks a night...we just use that if we need to. But, usually i'm lazy and will just rent something through Amazon on one of my streaming devices.

@Richard - Yeah..Blockbuster closing is definitely a sign of the times. Impulse viewing still can happen today...and Amazon Instant Video is a great way to do it. With a Prime membership they have streaming of free content like Netflix and some original programming coming...BUT...they also have a library of movies and TV shows that you can rent or purchase for streaming on devices.

I agree..nothing has matched Blu-Ray for superior audio and video quality yet. BUT....they are coming pretty close. And there are streaming services that do provide 1080p. Of course...once these services can stream 1080p and provide superior HD surround sound....that's when 4K TVs will emerge onto the market. But, I don't know if 4 times the resolution of 1080p will be a noticeable enough difference for consumers to adopt the technology in the masses. So yes, there is 720p, 1080i, 1080p....and now Ultra HD or 4K which are starting to be sold in retail (albeit at high premium prices) never slows down! lol

My CAPTCHA phrase to post is actually "FOOKEW"....try saying that out loud. LOL

Leslie said...

PJ Carz - On Netflix - I have only had trouble with a DVD not playing maybe 3 or 4 times in 6 years. When I have had a problem, the replacement DVD has always worked.

Richard - For impulse viewing, I use On Demand with my cable company. The rest of the time, I prefer Netflix over the old Blockbuster. I still have a 1 DVD plus unlimited streaming account. I don't pay for any premium movie channels. I went through a period where I had trouble with the Netflix streaming, but it hasn't happened in awhile.

The Killing - MJ - did you see last night's episode? Talk about intense! I noticed the sun actually shining briefly which was a nice change. lol

Mike - LOL on your captcha! And, I like a good procedural, although I didn't care for Person of Interest. In the video I saw on Josh Holloway's show, Ruby/Red from Once is also in it, and I got the impression she was one of the leads. Don't know what that means for Once.

Mike V. said...

HIMYM scoop from Comic-Con...

@Leslie - Yeah, I don't mind a procedural when done well. I just prefer a good serialized story. Fringe was a procedural done REALLY well, but then it got more serialized over time. That sounds familiar that Ruby is on the new Hollway show. I don't know the implications of that either. But a LEAD is a I'm sure she'd take that over a supporting player on ONCE. Though, in any episode where she was primarliy featured, she had a hard time carrying the episode. Some of it was downright laughable! Maybe it wasn't her and it was the material. lol

Mike V. said...

More Comic-Con stuff


The Walking Dead:

Game of Thrones:

Anonymous said...

Falling Skies-Got to see Rebecca, Tom's wife. Very interesting to see different characters backgrounds. Is Ann really dead, hard to believe and with this show you never know. A pretty good ep to me.

Some GOT news, includes some spoilers maybe. Season four most grueling so far, lots of action.

Continuum--I keep missing this show for some reason. How's it doing?


PJ Carz said...

@richard @MikeV

Yes, I meant DVDs. Getting old is a pain in the brain. So, my reformulated old lady question is how can I rent old movie online? Can I stream Amazon stuff to my tv for a pay per view charge just using a roku and computer which we already own? We have cable, but only subscribe to the premium HBO, and have used To Go. I'm interested in the old stuff. (Surprise!)

Thanks for this community. It reminds me of the olden days of Lost.

Popcorn tonight in 2 hours for the Dome.

Mike V. said...

@PJ - Yes, Amazon has both a subscription service that gives you free access to a variety of films and TV shows (along with free 2-day shipping on any prime orders and free access to a bunch of kindle books), but they also have a "pay per view" service for anything that isn't in the prime membership and also the stuff that IS part of PRIME (if you're not a subscriber). A variety of devices have access to the Amazon Instant Video application from various smart TVs, to iPhones, iPads, probably Android devices, Playstation 3, Playstation 4 this fall....and yes...Roku. I'm sure it's inevitable that Apple TV will get it too.

You should check Amazon's library of digital videos to see if they have stuff you'd be interested in. Really just search for a movie in their main search screen, and it will tell you if they offer Amazon Instant Video on it as well as DVD/Blu-Ray purchase options. I think they do have quite a catalog of old stuff. But, for now, I'm guessing Netflix Disc still has the best collection...but it doesn't surprise me that some of their discs are becoming unplayable.

I will say though that the Amazon Prime subscription has been totally worth it for us. The Instant Streaming is just a bonus. The Free 2 Day shipping pays for itself in Christmas shopping alone. ($79 a year for the subscription or something like that)

No problem for this community. It's as much for me as it is for you guys. I certainly miss the days of LOST chatting (maybe not trying to keep up with the hundreds of comments a day...even though it was great how invested everyone was)....but, it's nice to have a variety of things to discuss here.

DEXTER - All caught up...will wait to discuss.

True Blood - Finally watched another episode. I think I have 4 to go to catch up. If I'm not mistaken, we already met Warlow but they didn't officially unveil him on the show. (I'm guessing it's the dude that Sookie nursed back to health) Eric was captured but then we saw him seducing the Governor's daughter or something. lol

Alias - Sydney's Mother is alive!!! (knew that was coming lol)

MJ said...

Defiance: Ok - so Irisa having both artifacts in her is the cause of her visions? And really Kenya - someone supposedly who knows people so well could not see that Stoma was gonna be the death of her ? LOL But they surprised me by having Datak actually win the election and be stupid enough to kill the colonel ! Loved the head of the mine guy and his son-in-law's heart to heart though. And I thought so bold of them to kill Nolan - but they brought him back.

Continuum - been behind on this too - just saw the one where she finds her old co-worker had come back in the 70's and had a suit. Been enjoying the second season.

