Monday, August 23, 2021

The Walking Dead: Season 11 Episodes 1-8 (Discussion)

Hello fellow Walkers!  I can’t believe the day has finally come but it has (sorta).  The start of the FINAL season of The Walking dead is here.  Only thing is, it’s the first of 24 episodes over a 2 year period or something like that.  In any case, I’ve dragged my feet for the past few seasons of this show wondering if they’d ever announce an end date.  And it seems to be the push I needed to sick with it to the end.  Now, I’ve abandoned recaps because I just don’t have the time to commit to it anymore.  But, I still love a good discussion.   So feel free to drop in your thoughts with each of the upcoming 8 episodes in 2021.  See in you the comments!


Mike V. said...

Episode 1 - Acheron: Part 1

Not a bad start for things. Definitely can feel the bigger scope from this COVID 6 episodes to end season 10. Maggie/Negan tension feels earned. And Negan bringing up Glenn really got a reaction out of me…then leaving her to fend the walkers alone. CRAZY! I did watch some of Talking Dead and even JDM was unsure of playing those scenes after all the work at redeeming Negan they’ve attempted. But…it worked. The show runner Angela Kang also brought up how there are 2 different kinds of walkers in the TWD world and they haven’t really featured these ones that lay dormant after not having any human flesh for a long time. Forget what she called them…LURKERS? Lol. I dunno. Anyway, it was pretty intense stuff. Then all the stuff going on the Commonwealth. Is this the first time we’ve had confirmation that they’re in the place where “Stephanie” is? (The girl Eugene was talking to). I think we speculated, but we still weren’t sure if they got stopped enroute to that place. Anyway…now what’s her face’s sister/brother is there too? Crazy stuff. Looks like the next episode is the 2nd half of a 2 parter. If you have AMC+ you can already watch. I’m not sure when I’ll be watching since I’ll be on vacation this upcoming week. But I’ll be sure to drop a comment when I do!

MJ said...

Haven't watched. Will toninght.

MJ said...

crap - didn't watch LOL Will tonight

Mike V. said...

lol….no rush! I’ll be late next week I’m guessing.

MJ said...

Strong Stormtrooper vibe. LOL What was with the napping zombies ? And when did they get to DC ? Yeah - I think she called them Lurkers.

They think they are where 'Stephanie' is - but we don't actually know yet.

They refused to listen to Negan - and he was right ! But damn ! - Letting Maggie fall was not cool nor bringing up Glenn. Saw Talking too - and JDM had a point about all the redemption work - but hey - final season. Guess he is Breaking Bad again

Still loving Princess. But Yokimo's brother ? Sure - Ok.

Mike V. said...

Totally missed this yesterday. Oh yeah the minute they showed up I thought storm troopers. now there’s a red one? Totally Rise of Skywalker lol. Yeah Lurkers… (Reminds me of Frye FRIENDS episode in Vegas with the old lady following Phoebe around and winning on her slot machines. She was a LURKER! Lol).

Yeah good point on Stephanie. They probably are though. I mean we’re in the final season here. Lol Granted a super sized final season but final regardless!

Yep Negan was right, but I don’t know how you ever trust him after the stuff he did. I get it that he’s being a better person now, but some people won’t forget…and Maggie hasn’t been around to see his redemption. Plus she could never forgive him for Glenn. There will always be animosity there. Even if they come to some agreement to work together. I’m sure it’s a minor slip for Negan on his path. You don’t lose those old instincts but he’ll still fight for the ultimate cause. Unless the final conflict will be against Negan again. Who knows??

Princess is great. Agreed.

MJ said...

Didn't watch last night - probably tonight

Mike V. said...

Same. On vacation so not sure when I’ll watch.

MJ said...

Enjoy !

Then don't read below ! ****SPOILERS****

Ok - 2 red shirts died. though one rather harshly and Maggie pulled a Negan and just let one die. My husband disagreed - he thought she did what was right for the many rather then the few. But I feel she did exactly what Negan had just done to her. I think they had time to get that guy out of that car and shut/seal that door back up.

And yes - finally meet Stephanie. They took so long to make that happen - not caring that much about it any more. Saying. And I thought Dog was actually chasing something more important then a red shirt honestly. People hanging upside down was creepy though.

****************Double Spoiler

One article I read seemed to say the actress that was Stephanie was not the one who supposedly got the role of Stephanie. So is this a fake out ? And I never heard of either one they mentioned (the actresses)

MJ said...

World Beyond has a second/final season ? Didn't they say this was a one off with just those few eps ? SMH

Mike V. said...

