Monday, April 3, 2023

2023 Spring TV and Whatever Else Discussion Thread

 Hello all!  Blogging is soooo 15 years ago right?  Chatter has died down here, my recaps have withered away unless I’m inspired to say a few words.  But, I still enjoy commenting on whatever I’m watching and any pop culture interests of yours!   So feel free to drop in and comment here on whatever is keeping you occupied outside of the daily grind.   See you in the comments!  


MJ said...

Poker Face was good

The Ark also so far

Qleap - I also hoped for Bakula

Star Wars. Heard they finally are ready to drop in theaters again. New project for theater not so impressed with

Not Dead yet is cute - a simple half hour when need a quick show

Mike V. said...

Poker face - heard it was good but didn’t watch.

Not sure I heard of the ark. Religious or different? Lol

Qleap- I think they can get there if he ever wants to come back. He made a statement at the start of the season saying he wouldn’t be a part of it. But they can easily slip him in for a guest or recurring spot.

Star Wars - yeah celebration was this weekend. Asohka trailer looked great! But so did obiwan lol. Obi wan wasn’t terrible but it could’ve been so much more. Asohka definitely looks like an extension of the rebels animated show (so good) and also building out the mando verse era with Thrawn. Many Star Wars obsessors know Thrawn from the original book trilogy that came out in the 90s. They took place after return of the Jedi and started our favorite heros. But Thrawn was an outstanding villain. They introduced him in rebels to main canon but they might be able to adapt some of Timothy Zahn’s original work as we are in that era. They even quoted “heir to the empire” in the trailer (which was the name of the 1st book). Anyway Dave Filoni who is the man who studied under Lucas and was the show runner of rebels and clone wars and co running mando with filoni …he’s getting to culminate all these shows into a film that will probably go against Thrawn in a big showdown. Still years out. And there’s still a lot of behind the scenes drama trying to get a film going. The Rey movie is the one Damon lindelof was attached to. He left the project and now it’s the peaky blinders guy giving a crack at it. Then you got mandgold (Logan and Indy 5 which looks solid!) working on the dawn of the Jedi which will be 25000 years before anything we’ve seen and cover the discovery of the force and the first Jedi. One would hope George Lucas would be consulted on that one.

They all sound good to me on paper. But we’ll see if they actually happen. The filoni one is like 6 years out. All the tv shows have to pave the road for it.

Not dead yet. - didn’t look into that one.

Succession - in its final season and this last episode may have been one of the best episodes of television. High bar but it was really good. Constant will always be my #1. And this one was good for performance reasons not science fiction and editing brilliance. Though they had a 27 minute scene that was meant to appear as a 1-shot. And it was intense.

Picard - s3 still everything I ever wanted with this show. Fantastic.