Loved this ep of Falling Skies - some of their alernatives were so strange to see (Pope).

True Blood - Warlow - no comment ! LOL Catch up cause you got some deaths coming.

Comicon/HIMYM - I've been swamped these past 4 or 5 days so playing catchup. You see the awesome video of Ted's kids???

Vikings - anyone see the trailer for S2?

TWD trailer was great too

Mike V. said...

TB - I heard there were deaths coming too. lol tough to be behind on shows like this! Don't know which ones they are though!

HIMYM - Yes, I saw the was in the link I posted too. Good stuff! lol

Vikings - Didn't see the trailer but I'll watch now. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Vikings--That was sooo good!!!! THANKS for the link. I can't believe they put that on a teaser!!! It's just too long until it comes back. So much you can talk about in just that one scene.

Defiance--I have been surprised not too many posts in many places about the season ender. I thought it was pretty good too given I have been slow to like the show. Irsa's sacrifice for her"father" will be interesting to see how that turns out. I'm thinking they had to get rid of the sister so that the ex mayor can have a love interest now with Nolan.

Falling Skies--again, does anyone think Ann is really dead?


Mike V. said...

Vikings - Yeah I was kinda shocked by what they showed too...which makes me think all is not what it seems. lol Or it could be setting the tone for the whole season.

True Blood - Watched the 3rd ep.'s a struggle to get through these eps. I think my wife is losing interest faster than I am. Still no confirmation who Warlow is...but, it seems less likely it's Ben. It just seems awfully coincidental that things are happening around where he's supposed to be. Sheriff dude (forget his name) and his rapidly growing daughters is pretty funny stuff. Getting worried for Jason Stackhouse knowing that some deaths are coming. But, I can't imagine they'd kill him off. Guess we'll see! Of course, there are some expendable maybe something in that category. Loved (though thought it was totally ridiculous) Bill going into the sun and lighting up on

Orange is the New Black - Netflix original. Anyone watching? We watched the first ep last night. Really really good. I heard nothing but great things about the show. It's living up to the hype.

Still have to try and fit in Revenge and Scandal at some point. I also have to finish 30 Rock! Have to wait until they're all on netflix because I lost some of them off my TiVo.

MJ said...

TB - yeah they did drag out the Who is Warlow thing a bit - but you are close to the answer - prob ep 4 or 5. The girls growing is hysterical, gets even funnier when (tiny spoiler) an APB is put on for them. Yeah - like shouldn't you just try one hand in the sun or something ! LOL

Hmm - event though Scandal is 2 seasons and you only have 1 Revenge to catch up to I'd pick Scandal over Revenge. Revenge is still good but not as good as Scandal. Just my 2 cents.

Don't have Netflix streaming at this time. Maybe after we get our Tivo - think the hubby is installing this weekend. Been trying to clear up my DVR for switch over.

Falling Skies - of course Ann's not dead. LOL Have you heard of someone thinking that ? Actress is on maternity leave. LOL

Mike V. said...

@MJ - I think I'd pick Scandal too based on what I've heard. I'd have to temporarily subscribe to Hulu so we could watch season 2 though. Either that or wait for season 2 to come on Netflix which probably wouldn't be until a few weeks into season 3. At that point, we'd never catch up!

Revenge, I'm really not even interested in catching up...but I know my wife will want to!

Of course, now I got us started on Orange on who knows? lol So much TV these days on so many different mediums, it's tough to watch it all!

Good luck with the TiVo setup and getting netflix!

Anonymous said...

GOT--More info from GRRM interview, some SPOILERS.----
Interesting info on Danny as queen.


Mike V. said...

Thanks for the link, Richard! Great interview. Always interesting to read more about his issues with writing books 4 and 5. And just in general.

Leslie said...

Under the Dome - Not even the "mother of all bombs" can break the dome! I wonder how far around the dome was nuked? Guess those people were just collateral damage.

Noticed that after they saw all the butterflies, they focused on the butterfly tattoo on Angie in the shelter...for dramatic effect or does it mean something? Norrie's moms weren't too happy that her dad showed up to visit! And, Barbie is opening up a little about who he really is. Guess Big Jim didn't want to confess, so he took the reverend out!

Mike V. said...

TB - One more episode in. Was totally right about Warlow! Granted, I accidentally saw a headline on EW with a picture so it wasn't hard to figure out. lol The girls have gotten older again and are kidnapped by bill...actually, they may be dead. Jessica kind of got a sweet tooth. lol Don't think Andy would be too happy about that. And he seemed to figure out that Bill had them. 2 episodes left. We're watching one a night and an ep of Orange is the new Black.

Orange - Not gonna talk about plot here, but I will once again recommend it for anyone that has NETFLIX and may not know about it. It's about a woman who has to serve time in a female prison who self-surrenders for a minor crime. (or at least we think) It's a comedy with dramatic elements. Basically 13 50 minute episodes. They follow a flashback model similar to LOST to give us background to stuff that happened before prison. Lots of familiar actors/actresses in the show. Anyway, we're 2 in and really enjoying it!

NETFLIX STREAMING IDEA: BTW...for anyone looking for another option to get web content on your TV (i.e. Netflix, YouTube, etc...) Google just announced Chromecast for $35. It just hooks into an HDMI port on your TV (it does have some cords though supposedly) and you can stream from your smart device (iOS or Android) or Computer's chrome browser (mac or PC). Netflix is already signed up with many expected to follow suit. Netflix is also offering 3 free months of service to both new and existing customers. So, if you figure that in...the device is really only $11. Thinking about getting one for the bedroom TV which I just lost my Netflix access to due to the remodeled living room. would be great for traveling!

Mike V. said...

Grimm - Season 3 scoop. I hate watching these videos at work, but that's how most of the comic-con interviews are for these various sites. lol Figured I'd still pass along!

