Monday, April 3, 2023

2023 Spring TV and Whatever Else Discussion Thread

 Hello all!  Blogging is soooo 15 years ago right?  Chatter has died down here, my recaps have withered away unless I’m inspired to say a few words.  But, I still enjoy commenting on whatever I’m watching and any pop culture interests of yours!   So feel free to drop in and comment here on whatever is keeping you occupied outside of the daily grind.   See you in the comments!  


MJ said...

Poker Face was good

The Ark also so far

Qleap - I also hoped for Bakula

Star Wars. Heard they finally are ready to drop in theaters again. New project for theater not so impressed with

Not Dead yet is cute - a simple half hour when need a quick show

Mike V. said...

Poker face - heard it was good but didn’t watch.

Not sure I heard of the ark. Religious or different? Lol

Qleap- I think they can get there if he ever wants to come back. He made a statement at the start of the season saying he wouldn’t be a part of it. But they can easily slip him in for a guest or recurring spot.

Star Wars - yeah celebration was this weekend. Asohka trailer looked great! But so did obiwan lol. Obi wan wasn’t terrible but it could’ve been so much more. Asohka definitely looks like an extension of the rebels animated show (so good) and also building out the mando verse era with Thrawn. Many Star Wars obsessors know Thrawn from the original book trilogy that came out in the 90s. They took place after return of the Jedi and started our favorite heros. But Thrawn was an outstanding villain. They introduced him in rebels to main canon but they might be able to adapt some of Timothy Zahn’s original work as we are in that era. They even quoted “heir to the empire” in the trailer (which was the name of the 1st book). Anyway Dave Filoni who is the man who studied under Lucas and was the show runner of rebels and clone wars and co running mando with filoni …he’s getting to culminate all these shows into a film that will probably go against Thrawn in a big showdown. Still years out. And there’s still a lot of behind the scenes drama trying to get a film going. The Rey movie is the one Damon lindelof was attached to. He left the project and now it’s the peaky blinders guy giving a crack at it. Then you got mandgold (Logan and Indy 5 which looks solid!) working on the dawn of the Jedi which will be 25000 years before anything we’ve seen and cover the discovery of the force and the first Jedi. One would hope George Lucas would be consulted on that one.

They all sound good to me on paper. But we’ll see if they actually happen. The filoni one is like 6 years out. All the tv shows have to pave the road for it.

Not dead yet. - didn’t look into that one.

Succession - in its final season and this last episode may have been one of the best episodes of television. High bar but it was really good. Constant will always be my #1. And this one was good for performance reasons not science fiction and editing brilliance. Though they had a 27 minute scene that was meant to appear as a 1-shot. And it was intense.

Picard - s3 still everything I ever wanted with this show. Fantastic.

MJ said...

Hey stranger. Still here. Just busy busy busy. Have to check out Succession. It's over now right?

Lol. Ark is a space ship. Might be on SyFy

In the Dark. Started streaming. Heard was a CW show? Never heard of it then. Not bad - snarky which I love

Witcher. We quit that one. Not sure when it is back

Heard another Capt America coming out. We shall see if I bother. Husband watched second Ant movie without me as I had zero interest.

Ashoka. Still not watched. But want to

I know I have watched stuff but not remembering now. Lol. Lot going on. Sister moved to town so showing her around. Planning vacations (2 weeks in Greece). Went to Chicago.

Watching Bosch. Lincoln Lawyer. Watched Picard and Mando. Started Mrs Davis. Enjoyed Will Trent.

Mike V. said...

Hey there! Still here too but haven’t thought about updating. Lol

Succession is over and was amazing for 4 seasons. Enjoy!

Haven’t watched ark or dark and haven’t heard much about them lol

Witcher - one more season with Henry Cavill. Forget when it’s coming out.

Cap 4 will be with Sam Wilson as cap and Harrison ford as Ross (taking over for William hurt who passed) that’s still a ways out. Guardians 3 was good but most marvel stuff has been meh lately. Across the spider verse was a good sequel in the Sony verse. But even had some mcu crossover content. It is a multiverse story after all!

Asohka doesn’t come out until August. I just started my Rebels rewatch. She’s in both clone wars and rebels. Lots of content that surely they won’t expect everyone to see to understand the show. Sadly Ray Stevenson is playing a big part of the show and he recently passed away. Always loved him from Rome and everything i saw him in since.

Lots of vacation coming for me too. We haven’t watched much either. Need to watch final season of Barry. I did watch Picard and mando of course. Picard s3 was amazing! I finished The Flash. The final few episodes were solid but the last few seasons were terrible. Lol but I stuck with it! Mrs Davis - I need to get peacock. It’s lindelof show so I need to see it!

