Wednesday, July 7, 2021

TV Discussion: Summer 2021

 Hi TV Addicts! We’re still here talking our favorite TV shows on a semi-daily basis.  Our viewing habits are all over the place these days, but this is still a place to come and discuss what’s on your current roster whenever you get to it.  I’ll keep this post at the top around until 200 comments or whenever Walking Dead returns (whichever comes first!). 

See you in the comments! 


Mike V. said...

Finally got that new post up! :). MJ, I did respond to your last comment in the other thread but it wasn’t anything significant. Lol

LOKI - I’m sure you haven’t started watching yet, but wow…this has to be the best marvel D+ show yet. So in our collective wheelhouse. As for the gender fluid stuff….it kinda does play into things. I don’t want to explain further than that. But it’s been perfectly cast and perfectly executed so far. 5th episode is out today and we’ll probably watch later. Michael Waldron (the Loki head writer and was promoted to writing Doctor Strange 2 and Kevin Feige’s secret Star Wars project) is on his way up in the world. Make sure you stay for the end credits in ep 4 (and I’m guessing 5 and 6 too lol).

Yellowstone - I finished the first ep and my wife kept watching without me so I probably won’t catch up with her. Lol

CW shows - I’ve fallen behind due to treadmill difficulties (more running outdoors and podcast dissections of Loki lol).

BB rewatch - this has stalled too. I need to get back to it but there’s too much other stuff to watch!

Black Widow - can’t wait for Friday!

MJ said...

Finished Handmaids - LOVED it

Loki - heard ep 4 was quite the ep !

MJ said...

Oh - and we have been re-watching all the Harry Potters. almost done

Mike V. said...

Nice on Potter! We actually used the Pandemic as an opportunity to finish reading through HP2-7 with our son. We watched the movies after each one. (With 7 we watched part 1 at the appropriate time lol). That was my 3rd time reading fully through the books and I can’t wait to do it again lol.

Handmaids…yeah I have to just power through it. First few eps have been rough. My wife wants to watch without me. Maybe I’ll tell her we can watch one tonight lol

MJ said...

Handmaid - Oh - they get good !

Finished HP. Always forget how dark they get at the end.

Kevin can **** himself - tried to like it as it has the daughter from Schitts - but nah. Not funny at all

Maybe Loki next ? Wait - was that free ?

ugh - still have the whole season of Your Honor to look at.

Mike V. said...

Handmaid - ok we’ll get to it!

HP - yep they do!

Kevin blah blah - yeah never checked it out.

Loki - Yes it’s included in subscription. 5 of 6 are available now with the final releasing next Wednesday. Next up will be Marvel’s “WHAT IF” series. It’s animated but featuring the voices of the actual actors. Each episode will be its own thing…and it resembles comics of a similar nature. I.e. “what if Peggy carter took the serum instead of Steve Rogers?” And it follows a Captain Britain story. No more live action stuff on D+ until fall/winter with Hawkeye up next I think. Tatiana Maslanay is doing a She-Hulk show too. Ms. Marvel is lined up for 2021 too and she’ll be featured in Captain Marvel 2 called “THE MARVELS” lol.

Your Honor - wait is that the Cranston one? We watched the first ep but then would’ve had to subscribe to whatever service it’s on to watch the rest. Is that a Starz or showtime show? The one we watched was good though.

MJ said...

Your Honor - not sure - gotta be HBO or SHO as I don't get Starz

Mike V. said...

Your Honor. It’s showtime. I lost that when I went to YouTube TV instead of Fios. I’m sure it’ll be streaming on something eventually.

Manifest - Meant to say - i think there are still strong rumors of some streaming option picking up manifest. Funny…my wife is interested in starting it up again and I talked to my Dad and he binged it on Netflix and found season 3 on demand. I told him it got canceled and he was annoyed. Anyway…there may still be hope. I’m still holding out on my binge until I know for sure!

MJ said...

Manifest - yeah they are still trying. Heard it was in the top 5 on Netflix right as the cancelled it

Mike V. said...

Manifest - It was actually #1 on Netflix when canceled lol

Black Widow - You watch yet? It was decent. Benefit of D+ I’m already rewatching. enjoying more on second watch. Wasn’t really in “marvel mode” on Friday. We all had a lot going on and sat down to watch not really focused lol

MJ said...

Black Widow - I think not free so waiting ?

Loki - see already renewed for S2 !

