Wednesday, July 7, 2021

TV Discussion: Summer 2021

 Hi TV Addicts! We’re still here talking our favorite TV shows on a semi-daily basis.  Our viewing habits are all over the place these days, but this is still a place to come and discuss what’s on your current roster whenever you get to it.  I’ll keep this post at the top around until 200 comments or whenever Walking Dead returns (whichever comes first!). 

See you in the comments! 


Mike V. said...

Finally got that new post up! :). MJ, I did respond to your last comment in the other thread but it wasn’t anything significant. Lol

LOKI - I’m sure you haven’t started watching yet, but wow…this has to be the best marvel D+ show yet. So in our collective wheelhouse. As for the gender fluid stuff….it kinda does play into things. I don’t want to explain further than that. But it’s been perfectly cast and perfectly executed so far. 5th episode is out today and we’ll probably watch later. Michael Waldron (the Loki head writer and was promoted to writing Doctor Strange 2 and Kevin Feige’s secret Star Wars project) is on his way up in the world. Make sure you stay for the end credits in ep 4 (and I’m guessing 5 and 6 too lol).

Yellowstone - I finished the first ep and my wife kept watching without me so I probably won’t catch up with her. Lol

CW shows - I’ve fallen behind due to treadmill difficulties (more running outdoors and podcast dissections of Loki lol).

BB rewatch - this has stalled too. I need to get back to it but there’s too much other stuff to watch!

Black Widow - can’t wait for Friday!

MJ said...

Finished Handmaids - LOVED it

Loki - heard ep 4 was quite the ep !

MJ said...

Oh - and we have been re-watching all the Harry Potters. almost done

Mike V. said...

Nice on Potter! We actually used the Pandemic as an opportunity to finish reading through HP2-7 with our son. We watched the movies after each one. (With 7 we watched part 1 at the appropriate time lol). That was my 3rd time reading fully through the books and I can’t wait to do it again lol.

Handmaids…yeah I have to just power through it. First few eps have been rough. My wife wants to watch without me. Maybe I’ll tell her we can watch one tonight lol

MJ said...

Handmaid - Oh - they get good !

Finished HP. Always forget how dark they get at the end.

Kevin can **** himself - tried to like it as it has the daughter from Schitts - but nah. Not funny at all

Maybe Loki next ? Wait - was that free ?

ugh - still have the whole season of Your Honor to look at.

Mike V. said...

Handmaid - ok we’ll get to it!

HP - yep they do!

Kevin blah blah - yeah never checked it out.

Loki - Yes it’s included in subscription. 5 of 6 are available now with the final releasing next Wednesday. Next up will be Marvel’s “WHAT IF” series. It’s animated but featuring the voices of the actual actors. Each episode will be its own thing…and it resembles comics of a similar nature. I.e. “what if Peggy carter took the serum instead of Steve Rogers?” And it follows a Captain Britain story. No more live action stuff on D+ until fall/winter with Hawkeye up next I think. Tatiana Maslanay is doing a She-Hulk show too. Ms. Marvel is lined up for 2021 too and she’ll be featured in Captain Marvel 2 called “THE MARVELS” lol.

Your Honor - wait is that the Cranston one? We watched the first ep but then would’ve had to subscribe to whatever service it’s on to watch the rest. Is that a Starz or showtime show? The one we watched was good though.

MJ said...

Your Honor - not sure - gotta be HBO or SHO as I don't get Starz

Mike V. said...

Your Honor. It’s showtime. I lost that when I went to YouTube TV instead of Fios. I’m sure it’ll be streaming on something eventually.

Manifest - Meant to say - i think there are still strong rumors of some streaming option picking up manifest. Funny…my wife is interested in starting it up again and I talked to my Dad and he binged it on Netflix and found season 3 on demand. I told him it got canceled and he was annoyed. Anyway…there may still be hope. I’m still holding out on my binge until I know for sure!

MJ said...

Manifest - yeah they are still trying. Heard it was in the top 5 on Netflix right as the cancelled it

Mike V. said...

Manifest - It was actually #1 on Netflix when canceled lol

Black Widow - You watch yet? It was decent. Benefit of D+ I’m already rewatching. enjoying more on second watch. Wasn’t really in “marvel mode” on Friday. We all had a lot going on and sat down to watch not really focused lol

MJ said...

Black Widow - I think not free so waiting ?

Loki - see already renewed for S2 !

Found Fear Street - not your kind of thing - but a 3 part movie. Part 3 drops Friday. Total slasher fun LOL

Mike V. said...

Black Widow - Yep not free. But a bargain compared to the movie theater. Though I just saw our movie tavern prices were back to normal. The outrageous prices were for a special screen. And Tuesdays are still $5 per seat. Lol. So maybe I’ll be ready for Shang Chi in theaters!

Loki - I saw! I wish I would’ve seen the finale before I saw the announcement though. I was going into it wondering what will be the outcome for the movies, but it’s looking like this story may stay on the small screen for now. But I have no idea what I’m talking about since I haven’t watched the final episode yet! Lol. Anyway, it’s been very good and I’m hearing they stuck the landing too.

Found Fear Street - Haven’t even heard of it. Lol But yeah not my thing! I did see there’s some American Horror Story Spin-off series coming or something. I really didn’t look into it much. I’m burned out on AHS! Lol.

Legends - Fell behind a few eps on this but I’m on the latest episode. Not sure where you are so I won’t say anything.

Other CW shows - Falling behind on Supes and Flash. So much cast turnover on Flash. You’d think that would be a sign to call it quits! But nooooo renewed for another season. Lol Then again Legends cast changes all the time but it works for that show lol.

Handmaids - Kids and Summer are making it really hard to get back to this. Their bedtime schedule is all over the place. Lol.

MJ said...

Loki - heard they brought in some character from the books. No clue who that was (never heard of them) - but won't say here.

AHS - yeah - probably not going to watch.

Legends - behind too. Heard will be new alien even cuter then Beebo. Have not been enjoying Sara lost in space

This is US - finally catching up on this one.

Flash was renewed ? I hard cisco finally left - not of any other cast changes.

Mike V. said...

Loki - I watched. The show was great. I don’t want to say more until you watch. And yes they did. There had been theories. I had heard of them but don’t know much about it. I don’t really want to say anything until you’re caught up lol

Legends - I’m caught up and it seems like they wanted to cash in on that Baby Yoda money lol. Stick with it…the Sara thing gets interesting.

This is Us - Yep we’re caught up on that. Knowing next season is the last is beneficial for the show lol

Flash - yep…The episode I just watched today was basically all new characters with cameos from Flash, Snow, Joe. I think Joe is leaving by the end of this season. Not sure what that means for Cecile. SUrely there’s only a season left of this nonsense. lol Maybe with Superman and Lois being so successful they can end Flash. Supergirl is ending this season too and it’s the only reason I stuck with it. I guess that’ll come back when Flash is done next week.

