Monday, February 18, 2019

The Walking Dead: Season 9 Episode 10 - Omega

Hello friends and welcome back to our continued Post-Rick coverage of The Walking Dead!  I’m still trucking along despite my continued threats to quit.  I’m still entertained and this was a nice backstory episode for the Whisperers (mainly Alpha and Lydia).  Of course, we had an unreliable narrator for most (if not all) of the backstory.  Guess we’ll see where things go!  Let’s dive in.

Discussion Points

Okay, so Henry and Daryl take turns getting the dirt from Lydia.  We got glimpses of their time hunkered down in a basement surviving the early days of the Zombie outbreak.  We checked in on at least Days 23 (hello Numbers!) and 43 (oooh so close).   At first we were told that Daddy Frank was the abusive parent, but we slowly learned it was the mother who had the survivor’s instinct.  She killed a man who was freaking out and ready to escape their confines.  And of course, they didn’t know he’d return which caused hysteria in the basement.  We were left to assume that Alpha killed Frank, but it wasn’t shown.   In present day, Lydia formed a bond with Henry.  When he took her outside though she appeared ready to take him out to escape.  But the sounds of a baby crying returned her to those early childhood days of fear in the basement.  I don’t know if by the end of this episode we’re meant to trust Lydia.  I know from comments that her comic story should indicate a certain direction for her.  But, is anyone else getting some serious Henry Gale/Ben Linus vibes from her?  Daryl hasn’t totally let his guard down, but having an abusive past himself makes him sympathetic.   (By the way, nice little tidbits of why Carol’s hair was always so short until now.)

The other storyline had Tara and the New Crew out looking for Luke and Alden.  I’m still no good with the new names.  I’ll remember from time to time that curly hair girl is Magna, but the others?  Nope.  I do like their chemistry on the show, but I’m just bad with names!  Anyway, there were a couple failed attempts to find the duo including sneaking out against Tara’s orders.  And on that one, the deaf girls stayed behind and ended up luring Alpha and the whisperers with them to Hilltop.  UH OH!!!   Alpha wants her daughter back or else there will be repercussions!

One of the big themes of the episode (as it has been every. Single. Season.) is “is there life after the Zombie Apocalypse?”  Is it possible to go back to living normal lives?   Now our crew feels there may be a way.  This was Carl and Rick’s last vision.   But Alpha and the Whisperers live WITH the walkers.  They walk because that’s what the walkers do.  That is their method of survival.  Lydia’s comments to Daryl and Henry about her mother is that she will move on without her.  If you fall behind you’re done.  But, the fact that Alpha returned for Lydia makes some kind of statement about her attachment to her daughter.  (I was thinking this as Gale Ann Hurd was bringing it up on Talking Dead.  So I might have borrowed a few words!)

Anyway, that’s really all I have to write about tonight’s ep.  Hope you enjoyed my ramblings and I’ll see you in the comments!



MJ said...

Yeah - definitely not sure I trust Lydia's version of anything. And afterall - she said her mom would not come for her yet there she was at the end. LOL on numbers. It was weird - at first it was like they tried to make the dad seems abusive - but they really didn't show him being abusive ? I def think Lydia does not remember things correctly. Been a few days now but not sure I remember the deaf girls showing them where Hilltop is. In my recollection the Whisperers caught the and took them with them. I can't fathom a reason they would not trade Lydia for their own people but I sense that they won't let Lydia go.

From what I hear - Carl was the one to like Lydia and try to free her. They are substituting Henry for him now. Not really liking Henry have to say.

I have trouble witht the names too - last week I mixed up Alden and the Luke. One might be Yumika or Yukima ? One deaf girl is Kelly - not sure about the other.

Mike V. said...

I thought we were dealing with an "unreliable narrator" for the first set of flashbacks where the dad was abusive. Then the story changed by the end. It wasn't him it was Alpha that was abusive. But, it's still a question of what story (if any) do you trust? And yes maybe she doesn't even remember it correctly.

I didn't say the deaf girls showed them where hilltop was. I just assumed they didn't know they were being tailed by the Whisperers. I didn't see them get captured though. I saw them being spied on through the bushes/trees.

Yeah...we talked about that last week with Carl and I assume as well that Henry is the fill in. No, it's a pretty tough hang with Henry! lol

Magna is curly head. Yumika I think you're right. Is there a Colleen? lol I might be making that up. I didn't know Alden's name for 3 seasons until they said it 2 weeks ago! I just called him "savior guy that we're supposed to trust now but I don't still" lol

Jason B. said...

Hey guys!

Mike, the name you're thinking of is Connie haha. Very close. She is the deaf one, and her sister is Kelly. Connie's actress is completely deaf in real life, and Kelly's actress is almost deaf (but I think her character's hearing is supposed to be fine).

You guys mentioned snow in the comments from last week, which we might actually get this season. The synopsis for the season finale mentions a blizzard, and I don't think it's metaphorical haha but I guess we'll see.

MJ said...

LOL on Blizzard

Mike V. said...

Thanks for the correction Jason! Yes, very close! I do recall the Talking Dead where they both talked of being deaf/partially deaf. I thought it translated to the screen too but you’re probably right that Kelly is supposed to be fine.

Winter is coming… of the dead. Wait, what show are we watching? Lol