Speaking of did you see the behind the scenes drama of the lost writers room? It’s part of a Mo Ryan book she’s releasing but the lost excerpt was published in vanity fair. Pretty crazy.

Other than that watched a lot of Bluey with the fam lol kids and adults love those 7 minute episodes! They really are hilarious and sometimes touching.

Enjoy your trips!

MJ said...

Never heard of Bluey

Mrs Davis was def Lindeloff. And it is a one and done. They ended the story well

Ashoka. Just read today was dropping in Aug. For some reason thought had already dropped

Dragons. We quit that one but I want to give it another shot closer to S2 dropping.

Good Omens S2 finally coming. Been years in the waiting. COVID. Sigh. It's a silly and snarky show

Mike V. said...

Bluey - I wouldn’t expect you to have! It’s a children’s show but definitely made for adults to appreciate. One episode features the kids wanting their parents to play but the adults are too hungover from a party the night before. Lol it’s an animated Australian dog family but really funny for what it is. 3 seasons on Disney plus. 7 minutes each. But my daughter wants to watch all the time. Sometimes I need a break from the insanity! Lol

Mrs Davis - yeah I listened to a podcast with him and the writing partner. He said he was more in the mentor role on this one and passing on his wisdom to the new girl who ran the day to day. I may see if my Plex server pal has it lol

Asohka - yeah it’s a nice break from marvel and Star Wars content. Iger really slowed things down which was needed. Secret invasion with Nick fury is next for d+ marvel.

Dragons yeah it was pretty good by the end. Lots of time jumps but by the end of the season you’re with the cast that you’ll be with for the remainder of the story I think. Speaking of I’m really annoyed with the switch to the Max app. We lost our 4K video with our grandfathered att subscription. So if I want to upgrade I basically have to give up on my mobile plan and pay $20 a month to get it. So annoying. I don’t care about the discovery content! Lol

Nice on good omens.

Manifest final eps coming soon too. We need to catch up on the first half.

Rob said...

Just finished Silo season 1 on Apple TV. Kind of reminded me of Desmond and the hatch so I thought of the Lost blog immediately. Good to see you are still here!

Curious if you have any thoughts on Silo? I’m gonna avoid reading the books because I really liked the suspense.

I miss the lost addict days!

Mike V. said...

Hi Rob! Welcome back! Yeah those were great days. Such a cool community popped up to discuss an awesome show. Crazy to see some people watching for the first time and finding the recaps and out discussions still useful as they are spoiler free of what comes after but full of speculation. They can almost experience it the way did.

Ahh Silo. I’ve seen it promoted on my Apple TV but haven’t had a chance to watch it. I will consider your recommendation though!

I’m definitely still here. Not doing any recaps anymore but still love discussing anything anyone is watching. Thanks for thinking of the blog and coming back to see what’s up! I’ll add silo to my list.

Mike V. said...

OKay it’s been awhile since I commented on what I’m watching so here goes:

Silo - still haven’t watched but hearing more good things about it. Definitely on the list. I’ve been catching up on some other stuff this summer but will get to it soon.

SW Asohka - still rewatching REBELS to prep. I’m sure it doesn’t need to be watched to appreciate the show, but most of the characters from Rebels will play a part in the show so I want to be primed!

Barry - Finishing up the final season. What a crazy twisted show. Love it! I think we have 3 left.

The Bear - if you have Hulu and haven’t watched this yet, stop everything and watch. One of the best shows of the past 10 years. Plus Lip from Shameless is the lead! (2 seasons…8 or 10 episodes each and most are about 30 minutes. One of S2 was long but one of the best episodes of television ever)

The Witcher - I’ve watched half of season 3 and waiting for the next half to drop. That’ll be the end of Henry Cavill’s tenure on the show and maybe mine lol

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds - this is the trek we’ve wanted for however long it’s been. Season 2 is as good if not better than season 1. Watch this one if you have access to Paramount+! (And Picard S3)

John Wick - rewatched 1-3 and now making my way through 4 (i never have time to do in one sitting! Lol). Keanu at his best.

Always Sunny - still hilarious!

Justified - Haven’t started the new limited series yet but plan to soon!

Secret Invasion - We watched 2 and it pains me to even pull up D+ to watch any more. But I heard ep 5 may have been better. Ugh…what happened to Marvel? Iger is pulling back on SW and Marvel content. It was too much. I think we all agree.

Barbenheimer- Seeing Oppenheimer next week. I believe my wife is coordinating a Wives, Daughters and 2 husbands date for Barbie at some point lol.

