Sunday, August 11, 2013

Summer 2013 TV Discussion - Part II

Hello fellow TV addicts! We breached the 200 comments mark in our original Summer 2013 thread. So, I thought the premiere of the final episodes of Breaking Bad was a good enough excuse to launch a new one! This should carry us through until the FALL TV premiere season. See you in the comments!

Note: We got into some of the Fall Premieres in the end of this discussion post as well. 


Mike V. said...

I think I already mentioned I wasn't going to be able to watch BB last night. This is going to be a tough day! lol But I'll get through it. You guys feel free to discuss and I'll catch up. I did manage to get through all 8 episodes of the first half so I feel prepared! Can't wait to watch! (talking bad too)

Scandal - We finished season 1 and 2 in 8 days! Crazy crazy. I think I already knew "mistress gate" was going to be a big season 3 theme so I wasn't surprised that Olivia was exposed by the end. But throwing in that the head of that black ops group (that I keep wanting to call SD6 because of Alias) is her father!?! Did not see that coming at all! I have a feeling we haven't seen the last of Scott Foley either. He called her an assignment, but surely it was more than that. Anyway...great show! So glad we're caught up and thanks MJ for the strong recommendation! Ironically, I had my TiVo wishlist set to pick up any shows with the word "SCANDAL" in it hoping it would record reruns. BET has been doing a marathon of the series this past weekend. What are the odds!?! lol Oh well, at least we have free HULU until October.

Anonymous said...

Hell on Wheels--Anyone else watching? Season Opener this last weekend. Not bad. Tough ending of second half with boy being hanged. Wonder if these this storyline will continue


Mike V. said...

Richard - I never got into Hell on Wheels unfortunately. I had heard mixed things from the critics and I was never able to keep up with it. But, considering you've brought it up a few times, I may look into it one of these days.

Breaking Bad - WOW!! What a great episode. Loved the flash forward and everything they hit on in the first episode. You'd think they would've milked some of that, but they went for it. Loved the 2 shots of the neighbor both after and before the "heisenberg" reveal probably went public. Can't wait to see what kind of a showdown happened at his house. Walt's cancer is officially back. Liked how they revealed it. He had the MRI in the mid-season finale, told Skylar he was "out" but we never knew for sure. Then we saw him getting chemo. Very subtle...but it was enough, and if anyone missed it he told Hank at the end.

Definitely will be repercussions for leaving the business...Lydia's comment was proof of that (plus validated by Gilligan in Talking Bad). Hank and Walt's showdown at the end was pure gold. Hank's panic attack after piecing it together was well done too. The more and more he thought of it...he just burst. And Walt never admitting to the crimes but still basically acknowledging what he's done in their conversation. Great stuff. And that doesn't even get into Jesse's story arc which is basically where the title comes in "Blood Money"...he wants nothing to do with it. He knows Walt killed Mike. I'm still waiting on him finding out about the other people Walt has hurt that he loved. Drawing a blank on Kristen Ritter's character's name in season 2 but I really hope that reveal comes out. Not sure how it would...but it might put Jesse over the edge (and Vince Gilligan admitted that one would hurt the most for Jesse). Anyway...fantastic opener, can't wait for the other 7!

Alias - Sloane set up his own wife's murder in order to save her! Totally didn't see that coming. And they really cut off her finger. Crazy stuff!! Vaughn and Sydney went on a date and of course it all went very badly with Vaughn getting ID'd as CIA. I'm at the superbowl episode now...which I recall seeing some of the episode when it first aired. Loving season 2!

MJ said...

Whew - so much to have watched from Sunday ! Was off thu and fri and had Jury duty yesterday so no opportunity to get in here.

BB - Jessie, Jessie, Jessie - hate seeing that he's all messed up again. Thought for sure Hank was stroking out on that drive home ! Loved the 'you are the devil' that Hank hears as he comes out of the house. LOL Was Lydia's comment to Walt 'don't put me in a box' self-fulfillilng ?? Loved Hank's face when he sees that drawing of Heisenberg now that he knows it's Walt ! By the time Hank closed that garage door I was on the edge of my seat - what a great scene with hank hitting Walt and Walt trying to convince him he'll never get him cause the cancer will first. But - best line and delivery was of course 'tread lightly'. Ohh i got chills.

Talking Bad - some of Vince Gilliams comment had my eye brows going up - like that type of gun kills alot of people at once, and that amount of ricin would get 3 to 5 people in close proximity ! Yikes - afraid to read between those lines. Interesting when they were talking about Walt's seeming to need Jessie to believe him rather than wanting Jessie to believe him.

True Blood - Well! I've complained before that I want equal time for nudity - but not like this ! Ewww! And they had to keep showing it. Also Bill stomping on that head ! LOL Can't believe jason let Sarah go - he could have just given her to one of the vamps if he didn't want to kill her. Sookies comment about what Eric did the the deal had me howling, as well as her 'I'm gnawing my own arm and you're gonna drop fang on me'! Too stinking funny. Is next week the finale already ? wow.

No Dexter or Dome yet - probably tonight. Ok - will try to catch up on all your comments now too.

Mike V. said...

I hear you MJ! So much stuff on Sunday. Still haven't watched Dex and I'm guessing we'll marathon the final 3 of TB this year (Didn't realize it was a short season until you mentioned it last week. Actually a relief!) Jury Duty is never fun. I dealt with that at the end of last year. Fun fun.

BB/Talking Bad I heard the "you are the devil" comment on Talking Bad, but missed it in the episode. I'll have to go back and watch. Gotta go back and watch that final scene anyway. WOW. Great great ep. You pretty much enjoyed the same parts I did so I'll just say I agree!

It seemed like Vince was getting put on the spot by Julie he may not have been offering up any clues but just trying to logistically figure out how many it COULD potentially kill. lol But who knows? But yeah...with the gotta think Walt has some heat after him. Was listening to a podcast and was reminded that Saul offered Walt a way out back in the "crawlspace" episode (i think)...saying Saul could always change his identity and essentially make him disappear. That could be what we're seeing play out in these flash forward scenes. Except for the fact that Walt has RETURNED to the scene of the crime. Definitely interesting with the Jessie/Walt talk and with them discussing on Talking Bad. I think Jesse is going to flip when/if he learns out what Walt has done to him all of this time. I gotta think he'll somehow find out about the season 2 girlfriend death and how it could've been avoided. The question is..what will Jesse do when he finds out? Will he talk Walt out? Or take the high road and help law enforcement? Or something else? I just gotta think there's going to be some kind of showdown between Walt and Jesse.

MJ said...

SOA - wow ! Can't wait.

Homeland - was that his daughter kneeling on that prayer rug? man !

Scandal - that guy watching Olivia and trying to date her so creeped me out. LOL - Lyndsey was so funny in that cleaners. That guy being her dad just shocked me 100% too!

Orange/Black - heard great things - will have to try to watch it one of these days. Sigh.

BB - disagreed with Gilligan - think the Brock thing would be more painfulp IMHO. You're the devil is when hank is coming out of the house onto the patio after leaving the bathroom. Agree on Walt and Jessie and a show down of some sort coming.

Alias - forgot about Sloans wife and that story. I have forgotten most of that show to be honest. Liked it at the time though.

Mike V. said...

SOA - I think I still forgot to watch that trailer! lol

Homeland - Yep, sure was!! I wasn't sure how they'd keep the family relevant in season 3, but it looks interesting so far!

Scandal - glad I watched that show. Still can't believe we watched it all in 8 days! Gives me hope that we can finish Revenge before the fall TV season. (And hopefully everything else)

BB - Brock - Think so eh? Might be tough to remember the funk that Jesse went into after Jane (finally remembered) died. He went to rehab and was really messed up. Granted, he wasn't very happy when Brock got poisoned either. I'm gonna guess he finds out for sure about ALL of it...I could see Jesse and Walt coming to blows and Walt just coming clean on everything while trying to defend his case...and he'll throw the Jane thing out there and then Jesse loses it...and maybe shoots Walt on the spot. There's really no way for it to come up other than Walt telling Jesse that it happened. All speculation....and I really don't know if someone killing Walt will be a just punishment for his actions. It actually would be putting him out of his misery without suffering.

I'm just excited to see what they have in store for us! Judging by the great reputation this show has established for itself...I just don't see how they can let us down!

Leslie said...

Dome – I knew that butterfly tattoo was gonna be important somehow! lol Still don’t know how, but we know that “the monarch will be crowned”. Huh??

The whole snow globe thing was pretty funny, but I noticed that the land outside the dome was all green and plush again. Wasn’t it destroyed by the bomb a couple of weeks ago?

Anonymous said...

Let me catch up on Dome tonight. Yea the MOAB had destroyed all the area around the dome. And I was wondering what the "outside" people are up to re the dome.

Butterflies have been a part of the story, including the big swarm on the bubble.

Think there could be a butterfly/caterpillar/cocoon parallel to the dome??

Dexter--I saw some of the last ep. Hanna married, new name, etc. Zack and the neighbor--how's that going to end??


Leslie said...

Richard - Yeah, I've been wondering about the people outside the dome, too. Come on, people would be swarming all over the place to see what's going on, not to mention all the media trucks that would be parked outside to cover the story!

Anonymous said...

Dome--OK, saw it. They really made a point about Angie and the monarch butterfly. Barbie and Jim conflict is kind of unnecessary at this point. Julia seeing the young boy(JOE?) at the egg was interesting. Jr. killing the farmer was kind of expected, but he's such a nut who knows what he will do. Glad the sheriff put him on probation.

GOT--my daughter is reading book 1 as she heads to college.


Leslie said...

Dome - Richard - they focused on Angie's butterfly tattoo in a previous episode also, but I don't remember the context. Jr. is totally crazy! The sheriff probably should have locked Jr. in that cell where he was sleeping. I said in a previous post that this egg is kinda like the smoke monster with the visions! lol

MJ said...

Dexter - kind of an odd episode. Hannah comes back with a controlling and rich husband and says she was going to trick Dexter into killing him for her since she can't since his family alredy doesn't trust her. But then changes her mind. Huh? At least Deb made sense - she still hates Hannah and realized her wanting to get hannah last time was the start of the Crazy Train. When Zach first meets the neighbor thought she was a goner, but later when he's pissed Dex stood him up and he just blows past her I figured not her then - so was a little surprised he did kill her then. Because Matsuka believed his daughter was out for something I was sure she wasn't - but think she is now. The shrink pointing out that Dex expecting Zach to have more patience is ridiculous since he's already killed is about the smartest thing she has said yet. One truly wonders though how Dexter and Hannah could get that cut up dead body off the yacht filled with staff. Especially since Dexter snuck on there to begin with - so then he just walks off with trash bags ?

BB - I don't think any of that stuff will really come out though - but while Jessie was way more distraught over Jane Walt did not really kill her but watched her die. He targeted Brock. Doesn't matter - if the showrunner says his character would be most upset over jane then I really can't say he's wrong - if ya know what I mean. But imo I just felt differently.

We were going to do GofT this summe - but don't know that I can now since half of August done already

Mike V. said...

@Richard - That's awesome with your daughter. Though, I don't know how she'll have time to read that series with a college and social schedule! :-) lol There is surprisingly a lot of free time, it's just what you choose to do with it.

BB - I know what you mean MJ. He did watch her die, but if Jessie ever learns that Walt could have prevented it (which is basically killing her also), he would be peeved. I remember being very affected by that scene...and lots of episodes that followed, I just felt that THAT was part of the tension. Especially in the episode where they're locked in Fring's cook site with a fly. And Walt knew that Brock wouldn't die from the poisoning...but it was still awful. We're splitting hairs though. All of it is awful and reasons why a Jesse/Walt showdown seems like the ultimate climax of this final season.

Dexter - It was an odd episode indeed. I guess we see how the final arc is shaping up. Totally knew the Jr. Dexter guy was gonna kill the neighbor. Interesting thought on Matsuka and daughter. I kinda see tha too. But yeah...seems like Dexter/Hannah/Jr. Dexter might be the final part of this season. It doesn't seem like they're really concerned about ever exposing Dexter to Miami PD. I thought that would be the logical way to end the series. But, instead this episode...he's going to train someone on how to survive doing what he does. Maybe the end of the show will just be him being content with his way of life? SURELY NOT!! right??? lol

Game of Thrones - As long as you watch them all again before Season got plenty of time. Holidays maybe!?! lol

Leslie said...

Mike - Have you taken this quiz? I may not be able to call myself a Friends fan anymore! It was HARD! lol

Mike V. said...

Leslie - funny you should mention it. I actually started to take it when I saw a tweet the other day, then I forgot to finish it. Based on the first question, I knew it was gonna be tougher than I thought. lol I actually got it right though! Thanks for the reminder. I'll go take it now. :)

Mike V. said...

Yeah, that quiz was ridiculous. I still managed to get 4 out of 10 right! lol But, those were some crazy details that I never would've considered memorizing. I still would put my knowledge of the show up against any supposed "super fan" and see how they fared! Come on, you guys know my LOST knowledge. I could argue that I've seen most Friends episodes 2 or 3 times as many times as LOST episodes. :-) lol

Leslie said...

Oh good. I don't feel so bad now! I only got 3 out of 10! And, please, no one compares to you with your LOST knowledge! It's even more amazing to me how you can talk about an episode with someone and not give away something that happens later, especially with all the flashbacks and flash forwards in that show! You're like a LOST savant!

Mike V. said...

lol...Thanks. I even impress myself sometimes (and equally loathe myself too!) But, I'm doing it once again with a new LOST viewer as he goes through the blog. I'm so tempted to spoil things but I know exactly where he is in the I know what I can debate vs. what I should just let him speculate on. Good stuff.

So, yeah...FRIENDS knowledge? It's right up there. And I'm pretty sure I can quote more lines from Friends than LOST. Even though I can do quite a bit of both! Usually friends quotes make it into my everyday discussion. Never gets old! :)

Leslie said...

So cool that someone else is experiencing your LOST blog for the first time!

Yeah, Friends quotes are regular for me too, but I've seen those episodes numerous times.

mj said...

Soa - sure we discussed this already but the premier is 90 mins long on the 10th. Yikes

Mike V. said...

SOA - Yes, we've discussed. So rough that late at night...but it sounds like the episode will be quite the controversial/pivotal episode too!

Anonymous said...

Hey - a quick little marathon would be a bbca show Orphan Black. Fab show with a great actress. Bonlt 1 short season with S2 to come

mj said...

Oops. that was me

Mike V. said...

MJ - Orphan Black is definitely on my list. I have the whole thing recorded. Almost hit play last night on the first ep, but decided on The Bridge instead. So, I'm one episode into the Bridge! Might be able to catch up over the wknd.

mj said...

Bridge isn't bad. not at all what i thought from promos. I somehow thought it was a spookier or supernatural show but its just a murder mystery with interesting characters.

Low Winter Sun - any one watching? Was ok, another dark cop show. We shall see.

Dome - finally watched it. The junior/big jim smack down was a hoot. But i do not believe junior switched sides just to see what they were up to. So now the red head is seeing things? The monarch will be crowned? Lol. with each week i wish more and more this was a mini-series and not having a second season

Mike V. said...

THE BRIDGE - Yeah, my friend thought the same thing from the Bridge promos. I didn't gather that at all from the synopsis I read about the show.

Low Winter Sun - Most critics panned the show, so I haven't even bothered to check it out yet (along with just not having time). Basically, critics are frustrated at the direction AMC has taken since the critical acclaim that Mad Men and Breaking Bad received. And now it seems like FX (and possibly even NBC) are calling out to writers/creators that want to do work like that and trying to pull them over to their networks. Anyway...I guess we'll see what comes of all of this. But, I'm probably gonna pass on Low Winter Sun for now.

Alias - I don't think I've commented since I hit the Super Bowl episode when they essentially rebooted the show. SD6 was taken down and Sloane was behind the whole thing as part of PHASE ONE....Sydney's roommate was killed and replaced with a clone! This show is crazy!! LOL Loving it though. I've heard it goes downhill in season 3 but we'll see. Still have a few episodes before that.

Leslie said...

Bridge - I've watched so far, but haven't seen this week's episode yet. It's interesting, but a lot of subtitles! I like the relationship with the two lead detectives.

Low Winter Sun - I watched the premiere. Like MJ said, another dark cop show. Not real impressed, but will watch another episode to see.

Dome - I'm with you MJ! I don't know how this will go into a second season. How many stories can you tell? There are a finite number of people trapped here and each week they are killing them off.

mj said...