Mike V. said...

Flash - Caught up….season finale is tonight. It’s laughably bad at times but somehow I still want to see what happens. Lol It really feels like maybe it has a season left but nothing is announced yet.

Handmaids - Finally watched another episode. June has reached Chicago with eye patch girl (Kate? Forget her name). I’d like to say we’ll watch faster now, but I doubt it. Just too many distractions. It is getting better though.

Legends - caught up on that too.

Sad there’s not another Loki to look forward to this week. Definitely the best MCU D+ show yet.

Mike V. said...

Ted Lasso - comes back this Friday on Apple TV+. Not an ideal subscription for everyone but that show was a surprise hit last year. Like really good and it came out of nowhere. But when you realize the people behind it (Bill Lawrence) are TV Sitcom veterans (Scrums, Cougartown) then it’s not a surprise it’s a super funny show with a lot of heart.

Mike V. said...

Manifest - don’t rule it out yet!

Mike V. said...

Shorter link:

MJ said...

Tedd Lasso - hmmm - not heard of it. oh - Apple - I don't think I get Apple

Manifest - I don't get how Netflix does not jump at it considering how well it is doing for them now. SHM Better then nothing - but they will be cramming 3 years of story into 1 LOL

We got sucked into a Netflix show - just 6 eps. Not your kind of thing. Called Criminal UK. Basicaly no police iinvestigation - each ep starts with the suspect having been arrested and the cops trying to get him to admit his guilt. Like The Closer but without finding the criminal before she interviewed them. Was very interesting really. Kit Harrington was in one.

Mike V. said...

Ted Lasso - Yeah unfortunately it’s one of the few decent shows on Apple TV+. They basically give away subscriptions if you buy devices (or at least did)…we have a combo plan with cloud storage and music that it comes with. Morning Show S1 was decent too (s2 finally coming this fall)….I’ve heard good things about For All Mankind (Ron Moore’s new show…from BSG, DS9 fame) especially season 2. Haven’t gotten around to it though. Ted is up for Best Comedy at the Emmys. And it totally deserves it.

Manifest - Yeah I didn’t fully read the article, but I”m guessing they’d do just that (cram it all in to wrap it up). I’d probably catch up if they announce a renewal….but I’m assuming they’d eliminate a lot of fluff and get right to the meat of the story if they were doing 3 years worth of stories in one. Sometimes it works well…sometimes it’s Game of Thrones season 7 and 8 where they’re moving at warp speed lol (in fairness they didn’t have books anymore for source material)

I think I heard about Criminal UK (because Kit is in it). I’m sure I’d enjoy it if I watched it (or any procedural show)….I just have limited time! :)

MJ said...

Apple - never even heard of For All Mankind. LOL and yeah - I don't use Apple - except for an ancient ipod that I still have

Manifest - my husband said the same thing yesterday. Knowing where they wanted to be in 3 years will allow them to cut all the fat at just plow thru and warp speed. Could make for a fun season actually

Mike V. said...

Apple - For All Mankind is something about an alternate present where the Space Race never ended. I.e. if the USSR succeeded landing on the moon before the US. Apparently things got really good in season 2. I get it on Apple devices. You’re either in the eco system or you’re not. But they definitely are branching out to get their content on non-apple devices now. I think I even heard rumors that iMessage might be coming to android too lol. Anyway…there’s definitely not enough Apple TV+ content to justify a subscription. But I’ll keep you posted on anything good on the service. We just watched the first 2 episodes of Schmigadoon on it last night. Cecily Strong (SNL) and Keegan Michael Key get trapped in a musical lol. Kinda funny…. Can’t wait for Ted Lasso tomorrow!

Manifest - The best example of cramming into one season I can think of is ROME Season2. On HBO. They had a 5 year plan but the budget was too high to sustain and the ratings were pretty low I think. They basically went through a good portion of the Roman Empire in a season’s worth of TV to get to their envisioned end point. It was good stuff.

All caught up on Superman and Lois (really solid for a CW arrow-verse show), Flash, Legends. So finally got back to my Breaking Bad rewatch. I’m in season 4. Hank just asked Walt about “W.W.” In Gale’s journal. Good stuff. Maybe by the time I finish it we’ll have news on Manifest and I can start binging it lol.

LOKI - The making of episode “ASSEMBLED” came out yesterday. I love docs about making these shows/films (especially the Star Wars ones) but this one was really good. Tom Hiddleston narrated it and it was great. Definitely watch the show first though lol.

MJ said...

Schnigadoon - i was tempted. Grew up watching Musicals. But Brigadoon was not one of my faves

Manifest - Netflix does not yet have that last season that just ended.

Loki - ok thanks. Crap - I never went back and watched the extras from the reunion. But am finally in season 2 of my rewatch. Ross ariived with Julie a few episodes ago.

Mike V. said...

Manifest - I think most of S3 is available on demand and I recorded some of them on YouTube TV.

Schmigadoon - Well they’re not really reenacting Bragadoon lol. It’s all very tongue and cheek. And the 2 people trapped are basically commenting on the ridiculousness of it throughout the show.

Friends - We just watched the reunion again last night. Had a guest who hadn’t seen it and we didn’t complain having to watch again. Lol. I mean I watch them every night but I’d love to marathon them in order again. When the tables flipped and Ross was dating Julie…that was just good tv. Lol. I mean most of it is. But every time a Rachel/Joey episode comes on I just criiiingggge. They definitely were milking out their major plot line a little longer than it could be sustained. But they fixed it well. Lol

MJ said...

Friends - yeah - been enjoying watching in order. Didn't get to any this weekend - fast forwarded thru a lot of Opening Ceremonies. Was creepy with no one in the stands

Mike V. said...

Opening Ceremonies - Yeah it was bizarre. The drone thing was amazing. But we never finished it the ceremonies.. (kids again lol).

I definitely watched a few more Friends episodes but in no particular order again. :)

Breaking Bad - making progress on the rewatch again. Jesse is going out on jobs with Mike and Walt assumes this is to drive a wedge between them. And Walt did his classic “I AM THE DANGER. I’m THE ONE WHO KNOCKS” line. Great stuff. He also couldn’t let the investigation die with Gale = Heisenberg because Hank was going on about how much of a genius he was.

Ted Lasso season premiere - they didn’t miss a beat. Still hilarious!

MJ said...

Drone thing was totally amazing. Like I said - FF thru alot LOL

Heard Odenkirk passed out on set of BCS. Hopefully nothing serious.

Had a work outing yesterday - whole dept met at a winery down southern NJ. Had a great time. Was just good to see PEOPLE again. LOL Timing probably good as I think we will be going back to masks indoors. SIGH

Mike V. said...

