Saturday, October 6, 2012

Fringe: Season 5 Episode 2 - In Absentia

Hello fellow Fringe Loyalists!  Welcome back to our ongoing coverage of the final season of the awesome show.  I've been enjoying our time in 2036 and even though we're a bit more serialized it still feels very FRINGE-esque.   Though, this episode got more into our usual formula.  There was a bit of a  "Case of the Week" feel to it while tying into the overall themes that our characters are currently going through.  And Walter got to mess with SCIENCE so that's always a +1 for a Fringe episode!  The episode was, and I'm sure most of this season will be for me, a WOW worthy endeavor so I'll get that out of the way.  Let's move onto the recap so we can get into the discussion!

Fringe "Case" of the Week

More like Fringe "mission" of the week with this final season.  We opened up with that same flashback to the Observer takeover in 2015.  This time, it was from Olivia's perspective.  Peter mentioned that he could lay in that park forever with his 2 favorite girls.  But, Olivia was a party pooper saying they needed to get Etta home and into the bath.  Then the Observers appeared, they ran for her and there was a flash.  She woke up in that tent and heard Peter screaming and asking where their daughter was.  She was panicking and then woke up in 2036.  Both of our leading characters are having very intense nightmares from that life/world altering day.  For them, it was only a couple months ago.   But for the rest of the world, it was years.  And they are back with their daughter now.  But, as we learned in this episode, she is not the same sweet little girl they lost so many years back.  

So, we find Walter trying to unscramble his mind with the thought unifier but it's not working.  Peter is worried that the thing may damage his brain more since there may not be anything to uncover.  The team begins to think that Walter may have documented how to rid the world of the observers as he always documented everything.  They realize that they need to get back to Harvard to Walter's lab. (yay!)  The only problem is that it's flooded with Observers these days.  No fear, Walter remembered the TUNNELS system!  And there just happens to be an underground hatch leading to where they'll find Desmond eventually!  (no, seriously this is true!)  

So, obviously we're all of a sudden in Boston with no idea how they got there undetected.  But, we'll assume Etta knew a way!  (This show never hesitated to travel long distances for cases without explaining how they got back and forth so quickly.  But, it's not that kind of show where those details and periods of time are important.  Just silly me any my overcritical mind always thinks about it!)  Walter and crew find the hidden hatch and dive into the high temperature STEAM Pipe loaded tunnel.   Of course, Walter remembered the exact path to end up right in the lab.  The best parts of Fringe revolve around Walter being so clueless about some things but then having moments of brilliance.  It's for this reason alone, I'm glad that Widmark destroyed his reassembled brain.  It had to happen or it wouldn't have felt like Fringe in this final season! 
LOST Season 1 Finale anyone?

When they get to the lab it appeared that Walter had ambered the whole thing to protect it.  However, they did find that the point of origin of the amber was right near a Betamax video camera.  NICE!  (only Walter would still have one of those in 2015)   He immediately knew that he didn't document what they needed to know, he recorded it!  However, they would need some kind of laser device to cut through the thick amberized area.  

Wouldn't you know but there's no power in the lab?   So, basically Walter is going to create the laser mechanism while the rest of the team find a way to restore power.  The timing couldn't have been better for a loyalist that had a striking resemblance to Al Borland from Home Improvement cames strolling in!  (The actor did look really familiar though.  I couldn't place where I knew him from.  Duh, I just realized who it is.  It's Eric Lange AKA Radzinsky from LOST!  And instead of pretending to be smart, I allowed you all to see my thought process at work.).  They capture him and the interrogation begins.  
"I don't think so, Tim." 