Dome - you are right Leslie with them killing some each week.

Alias - yeah the evil clone was pretty hilarious. Show got pretty wild after that reboot. Hmm - how to ask this....has there been a big car acciddnt yet?

Mike V. said...

Alias - Hmm, car accident? There was one in season 1 when Sydney drove into the water and made the discovery that her mother was still alive. And her mom has been a big part of the cast this season (2). I don't recall any big accidents since that one. But in the ep I just watched Dixon tried to take out Sloane in Tuscany, and ended up accidentally shooting and killing his wife. We're not sure whether Sydney's mom is still working undercover for the CIA or has betrayed them to finish the Rambaldi stuff all on her own. Clone Roommate has been dating Will and hypnotizing him in his sleep to get information. Oh right...Sydney's mom sent morse code message through her earrings that said "truth takes time". Only a few eps left in season 2!

Mike V. said...

Alias - Car Accident....well, I just watched an episode where Sloane had Dixon's wife blown up (in her car) out of retaliation for his wife being killed. DAAAAAAAMNNN I felt like something bad was going to happen there (people were too happy and the wife was finally happy with Dixon's job)....but I thought Dixon was going down. Then BOOM...the wife! Reminded me of Sons of Anarchy season 1...except that was an accident on Tig's part!

Don't know if that's the "accident" you were referring to though.

MJ said...

Hmm - no - not the accident. Don't even remember who Dixon was. LOL

TB - OMG! What the what ?!? I have to be quick here but just had to say - I finally get some equal time and some great male nudity and they kill him !?! LOL

Mike V. said...

Okay, so I am 3 behind on TB. Not sure when I'll watch them because we still need to catch up on Dex, Revenge and Orange is the New Black (well I guess catching up doesn't really fit on that one lol). Plus, I heard the average review of the finale was pretty mediocre! lol I'm just a glutton for punishment with that show.

Alias - Dixon was Sydney's partner at SD6 in the 1st couple seasons, then he joined her at the CIA after the "superbowl reboot" when they took down SD6. But, I finished season 2...and wow it was a humdinger! So much happened but the final moments where Will (B. Cooper) found out that his girlfriend/syd's roommate was a double and then she stabbed him. Then Syd got home and figured it out too and they had a fight for the ages....she shoots her seemingly kills her and then Syd collapses...and wakes up "2 YEARS LATER!?!?!?!?!?!" in Hong Kong!?!?!?? WHAAAAAT!?!?!?! And Vaughn is married!!!?!?!?! Awesome way to start the show fresh the next season. but it blew my mind when I saw it. I'm 7 eps into season 3 now where they're going after The Covenant. Allison (the roommate double) is still alive and apparently healed by a formula in the Rambaldi manuscript. Sark's father was killed by Sydney as Julia (during her 2 year memory hiatus). I can already see them building up Vaugn and his wife's demise by the fact that they're forced to lie to each other...and Vaughn is doing it for Syd's benefit. I'm also sensing a vibe between Sydney and Weiss (Greg Grunberg, also the pilot on LOST and Matt on Heroes). And of course Sloane has somehow gotten a pardon by the CIA and is putting up some facade. He is a changed man after meeting up with David Carradine (Bill from Kill Bill among many other things) in the alps or wherever. There were more predictions that had to come true including the death of his wife for something else to happen afterwards. Since then Sloane has been nothing but smiles in front of Jack and Sydney...just assuming that they'll work together someday.

I can't help but think that Sydney's 2 year memory lapse has something to do with the prophecy. Rambaldi prophesied that someone with her face would do some great evil in the world...maybe it's....pun intended...her mind's ALIAS that does these things. Could be totally off. And I know I'm past the BEST parts of the show (according to some people). So, we'll see where the rest of this goes!

Mike V. said...

Breaking Bad - WOW!!!!!!!!! So good. So many great scenes. Can't not mention the Skylar scenes with Hank and then with Marie in the White household. Skylar barely said a word in the episode and just Hank and Marie doing all of the talking piecing things together...was just heart breaking but awesome! And it looks like Jesse is going to be Hank's key piece in trying to take Walt down. So many details to discuss I can't even think about them right now. But Saul's bodyguard and the pile of money?!? Priceless. I wonder if they took some of the cash for themselves...did you see the look they gave each other when Walt said "close enough"?? lol Shanna called "no way" on Walt digging that big of a hole by himself. I said there was no way he was going fit all of the money in that hole! And of course, I said...if he had Joey Tribbiani with him, they could've dug a big enough hole! (Season 4 Episode 1 The One with the Jellyfish! lol) Smart with learning the longitude, latitude of where the money is and then buying a lottery ticket with it. Though, I wonder if that lottery ticket will come back to haunt him. We'll see!

And of course, when Hank had negotiated with the interrogators to go in and talk to Jesse, I still thought there was more time in the episode and then......CREDITS. NOOOOOO!!!!!! I love that they're not putting the previews for next week after the episodes. Because I'm definitely not tempted to start watching Low Winter Sun to get to them! lol I like being totally surprised each week at where it's going.

Talking Bad - So Aaron Paul mentioned Jane would be the icing on the cake too (or straw that broke the camel's back). I still totally agree with him and Vince. Of course, they also have completed the it makes me think that it's going to come back. We'll see! Was cool having both Aaron Paul and Anna Gunn on the show. Was definitely more serious than last week's...of course, Bill Hader was supposed to be on the show but if Aaron is available you get Aaron!

Mike V. said...

Breaking Bad - Carlton Cuse (LOST co-showrunner, in case anyone forgot) just tweeted the following about BB. "I'm loving Breaking Bad -- They've got flash forwards, lottery numbers and people yelling, "Walt!!"" Classic. lol Someone responded to his tweent and reminded him that they have a HATCH as well. Ahhh good times. I can't say this stuff didn't cross my mind, but it's awesome to hear Carlton sum it up. :-)

Mike V. said...

Breaking Bad - Some fantastic tweets out there. LOL

"@belizevacation Hey @deanjnorris, not so nice what @mrbobodenkirk suggested. We'd love to have U for an actual trip anytome."

In case you can't speak twitter. The belize vacation twitter account tweeted the actors of both Hank and Saul (who suggested Hank take a trip to Belize) and used it as an opportunity to advertise. lol

Funny thing is...Damon Lindelof tweeted last night "'F&*&.' - The Belize Tourism Bureau #BreakingBad"

Twitter seems to be taking on a new level of awesome right now. lol

MJ said...

Leslie - Revenge Season 3 Promo

TB - can't believe Eric could be dead - but really don't see how he could have survived that. Loved 'You are the worst f-ing makers ever'. Here's what I don't get - vamps with hep V die and go all goo - so why are they such a threat that humans and vamps have to partner up ? Weird all those changes in 6 months time - Arlene owning 'Bellefleurs', Mayor Sam, etc.

BB - wow - that scene with Skyler and Marie was so good. As was Schyler and Hank. I felt I could actually see the cops turning in Skylers head that whole time like - hmm Hank thinks I'm innocent so if Walt gets caught I get all the money, oh - Walts cancer is back so now I really get all the money. LOL Loved it when Hank actually asks her if she's happy the cancer is back. How insane was it that while Walt is trying to get Skyler on her cell he realize Hank is alredy talking to her. So great. Very clever to get all those pick 3's to have the money's coordinates hiding in plain sight too. But Walt's comment - Don't let all this have been for nothing' when he wanted Sky to make sure she kept the money for the kids is exactly how I think Walt will be punished in the end. Lydia was a little comical walking in that sand in her heels, keeping her eyes closed so she doesn't see the bodies. LOL And learning that Todd set two fires while trying to cook.

Whew ! another great Sunday of tv. No Dexter last night, probably wath tonight though.

Mike V. said...

TB - Ugh...MJ I accidentally read part of your post! Oh well, I'm glad I'm not too invested in the show anymore anyway. lol And I'm sure I would've found out before we actually get around to watching it! But, my philosphy is...if they haven't interviewed the actor in a "post mortem"...there's a good chance they'll be back next year. SEE: Jin Soo Kwon season 4! lol Granted...I have no idea what happened on TB.

BB - Yeah it was pretty intense. I think I covered the same stuff for the most part. But you mentioned Lydia's shoes. I didn't realize they were Lou Buitton's....nor should I have. But I've heard that name and know how expensive they are! lol

You know..I didn't really piece together that Skyler may not have cared about Walt's health and was more concerned about the money. Definitely a plausible take on it! But, given Anna Gunn's statement on Talking Bad, she claims that there is some deep rooted love still there for Walt.

Loving these episodes so far though. I can't believe how good the show stayed. Quality never waivered!

MJ said...

Alias - so funny that you see Greg Grunberg as the guy from Lost and Heroes when we all watched Heroes and Lost and saw the guy from Alias. LOL Loved the fiale with Syd and the roomie going to town. Sloane always seems to weasel out. You are right - the mythology does start to get pretty weird from this point.

Awesome on the Carlton tweet.

Mike V. said...

Alias - Actually, I always knew Greg was originally from Alias. He's one of JJ's guys. He puts him in everything. So, I knew when he was in LOST, he did that for JJ. lol I was just clarifying in case anyone didn't know who Greg Grunberg was! lol

Yeah season 2 was soooo good. I couldn't stop watching near the end, and then I just sat there with my jaw dropped by the end and I had no one to talk about it with, since it's been over for years!! LOL

mj said...

TB - wasn't a bad finale. They are taling us to some possibly interesting places for next year30

mj said...

Taking. Lol

Mike V. said...

For a second there I thought you were saying they are taking us to interesting places in the next "30" years! LOL If that were true, I definitely would've said "That's it. I'm out!" :-)

But yeah..I still plan to watch those 3 eps that we're behind on. Dexter will take priority tonight. I wonder if we'll be able to fly through Revenge like we did Scandal. Maybe it works better binging than watching week to week. (we have 18 eps to watch)

Mike V. said...

Dexter - Okay, I think I finally see where it's all going. I got hints of it before.

Is it possible that Dexter may have a happy ending? Maybe they're just hinting at it for now. Maybe he has found a way to find an emotional connection with someone that suppresses his need to kill. There is this nagging feeling, and it's all too clear now, that Vogel has been up to something this whole time. She never seemed completely innocent. I now have very little doubt that she's the Brain Surgeon. Maybe that was supposed to be clear, but I did have my suspicions earlier.

That dinner conversation made it pretty clear that she's such an expert on serial killers because SHE IS ONE TOO! I also think she may have killed Harry, and that it wasn't a suicide. There just has to be a way to tie this series up...there has to be a reason they chose THIS story to tell.

Maybe this is all obvious, but I've been thinking about it for a few weeks now and this episode seemed to point in that direction. Of course, if this is all true, maybe there isn't a happy ending in store for Dexter. Unless, killing his creator will be a symbolic gesture of leaving his past behind him and he can go live happily ever after with Hannah. She genuinely does not seem to have an ulterior motive than just love for Dexter.

Granted, they could be setting us up for a bigger twist that Hannah and Vogel have been in on this together as some sort of experiment on Dexter.

Regardless...Hannah not fleeing Miami? Seems like a bold move with everyone on her tail.

The Deb/Hannah scene was pretty great too. who killed the neighbor?? Was it all a setup from Vogel? I kinda suspected that maybe Quinn was involved somehow. But, I don't know if they would go there.

The season is definitely picking up and last night's episode was my favorite of the season so far. If I'm predicting correctly with everything, it would be a pretty interesting way to wrap things up. I'm not sure if people would prefer a sad ending for dexter or a happy one. We'll see what the writers have in mind!

True Blood - Watched 1, 2 to go. It was the one where what's her face (blonde from season 2) killed the true blood lady which was totally ridiculous. lol And Sookie was willing to give herself to Warlow and become a vampire...but Eric got to him first. Ooooh boy! And Bill is being a complete D-bag! Maybe we'll be wrapping that up this week (sooner than I thought lol)

MJ said...

Don't know how that 30 got there LOL Think I was trying to do the robot thing and hadn't moved my cursor.

Dexter - wow - did not see it coming that they killed Zach. And that the Brain Remover guy would be back again. I know everyone thinks Vogel but I hope not as that would be kinda dumb. just like some are saying Quinn killed Cassie and was framing Zach - but that would be such a turn around for Quinn to do that so I also think that is dumb. So Deb goes all the way to the Keys to say Hannah has to go (and reveal she GPS'd his car) then after a brief argument says ok I'm outta here? What ? Loved the Serial Killers Dinner at the docs house - was all just so bizarre, and what is Vogel still hiding? And really they let Deb just walk into Cassie's crime scene with her hair hanging all over the place and nothing protecting her shoes? Really? Pretty silly.

I hope they don't give him a happy ending - don't want that at all. What's already bizarre is Vogel has said he should not be able to have emotional relationships with people. He faked it with the wife, and in the early years he pretty much faked it with Deb - so now they ar changing his whole persona and gave him Hannah and also had him have real emotions about Deb. I don't want a happy or sad ending for Dex - I want a just ending. LOL

I def think Vogel has secrets but if she's the brain surgeon then it will be lame. 1. because they made it seem like her early on so where would be the surprise. 2. It doesn't even make sense. She'd take pieces of brain and mail them to herself just so she could get Dexter to work with her ? And talk another patient into kidnapping her ? EW had a bunch to say on this too.

TB - by the blonde from Season 2 do you mean Sara Newlinn? She been hysterical this year. But was she in Season 2? I thought the whole church thing was season 3 ?

Mike V. said...

Dexter - Yeah, that's my problem with my "theories"...they're all a bit too obvious. lol Which leads me to think there will be some kind of a twist. I really don't think it's a stretch that Dexter's persona is differet now. We've seen that evolve from season 1 through now. It didn't just happen overnight. As for that being enough to justify a happy ending, I don't know about that. It could always be a bittersweet ending where Dexter survives and is out of the serial killing game, but Hannah is killed in the process. or Hannah AND/OR Deb. So he loses something in the mix. I'll have to check out Hibberd's recap on this as you mention. (EW)

EW - Yep, Sarah Newlinn...that's it! And she was DEFINITELY in season 2. We binge watched season 1 and half of season 2 to catch up to everyone live viewing...and that was the season with the Coalition against the Vampires (or whatever they were called). Season 3 was Russell Edgington's first season when they got into all of the Vampire politics and also I believe the black VooDoo magic stuff with LaFayette. season 4 was the ghosts/witchcraft stuff with Aunt Petunia (Harry Potter lol), Season 5 was The Authority, and Season 6 is this mess we're in now. lol Surprised I was able to piece all of that together! :)

MJ said...

Dexter - no not a stretch that he has grown - but it's been real quick last year and this year.

TB - wow - you're good. LOL I thought S2 was with Ensign Roe turning into the Bull or some such animal at the end of the orgy season (I hated that whole story).

Scandal - you see the season 3 poster?

Justified - saw that Elmore Leonard died.

Mike V. said...

Dexter - I think it's been more gradual than just the past couple seasons. He seems to be exploring his human side since the beginning. Even went into thinking about religion in season 6. Season 5 he grieved the death of Rita in his own strange way. I think more has been there than you're remembering! But maybe it's been more intense the last couple of seasons.

TB - Yeah, that storyline in season 2 was rough, but I enjoyed the story with Bill, Eric, Sookie and Jason....that was great stuff. Then it all merged at the end and got all goofy, but at least Jason was funny with his "save the town" mantra. lol

Scandal - Yep, I saw it!

Justified - Saw that too. RIP :-(

Leslie said...

Dome – So, we meet someone new that has been laying low under the dome for the last 8 days (seriously?), and she has secrets on Jim and Barbie! She knows Barbie killed Julia’s husband, and Jim is her drug buddy. Little hard to believe that a sleep-walking Joe moved the mini-dome and egg from the forest to his barn without anyone seeing anything. I guess they want us to think that Junior will be the fourth hand required to “unlock” the dome since his mother painted him with pink falling stars years ago, but that seems too obvious.

Have to mention a big makeup error that just jumped out at me. When Jim was in the diner talking to Angie about her wanting the deed to the place, his forehead looked fine. Next scene, he is at his front door and found the woman in there, and his forehead has this gash and big bruise on it which he did get last week when Junior hit him.

You do have to suspend some logic watching this show, but I’m still enjoying it. Still don’t know how they will get another season out of it.

TB – I didn’t start watching this until last year. Just finished season 3 last week, and I think they lost me. There aren’t any humans left in the show! Everyone is either a vampire, werewolf, shape shifter and now fairy! lol I just haven’t connected with these characters.

