Monday, December 3, 2012

TV Discussion - Week of 12/2/2012 - 12/8/2012

Hello TV Addicts!  As usual, here is our weekly spot to discuss all Non-Recapped shows!  See you in the comments!


Mike V. said...

The Walking Dead Recap might be a little delayed today, but I AM working on it! Unfortunately, I didn't watch anything else last night so I'll be catching up throughout the week.

(oh right, I'm going to watch Boardwalk this morning, forgot. lol)

MJ said...

OMG! Both Homeland and Boardwalk were excellent !

TWD - will just say that it returns 2/10/13 and that Talking Dead will have a new 1 hour format.

Grimm doesn't return til 3/8 1 Sniffle, sniffle.

Mike V. said...

Agreed on Boardwalk and TWD! lol Hopefully will watch Homeland tonight. No Revolution so that's another hour to play with. But, we're still doing Christmas Decorations and stuff so who knows? lol

I watched Talking Dead last night too...Damon was on...duh! lol But yes, I saw the date and heard about 1 hour TD as well! Good times! Okay, off to do the quick recap!

MJ said...

You watched BE? OMG - can't believe they killed Gillian! And Richard just took all those guys out. Knew Gyp would die - but was a little disappointed how. Did not think Margaret would get an abortion though. Confused with the whole deal - why did Mellon agree to call the woman lawyer about his property ? Might have to look at it again. LOL

I forgot Damon was on ! Was too tired to watch.

Will go to TWD post shortly

Mike V. said...

Yep...watched Boardwalk! Wait, was Gillian actually dead by the end of all of that? I know she was drugged but did we see her die? lol I figured she was dead until the discussion with Nucky.

But yeah, I knew Richard would be involved in the finale...but it didn't look like he was working for Nucky at all. Just wanted to get that kid out of there. Good times! lol

Gyp's death was definitely anti-climatic. He didn't even have to confront Nucky directly.

Interesting on the Abortion since I had brought that up earlier in the season and we thought they weren't doing them back then. Just Birth control. lol But wasn't she bleeding when she woke up? Maybe she had a miscarriage? Or maybe that was how they handled abortions back then? Gave her something to cause her to miscarry? I'll admit, I'm not abortion specialist, so I could be making a fool out of myself right now in what I'm saying! lol

I thought Nucky called Mellon. He only had 1% share in the distillery or whatever at that point, so he figured he'd take down some of what's his face's people in the process.

I foresee this as Nucky getting out of the liquor business. I could be wrong. But, remember that scene back earlier in the season where there was a surplus in weapons from the war? Wait...was that season 2 or this season? Anyway, maybe Nucky is going to get into the Guns business, Sons of Anarchy style. lol If he wants to look at "angles" of things, I think he knows people that need weapons.

Just a crazy theory of mine. He may have sacrificed the PA Distillery but will find another way to bootleg. lol

Mike V. said...

Watched Homeland and ONCE!

Homeland was insane! They actually went and killed the VP? Or so we think. Liked the role reversal with Carrie being the captive of Nazir. (if only for a few hours lol) Brody's son had a few more awful lines which were hysterical. Estes and What's his face seem to be getting nervous with Saul snooping around on the whole drone strike cover-up. It was weird that carrie tried to get Nazir but didn't mention the threat on the VP. Is she covering for Brody? Should be interesting.

ONCE - I was in and out of sleep on this one but I did see that they're back! I saw that Emma's heart couldn't be taken. Where did the extra Magic Bean come from? I missed that part. But I did see Hook and Cora are nearing Storybrooke on a pirate ship. lol Good times. For a second I thought that Snow's kiss wouldn't wake up Charming. But it certainly did. Gold and Emma had an interesting conversation. He sure seems to be playing both sides as always. And Regina is becoming more and more of a tragic character instead of a pure villain. We'll see what happens when it returns next year!

Still have to watch DEX. SOA Finale tonight! Hope I can stay awake. Mother-In-Law will be in town tomorrow so if I don't watch tonight, who knows when I will! lol (No clue how I'll do my Fringe duties either but I'll figure it out!! lol)

MJ said...

BE: Good point that she wasn't technically dead yet. Yeah - we did talk about the abortions and while they just did one it's not openly done or acceptable. Very secretive and back room - which is dangerous for the women. I agree Nucky called Mellon - but Mellon wanted his place up and running again, hence the deal with Nucky. So why would he agree to having the atty gen'l called in? Very good point though - Nucky prob is getting out of boose and yes he certainly did come upon that stockpile of extra weapons at the AC Armory.