Etta happens to have confiscated an Angel Device.  It's 2nd Gen Observer tech (as opposed to??) that the Loyalists created and had used on the resistance.  Basically messes with your chemical makeup and steals years off of your life.  The amount of years depending on the intensity of the charge.  The victim loses the will to lie and will tell the truth for the opportunity to live just a little longer.   Olivia is horrified when she finds out her daughter interrogates with such intense methods.  She never wanted this for her daughter.   Olivia tries to sympathize with the victim and finds out information about his son and why he became part of the resistance (all turns out to be a lie).  There were themes here about him not wanting his son to keep looking for him after he's gone that tied into Etta/Olivia and Peter's relationship.  And what it does to the children who keep looking.  

Etta and Manfretti (loyalist) keep playing their parts that they usually play.  He'll give up the info for a chance to stay alive, but will keep hoping that he can convince Olivia to let him go.  He did give up an access code and the fact that they need his retina to get access to the science lab where the power source is.  

This gives Walter another ability to stretch his science muscles.  He starts using pig's eyes to try and mirror Manfretti's retinal makeup.  (Love that we thought they scooped out his eye at first!  And then when Walter says "I need another" we thought he was referring to the guy's remaining eye.  Classic.)   Peter gets tattooed and dressed up like a loyalist along with his daughter.  Etta and Olivia have another moment.  Etta thanks Olivia for not putting up a fight and allowing her to go on the mission.  They both like to be in control.  Olivia still just seems shocked at what her daughter has turned into.  (basically a hardened Olivia)  

Peter and Etta head out for their attempt to get access to the science lab.  They have a bit of a return of the Jedi moment where Manfretti's access to that area was in question.  "It's an older code but it checks out sir.  I was just about to let them through!"  Manfretti gives the details over the walkie for why he's there and they buy it.   But, not far beyond that door they see some of the experimentation going on on various creatures and humans.  And we see one Agent Simon Foster's decapitated head opening and closing his eyes.  NOOOOOOOOO DESMOND!!!   Really, thought he'd be back this season at some point.  And, I guess we don't really know what their experimentations will result in.  But for now, RIP Agent Foster.   And boy did it annoy Etta!  She was about to get her vengeance but Peter stopped her with some pretty typical quotes from shows/movies like this.  "There will be a time for vengeance but it's not now!"  

Long story short, they restore the power, and Walter yells "Let there be light!"  They spend a lot of time  drilling through to get the video camera.  But eventually get there. 

Meanwhile, Olivia puts up one more plea with Etta to spare Manfretti's life.  Etta explains that he lied to Olivia to gain sympathy.  She claims that Olivia doesn't know her world.  She then takes Manfretti in a van intending to go back to a resistance base where he'd be interrogated and then killed.   She stops along the road and lets him go.   But not before having a discussion.  Manfretti admits to lying to Olivia to try and stay alive.  But, he also tells Etta he is now going to stop being a coward and fight for the resistance   They both share a moment that they saw HOPE in Olivia's eyes that they're on the same side and should be fighting to stop this Observer takeover.   Olivia's presence alone has started affecting people, including her own daughter.   Nice.  

Back at the lab, Olivia sees a "FaceTime like" video chat feed from Etta showing Manfretti walking free.  Olivia could not be prouder of her daughter in that moment.  And all of a sudden, there might be hope for this awful future they're in.  Walter and crew get the video working and we have our Pierre Chang DHARMA video moment for Fringe.  The tape is even messed up a bit from the laser so it cuts out in places. 

Long story short (again).  Walter left behind videos for whoever would find them in case they didn't survive.  A back-up plan.  He has separated the plan into various BETAMAX videos located who knows where?  (Hopefully, there's a clue in the lab somewhere for the first one!)   Walter gives an inspirational speech that the finders of the tape were the chosen ones. It is their destiny to save the world.  To rid the world of the observers.  How?  Well, we're going to get there.  Starting next week! 

Glyph Code - FAITH - Obviously, by the end of this episode with all of the hope in the air there is an essence of faith going around with the Fringe team.  But, it could be the Fringe writers asking the Fringe community to have faith in the route the show is going!  Thanks to Fringepedia for the screenshot! 