Dexter – I also came to this show late since I don’t have any premium channels, so I either have to wait for a Showtime preview weekend or for the DVDs, but I’m anxious to hear how they end the series. Can’t help but read your comments on this one!

Broadchurch – This one is keeping my interest so far. Anyone else watching?

Mike V. said...

TB - Leslie, I'd like to promise you that it gets better but I just can't. I'm the eternal pessimist when it comes to this show and MJ is the optimist. So, if you want encouragement, maybe she can provide some! But, I can say that there are a couple humans on the show that do remain human and they provide constant entertainment trying to make sense of the world around them. lol

Dexter - Yeah, this show definitely had its ups and downs. Strongest seasons were 1, 2, 4 and 7 (this being the 8th). I'm glad it's finally ending and it is getting interesting as we close in towards the finale!

Broadchurch - I've heard about it and heard mixed things from critics. Maybe I'll check it out when I get through my current onslaught of shows. lol

Mike V. said...

True Blood - Well, we did it. We watched the final 2 eps last night. I know there's interviews up already with the producer where he said Alexander be involved in the show next year (to avoid a riot of angry women! lol), but even before I read that I knew there was no way they killed him off like that. In the middle of an episode and they don't show the actual death? Rule #1 of TV....if you don't see the character actually die, he's not dead. lol I saw that picture all over the internet of some naked guy sun bathing in the desert (or mountains or whatever)....I had no idea what it was. Then it all made sense after Warlow died. lol Yeah, there will be some way that he survives. If you noticed, Pam wasn't in that "6 months later" scene...and she told Tara she was going after him. How they get out of the sun? Well that's a good question. But that's why they call them cliffhangers!

Here's that interview:

Anyway, the show was saved once again by Jason Stackhouse going all gung ho to try and save someone...this time it was his sister. That's the redeeming quality of this show for me, which I'm sure many think it's the worst. lol Him and Andy teaming up with the "supes" on the show is always entertaining. The sun enjoying vampire scenes were kinda fun also even though the clothes they decided to wear was questionable. I like Jason's new vampire girl. I heard 2 characters are becoming series regulars next year. I'm guessing she's one and Eric's newbie vamp is the other.

The whole Vampire Zombie epidemic for next season is interesting. But, to me, it seems like they want to cash in on the whole Zombie craze. Sam is mayor? Okay, why not? Oh and Sookie is with Alcide which they totally skipped over them getting least he cut his hair...that 'do was pretty rough. But the producer said they'd make up for that next season. But what about Sookie telling Sam that she thought they'd end up together? Talk about bringing up a dead plotline from 5 seasons ago! lol The 2 have barely shared any screentime in the past few was long forgotten! lol

Anyway, the show still can be entertaining so I'll probably stick with it. I wish it would be 10 episodes again but I heard that the shortened season was due to someone being pregnant (Anna Paquin??) we'll either watch Revenge or finish up Orange is the new black. I was further along in that than I thought. We're 6 episodes in of 13.

Leslie said...

Mike - Not that you asked, but my vote is that you finish Orange first, then go to Revenge! lol

Top of the Lake - I watched the first 3 episodes last night. Saw that it aired on Sundance, but it is on Netflix streaming. Strange to see Elisabeth Moss in a completely different role than Peggy.

Mike V. said...

Noted Leslie, and thanks! I know Revenge wasn't great in season 2, but those network shows are so much quicker to get through with the 43/44 minute run time. lol It all comes down to what the Mrs. wants to watch but I'm guessing I'll get the usual answer: "I don't care" lol

Top of the Lake - I've heard it's great...haven't gotten around to it yet though. Lots of great mini-series out there lately.

I'm kinda peeved but I don't get the Sundance Channel through my current FIOS Plan. They have that "inside the writer's room" show that seems like it would be totally up my alley. They did Breaking Bad, Dexter and I think Game of Thrones is coming up soon. ARGH! May have to purchase the Game of Thrones one. lol

MJ said...

Broadchurch - yes - I have enjoyed it so far. Dying to know what the cops son deleted from his phone and laptop.

TB - yeah the stories - some of them get waaay out there. But I love some of the characters. I'm over Bill but still love Eric. Pam and LaFayette are two of my faves - they have such good lines. Jason actually took time to grow on me but he did too. Also like Jessica alot. Don't disagree about so few humans left either. And kinda like The Dome - some of it is so silly you just kinda laugh. But to be honest it's the snark that keeps me coming back. LOL

Yeah - everyone is saying she zipped in and saved Eric - which would be lame - but glad to hear he's in the show next year. Wonder how though !?! Sure - show us some man flesh (callout to Rings intended) and then pretend to kill him !! damnit. Agree - jason and andy def fun - such an odd couple. At first I hated Violet (Jasons new girl) but she grew on me in the finale. Cracked me up with the '178 days' thing. Jason Stackhouse finally getting his just desserts for all his whoring around. I didn't see the HepV vamps as that zombie-ish but I guess they were. But - what gets me is that HepV made Nora goo out so how are these guys such a threat, they should be dying soon.

Revenge - true that Revenge wasn't what it was for season 1 but the second half of S2 was better than the first half. And we did get a few surprises that will play into Season 3.

Hmm - don't think I get sundance either. Oh - Tivo annoying me with the stupid ads ! But otherwise I'm liking it.

Mike V. said...

TB - Good call on the snark. lol And yes...we definitely do laugh a lot at the show. Or I do at least. Yeah...wasn't a fan of Violet at first either, but I also didn't realize they were setting up a long term thing either. Once they got out of that prison, she seemed to get a better personality. lol The 178 days thing was pretty hysterical. I didn't see them as Zombie-ish wife brought it up and then I thought "yep...they want some Walking Dead ratings mojo lol"

You should read that article I posted...apparently the virus mutated or something so it affects the vamps but doesn't necessarily kill them.

Revenge - Yeah...I'm sure things amped up by the end...we'll just have to power through for a bit.

TiVo - Yeah...the ads aren't great. They used to not exist at all, but I guess TiVo needs to turn a profit! And of course, not sure if you saw...they just released the new TiVo models. I don't think they do TOO much more that the Premieres don't already do, but it always drives me crazy when I don't have the latest and greatest. :)

mj said...

Tivo - yeah 6 tuners. Guess thats why i got mine for good price.

TB - i did read about the mutation after i posted.

SOA - omg - u see the new promo on tvline yesterday? I cannot wait!

Mike V. said...

TiVo - probably so!

SOA - Didn't see it, I'll check it out!

Mike V. said...

Great scoop on himym. Sounds almost exactly like I've been predicting things! Lol

Anonymous said...

Dome-Yea Jim's wound came and went--LOL. Isn't Max(the new girl) from The Following--Joe's wife? There are a few things now being introduced to help the show make a second season.

Remember how last week it became obvious how they were going to loose a bunch of people every week. Now we have people popping up and Jim announced this week that the food and water shortage is all good.

Like that Joe addressed the monarch butterfly thing. Interesting about the falling stars what they could mean. Angie, Joe, Norie and Jr--aren't they the only stars in that age group--LOL--draw for younger viewers?


mj said...

Low Winter Sun - they certainly are making it interesting. Scene with the two guys fighting in all that dried bolld was harsh!

Himym will check it out

MJ said...

HIMYM - Yes ! I had said last season that they should show us some stuff from the Mom's perspecive. Glad they are.

Low Winter Sun - our old friend Rose from Lost was in the show.

Broadchurch - meant to say that they have a whole Harry Potter reunion thing going on. Mr. Filch and of course David Tenent.

Dexter - my husband's theory - after Hannah left him on the roadside his neck was bleeding just a little bit so he thinks that Hannah is setting him up for a murder that he did not even do. She is totally out for revenge ! How ironic that all the crap he's gotten away with and he would go to jail for something he doesnt' do !!

Mike V. said...

HIMYM - Yep, mom's perspective, flash forwards with them together....It wasn't rocket science but I'm glad they're doing what we wanted them to do. But, I'm still banking on the last moment of the show being their actual meeting! I also like that everyone else is going to meet the mother before Ted. I actually didn't even think about that.

Dexter - That's actually a really good theory. And the whole Hannah poisoning him and Deb really didn't add up. But yeah...that would be really interesting if he ended up getting caught for something he didn't do. Not bad MJ's husband. Not bad at all! lol

Anonymous said...

Homelandb- any watchers? Great promo on tvline called haunted

Bridge - damn! You watch Leslie? Could not believe what that mex chick wanted to 'seal the deal' and whoa! How they killed off the sherriff! Dang!

mj said...

Oops. anonymous was me

Mike V. said...

Homeland - I'll check it out. There was a promo after Dexter the other night. Not sure if it's the same one!

Bridge - I think I watched 2 or 3 episodes, but haven't made it much further...I'll catch up eventually!

Orange - 7 episodes done. 6 to go! Busy weekend and vacation next week. Running out of time before Fall TV!! lol

Leslie said...

Bridge - Haven't seen this week's episode yet.

Orange - By the time you finish watching, I will have forgotten what happened! lol

Top of the Lake - finished this 7 episode mini-series on Netflix streaming. It was odd, but interesting. Definitely a departure from Peggy for Elisabeth Moss.

Mike V. said...

Orange - I know Leslie, sorry! LOL That's the problem with the Netflix model. I enjoy the flexibility, but there's just no concept of weekly discussions or anything like that with them just releasing it all at once!

Mike V. said...

Breaking Bad - Whew...this show is so good. I don't even know how to compliment it any further. But the details from post episodes that they tie into future events just seems so carefully plotted it's insane. Granted, that could all be just creativity in the writer's room and finding a way to make it all fit. But regardless of how the brilliance comes together, it is just that.

The scenes in this episode are uncanny. The dinner scene both equally hysterical and terrifying. The Walt/Jesse scene where Jesse finally lays it all on the table. Been waiting for years to see that! And then Walt hugging him...still trying to manipulate or truly genuinely feels bad for him? I always felt a father/son dynamic between those 2 but not sure if Walt has any redeeming qualities anymore. But the look on his face did seem a bit of regret.

The CONFESSION!!! GENIUS! He almost had me convinced that Hank was the master mind. It's all pretty plausible and then the deal sealed when Marie confesses to taking the "gambling money" from the Whites. WOW.

Walt and Jr. scene...pretty rough stuff. I was talking to some friends over the weekend. They were speculating that maybe Walt is lying about the cancer returning. You know what? As I'm typing this I think I'm just going to say that can't be the case. We saw him in chemo. There's no way they'd just give him chemo treatments for the hell of it, right!?

Then Jesse piecing together one more big manipulation with Brock and Gus and the Ricin. It took me some time to remember all the details that went into that manipulation and I read the comments on EW to get all cleared up. Because..we know Brock wasn't poisoned by the Ricin. But, at the time, Jesse thought it was. And Huell pick pocketed Jesse to get the ricin cigarette so that Walt could blame Gus for poisoning the kid. It wasn't until later that Jesse found out it was that plant. Anyway...when Jesse is leaving Saul's office in this episode, Huell bumps into him and "takes the dope" (we don't see it, but we can piece it together. So, Jesse realizes he doesn't have it, sees the cigarettes and pieces it together himself that he was manipulated AGAIN!! MJ, you said the Brock moment would put him over the edge. It sure did! But, I think this means they might be saving the Jane moment for a bigger reveal later in the season. ( much more motivation does Jesse need??) I just feel like Walt will accidentally admit to the Jane thing in a heated discussion and it might be the straw that breaks the camel's back. We'll see!

Obviously, we know the house doesn't get set on fire because, while having seen better days, it was still there in the flash forward. There may still BE a fire, but it won't burn the house down. Something tells me Walt won't be far behind Jesse. I did think that Jr. might be in the house when this was happening...but before I had time to think the credits were rolling. lol DAMN YOU GILLIGAN!!

One more thing.. Walt frantically showing up to the car wash and then composing himself in front of Skylar was awesome. Hysterical but amazing acting on Cranston's part. Loved that the gun was frozen in the coke machine.

Could go on and on about this, but I need to go watch Talking Dead!

Mike V. said...

I'm off this week, heading to the shore tomorrow with the fam. A much needed break! Anyway, gonna try to get to Dexter tonight, but if I can't guess I'll be catching up Labor Day weekend!

Watched one more ep of was the one where Jason Biggs' article got published, there was a party and the friend/sister went in labor (I forget if it's her friend or sister!) And then the girl in prison had her baby....and the other girl is pregnant. Love how i know everyone's name? lol Anyway, still good stuff. That one guard getting all detective-like in this ep was a good time. I'm predicting that he actually is GAY. They had that conversation about mustaches and it maybe being a gay thing. He denied it saying it's a totally straight thing. lol But, all of these "threatening to take advantage of the girls" in the prison...he never touches them. I guess I'll see eventually!

Leslie said...

Mike – enjoy your trip to the shore! I bet Parker will love it!

Orange – I don’t remember most of their names either! After Piper, Alex and Red, I’m out! lol There is a lot more in store for the guard with the mustache! I’m afraid to say much else because I don’t have good enough recall to know what you’ve seen already and what you haven’t seen yet, but it’s a good ride!

Bridge – MJ, watched this week’s episode. Wow! I actually felt bad for Bobby from Cougar Town even though it seems like he may be a bad guy, but geez, how about just a handshake? lol And, the sheriff getting his head blown apart…..ewwwww!

The Fall – came across this while reading some article on another show (maybe Broadchurch) and watched this weekend. It was a series of 5 episodes set in Belfast with Gillian Anderson as the lead detective.

I’ve been without cable since Saturday morning and don’t expect it to be fixed until Wednesday! Not good! Actually, for the weekend, it wasn’t that big of deal because I was watching stuff already recorded (and some Netflix streaming), but will miss any new shows like Under the Dome tonight.

Mike V. said...

SOA - Getting an after show similar to the AMC "Talking Dead/Bad" shows. At least they admitted they were copying AMC! lol

Thanks Leslie, we're looking forward to the beach! We think Parker will love it too. :-)

That's awful that your cable has been out. Hopefully it will get resolved soon! I guess there are always online streaming options to catch up on what you missed.

And yeah...good idea with Orange. I'll see it all soon enough!

MJ said...

Whew - swamped yesterday at work. Didn't even get to finish reading all the comments the one time I was able to get to the blog.

BB - agree on all you said. My jaw was open during that whole 'confession'. And now there is no arguement that Sky is not 100% complicit with his actions - all she said was 'are you sure?' Not - no - you can't do this to my sister, etc etc. Have to agree - they would not give chemo to someone who is not sick. Agree too - took me some time to put it all together with Jessie looking so upset at the cigs he took from his pocket and the pot not being there. had to really go back in memories. Hah ! And don't think I didn't say 'I knew it' last night about him going over the edge with Brock. But that discussion was really what would Jessie be most upset about so guess if the show runner says Jane then it is. LOL Another fabulous ep.

Dexter - Move to Argentina? No way they let them just slip away to end this series. Good to see 'Lem' from the Shield (the marshall). Hannah having to stay with Deb when she has all that cash and her boyfriend has a boat really stretches the imagination. LIke - drive an hour by boat or car and rent an condo with a dark wig you should purchase. But - the scene with Deb and Hannah having dinner was priceless. Hannah shoul dhave joked after Deb said it wasn't too bd that it takes 10 mins to kick in ! LOL Vogel having the son - boring and sorta predictble. Also predictable that he was there hiding when Dexter came over. Had to laugh - how could her son NOT see Dexter waiting for him. LOL

Bridge - I thought it was that guy from Cougartown ! I only watched one season. I konw right - handshake would have been fine. LOL

Thought I'd heard of Gillian Anderson doing something for brit tv - thanks for the info.

Soa - cool! Had not heard that.

Anonymous said...

Glades and Longmire. Both had season finales last night. I really like Longmire. I don't know if anyone else is watching. But, I preferred them over another ep of Dome I could watch alter.


Leslie said...

Glades - I watch this one, Richard. I like it, but haven't seen this week's episode yet. Didn't realize it was the finale already.

Dome - So, how did the caterpillar get inside the mini-dome? Looks like Big Jim is just raising his body count! Guess the little dome didn't like the girl from the radio station. Julia sure took it well when she found out Barbie killed her husband. I guess Junior was the fourth hand, but what does it all mean? lol

Anonymous said...

Glades--finale was a good ep. I would say more but don't want to spoil it.