Homeland - I was shocked that they had him (seemingly) kill the VP. They'd straddled a line where he was not yet a terrorist but had issues with certain peeps in gov't but now he is a killer and terrorist. And there is still one ep left !!!

Mike V. said...

BE - Maybe I don't know who Mellon is. lol I thought Nucky called James Cromwell's character and ratted out the New York guy. So he pretty much sold the distillery and then got his frienemy caught instead. Probably revenge for not helping him out with Gyp. Yeah, and I still don't remember what season that whole AC Armory thing was. If it was this season, then I could definitely see that as a hint of where Nucky will be focusing his attention now. But, we'll see!

Homeland - There's actually "2" episodes left! lol At least that's what the preview said (and confirmed via imdb). Well, Brody had killed before this season with the guy in the woods. And yes, he did seemingly kill the VP...but he always wanted that done. He still doesn't want to help with the murder of innocent civilians. But, now Carrie is almost an accessory to the crime, right? I still think they're planning the straddle the line further with Brody's intentions. I know a lot of critics think that Brody has to be eliminated from the show this season or they run the risk of his story going stale or getting ridiculous the way 24 did. I'm still enjoying the ride and I'm sure they could figure out a way to keep Brody involved. But, I could also see a show where you eliminate the whole brody family and Still have the Carrie and Saul show. Either would be enjoyable!

MJ said...

SOA: Ron Perlman interview.

Silly vote on what will happen tonight.

HIMYM - an ok ep. The whole 'firsts' was cute. But - why does this show not able to write Robin and barney together well ? It just always seems to come from no where and like they just throw the story together. Could be just me. I knew it was coming - guess I felt the execution could be better. Asking Patrice on a date? really? THe Lara Croft was good though ! LOL And Lily and Marshall taking Teds daughter to santa was great.

BE - yup - you know who Mellon is. Maybe I'm confused. Last week or 2 ago Nuck went into business with Mellon to opena nd run the distillery - that got the politicians friends gone and no indictment on Nucky while Melon would quietly get rich. Then Rothstein called Nucky this week and said he'd get massaria to stop backing Gyp but he wanted the distellery (he found out about it from the guy with the annoying laugh). Nuck agrees and Melon calls the ADA (or whatever she is) to get her to raid the distillery which is not Rothsteins. But Melon just lost lots of dough he would have made. I don't understand why he'd do this for Nucky.

Homeland - wow - you are right with 2 eps. Agree on guy in woods - but that was out of desperation. He's gonna say he did it to save Carrie, but he wanted him dead ! Don't think Carrie is an accessory though. Could def have a show without Brody - but i think he'll stay around. They still have to get nazir.

Mike V. said...

Thanks for the links MJ. I saw them, just haven't had a chance to read!

HIMYM - Yeah it was okay. I have been loving the Lily/Marshall stuff because it's been very identifiable for Shanna and me. lol We're concerned right now that he's going to walk when we go see The Hobbit next Friday! lol I don't think it's just you. The Robin/Barney stuff is pretty bizarre. Plus, the whole knowing they're going to end up together is kind of anti-climatic. We kinda knew already anyway, but now it's just going through the motions. I guess you could still say the same thing about Ted meeting the mother but that's a little different to me. That's just a final destination for the show and an overall setup for a story of these characters figuring out their way in the world. Barney and Robin is a little different. But, it is a key piece of the story leading to meeting the mother.

BE - The distillery WAS Rothstein's by the end of the episode. He and Nucky agreed to it. Rothstein took 99% ownership and Nucky had 1%. I think the fact that annoying laugh guy was there and and it was empty meant the place was there for the taking and it was Nucky's to sell. But, yeah why Mellon would do that for Nucky? I have no idea. I don't think I pay enough attention to details on this show! :)

Homeland - Yeah, I think Brody will still be involved next year too. But, I do think a show without him could still be interesting. Kind of like a 24 reboot every season with a new threat and new characters but same people investigating the threat. I just think the Brody/Carrie chemistry is too good to not find ways to keep that going.

Mike V. said...

New Justified footage! :)

Mike V. said...