Observer Spotted - There were actually less this week, but we spotted them all over Harvard as they are performing crazy experiments on animals and yes, humans.  Poor Desmond/Agent Foster!!  

  • When going through the hot tunnels Walter recalled days when he and Bellie would walk through them in their swim trunks and Speedos.  Fantastic. 
  • One word: "Yahtzee!" 

  • "I've been looking for you old friend!" he says to a drawing of a dragon on the wall in the tunnels.
  • "Criterion Collection, forgive me!"  Walter has a moment with his Laser Disc player before destroying it to get access to the laser for his new tool.  It figures that if Walter put his faith in BETAMAX that he also would have a Laser Disc player too.  I'm sure if we kept digging we would have found a ColecoVision system as well as an HD DVD player somewhere!  I feel certain that he had an 8-Track player at some point in the show too.

  • "That was envigorating! Wanna give it a go?"  Paraphrased, but Walter using the laser and talking to Astrid.  

Food of the Week - Grape Licorice!  Loved seeing it in the amber and swiss cheese brain Walter wondering when he switched the grape. Fantastic! 

Interesting things to note:
  • We still don't really know what happened to Etta for those 21 years since she was taken.  But, Olivia did see pictures of Etta as a child and more grown up with some kind of foster parents.  Interesting. 

  • Fun to learn that Walter had known Swedish and Portuguese at some point in his past.  Why?  Who knows?  It's Walter! 
  • Still notably absent:  Nina and Broyles.  Anyone want to bet one of them has one of the tapes? 
  • Even though we see signs of hope by the end, the world still seems pretty bleak.  I'm still holding out an ounce of optimism that time travel will be involved in fixing this future.  I've read that many are bouncing around similar ideas.  I'm not saying I wouldn't be happy with the surviving characters continuing to exist in this future that is rid of the Observers.  I'm sure they could make that equally as compelling.  It just seems like a very FRINGE thing to do to mess with time and adjust the timeline accordingly.  Granted, it might be perceived as "TOO EASY" of a solution by fans/critics.  We'll see!  All I ask for is that Seasons 1-5 are tied up as they have perceived to be on the route to in seasons 1-4.  
Well that's it for today folks!  Next week also starts The Walking Dead (10/14, Seasons 1 and 2 streaming on Netflix!) and we'll also continue Revolution!  Hope you enjoyed my ramblings and I'll see you next week! 


Anonymous said...

Haha, don't count out Simon yet. It wouldn't be the first time we've seen a head reattached to a body (although the last time it was a shapeshifter thing). They are obviously trying to extract information out of his head to learn what they can about the resistance. More worrisome is, where is William Bell's head?

Glad you didn't leave 8-tracks off the list although I will throw in the Commodore 64 and Atari video game. LOL Can you even find blank betamax tapes in 2012?

As for the Al Borland angle... maybe if he had a plaid flannel shirt on. (good catch on the Radzinksy LOST connection).

Maybe Olivia's role this season is to restore humanity back to the human race. The 20 year time lag which for the previously ambered Fringe team was 2 months, is an interesting way to provide a contrast to the costs of the battle and what the human race has lost. Also a good study in human survival and adataptation. It also allows an interesting dynamic (and hope) for Olivia and Peter, they have only been estranged for a short time, not twenty years. That would seem to make reconciliation much more probable.

Good catch on the pictures of young Etta on the mantel. Went right over my head. One of my theories was that September had raised her and taught her how to hide her thoughts. Which brings up the question, was this ability learned or inherited (her being a "cortexaphan baby", hey, it's better than being a "crack baby").

As for theories as to how they will ultimately defeat the observers.... Walter mixes up a batch of industrial strength LSD, doses their water supply, and they all jump off buildings or go insane.. LOL.

One last thing. I haven't went back to the last week's episode but on Jensen's EW review of the first episode one commenter posted this:
"I use closed captioning in detail heavy shows like Fringe. I didn't see or hear any reference to "JJ", but I did see something else. The opening narration?? The captioning ID'd the speaker as WALTERNATE. Twice. It certainly had his cadence and more forceful way of speaking than Walter. "

Not sure what to make of it but interesting if true.