Dome--I was kind of surprised that Jim didn't save Max's mom. That and Barbie's defiance of Max will make for some interesting conflict. Both secrets are out so I could see a big blow up for finale involving Max vs Jim vs Barbie vs ??? Jim thinks he's got something on Barbie now, but Julia knows Jim's secret as does the sheriff. Also thought it was funny that Max was going to accumulate all this "stuff/wealth". I was thinking, "really" how's that going to happen long term, ie are they making more scotch, kentucky bourbon, etc within that little dome.

Yea, the "4 domateers" have opened up something that seems other wordly--lol. Obviously this is the key story line to keep up with.

Julia keeping Barbie--at least she said she wasn't sure. But, hey even Angie is ok with Jr now.


mj said...

Dome - show is getting more bizarre by the week. Did any one die in thus one? Dodi hurt and chick left in lake but don't think anyone died.

Longmire -i love that show. Didn't think anyone watched that one. Last 2 eps have been great especially. Gave Glades up a couple of seasons ago.

Anonymous said...

Dome, I think we're supposed to believe the mother died as Jim drove the boat away.

Longmire--I'm excited someone else is watching too. So much goes on in that show. And for those who are old BSG fans, it has Starbuck. What did you think about the ending where those around Walt were shot and taken into custody? Not to mention his daughter is still beat up from the accident.


Anonymous said...

Glades, you should see the finale ep even though you haven't kept up.


Leslie said...

AHS - The theme music for this show creeps me out! This season looks pretty interesting.

MJ said...

Longmire - I was glad to learn that Henry did not kill that drug dealer like we'd been led to believe but not happy he was carted off to jail. And really Kady ? You thought this cop was helping you ? Very moving when she wouldn't let them take that tea box with her mom's ashes. But Walt carrying Branch across the res to get him out was just so moving. Hector was an interesting character. And we still don't know who killed Walt's wife's killer and now another mystery - why did she have the 700 bucks on her ?? Hope that jerk from phillie (Gorski) is really not going to try to say Walt beat him up. This show better get a season three !!

Scandal - Lisa Kudrow will have a recurring role this season.

AHS Coven - that promo sure was creepy - the one where they are hovering over the fires and snap their necks around to look right into the camera.

MJ said...

Since Mike is lazing on the beach I'll post this - ABC plan for airing some of our faves

Mike V. said...

Thanks MJ! Definitely enjoying the beach. :)

Btw himym got a cover story in latest ew. It's really good!

MJ said...

HIMYM - first promo is out ! Yay!

Mike - guessing OC or WW ? LOL You picked a great week weather wise

Mike V. said...

OC - yeah it's been great!! Yesterday was a bit windy but Parker loved playing in the sand anyway. Lol

Thanks for link. Video not working on phone so I'll check when I get home! :)

mj said...

Have a great holiday every one!

Anonymous said...

Continuum--caught up yesterday and finale. Alec went back and left Keira. I can see where it might be hard for him to trust her now.

The ending was kind of strange to me, with the "laboratory cages".

It looks like it will be back for S3. REally wish they would have the free online like other syfy shows.


Mike V. said...

All caught up on Dexter (no new ep this week though) and Breaking Bad! Some people were down on BB this week but I still thought it was phenomenal. I know his gasoline story was awful, but Skyler called him out on that anyway. And they're stalling the Jesse/Walt confrontation for later. I figured that was pretty clear. There was still enough intensity to keep me entertained. Never even considered Hank intervening in Jesse's attempt to burn down the house and then his full confession to Hank on video. And Hank bringing in his boy to help out. Marie meets Jesse...weird and awesome. (yes, I know it was just a stare down and a coffee acceptance.) Sklyer has broken bad calling for a hit on Jesse! "What's one more!?" OUCH! And as we always thought, Walt has a soft spot for Jesse. It's been clear in the past, but now it's clear that it's still true. Saul and his analogies/metaphors are great. lol Anyway, still loving this final half season!

Dex - So maybe Vogel wasn't evil before but it sure looks like she will be for the end game along with her thought to be dead son. He sure got creepy quickly. Maybe this is a fitting serial killer to be Dexter's final conflict. How will it all end? Argentina sure seems too easy! We'll see what happens in the final 3!

Orange is the New Black - FINISHED!!!! Whew, it took awhile, but it was worth it. Great great season of television and an OMG ending. First off...Mendez/Pornstache and covering up the death of what's her face...crazy!!! He's definitely not gay, but him being in love seems pretty sarcastic to me. But, maybe they're intentionally making it over the top because the guy has lacked connection with anyone before. Lots of crazy stuff went down but Piper vs. Pensatucky was the core focus in those final eps. She is batS%Y& crazy, but supposedly so is Piper and we're just starting to see it. And Healy, he sure went from friendly to downright a$$ by the end of the season. So is Pensatucky dead? No idea, but that spurt of blood at the end sure was interesting. And will this extend Piper's time in prison? And does it matter since her life is in shambles? All great questions for season 2!

Revenge - Finally getting through this. We have about 15 episodes to watch.

NETFLIX UPDATE on ABC SHOWS! - All recent seasons of ABC shows have been added to Netflix Streaming. So, Revenge season 2, Scandal Season 2, ONCE season 2 among several others are all on there now. Ironic since I jumped through all of those Hulu hurdles to watch Scandal earlier this summer. We're watching Revenge on Netflix so we don't have to even fast forward through commercials. lol It seems that everyone is following breaking bad's lead who released those 1st 8 of season 5 prior to this final stretch starting and they doubled their ratings from last year. I'd expect to see a bump in ratings for ALL ABC shows this year. Smart....well less smart and more common sense!

Mike V. said...

True Blood - Next season is the last. THANK YOU!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

Dome--Barbie the hero, monarch and fugitive after saving Julia. Maxine is gone, oh well she's got to go back to work on the Following. If Jim were stabbed/ dead, I don't know what the show would be about.
And this is one of the most watched shows--LOL, I'm watching too.

So, what's going to happen when Julia awakens and clears Barbie??? Will Jim kill her?


Anonymous said...

Dome--I forgot to say that Linda the policewoman is beginning to look silly. She seems like she's got more on the ball then the actions she's taking.

Also, Jim being taken out could lead to a newer storyline more focused on the dome itself with Barbie as a driving force.


Mike V. said...

ALIAS - I'm in mid season 3 and there was an episode that landed Sydney and Vaughn in North Korea. It just so happened to be an episode that featured both Pierre Chang and Sun's Father! They sure like to keep casting in the Bad Robot family! :-) lol

MJ said...

GofT - all kinds of casting news and replacements announced - most of it made no sense to me. LOL but that's ok. ALot - but not all - was about casting for characters I don't yet know.

BB - another great episode. I also did not agree with the naysayers. Boy Mr. White does love sitting by a pool. LOL i think his story about the gas was written so it would be awful - they wanted Junior to actually know his dat was lying. Have to admit I thought like Jessie and thought that thug-looking guy was there with Walt. Couldn't believe that Jessie was gonna wear a wire though - and now Walt will probably (assuming after the call with Todd) put a hit on him. Whatever Walt's issues/needs with needing Jessie to think he's a good guy are apparently now over. Though Jessie should never had said I'm coming for ya ! They sure are making this a battle of the sisters now too - Sky has always walked the thin line and we know she does go over it occasionally - but to say Jessie has to go ! Daaaamn. And Marie - if it's bad for Walt then I'm in !

Dome - so now we are supposed to believe that the Dome can sense when one of the 4 aren't in agreement and one is backing out so it sends a tornado ? Yikes. And Barbie on the run in a dome? I know it's a big dome but where can he go ? And they are making the sherriff looks like such an idiot. But have to admit they surprised me with the kids hallucinating Jim hurt and they are all holding bloody knives.

SOA - less than a week now ! Yay. Hey - is this the final season? I can't remember.

I was just watching Dark Knight Rises and there was Bobby from SOA.

True Blood - LOL

Continuum - oh Alex really kinda screwed her over. And then she gets locked into those cages with all those Liber8 people - like she's a criminal to.

Mike V. said...

GofT - Yeah, I saw those casting announcements as well. Actually, there were some recastings of characters you DO know. Daario (in the Dany storyline) has been recast as a guy that was most recently on NASHVILLE. He'll fit the part well, but I thought the guy they already cast was fine. Must've been a money thing. And The Mountain has been recast for a 3rd time. He was only briefly in season 1 when he fought his brother The Hound at the tournament. And he was in Harrenhal in season 2 for a few brief scenes with a 2nd actor. The guy they got now looks more like the guy from season 1 and should fit the part well. But, for continuity, that's pretty rough!

BB - I totally agree that Walt's gas story was intentionally bad. I've heard/read speculation that maybe Walt isn't calling Todd to put a hit on Jessie...but maybe to scare him a bit. I dunno. We'll see! I heard an interesting thing recently. After Marie told Walt to kill himself, now every main character on the show has wanted Walt dead at some point. (Skylar, Junior even said it, Hank, Marie, Jessie)...that's pretty crazy! So the big speculation is on what Jesse meant when he said he's going to get Walt where he lives. I think there's 2 possibilities. 1.) He goes after Walt's family...not to hurt them but to turn them against Walt. 2.) He goes after Walt's EGO...and tarnishes the reputation of Heisenberg. I really could see it either way.

SOA - I think there's 2 more seasons. Season 7 is the end. This is 6, right?

Dark Knight Rises - Yep, he sure is in there! If you watch Gladiator you'll see a young Chibs too! lol

Mike V. said...

REVENGE - BTW, think I'm close to the mid-point so hoping for the plot to get more interesting! lol We had the 1996 flashback where every scene basically set up something that became relevent in the next episode. I kept saying to my wife "wow, that information sure was conveniently brought to our attention!" lol The guy from BSG and his brother have it in for Jack and Declan. Emily is getting hot and heavy with that british guy, but now she might be going back to Danny for her revenge plot. Lots of other stuff going on too... we're trying to do 3 a night, so we should be done next week some time or maybe by the weekend.

Then all ready for FALL TV! We timed it all pretty well. :)

Leslie said...

Orange – Glad you finished! It was a good ride! Mendez is definitely an over the top kind of character. He went from one extreme to the other! I kinda felt bad for Benton having to listen to how much he is now in love. Of course, some of the guards are just as messed up as the inmates! It’s like the crazies leading the crazies! Yep, I wonder if Pennsatucky is dead and what this will mean for Piper. Healy just walking away when she called for help was so cold!

I felt bad when they were all listening to Larry on the radio. They were all so hurt. The tryouts for the Christmas pageant were hysterical! Then, when Crazy Eyes choked and the lady who never speaks broke out in song!

Now that you’ve finished, you need to read those links I posted if you have time. Was interesting how much they embellished the truth for show. Also, one of those links was an article about the actor who plays Sophia who is transgender in real life. And, as I said then, Piper and Larry got married in real life, although his name isn’t Larry, but that’s a nice outcome if they both got through this experience. If I remember right, Piper didn’t see Alex in prison in reality. I read a while ago now that Laura Prepon may only be coming back for a limited role next season.

Mike V. said...

Orange - Leslie, I think I looked at the link before I finished. The one with the real Piper? Or was there another one? It definitely was interesting. There was a mix of emotions with Larry on the radio. Some were reflected positively while others didn't come off so well. But yeah, the ones who were hurt was pretty rough! Right...forgot about the lady singing who never talks. lol Crazy eyes...that character is hysterical. But yes...Mendez definitely went from one extreme to the other. He's still an a-hole for what he did to the girl who overdosed!

I heard the same about Laura Prepon. Actually, I saw an article begging her to be in season 2 or something. lol Guess we'll see! I'll have to double check those articles to see if I missed one!

ALIAS - Umm....Sloane may be Sydney's Dad? Wonder if they just made that up on the spot or had been considering it for awhile. Some scenes from earlier seasons started coming to mind when he confessed his affair with Irina!

Revenge - Still plowing through. Up to episode 13 of season 2. Nothing too crazy to report as of now!

Always Sunny - Not sure if anyone watches. I'm actually still 4 behind on the last season. But, it premiered last night and I didn't even know it! It's on the new FX channel called FXX. So, if you have a season pass for that or The League, you need to fix your DVRs. They're reairing Saturday so you can get them then!

Leslie said...

Orange - Yeah, one of the links was about the real Piper and the dramatic license they took, and I think I posted 2 other links a little later. One was about the transgender actor who plays Sophia, and I can't remember the other one right now.

Dome – Glad Maxine is gone. I like her better on The Following! Interesting that the 4 now think Barbie is the monarch and that they have to kill Jim. That was a little creepy with their vision and having the knives in their hands. It doesn’t seem like they can do without Big Jim as the main villain. Guess you don’t want to piss off this dome! Agree that Linda is kinda lame as sheriff. It doesn’t seem like many people just love Big Jim, so are they gonna believe him about Barbie?

Just a note – I get a preview weekend of HBO & Cinemax this weekend! Love it when those previews come around since I don’t pay for any premium channels. The one I really want is a Showtime preview after Dexter concludes so I can watch this final season without having to wait for the DVDs.

Mike – when are you gonna let us know what your plans are for the upcoming season? Have you decided if you are gonna recap anything? Any new shows that are must-sees?

Mike V. said...

Orange - Okay, thanks Leslie, I'll check them out!

New Shows - Good question!!

We're in a unique case where our "recap show of the season" actually got renewed, so I'm still not sure what I'm going to do about Revolution. I'm sure I'll keep posting blurbs about it.

I'll keep trucking along with Walking Dead.

As for new shows?? I don't know if I realistically want to commit to recapping any new shows right now. Work and Home life just keeps getting busier, as I'm sure you all probably imagined would happen!

But, I'll still be posting our weekly TV Discussion posts.

As for shows to keep an eye out for:

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland (spinoff/companion show to ONCE),

Almost Human on FOX (JJ Abrams/Bad Robot/Fringe writing team behind this one),

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. on ABC - Not sure if non Marvel movie fans will be on board but it is Joss Whedon of Firefly and Buffy fame. At least he was involved in the inception, probably not the day to day.

I don't know when Lindelof's new show will be coming to HBO based on "THE LEFTOVERS" novel. I really like the sound of that premise. And I think JJ Abrams just greenlit a show for pay cable as well. But those are in the distant future.

Other than that, I don't know how much I'll be committing to watching in this new season. I'll still be keeping up with all the existing shows: Homeland, HIMYM, AHS, New Girl, Parks, Community, Grimm, SOA, Justified, Mad Men (final season!), Boardwalk, etc...

Is there anything else anyone is looking forward to that isn't on my radar? Maybe I can squeeze in a couple more. :-) As for recapping any new shows...I think we'll go with a wait and see approach. We can discuss them in the weekly discussions and if one deeps to be "recappable" maybe we'll do that.

If there's one thing that can get me to come out of this semi-retirement and go into full-fledged recapping would be LOST returning to television. And, well, let's not be expecting that any time soon. :-) lol

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you left out Game of Thrones, but maybe that's because it starts later. And Vikings, again later.

I have been catching a few eps of LOST and Heroes on cable when it airs. It's hard to watch Locke vs Ben knowing how that ends up.


MJ said...

BB - I totally agree with both your scenarios being possible. LOL Meant to point out - did you catch the shout out to Babylon 5 ?? LOL When they were trying to find jessie and they had bugged his stoner friends they said all the kid did was talk for 3 hours about B5! Too funny. You know it's one of my all time faves.

SOA - yeah I think this is 6. read somewhere that the reviewer has seen 3 eps so far and it's not a good time to be in the club. Just rewatched the next to last of last year - yikes! Forgot what Jax did to his ex with shooting her up with drugs.

Revenge - yeah it will be getting better soon. They were all over the place in S2 - heard they are fixing that this year. We shall see. I missed her actually exacting any Revenge! Any deaths yet ?

Alias - yeah it was getting pretty out there at this point.

New shows - except for New Once I am pretty much watching what you listed. Also Haven, Sleepy Hollow, Brooklyn 99 ( a Barney Miller type cop comedy - boy I'm dating myself now), Blacklist is a limited run that looks good, Hostages, Tropy Wife - heard funnier than it sounds, Tommorrow People is a maybe. I think there is a Dracula coming out too. Mike - you forgot to say Scandal and TWD ! LOL But I know you'll be watching them.

Broadchurch - you still watching Leslie ? So sad about Mr. Filch! I wish they'd get to what these kids were up to already. I (and all of us) know that cops son def knows something. But I've been enjoying it. The lead cops actually made a joke when the woman cop tells him that the CSI guy hit on her ! LOL

Mike V. said...