Mike V. said...

SOA - Returns 9/10...and it's a 90 minute premiere! Ugh...they're not letting up after the "Extended final 5 episodes" last season. At's getting tougher and tougher! lol

mj said...

Dome - big jim was pretty cold with how he did that to the Rev. They are saying more answers should start foming now

TB. i was half convinced that grandpa was gonna be bad.
Grimm - saw it esrlier today. Wu guy was funny

SOA - between the trailer and the scoops i'm gettin excited for it to start. I hear ya about extending 10pm shows

Mike V. said...

TB - Only one episode left to catch up. Guess these deaths happened in the latest ep. Which concerns me because right now Sookie, Pam and Eric are in peril! So, my guess is that Pam is going to bite it. I thought that Jessica might be on the chopping block too when she went up against what's her face (blondie that was with Jason in season 2 and again this season). And of course, 3 of Andy's daughters didn't make it either.

The whole Sam storyline has been pretty rough...which includes the Alcide storyline. Not entertaining at all! lol Interesting twist with Sookie and Warlow in that the her parents tried to kill her. (And trying again apparently)

Maybe we'll catch up tonight, but I'm sure my wife will want to watch ORANGE since we didn't get to watch that last night. I wouldn't mind it either since it's really good! Maybe well catch up for Sunday...but we'll probably just watch Dexter and be behind again. lol

mj said...

RB - ha! I'm saying nothing. What got me with Warlow was that he was half vamp! How'd her and gramps not sense that?

So - we r setting up tivo - theres no off button? Box on all the time?

Mike V. said...

Nope no off button. It's always recording. And it will record things based on things you like and keep it in a "TiVo suggestions" folder or something like that. Those are the first To go when it needs room to record new stuff. You'll get used to it! Enjoy it!

mj said...

Lol. so do u put it in standby when u go to bed?

Mike V. said...

Nope! Just turn the tv off! :)

mj said...

How freaking weird. lol thx. have a good weekend

Having issues with live vs swap. Keeps changing channel when we hit live

Mike V. said...

Live tv will get u off menus and also switched which tuner you are on. Enter will go to previous channel. TiVo button and then #2 takes you to do list. I use that a lot. There are some fast forward tricks you can use too depending how you set it up in settings. You can skip to index points on green bar. Or you can skip 30 secs with each press to skip each commercial. I'll google some TiVo shortcuts to pass on later if I remember. Enjoy! And have a good wknd too!

mj said...

Yeah - been looking at a bunch thx. But. how weird - no stop button that stops a recorded show i'm watching. Read that the left direction switch willbwork by taking you out but not true as playing continues as seen in upper right windiw. So if you are watching something and in the middle you want to stop how do you get the recording to stop playing?

Mike V. said...

Yeah that's new with the TiVo premieres. Not a fan. I always just pause them. You can do that when you're on the menus too. Then if you press live tv you'll get off the recording. But of course it'll take you out of the menus too! Lol. Or you can press live tv while you're watching the recording then pull up the menu. I'm sure there's a better way but that's how I get around it. Lol

mj said...

No - don't think there is a better way. lol. apparently live tv is it from all i've found. Well so far that is my only complaint, and the sounds which i already shut off. Lol. Thanks tivo buddy! Lol

Mike V. said...

No problem! I definitely turned the sounds off too. You can also turn off hd menus which would get rid of that small screen all together. And it would work much faster. But I like the new screens. Like how it tells season and ep number for tv shows. Lol

mj said...

Well my love of Tivo is waning - send some cheese for this whine ! Went to start setting up season passes - this sucks ! Set up TB with new only for 9pm and its recording it 3 times this week. Same with my show falling skies - set up 10pm tomorrow new only and it's trying to tape it this afternoon - says it's new but go in guide and its not new. WTH!?! Verizon had a no dupllicate setting that was great with these show that repeat. How do you do TB - manual recording weekly ?

Mike V. said...

Hmmm that's weird. Maybe because your TiVo never recorded those eps before. "New only" always works for me. I think it'll fix it in time. Just be patient!! Lol it should at least not record dupes! Lol

mj said...

For some reason my guide has all marked new - even last weeks ep that is repeating. LOL I'll get it done somehow

Sorry to all who've had to read all my Tivo questions and bitches.

Mike V. said...

Yeah that's bizarre. But I think it will just gets smarter after it records over time. Could be totally wrong though. Hbo and TNT are tough because of all the rebroadcasts. But I don't have issues now. Once the episode records once it won't do it again. And if you set the season pass before the show ever airs you'll never have a prob. Give it time!

PJ Carz said...

Thank you for all your technical help. I'm not out of the woods yet, but it makes so much more sense now.

Mike V. said...

Okay, this thread has grown to a point where I think we'll be better served creating a new one for August through the point when the Fall premieres start!

I'm all caught up on Dexter and WAS all caught up on TB until one aired last night. We'll try to watch that one tonight!

Mike V. said...

So much for being a miniseries...I see that Under the Dome has been renewed for a season 2! lol Still haven't watched an episode.

BTW...I have one more episode of Alias season 1. Will found out about Sydney and just got shot by Sark! I even had a feeling something like that was coming but it still shocked me! lol

Anonymous said...

Dome--that is funny. Supposed to be a miniseries and now a 2nd season. So many shows just try to make it through one season--LOL. Maybe explains why Barbie isn't yet doing what is a big deal.

Still would have been better with LaPedus--LOL

I haven't yet watched latest ep.

Buying a new TV. Thought it would be simple, but NOOOOOO. Even with 120hz,dual core upgraded to 240hz we still get motion blurr and soap opera effect. Now looking into plasma screens since they don't have these issues.