Yikes I don’t know with World Beyond. I don’t think they ever said limited series but I didn’t watch.

I’m all caught up on TWD. I blame the pandemic on making it so long before they met Stephanie. It probably would’ve happened at the beginning of s11 regardless but we got those extra 6. I wouldn’t doubt the pandemic is the reason they needed to recast too but I guess it could be a fake out too. Wouldn’t surprise me!

You covered ep 2 good enough so I won’t say more about it.

Ep 3:

Negan/Maggie adventures! And Alden…did he survive? We didn’t see him die so I guess we’ll see him again…but 2 others of Maggie’s crew are gone. The one girl was a given. Lol. Loved the shot of Negan’s bloody crowbar and Maggie staring at it. I was thinking the same thing when he killed that walker with authority.

Gabriel just took someone out with no remorse. Crazy stuff.

The horse stuff seemedlike a different show altogether but then Carol brought it back to TWD gruesomeness. I mean…they gotta eat! Lol. The next generation having their chat about the parents was cool. They could always do a spinoff one day about them. You know if they don’t save the world from the zombie outbreak lol.

MJ said...

Ep 3 - I don't know about Alden. On talking dead he kept referring to his character in the past tense. Yeah - we all thought of Lucille. LOL Yeah Gabe has gotten a little dark.

Yes kids were cute. And I'd already forgotten about Connie. Guess they will find her since they brought her up again

Mike V. said...

Ep3 - Yep same rules with Connie…haven’t seen a body so we’ll probably see her again. But if we go back all the way to season 2 with the kid (Carol’s daughter?) she might show up as a walker. Lol. Interesting on Alden. Yeah maybe it’s a case where they said their goodbyes and that was enough. We’ll see!

Mike V. said...

Ep 4 - Rendition -

Yeah…so Pope is nuts! I guess this will be our last big villain if I’m guessing. He seems like a suitable nut job for the final big bad. Lol And then Daryl’s girl is one of them! I got confused on if she already was one when they met or not. But there was that big time jump after Rick left, so I’m guessing she’s just been with them a long time since her stint in the woods with Daryl. But now Daryl is under cover and I’m sure he’ll try to reason with what’s her face and get her out of there. We’re 4 episodes into these first 8 and it feels like they’re just setting the table for these final stories. Which makes sense given that we have 24 episodes total. We’ll see what kind of craziness they’ll be able to pull off in the next 4 to hold us over. Looks like more of the Commonwealth next week and more of the home front. (Loved the scene with Judith they showed on TD). So I think Hillary might have been mistaken on TD on the stating that Commonwealth is near DC. I just figured that’s Pennsylvania. (I.e. The “commonwealth” of Pennsylvania lol) But the other story with Pope is definitely a DC story.

MJ said...

Knew Daryl would catch up to the chick ( Leah? ). Love ya - but gonna water board you anyway. LOL Reaper leader bat-s**t crazy. LOL Chosen ones ? And now Daryl is stuck pretending to be a reaper !

Ugh - we are only 4 into 8 eps ? Then another 16 ???

Yes - Judith scene on TD was awesome.

Isn't Virgina also a Commonwealth ? Saying

Mike V. said...

Lol on the water board.

Yep there’s another 16 after these 8. We still have a ways to go.

Yeah…I guess you’re right with Virginia. I thought I had read it was PA in the comics. I just googled it…apparently when they find Princess in the comics it’s Pittsburgh Pennsylvania but they were on their way to Ohio in the comics too. It probably doesn’t matter where they are lol

MJ said...

Oh lord - we are both really off . But yeah - does not matter

MJ said...

Oh wait - Stephanie WAS in Pa I think. I think you were right Just not our area

Mike V. said...

Ahhh right…oh well… Today I learned there are 6 states that identify as Commonwealths lol. And that’s the real lesson here!

Mike V. said...

Didn’t get to the new ep last night. Kids were up late and we fast forwarded through the emmys lol. I’ll try to get to it tonight.

Mike V. said...

Ep 5 - Out of the Ashes

Shocker of all shockers - Connie is alive! Lol. It feels like it was more drawn out than it actually was because of those 6 covid episodes I think. Same with Eugene finally meeting Stephanie. Speaking of which…i felt that their initial interactions were very underwhelming. You have this huge build-up to these 2 meeting and then they’re barely bonding over ice cream lol. You’d think they’d at least have some moment where they hugged or something I dunno! Instead, she’s going against everything she stood for to help this crew communicate to Alexandria (which weren’t they just telling the security team that it was just them and there is no one else in their group???). Just seemed out of character for Stephanie who was very paranoid on those radio calls about even entertaining meeting Eugene. Especially in a 24 episode season where there is a little breathing room I felt like they glossed over stuff here. Yumiko found her brother pretty easily too but his reaction was awesome lol.