Found Fear Street - not your kind of thing - but a 3 part movie. Part 3 drops Friday. Total slasher fun LOL

Mike V. said...

Black Widow - Yep not free. But a bargain compared to the movie theater. Though I just saw our movie tavern prices were back to normal. The outrageous prices were for a special screen. And Tuesdays are still $5 per seat. Lol. So maybe I’ll be ready for Shang Chi in theaters!

Loki - I saw! I wish I would’ve seen the finale before I saw the announcement though. I was going into it wondering what will be the outcome for the movies, but it’s looking like this story may stay on the small screen for now. But I have no idea what I’m talking about since I haven’t watched the final episode yet! Lol. Anyway, it’s been very good and I’m hearing they stuck the landing too.

Found Fear Street - Haven’t even heard of it. Lol But yeah not my thing! I did see there’s some American Horror Story Spin-off series coming or something. I really didn’t look into it much. I’m burned out on AHS! Lol.

Legends - Fell behind a few eps on this but I’m on the latest episode. Not sure where you are so I won’t say anything.

Other CW shows - Falling behind on Supes and Flash. So much cast turnover on Flash. You’d think that would be a sign to call it quits! But nooooo renewed for another season. Lol Then again Legends cast changes all the time but it works for that show lol.

Handmaids - Kids and Summer are making it really hard to get back to this. Their bedtime schedule is all over the place. Lol.

MJ said...

Loki - heard they brought in some character from the books. No clue who that was (never heard of them) - but won't say here.

AHS - yeah - probably not going to watch.

Legends - behind too. Heard will be new alien even cuter then Beebo. Have not been enjoying Sara lost in space

This is US - finally catching up on this one.

Flash was renewed ? I hard cisco finally left - not of any other cast changes.

Mike V. said...

Loki - I watched. The show was great. I don’t want to say more until you watch. And yes they did. There had been theories. I had heard of them but don’t know much about it. I don’t really want to say anything until you’re caught up lol

Legends - I’m caught up and it seems like they wanted to cash in on that Baby Yoda money lol. Stick with it…the Sara thing gets interesting.

This is Us - Yep we’re caught up on that. Knowing next season is the last is beneficial for the show lol

Flash - yep…The episode I just watched today was basically all new characters with cameos from Flash, Snow, Joe. I think Joe is leaving by the end of this season. Not sure what that means for Cecile. SUrely there’s only a season left of this nonsense. lol Maybe with Superman and Lois being so successful they can end Flash. Supergirl is ending this season too and it’s the only reason I stuck with it. I guess that’ll come back when Flash is done next week.

Mike V. said...

Flash - Caught up….season finale is tonight. It’s laughably bad at times but somehow I still want to see what happens. Lol It really feels like maybe it has a season left but nothing is announced yet.

Handmaids - Finally watched another episode. June has reached Chicago with eye patch girl (Kate? Forget her name). I’d like to say we’ll watch faster now, but I doubt it. Just too many distractions. It is getting better though.

Legends - caught up on that too.

Sad there’s not another Loki to look forward to this week. Definitely the best MCU D+ show yet.

Mike V. said...

Ted Lasso - comes back this Friday on Apple TV+. Not an ideal subscription for everyone but that show was a surprise hit last year. Like really good and it came out of nowhere. But when you realize the people behind it (Bill Lawrence) are TV Sitcom veterans (Scrums, Cougartown) then it’s not a surprise it’s a super funny show with a lot of heart.

Mike V. said...

Manifest - don’t rule it out yet!

Mike V. said...

Shorter link:

MJ said...

Tedd Lasso - hmmm - not heard of it. oh - Apple - I don't think I get Apple

Manifest - I don't get how Netflix does not jump at it considering how well it is doing for them now. SHM Better then nothing - but they will be cramming 3 years of story into 1 LOL

We got sucked into a Netflix show - just 6 eps. Not your kind of thing. Called Criminal UK. Basicaly no police iinvestigation - each ep starts with the suspect having been arrested and the cops trying to get him to admit his guilt. Like The Closer but without finding the criminal before she interviewed them. Was very interesting really. Kit Harrington was in one.

Mike V. said...

Ted Lasso - Yeah unfortunately it’s one of the few decent shows on Apple TV+. They basically give away subscriptions if you buy devices (or at least did)…we have a combo plan with cloud storage and music that it comes with. Morning Show S1 was decent too (s2 finally coming this fall)….I’ve heard good things about For All Mankind (Ron Moore’s new show…from BSG, DS9 fame) especially season 2. Haven’t gotten around to it though. Ted is up for Best Comedy at the Emmys. And it totally deserves it.

