Saturday, December 22, 2012

Fringe: Season 5 Episode 10 - Anomaly XB-6783746 (Discussion)

Hello Fringe fanatics and Happy Holidays!  As we've discussed over the past few weeks, we know FOX is not reserving special dates for these final episodes of Fringe, so they're burning one off at the end of the year.  Of course, we can't blame them.  We should just be thankful we have these episodes to close out the show!  On the downside though, I am traveling to see family for the holidays so will be unable to provide a recap for this episode.  But, I figure we'll all be catching up on the episode at our own pace.  So, just jot down your thoughts from the episode in the comments and that's how we'll handle this episode!  I'm planning to download the episode on my iPad and watch at my earliest convenience and will try to provide some comments!  I do plan on recapping the final 3 hours of the show in January, so I'll see you then.  Merry/Happy whatever holiday you celebrate and Happy New Year!


Mike V. said...

Wow what an episode! Figures the most important episode ever airs on 12/21!! Lol I'll try to write more later. But everyone enjoy your holidays!

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure about that being the most important episode EVER but it definitely answered a few questions.

So Donald is September. That at least kills of the September is Michael theories. So now we have to wonder what is so special about Michael.

And the coming attractions after the credits (if you watched them)seem to point to what many have suggested is the final outcome.

Bye bye Nina (or not LOL). Well there is the second casualty - Etta and Nina now. Can one of the primary characters be next?

3 hours left. I'd say it's about time for Nimoy to make his first appearance.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!!

Bill B

Mike V. said...

I was exaggerating for added effect. But it was an important episode. And it tied a lot of themes throughout the series together. Also showed Walter some memories from the original timeline. Also sounds like Walter knew Donald before he became September. There might be a backstory coming there. Didn't see previews yet because I downloaded to iPad. Lol. I'll try to write more later Tough with this whole visiting stuff! Merry Christmas and happy new year to you too!!

Anonymous said...

I am thinking the opposite, that September became Donald. If there is a backstory they better tell it quickly. Not much time left.

Bill B

Mike V. said...

Either way would be interesting! Lol they only need like a minute or 2 of backstory. They've proven they can do it through dialogue too. Lol

MJ said...

OMG! Donald is September ! I don't think we thought of that ?? I can't remember all the hypothesies (sp?) we had. RIP Nina. Great ep.

Happy holidays all !

MJ said...

Oh - meant to add - I also thought that Sept became Donald as well, to either help after the bald-vasion or to hide from his fellow baldies

Anonymous said...

It's worth reading Jensen's EW review this week. A lot of food for thought. As always, some poignant others overly speculative.

Bill B

MJ said...

Any guesses why Windmark would call Michael an anomoly ? They've been beating us over the head about emotions - Michael is/was an empath, Walter losing humanity/humility, Windmark stated emotions made us weak, Olivia saying the opposite.

I did read Jensen and wonder if he is right - that we will save the Observers instead of going back and stopping the invasion.

The nerds devotion to Nina reminded me of the last lab geek on the show and his devotions in both universes - can't think of his name though. Kinda lame that Nina made that call, she really would have known better. Would have been better story to have the nerd break and tell.

Any guesses as to what the primitive instincts are that the baldies have re-developed in themselves?

Sad that only 3 more to go.

HIMYM - sure you heard that there is a possible 9th season. Torn about that. part of me says no - don't keep dragging this on - go out on top. But - I've also been complaining about the pace of these story line - like Barney being engaged now to two women is a space of a few weeks or months. Like I said - torn !

MJ said...

TWD - Interesting article about mazzaro stepping down

Mike V. said...

Sorry I haven't been commenting much! Still in tn. Heading back tomorrow. I'm reading everyone's comments though and definitely read Jensen too. I'll comment more when I'm back home! Thanks for the links MJ!

MJ said...

LOL - It's gotten ugly now with peeps telling Sutter he doesn't know what he's talking about

Happy New year !

Mike V. said...

I'm back home! Still super busy though!! lol I swear I'm going to comment more on the episode. But, I just need to get out of the holiday madness first! lol

Fringe Glyph for this ep was SENSE

HIMYM - Yeah, I saw the 9th season rumors. I figured it was coming. The show is still doing well ratings-wise. There are lots of complainers out there who just want to meet the mother. And now the showrunners HAVE started their end game as they had always wanted to. But they said they had a back-up plan in case they went to a season 9. My guess is that we might still meet the mother this season and then next season might be a "how i met your father" type thing at least for part of it. I dunno. lol We'll see though. I always thought we wouldn't meet the mother until near the very end of the show. But adding this extra season and the showrunners saying they can approach season 8 the same in either scenario makes me curious! lol

(BTW - not that it matters, but the last Non-Recapped show discussion post was for the rest of the year!! lol But since we already started, may as well continue discussing the stuff here. We'll be in the new year soon. Speaking of which. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!)

Mike V. said...