Not sure we needed a scene with Jerry peeing, but more Jerry is always better than no Jerry. The kid scenes kinda fell flat this week but I still get the point of it. They have to build up the next generation. If the series is ending and there’s no cure to the zombie plague….then there has to be a hope for the future when it ends for our original crew (which barely exists anymore).

Aaron went a little nuts on the whisperer left over. But, it was a moment to show Carol’s growth too and of course learn that Connie is still alive.

Didn’t mention…the orientation video for the commonwealth…had to be intentional DHARMA video vibes right?

Oh and the best part of the episode i glossed over….Maggie/Negan being forced to work together is pretty awesome. But I still don’t buy Maggie not just killing the guy. Lol. But that’s the charm of JDM.

Mike V. said...

Episode 6 - On the Inside - Another solid episode. Okay, I honestly don’t remember a scene showing Connie escaping from the hoarde in any previous season and running into Virgil? I spent the whole episode wondering why the name Virgil and the guy looked so familiar. Didn’t realize it was the same dude Michonne interacted with in her final episodes. But he put in a great performance here as did the actress playing Connie. Loved the usage (or absense) of sound for Connie’s perspective. Truly frightening episode. Of course we had Daryl’s inside man story too….the torture stuff was rough. And we’re clearly meant to think Pope knows Daryl is playing them.

Anyway, I don’t know if the show has improved in quality or I’m just excited that we’re moving towards an end. Either way, I don’t dread Sunday nights as much. 2 more episodes this year!

MJ said...

Ep 5 - realize I never posted. SIGH. Rough week last week. Yeah - I always figured Connie would be back but does seem sooo long ago. Agree on Stephaine - and of course Eugene got busted. Yumiko & brother - agreed on both counts. Talking Dead made fun of the Jerry peeing and not washing hands LOL Aaron was off the charts nuts. It was kinda awesome. Vid def had Dharma vibes as it looked so old. Loved her shooting just past Negans head to get a walker. Oh - on Talking Dead we found out - the kid zombie trying to push thru the sheet metal to get in - is JDM's son !

Will watch this weeks tonight or tommorrow.

Mike V. said...

Yep I did know that was JDM’s son! I missed them making fun of Jerry peeing but I have been watching TD. Lol.

Sounds good on the next ep!

Mike V. said...

Ep 7 Promises Broken - Maggie/Negan being forced to work together is some quality TV. And they found a way to get her to agree to keeping him alive that didn’t seem TOO ridiculous lol. And Maggie learning to be a whisperer from Negan was quality stuff too. And the chat where Negan said he would’ve killed all of them if he did it over again. Crazy stuff.

The commonwealth stuff was crazy too. And the director’s son being a total a-hole was great. They’re just digging themselves a bigger hole there every week we see them. Doesn’t seem like the Commonwealth in its current state is the long term answer. But surely our whole crew ends up there at some point.

Then the Daryl drama. At least we see there’s a chance for redemption in his girl (forget her name). Of course Daryl didn’t get a chance to clue her in just yet so on goes the drama for the PART 1 final season finale. Lol.

Mike V. said...

Wasn’t in the cards for us to watch TWD last night. We tried twice…but those pesky kids kept waking up! Lol We’ll try again tonight. I told my wife I better be able to finish this episode by February 20th! Lol

Mike V. said...

Episode 8 - Part 1 of 3 finale. (Can’t remember episode name)

Okay, this was the least interesting episode of the 8 lol. Oh no!! Are Daryl, Negan, Gabriel and Maggie going to die? No…because they were all in the sneak peak for the next 8 episodes lol. And Pope is not the big bad….now it’s Daryl’s girl who has been lied to by Daryl who was undercover? Ughhh….. Maybe this whole thing will pass and we’ll turn our sights to the Commonwealth for the final stretch.

I’m assuming this time next year we’ll be discussing the series finale with the way they roll this stuff out.

MJ said...

Still not watched. Got stuck on a call last night. Know about next spinoff tho. Sigh

Mike V. said...

All good. I thing the ratings have massively dropped on this show. It’s hardly the must watch sunday night show it used to be. Speaking of…I’ll be out of town this coming weekend so probably won’t be getting to the next ep until mid week some time.