Mike V. said...

Television - Richard, is it a Samsung? Whatever it is...there is a feature in settings that is usually enabled when you first get a TV. With Samsung it's called "Automotion Plus" or something like that. Turn it off...and the Soap Opera effect will be gone.

For everything else...a professional calibration may help. I actually have spent enough at Best Buy that they're going to enroll me in the Silver Reward Zone program this year...that'll allow me to get a free calibration. lol I've looked up settings for my TV's online and I change them...and it never looks right. I've also used the THX App on my phone/iPad via Apple TV...didn't work either. So, maybe a professional calibration will be worth it. Good luck!

TB - All caught up...another death! Of course, I have a feeling they just brought her character back this season so they could kill her off. They also had to show how severe Hepatitis (sp) V would be to the vampire community. No better way to do that than killing someone off with it. Bill as a daywalker is pretty interesting and has provided some comedic moments. Terry kicking the bucket. The minute they said they were going to have him glamored the writing was on the wall. (granted, I knew someone was going to die in that ep lol) Besides all of the ridiculous raunchiness of this season (I guess it's really every season...but come on Sookie and Warlow in Fairy Land?? lol), the plot has definitely been more interesting this year.

Alias - Finished season 1!! ....MOM?!?! Started season 2...only halfway through that ep. But, still really enjoying the show. If it wasn't for Netflix, I probably would have never watched it.

Breaking Bad - Not long now! I'd like to watch those 8 eps of season 5 before this final 8 starts airing. There was something on Sundance channel last night called "The Writer's Room"...the first ep has Bryan Cranston and Vince Gilligan reflecting on the writer's process of Breaking Bad over the 5 seasons. I don't get Sundance channel! But, Amazon has the episode for 3 bucks. I'm tempted! lol

mj said...

All behind now on all sunday shows - was clearing up my old dvr. You might be right about it initially grabbing all eps but once i delete those extras just getting the new ones. Have to have 2 manuals though as 2 shows i only want a 1am repeat and never the 9pm ep. Lol

Getting excited for BB too

Mike V. said...

TiVo - MJ, hmmm are you doing that because you have too many shows at 9pm? If you set the season pass priorty to record the other 2 shows first, the 3rd show will record on the 1am repeat by default. can also adjust your season passes and schedule recordings on too. And, if you have an iPad or can download the TiVo app and manage your recordings via that app...and even control what you're watching on TV. And...if you want to go a step further, you can buy a TiVo stream to watch shows on your iOS device...but you'd need a MoCHA connection on your TiVo for that. lol

Leslie said...

Under the Dome - some interesting developments this week. Joe and Norrie have some kind of connection to the power source. They were kissing just as the bomb hit last week. Did that have an effect on the blast? And, it can rain in the dome, apparently even when the sun is shining! lol

Orange is the New Black - watched the first two episodes on Mike's recommendation. Pretty interesting. Will keep watching.

Mike V. said...

Orange - I'm 4 episodes in and still enjoying. It's a crazy crazy show, but definitely entertaining.

I think our marathon TV Summers may be at an end. We're maybe sqeezing in one hour of TV a night right now. I'm scared for the fall! lol

Anonymous said...

Dome-this show had a long arduous process to be made, book some say not the best. Interesting it's the top ranked show--LOL. There is no question the kids have a connection being used by the dome or those controlling the dome. It's also interesting that it started raining.

I think the kiss could have had an impact on the bomb not working, but mostly think the writers want us to wonder--LOL.

Falling Skies--Good ep, really like they found out about Lordes. So much could be said right now with finale next week and so much covered in the last ep. Karen vs Tom, etc. Maggie and Hal. Ben and Matt.


MJ said...

Killing - Lesilie this was a pretty intense ep yet again. Can't believe that that bully guard couldn't do the execution in the end - my husband thinks he's the killer by the way. The actor who plays Seward (Skaarsgard I think) was just excellent with every emotion he had to show.

TB - Nora's death has to be one of the nastiest and grossest I have ever seen. And Sarah kissing the gov's corpseless head? Ewwwwww.

Continuum - you catch up to this yet Richard? So glad she has finally told her partner.

Tivo - yes ! I have too many at nine. Didn't realize that it would auto tape later if the other are higher default. thanks !

Falling Skies - agree about Lourdes. I noticed right away that like 3 diff people said 'back I the same place' but did not see it coming that that would be what tips Tom off. Very excited for the finale.

Not up on Dome yet - but really, a second season? Was hoping they would not go there and would actually get them out this year. Oh well.

Mike V. said...

MJ -

TIVO - Yes it should record. Just double check it in the "To Do List" to make sure. TiVo Button then 2 will take you right there.

TB - was pretty gross! I think I missed Sarah kissing the head. Was probably in my iPad again. lol But sounds pretty rough!

Anonymous said...

MJ, not caught up on Continuum yet, love that she told her partner---he was growing suspicous of something going on.

Hell on Wheels starts Aug 10th--I can't wait.

Going to check out plasma TVs today. Wife says the one I have is too complicated to always have to adjust to what type of media we are watching. Plus, no settings eliminate motion blurr, oh well.


MJ said...

TB - is it me or is Alcide an idiot? He is the pack master - why lie and say he killed Sam and the nobody chick? Why not just command that they are to be left alone ? Jason had some awesome lines as usual - do you have stockholders syndrome?

We have a plasma - love it. Only complaint is that it gives off heat. LOL

Mike V. said...

TB - I think they performed character suicide on Alcide this season. It's really an awful storyline they have him involved in. And yes, Jason still getting some classic lines!