LOST/Heroes - Ugh...don't waste your time on Heroes!! Season 1 up to the penultimate episode was good...then...just UGH! lol LOST, yeah rewatching it sure is fun. I've been reliving it on the LOST Addicts blog as new people are posting comments on their 1st watch through. Fun stuff! I still maintain that season 5 is the most rewatchable season. Just lots of fun stuff they did in that one...and thematically it worked great from start to finish. But, obviously, the whole show is just awesome minus a Jack tattoo story here and there. :-)

BB - I did catch the B5 shout out and thought of you since you always talk about it here! lol Forgot to mention it too.

SOA - Yep, the critics got 3 episodes. Apparently the premiere set things up pretty awesomely...but the subsequent episodes deflated some of the critics' expectations. Sometimes I hate knowing this stuff in advance! lol I forgot that about Jax too. I'm hoping the "previously on" will give me all i need to get refreshed for this season! Still dreading the 90 minute premiere. lol

Revenge - I heard they're fixing things in season 3 also. Of course Heroes (see above) made that promise at the start of each season and it just got worse! lol Deaths?? Hmm, no one major I don't think. I mean Gordon died in the first few eps (white haired man/Bill Buchanan from 24), but no one outside of that. There's probably some fat that could be trimmed though!! Either of the Grayson kids, Declan, Fake Amanda LOL We'll see!

ALIAS - Out there yes, but still enjoying it!

New Shows -

Yeah of course Game of Thrones! I was thinking mainly fall, but threw a few spring ones that came to mind. Game of Thrones feels like it just ended so I forgot. lol

And come on MJ, of course I mentioned TWD! I listed it right up top stating that I'll keep recapping it! lol But yes, I did forget Scandal. I just wonder what shows we'll fall behind on again. Like totally forgot Vampire Diaries again too. (we caught up on that, Scandal and Revenge this summer)

I did think about checking out Brooklyn 99. Sleepy Hollow I just smell BOMB written all over it. But, I've been wrong before (I think). Tomorrow People, I think I heard of. I'm sure I'll set my DVR for more than I'm going to watch as always! But thanks for pointing a few more out guys!

Leslie said...

Don't you just hate it when life gets in the way of TV watching! lol I'm glad we'll still have the weekly discussion posts regardless of any recaps.

Ahhhhh...LOST! I think we all know that LOST was one of those rare shows where the stars just aligned and ultimately brought us together here! I actually heard "Catch a Falling Star" on another show just recently, and it took me right back there! Good times, as Mike would say! :)

New shows...I know I'll check out Wonderland and Hostages. The Marvel show is not really my thing. There are a couple of comedies that I'll check out especially the one with Robin Williams. Can't think of the name right now. Haven't heard about Brooklyn 99, Tomorrow People or Blacklist. Also, the new Josh Holloway show, but I don't think that starts until next year. I like that some of the network shows are going with the split season with no repeats. It's just a much easier way to watch. If it's a good show, we always come back after the winter break.

Returning shows - definitely TWD, AHS, Mad Men, Once, The Following, Revenge, Nashville, Modern Family, BBT, HIMYM

Mike V. said...

@Leslie - I know, right!? :-)

LOL on hearing a song from LOST. Dexter has been making use of "Make Your Own Kind of Music" in this final season. It's kind of disturbing because that song totally became part of LOST lore in the Season 2 premiere! Good times indeed. :)

Josh Holloway show I'll definitely check out, but I'm guessing it'll be another procedural. I don't know why I can't get into those!! lol Probably because the fact that there's no weekly commitment means I don't think to stay on top of them. Yeah, I'm liking the split season approach. The fact that ALL the shows may be doing it may be easier for people to remember when to tune in. (at least on ABC)

Wow...forgot to mention Modern Family and BBT...obviously I'll still be watching those too. The Following, I'll reluctantly keep watching. :) Nashville, another one I forgot about and probably will fall behind on again! lol

BTW Leslie - I know we should discuss this on another "secret" blog, but what do you think of the new Idol judges? I actually think they may have gotten it right this time. We'll see!

Leslie said...

Mike - I think Keith Urban was really good last year, and Harry Connick has been an excellent mentor in the past, so I think he'll be a great addition, plus I love his sense of humor. Jennifer is kinda eh for me, but I'm hopeful. I bet there will be some good chemistry with this 3. Frankly, I wish Randy was going away all together. I'm bored with him. I like Jimmy as the tell-it-like-it is critic. With Randy, we'll just get more "in it to win it" and "you can sing the phone book". UGH! lol

Mike V. said...

Yeah...I agree with those points, but I try to look at the silver lining. J-Lo is there to look pretty and not sound too idiotic in the process. And if she does, worst case scenario she fills the Paula role. Harry may be more "tell it like it is" than any of the other judges we have had lately. I would've preferred Dr. Luke with his industry experience, but Harry is a good last minute fill-in.

As for Randy, I don't know...I'm sure the dawg is capable at his pre-idol job of producing and playing bass. I could see him being more in his comfort zone in pre-taped segments and in a mentoring capacity with the candidate. It's when you get to that live table where everything starts to sound repetitive...."Yo Dawg, he's in it to win it!! That was hot right here! I was like WHAAAT????" Yeah...I think there will be less of that, but we'll see.

The only downside to this new table is that it doesn't live up to the "total revamp" that was promised at the end of last season. Granted, we haven't seen the changes in production quality or any potential rule changes that might be introduced yet either. So, there could be more coming. In any cases, tolerable judges will at least make the show less annoying to watch!

Anonymous said...

Hell on Wheels--what a great few last eps. Great Show, half way through season.


Leslie said...

Broadchurch - MJ, yes, I'm still watching. I felt bad for the old guy. I thought when they did the re-enactment with the detective's son that they would reveal something, but not yet. I think the blonde woman who lives up on the cliff and is always walking her dog is suspicious.

Bridge - still watching this. It's getting pretty intense. In the beginning, I was worried it was going to be too political, but it's just a good old revenge story. Marco is sure deep in this mess. I knew it was too easy when the bad guy lead Marco to his wife and kids. Couldn't believe Charlotte killed that woman with a pitchfork! And, what's the deal with the other guy who talks like he has marbles in his mouth? I'm still not quite sure how he fits in to all this.

Mike V. said...

Great interview with Lindelof/Cuse (LOST), Alan Ball (True Blood/6 Feet Under) and Vince Gilligan (breaking Bad) discussing how to end TV Shows, and the good and bad that surrounds it.

MJ said...

SOA - yeah the last 2 of the season I am watching are also 90 mins. But after staying up for the Bronco/Ravens game I am now in practice. LOL Ugh - my team plays Broncos next week. I'll prob watch the SF/GB game - should be a good one.

heroes - I so did love season 1 - then it was all down hill. Save the Cheerleader, Save the World !

Revenge - stay tuned then - good times are a-coming !

TWD - oh yeah - forgot the seperate list. I also heard the Robin WIlliams/Geller comedy was good. Prob check out Michael J Fox's show too. And LOL on your 'I'm ashamed I watch' oh I mean 'secret' blog with Leslie.

Broadchurch - I also thought the older blonde with the dog was off - but now they really put it out there with her hanging in the arcade and encouraging that boy to come to her trailer.

Bridge - not watched this week so I'll hold off on reding your comment.

So - Next 2 weeks I'm only at work on mondays - have training tue - fri off site from work. Mike - I have to go to malvern every day ! Yuck ! I'm avoiding the Schuylkill altogether and going south to the comm. Barry Bridge. So I'll be able to chime in on monday but not the rest of both weeks.

Have a great weekend everyone !

Mike V. said...

SOA- LOL on being in practice!

NFL - Can't believe Peyton had 7 passing TDs last night. The guy is super human! I got Sunday Ticket access through my iDevices so I may be watching the SF/GB game too. Of course, I'm sure that one is airing in the 4pm Fox slot. lol

Revenge - Victoria just killed the Initiative I'm sure there will be fallout from that! BSG guy just cut the radio cord which didn't look good for Declan....Jack and Amanda are out to sea on their honeymoon. Unless maybe it doesn't look good for them!! lol We only watched 1 last night so we'll try to do more tonight. Parker wasn't up for sleeping until late!!

New Shows - Yeah, can't not check out the Michael J Fox show. Don't think I've heard much about Robin WIlliams comedy...I'll have to check that out.

Idol - I'm not ashamed!! lol I just don't like to clutter up this TV discussion here with reality TV talk! :)

Work Schedule - Sounds fun! Ironically, I actually work in Malvern. lol That commute does not sound fun for you! But avoiding the schuylkill is your best bet. There are some back ways from route 1 off the blue route. But, I'm not sure how much time it would really save you. Enjoy the drive! And good luck not commenting on SOA for a couple weeks. :-)

Leslie said...

You guys should meet for lunch! And, "Schuylkill" is a weird name for a road! lol Of course, I'm here roasting in Texas with consistently high 90's and 100 degree days for the last couple of weeks! I've lived here all my life, but by this time in the summer, you are ready for it to be fall!

Mike V. said...

BB - Awesome episode. I mean...I think we all knew Todd's Uncle would still come to the location..especially when Hank was having the long "i love you and I did it" conversation with Marie. But, it was still nuts! And Jesse/Hank's plan to lure Walt out there was awesome too.

Not sure if we even discussed the money burial site being the same site that they cooked originally. I had recognized it, and I remember reading that someone confirmed it. Goes into my whole "loving things coming full circle" in final seasons. lol

This sets up some interesting plot lines. It would seem it is inevitable that Walt and Jesse will be forced to work again one last time...and cook together one last time. Or Walt will offer to cook to spare Jesse's life. But, if word gets out that Jesse can cook just as well as Walt, then they may go after Jesse...and then Walt, while in hiding in the Northeast, may come back to put things to an end for good. And of course...this opens up the possibility for the "Jane" reveal to be a final nail in the coffin between Walt and Jesse.

Very exciting and dark times ahead!!

Alias - Sydney has a sister..and Sloane is the father!! She is the passenger oohh boy. lol Don't know who she is yet...not sure if she will be revealed and prominently be featured in season 4...or if it will end up being Lauren. I see Lauren (Vaughn's traitor wife) being a 1 season character, but we'll see!

Dexter - I didn't watch yet...but be careful out there if you didn't watch either. EW has some pretty revealing headlines. Kind of ridiculous if you ask me.

Revenge - Amanda (i.e. real Emily) is dead. Kinda figured that was coming! But, it sure has focused the revenge plot again...and I like that Jack is even getting in on the fun too. I just wonder how long he can possibly stay in the dark about Emily (Real Amanda). Also, Nolan's girl was killed by the initiative too (Torchwood guy lol). I think we have 4 episodes left (that is 2 episodes and the 2 hour finale).

Philly Highway names - Yeah...the Schuylkill expressway is I-76 where it runs along the Schuylkill river. I believe it's a Native American name. lol Blue Route is I-476 and is named that because there were 3 colored routes being considered for the I-76 extension that would cut from I-95 to I-76 and eventually to the PA Turnpike/Northeast extension. They chose the Blue one and the name kinda stuck. lol But yeah...if you're from out of town, good luck getting directions from a local! :-)

MJ said...

Whew - tired today! Watch my NYG stink up the game but had to then stay up and watch BB. Your team sure looked good Mike - and yes they were on Fox yesterday. My team - I don't even want to talk about that !

BB - OMG ! I can't believe they left us hanging there ! And all those bullets yet no one was getting hit ! LOL And Walt agreeing to do one more cook ? I wonder if that migh be part of how Hank gets him. Still can't figure how we're getting to the whole 'guy from New Hampshire thing' yet. Jessie sure wasn't kidding when he said he's going after Walt where he lives - the money ! And that picture was gross - Jessie laying on the floor with the brains next to him. I have to agree with EW - while Walt is willing to have Jessie killed he really doesn't want to but Hank doesn't care about Jessie at all - and that is worrying me. But how is Walt suddenly so stupid to be driving out the to desert just talking away on the phone telling all that he's done !?! So out of character for him. i did not recognize that site though.

SOA - wow I'd forgotten just how brutal that final ep was. Gemma and Juice setting up Clay to be arrested. Tig actually thinking Jax would hand him over to Pope. Not clear whether Gemma actually turned on Tara but i don't think so - Jax would never forgive her. She was at the station giving her lying statement about Clay so it just looks like she ratted on Tara - I don't beleive that yet though. And Ugh - totally forgot about Otto biting off his own tongue so as not to talk. LOL I might have to just jump on the blog to talk SOA on wednesday night. ;-)

That is so funny that you work in Malvern ! I'm going to Siemens for training. Think I'll do the Comm Barry to rte 1 to 252 - not much longer in miles but hoping better commuting.

Revenge - oh yeah - you are entering the good eps now.

Didn't get to Dexter or Boardwalk either. And i was very careful on EW - they are often bad about spoiling in the headline links. But thanks for the heads up.

Leslie - yeah Schuylkill is def a weird name. They call it the SureKill cause its such a bad road. I've never been sure if it was indian or german - alot of german names in Pa. We've actually had a week or so of nice spring/fall weather - but summers coming back by end of the week.

Anonymous said...

Hell on Wheels--another great ep.

Not much else other than football is enticing me right now. Oh, yea forgot about Dome--LOL, it's OK, not great, but OK.

I have driven the Schuykill several times while working with a PECO plant.


Mike V. said...

Schuylkill/Commute - My dad likes to say the road was obselete the day it opened! lol Good luck with the 252 route! If you want to avoid 252 you can go even further onto backroads. I created a route for you if you want to try it. I just sent it to the Wegman's in Malvern which I think is enroute to Siemens. You have 2 weeks, so you can try them all and see what works best. lol Google Maps even suggested going 322 to 202...I have no idea what traffic is like on those roads in the morning, but it certainly is an idea!

Football - Niners sure did look good! We'll see how the birds do tonight under the new regime.

BB - I think you're assuming Hank makes it out of this alive. I think we are witnessing the end of Hank and the Law Enforcement angle of Breaking Bad. I actually have been anticipating Walt losing his cool, especially when it comes to defending himself to Jesse. That's where I kept thinking the Jane thing was going to come into play. And, it still might. I don't think it's a stretch at all. Things are becoming unraveled and Walt is on edge.

SOA - I figured you wouldn't be able to wait to talk about SOA! lol And I totally forgot all of that so thanks for the refresher. That's probably all I'll get before tomorrow night. :-)

Revenge - I would hope I'm in the good episodes now with only 4 left! :-) lol

Dex/boardwalk - I've never seen EW that careless with a spoiler. But, in the scheme of things it wasn't the worst thing they could have spoiled! lol Boardwalk, I usually watch these on my morning runs...but I'm still on my Alias binge. So, I may let them pile up a bit. Or just take a day off from Alias to watch it. lol

mj said...

Revenge - exactly! Lol

BB - i'm hoping Hank makes it out. Part of me hopes Hank ends up with some satisfaction when Walt goes down. Would be pretty darkfor Walt to bring about the death of Hank though.

Anonymous said...

Oops yes i'd like to see the route you are talking about. Can you email it to me at please?

Mike V. said...

Whoops, thought I pasted the link on the site, but I'll email it to you! lol

BB - I'm pretty much expecting a dark ending to Breaking Bad. Even Walt said when watching Scarface with his son "everyone dies in this movie". While I don't think everyone will die, it wouldn't surprise me if Hank is a casualty. And we got to have a scene where Hank bested Walt. He caught him, arrested him, Walt gave up. But Walt screwed up and in turn screwed Hank. He wanted to keep his "family" safe...and it didn't work out for him.

Andy Greenwald writes some great reviews ( i listen to his Grantland Hollywood Prospectus Podcast every's a good time). But, his write-up on Breaking Bad this week was awesome:

Doesn't mean he's right with his ideas, but it's where my head was at the end of this episode.

Mike V. said...

Dexter - I WATCHED, so read at your own risk! lol Yep, EW didn't leave much to the imagination with their headline. Granted, Vogel's death wasn't that big of a deal to spoil or anything, but still! I do have to say that this is a ho hum final season. It doesn't help that it's airing opposite Breaking Bad which is firing on all cylinders in its final hours. So now it's Dexter vs. the Brain Surgeon vs. his desire to start anew in Argentina. Quinn and Deb are back together (woa didn't see that coming and if you believe that we need to figure out a better way to add sarcasm to text!). I keep thinking Hannah has an ulterior motive here..but her actions seem to say otherwise. She may truly be in this for Dexter. She risked her life to bring Harrison to the ER. She seems genuinely concerned when Dexter is in trouble or when the feds are getting closer to finding her. So, if they do throw in a twist near the end, things won't add up very well. And can we really get to the end of the show with people in Miami PD not finding out who Dexter really is? I just would've thought the final season would've been a manhunt for Dexter. Sure, I guess they already did that in season 2 and again a little bit last season, but they never caught him! This is just a little bit of a bizarre way to end the show. But we'll see where it goes with the final 2 eps!