Odenkirk - Heard the same. Details are still a little fuzzy on that one. Hoping he’s okay as well. As I was typing this a tweet came in with Bryan Cranston tweeting for thoughts for his friend. not sure if he knows any more than the public knows as he indicates.

BB — Making good progress on S4. Gus just took out Don Eladio and is looking for Jessie to replace Walt as the sole cook. Getting close to “FACE OFF” finale.

Nice on the winery! Yeah we’ve had some nice gatherings this summer including an in person work Happy Hour. Definitely more restrictions heading our way. It’s beyond me the percentage of people that won’t do the one thing they need to do! Social Media can be and has been a useful development in our global culture, but it has really developed a terrible side effect!

MJ said...

We are starting a BSG marathon at some point this week.

Vax - yeah - i jut don't get these people. I work at a hospital and only 60% of employees got it. Mandatory is coming for sure.

Sweet on Face Off ep. I fell off the couch first time I saw it.

Mike V. said...

BSG - nice. Only binged through it that one time..yikes probably 10 or 11 years ago now.

Vax - that is insane that even a hospital is seeing those statistics. Mandatory by companies wouldn’t surprise me. Gotta get to that magic number.

BB - same. It was crazy. I checked the IMDB ratings for the remaining episodes in the show. I mean I remember the quality never went down but it’s like 8.8-10 across the board. (Ozymandius ep STILL is a 10 after all these years).

Mike V. said...

BB - Finished S4 rewatch. Totally forgot until the middle of the episode that Walt poisoned Brock (the kid of Jessie’s girlfriend Andrea) and made Jessie think Gus was behind it. 16 eps to go!

MJ said...

BSg - yeah been a long time. We started with the mini-series. And crazy enough my husband and I thought that Six was not revealed to be a Ceylon so quickly.

BB - oh wow - Brock. Forgot that.

Vax - what they are not telling us is it is mostly clincial or non-clinical employees not getting it. People don't realize how many non clinical folks work at hospitals.

Mike V. said...

BSG - Nice. Yeah I barely remember anything about the series. Just key moments and the finale.

BB - Yep….I’m probably gonna watch the Jessie movie (El Camino) when I’m finished again. The payoff to the end of it may resonate more remembering more about Andrea and Brock.

Vax - Yeah, makes sense. I did an internship at a hospital back in the day and it definitely wasn’t clinical lol.

MJ said...

Jeez - did I watch El Camino > I must have !

Just saw TWD is ?maybe? going to have a new governor ? Know you are over it tho ! LOL

Mike V. said...

El Camino - So i did a search of this blog and couldn’t find any result. But surely we talked about it! Lol It was decent from what I remember.

Saul - I did see Bob is going to be okay but it was heart related incident. It was on set so I wonder if it was some intense scene he was filming. Or just a coincidence that he was there.

TWD - That burned me out with the show was not knowing how much more they were going to drag it out. Now that I know we’re moving towards the end I’m all in. But that doesn’t mean I’ll be recapping 20 more episodes. I just don’t have it in me anymore! Lol. But I’ll still post up our discussion posts. :) Anyway, I did see the governor thing also. I didn’t read into it too much though so no idea what it means!

MJ said...

Saul - yes - they called it a minor heart attack

TWD - me the same on the Gov part. But honestly - even feeling over it. FTWD has surpassed it in quality for awhile now. Tho they also have killed off a fave. Think Glenn/Noah when I say that. They have killed others - just less loved.

Was off yst. Still ploughing thru BSG. Goes quick with 40-45 min eps. LOL Forgot how good it really was.

Mike V. said...

Whoops…just seeing this comment.

TWD - Really?? On FTWD. I’m surprised on that. Guess I missed out. But I couldn’t take more zombie shows lol. Yeah…they definitely killed off a lot of the best characters on TWD. And you know they’re not killing Carol or Daryl unless the spinoff is a prequel. I can’t even remember who Noah is lol. But Glenn was great and that one was tough to take.

BSG - yeah I remember getting sucked into the binge. Probably would again!

Breaking Bad - Finished! Wow….still holds up. One of the best rides ever. I totally forgot Todd killed Andrea (Brock’s mother) to motivate Jesse to keep cooking for them. Makes El Camino movie even more relevant. I’ll be a completionist and rewatch that movie too while the show is fresh. Then I’ll be ready for the final season of Saul. I don’t think I could handle a Saul rewatch. The last few seasons have been great but it’s a different ride than BB.

Manifest is next on my list. My wife has already started so I gotta catch up lol. Still haven’t heard on that renewal but it seems inevitable.

Mike V. said...

El Camino - Finished this as well. Good stuff. Nice “epilogue” for the show. Todd played a major role in it and I forgot how much Jesse Plemmons changed in the years since the show ended. So from a continuity perspective it was a little weird, but he was still good in it.

Manifest - Started the pilot again. I forgot a lot so looks like I’ll be rewatching the whole thing. Apparently people have a theory it’s going to get renewed on 8/22 or something like that…some significant date in the show.

The Suicide Squad - Just finished it this morning on HBO Max. One thing is clear….James Gunn can make an entertaining comic book movie. This one was so irreverent and clearly making use of its R rating. But it was hilarious and made D list comic book characters (villains) into household names and you want to root for them. Can’t wait until he gets started on Guardians III for marvel.

You watch Loki yet? Or still heads down in BSG? “WHAT IF?” Is the next series starting wednesday. It’s animated but has the actual voice actors reprising their roles in alternate scenarios. First one up What if Agent Carter took the super serum instead of Steve Rogers? CAPTAIN CARTER! Chadwick Boseman was recorded for Black Panther as Star Lord before he passed as well. I’ll keep you updated if it’s any good. But WATCH…..LOKI! :).

MJ said...

Manifest - i will warn you - there were aspects in the 1st season that were annoying. maybe on a straight watch less so. It was around the relationships within that family. I got the point of it - people are gone a long time and others move on - but at the time I thought they really over did it.

Suicide Aquad - they made a new one ?

Loki - not yet sigh. Just started S2 BSG last night.

Oh - What If did sound interesting.

Heading to the shore for the rest of the week. Just glad to be anywhere that is NOT my house LOL

Mike V. said...

Manifest - I think that’s what plagued my first viewing (S1). But yeah when binging you tend to notice that stuff less. I know all about the growing pains of these shows. Lol. Yep…I remembered that family drama. And I absolutely am positive they’ll overdo it as I proceed!