Plasma vs. LED - I have nothing against Plasmas and I'm sure they're great. But, I haven't had many issues with LEDs either. Maybe some motion blur here and there but nothing too bad to ruin my experience of watching something. I never change my picture settings either. Sure, the settings/themes exist but I usually just keep it on standard and maintain that to the way I like to watch things. But, this new TV I definitely want to get calibrated because I've read (and have noticed) that it's not too great out of the box, but once adjusted is a great picture.

MJ said...

Dexter - finally up to date. Don't know if I commented on crazy Deb almost killing Dex and herself from last week, but she was funny talking about it this week. Surprised they got the serial killer so fast. Know Hannah is coming back but don't know what else is left for them to do besides end it somehow. I'm guessing that Dexter's neighbor suddenly getting some screen time will have a reason - maybe Hannah will be jealous and kill her. LOL

Dome - are we really supposed to believe that the Dome gave them rain cause they needed the water? Cause when they run out of gas for the cars how is the Dome gonna fix that? LOL

Anonymous said...

Dome--I think we're supposed to consider it--LOL. And so also consider 1, is anyone controlling the dome and what goes on inside it, 2. Is that controlling entity benevolent or malevolent. For example did it rain to "let the cattle(people) feed".

It is an unknown adaptation of a Stephen King novel--lol.


Mike V. said...

Ugh..I just remembered I was going to create a new post for August! lol Oh well...we can just stick here for now.

Dexter - I figured the serial killer would be a setup for the end game somehow. I still whatsherface (Woman that created the code) may be more involved than we think. Maybe not. But yeah...Dexter's neighbor thing will play into stuff somehow. And Hannah is definitely coming back. It's been an entertaining season so far, but nothing noteworthy really happening. I guess I'm just ready for it to end! lol And I'm just more super psyched for Breaking Bad's return.

24 - Just saw Chloe will be returning! No brainer but still nice to see!!

Orange is New Black - 5 eps in. Still good!

Scandal - Just saw a deal through my PS3 that I can get 2 months free. So I think Scandal is definitely up after we finish Orange is the New Black! lol Revenge? Well...maybe we don't get to it..maybe we do!

mj said...

Dexter - i'm sure you heard the lost shout out

24 -read that too

Continuum - getting a 3rd season

Leslie said...

Dome - Maybe the dome is an expansion of the Truman Show. This time it's a whole town that is being manipulated by the TV producers! lol

Orange - 4 episodes in and I agree!

Mike V. said...

Scandal/Hulu - Forgot to mention that deal was for free hulu for 2 months. Oops! lol

Dexter - Yeah, tough to not associate "Make Your Own Kind of Music" with LOST these days. Even the way it was set up was very LOST like if I recall. Putting the disc in the tray (a la Juliet putting the disc in in season 3's premiere vs. Desmond putting an LP on).

Orange - The only downside of the Netflix distribution method (of all episodes at one time) is that it makes it difficult to discuss! Plus, it's more of a word of mouth thing of people watching, so not everyone is watching at the same time. But, regardless of distribution method...a good show is a good show. This is one of them.

I will say this..Jason Biggs' character is pretty much Jim from American Pie all the way down to the inappropriate parents. lol Also, the guard with the mustache (who was in the 2nd to last season of Weeds) is hysterical.

Anonymous said...

Continuum--I went to watch last night on my computer/tv set up. No streaming of Continuum which they had last year. bummer.


MJ said...

That sucks Richard.

Dexter - Struck me while watching last night that considering Dex, Deb and dad were all cops they are all fine with this shrink having tapes of dad talking about the things Dex has done ? Really ??

Mike V. said...

Dexter - lol...yeah good point! There's a chance Henry didn't know about the tapes. Deb is all messed up in the head right now....but Dex? Can't justify why he wouldn't have commented.

It's a different way to get Henry back in the mix this season. We had the flashbacks, then we had the "ghostly visions", now we have the video footage. Kind of brings things full circle to the flashbacks in the first couple seasons. But logistically speaking...yeah doesn't make much sense!

Mike V. said...

Dexter - All caught up. I'll wait to say anything for now.

Scandal - Whew...what a weekend! We figured we'd switch gears and watch a couple episodes of Scandal and WOW...we got hooked. Hooked so bad that we were giving our iPhones and iPads to Parker and letting him have his fun while we kept plowing through episodes. We finished season 1 (all 7 eps) and then I got my free 2 month subscription to Hulu Plus to keep watching. We watched 7 episodes of season 2 already!!! lol So good. I was steered in the right direction on this one. So, we already know there is some inner circle including Cy, Olivia, the Supreme Court Justice, the Oil Tycoon, and the 1st Lady who were most likely involved with rigging the election. WOAAA! And then there is Lyndsay/(already forget her fake name that she goes by now) who Olivia felt she had to bring into her circle. Still unsure why, but I'm guessing that's by design. All of the drama is top notch. And the last episode we just watched had the 1st Lady saying that she didn't want to go to the ball...and Fitz stepped out anyway and got shot. WHAAAT!?! Crazy crazy. Shanna was really mad that it was time to go to bed after that. It would sure seem like the 1st lady knew this was in the works..but we'll see.

I do miss Desmond(Stephen) from season 1, but I read that it was a mutual decision between him and Shonda Rhimes (sp) because there wasn't enough for his character to do. And his role is filled nicely by Harrison and Abby (who got totally screwed by Olivia BTW!).

Anyway...really enjoying the show. And I'm kinda digging Hulu too! There are some commercials, but it's the only way to watch current seasons of shows. So, it's a great way to watch Scandal since I didn't record them and I didn't want to spend 50-60 bucks buying each episode through Amazon or iTunes.

MJ, since you have a TiVo, you should check out this 2 month free offer for Hulu.

Alias - Season 2 Episode 6/7ish....Vaughn has the virus, Mom knows where the antidote is...Syd is going after it!