Did i miss anything?!? Hope everyone that ever stops in to the blogosphere is doing well!

Rob said...

So cool some people are still finding the blog and having the same Lost experience. Jealous of them!

Mj said...

Hey stranger. Been awhile. Busy busy. Traveling. Watching great nieces some this summer. Not much to watch

Manifest. Ended very well

Star Trek. One of the new ones dropped shows. Young Kirk to be in it (Stephan from vamp diaries). Have to start it

Ashoka. Looking forward to it

Disney+. Raising prices again in October. Think I will dump it. Over most of the marvel and Star wars. Except Mando. Sister has it. We can watch Mando there I think

Good Omens was funny as always. Think it was the last season

Heard Qleap already had season in the can so strike will not impact it. Always thought not much to watch this fall but now really not much to watch.

School spirits was interesting

Have to start the Nick Fury show. Watching some crazy Aussie show now

Iam sure I have watched others but not coming to mind right now.

Mike V. said...

Hey there! Good to hear from you. I haven’t been checking in here as frequently either. But I’m still here!

D+ prices - they’re about to merge Hulu content onto Disney + so if you have both that’ll help. I hear you though. Andor was a gem too and is coming back for s2 after the strike. Do yourself a favor and watch a YouTube recap of fury’s show. It was universally panned. I only watched 2 eps but spoiled myself on the rest. I may watch anyway to be a Completest. But I’m not looking forward to it!

Qleap - good to hear! Not promising that they got Scott Bakula to return then. But if they did I’m sure they’d keep a lid on it.

Star Trek strange new worlds is the best trek going on right now. Both seasons. All the younger versions of the known characters are great!

Manifest on my list as well as Silo mentioned above by our guest!

Asohka tonight! I’ve rewatched all of rebels and the last 4 of clone wars so I’m primed! I heard you don’t need to see them to watch this but it may help with the emotional stakes for the characters involved. If you have any questions my encyclopedic knowledge of Star Wars will be here! Lol

Mike V. said...

Rob - sorry missed your lost follow up comment. I’m totally jealous of them. Any time I get those comments it makes me want to go and rewatch the series again!

Mike V. said...

Manifest - finally finished it! Decent ending. Had a feeling it was heading towards something like it. Crazy that some just essentially vanished but that kept the cycle going. Maybe they still return 5 years later and have a 2nd chance at redemption.

Asohka - finished! Mixed bag on this one. Looked incredible. Very star warsy with filoni behind the wheel. Some of the writing though was questionable. Don’t want to say anything in case you’re watching and catching up. But I question where it goes from here. They are setting up a big crossover movie but this feels like there needs to be a season 2 before that. Unless it’s part of the movie lol.

Phillies - red October again! 12 more wins!

Loki - rewatching s1. S2 ep1 will be available Thursday at 9 et. First review I have seen isn’t favorable. But it’s so unfavorable it seems like they were going for shock value. I’ll judge for myself. S1 was one of the shining examples of good things possible with Disney +.

Silo - still on my list. May start it next. Gotta see if the mrs wants to watch or I can binge on my own. :)

Mike V. said...

Quantum leap. That started this week I think. Didn’t watch yet.

Mj said...

Ashoka - waited til 2 week vacay was over. It is now. But then we got COVID. Lol. 2 weeks in Greece was worth it. So starting show soon

Missing - watched as nothing else on. Took a dark turn at the end surprisingly

Qleap - taped last night so will watch tonight. Pretty much only returned show

Daryl Dixon has been good honestly. Their best spin off yet

Star Trek. Oh no - did another season drop?

Manifest. Yeah we saw end coming. But it was a satisfying end

Mike V. said...

Sorry to hear about Covid! Seems like everyone is getting it now and just dealing with it. Lol glad Greece was nice!

Twd-DD - yeah that’s what I’m hearing. Maybe I’ll add it to my morning binges. It’s all recorded. The Mrs confirmed she’s out lol

Asohka - I’ll warn you. Filoni went hardcore live action continuation of his animation stories. If I find a good YouTube recap primer for asohka I’ll post it. Some of the emotional beats might not hit for those that didn’t watch clone wars and rebels. But the story still makes sense and can be followed. They give some history in the dialogue.

Manifest - agreed!

Star Trek - yep season 2 dropped weekly and has been out for awhile. It was fantastic!

Qleap - I’ll probably watch 2 next week lol yeah it’s the only network show I’m watching.

Mj said...

Ashoka. Didn't know I was spelling it wrong and saying wrong. Only heard it on Mando. 3 in I think. Liking it. What is with the chick with last name Ren tho?