Bill B

Mike V. said...


Naaa, I'm not counting Simon out just yet. Good point with the Newton head reattachment. Since they'll be doing a lot of callbacks to other seasons, that could very well be in the cards. Good point on William Bell too! He was ambered in that same location (without a hand of course). Surely, there's something going on with him.

Well, I was going with media that didn't quite hit the masses....and Atari was the winner of the Atari vs. ColecoVision I would think. lol Commodore 64, maybe not but I certainly had one! lol No idea on Betamax tapes in 2012 (let alone 2015 when Walter used them) but if anyone had them I'm sure Walter would!

Good point with the plaid flannel shirt. lol

Agreed on Olivia's possible role in this season. It certainly seems to be heading that way if the resolution to this story happens in 2036!

I forgot that Etta could hide her thoughts. I'll be guessing that it's because she's a cortexibaby but maybe there is something else going on. I think I may have theorized that because she is the first human conceived of 2 different worlds, maybe her frequency exists on a plane that the Observers can't reach. or something like that.

LOL on the LSD theory. Good times!

Very interesting on the closed captioning and Walternate being in there. I'll have to look into that!

Thanks for the insightful comments as always, Bill!

MJ said...

Wow - way to answer our Simon question ! Will say this - the actor is not on Scandal any more either. When his eyes moved it was pretty creepy though.

Agree they always went from point A to B without any logical time passing. Funny how we accept it as ok on one show and make fun of it on others. LOL Just love I guess ! That was Radzinsky ? I did not see that at all.
Great fun with the pig eyes though. Etta is more than just a hardened Olivia - she's downright cold like Sarah Conner if Terminator 2. But for very good reason from what we have seen.

yeah - stating the locations of the tapes on the video would have been too easy ! LOL

Good point about etta's frequency - I was also thinking it was cortexiphan that helped her block the 'baldies'.

I watched Once, Dexter, Revenge, and 666 also. Won't comment til I know peeps are ready though.

Mike V. said...

Home with Parker today so I'll comment more when he's down for a nap! Lol I watched once, revenge and homeland. Started Grimm this morning but Parker's been keeping me busy! Will try for dex tonight holding off on 666 to hear more reviews/ratings.

Mike V. said...


Yeah, I knew Henry Ian Cusick did not return to Scandal so it'll be interesting to see if he comes back. We'll see!

It is funny that we never really criticized Fringe but The Event ...I was all over that one! lol I did make fun of Fringe in season 2 a lot with it's crazy travelling. But, that wasn't a story they wanted to tell so it wasn't that big of a deal I guess. Sometimes the travelling between NYC and Boston seemed instantaneous though and didn't logically fit the storylines. But it wasn't too bad. lol

Good call on Etta being more Sarah Conner. And yes, from the world she's grown up in it certainly seems justified (speaking of which...finally caught up on JUSTIFIED!! Crazy ending.)

Yeah Etta blocking the baldies - either way it (mixed universe kid/cortexikid) Maybe they won't even address it!

ONCE - Loving this show. Love how they addressed leaving Storybrooke with the curse broken. It reintroduces the curse 1 by 1. Good way to keep them all in one place and to allow Charming to take on a leadership role there. Queen's flashback was good. Though it was funny watching her try to be a late teen/early 20s whiny Regina. lol Interesting that she first got introduced to magic through Rumple. And weird that Cora (sp?) is back in FTL present day.....i would've assumed Regina sent her to the EARTH world lol (aka our universe).