Leslie said...

Orange - I'm about 8 episodes in now and really liking it. Some great characters. With it based on a true story, it makes you wonder how much truth there is vs. dramatization.

The Killing - 2 hr finale last night. WOW! Don't want to say anything until I know MJ watched except it was a good season. I really like the dynamics between Linden and Holder.

Mike V. said...

Orange - Leslie, I've fallen behind you! Scandal has taken over our lives. lol But based on the pace we're going through those vs. the 1 a night of orange...I'm sure we'll be back on track soon enough. :-) I think we were 5 or 6 in last time we watched.

That said..I'm guessing True Blood will fall on the backburner once again. But, I did find it better to watch those episodes back to back instead of weekly. lol

Killing - sounds like season 3 was pretty good eh? Better than the 1st 2? Any continuity from seasons 1 and 2? Or could I check out season 3 one day and not worry about being lost? lol

Leslie said...

Mike - Now I'm conflicted about Scandal based on your comments. I watched the first few episodes when it started, but didn't stick with it. MJ did say it got better as it went along, but I'm not fond of the political stuff at all.

Killing - I watched all of season 1 and 2 back to back, so I didn't get caught with the disappointment of the case not being solved the first season. This season did have a much better pace and lots of intensity. It's a brand new case, so except for some background on the two main detectives, you could watch this season without being lost.

Mike V. said...

Scandal (non spoilery) - Leslie, I almost said it doesn't get too political. That's probably a lie. But the drama is so intense and the characters involved is so interwoven with the political aspects that it almost doesn't matter if you're not interested in that stuff. I've been watching it all back to back, but maybe the emotional drama has been built in even more in season 2 than season 1. But yeah...I'd give it another shot. It's a great binge-watching show. My wife compared it to 24 in the sense that you can't stop watching. We're definitely on the edge of our seats with the last cliffhanger we just watched. lol

Killing - Yeah, I never finished season 1 and then HEARD about all the uproar about the finale. Then, I just never made time to go back and catch up after it was all resolved. But, I've heard pretty positive things about this latest season. Well..maybe one day I'll go back. For ones I'm watching on my own (i.e. not with the Mrs), I'm all about the ALIAS catch-up right now!

MJ said...

Scandal - wow you really are plowing thru! I was so shocked they rigged the election. I'm trying to be careful as I can't know exactly what you may or may not have seen, but I hated the way the red head and David had to break it off. Oh man - that shooting was so shocking. I can never decide if I like Mellie (1st lady) or not. Even feel that way about the pres sometimes and Olivia - which is why its such a great show. You like the chars but they are all so very flawed and do some awful things. Most fans are always whining that Harrison needs more to do. But Huck is so hard to watch this year - in a sad way I mean.

leslie - WHile Scandal lives in the political world and they talk about elections and passing bills its really all about the characters and what they are willing to do to win kind of. Great drama and great characters though.

Killing - didn't get to watch as had to tape it from 11 to 1. WIll def watch tonight. Mike you could def watch S3 without seeing the others - story wise it is not related. Just some of the history between the leads and how far they have come - not nothing important.

SOA - wow ! Look at this trailer

mj said...

Soa - oh boy - this sounds so good. Can't imagine what it will be

Mike V. said...

Scandal - watching flawed characters. Obviously, we are mostly all LOST fans here. lol It's tough to know who to root for. At the end of the day, it's usually team Olivia, but she's wearing so many "hats" you just have to trust that she's looking for the most positive outcome at the end of the day (or year or decade lol). Mellie is a tough read. You can definitely sympathize with her position in all of this...but then you see she's pulling strings with the best of them to get her way as well. The President seems to be the most tragic character in all of this. He's stuck in a job he doesn't really want. All he wants is Olivia (at least that's where I'm at right now). that's crazy that even with dropping Cusick, people are still complaining that there isn't enough for the characters to do. I do like Harrison's character though. They definitely have added layers to Huck's character. I remember the actor from Weeds so this is a totally different role for him. (maybe not totally different. lol) I'll keep you posted with our progress.

Killing - Good to know. I'm not one to usually jump in in the middle of I might find myself plowing through seasons 1 and 2 at some point too. lol

Saw the SOA trailer...good stuff! Just read the article and it's similar to other ones I've read. I had heard that the season 6 premiere is going to be pretty nuts and set the course for the end game of the show. some point in September...we're going to have Dexter wrapping up its final season, SOA premiering and Breaking Bad in the middle of its final season. That's a lot of Sunday TV!

Leslie said...

Scandal - May have to give it a try.

Orange - Mike, you may find this interesting about some of the differences with the show:

MJ said...

Agree - sunday is brutal - has been for years. Even in summer.

Hulu thing sounds great but I have no time to marathon, LOL Still watching 10 seasons of SG-1 - in the final season now but then have 2 movies. Was hoping to get GofT rewatch in for all seasons. One day I hope to watch BBT. SIGH. Also want to see Downton Abbey - damn PBS stations never air the repeats when they say they will and brit shows don't have ep names so it's impossible to tape and know I have them in the right order.

Got all off my Verizon DVRs but now Tivo one filling up (I don't mean filling to capacity LOL but just lots of stuff to be watched).

TB will be done in 2 weeks and Killing and Falling skies just ended which clears up Sundays a bit for me - but yeah BB basicly replaces Killing. LOL And I have a couple of other things starting too.

Just not enough time.

MJ said...

Breaking Bad quick catch up

Mike V. said...

Thanks for the links Leslie/MJ - I'll check 'em out!

BB - I actually have rewatched the 1st 2 episodes of season 5. Not sure if I'll get to the other 6 before Sunday but maybe!