Ugh. So, no SOA for me last night. We tried to get everything around the house done so we could watch it (with our company coming). But, we didn't get up to our room until 11pm. Even then, we were still planning to start it. Guess what? The TiVo didn't record the damn episode!! LOL (Our main one did but that was all the way downstairs. No way I was convincing my wife to go back down!) We were exhausted anyway, so there's an outside chance we'll be able to watch tonight but who knows. I guess the good thing is we have a year to watch it. LOL But from a discussion standpoint, I'm gonna be delayed unfortunately!

DEXTER - Whew....crazy episode! They've entirely killed off the main Kushka (sp?) characters. Totally threw me off....but this season is more about Dexter than any big case. So, I guess it makes sense that attention will be turned towards the Dexter/Hannah situation with Deb looking to take her down. And LaGuerta is getting close!! Seems like that is going to somehow get diffused at least for a season though. We'll see! Love that Dexter broke his code to take out Hannah's father and then completely lied to her. I had the feeling that maybe Hannah knew he was lying and knew he "took care" of her father. Especially when he came out and admitted there is no "Dark Passenger". But what do I know? lol All of the Dark Passenger stuff was funny. Especially, "It sounds kind of funny when you say it out loud" or something like that. He never really talks about his dark passenger out loud, it's always in the voiceover/thoughts.

Anyway, good episode, good season!

MJ said...

BE - I think the deets are hard to discern sometimes. LOL

HIMYM - agree knowing Robin/Barney get together is anticlimactic but Ted/mom is not !

Homeland - agree on their chemistry. Read somewhere - prob EW that the reviewer thinks the new bad will be Quinn and the guy Quinn met that Saul goes to see.

Dexter - just watched last night myself ! Funny - I didn't come away thinking Dex lied to Hannah about her dad (who was a huge fan fave on Supernatural - odd seeing him as a bad guy). When he said i took care of it I kinda assumed she knew exactly what he meant. Think they gave a Supernatual win - her dad's character on Supe was Bobby and the made a reference to no adult would be called Bobby. LOL Cracked me up when they called it the Dark Whatever and Dark Rider. SO now what - Dexter realizes he has no passenger and that the actually is responsible for all his actions - seems freaked at first but then is like ok, whatever ! ?? My husband thinks that Hannah will eventually take out Deb for her own self preservation, then we debated if Dexter could kill Deb to protect Hannah! I think he could not, but Hannah def can.

SOA - OMG! Wow Wow Wow. All I'll say - I'll jot off some notes and wait until you have watched since I think we are the only anarchists ! LOL I just do not even want you to get spoiled by even one word ! Crazy s**t went down my friend.

By the way - I've been watching a show for a few years now called Raising Hope and while it can be dumb it also cracks me up. But the best part of that show - the little girl Hope. I do not know how this show does it but this little girl actually acts and reacts with the camera and other actors - even while she was little. She is the cutest thing - you should check it out this summer whent he watch load is easier.

Mike V. said...

BE - Agreed! lol

Homeland - That really makes sense. They're basically introducing the Season 3 conflict now. (That is, IF Brody stays on for season 3. With the pace this show is moving, this could be a 4 episode arc. lol)

Dexter - Interesting that we saw that scene 2 different ways. I definitely can see it the way you saw it too and it totally makes sense. Maybe it will be clear in the next episode if she knows or not. Not a big deal either way though since he's out of the picture for good. Funny on the Bobby/Supernatural stuff! Interesting on Hannah potentially killing Deb. WOW...if they ended this season with Deb getting killed that would be a major twist, considering there's another season to come. But...also...she knows about Dexter and we've had a season to deal with her coming to grips with that. So, maybe a way to make the show fresh for one more season would be for Deb to die. Then it's Dexter vs. the Miami PD. Of course, there's also the flipside and Deb may show her own "dark passenger" (lol) and take out Hannah. And, of course, there's always the potential that Hannah is really the BIG BAD of the season. She may have been what drove her previous boyfriend to death and she's slowly doing the same thing to Dexter. She may have him under his spell. That's what I originally thought was going on, but now it just seems like they're genuinely in love. So, who knows? lol

SOA - I appreciate you holding off, because I couldn't resist reading what you said anyway! lol I can only imagine it was a crazy episode. Maybe we'll force my Mother-in-law to watch tonight...I'm sure she'd love that! lol I think Kelly was the other "anarchist" around these parts, but she's been a little too busy for us lately! :)

I always hear good things about Raising Hope. We watched the pilot episode and enjoyed it then just never had time to watch. I know it's streaming on netflix though so maybe we'll check it out one of these days! I hear lots of great things about Parenthood too, which I think has the same showrunner that Friday Night Lights had. So, I'm not sure why we never kept up on it. That's also on one day. lol Of course, once all of the winter finales happen, we have to burn through Revenge and The Vampire Diaries. And Nashville if we have time. lol

MJ said...