Sidenote: loved that Dopey had a purple hat on in storybrooke. lol

Lots more to cover there, but I'll let others chime in! (oh and you can tell Red Riding Hood is a series regular now with her increased role in this episode lol)

Revenge - Clam Cam was in all its glory 2 episodes in! Lots of switcheroos in alliances going on in this ep. By the end it seemed Amanda/Emily was going to side with Bill Buchanan (gotta go with his 24 name) but then he tried to kill her. Love Victoria "resurrecting" and finding her way back into everyone's life. So the baby is actually Jack's (is that his name?)...but Amanda/Emily tried to make Fauxmanda think it wasn't. Yikes lol. I guess we were SORTA right on the fake dna test. But not so much! Looks like Declan is getting into some shady business too.

I won't comment on Homeland since it seems like I'm the only one who has watched! lol Next week I'll probably be catching up on Dex and Revenge during the week because of course.....TWD is back!! :-)

Mike V. said...

Justified - Oh yeah....Arlo shot the Sheriff (cop) but he meant to shoot the deputy!! LOL (had to loosely quote the song) Saw a man with a hat...he would've killed his son to save Boyd. Nuts. Loved Quarls getting his arm chopped off. Loved Raylan's reaction to the arm gun thing. "that's cute" or something like that. lol Quite a bloody finale....Dickie got shot by Raylan but he certainly probably survived. I read the EW interview with Graham Yost (EP/Showrunner) of the finale. Man he gave detailed interviews! lol So, I"m all set for season 4! So glad I caught up on this one!

MJ said...

Grimm - thinking you must have seen this entirely since your last post now. Date night all around. not surprised Rosalee is going away, the actress is/was preggers and they had to reduce her screen time. Hint that Renard is from Austria? Thought it would be France. Hank's continued fascination and questions still cracking me up. It's starting to make me sad that Juliette is not getting her memory back, but i was horrified then Monroe had a bounty on him just for being Nick's friend. I liked Angelina. So far she's kinda been the only Wesen that was kinda bad but also a little good. They've all been like Monroe, Rosalee, or the repair guy - or totally evil. I liked that Nick and Hank had to struggle with their inner cop to work with her too, knowing she's a wanted criminal. But what was the point of Mian puting the hit on Monroe? To piss Renard off, as he has stated no on is to hurt the Grimm he's put so much effort into?

Deleted scene from Grimm:

Justified: good one on Arlo with the Sherriff/deputy ! ;-D I know they had Arlo kinda losing his marbles all season, but when Raylon figured out that Arlo was probably looking to shoot him - my heart broke a little. Quarles - not only is his arm cut off but it's hanging above him and he's reaching for it. ! Oh man ! Until this years SOA I'd have said that was my fave 'can't look away' scene. Glad you like the show since I recommended it so heavily. LOL

Revenge - surely someone will go rescue the clam ! LOL Thought Declan had actually gotten a clue - seemed smarter/more mature this year. Dumb ass. Victoria setting up a fake kidnapping - I was laughing out loud and rolling my eyes on that one. And telling Charlotte - this was the only way I could protect you! Emily's gonna go to hell now - telling Fauxmanda it's not Jacks kid ! Loved Nolan without his pants - but come on now - this is a brilliant guy, don't be fooled/seduced by the hot little accountant chick! Please !

Once - still loving the show but having Cora be in that castle in FTL - who didn't see that coming ?!? What does not seem right is that Snow/Emma are supposedly in the same time as us, but if Cora is there then young Regina sent her mom to the future then ? Just going with it for now, but does not make sense. There is just something about David - i do not see a leader. I don't know if it's the actor or what, but I have no issues when he is Charming. maybe I still have his wishy-washy behavior going back and forth between the two women in my head.

I'll be watching Homeland tonight - heard it was quite the ep !

MJ said...

Homeland - OMG ! I was on the edge of my seat a little when Carrie had to run into that apt to get anything she could and was being chased, but when Saul watched that tape ! I can't remember now - does Broday actually SAY what he was going to do, or just elude to the fact that people will be saying things about him and he wanted his family to know the truth. But how did this hezbollah guy get this ? I guess it was someone in Nazir's network that picked it up, but why send it to Beirut ? Oh - so blown away by that ending that I actually almost forgot that Brody sat there in the sit room sending Nazir a text warning !?! Holy crap. This show has been fab so far.