Sundays - Oh yeah..I know they're always brutal. It was just the fact that Dexter AND Breaking Bad will be near the end at the same time. Not to mention we will now have "TALKING BAD" too! lol

As for Downton, yeah that is annoying. I still have season 2 and 3 on my TiVo I think. Though, I may have deleted them since they're actually on Amazon Prime now too. I don't know if I'll ever catch up on that!

I've been rewatching GofT before each season I'll probably time it so I'll be done seasons 1 and 2 by the time the season 3 blu-ray comes out (totally ridiculous since I know can get HBO GO on my TV and I still have season 3 tivo'd....but I love the special features on those sets! lol)

One thing is for sure. I feel your pain...there is no shortage of quality TV to watch or catch up on these days. It's not just a matter of choosing when you're going to watch them and in what order. (and of course...what service you're going to subscribe to once you get into premiere channels and Netflix/Hulu/Amazon territory and their original programming. Crazy!!)

Leslie said...

Speaking of Sundays - anyone plan to check out the new show on AMC - Low Winter Sun?

PJ Carz said...

Mike V

You have given me lots to contemplate about entertainment subscriptions. The old business model of network tv is certainly broken, and it is difficult to choose among all the things available. But you make it understandable, and thank you and namaste. Maybe we'll rewatch Lost discs until we get the new platforms to work with us instead of against us.

Time out for Dome, sad as it is.

Anonymous said...

Falling Skies--Great Season Finale. Season wasn't real strong though. Maggie finishing off Karen was great as was Tom just shooting Karen and not continuing to talk. Volm I don't think are "bad". But earth is just one of the many world's on which they are fighting. Lexi has some neat powers.


Mike V. said...

Okay, I think I've decided. After Breaking Bad airs on Sunday, it's time for a new POST. :-) lol I think this starts to go to new pages of comments at 200. So, it'll be a good time to start a new one.

@Leslie - I did hear about the show but I have no idea what it's about. I'm sure I'll be setting the DVR. lol Are they using Breaking Bad to launch the show? (i.e. is it starting this Sunday?)

@PJ - Glad you find my ramblings about technology useful! It's really crazy how much television is getting spread out over the various mediums. I guess it was inevitable. Of course, it may eventually render blogs like this not very useful for real-time discussions.

Ironically, someone else has just discovered the LOST blog as they are going through the show for the first time...and they're still finding those discussions incredibly useful. So, I guess there's still room for episodic TV recaps in the future! lol

Alias - Sydney got the antidote, Vaughn is in love with Sydney but just can't get the guts to tell her. And he's still with his girlfriend apparently. Sark is working for SD6 now after Sydney conspired to have Sloan killed. Mama Bristow is requesting to be released for 48 hours. I know she has been honest until now...but this definitely feels like part of a long con. I'm siding mostly with Jack Bristow and his feelings towards the mom. We'll see!!

Scandal - Watched 3 more episodes...crazy drama with the VEEP conspiring and taking over. That Oil Tycoon guy (keep forgetting his name) is bad news. He seems to be the mastermind behind most of the crap they're covering up. I told Shanna in the last episode we watched last night. "before we start, I have a prediction, the president will open his eyes by the end of this episode!" My reasoning was that the actor hadn't been in a lot of episodes this season and the actor needs to get paid! I think I've figured out television. :-) lol Lots of great drama with Huck, as you mentioned MJ. The waterboarding and torturing was rough stuff. But, they got their woman. So, it'll be interesting to see where things go from here. Cy and husband/boyfriend got their baby...but there is still that election scandal that he's got scoop on. Abby and David had that weird night of loving where she slapped him silly and then basically used him and left. Lots of good stuff going on.

Breaking Bad - Watched 3 episodes of season 5 again. It's going to be a stretch to get through all 8. But, I did notice Walt unpacking back at his home with Skylar...and he pulled out the Walt Whitman book and looked at it for a second...was amused at the book, rememebring Gail who gave it to him and then put it on his nightstand. What great attention to details this show has!

Leslie said...

Low Winter Sun - Yes, it airs just after BB this Sunday. The tag line is "Good man, cop, killer." Says it's about murder, deception, revenge and corruption. A detective kills another cop.

Dome - Okay, now we have a little dome with an egg inside it deep in the woods. Were those little pink stars in the egg at the end like they say during their seizures? The dome can produce visions like the smoke monster. lol And, it can induce labor. Barbie to the rescue again and Junior is still crazy.

Anonymous said...

Interesting Article on TV viewership vs online vs mobile, etc.

Funny how I paid so much money for a bigger screen only to find out the trend is to small screens--LOL

I also don't have 12 hours/day to invest in various viewership modes.

I still love well produced scripted TV shows and a big screen on which to see them.


Mike V. said...

Interesting article indeed Richard! Of course, what it doesn't show in those statistics are how many people are multi-tasking with devices while watching TV. I know my wife and I don't have our phones/ipads far from us while watching shows.

I'm with you on big TVs though. I still prefer the biggest screen possible when watching TV. Sure, i've watched episodes of stuff (and even movies) on my phone/iPad but only when a TV was not available. (i.e. usually when traveling) But, these kids today, I could see them being totally mobile and maybe even preferring that individual experience to a community experience of watching a television.

I can't imagine BIG TVs ever going out of style though...even if they change the format of how they are positioned or displayed in our homes. (i.e. projection, or a foldable screen that goes away when not being used to name a couple ideas.)

MJ said...

