Monday, December 17, 2012

TV Discussion: 12/16/2012 - 12/31/2012

Hello TV Addicts.  Shows are winding down for the holidays, so this is our place for all non-recap show discussions for the remainder of the year.  Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!  See you in the comments.


Mike V. said...

Okay, I watched Homeland (and I'll just say WOW!) but no Dexter yet. I'll get to that on the 1 hour HIMYM tonight, hopefully. loll

MJ said...

LOL - I only watched Dexter and not Homeland.

Instead I watched the 49ers play that awesome game, and saw enough of Survivor so as not to be spoiled today.

Guess we'll catch up with eachother tomorrow. ;-D

Mike V. said...

LOL...nice. I watched a lot of the niners game too! Somehow fit in Homeland. Catch up tomorrow!

Mike V. said...

Watched Dexter and HIMYM!

I'll comment later, but I will say I totally saw the HIMYM Twist coming for weeks and moreso in these two episodes last night, but it still felt totally right to do it that way. Great eps! Here's an interview with one of the showrunners:

MJ said...

HIMYM - I'm now over my annoyance at the often clumsy way they keep putting Barbin together now. LOL I knew he could not really be into patrice but did not quite see coming the way he was getting Robin on board. Liked it alot.

Poor Ted - his friends are really jerks! It was his huge night and none of them really gave a crap. Barney could have proposed another night really. And I get Marshall and Lily's separation anxiety but still. First they were leaving early to be alone then to go home - they could have waited a couple of hours. Robin was the only one who sincerely wanted to be there for him and he told her to go - which was huge for him.

The jinx stuff had me laughing though I admit it's rather juvenile that they still play those games. So much for all the growing up they have done. LOL Loved teh lullabye too.

I'll be back for Dexter and Homeland - gotta get some work done. LOL But OMG on both.

Mike V. said...

HIMYM - Yeah, it wasn't exactly perfect with Barney and Robin, but we knew this time was inevitable. They almost reached for the well again with Ted and Robin in the episode but we knew it was just their way of Ted giving his blessing to his bro and former love of his life. So, I thought it was well done. (And actually, kind of thought that might have been Barney's plan too. lol) It was good stuff!

As for Ted...yeah I'm sure in real life it wouldn't have gone down that way. But hey, I can relate...if we have a babysitter, we want to take advantage! Of course, with the Hobbit, we had an overnight babysitter and all we wanted to do was go home and get a full night's rest afterwards instead of getting drinks! LOL (of course, I watched fringe THEN went to bed. lol) I think it was big for Ted to say "It's just a building" showed how much he wanted Barney and Robin to give it a go. So, I get the significance and think it trumps the realism of the scenario. lol

Jinx stuff was great...of course, it felt "borrowed" (as much of their material often does) from The Office season 2 with Jim and Pam's little game (great episode!). I still enjoyed the hell out of it though! lol The lullaby was fantastic...especially how it would never end and when Lily's dad "nailed it" lol

DEXTER: OMG indeed..unfortuantely, i was able to piece together what happened just based on non-subtle headlines out there of the episode. I knew Deb did something to cause "deadly decision" i figured it was either Hannah or LaGuerta. lol So, when we got to that climactic scene, I figured what was coming. Of course, there was no really other way to go with the show if they were going to have a final season. Good episode though! I listened to the showrunner talk about next season afterwards. Dex and Deb both have killed now, and we're going to explore Dexter's past more...things we haven't seen before. That sounds like a good way to bring the show to a close. Oh and he had to become an official Serial Killer and not a Superhero by just killing someone who was innocent. Of course, he didn't really do that, Deb did. He just set up the scenario. Oh well...we'll see what happens! And, I guess Hannah will be back! Which, I'm happy about because I like the actress. lol

Mike V. said...

HOMELAND: Everyone just assumed Brody was going to die. We were more realistic about it! lol I love what they did. I kept hoping they were plotting something all season to really blow our socks off and find a way to keep Brody relevant to the discussion. They totally did it! The VP and Nazir HAD to go to set up the big attack that should have happened last season. RIP Estes, VP's Fam and countless other no name officials and civilians. WOW. And the fact that Carrie had to do a 180 from thinking she was duped by Brody to being the only one who will believe his innocence (I listened to an interview with Alex Gansa, it's intentionally ambiguous that we can still think he may have had a part in it.) GREAT stuff! Sounds like Brody may still be sidelined next season and the show will still do a bit of a "reboot" from what it has been the past 2 seasons. But, they're still not sure how much Brody and his family will be around if at all. But they're interested in exploring more of the intelligence investigations and Carrie actually being good at her job. (they said it was intentional that she made a lot of mistakes this season, because her genius comes from her illness/condition and this season she was overly medicated and more proned to mistakes) And the big irony is, that we rooted for Quinn to spare Brody but if he did his job, none of the other terrorist events would have happened. The video being used the way it was, the bomb being planted in his car while he was in custody of Nazir...brilliant stuff! I've enjoyed the show all season, can't say the same for all of the critics and some of the fans....but I thought this finale was an ultimate payoff/reward for patience! Good stuff!