“THE” Suicide Squad (“the” distinguishes it from the original lol) - Yes. It IS considered a sequel but it’s nothing like the first one. James Gunn who wrote/directed Guardians of the Galaxy 1 and 2 (and wrote all the guardians’ lines in Infinity War and End Game) was fired from Disney because of old tweets a few years back. Guardians 3 was on target to come out in 2021…but DC picked him right up to do a new Suicide Squad. The only people left over from the original are Joel Kinneman (Flag), Viola Davis (the one in charge of giving orders to the squad and killing them if they try to flee) and Harley Quinn. James Gunn brings his unique eye, comedy and skill of applying music to the DC universe. And takes virtually unknown characters and makes you love them. Lol. But man it’s violent and laced with profanity. But it’s fantastic.

Loki/What If - I’m trying not to give anything away….but if you want to watch What If, I’d watch Loki first just in case. I’m not 100% sure they’re tied together but they might be lol.

I do remember BSG S2 being awesome though so enjoy! Enjoy vacation and bring your streaming device to the shore! Lol I’ll be heading down to OCNJ before Labor Day as we have for the past several years.

Mike V. said...

Manifest — Well into season 1. Probably episode 10 or 11? I realized after rewatching I think I only ever watched the first 2 episodes. Right now Charming (can’t remember his name on this show) has been kicked out of the house and he’s understanding of Danny (Franco/Rescue Me) being in their lives now. Cal is the “Holy Grail” and the MAJOR is interested said grail, but doesn’t know it’s Cal yet. Michaela and Jared have admitted their feelings for each other still exist….but he has yet to tell his new wife/friend lady. I’m assuming Jake (just remembered Charming’s name) will eventually develop feelings for this doctor lady who was on the flight. Or maybe like you suggested we’ll move past this relationship drama all together and focus on more interesting things lol. But overall I’m enjoying it.

Handmaid’s - June has made it to Canada! But she definitely is not at peace. She also went to Serena and did some good yelling. And then had that interesting scene with her husband. I mean obviously she isn’t going to stay put with Gilead still in operation or with Hannah still back there. But, based on things I’ve already read…I doubt she’ll leave Canada until someone gets their come uppance! Lol.

WHAT IF? (Marvel) - First episode was good! Fun to see what could’ve been had one thing gone slightly another way. Don’t want to say much beyond that!

Hope you’re enjoying the shore!

Mike V. said...

Manifest. He’s Ben not jake. Lol whoops!

Mike V. said...

Manifest - Finished season 1, left on a cliffhanger of Jared/Zeke (yes I met Zeke) with a gun and Michaela running in to “stop him”. June 2, 2024 was revealed as their expiration date. So wondering now if Zeke will expire sooner or if their goal would be to avoid that. And Grace is preggers but not sure if it’s Danny’s or Ben’s. Shouldn’t take me too long to start S2. It makes even more sense to me now that they’d hold off until 8/28 to announce a renewal.

Handmaid - Finally finished s4! I had already read about the commander getting his come uppance. Definitely an ambiguous ending with June asking for 5 minutes with the baby and saying she’ll go. There’s no way she’s staying put in that house or Canada. There’s a loose thread with Serena/June conflict. And of course June is in love with Nick and maybe her husband still. And Hannah is still in Gilead…and Gilead still exists. So I’m assuming this doesn’t end until she gets Hannah and takes down the whole system in the US. It feels very LOST in the format it’s following…i.e. she got off the island only to find she has to go back. I did read that S5 is not necessarily the final season. They’re reassessing things since they had more time in the pandemic to figure out how much more story there is to tell.

Legends - I think I’m one behind now (last night) because I’m focusing on Manifest. I do have S3 of Manifest on Hulu, so I’ll be able to watch all of it. Legends works well as a binge too so I’m okay if they pile up.

MJ said...

Manifest - wow - you are kicking that out ! LOL Yeah - the family drama does really settle down and it gets better. Oh the General ! LOL on calling him Charming. Mic's ex settles down a bit too - cause he was annoying

Suicide Squad - yeah - wasn't a fan of the first.

Handmaids - oh - some stuff goes down in Canada. June gets that Cray cray look in her eye and stuff happens.

Watched a few horror things. But was away and had a guest day pre and post vaca - so not alot watched. But WW was fun - had awesome weather.

TWD back soon - not bothering with watching mid-season finale as i usually do as they were the one offs.

Mike V. said...

WOW, we posted at the same time above! Lol You’ll probably see what I posted later.

Manifest - Jared is full on stalker mode on Zeke right now. Yeah that definitely can’t last. Lol.

Suicide Squad - This one was definitely better. It’s fun…

Handmaids - She definitely did! (My thoughts above!)

TWD - Actually i think that last “season” we got became “bonus” episodes of season 10. What’s coming now is season 11 which will have several groups of episodes I think. Yeah I’m not rewatching anything. I’ll be lucky if I watch it on Sunday lol. Starting before Labor Day…even October is just weird!

Mike V. said...

Manifest (again) - Just finished s2 premiere. I totally knew Vance was alive! Classic TV rules…no body not dead. And hilarious that NBC writers utilized the fact that this guy’s name was Vance to throw in that his first name is Robert/Bobby. I.e. Bob Vance Vance Refrigeration from The Office fame. Good stuff. “Save the Passengers” is very “Save the Cheerleader Save the World” Heroes type stuff too….also NBC. They’re just recycling their greatest hits. Lol.

Mike V. said...

Manifest (again again) - Really plowing through. I’m on S2E5 now. They got a compass from another guy that had a calling on the death date. Michaela is with Zeke now, Jared decided to take the bartender out. Ben/Saanvi still showing hints of something brewing there…but they’re showing no signs of breaking up the Stone Family either lol. Ben is teaching at the university…I’ve met TJ who remembered Olive from the airport. He’s now going to the crazy church with her. Oh and they figured out who the major is…but all of Saanvi’s research was taken.

MJ said...

Crazy we were posting at same time. LOL

Manifest - oh the expiration date ! Fun times. Didn't catch the Bob Vance as did not watch Office. Ys - Save the Cheerleader ! We thought the same. God I loved that first season of that show. Oh wow - S2W5 - you really are flying. Hmmm - that damn major. I will say no more. But i love Sanvi.

Mike V. said...

First season of Heroes was really good. And it aired when S3 of LOST was airing and people were starting to get frustrated. S3 ended up getting really good but those first 6 episodes that aired alone when they were trapped in cages on Hydra Island gave Heroes an unexpected edge. Lol. But we found out that Heroes was a 1 season wonder when LOST had the legs, even if it inevitably frustrated a large portion of viewers (not this one!).

Not sure if you saw from that simultaneous post but I’m all caught up on Handmaids. Definitely got good, but similar to TWD, I’m hoping they are considering ending before they overstay their welcome. Lol.

MJ said...

I did see - and yeah - they are talking about finding more 'content' for Handmaids. I agree - don't ruin it. End it. Get Hannah and end it LOL

Husband had stomach issue yesterday - so nothing new watched.