Killing - wow ! Great finish. I couldn't figure out what they would do with a final 2 hours if Mills was already caught ! And yes - I followed right down the rabbit hole thinking it was Holders partner so I was shocked to see that ring on the capts daughters hand. And Linden - taking the shot and killing him in cold blood. Did not think she would do that. But Linden was creeping me out early on when she was acutally happy and smiling and laughing and flirting with the captain. Wish I could have seen his partner get stopped by the bomb squad - LOL. Have to be honest - felt like over the past few eps I was supposed to be feeling sorry for Kallie's mom - but I wasn't. She was a rotten mom which is one of the reasons Kallie was out there so I can't feel sorry for her.

Dexter - Welcome back Hannah ! Surprised me a little when the guy was going to kill his dad rather than the woman. But Dexter is going to be his 'Harry' ? Yikes. Apparently I'm an idiot today cause I started EW's recap and was like WTH - did I miss an ep ? They got me. This season has been slow - or I guess I'm not paying attention - who's blood is on the rabbit? I remember Dex tossing it but not the why. And having Quinn pop up just when Dex has that guy's body - too funny.

That whole thing with Deb's boss was weird - like I'm thinking this isn't him trying to protect his sister.

Def checking out Low Winter Sun and Talking Bad !

Falling Skies - I thought it was great when Tom shot Karen, but even better when Maggie was all like 'not my boyfriend beeotch!' LOL Wasn't shocked that little Alexis wasn't so little though. They Fringed a few things - like unburying the weapon and getting it onto the boat - and when did they get a boat? LOL Loved Alexis pulling those bugs out of Lourdes too.

Scandal - I was not happy with Cy that season - getting that baby just to shut his husband up ! I don't know where you are with Huck's 'family' - thought it sad that he would sit out there and just watch them, but loved how Lyndsey's char has really bloomed. Hmm - of Pres just opened his eyes then you got something big coming in an ep or two. I was shocked !

BB - I'm gonna watch the final 2 from first hald - all I can get in probably.

The trend is toward smaller screens? Really? LOl No one I know is going smaller. Guess you have a point though Mike with the tablets and phones.

Mike V. said...

Dex - I didn't read the EW recap...will have to check it out! Yeah, I guess Dex is going to be this guy's Harry. That's one direction I never saw the show going. Seems he is like Dexter in that he does have emotional attachments to things and is not a complete monster. I don't remember whose blood is on the rabbit...but I think it was from a previous season. I'll have to look into it. It may have even been from when Rita died. But yeah...this season definitely has been slow. The Quinn popping up on Dex was hysterical. agreed! The Deb's boss thing...I don't know. I just assumed he really likes Deb. Didn't see any more into it than that!

Scandal - Oh what's her face killed Huck's "Family" that he watched. That was really rough stuff. And she left the recording there that proved he betrayed her. These characters seem like spinoffs from Dexter with their whole "Dark Passenger" needs. lol Lindsay / Quinn's character is definitely growing. I like how the reasoning for Olivia bringing her into the fold developed over the 2 seasons. I have no doubt something big is coming...something big happens at the end of EVERY ep! lol But...we'll see if they can top themselves. :-)

BB - Probably a smart idea! I'd love to rewatch the whole series...and I'm sure I will at some point. There's still so many shows I haven't seen once that I'm trying to watch though!

Mike V. said...

Dex - Ahhh, I forgot James Hibberd was doing Dexter recaps. (he's the Game of Thrones go to guy/recapper for EW) That dude is hysterical. Nice little intro for the recap. lol

Leslie said...

Killing - MJ, I was going with them on Holder's partner until the car was following the kid home and they showed a straight shot of the windshield, but we still couldn't make out the face of the driver. I thought that was weird if they were telling us it was the partner. Why not show us? Then, I suspected something when the boss was telling Linden and Holder to keep this new info between the 3 of them, but still didn't think it was him. I didn't suspect Linden to take him out either. Kind of a blunt way they ended the episode! And, you're right, Linden was creeping me out earlier with the captain, too. The first time she smiled so big, I thought that was the first time we have seen that on her! It seemed out of place or something. lol Agree, I didn't feel sorry for Callie's mom either. This was a pretty good season with a better pace than the first two.

Anonymous said...

iphone/tablets while watching TV. LOL, I don't do it, but my kids do sometimes and they end up asking "what happened?"--LOL.

Falling Skies--getting a new show runner in for 4th season. Will be interesting to see where things go, particularly with the nemesis--Karen out of action and the volm here to help. Don't know where the shows headed really, in some ways I feel like we're kind of where we started in season 1. Interesting that Brazil seems to be safe from attacks so far. Wonder how many have been killed and how much land is still under human control.

I don't know why I've always rooted for Maggie. But after Hal and her discussions on what they'll be doing after the fighting--can't see those two in a long term relationship. Of course Pope is still available--lol.


MJ said...

Sesame has parodied SOA ! LOL

Dex: Wasn't sure if Hucks family would be done already so didn't want to say. Was sad when he sat and watched them, then worse after they were gone. Statted the recap and was like what? Thought I'd missed an ep.

BB: I actually got a couple of seasons at xmas but have not watched any.

Falling - Hah on Pope! Agree - Hal/Maggie were worlds apart on after the war life. Also agree - don't know where they will go with this next season - didn't know about the new showrunner though. I laughed that they were back on the road heading to Charleston in the end, and also wondered why Brazil? Did the Volm already liberate South America - cause I think our whole planet was attacked not just North America.

Kililng - agree - very harsh ending. Hope we get a season 4.

Mike V. said...

@MJ - I think you combined your Scandal and Dex comments under "Dexter" :-) lol Maybe you were trying to pull an "EW Recap Fake-out" on me!

I'll have to check out that Sesame Street parody. Sounds hysterical though.

Mike V. said...

Oh yeah and another argument for Netflix - Breaking Bad Seasons 1-5 (first 8 eps) are available on Netflix. And surely they'll add the final 8 after the DVD/Blu-ray release

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