BTW - the interview with Alex Gansa is a Grantland Podcast labeled Hollywood Prospectus on 12/16. Really good discussion if anyone's interested. I listen to the Hollywood Prospectus podcasts and also the Talking TV with Ryan and Ryan podcasts on the way to and from work. Gets me through my commute. Also listening to The Fringe Podcast in these final weeks. lol

Mike V. said...

game of thrones longer episodes (still 10 though). No Complaints here. Book 3 is soooo good!

MJ said...

HIMYM - With Barbin I was referring to a few weeks ago when i was totally annoyed with the clumsiness of it - drunken Barney making the past, etc etc. Agree - huge that Ted made Robin go after Barney - but still lame that none of them cared to makes Ted's big night mean anything. Awesome seeing Oz from Buffy with Alison hanigan again.

Dexter: Cannot believe that Deb took out LaGuerta ! It really took me by surprise (sucks you got kinda spoiled) - probably cause it made no sense. LOL She was objecting to Dexter killing her so she just does it herself?

Seems to me that LaGuerta having got the warrant for the GPS on their phones, then she turns up dead should be having a judge wondering at the coincidence - but I'm sure they will ignore that part.

Now I feel that both Deb and Dexter will have to get their comeuppence by the series end. Damn! I always felt Dexter ahd to pay a price for all he's done but til Sunday Deb did manage to stay out of it this season.

Homeland: I could not believe that they killed Estes ! I was sure Brody would die - still shocked Quinn did not take that shot while he was praying at the lake, that so would have been the perfect time to take him out - and strangley poetic. To have the terrorist marine taken out while praying to Muhammid. Was surprised that Quinn just went to Estes and was like - no, won't do it, I only take out bad guys, and then threatened Estes! Crazy. A little thin that Quinn didn't want to wreck Carrie cause she's such a good agent though. I thought Saul would be in real trouble for the finale as well but he's in the clear now. how oily of Estes to make it like he was responsible for Saul being let go - he had to since Quinn didn't kill Brody.

So - we all know that there have to be cameras all over the place in the CIA parking lot - so clearly they will see who moved Brody's car and got out before it exploded. Unless they didn't get out ? Hmmm. But - I feel a plot hole is that all vehicles would be checked for explosives before getting in, and that where 'whoever' left that vehicle didn't even look like a parking spot - would the CIA security really just let some vehicle park in a non-spot ? Not with all the dignitaries at the memorial !

Brody's take on it - found that interesting actually. That Nasir played this whole thing out ! Cause I was pretty surprised that Nasir seemed to trust Brody after he didn't blow the vest, but I was really surprised when Brody told Roya no and Nasir showed up and seemed to still trust Brody. So maybe Brody is right and Nasir just pretended to go along with it and had his own plan ??

It all def points to the CIA having a mole though. Who could have released that tape !! the mole - or did al quieda have another copy besides the one Saul handed over? Even if they had another they still had to have a mole give it to the press.

The actress who plays Dana is great - her trying to deny that her dad could do this without saying that she's already seen him when he's saying a real good bye - you could feel her tension !

Carrie/Saul conversation was brilliant ! While Saul wasn't wrong - she's the stupidest bright person, she was also right about Saul not giving advice on how to juggle career and personal life. LOL Saul is no idiot - surely he won't be able to let Carrie back at work since she helped Brody escape.

This show just does it all well - I can't decide if Brody is guilty of playing the long con or he's been set up by nasir and a mole. I also can't figure out if it is just totally ridiculous that Carrie keeps falling back in with a known terrorist - or totally romantic ! LOL

Great point you make - if Quinn had done as ordered then all the rest would have not occurred.

Don't know if I rooted for Quinn to do it or not - I was torn.

Mike V. said...

HIMYM - Didn't even make the Buffy connection with Seth Green showing up. lol Good stuff though! Agreed, it's lame that no one cared about Ted's big night. But, I think it was all for the sacrifice of putting all of these events in one episode.

Dexter: Yeah, at the end of the episode my wife just said it was awful. lol It was a bizarre ending and didn't make much sense, but I guess I get the point of it. Touche' on the warrant and a judge questioning it. I agree they'll probably ignore it, but you never know with this show! Yeah, it'll be interesting to see how the series ends (BTW, the interview on suggests there still could be a season 9. It's all on showtime and not the creative team. Scott Buck says they're writing season 8 as if it's the end but they can alter the course if they get news). I always thought Deb was in the clear too. Of course, it could end with Dexter alive and Deb dead...meaning that his life caused her life's trajectory to spiral downward until she eventually died. And of course, it would partly be their father's fault too. (name is escaping me now)

Homeland: Definitely thin on the Quinn angle. He just suddenly became a moral person or something. lol Definitely would have been poetic to kill brody while he was praying. But that was all part of the intentional misdirect of the writers.