Oh Lord - Hydra Island. LOL I was frustrated at the ending at first. But watched a few days later and made my peace with it. The kept saying the fans obsessed about the wrong things - and they were right. I still say they could have TRIED to explain how they all seemed to run into each other in the world before the island. LOL Saying. But I am good with it all now.

Mike V. said...

Just seeing this comment…ouch on the stomach issue. Hopefully he’s recovered!

LOST - The show was far from perfect. But at the same time it was perfect because of the way it was. It was the first show of its kind and they learned lessons along the way. As for them all being connected before the island…I figured that was because of Jacob’s involvement and their fate/destiny to end up on that plane. Yeah my gut reaction as I was watching that ending sequence was like, “REALLY”??? But then I sat with it as Christian explained things and then watched their tearful reunion and Jack’s final walk…..and his eye close…and by the end of the episode I was bawling and just said “it was perfect”. I was shocked to see the discourse online and a lot of it just being confused about what they saw or trying to make too much of it lol. But yeah…they definitely dug themselves into a hole with the barrage of mysteries they intentionally introduced and introduced without even knowing they introduced them. They did the best they could and focusing on character arcs in the end made a lot of sense.

Manifest - speaking of a show LOST spawned - done season 2! And whattya know…once I finished s3 came onto Netflix! Lol. I would’ve been able to watch on Hulu regardless. Those shadow dudes died and came back! Zeke died and came back…the 828 passengers maybe died and came back! Ben’s hand is glowing! A piece of the plane is found! The girl from Americans is living in their house now! Saanvi is an accidental murderer! Zeke is getting “FEELINGS” but no callings. Crazy stuff. I should be done by the end of the week lol

MJ said...

Manifest - Sanvi killing that general was awesome tho ! LOL Or whatever her title was. Glowing hand freaked me out. And thank god Ben and the wife just got their stuff together - that was annoying the first season. And was glad Zeke came back from the dead

Mike V. said...

Manifest - you can’t go wrong with what you call her. She was a Major General so can’t go wrong lol. Yeah I kept thinking they would separate and Ben would go to Saanvi but it turns out she isn’t into his type LOL. Not sure how I didn’t see that coming. They made the family dynamic of the Stone Family the core theme of the show. So you can’t break them apart after that. Definitely some lost vibes with the plane showing up in the ocean (or at least pieces of it)….that’s kinda what i was thinking when Ben kept seeing the plane. We’re supposed to think they actually died. Maybe they did die. But the weird thing is it was all instantaneous in the pilot episode. They never experienced the death from what we saw. Zeke did experience it. The Shadow crew just disappeared and came back months later. Oh right and they’re getting callings now. Recognize the one dude (main bad guy) from Orange is the new Black. I’ll be interested to see what kind of cliffhanger they left everyone on at the end of S3 when the show got canceled. But with Netflix adding S3 a week before 8/28….surely this renewal is coming soon.

Mike V. said...

Manifest - In the middle of ep 5 now. Time skipped a bit and these “meth heads / shadow dudes” are a day from their death date. 2 of the guys seem somewhat redeemable where as the Orange is the new Black dude (Jace??) is still hell bent on revenge. Tail fin aged 7 years as has the lady that was shot in the first season. Zeke can feel what others are feeling/thinking. Ben worked a calling with the chess dude who stole artifacts and threw out the other piece of that Egyptian artifact. Michaela and Zeke moved in with Evie’s mother. I’m getting vibes of Vasquez and Michaela’s partner having a bit of a flirtation going on. Oh and Vasquez is investigating the Major General’s disappearance. Right now they are getting very religious and like the blues brothers think they’re on a mission from God. I’m sure fans of LOST won’t accept that as the ultimate answer lol. But I do wonder if the show does get renewed if they’re targeting the 828 death date as the end of the series or if they plan to go beyond that. Guess I can’t make guesses like that until I see the end of S3 lol. There has already been a couple time jumps in the first few episodes alone.

White Lotus - forgot to mention we’re watching this one on HBO. It’s already done, but I think we’re 3 or 4 eps in of 6. Connie Britton, Steve Zahn, Stiffler’s Mom (lol) and a bunch of others I don’t know.

MJ said...

Manifest - yeah - didn't say earlier - but we also thought Ben/Sanvi would be a thing. But never happened. Zeke never made sense to me since he was Not on the plane. Dying to see how they fit 3 years of closure into 1 season. Gonna be a ride ! Have loved the Callings.

White Lotus - on my DVR - is it good ? Heard it ended BIG.

Mike V. said...

Manifest - yeah….well at one point in season 2 they made it seem like it’s all connected…828ers and these other people who get the callings. Like even the ancient Egypt stuff or whatever…they saw 828 when it went through the dark lightening. So maybe something similar happened with Zeke. But of course then he died and “LEVELED UP” lol. We still don’t know what Manifest will get renewed for if it does. I.e. 1 final season or 2 or whatever. But yeah most likely it would be 1 to wrap it up.

White Lotus - it’s not bad. It’s a very weird hang but I do find myself laughing a lot. It’s one of those shows that opens up with something that happens at the end (at least I think it’s the end) then flashes back 2 weeks to tell the story of how they got there. So it kinda keeps you wondering in every episode what’s going on.

Mike V. said...

Manifest - I’m on the last 2 episodes! Just in time for 8/28! Lol Cal just went to the secret gov’t headquarters and said “Take me to the Tailfin”. All global governments are enforcing stricter policies against the 828ers….and someone in Singapore was killed. Saanvi has come clean and made amends with Ben. Ben is on House arrest. Angelina (i.e. girl from the Americans) is absolutely the worst character ever written. Lol First she falls in love with a fugitive because of a photograph and an instant calling connection. Then she turns into Single White Female. Then she sets fire to the Stone house because she thinks she has a guardian angel. Now she’s convinced Cal to go off and be a leader. It’s painful. And why has Olive just suddenly forgot about TJ and with Levi? Is the actor permanently gone or were they planning to set up some love triangle in the next season? Lol Oh and Michaela has quit the force.

And how could I forget? Noah’s Ark? Interesting angle. It’s weird watching scientists get excited by proving religious things. But definitely interesting where they’re going with it all. I’m interested to see what cliffhanger they left everyone on.

I had a guess that the Captain and that other woman are just going to show back up one of these days with their plane. It certainly looked like they “vanished” when the lightning struck. But I’m not sure if that’s a big enough cliffhanger for people to want the show back. Guess I’ll find out in 2 episodes. My wife has been watching too and I’ve caught up and passed her. We may try to sync up for the finale.

White Lotus - 2 more eps left.

Marvel’s What if - first 3 episodes were great! Definitely some interesting alternate takes. And each episode may spawn follow up episodes in a next season.