Yeah - with TWD coming back Dexter and 666 will get pushed to monday or tues. WIll have to try to get Homeland done sunday though.

HIMYM - another great ep. Stuff with Lily's dad was surprisingly not too annoying - I usually hate when Chris Elliot is around. Although barney sleeping with the old nanny - ewwwww!

Mike V. said...


Grimm - Still not done! I thought I'd be able to finish this morning but that crazy Revolution blog is taking up my time. I really need to figure out a new strategy to writing this blog and keeping my morning workout regimen! So...anyway, I have 30 minutes left. lol

Justified - was definitely heartbreaking with Arlo/Raylan. How could you have a favorite scene BEYOND the Quarles scene when that was in the season finale of the last season that's aired? lol

Revenge - That clam cam better be in the whole season!! lol Definitely on Declan, but that was his M.O. on Gossip Girl too. lol Oh yes...Victoria's whole thing was definitely eye roll worthy! Nolan with no pants was hysterical...good call on the accountant chick. Didn't even consider it. lol And yes on Emily lying to Fauxmanda. WTH!?! (I even censor my abbreviations on the blog lol)

ONCE - Definitely saw the Cora thing coming....but it's still bizarre. Good call on she may have sent her to the future or something. Unless she supposedly aged. OH WAIT. Didn't time stop in FTL? Mulan made a comment to that last week. They were in the same state for 28 years and then once the clock started ticking in Storybrooke, it started there as well. So, Cora may be a little older than she was when she was sent through the portal...but not 40 years older! lol

David as a leader ....yeah I dunno. I think that whole thing last season really got under your skin. It didn't bother me at all because he wasn't thinking clearly...something that Mary/Snow mentioned as well last week. And even David/Charming attested to being really upset about breaking the woman he loves' heart. Or something like that.

I'll comment on Homeland and HIMYM (Should've been in the REV recap!) after some morning meetings! lol

Mike V. said...

Homeland - Awesome episode. I was shaking my head at Carrie when she went into the apt, but we knew she'd be okay! lol Intense still. I had totally forgotten about the video that Brody made. So when Saul put it in, I got all excited. lol I forget what Brody says on the video, but even if he is vague it's very apparent that he was involved with something. That will be enough to prove that Carrie wasn't nuts. But, it depends on who Saul shares the video with. I have no idea how that guy got it. But, I think Brody had hidden the video, and Nazir's men confiscated it. (I stress the "i think" part there. Can't remember for sure) I thought Brody went back to retrieve the video after he didn't go through with the attack, and it wasn't there. Brody sending the text was intense...he wasn't too thrilled about it either! It's so funny. I keep saying how ambiguous Brody's intentions are on this show...and I think that's the whole point of the show. (to not know) but my wife is so sure he's 100% a bad guy. lol I guess having seen Band of Brothers makes me want to root for him a little bit more. I just think he's very conflicted. I feel like his anger is towards the attack on Issa (which was commissioned by the VP or something)...and once things get on a level of hurting innocent Americans or making some kind of statement, he's not into that. But we'll see. Definitely a great show.

DEXTER - I watched this one last night. So good. Every scene with Deb and Dex is so intense. Though Dex going for what's his face (Mazukkah's dude) was pretty awesome too. lol And the fact that he blatantly disregarded Dex's threats was crazy. There's more I want to say about the show but it's so much better than last year and that's where I'll leave it for now. (pretty busy today since I was off yesterday)

HIMYM - Very touching with the Chris Elliot stuff last night...agreed. Barney with the old nanny was hysterical. lol I can't believe how old that lady got. here's showing my Friends obsession. She was the housekeeper in the London episodes that Phoebe kept calling to warn about Rachel ruining the wedding. She was hysterical in that too. So no breakups this week....guess it's coming soon though!