Boardwalk Empire - I watched. It was entertaining. Not sure what else there is to say right now! The whole thing with Mr. White's right hand man and that talent agent's wife was just bizarre! Did we not even see Schrader in the episode? I don't think so. Al Capone wanting his name printed correctly was kinda humorous. I'm sure they're just laying the groundwork for this season. And it looks like it will be the story Nucky's return to power and prominence.

SOA TONIGHT!! Maybe we can squeeze in some Revenge beforehand! Didn't get any in last night.

Leslie said...

Dome - Gee – they just drop like flies around Big Jim! He’s on a major power trip. He is killing all the characters we know. So, we hear that only 2 weeks have passed so far. It’s kinda like time on LOST! lol I wonder if Linda will ever wise up to Big Jim and maybe get a backbone. The military transmissions refer to Barbie and the egg and needing his expertise. Does that mean Barbie knows more about the dome that he has let on? Interesting that the dome started screeching when Barbie was put in jail. Maybe Joe is right that he is the monarch….whatever that means. Then again, it could be Julia. Isn’t she the only adult who touched the dome and had a vision? I’m interested to see how they end the season.

Mike V. said...

SOA - Well, I never thought THAT would be the shocker coming to us in the season premiere! But, in hindsight after getting over the eerie resemblance to relatively recent events, it does make sense in the world of Sons of Anarchy that this subject would be broached. Sutter in interviews has said that he had this idea for years now and didn't want to shy away from it just because of those recent events. I think we all knew something bad was going to happen surrounding that kid. I just thought it would be TO him not FROM him! Is it me or did they try to initially make us think that was JAX as a kid? But then we saw him with Anna from the OC (I think) and Dave Navarro (who he must've gotten the gun from) so we knew it was present day.

Anyway, I'm sure that will eventually come to haunt SAMCRO, but there was more current drama at stake for them. Torture Porn? Oh boy...some nasty stuff going on there! And of course, it led us to maybe the largest collection of Deadwood alum in one episode of a different TV show! Kim Dickens is the madam at their new entrepreneurial venture. (of course she was also in LOST!) And yes, JAX is scum. But, in his defense, Tara keeps denying him a chance to see her! lol (I'm kidding!!! That's not a defense!)

Tara is going through a little "orange is the new black" initiation. Clay is going to turn Rat? Wow. (I really thought the shocker was gonna be that they'd actually kill him off in the premiere) Bobby's gonna go nomad. Juice got a loving beating. lol Chibbs is VP. Jax's kids are being raised by SAMCRO. Tig killed a guy in piss. All in all, just your average day in the life of SAMCRO! :-) Good premiere...we'll see where they go with this!

Here's an interview with Kurt Sutter about that scene:

HIMYM - New Teaser WITH the mother!

Mike V. said...

SOA - "Anarchy Afterword" (the Talking Dead/Bad for SOA) is actually an online experience. It was live after the show but it looks like it can be watched whenever now.

Anonymous said...

Dome--Julia awake, Barbie challenging Jim and the small dome noise all likely add up to something significant happening. I'm thinking Jim might get put into jail as another larger threat grows. Linda has got to get smarter. It looks like Junior sees his Dad for what he is and may be getting himself together. Angie and him kissing was strange though. Dottie(the radio girl), I hope prognostication of JIm proves true.

Interesting that the outside world knows about the egg.


Mike V. said...

Better Call Saul has been greenlit. Prequel series. I guess that'll work over a sequel spinoff. We still don't know saul's fate but I don't think this means he'll necessarily die.

mj said...

Dex - i also keep thinking more to Hannah than meets the eye but she seems to care about Harrisoj so much. Risked all for him. No, not shocked Vogel killed either but was pretty brutal

Dome - bastids cut off half! Instead of not airing repeats of himym, new girls, bbt etc they started Dome late so I didn't bother. And now can't see on demand with tivo

SOA - holy crap! Did NOT see that coming with the kid! Kept wondering who he was. Sutter has cahones! And his rape scene! Tig is so not right these days.

Just watched the live skw lol move to the eastt coast! The stuff with Iranians was like whaaat? I totally also kept thinking it was Jax as a kid or his future son. Don't even go there Michael - Jax is now scum, despite what Sutter said.

Sutter is hysterical. Never heard of WTF Sutter - loving it. Only showrunner who woll take it in the *** for his show.

I don't know but i wasn't surprised by Clay turnung. He's always looking after number one.

BB - hmmm. Not necessarily happy with a Saul show.

Mike V. said...

Revenge - FINISHED! I had a feeling Jack was going to "come into the know" by the end of the season. Guess it was fitting that it was the last moment of the season! Man, I think I would've been ready to kill "Governor" Grayson as well. Funny that I said that Amanda and Declan are the most expendable and they both died by the end of the season. (well, not funny...but decent observations!) Nolan was implicated by his girlfriend?! Confused by that. Does that mean she's still alive? Or did she pre-record that prior to being killed by Torchwood guy? Victoria's other son showed up in the final moments of the season, but obviously he wasn't cast yet since they didn't show him. I'm sure that casting has been announced by now. I'll probably catch up on some articles. But yeah...I didn't see much of a degradation from season 1. 2nd half was definitely stronger than the first though. And it seems like they tried to "write out the initiative" plot all together with the Grayson comment "There is no initiative" and that he was part of it. They tried to make it smaller than they originally intended. But maybe I'm wrong there. So, we'll see how well we do keeping up with season 3 during the year this year!

SOA - Yeah the Afterword show was pretty funny. I stopped watching when they cut to commercial, but it was a good time. And yes...Jax is scum...I was just joking about defending him! lol It wasn't surprising at all about Clay turning. I was just expecting a big death in the first episode with all the hype around it. Not that the school shooting isn't big, but it doesn't center around the main characters. One of the main gripes critics have with this show is that it's usually too chicken to kill off a main character. I don't know about that since Opie was offed last year, and his father the year before. But, the main gripe was around Clay. But, I never thought he was going to die in season was too early in the run of the show. This season, I thought it might be possible, but he's probably in it for the long haul. Juice was another one that probably should've been offed but they kind of found a way to keep him in the show. I'm personally fine with it, but they argue that the stakes of the show become less important and by the end of the series you may not care what happens. I don't know about it. I'm happily entertained by SOA (maybe happy is the wrong word there too lol)

BETTER CALL SAUL - I don't know about it either. But, they have been talking about it for awhile now as he is the most likely candidate for a spinoff. When you hear Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould (Created the character of Saul) discuss it though, you can't help but be excited about the potential. But yes, more than likely it will fail...but AMC will give it 3 seasons anyway because...well that's what it does!

Which is my way of saying...I'm sure you guys heard The Killing was officially cancelled right?

Mike V. said...

BB - Jimmy Fallon's latest parody is Joking Bad. It's hysterical. Don't want to spoil it, but there are some cameos. Enjoy!

Leslie said...

Walking Dead - Can't wait for this to start up again! I love Robert Kirkman's comment in this, "It's The Walking Dead; things are only gonna get worse, just wait." lol

Mike V. said...

Good video, thanks Leslie! Definitely looks interesting. We'll see if Scott Gimple (showrunner #3) can find the perfect balance to bring Walking Dead to its full potential!

PJ Carz said...

Dome -- Richard, I have a feeling they will keep Linda clueless. She seems to be used as a plot device to ruin plans, kind of like the Lost writers did to Kate. I'm fine with packing this up until next summer's tv wasteland returns. (Isn't that when Dome is supposed to resume?)

Leslie said...

Broadchurch - Good episode this week. Tom losing it and saying he hated Danny surprised me. What the hell is on that computer that he is worried enough about to beat it with a rock? That Susan woman is creepy, so I'm sure she's not the killer because that would be too obvious at this point, but she must have seen something because she had Danny's skateboard. I don't get why Mark's partner stole her dog. Did he really shoot it with a crossbow?

Orphan Black - MJ said this is good, and I saw that BBC is running the first season again starting this Saturday night if anyone is interested.

Mike V. said...

Orphan Black - Thanks for the heads up Leslie! I still have the whole season on my DVR. Just need time to watch.

Alias - Started season 4. Shocker, Sloan is heading up a black ops operation for the CIA with all of our favorite people! lol I'm able to suspend disbelief in order to have all our characters maintain some sense of relevance. I still really enjoy the show. The big thing going on right now is that apparently Sydney's mother tried to have Syd killed. So, Jack had Irina killed. And Jack made up a lie for Syd's sister to give her closure without revealing what truly happened. Naturally, I looked things up to see if there were contract issues with Lena Olin (Irina). It looked like she didn't want to come back to the they had to write around that. Though, I may have spoiled myself by seeing a future plotline. LOL Oh well, it's been over for awhile now so that's the price of waiting this long to watch! :-)

MJ said...

Never had time to get back and read everyones comments from last week. Will try to today but I am back in training tue - fri again this week.

BB - OMG ! I know everyone said Hank was a goner but I'd hoped not. I wanted Hank to see Walt go down. Wow - Jessie's and Walt's face when Walt told him he witnessed and did not help Jane ! And Marie - being all smug and demanding Sky tell Junior. And when Sky grabbed that knife, yikes. Heartbreaking when Walkt left little Holly at the fire house. And of course that phone call, we all know that Walt knew the cops were there and he said everything he needed to to get Sky off the hook. But I hope not - she is not clean in all this and I want her to pay a price too.

Mike V. said...

BB - Took me awhile to recover from that ep last night! What a fantastic and horrific hour of television! So many loose ends tied up. Never thought Walt would reveal the Jane thing as a "kick him when he's down" type of moment. He blames Jesse for Hank's death and he can't kill Jack, so he takes it out on Jesse, the rat. Ouch. I'm glad they threw that line in there though!

I knew Hank was a goner, but I liked how they handled his death. He didn't go out like a punk! Well done. I knew Jesse or Walt would end up being forced to cook. But, man it was worse than I could've imagined how they're treating Jesse. Obviously, Walt is now heading to his "new life" and will begin to plot his revenge. The machine gun is definitely for the nazi's. The ricin is for Uncle Jack or himself. He may have a change of heart and try to save Jesse....maybe he'll beg Jesse to put him out of his misery. Maybe he'll do the honors himself. Or maybe Jesse will just kill him. Lots of ways it can play out. But, I really think a Jesse/Walt showdown is how this ends.

But, I don't want to "glide over all" of the scenes of this episode. Walt Jr. finding out...and then ultimately defending his mother. The foreshadowing of the knives in the flashback and then it playing out in the present. Walt taking Holly! And then Walt ultimately making the call that puts all of the blame on him and protects his family. (of course, there was probably a bit of sincerity to his Heisenberg Ego at work there too) Now, why he took the blame for Hank's death....I guess that's to protect his family from Uncle Jack and crew as well.

Skylar pay a price eh? Yeah, I guess it could happen. There's no way this ends well for everyone! I just hope Jesse survives!

Great hour of television and Emmy's galore should come to this show next September! (if the academy hasn't forgotten about it by then)

Didn't watch Dex or Boardwalk yet. Set TiVo for Sleepy Hollow. Damn commercials hooked me! lol Also gonna check out Brooklyn Nine Nine tomorrow. Welcome to Fall Television folks! I'm guessing we'll get back into our weekly TV Discussion posts once Revolution starts up again.

Anonymous said...

Hell on Wheels, yet another great ep.

Dome--Finale tonight. I'm expecting Linda to see things a little better--lol. Julia now awake is in danger but will likely help Barbie in the finale? I'm kind of expecting something big to transition into next year re the dome itself?

Sleepy Hollow--haven't heard of it. When and on what channel?


Mike V. said...


The Fox shows start premiering this week. Sleepy Hollow is on FOX, Mondays at 9.

Almost Human doesn't start until November though. (The show from the Fringe team)

Mike V. said...

TWD Spinoff in the works - ugh...

Same apocalypse, different cast (not based on comics). I dunno. I think one cast is enough for me but I guess I'll wait and see. Doesn't sound too promising for AMC as a network though. 2 spin-offs in the works??

mj said...

Hmmm - not excited by either spin off.

So swamped today - worked thru lunch so no time to try to catch up on comments fr last week. Sigh. Will def get on for SOA talk wednesday:-).

Mike V. said...

Mentioned this before but HBO picked up lindelof's show. Excited about this one!

mj said...

Revenge - i was biting my tongue when you commented on most expendable. Don't remember about Nolan - will rewatch finale next week. lol i was pretty surprisedbby the 'no initiative' thing. I said it to Leslie in the spring - 3 kids with three dads - if they weren't rich she'd be trash. lol

No - had not heard Killing cancelled ! Damn - was really good this year.

Broadchurch - i also was shocked by little Tom saying that. And what is with the head cops little attacks/seizures?

Orphan Black chick should have been nominated for an Emmy!

Alias - you still haven't gotten to a car accident? A car being t-boned?

Sleepy Hollow - will also be watching. Looks tongue in cheek sort of. Right up the husbands alley. I check out most new things - ya just never know what you'll get.

Well back in Malvern rest of week. Sigh - a brutal commute. I'll have to check all yr links later

Mike V. said...

Revenge - so true about Victoria! Lol

Alias - don't think so. Of course I tried to vaguely google it and it looks like season 4 may end with a crash. I thankfully didn't read too much about it. Lol Syd and Vaughn just posed as Russians posing as Americans. Seemed like a precursor to The Americans! Lol even chuck did the episode of chuck and Sarah being a couple in a crazy town of spies. Seems like evey show like this needs at least one ep like that. Lol

Mike V. said...

Great BB interview and omg on the last answer!!

Mike V. said...

Didn't get to Sleepy Hollow last night...only caught up on Dexter and started ep 2 of Boardwalk.

Dex - I guess things are heating up about as much as they're going to! I really thought the brain surgeon would have already killed Hannah when Dex had him in the chair. It is interesting that Dex seems to have been cured of his Dark Passenger. An interesting route to take for the show I mean. We've seen that evolution over the series. But, I still would've preferred a manhunt for Dexter being the route to take instead of all this lovey dovey "we're gonna miss you buddy" vibe. But....Deb being shot, that seems like the right route to take in a penultimate ep. It stalls Dexter from leaving for his happy life and who knows where it leads in the final 60 minutes?? Definitely a bizarre final season and pales in comparison to the final season of Breaking Bad...which is unfortunate timing for the long running Showtime show.

Boardwalk - I'm so bored 2 episodes in. I was barely paying attention to this episode so I don't even know what's going on!! lol Last season had a really good villain which kept my attention. This season, I don't know. We'll see if I stick with it!

As for new shows - yeah, I usually set the DVR for a bunch of them and try to check out the pilots. My time to watch just keeps getting shorter every year. :-) But, there's always the summer catchup. We did really well this year on that! lol

Anonymous said...

Dome--finale a lot of what I expected, especially with big changes re the dome. Barbie on the gallows with the bright white light and junior at the lever is a pretty big cliffhanger.

Julia the monarch--she was definitely one of the possibilities but I think Joe was disappointed.

Pink stars was pretty good, but didn't see them falling yet. A big part of storyline.

Sleepy--pretty good, won't say a lot since some haven't seen yet. Much like dome, they killed the best actor off early on, imo. A quasi Bible based storyline. I will perhaps watch again, but competing with MNF.


Mike V. said...

I'll try to watch it tonight, Richard. Unfortunately, it's not the highest priority which will be SOA, New Girl and probably Brookyln Nine Nine. I'll get to it eventually, even if it's when my wife decides she's not going to have time to watch it and won't watch it. :-)

Revolution: Preview of new season. I didn't watch it yet...but fingers crossed they keep improving the show.

Anonymous said...

Rev-thanks for the link. Looks like it will be different. I hope Charlie has taken acting lessons--lol. It will be interesting to see how/if the nukes change things.


Leslie said...

Dome - I was disappointed in the ending. It didn't feel as much like an intended cliffhanger to me, but more like they left off a couple of scenes once they knew they were being renewed for another season. The ending felt abrupt to me.

Joe did seem disappointed that Barbie wasn't the monarch, but I said last week that Julia was a possibility since she was the only adult who had a vision after touching it. And, the pink stars were rising, not falling. Julia had Barbie's dog tags when she dropped the egg into the water, so is that so Barbie will be saved?