FRINGE - Okay, finally catching up on comments. I think the fact that we never considered September for Donald is because A.) We have never seen an Observer as a human before. B.) We were so fixated on the Peter is September or Boy is September theories, even if we didn't believe they were true. lol Now, I wonder if that was intentional by the writers to make us think these things and throw us off the scent of who Donald is. lol

As far as Flashback vs. Flashforward...I think it's very much up in the air. We have seen over the episodes that removing the tech from the observers is a pretty risky endeavor. It killed the one guy that Peter took it out of, and Walter said the time was limited to do it to Peter before losing himself completely. Now, we don't know if September is like all of the other observers and has TECH inside of him. If the boy turns out to be September as well (less likely now), then we know he doesn't have tech. Anyway, we know Walter has always had pieces of his memory missing, even before the time reboot and Windmark's interrogation. There is a very good chance that Walter knew Donald back in the day. For all we know Walter may be responsible for the creation of the Observers. lol Anyway, the last we saw of September was in the season 4 finale when he appeared to Walter and said "They are coming" there's a good chance also that the 2 of them hatched their plan to take down the observers then. And that's when September became Donald. Walter is a genius, so he may have found a way to make September human. Of course, both of those scenarios would have happened in the past so I guess flashforwards really aren't in the mix (of course with time travel, it's never off the table. lol) But the debate is more of just Donald became September vs. September became Donald. lol

As for the 3 hours left, like the past couple seasons, these 3 episodes will act as one big story arc and 3 hour finale. So yeah...I'm hoping Bell shows up as well. Surely, they negotiated for Nimoy to appear one more time!

I'm sure there is more to why Michael is an anomoly, but we already know that he doesn't have tech and this thought process is unlike anything that has been seen. We've also been told that we will get the answer to why there are no Female observers. Hmmm...perhaps the boy is a child of a female human and an observer? WOAAA....maybe Michael is Donald's son!?!? lol That would be crazy. And really not out of the realm of possibilities.

I also like Jensen's idea of "curing" the observers. For a show all about hope, that would certainly seem like a direction they'd go. We'll see!

MJ said...

Aw - I hope Walter is not responsible for creating the Observers - he's already responsible for the issues Over There had, how much guilt can the guy take ? LOL

Looking forward to Shameless, House of Lies and Justified coming back.

Mike V. said...

Yeah, I hope not either, but it certainly would tie things together a bit. We've been told over the many seasons how awful of a person Walter WAS and the horrible things he is responsible for. Now, we're seeing shades of his older self as we approach the end. It all goes into my (and several people's) theory that in the end Walter will sacrifice himself for the greater good and to put right what he once put wrong.

Definitely looking forward to Shameless and Justified. Not long now! Never got into House of Lies though. Also looking forward to The Following, we'll see if I'll be able to keep up with it!

Still haven't caught up on Vampire Diaries and Revenge. Not sure when that's gonna happen! lol

MJ said...

LOL on Revenge and TVD ! They both have so much going on too.

Def the Following too. And I think the CW has a date for The Cult finally - sometime in Feb. It looks interesting.

Mike V. said...

LOST: Damon tweeted this. I have no idea why it exists, but it's pretty funny. lol

:@DamonLindelof In which it is finally revealed that all of LOST took place in the mind of a tree played by a second grader. "

AHS - Watched last night's ep. CRAZY! The show is so over the top but I'm still entertained. Don't have really much to comment on but Ryan Murphy did his regular interview with EW that has some interesting things to note.

MJ said...

AHS - just watched last night - crazy isn't the word. I for one did not see it coming that Dr Arden creamated himself with the nun ! And the whole name game scene ! Too funny. But - supposedly the big hint for what S3 will be was in the ep but not sure I caught it. Congress (the record) maybe? I meant to say something 2 weeks ago for the last ep - thank god they broke that stupid french record. I hated that song. LOL

Any one watch Scandal? That show has gotten really good !

Happy Fringe friday !

Mike V. said...

Sorry to tell you but no fringe tonight!! Lol next week and 2 the week after then done. :(

Ahs - yeah I didn't see it until the very end with Arden. I thought he was going to have his "fun" with the body. Lol most people think that they were hinting at witchcraft or something. I forget why but maybe Salem witch trials will be the setting.

No scandal for me sorry!

On my phone so was trying to be brief! Lol

Leslie said...

Here you guys are!! Happy New Year! I kept checking the other post and couldn't believe no one had commented in so long. Are we gonna go back to the weekly post for general comments this year?

AHS - I was 3 episodes behind, but watched this past weekend and then watched this week's episode last night. This season is crazy and disturbing! When the doc took her body to cremate, I was bracing for him having sex with the body or something like that. Never thought he'd go out like that! So, I guess we're to assume that Dylan McDermott in the present is the baby that Lana is carrying, right?

I watched Scandal for part of the first year, but didn't stick with it.

I noticed that Fox is airing a show tonight late called "Inside The Following". I think it's 11:00 central time.

Mike V. said...

Sorry Leslie! Lol I'm not sure what happened but I'll get back into the weekly posts next week when the shows are returning.

I saw that was airing too. Maybe I'll record. Lol

Ahs- we are led to believe that yes. But I guess it could always be the alien baby too. ?? Lol

MJ said...

Darn ! Didn't read about Inside The Following until just now.

And darn that there was no fringe - don't know why I thought it was back on the 4th !

I'll go to the other post area for this week now. Just wanted to comment on my Fringe Friday thing.

Mike V. said...

I forgot about recording it anyway. :) lol (Inside the Following)

I never would have gotten to Fringe last Friday with all of our Parker Partying. lol So, I'm glad there was a small break over the holidays and a little after!