Monday, October 3, 2022

The Walking Dead: Season 11 - Episodes 17 - 24 (Discussion)

 Hi all, we’ve finally made it to the home stretch of The Walking Dead!  (Granted, one commercial break teased all that’s coming in their TV universe)  I’ve made no secret I’ve been ready for this to end for awhile, now I just hope they do it right.  Some early call-outs in this premiere gave me hope, but we’ll see if they can stick the landing.  I’ll see you in the comments to hash out the final 8 episodes! 


Mike V. said...

Episode 17 - Lockdown

I enjoyed the walk down memory lane in the opening minutes of the episode. Showing early shots of our survivors…seeing Rick wake up from his coma in the hospital down. Seeing the governor, seeing Negan at his worst. Trying to summarize all that we’ve seen. Then we just went back into the current conflict. For a few minutes I thought they may take out Hornsby in this episode, but no he lives to see another day. Loved that Jerry got a little story arc in this episode. He’s protecting other people’s kids….what about his family? Seems like he kinda forgot they existed while he put his life on the line for Negan. I can’t even pretend to remember where episode 16 left off and the previously on really didn’t do a good job reminding us! But, whatever, i went along for the ride. Daryl is out there messing up peoples’ days and it’s a good time. Cars are back with gas and everything like it’s 2011 again. Good times! In all seriousness the episode was fine…But I have a very short wish list for the final episodes. It may not even be until the finale. We need these people to find out Rick is alive. I’d much prefer to SEE Rick. We need Michonne to come back. Andrew Lincoln was at Comic-con with the rest of the case but they masked it under the announcement of his spinoff show with Michonne. That might be one that I’ll tune back in for. But that’s it. That’s my wish list. We’re not curing the zombie apocalypse. So let’s just get some closure! Not sure they can kill anyone with these spinoffs coming. Then again Rick and Michonne’s spinoff might take place in the years already covered on TWD. Come to think of it…Michonne left because she heard Rick might be alive. So maybe they already know. We’ll see!

That’s all i have to randomly talk about for now!

Mike V. said...

Episode 18 - A New Deal

Well I’m guessing people won’t be heading back to Alexandria or hilltop anytime soon after the breakdown at the commonwealth. Well some already left but I’m clueless to where they’re going! Never thought we’d be using the “record someone while they’re unaware and then broadcast to the masses” trope on the walking dead but here we are! Finally that dude got what was coming to him. So annoying I never remember his name. Seems like we’re going to get little callbacks to earlier seasons at the start of every episode which is cool. But I hope that’s not a replacement of actually getting Rick and Michonne back! Pretty much that and making sure this blog has captured something about every episode of the show is all that’s keeping me going. The show is fine. I’m just ready for the end!

Mike V. said...

I’m 2 behind on TWD now. Phillies, House of the Dragon, Andor, Handmaid’s Tale…it was too much! Hopefully will catch up this week. Definitely before the Series finale.

Mike V. said...

All caught up. Just no time to write about them. My first comment after watching this week’s episode - here’s hoping they run into Rick and michonne wherever this bus/train is taking them. Lol

But I’m starting to worry that we may not see them again on this show. I am prepared to only see them briefly in the finale. But not sure how unless it’s a post credit tease of their spinoff.

Really just going through the motions with the show at this point. It was nice to see the two face knock off (he flips a coin to decide your fate) die. Now we don’t like the governor of commonwealth as she has proven to be evil. So I guess that’s the final showdown.

Mj said...

Finally saw the first two. But out of order. Lol. Yeah - where is Jerry's family? I totally didn't remember where first half of season left off either

Mike V. said...

Oh they laid on Jerry’s end game pretty thick in the latest episode. I’ll wait until you get there to say more lol

Yeah it’s not even the 1st half. It’s the 2nd 3rd of this season. They went with 24 episodes split into 3 parts for the final season. Wayyyyy too much. But they got 2 October premieres out of it. We’ll fall premieres.

Mike V. said...

Finally watched last week’s and still need to watch last night’s. Pretty good storyline right now with some being relocated to Alexandria. Bring it all home for the big ending. I was off on my remaining episode count. I thought this coming sunday would be the finale but it’s 2 weeks out. I guess anyone with AMC+ will see it early unless they don’t allow that for the last episode. In any case, we’re almost there!

Mj said...

I have one to watch then the finale Sunday

It has been decent. I just saw the one where they took out the boss at the work camp. And retrieved Hershel but not Rosita's kid. Oh and head of security is throwing in with Eugene!