When they were holding the egg and asking it what they should do, did anyone else think of the Magic 8 ball? lol

Anonymous said...

Dome--Magic 8 Ball--LOL gone one, but no I didn't think of it. Yea, the only cliffhanger was with Barbie on the gallows and since he's such a major character, doubtful anything bad will happen to him. Unless you count that the pink stars will soon be falling--lol?

Julia sure has had a miraculous recovery.

I think next year will be a lot more about the dome, kind of like this ep.

BTW, we did learn that Linda didn't learn anything--lol.

Mike V. said...

Nice read on some hidden gems from this week's Breaking Bad. I caught a few of them, but definitely not all of them. Good stuff!

Leslie said...

Dome - Richard, that's why it didn't feel like much of a cliffhanger to me. You know Barbie will be okay. Julia did bounce back pretty quickly! I was kinda hoping the mini-dome would just kill Linda when she touched it. She doesn't add much to the story. It also speaks to Big Jim's character that he had is idea to hang Barbie when he did that impromptu speech in the church. I haven't read the book, but understand that it's very different, but also took place just over a few weeks. For a second season, is there more from the book to tell or do you think it will be all new?

I was excited to see the commercial for Stephen King's new novel, Doctor Sleep, which catches up with a grown up Danny Torrance from The Shining. There was also an ad for a remake of Carrie coming out soon. Not so sure about that.

Mike V. said...

Mad Men - getting Breaking Bad treatment and they're splitting the final season into 2 7 episode batches over 2 years. (this is ridiculous)


Anonymous said...

Dome--I suspect we will see the military and Barbie actually make contact soon, he does so in the book anyway.--Because the show doesn't follow the book exactly the spoilery nature isn't certain for sure. It is being drawn out and I guess Linda helps them do it by extending the Jim/Barbie stuff. I wonder if they're thinking in wraping this up in 2 seasons. I would hate for them not to finish it.

Leslie, you really made me laugh about Linda touching the Dome. "I'm taking this into custody"---LOL, really??

MadMen--That really is sad, they should have more programming they believe in like Hell on Wheels--LOL.


Leslie said...

Dome - I know...the dome should protect us from Linda's stupidity! lol

Mad Men - Agree, that is SO ridiculous!

Mike V. said...

SOA - Didn't watch. I saw that it was 90 minutes again and we just rolled our eyes. It's getting pretty pretentious of Sutter to think we want to deal with that on a weekly basis. No fear, next week's is only 70 minutes. UGH Anyway, we definitely want to watch but it was just getting too late last night. (I sound like I'm getting old, don't I?? lol)

Brooklyn Nine-Nine - For a pilot, it was pretty darn good. I see a lot of potential in the characters and where they can go with the show. Funny stuff!

New Girl - I think I already see people bashing the premiere...but they had me at Winston saying "I think it's time for me to work on a puzzle" or whatever he said... it was so random it cracked me up! Schmidt's conflict with the 2 ladies is going down exactly as it should and it's hysterical. And they handled the family dynamic well with the 4 of them having to live together while 2 of them date. I can't see this going well for the whole season though! (intentionally not going well though...) I know CHAMP is coming back (Damon Wayans Jr. from the pilot episode who could not continue on the show because Happy Endings got picked up) so that should be interesting! Of course, he'd just be a guest star I think. lol

Still didn't watch Sleepy Hollow, now have in-laws in town for the rest of the week. But there's not much on this week so maybe we'll be able to watch that and SOA before Sunday! Then the fun will really begin with TV next week. yikes. I'm going to be falling behind very quickly!

Anonymous said...

LOST--Is the Lost Unraveling the Mystery DVD worth buying? Does it get into the ending?


Mike V. said...

Richard, I never bought it, but considering it came out January of 2010, I'm guessing it doesn't get into the ending!

It's okay though, because we probably had the best discussion on the ending on these blogs! :-)

PJ Carz said...

Dome -- Magic 8 Ball -- "Reply hazy, try again." Ha ha!

Mike V. said...

LOST - Fun and interesting read. This was Abrams and Lindelof's pitch to ABC of how LOST could become a series after the pilot. It's full of stuff you have to pitch to the networks to get a series, especially with a pilot as crazy as LOST's. But, there were tidbits in there that could drive some fans crazy like "everything will have a scientific based answer" and "smoke monster will be resolved a few episodes in" lol Some of the stuff discussed in that pitch even sounds like a lot of what was regurgitated out to the media back in 2004. Things evolve over time...and the show was awesome so I just find this read interesting more than anything! Enjoy!

SOA - Finally watched the whole 2nd episode. lol Not a bad follow-up. Seems like they did a lot of damage control with the school shooting (in the most "conventional" way the club knows how to)...but surely that won't be the end of the consequences. We'll see where it goes!

Still haven't watched sleepy hollow which most likely means I'll be 2 episodes behind soon enough with the full Sunday slate ahead of us. Breaking Bad penultimate, Dexter series finale, Boardwalk (behind on that too), And of course...THE EMMYs!

Enjoy the rest of your weekends everyone. I'll be ready to talk Breaking Bad on Monday!

Mike V. said...

I was going to post a new weekly post here for this bigger fall premiere week but I'll hold off a little longer. Revolution starts this Wednesday and I'll probably post a quick recap for that. So, then we'll start doing our weekly posts.

All I watched last night was Breaking Bad and The Emmys (which was a big night for BB as well!) Going to be tough to avoid spoilers for Dexter today until I get home to watch the series finale!

BB - We're caught up to the flash forward now! But that was rough stuff to watch getting there! I guess the Saul thing being a prequel makes sense now since he's no longer a practicing lawyer. Though, a starbucks manager in Omaha might be a fun show to watch. lol They covered why his house became the way it was...made sense. Jesse made me very nervous in this episode...but, I knew he'd make it to the finale. Killing his ex gf though was rough. That crazy Todd. Comes off so sweet and innocent and then just does random evil deeds! And that creepy crush he has on Lydia can't end well!

I don't know why, but I never thought about them bringing Grey Matter up again. But they struck a nerve and attacked his ego once again and he went all Heisenberg just when he was about to turn in. (BTW...the phone call with his son was heartbreaking! But totally understandable on Flynn's part)

So much to discuss, but all I can do is look forward to last week right now! There's a big machine gun, there's ricin, and there's Walter's return home. (BTW...did he really ride all the way to New Hampshire in that fuel tanker?? LOL I'm sure they took breaks along the way.) He'll take out Jack's crew with the gun...surely, right? Maybe it won't all go as planned. But I still wonder who will get the ricin. Maybe himself (which Adam Scott also brought up last night)....I never thought about Lydia, which Adam said also. Possibly. Now, maybe his "partners" in Grey Matter are a possibility. Of course, that TV thing may have just been a cameo and an incentive to go out with a bang instead of a whimper. Oh well...we'll know soon enough!

One last thing...that poor baby Holly has been through the ringer this season. How many people have to put her in danger!?! Stuff like that is much more painful to watch being a father now!

That's all I have for now. They're still knocking this final season out of the park. If the first 8 episodes earned a Best Drama Emmy, how could the back half not do the same!?

mj said...

I wrote up a whole thing yesterday on last weeks SOA and it would not let me post it ! dammit.

I am so behind on all the comments and such. Ugh!

BB - OMG - I could not believe when they killed Jessie's girlfriend ! And it's seeing his old friends on the tv saying most of his contribution to Gray Matter was naming it? And that he's such a nice guy. THATS what bring up the Heisenburg in him ? Wow. Had to laugh when Jessie referred to Todd as a Dead-eyed Opie. Was pretty intense when they had Skyler and little Holly there for a while. Cannot imagine how they are wrapping things all up in one more hour - but I'm sure they will do it and do it well.


Dexter - Hmmm. Not real sure I like the end. Not at all what I expected. Did you watch? Don't read if you didn't - but so Dexter's last kill is his sister in a mercy killing? And he leaves his son with the serial killer he loves? What ???

Bridge - Leslie - are you up to date ? I did not think they would kill Gus !! And that she had to shoot him to stop him from killing that guy! I was blown away. Can't belive there is still 1 or 2 eps left though.

SOA - so last week now but damn Jax is so dark now. Killing that girl to just solve the potential problem. And the Irish aren't letting him walk away clean. Was confused maybe but thought it was that the irish are making them ove another shipment, but then they said hold them til we tell ya. Which Tig then worried would cause then problems with the customers ??? Guess the big thing on all that was Tig saying it should go to the table and jax saying no - very much like Clay. Can't see Clay living in nowhere-ville in a menial job in Witsec though.

Mike V. said...

MJ - It wouldn't let you post at all on SOA? That's bizarre. Were you over the character limit? I'm sure you've dealt with that before so I doubt it. lol

BB - I just read one recap (on grantland) that said Heisenberg died in last night's episode and now it's all Walter White. I don't know if I agree with that. Anyway, Walt has always been about recognition of who he is and what he's accomplished. Grey Matter is where it all started...and he basically was the driving force behind whatever chemistry was involved in their success...and he didn't get any of the rewards. And now, he is being remembered for something inaccurate and that doesn't sit well with him. Just like when Hank was getting all of the credit for Heisenberg ceasing to exist back in season 4...and then Walt opened his mouth saying he might still be out there. Just like when he made the guys in the first half of this season "SAY MY NAME"....his ego is all that he is. So, I thought it was very fitting that Grey Matter came back into this...even if it's just a catalyst for his final act and not the driving motivation (to get even with the Grey Matter people...though it wouldn't surprise me if he did).

I felt last week that 2 episodes seemed like plenty of time to wrap things just felt like we were close to the end. But, now it feels like he has a lot to do when he gets back to town! lol We'll see how it all goes down, but I'm sure it's gonna be awesome.

I saw before DEXTER aired that the showrunner Scott Buck was preparing for a polarizing response to the finale. My thoughts on reading that were "the damage is already done" it didn't surprise me. I'll watch the finale tonight. I'm not expecting anything awesome. Though, it's tempting not to read your comments yet!! lol

SOA - The impression I got was that SAMCRO still has to deal guns until the "transfer of services" to the other group is official. But yes...JAX is definitely dark and very much morphing into Clay...which we always thought would happen once he took the gavel. And no...I don't see Clay going the witsec route!

Leslie said...

Bridge - MJ, I didn't think they would kill Gus either! Crazy! I wonder how they are going to wind this all up??

Broadchurch - Surely we will find out this week about Tom's emails since the detective got the transcripts at the last second of last week's episode. So, Susan says Nigel was the one she saw with Danny's body, and he's a bad seed because of his dad???? How does Tom fit in? This show is driving me crazy, but I've enjoyed it!

Mike V. said...

HIMYM - Didn't realize it was an hour tonight...oooh boy. Hope I can get to Dexter too! lol Definitely need to watch HIMYM.

MJ said...

Dexter - was kinda ridiculous that to get hannah out of the bathroom safely he sets sercurity on the PI but that then ends their flight. Course it's ridiculous that he got out of that hurricane alive too. They did psych me about Deb cause I thought she would die but then she was recovering and told him to go so I thought she was then safe from the gun shot wound. But while she was all drugged up I thought she was gonna tell Quinn the wrong thing. Guess I'm disappointed that Hannah really didn't have some agenda like I'd been thinking all season long. They took a great 'crazy' and made her a soccer mom. Course they made Dexter all touchy-feelie this season too. Though she certainly handled Elway on that bus. Also thought that once Bautista caught Saxon he'd start singing - but no - again they have a criminal in the house who knows stuff on a dirty cop and says nothing. I get the whole I kept wanting to feel and now I do I hate it. Get that he feels he's ruins others lives - but still don't like the stupidity of him moving north to become a lumber jack and live all alone.

MJ said...

Only just saw that you did not watch Dexter - hopefully you don't read my comment.

HIMYM - yes - a full hour ! Well, 2 half hour shows. LOL

Looking forward to Hostages too.

Mike V. said...

I didn't read! Lol (dexter)

I set the TiVo for hostages. No clue when I'll get to it naturally! Lol

Mike V. said...

BB - good interview with writer/director about episode.

Watched dex - I think I agree with you on everything. Will comment more later!

Anonymous said...

Dexter--just finished, while I was not a real fan due to too much gore I did watch because the acting was pretty good and I liked Hannah--LOL. I remember her from some comedy spy show with computer guys, but can't remember it's name.

Anyway, after watching the ending, glad I wasn't really invested in the show.

Did like Hell on Wheels ep though--lol.


Mike V. said...

DEXTER - Richard, how can you not remember the name of CHUCK??!! lol Loved that show. We talked about it on here quite frequently. And Hannah will always be Sarah Walker! There were so many ridiculous things about this final season and that final episode that I don't know where to start. I will say I saw where it was going with him riding into the storm (I guess that was pretty obvious)....and that's fine if that's how they wanted to end his character. But, I agree...why have him miraculously survive and become a lumberjack!? I see no point in that. And what was the lesson learned? He finally is cured of his dark passenger only to have Deb to become a vegetable that he has to kill and get his vengeance on Vogel Jr. anyway?? And then..he blatantly kills him in front of cameras and Angel and Quinn just go with it because they're upset about Deb too??? I always wanted the final season to be a manhunt for Dexter when it is revealed that he is the Bay Harbor Butcher. Instead, we just had certain people find out and get killed (Doakes, LaGuerta, Deb) in different circumstances. Such a bizarre way to handle the 2nd half of this series. Season 4 was definitely the show's crowning achievement with seasons 1 and 2 not far behind. I have nothing else. At least the characters were entertaining along the way. The show will not leave a legacy of being one of the greatest of this golden age of television. I'll have to read some critics' reactions to this too. I saw Doc Jensen did a write-up. I'll check it out.

BB - I think I missed something really obvious during that Charlie Rose interview. It wasn't just that the Grey Matter peeps "wrote him out" of the history of the company. They also talked about the Blue Meth he was kind of being discredited for that as well. I totally missed that. So his entire ego and life's work was being dismissed. And we know that he is all about recognition and ego as I mentioned before (and also the interview I referenced mentioned it too). I'll have to rewatch that scene...but man this show is awesome! Final episode is written and directed by Vince Gilligan. Should be legend....wait for it....

Mike V. said...

HIMYM - See what I did there? LOVED the first 2 episodes of this season. I know we've discussed/predicted/dissected the approach to this final season ad nauseum....but I have to say...seeing it play out so far I see it possibly working out! Maybe played out over 24 episodes will be rough, but so far it's working. I still see us getting flashbacks and flash forwards along the way. There's no way we won't see the apartment or mclarens (sp) among other key settings before this final season is over. The fact that we flashed back to a few days ago to see Ted buying that ticket to L.A. is a sign that we'll be getting some. And I loved how they did the flash forward with Ted and the still unnamed mother together "picturing" present day Ted making his vow to return. So well handled. And the mother and Ted have excellent chemistry. Lily and the mother have great chemistry. She fits in great! So many great things from these 2 episodes...I'll probably miss stuff... The "almost cousins" thing was pretty hysterical and thankfully they're not related. lol The guy at the reception desk (who's been in DH, Revenge, among many other shows and I saw him in the Producers on broadway lol) was hysterical with his sympathy for Ted. The SOMBITCH Cookies and all the comedy around them. Lily with the neverending drinks and blurting out that Barney's brother is getting divorced...the anniversary cake ending up in Ted's room...the anniversary cake existing!! Marshall's whole story with Sherri Shepard (sp) all worked really well. Looking forward to seeing where they go with the rest of the season. And as long as Ted meets the mother at the very end...I'm happy! lol I like that we'll probably see her meet every other character first.

Didn't see Hostages yet and 2 behind on Sleepy Hollow now. With Agents of SHIELD tonight and SOA, who knows when I'll get to them? It's starting!!!!


Mike V. said...

HIMYM - Forgot to mention that The King Joffrey line was classic...because it spoke to the possible incest AND the fact that Barney always roots for the villain. LOL

MJ said...

Finally catching up to older comments - AMC doing 2 spin-offs of their retiring shows is def not the way a network wants to keep going.

Dome - if it weren't a summer only show I wouldn't even still be watching. Not that thrilled with it any more. If each ep is a day then where are they sending all these dead bodies since they have no medical examiner ? LOL They lose 1 to 3 people a day. And really - they were gonna hang Barbie in the town square? LOL

Sleepy - LOL on competing with MNF - MNF is only as good as they teams that play and these last few years the better games are sunday night and not monday seems to me.