Spider-Man: No Way Home - Trailer has FINALLY come out. Definitely dealing with the multi-verse. 100% guaranteed all 3 Spideys will be in this one. But they didn’t play that card yet. The trailer is very bizarre and I think probably half of it is bogus and the other half is just misleading. All the same people are involved that made Homecoming and Far From Home so I’m assuming this one will be great too. Of course Spider-man 3 was pretty terrible and had the same conditions (Sam Raimi on all 3. And funnily enough Sam Raimi is directing Dr. Strange and the Multi-verse of Madness. COINCIDENCE??!?!)

Eternals has a new trailer too. Looks solid. Shang Chi comes out next weekend. Covid restrictions starting to ramp up again. We’ll see if we can squeeze in a theater screening of that one.

MJ said...

Manifest - oh forgot Michaela quitting. LOL I have to see - I might not have watched the finale as they had cancelled it. But I kept it on the DVR

Your Honor - still haven't finished but read getting a second season

Mike V. said...

Your Honor - i saw that too. I still only watched that fist ep.

Manifest - oh man…and I just finished!! Lol. Well I’m going to write about it below anyway. So don’t read if you didn’t watch it. I’ll have to go back into old comments to see if you and Richard talked about the finale lol


So, the last 2 eps were a 2 part finale. When Cal disappeared I jokingly said, “what, is Cal coming to come back 5.5 years older or something?” He totally did! Lol. But I didn’t see Grace being killed by psycho Angelina until the plane calling with Cal. Somehow I just got a bad feeling it was going to be her. But apparently it HAD to happen. Why? Who the hell knows? Lol. But then….as a stinger…my other prediction from up above came true…kinda. The captain reappeared in the 828 plane…then the plane disappeared! WHAHAT??? Things are getting nuts. But definitely would like to know what happens next. We’ll see if tomorrow any big reveals happen. apparently NBC dubbed 8/28 as 828 day last year with season 3 news. So people really think they’re going to renew the thing tomorrow. Or Netflix will or whatever. We’ll see!

Mike V. said...

Manifest - Non spoilery for finale. So i did a CTRL-F on our last big thread for “manifest” and scanned through the comments. I was being stubborn about not watching, you were behind on the show but letting Richard know where you are and Richard brought up the bad acting. Man is there EVER some bad acting on that show. Main cast is fine (maybe except Cal but he’s a kid)…but some of these new people they brought on were rough! Anyway…it’s not clear from the comments if you watched the finale. Maybe see if it gets renewed tomorrow then do it. But it was good lol

Mike V. said...

Manifest - happy 8/28 day! One more season on Netflix!

MJ said...

Manifest - I had NOT watched it - but I have now.

Will be back later to discuss. Crazy stuff!

And yes - heard 1 more season. I'll take it.

Was off Friday so a little snowed in at work - but I will be back !

MJ said...

Jared was minda Jerky again. I was nervous for Vance's son. And did any one not know Sanvi was going in the drink with the tailfin ? LOL

What the heck did it actually mean when Cal disappeared tho ? Very Fringey. And I thought Grace was going to punch that head scienist several times.

Callings were crazy these 2 eps (I watched back to back). The plane with all the blood ! Some of these 828'ers are truly nutso.

Do we think Grace is really dead ? i am thinking yes. And how did they not change the locks ? SIGH. I hate the character of Angelina - but loved the actress in one of my all time faves - the Americans. Call now looks to be the same age as his twin sister once again.

And what was with the deal with the final final scene - Pilot appering and then whole plane leaving ?

Was a very good finale ! No wonder the showrunner had fits knowing what twists he put in the finale.

So heard - besides the 1 year final season we are getting - they will have bigger budgets. And of course - are not limited to the 45 min episode now. So thats a plus.

Mike V. said...

I’ll write more later but it’s a 20 episode final season too. I did read the bigger budget. Whole cast got raises too. Show runner said he’ll be able to streamline the rest of his story to finish it. Good stuff!

MJ said...

Oh - forgot to say - we finally watched Spidermans. Second was even better then the first.

MJ said...

Legends - quite behind - but just saw the one where Sara is finally back and the went back to the West. I swear these writers do serious drugs. LOL

Oh - and besides seeing the 2 Spideys - we finally saw the 2 new(ish) Jumanjis. And this is why we are so behind on everything else. LOL

Mike V. said...

I really gotta catch up on these comments. Vacation had me slacking. I’ll write about Spidey, Manifest and all the other stuff. I am fully caught up on Legends. (Season is over)

Mike V. said...

Manifest -

When Cal disappeared, I think I mentioned above but the first thing I thought was that he’d come back 5.5 years older. And he did lol. But what did it mean? No idea. Seems like he knew what was going to happen though when he did it and knew that Grace had to die. They’ve been pretty tight lipped on if she’ll be in the cast for the final season.

Yep, I watched the Americans too…i kept referring to her as “girl from Americans” until I started remembering her name as Angelina. And wow…yeah what a bad character. Some of the acting on this show is pretty laughable. Not by the core cast but from the recurring/guest stars. Maybe it was a case of bad writing but I don’t know.

Still think it’s hilarious that I called that pilot coming back as a cliffhanger….but for it disappearing right away….didn’t see that coming. That was nuts! It is good that they will have more budget for these final episodes. I know they’re paying the cast/crew more too so that’s part of it. But you could definitely feel this network show being pushed to the limits. A few more Netflix dollars to spend should help it.

I still am amazed at how good LOST looked for a network show. But it was because it was shot on film and on location in Hawaii. But even the effects and green screen work they did for flashbacks to make locations look like places all over the world. It was impressive.

Tom Holland Spideys - Yeah they’re great. I remember trying to convince you when Homecoming first came out but you were burned out on too many spider-men movies. I’m just all in on everything the MCU has been doing. And the Spidey 3 trailer looks nuts. (No Way Home) there are a lot of rumors circulating this one and what could be coming. I’m sure the next trailer will reveal it. Let’s just say maybe the time invested in those other spider-men may pay off. Lol. But yeah Tom Holland totally nails Peter Parker and is great as an awkward teenager with major quips as Spidey. And Jon Watts has done a great job directing the 2 films soon to be 3. The crazy thing is…Sam Raimi (original Spidey 1-3) is directing Dr. Strange in The Multiverse of Madness….so it wouldn’t surprise me if there’s more Spidey craziness in that one too.

2 Jumanji’s….we watched them too last year during lockdowns with the kids. They were a lot of fun. And another is probably in the works just not green lit yet due to covid. You know they actually reference Robin Williams’s character in the first movie so they’re both technically sequels to the original lol.

LEgends - Ahhh yeah I remember when they went to the West and hilarious on the drugs! It was another fun season. I wonder how many they have left in them.