Star Trek. Confirmed I watched. Just wasn't sure if another dropped that I missed

Watching some spooktober stuff of course. Nun 2. Talk to Me for tonight. Love my horror!

Mike V. said...

Asohka - you’re still spelling it wrong! Lol yeah I mixed it up with “ashokan farewell” song from the Ken burns civil war documentary for awhile. Sabine is from Star Wars rebels with Hera, Ezra, chopper, zeb (had a cameo in s3 of Mando)and Kanan who he and Hera are jacen’s parents. But wouldn’t expect you to know any of that! REN name is a coincidence. Nothing to do with the knights of ren or Kylo ren. She’s mandalorian and her parents were in charge of a sect of mandalore. At one point she was in possession of the dark saber and gave it to Bo katan. She had some lightsaber training with Kanan who was Ezra’s master and a kid during order 66. But nothing ever indicated she was on the route of becoming a Jedi. Ezra did entrust her (and kinda asohka) with coming to find him at the end of rebels. Ezra sacrificed himself to take Thrawn off the map which thereby allowed his Jedi self to not be around during the original trilogy lol. Kanan also sacrificed himself in the literal sense to save his “family” - the rebels squad. Asohka was mostly in season 2 of rebels and all of clone wars. There was a pivotal episode at the finale of season 2 that faced her off against Vader and she found out for sure who he really was. Her old master, Anakin. There’s a lot more story there but that might help level set. I’d watch some YouTube recap. Though the series is quite good and worth a watch.

Star Trek - ahhh nice lol

Horror - you’re on your own in that! I’m all set! lol

Loki s2 - loved the premiere! Short round is fresh off his academy award and fits right in on this show. lol

Mj said...

Loki. Knew I was for getting it

Ashoka. Spelled to this blog to show how I spelled wrong. Lol. Know now is Ashoka. Have 2 left. Been very good. Nice callouts too

Found. Did I say? Thought just typical cop show. But took a turn did not see coming. Only seen one before Greece.

Mike V. said...

Asohka - looks like autocorrect got you again! Lol. Glad you’re enjoying it!

Found - I have seen the promos. I just keep telling my wife nbc really wants a LOST so bad they tried to write its sequel series. Lol

Enjoy Greece!

Mike V. said...

Just realized I spell Ahsoka wrong a lot too lol whoops!

Mj said...

Was already in Greece. Got home end Sept. Lol

Loved Ashoka.

Daryl Dixon - have finale to finish

Not going to watch Squid Game reality show

Not much else to be watched honestly Slim pickings these days

Mike V. said...

Whoops misread the message. Hope you enjoyed Greece! Lol

Yeah not much at all. Hope the Phillies can keep things going tonight!

I may dive into the Darryl show. I’m caught up on QL. Nice twists to open up the season.

Still need to dive into some of those Apple shows.

But I’m in no rush. Lol So much for being a tv addict. lol sometimes a break is nice!

Go Phils, Go Birds!

Mike V. said...

Well things have finally fizzled out around here! Lol probably could rename this thread to a bigger open ended range of time!

Just dropping in to mention I am watching TWD: The Ones Who Live. Only saw the first episode so far but will probably watch part 2 tonight. It’s good! This always should’ve been part of the main show but whatever! I do see that the next season of Daryl’s show has a Carol subtitle lol. What a mess! Also saw ratings were good for the Rick/Michonne show. Duhhhhh lol. And Johnny Locke is in it! Still looks the same!

Started getting the itch to rewatch LOST again. Might do it soon. Got a few things I’m watching right now though.

QL - I liked season 2 and the promise of season 3. Having Ben leap into different points of the girl from the 100’s life kept me interested from week to week. Then what eventually unfolded was pretty cool.

House of the dragon this June!

Star Wars: The Acolyte this June!

Bad batch right now! Final season. It’s pretty good.

Watching final season of curb. Entertaining as always.

Other than that I’m honestly not watching a lot of stuff. Just been too busy.

Sam said...

Hey MikeV just want to say I was following your blog as a kid back in 2007 or so when Lost came out, thought you had some of the best analysis for Lost and all compiled in one location! Love seeing how you are still keeping up with your blogs! Best wishes from Australia

Mike V. said...

Hi Sam! Thanks for the kind words! Those were some fun times writing about and discussing lost with everyone. Glad to hear you enjoyed. Can’t believe how long ago that was now. Definitely not much going on here anymore. Too busy with work and the kids. And no one really blogs these days anyway! lol podcasts and tik toks! But still checking in from time to time.