MJ said...

Justified - I said it was my fave 'can't look away from it scene' - meaning any show, then went on to say that now that is SOA's tig's daughters murder. ;-D

Homeland - they did not show the retrieval but it was assumed it had to be Nasir's men as they could be the only one who knew the drop spot. Quote from a reviewer: Next week's installment of "Homeland" is the most disturbing yet. You've been warned.

i def think he is conflicted. To us it's crazy when he says he's not a terrorist, that he has not betrayed Amercia. But - he feels absolutely that the US killed all those kids and Issa, and that the VP ordered the strike. And the US and VP have denied and covered it all up. That was the hook for Brody - that he's working for and dying for a gov't and officials that are lying. So he thought he was just avenging Issa and getting the truth out. But once the vest didn't work, and after he may or may not have fixed it (we'll never know since Dana talked him out of it) it changed what he'd thought he agreed to do. From his perspective he was willing to be a suicide bomber to take out an evil politician and get the truth out - but not subvert his gov't as a whole. Wonder where that vest is now ? Hmmm. Wow this got long. lOL

Oops on HIMYM. haven't been to other post yet.

Mike V. said...

Justified - Ahhhhh lol Gotcha! misread it. I think I just assumed you were still talking about Justified and didn't notice you mentioned SOA. lol

Homeland - Nice quote...Should be a nice episode to come down from the Walking Dead adrenaline rush. lol Here's another quote for TWD "Season 3 premiere is the best episode of the show since the pilot". Woa. lol

Definitely long, but definitely how I view Brody's viewpoint on his situation as well. Of course, I never suspected that the vest would fail a second time. Interesting. lol I just figured he fixed what was wrong and then his daughter convinced him not to go through with it. But yes, the main point is that his motivations are clearly ambiguous! (there's an oxymoron lol) and it's meant to be ambiguous as are our feelings towards his situation! awesome show.

No problem on HIMYM! I don't think it's a big deal where stuff gets posted. lol Unless there are lots of non-commenters that like reading the thoughts on these shows and constantly get lost. lol

MJ said...

TWD - whoa ! now I can't wait.

BE - Lots are saying that Slater (Nucky's irish guy) is not long for this show.I was totally shocked that Nucky killed that kid ! Totally ! Thought for sure that this was going to be his new Jimmy. That he'd somehow feel atonement for bringing this kid in - and this would stop the sleep problems he's been having. Nucky is so very different now from the charming double-talking politician he was. I think in S1 when they bring that guy up in the fish nets (Margarets hubby maybe?) that Jimmy actually told him he can't be half a gangster. Well he's not half now.

Was Mickey on the road with those cars/trucks? God I hope so cause I want him to die. Eh - if he wasn't Nucky will kill him soon for not listening. But I totally bought into those Tabor hts cops wanting to hit Rosetti and his guys. Totally. So Nucky lost some serious booze last night - first his stolen stach (plus some extra fr philly) that was in that house, then all the booze that Rosetti just took.

Dexter: Did we talk Dexter? Cause Deb is the last person in the world I'd want re-habbing me. Just saying ! LOL Was surprised he told her about their dad's part in it all though. I thought for sure that Louis was next to be killed. So - the serial killler who killed himself - they mentioned he had a teen girlfriend - I'm guessing that's our Sarah from Chuck. I know she's going to come on as a cold case cop, but she has some sort of dark past and I'm guessing this is it.

Strange - we started with Emily having Nolan in a choke hold and end with Takeda's man Aiden saving Em from getting her throat cut !

Mike V. said...

B.E. - Still didn't watch.

Dexter - I talked Dexter above, but no you didn't lol Funny on Deb rehabbing! lol I wasn't TOO surprised that Dex told Deb about the dad's involvement in all of it since it was on the previews for the season after the premiere. I know you tend to stay away from those. So, I'm conflicted on if I should say anything about CHUCK'S SARAH, since they mentioned her in the previews too! lol (of course, I forget if you're right or not! seems like a safe bet though) Forgot to mention the whole serial killer killing himself. Definitely interesting considering it's Dex looking at his potential future. can't wait to see where it goes!