New Girls - why oh why can they not give Winston a good personality and some funny material ??? SIGH The puzzle thing started out funny - but then I didn't think so.

LOl on getting older and staying up to watch SOA !

BB - my office mates and myself all keep wondering who gets the ricin too. Totally don't agree with what you read - Heisenberg just rose up from the ashes, not died.

Don't know if I answered your query about my non-post - it was a tablet issue not the website. No matter what I did my cursor would not type in the security field and I could not copy off what I had already typed.

SOA - yeah they have to finish out the deals with the Irish but then Gaelen told him not put sell them til he says so, which will piss off the customers the club sells to - according to Tig.

Bridge - yes we should finally get the contents of those emails ! Better be good too. LOL we've been waiting a long time now.

HIMYM - I was cracking up with Barney and robin wondering if they were related - was totally silly but funny. Loved loved loved the very end when current Ted is sitting there and we see/hear future Ted and Mom in one year's time.

Hostages - not too bad. We'll see where it goes from here.

Anonymous said...

Dexter--the most obvious reason to keep "Sarah Walker--thanks" alive and Dexter is another spin off/movie deal--at least to me.

Shield is starting tonight, we'll see.

Last night was a great Peyton Manning demo on MNF!!!!, didn't see a lot of Sleepy, but caught enough to see many repeating themes. Two angels of Revelation at work against the 4 horsemen. I was waiting until this ep to see if Ichabod would get new clothes. I can't imagine his clothes don't smell horribly and aren't falling apart after 200 plus years in the ground. Lots of obvious points could be made.


Mike V. said...

New Girl - I agree...the puzzle thing was funny at first then was not funny. It should be interesting when Champ comes back and shows the potential of what the show could have been! lol But, I still like Winston. He could use some slightly better material maybe, like you said.

BB - Yep, I have the Ricin narrowed down to himself, Lydia (who put a hit out on his family), and the very non-likely Grey Matter people who discredited him. lol I think the nazi crew is getting gunned down. And I am fairly certain after how much they've tortured Jesse that he will survive this mess. At least I still hope so.

HIMYM - Agreed!

Dexter - Yeah...I thought that too...leaving it open for continuation. But I can't see why they would possibly want to. I don't see an opportunity there after how they've left it. At least an "interesting" opportunity. lol

I love how we're all going to shorten Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. to SHIELD and it's just going to constantly get confused with FX's THE SHIELD. lol I'll try to watch that one tonight. Not sure if I'll convince the Mrs to though! I need to wrap up ALIAS ASAP so I have mornings for these Fall shows! lol

Mike V. said...

Dexter - For what it's worth...interview with showrunner(s) on finale:

MJ said...

HIMYM - Was in a hurry erlier. Loved the cookie being called sonabitch, and that she basically is the female Ted ! Loved the King Joffrey call out too, and the room Barney had set up for his brother.

Mike V. said...

So Parker has decided that 8pm is just too early to go to bed these days, even though he has to wake up at 6am during the week. So, we're facing a big issue with our TV watching! lol Anyway, I watched Agents of SHIELD last night, and the Mrs. and I watched Brooklyn Nine-Nine and New Girl. But, it just got too late for SOA...I'm sensing a recurring theme here.

Of course, delaying SOA to Wednesdays means that something on Weds has to suffer. And this becomes an issue with recapping Revolution!! But, I'll see what I can work out. lol The things I do for relevant TV discussions! :)

S.H.I.E.L.D. - Not bad for a pilot episode. I definitely see the potential in what they're doing. I like that it ties into the movie universe and actually takes place in the world created AFTER the first Avengers movie. It kind of ties into this whole "PHASE 2" initiative as even Iron Man 3 discussed "new york" and what happened there all of the time. I wonder if the show stays on the air long enough that the events in the future movies will impact the world in which this show takes place. (i.e. something catostrophic happens in Avengers 2 during the summer, does season 3 or 4 of this show reflect that?) Definitely an intersting idea Disney/Marvel has put together here...and of course something Whedon was able to pull off. I like that there was one Firefly cameo in the show (potentially not a cameo) by the preacher guy. I now know these references since I watched the show this year! lol

Anyway, I'm sure there will be a lot of "characters of the week" with this show, but it works with that format. And the mobile base will help them travel the world in search of these people. So, in ways it's like a modern ALIAS with a superhero vibe. lol

Then there's the whole mystery on Agent Coulson. It seems clear that this isn't the same Agent Coulson that was in the movies of "Phase 1" and who died in The Avengers. Doc Jensen already has a theory that he is some Life Model Clone type thing....I can't remember the term but it's from the Marvel comics. Seems like that will be an ongoing mystery in these first few episodes or maybe season. Makes sense though that they'll address it since he clearly died in the avengers...and him survivng that cheapens the movie.

So, I'll keep watching this one!

Brookyln Nine-Nine - Another great episode. Loving the characters on this show and it's only the 2nd episode. Lots of potential here.

New Girl - Hysterical once again. Schmidt and the cats. LOL Winston I thought had a better plot this week. And Schmidt once again playing the 2 girls. I love that he got away with it when he thought he was definitely caught. Good stuff!

So tonight is Modern Family (an hour ugh), Revoluton, Nashville (no way I can get to it.), and try to catch up on SOA!

I'm thinking the next decade of watching television could be difficult for me. :-) lol Which is ironic hosting a TV Addicts blog! Maybe we need to start holding weekly counseling sessions. Hi, I'm mike and I am an addict. My child won't let me watch TV anymore!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Shield--I will watch again. I wasn't impressed, but wasn't disappointed either.

I would like to see some cameos of the stars.


Mike V. said...

SHIELD - Richard - I don't think we're going to get many cameos from the stars. Though, I thought I read stuff like maybe when a movie is close to premiering they may show up in the show to "promote" that. So, I guess the first possibility of this is in November with THOR. And wouldn't you know it, that works out perfectly with November Sweeps!? lol

Cobie Smulders (Never know if I'm spelling that right) obviously will be tied up with HIMYM for one more year, so her role in the pilot was just a cameo..since she was in the movie too. Who knows when she'll turn up again?

Leslie said...

HIMYM - Watched last night. Agree with you guys, it was a great opening and set up for how the season will play out. The mother does fit in well so far.

Hostages - I'm with MJ, not too bad, we'll see where it goes.

Blacklist - Really enjoyed this first episode. Really intense. James Spader is always fun to watch. Had an interesting tie to the relationship in Silence of the Lambs.

MJ said...

Dexter - agreed I wanted the manhunt for him too with Miami Metro just agog that they never knew it was him. Kinda like how I wanted Hank to be left standing in BB. Don't think I read Doc Jensen but read one review where they made fun of the fact that Elway wasn't taking Hannah right off the bus in Miami but was gonna wait til the next stop. LOL

BB - huh ! I missed about the meth being back too.

HIMYM - good one ! (segueway fr BB to HIMYM) .

Hostages - I'm assuming each ep will be a day - but don't know how they will really do this. their orig plan was to hold the family for 1.5 days when the surgery will be done. Now surgery is (I don't remember which) 1 or 2 weeks off due to the doc purposely giving blood thinner. Can't see how the show will sustain suspense with 4 peeps hold 4 people hostage when they all have work and school. But then I couldn't see how a movie with a guy stuck in a phone booth could be good, or a guy Out on a Ledge could be good either. LOL

Sleepy - none of you watch Supernatural but I see alot of the horseman and angels of redemption stuff that's been in Supernatural over the years. Sleepy is meant to be just entertaing - I'm not going to worry about the deets like his clothes or any thing else. It's amusing - like when he tossed the gun after firing once not knowing it holds multiple bullets. LOL

Shield - I enjoyed it. Super heros not my fave genre and on the big screen it's been so saturated lately - but it wasn't bad. We'll see the mystery around Coulson and him 'thinking' he was in tahiti. LOL I smiled when I saw the preacher from Firefly.

SOA - OMG ! That marshall is out of control ! All I will say for now. And Clay has 9 lives. LOL

Bklyn 99 - I enjoyed the first - still waiting on the second. Hopefully they tone down the guy who wouldn't wear the tie. He was just a little ridiculous to me - but probably an age gap thing for me to find him as funny as some do. ;-D

Probably won't get to Revolution until this weekend so I'll be catching up with that recap a little late

Blacklist - agree Leslie. Think it's too procedural for Mike and some but i enjoyed it. Think I heard it had better ratings then Hostages - which surprised me.

MJ said...

Maybe AOS for Agents of Shield to go with our SOA. LOL

Heard about foods online for a BB finale. Cupcakes with blue sprinkles, Heisenburgers, etc LOL

Leslie said...

Hostages - MJ, I thought the same thing. How are they going to sustain this even with surgery delayed for 2 weeks. But, I always use LOST for that argument. I remember thinking how could they keep this interesting. HA!

Blacklist - Do I remember reading this is just a limited run series? That may help keep its pace up. Don't know if you watched The Practice years ago with Dylan McDermott and James Spader, but funny that they are now opposite each other. Spader is a good bad guy!

Mike V. said...

Dexter - Yeah, there definitely were writing conveniences in that finale. I posted that link with the showrunners and they justified everything they did and explained why they didn't do what some were expecting. I guess I can respect their opinion, but I don't necessarily agree! And some of the stuff they wrote because they thought it would be 'unpredictable' I thought was TOTALLY predictable. lol Oh well! The show still had its moments and was worth watching.

HIMYM/BB - Thanks. lol

Sleepy - still really want to watch it! Waiting for the Mrs. to give up on this one because we'll never get to it together! :-)

SHIELD (AOS - I like it! But I dunno...may get confusing with SOA like you said! lol) - Definitely saturated on the big screen...agree. Just gotta give it time to see if it has any legs. Life Model Decoy (LMD) is the big theory going around on what Coulson is. I don't know much about it from comic book world...but it's google-able. lol

Brookyln 99 - Tone down Andy Samberg??? Guess you haven't watched SNL for the past 10 years? Lol That's his thing. But, I agree there are other things worth watching other than him. But, I like Andy. He definitely is over the top and is probably limited in what he can bring to the show (even though he's the lead)....but he is funny in what he does.

Blacklist - I think I'm just over James Spader. lol But yeah...I do like a little serialization in my tv shows!

Revolution - Yeah...I'm not sure why I'm gonna keep recapping this one. I'm used to these shows getting cancelled so I can start fresh the next season! But, I'll stick with it for now to see how things develop.

BB - Funny on the BB Food!! lol Sounds similar to me having DHARMA Peanut Butter on the LOST Series Finale night. lol (and my DHARMA Beer of course)

Mike V. said...

HIMYM - Cranston to reprise his role in the final season of HIMYM!

Anonymous said...

Revolution--ok, yea Aaron dieing and etc is strange. And the electricity going off was very wierd, it's like what was season 1 all about. It's like the atomic bombs went off and we have a 1950s sci fi effect--LOL. So much has changed it's almost like it's a new series in many ways. Juliette and Miles might actually become an item this season. Glad to see Neville has a plan.


Mike V. said...

Richard, we'll still be recapping revolution! Lol but you can just repeat your commentary there :) definitely enjoyed the refocused season 2 premiere though! I'll do a write up tomorrow.

PJ Carz said...

MJ -- You are not alone; I watch Supernatural, too. It is one among a handful (ok, maybe 6 or 7) shows that we watch or record and watch later. We call the show "The Lads" in our household.

Should you comment on it, we'll chime in, too.

PJ Carz said...


Watching Sleepy H, too, and noticed the same themes.

Mike V. said...

Revolution recap is up! Fall TV Blogging has officially begun! lol

SOA - Watched it! Good stuff....Tig is in trouble! But, when is he not? I think we know by now Sutter isn't going to kill many key people till closer to the end. Though, maybe one surprising kill early on this season wouldn't be out of the question. I dunno. But yeah...I just kept wondering how Clay was going to get out of this. Same reason as before. They need him for negotiations with the Irish. But, the Pope descendant clan has Tig now. Interesting. I guess Jax had a thing for what's her face from the escort agency (Cassidy from LOST, One of the girls from Deadwood). But, he realized he was just another client. That's all good though because Tara is pregnant and all. lol She was sure acting shady, I thought more was up there. And of course, Jax's ex was lying the whole episode. Man, I'm really slipping on remembering people's names. I can't even remember her name on The Sopranos! (ADRIANA! Just came back to me)

Oh and WTF on the ex-marshal guy!? Obviously, he's framing the club to nail them. But did he intentionally kill that escort or was it by accident? All I know is it totally shocked the hell out of me. He was so non-chalant about it. Freaky dude. I know people love that actor from Terriers, but I never watched it. He was (will continue to be) on Vikings too. But he's just the next whack job adversary to SAMCRO this season.

Not spoiling anything from next week's ep...but we basically have the entire cast of Deadwood on this show already, now they're going to start working on the X-Files! lol I know they already had the one guy (Mulder and Scully's boss)...well he'll be back. But, I think I saw Robert Patrick in the previews too. lol Good times.

Modern Family - Funny 2 episodes...with a liberal agenda of course! But whatever, it's Cam and Mitch and it was sweet! Phil and Claire were hysterical with trying to get 7 days kid free. I can totally relate and I only have one almost 21 month old. lol

Didn't get to Nashville (after 10pm of course lol) but we'll try to stay on top of it. Tonight is Parks and Rec (another hour ep!! ugh) and I'm not sure what else starts. We finally deleted Grey's off of our DVR as we haven't watched it in years. Oh right..there's the new comedies. Michael J. Fox and we may check out The Millers, just because of who is in it. Which means BBT is probably new too. lol

Ugh..once Wonderland and TVD start...Thursday will be insane once again. I'm already dreading this Sunday. Though, the only priority will be BREAKING BAD!! (Homeland and ONCE will probably be Monday which means once again...we'll be behind on Sleepy Hollow. UGH! lol Maybe we can watch them this wknd.)

How's that for stream of consciousness? :-)

Leslie said...

Mike - Do you plan to put up a weekly general discussion post now that the fall season has started, or do we keep posting here? I haven't read your Revolution post yet.

Mike V. said...

Leslie, I was going to wait until Monday and then start up the weekly posts again. :-)

Leslie said...

OK, sounds good!

Broadchurch - good finale! Didn't see it coming that the detective's husband was the killer! I felt bad for her and his kid. I enjoyed watching this one. Thanks to MJ for putting this one on my radar!

Watched Revolution so I'll check out the recap, but didn't get to Modern Family or Nashville yet.

Leslie said...

Dexter - I'm getting a Showtime free preview this weekend so I can watch the final season, but from what I read, it was kind of underwhelming. (Yes, I peeked at your comments on here. Couldn't resist.) Still want to see it play out.

Mike V. said...

Leslie - maybe the fact that you know it will be underwhelming will allow you to lower your expectations and somehow enjoy it! :-) Good luck! lol

Leslie said...

Big Bang - Great opener! The Sheldon and Penny moments are always a good time! And, Howard with the effects of the estrogen cream were hysterical!

Bridge - I'm glad Marco is back in action. It was a sweet moment when Sonya told him about getting up and facing every day and making the bed and later we see him follow through. They have a great connection. I still want to know the deal with Linder and why he talks like he has marbles in his mouth! And, Charlotte has gone from wanting the tunnel closed to making deals with the bad guys? Crazy!

mj said...

Broadchuruh - wow. Also never thought it was Millers husband. And he was so creepy when he was saying all he wanted was hugs and how that isn't wrong.

New Girl - great ep loved the cat stuff. I have a cat so watching all the cute stuff the cat kept doing while Winston was plotting hisbdemise cracked me up. 'If only he'd leave this ray of sunshine'. They actually gave Winston some goid stuff this week. Supportive Nick is hilarious. Schmidt was awesome - u could really see his pain when his office nemesis said they really both love you.

Scandal - watched the 2 final fr last year - reminded me how much I love that show! The chick grabbing that drill when Huck couldn't, the veeps guy being the mole and DAVID having that card! I was blown away again. Lol. can't wait for it's return.

Once - was gonna rewarch the finale but see that they have a season recap on right bef the premier.

mj said...

Leslie - Dexter def didn't go where fans expected or wanted but i think some of our feelings were colored by Breaking Bads final season being so great

Mike V. said...

MJ - Saw your comments in both places. Good job posting in the right place! lol Agree on your thoughts on Dexter. That made it much worse.

Looking forward to Scandal too. That may be one that we actually watch on the night it airs. Of course, being a 10:00 show...we'll see! lol

mj said...

Saw there wad 199 comments - just wanted to make it 200. Lol