As for the logic at the parking lot...yeah..I think we've already proven that this show takes that kind of logic as secondary to the situations they want to cause! But they're all good points. lol But if season 3 dives into the investigation of the attack, then these things could certainly come up.

Brody certainly could be telling the truth. It definitely seemed like he was, but it's intended to be ambiguous so I have no idea! The facts seem to support him being innocent here, but there's also a lot of time unaccounted for when Nazir took Brody back in this season. He could totally have been part of this. The fact that he got all Evil when "killing" the VP might be evidence of that.

Yeah, things should be crazy with Saul in charge next year. He'll probably be faced with a lot of moral dilemmas. And his accusations of Carrie in this episode were harsh but true! ..whew! Yeah...don't know if Saul will take her back in or not. Of course, he was certainly happy to see her at the end (the smile was unscripted aparently. lol)

As for "THE MOLE", Alex Gansa said they are definitely trying to do things differently than they did on 24. So, it leads me to think there may not necessarily be a mole. I immediately thought the video was a copy. I mean, it was found in the middle east (i forget where they were). Surely, they may have made multiple copies. That copy that they retrieved may have even been intentionally left for Carrie to find. (though that's a stretch.) I thought Al Queda (was that officially what they were called on the show?) released the video..not the press. I don't think a mole had to do it.

The actress playing Dana definitely is good! Agreed that was a good scene.

Yep, the show definitely does it well. I'm leaning towards he's innocent, but could certainly see them going the other way with it.

Can't take credit for the Quinn comment, it was on the podcast! lol As for rooting, yeah I dunno. I didn't want to see Damian Lewis removed from the show, so I definitely was nervous when he had the gun aimed at him. But totally would've understood if they went that way. Great stuff!

MJ said...

Homeland - not sure who released it now ! LOL But since it's airing on our national tv that's where I think I was going with teh media airing it.

I do agree that the show is better with Damian lewis on - I liked him on another show before this one even. It just would have been so poetic having him shot/assasinated while praying - especially since he was a sniper himself.

Soon we'll be talking Justified ! Yay. Really looking forward to that new Kevin Bacon show too.

MJ said...

HIMYM - EW has two pretty good write ups about last nights ep

MJ said...

Good lord - one of those days. Forgot you posted one of those links ! LOL Another one on their site too. Sorry.

Mike V. said...

Homeland: Yeah, I just thought with them showing the new Al Queda leader after the video, it was indicating that they supplied the video of Brody. Oh yeah, I've been a fan of Lewis since Band of Brothers. Never watched him on LIFE, and don't know what else he's done. lol But agree on the "poetic-ness" lol

HIMYM - No prob! lol I saw both articles and have been actively commenting on both!

Yep, Justified 1/8!! And I'll definitely tivo the Bacon show. Not sure when I'll make time for it, but I'll try. lol

MJ said...

Luckily we all have some stuff that is ended now so the new Kevin Bacon show should be doable for me.

I know you used to watch Gossip Girl - I never did but read who was 'GG' - were you surprised by that or had they hinted about it ?

Mike V. said...

True on The Following. Do you know what night it's gonna be on? Something tells me it'll still be tough. lol

As for GG, we fell way behind this season (like maybe watched the first 2 episodes). Luckily for you I knew that GG was revealed! I still don't know who it is though. I have my guesses but I'm sure whoever it is things from the series won't add up. lol As far as I know there haven't really been hints to who it is.

Mike V. said...

Duh, I forgot to mention I'm all caught up on AHS! Not much to discuss, but I have still been entertained all season. lol

MJ said...

GG - since it was the series finale figured it would not be a spoiler to say they did the reveal, but I was careful not to say who ! LOL

AHS - yeah i caught up too. Santa one was insane. Loved that Jude is now an inmate.

Well - happy holidays to all !

MJ said...

TWD - got Season 4 but mazarra is leaving ! Wow.

Watched an old movie - Love, Actually, and was surprised to see Rick from TWD there! Younger of course. LOL Movie actually had many many stars in it but i guess I didn't know him as an actor years ago when I watched.

Mike V. said...

Yeah, I actually knew about Rick in Love Actually...hysterical isn't it?! lol

I saw a tweet while i was driving (safe i know) about TWD and season 4 and Mazzarra. 3rd showrunner? Oh boy! lol And leaving over creative differences...I think that's why Darabount got fired too. This is nuts!

GG - Good call! lol

AHS - Agreed on all!

I know I'm being brief but we're getting ready to head out on our long road trip. So happy holidays to everyone as well! I have a fringe post set to go up tomorrow morning for anyone who gets a chance to watch. I'll comment whenever I get the chance (and see the episode of course. lol) Happy New Year everyone too!

MJ said...

Put your phone down and drive safe ! LOL

Mike V. said...

I didn't leave yet! I was running errands earlier. lol But thanks for the warning. :) I have a holder for my phone when I'm using GPS in the car, so I always see these notifications pop up. lol