Manifest - Yeah I didn’t fully read the article, but I”m guessing they’d do just that (cram it all in to wrap it up). I’d probably catch up if they announce a renewal….but I’m assuming they’d eliminate a lot of fluff and get right to the meat of the story if they were doing 3 years worth of stories in one. Sometimes it works well…sometimes it’s Game of Thrones season 7 and 8 where they’re moving at warp speed lol (in fairness they didn’t have books anymore for source material)

I think I heard about Criminal UK (because Kit is in it). I’m sure I’d enjoy it if I watched it (or any procedural show)….I just have limited time! :)

MJ said...

Apple - never even heard of For All Mankind. LOL and yeah - I don't use Apple - except for an ancient ipod that I still have

Manifest - my husband said the same thing yesterday. Knowing where they wanted to be in 3 years will allow them to cut all the fat at just plow thru and warp speed. Could make for a fun season actually

Mike V. said...

Apple - For All Mankind is something about an alternate present where the Space Race never ended. I.e. if the USSR succeeded landing on the moon before the US. Apparently things got really good in season 2. I get it on Apple devices. You’re either in the eco system or you’re not. But they definitely are branching out to get their content on non-apple devices now. I think I even heard rumors that iMessage might be coming to android too lol. Anyway…there’s definitely not enough Apple TV+ content to justify a subscription. But I’ll keep you posted on anything good on the service. We just watched the first 2 episodes of Schmigadoon on it last night. Cecily Strong (SNL) and Keegan Michael Key get trapped in a musical lol. Kinda funny…. Can’t wait for Ted Lasso tomorrow!

Manifest - The best example of cramming into one season I can think of is ROME Season2. On HBO. They had a 5 year plan but the budget was too high to sustain and the ratings were pretty low I think. They basically went through a good portion of the Roman Empire in a season’s worth of TV to get to their envisioned end point. It was good stuff.

All caught up on Superman and Lois (really solid for a CW arrow-verse show), Flash, Legends. So finally got back to my Breaking Bad rewatch. I’m in season 4. Hank just asked Walt about “W.W.” In Gale’s journal. Good stuff. Maybe by the time I finish it we’ll have news on Manifest and I can start binging it lol.

LOKI - The making of episode “ASSEMBLED” came out yesterday. I love docs about making these shows/films (especially the Star Wars ones) but this one was really good. Tom Hiddleston narrated it and it was great. Definitely watch the show first though lol.

MJ said...

Schnigadoon - i was tempted. Grew up watching Musicals. But Brigadoon was not one of my faves

Manifest - Netflix does not yet have that last season that just ended.

Loki - ok thanks. Crap - I never went back and watched the extras from the reunion. But am finally in season 2 of my rewatch. Ross ariived with Julie a few episodes ago.

Mike V. said...

Manifest - I think most of S3 is available on demand and I recorded some of them on YouTube TV.

Schmigadoon - Well they’re not really reenacting Bragadoon lol. It’s all very tongue and cheek. And the 2 people trapped are basically commenting on the ridiculousness of it throughout the show.

Friends - We just watched the reunion again last night. Had a guest who hadn’t seen it and we didn’t complain having to watch again. Lol. I mean I watch them every night but I’d love to marathon them in order again. When the tables flipped and Ross was dating Julie…that was just good tv. Lol. I mean most of it is. But every time a Rachel/Joey episode comes on I just criiiingggge. They definitely were milking out their major plot line a little longer than it could be sustained. But they fixed it well. Lol

MJ said...

Friends - yeah - been enjoying watching in order. Didn't get to any this weekend - fast forwarded thru a lot of Opening Ceremonies. Was creepy with no one in the stands

Mike V. said...

Opening Ceremonies - Yeah it was bizarre. The drone thing was amazing. But we never finished it the ceremonies.. (kids again lol).

I definitely watched a few more Friends episodes but in no particular order again. :)

Breaking Bad - making progress on the rewatch again. Jesse is going out on jobs with Mike and Walt assumes this is to drive a wedge between them. And Walt did his classic “I AM THE DANGER. I’m THE ONE WHO KNOCKS” line. Great stuff. He also couldn’t let the investigation die with Gale = Heisenberg because Hank was going on about how much of a genius he was.

Ted Lasso season premiere - they didn’t miss a beat. Still hilarious!