Revenge - Interesting mirroring there! lol

Mike V. said...

Okay, caught up on Sunday shows!

GRIMM - Didn't realize the Rosalee actress was preggers. I remember them picking her up as a series regular. But that makes sense. Missed the Renard/Austria reference...but I had one eye on Parker and one eye on my iPad watching the rest of Grimm. lol Love Hank's continued fascination's hysterical. No idea when or if Juliette will get her memory back. I'm sure she has to run into Renard for the next major evolution of whatever is coming next. But yeah...Monroe having a bounty was pretty horrific...and then putting himself at risk with that death feint (faint) for Nick...pretty intense! Angelina was a good time. I knew I recognized her but I had to look her up to see that she was in Grimm last season. lol I figured the hit was to send a message to Nick and to any Wesen that seek to help him. BTW....that woman was Klaus's mother on TVD and Young Eloise Hawking from 1977 in LOST. lol

I'll check out that deleted scene if I get a chance.

I was pretty shocked Nucky killed that kid too! And apparently so was Slater. Nucky certainly seems to be having trust issues since Jimmy and his brother betrayed him. I was definitely thinking the kid would be the new Jimmy too. But, I guess not! lol I think you're right about Jimmy's comment on the half gangster. He most certainly isn't. I wonder if Nucky is a little peeved at Slater for messing around with Katie too. And did we really need to get a nickname for part of Slater's anatomy?? lol (can't remember and don't want to remember! but it was Mister something lol) don't think Mickey was on the road. He made it clear to Eli that he wasn't going to be part of the transport. It'll be interesting to see how Nucky reacts. Will he be grateful to Eli for coming to him or annoyed that he's getting involved in something he shouldn't be? definitely will be interesting.

Al's story was pretty good this week too with his kid and then taking out his aggressions on the guy that beat up fatty guy. (yep, don't know their names lol)

Then there's the whole Italian/Jewish thing with all of the names I keep forgetting and the dude wants 30% of the territory. Good scene though! lol

Tough to watch this show on the treadmill and catch everything...but it's the only time I have to watch it! (also 3 episodes into my ONCE rewatch on Netflix. Still a good time!)

Ohhh yeah and Margaret talking with the Nun was pretty funny too! Can't even say the V word or Pregnant! (looks like even in 2012 I don't want to type the v word either lol)

I'll comment on SOA (Hellooooo BOYD!) in the Rev recap.

MJ said...

Grimm- I KNEW I knew her, from both shows. LOL

BE - yah - like poofles or something. Wait til Nucky finds out Sleater did Margaret ! Probably won't find out actually. I was rolling when Margaret offered the kotex to the nun to try !

SOA - just posted on the other that I hoped you'd watched !

MJ said...

Speaking of TVD (Klaus's mom) - excited for tonights return. Might not get to watch it tonight though.

Mike V. said...

Oh I'll definitely watch TVD tonight. lol It's my wife's favorite show. I reminded her it was premiering tonight and she got really excited! I'm pretty excited too with last season's cliffhanger. We'll see how it goes!

MJ said...

Fringe - not on next week due to baseball so we'd better really enjoy tonights ! LOL

Oh - and good luck sunday! NYG have not been stellar so far this year.

Mike V. said...

lol...I actually looked up the MLB Playoff schedule to see when Fox had Friday I knew about next week. Can't believe that's the only Friday conflict! I'll actually welcome the saturday morning off though! I love the show, but it's just tough to get those recaps done these days. :-)

As for the GIANTS/Niners...thanks! No luck to you thank you very much! lol I just realized I double booked the day with a family visit. Hopefully the game is televised! lol Surely, it is.

MJ said...

Game is def televised, fox carrying it.

Mike V. said...