Superman Lois and Clark - First season ended up being really good. It should be on Netflix soon and I wouldn’t say you’d be wasting your time if you watched it. Speaking of budgets…they had one…and they had some good writers too. It was a solid outing.

Supergirl - it’s back….I’m caught up…it’s blah but it’s ending so I’ll stick with it. Lol.

Ted Lasso - Still amazing!

White Lotus - Wacky show…we finished it. Ending was okay lol. There might be a season 2 but I think it would be a brand new cast.

AHS - Did you know the new season started? I just set the dvr to record and it said I missed 3 episodes already lol. But…I’m not too broken up about it either. If I catch up I’ll catch up.

Impeachment: American Crime Story - I set the dvr…we’ll see if we get to it!

Mike V. said...

Hawkeye - D+ trailer arrived today. Looks great! I’m a sucker for a Christmas themed story. Lol And listen…the marketing slogan is perfect. This holiday season the best gifts come with a “bow”. Perfection!

Matrix Resurrections - There’s no need for this movie to exist but Keanu and Carrie Ann Moss are ageless wonders and this movie looks fantastic from the brief glimpses of it. I don’t even care if it’s the Matrix 1 with revised effects and Bearded Keanu. Give me it now! Lol People are theorizing that Lawrence Fishburne will be in it but his appearance is being kept secret. There’s another dude playing a version of Morpheus in The Matrix and may play into the story.

Stranger Things - Finally finished season 2 and have started season 3. Season 3 already seems better than the sludge fest of the beginning of s2 lol. I looked up when 4 is coming out…doesn’t even have a specific date yet but 2022 is the year.

Mandalorian - Already cleaned up at the Creative Emmys winning like 7 (Effects, makeup, Cinematography…stuff like that). . Might be a big sign for the actual emmys or it might just mean that’s all they’re getting lol. I guess with all these trailers coming out we should be getting a “Book of Boba Fett” trailer soon for December. There are rumors that Luke and Grogu may show up in that. It would be dumb for Grogu not to with his popularity! Lol.

MJ said...

Stranger Things - ugh - Don't think I have watch 3. Think Hopper in Russia or something ?

Spidey - did not know 3rd coming

Matrix - yeah - we shall see.

And now the NFL is back - so even less time to catch up on stuff

Mike V. said...

Stranger things - I’m not that far into 3 yet but it did open with some experiment in Russia and then flashed forward to a year later. So it’s like 1985 now. And they snuck in to see Dawn of the Dead instead of Back to the Future. What’s wrong with these kids?? Lol Anyway, Hopper being in Russia sounds about right. But that hasn’t happened yet.

Spidey/Marvel - yep! December 17th. Seems to pick up right after the last one ends in the mid-credits. But Far From Home was already like a year after End-Game because they went through an entire school year. I think I need to see a revised MCU timeline with the recent D+ shows and Shang Chi. Did I mention I saw that? It was a lot of fun! And the majority of it (outside of flashbacks) definitely happens after end game.

MJ said...

Stranger - I thought at the end of S2 they showed him in Russia ? Hmmmm And come on - sneaking into Dawn of the Dead ? Yeah - cause they would not be allowed to see that due to age. You forgetting what it is like to be a tween ? Or just into early teen years ? Always choose the FORBIDDEN

You have mentioned Shang Chi - you had to tell me who the hell he was ! LOL Heard good tho

Hawkeye - he has a movie ?? UGh -- Marvel is exhausting. What more do we need to know about him? Saying ! Still have not seen Black Widow - his bestie !

Star Trek Discovery !! OMG You watch this ? We started about a week ago. Last 2 eps we watched were CRAZY

Mike V. said...

Hawkeye -’s another Disney+ show. It’s actually adapting a pretty popular comic. But basically he’s training his replacement Kate Bishop (played by Hailey Seinfeld) and there is a dog named “lucky” involved. But he’s a retired avenger and it follows that story. It’s based in New York at the holidays but looks really good. A

Stranger Things - Nothing about Russia in season 2. No I understood why they were sneaking in (also to not pay lol). I just meant these kids would probably be more into Back to the Future! Lol. But yeah…Dawn of the Dead is more thematic for the show too.

Shang Chi - Yep it was! And yes Marvel is relentless…but more content the better for D+ eventually. This is a movie though. It’ll be on Disney Plus next month I think.

Star Trek Discovery - I actually do finally have Paramount +. I held out for a long time. But the kids needed to watch some Nickelodeon show….So I had only watched the pilot on CBS. I need to finish Picard S1 (i think i watched through 8 eps) and then néed to watch Discovery. I’ll add them to the binge list!

MJ said...

Hawkeye - Seinfeld? Like of THE Seinfeld ? LOL

Hmmm - Stranger Things - wonder if I saw S3 and just spoiled the hell out of you ?

Gotta say - half way thru Discovery - and was GOBSMACKED last night. No details. Borrowed someones acct so I can continue Evil. And yes - have heard S2 of Discovery not as good as first. But damn - last 2 eps i watch were crazy good Not started Picard. Have to go back to Evil - and then watch Lucifer.


Mike V. said...

Hawkeye - crazy autocorrect. No STeinfeld not Seinfeld. Lol. Not sure what you’d know her from. I saw her in the Bumblebee Transformers Spin-off. But fans are stoked about her being Kate Bishop. She won an Oscar at an early age or something.

Stranger Things - It’s all good. I’ll forget by the time I watched it! Lol.

Nice on Discovery…not even sure I know about Evil lol.

It really doesn’t!!! Hence why we’re still here talking. Lol

MJ said...

I have heard of Steinfeld. Hmmmm Guess just from entertainment sites as I have never seen anything she has been in

Evil - awesome show. Started on Fox or somthing - got cancelled. Now is on Netflix. Kinda Xfiles ajascent. But on steroids. And Ben Linus is an awesome baddie again LOL

Mike V. said...

Evil - You sold me on Ben Linus being in it. Lol. Maybe I’ll add it to the list.

BTW…really enjoying season 3 of Stranger Things. They’ve mixed in more comedy again with the dark stuff. Season 2 was a little too serious. It had its moments though. Eleven/Jane learning girly stuff from Max is a good time.

Mike V. said...

Stranger Things 3 - I’m thinking you saw it because it’s getting very heavy into Russian stuff and Hopper is developing a rival in this motorcycle riding Russian goon. Lots going on at the mall. Lots of people getting taken over by the “mind flayer”. Nancy and Will’s brother (forgot the name) are in a hospital facing off against a giant beast. Mike, El, Max, Lucas, Will are at the hospital with them but in the waiting room. Hopper, Winona Ryder (forget name) and Smirnoff (Russian Scientist Alexi) have gone to Illinois to see that crazy dude that can also translate. Just a fun season overall so far. I think I’m more than halfway through.