Mike V. said...

Well it’s all over! It was a decent wrap up to the flagship show with some loose threads for the spinoffs. They’ve kept me interested enough that I may check in on these other shows…ugh i knew that would happen. SPOILERS BELOW!

RIP Rosita - I guess with all the spinoffs it was either her or Carol that were up for the big finale death. Apparently the actress had suggested she be offered up to add some weight to the finale. They handled it well with hiding the bite. I thought she was a goner when she fell into the crowd of walkers then took them all down. Thought it was nuts that they might kill off her daughter…

Luke dying…he was barely in this season but it made me realize that whole crew that was added after Rick left…they all had survived until this finale. So that was a touching moment to see them experience loss of one of their crew. I don’t even know who that other girl that died was…was that Luke’s girlfriend? Yikes so many threads over the years.

Negan/Maggie’s moments….good stuff…it was a long time coming. THey never let us forget what Negan did. So I give them credit for somehow making him redeemed but never fully forgiven. Definitely good to have JDM’spresence on the show when Andy Lincoln was gone.

Daryl/Carol’s goodbye…it worked on multiple levels. She said something like I’m sorry i can’t go with you…and the original spinoff was going to be both of them.

Still no confirmation if Jerry got the Redfare as his kingdom…but Jerry lives!!!

Nice to have Judith in a hospital in the finale just like Rick was in one in the pilot. I really thought she was gonna wake up from a coma at some point after everything was over… But nope..plans changed!

Blowing up the governor’s house was hilarious.

There’s tons of stuff to cover here…but the flash forwards were good…and I knew all the teases to Rick and Michonne meant we had to see something…it kinda worked like I had predicted. It was a teaser for their spinoff show. Looks like Rick was some kind of prisoner somewhere…had like a nuclear symbol or something on that jacket he was wearing. Good to know he wasn’t avoiding them on purpose and that he’s been trying to get back. And Michonne, dressed like Okoye from Black Panther, has been trying to get to him. I’m all in for their show. All i want is to see the end of Rick’s story! Lol. And as long as I don’t have to worry about blogging anymore, I’ll check in on these spinoffs. Dead City looks decent. I’m sure Darryl’s story will be cool. And they’re probably limited series. At least Rick/Michonne, Negan/Maggie are. Darryl will probably hunt walkers until he retires lol

Oh and…I’m sure it was no coincidence that Darryl said “The Walking Dead” in this series finale.

It’s been a long and tiring ride to cover this show…but I can safely say that I covered this one from start to finish in some capacity! Was it worth sticking around that long? Probably not…but what else was I gonna do?!

MJ said...

Rosita made me cry twice!!!

Luke did not bother me but their reactions were intense. Don't think girlfriend was in it before

Megan/Maggie. Knew would come to some kind of harmony - they have a spinoff coming. Lol

Carol/Daryl. Yeah. Originally I bet she was supposed to leave with I'm. Love him with Connie tho

Jerry. Yeah lots were worried about him after last week. Lydia lost a hand but Elijah got back

Judith in hsp was a nice wink. Knew she would not die

We always knew he was being held (Rick) since the help took him. Guess movies are cancelled? Didn't pick up on Michonne's outfit. Seen Panther once years ago and not seen new one.

Daryl still getting a show? Hadn't heard

How much you want to bet that Last walker as Daryl rides out is Greg Nicotero??

Too bad but I did not note the commercials thing til was Andrea. I saw obviously that they were zombies but not ex-cast from the show!

Loved how they stopped governor bitch from offing herself via zombie! Cell life for her!

Mike V. said...

Luke’s girlfriend - I’d tend to agree with you if there weren’t like 200 episodes….I’m sure I forgot about her lol. I think he met her at Oceanside. Seems like something i vaguely remember or can make up in my head.

I really didn’t know Rick was a prisoner. I thought they took him and they needed his help or something as he was a “1” or whatever she said. But captive makes more sense on why he wouldn’t come back. I think the movie got canceled when they announced the Rick/Michonne limited series.

Daryl is getting a show…they teased it during the Talking Dead finale. Yeah they annnounced at some point that Carol wouldn’t be part of Daryl’s show anymore but they were proceeding without her.

Confirmed it was Greg on Talking Dead! Lol. He said he was the first to be killed by Daryl so he wanted to be the last. It was a last minute decision too.

I saw Andrea in the commercial too. I almost fast forwarded right past it but I caught her.

Indeed with Governor lady! PRetty crazy that they referred to her as governor when they already had the famous “GOVERNOR” in season 3.