Dexter - yeah I still am on the fence on whether I trust Hanna. Just keep getting the feeling we haven't seen all of her yet.

I watched Parenthood for the first couple of years. Enjoyed it but it got a little repetative/soapy for my tastes - think I quit half way thru last year.

Agree - too much stuff to watch. WHy I never stayed with BBT - at the time I had no time. LOL. One of these days.

MJ said...

Once - I finally watched this last night too. Think the dried bean came from the Giant. Loved that the ship was arriving at the end - thought they'd drag it out further. Yeah - felt sorry for Regina. She is really trying for Henry's sake but by helping him she kinda puts herself on the outside of it all. Loved Gold having no qualm rubbing that in her face too. Veeery interesting that Emma might also have some magic ? Yeah - good will always win and True Love conquers all - and that might wind up hurting the show in the long run. It kinda makes it a little anti-climactic that way.

Mike V. said...

ONCE - I think we kinda knew Emma might have some magic or something. Wasn't it Regina touching Emma that caused her to have magic herself again?

SOA - We watched it last night! You're right, a lot of STUFF went down! lol Of course, I had a feeling none of our SOA peeps would be dying, so I just kept trying to figure out what the twists would be. I knew JAX wouldn't leave Tig high and dry and I liked the execution and Pope getting his. Didn't realize Pope's #2 wasn't there when it happened. Ummm, Otto (kurt sutter himself) biting his tongue off!?!? LOL EWWW!!! I love that he keeps destroying that character a little more every season but he still stays alive in the process. Now he won't be able to talk next season. Maybe he'll start writing things down? But of course, being half blind he probably won't be able to see what he's writing. lol

Jax setting up Clay for the fall was a good time, but by the time it actually happens of course you feel a little sorry for Clay. (or at least Sutter tried to make him more sympathetic) Gemma just playing her part there was nuts. And Juice having a change of heart at the last second, but too late was interesting.

And just when Tara thought she was out...Gemma kept her in by sending her off to jail. OUCH!! I wonder if Jax will take to heart anything that she said to him before her arrest.

Good stuff! Did I miss anything? I'm sure I did. lol

MJ said...

Once - forgot about that !

SOA J'ai Obtenu Cette = I got this.

Jax's whole plan to kill Pope - cold, but oh so brilliant ! So did not see that coming with how it went down. As soon as they killed Pope and Jax then called his #2 I knew Jax was gonna try to sell it as now he's the new boss, but did not see that it would be Clays gun. When Pope said remember what happend to whoever kills me and Jax said counting on it I remembered the big bounty that would be paid to the guy to get the guy who kills Pope. Clever way to keep Clay alive til next year any way. Only plot hole - what if Pope's #2 still wanted tig dead? And the Tara/Gemma faceoff - holy crap. After Gemma hits her in the gut 'hope your not pregnant'. Nobody does ugly b***h like Katey Sagal. Tara should have held her tongue - but it was hearing Jax talk about getting out with Nero that scared the crap out of Gemma and I think that is why Gemma made her move. That end - with Jax holding Abel and Gemma standing there - I'm guessing purposeful in that last years was Jax with Tara behind him. Can't remember now what Tara said as she was leaving in cuffs 'it's done or it's over'. Clilling. Clay reacted strangely to his arrest though - just like resignation once he got over the shock I guess? I wish he'd yelled out to Gemma that Jax would find out her part in killing his dad now that she'd shown no loyalty to him, then Juice would have told Jax. It would have made Jax all the more messed up at the end - Tara kinda betraying him, hearing him mom has guilt with his dad's death, then having her come in and stand there with him and Abel !
Guess we know now what Jax told Gemma in that off camera talk last week.

ok - let's talk some of the more random scenes ! Obviously - holy crap Otto bit off his own tongue ! He is one sick MoFo ! And the dogs - I'd have died if they actually shot that dog in the head - hard enough watching the dogs fighting and the trash full of dead ones. My husband reminded me that last season when tig kept voting no to letting the guy from Shield in it wound up being because of a dog! And the bucket of nails! Too great. What a great scene with Jax and Nero though - and I so feel that neither of them is ever getting out. So sad. I still like Jax of course, as well as a character who is a hoodlum can be liked of course, but now he is so not who he wanted to be. I'd hoped he'd do it like his dad would have wanted, and obviously Bobby thought so too. Loved the songs they chose to open and close - though you probably don't know the opening one - it's even old for me. LOL Think it was Katey Sagal singing it too.