Ted Lasso - They had a very scrubs like episode (Bill Lawrence is producer) where we followed one other character on his adventures instead of sticking with Ted and a B plot and c plot. And just like scrubs and in Ted Lasso fashion, the payoff was awesome. Ted just won the Emmy for best comedy and it’s truly deserved. If you can afford $5 I’d subscribe to Apple TV+ for a month and binge Ted. But maybe wait until season 2 is done.

Morning Show - Season 2 has started (also Apple TV+) - You can definitely tell COVID measures were in place as they were broadcasting in NYC on New Year’s Eve 2019 and had to digitally paint in crowds. Lol. They’re going to cover the pandemic on the show…so hopefully it doesn’t get TOO real like This is Us did. Show is still good though.

Only other things we’ve been watching with the kids is Marvel’s What If (which is kinda dark for an animated Disney Plus show…but it makes sense because it’s alternate timelines to the main timeline where things work out and they win lol. So it inevitably would HAVE to be darker) and Lego Masters. S2 was a lot of fun of that show and they had some great builders on there. Kids got really into it and emotional when their teams did/didn’t win. I’ve seen too many reality competitions to even get phased by who wins/loses anymore!

MJ said...

Stranger - I really am not sure, LOL

Still on Star Trek Discovery. Last night we took a break and watched a scary movie.

Was sick yesterday so did not get the TWD.

Mike V. said...

Stranger - I have 2 eps left so I’ll let you know!

Discovery - I’ll have to put it on my list of things to get to.

TWD - i was a day late with it but threw my comments out there. Lol

Mike V. said...

Stranger Things 3 - Hopper in Russia! Lol. At least we “think” so. They referenced “the American” but didn’t show him. But surely it’s him. We didn’t see him vaporize. But how he got out of there who knows? Unless he teleported or something.

Really enjoyed the whole season. I think it was my favorite of the 3. Just good character pairings for the whole thing. Loved the new dorky girl that worked with Steve. Once again, I didn’t pick up the vibes that she was into girls. This must be the new TV trope. Make us think they’re going for a traditional coupling and then throw a curveball at us. (I got fooled on Manifest too).

But, the show didn’t let me down. They did end up back in the movie theater watching Back to the Future. And even had fun discussions about it too. Steve even referenced it as the movie where Alex P. Keaton wants to #$#$ his mom. Lolol. Good stuff. Dustin and his ham radio girlfriend singing “never ending story” was fantastic. And even though I was tipped off that Hopper might have survived (I would’ve assumed it anyway) it didn’t make those 3 months later moments any more emotional. I felt it all!

There’s a tease on Netflix now saying that Stranger Things 4 is coming in 2022. Good stuff!

Now I have to catch up on my CW crap (just Supergirl for now) and I can get on that Paramount + stuff before I decide to cancel it lol. I’m sure once I do Picard S2 will be coming.

Mike V. said...

I caught up on Stranger Things just in time for the season 4 teaser lol. Doesn’t really give away much except showing the kids yet again look older! Lol

Ted Lasso is on another level. Can’t recommend watching this show enough. Even if it costs you 5 bucks for a month. Lol

MJ said...

Stranger - husband says we did watch. Honestly - no recollection of it.

Not been watching much but Discovery and Evil - and not of those either.

Evil - let me warn you - when I say that it is Xfiles like - there are no aliens. The Xfiles part is that they have a believer, a serious doubter, and a third one - a psychologist. And they work for the catholic church investigating possessions. So that is my caution - I did not want to mislead you.

Mike V. said...

Stranger — you definitely watched if you said “hopper in Russia” lol. It was basically the season “at the mall”. And it was a lot of fun.

Evil - thanks for the heads up. We’ll see if I can get to it! :)

Mike V. said...

Thrones spin-off house of the dragon teaser. Quality looks great. Tough to tell anything else though lol. Except Matt Smith is a Targaryen.

MJ said...

Know I haven't been around in a bit. Work crazy. And now on PTO this week. And - if you can believe it - am behind on TWD. Still not seen last sundays. Tomorrow is the finale.

Mike V. said...

Nice…enjoy your time off! Plenty of time to catch up on TWD…Doesn’t come back until 2/20 lol

Mike V. said...

Squid Game - We’re 3 episodes into this one. I like it. Don’t think the Mrs does! Lol. I feel like if we watched in Korean with English subtitles it would be better. But we’re watching it dubbed in English. But I can appreciate the visuals over the excessive voiceovers lol

Picard - Finally after 2 years finished season 1. I had like 3 episodes left. Since I have P+ right now figured I’d knock that out. Not too bad. Maybe I’ll get around to Discovery.

Legends of Tomorrow - Can’t believe we’re in the next season already. But it’s entertaining as always. I like the twist for this season. I’m thinking it might be a season long arc the way it’s going.

Supergirl - Still cringey. Still very on the surface with their social commentary. But other than that, I still find myself wondering how they’ll wrap it up. Lol 5 episodes left. I guess Ally McBeal will be back soon!

Next D+ Series:

Hawkeye starts Thanksgiving Wednesday. They’ll release 2 of the 6 episodes. This one looks fun.

Book of Boba Fett (Mando spinoff basically Mando season 2.5) will release on 12/29 (the week after Hawkeye finishes). Mando season 3 is filming now, but Pedro is filming Last of Us for HBO (Awesome video game and he’ll be perfect in the role). People are all concerned about this. There are 3 people that film as the Mandalorian. He mostly does voice work and is “SOMETIMES” in the suit.


Eternals releases 11/5 (next Marvel Studios Film) - Big cast including Robb Stark and Jon Snow! (And other no names like Salma Hayek and Angelina Jolie lol).

Aaaand that’s about all I have for now!

MJ said...

Legends - I was behind - so not sure if I am actually on the new season. We've just been watching. Think the last one I saw was the wedding ?

I have some tough weeks coming up. I have a special needs adult brother - and he received a cancer diagnosis last week. We are awaiting tests to come back to determine a treatment. So I will have a lot going on soon. SIGH

Squid Game ? I will have to google that.

Picard - I was surprised by the amount of cameos. But Discovery got very interesting. Surprised me how quickly i got back into the Trek universe. And hey - Sasha from TWD stars in Discovery. If you recall - she was the one Neegan had as prisoner - he brought her back in a coffin and she killed herself in transport and almist killed Neegan as a walker when he opened the coffin. LOL

Mike V. said...

So sorry to hear about your brother. Good luck with everything and hoping for the best!

Legends - wedding was the finale I think so you’re not far behind.

Picard - definitely a lot of cameos. Yeah I remember sasha and knew she was cap. I watched the pilot on cbs but then never went back to it when it was on the streaming service. I’ll try to get to it.

Was sludging through the new dune movie this morning. Still have an hour left. I guess it’s good?? Lol. I dunno.