Agree- by end Clay was more sympathetic and we were left hating on Gemma. Sur it was by design. Read that Sutter said now he doesn't have to write dialog for himself. LOL I think Jax was feeling very betrayed by Tara, he'll try to get her out but i think he's lost some trust with her.

Mike V. said...

SOA - Should've known that was what the title meant when I saw all of the recap articles saying "Jax Got This" lol

Totally agree on the plot hole. Jax and #2 guy seemed to be having a bit of a rapport developing, so maybe in one of those scenes we were supposed to interpret them as being on the same page. It was Pope's daughter that died which is why he wanted Tig dead, right? So, #2 guy probably didn't hold the same grudge. But, I liked that Tig got to take out Pope for what he did to HIS daughter. Totally agree that Gemma made the move because of the Jax/Nero conversation. Gemma will get hers in the end! She seems to be the puppet master pulling all of the strings. It was HER idea to kill JT, right? So, I'm sure a Jax vs. Gemma conflict might be for the final season of the show. I couldn't hear what Tara said at the end....we had a screaming awake child with us for those final minutes of the show. (I'm such a good parent!! lol Not only trying to watch this show instead of tending to Parker, but letting him WATCH Sons of Anarchy! lol Of course, we do have a picture of him in an SOA onesie for the Season Premiere back in September. lol) As for Clay...I think he's been sent so far past Rock Bottom, that he had no fight left in him. That was kind of what the scene that was immediately prior to his arrest conveyed to me. He knew of Juice's role in getting Clay caught and just didn't care anymore. So, when he got arrested and found out Gemma was part of was just like..."it figures" lol

Random Scenes - Yes, the dogs!! Forgot about those. Love that Tig rescued one and now it's like the club's dog. lol Good point from your husband too! I forgot about that. lol The bucket of nails was insane. Jax and Nero Scene was great. Yeah, Jax lost a lot of likability this season for many. I know my wife wasn't big on his actions. But, I like to take an overall perspective to his journey. This was inevitable for this show to continue, so I'm fine with it. lol But, I do hope season 6 is a little more "FUN". They had the scene with Walton Goggins which was awesome this year...but they can afford to have a little more fun and not be so serious all of the time! lol Yeah...I don't think i knew either of the songs but I can't really remember them now. I know Katey does do some singing on the show so it wouldn't surprise me.

Agree on Jax and his trust for Tara. And funny on Sutter! lol

MJ said...

LOL on Parker watching - at least you're not shutting off the baby monitor while you are getting high. ;-D

I knew you'd not know the opeing song, but the closing was Sympathy for the Devil.

Mike V. said...

Oh...I know THAT song! ...I must've just forgotten what played. lol

Watched AHS this morning....loved that Ian McShane was on. Definitely an interesting Christmas episode. lol I can't believe they're running this show through the holidays with no hiatus. Crazy!

MJ said...

AHS - haven't seen it but now who is on and that he's an evil santa. LOL - agree about the holiday and that they'd run this type of show thru.

Happy Fringe Friday.

Mike V. said...

Happy Fringe Friday to you as well! I hope I'm able to watch and recap over the wknd. It's going to be a busy one! I'm sure I'll watch it tonight regardless of how tired I am or if the wife stays up to do the same. lol

MJ said...

Yeah - I got so much to do to finish up being ready for the holidays so I can start cookies !

Wait til you catch up to TVD! Whew! It's been a wild ride - probably be really cool to watch back to back. Revenge too.

I'm outta here shortly - have a great weekend. I think no Revenge or Once and we now have no BE so this weekend should be more manageable in terms of watching stuff.

Mike V. said...

Sunday Shows - Whew...yeah should be a nice wknd. lol Dexter and Homeland! Woo!

I've heard Revenge is absolutely awful so far this season. Like the plot is just getting ridiculous. We'll still watch though! Yeah, watching TVD will be nice back to back. I'm sure Revenge too.

Did I put the trailer for Justified here? I know it aired during SOA. Looks like a good time!

Have a good wknd to you too! Parker's going to see Santa tonight in Philly. Lots of fam coming. Should be fun!