Sunday, October 7, 2018

TV Discussion: Week of 10/7/2018 - 10/14/2018

Hello fellow TV Addicts! We're finally back on a weekly post.  This is our weekly place to discuss all non-recapped shows.  See you in the comments!


Mike V. said...

Saul - watched finale. Major step towards his eventual destiny! I wonder if they'll wrap things up in season 5? Maybe we were wrong about our 180 on Kim. Seems she wasn't thrilled about Saul's speech once she found out it was a performance.

Luke Cage - Finally watching the season finale. It's been a decent season. They're just sooooo looooong.

Shameless - with TWD back it's gonna be tough to keep up with this. Maybe we'll watch later in the week. Now I see Ian isn't coming back either after this season. Strange since Gotham is wrapping up too. Guess he sees his star shining and has some possible future prospects.

MJ said...

Shameless - Didn't know Ian wasn't coming back tho. Show should prob just end at this point

Babysitting the nieces again tonight. SIGH

Mike V. said...

Shameless - Couldn't agree more. But I say the same about TWD! lol

Sorry about your babysitting! I'm sure you enjoy it on some level. :)

Anonymous said...

So, this is just one example of why I've kind of lost interest in comic book movies.


I've been watching Purge, is anybody else?


MJ said...

sitting - I do ! But it's been 5 times in two weeks - so a little over it. LOL

Ha on TWD - NEVER ! I still watch Superntural ! LOL And still love it.

Purge - no - never even saw the second movie.

Flash - how was it ? I'm on the fence with it - hated the baddie last year.

I am behind on ASH, This is Us. Giants on tomorrow night - SIGH. Maybe then I can catchup sunday afternoon. Cause soon my husband will make us do Sabrina on Netflix so I will get behind again.

Mike V. said...

Batwoman - I scanned that article but that looks like another CW show in the arrowverse...not a movie?? Or was it more the context of the article that turned you off? lol In any case, the arroverse is getting too big to keep up with on TV unless they're going to start shortening seasons.

Purge - have not been watching.

Sitting - yikes! yeah that's a lot! lol

That is crazy that Supernatural is still on. I remember in season 5 when they ended a really major story arc and it seemed like the show was over. Now it's like 7 years later or something. lol (maybe longer??) I never watched the show but there's no way I could ever catch up!

Flash - I actually liked it. The daughter angle is pretty interesting. But it has set up another similar long story arc as a previous season past. Not exactly the same, but similar (can't really explain until you see it!) But the characters seem to be having a good time. And the daughter (nora) is pretty good. Don't think we know too much about the "BIG" villain this year, but there were some interesting developments in the premiere.

What a coincidence! The Eagles are on tomorrow night too! :) lol I'm caught up on AHS and This is Us, but I'm gonna fall behind on Shameless and now Manifest too unless I can fit one in tonight.

MJ said...

Crap - Haunting on Hill House drops tonight/tomorrow. LOL Don't think I'm catching up this weekend.

Supernatural - I want to say season 14 is just starting tonight. LOL. Weirdly - still a good show. Def some eye rolls some seasons but still good.

LOL on Giants/Eagles. Good one.

Flash - god. They need to stroke my interest again. Nora might be the key. Read something horrible about a certain character might be leaving. I was NOT happy. Won't say more.

Manifest - still liking it. Thought Kelly was killed by bullet thru the window ? They said a man went out the back. Love how they are fining a reasonable reason for the killing - but still leaving open a crack that it is still a flight 828 conspiracy/gov't thing. And they assume this 'marker' in their DNA was put there when they go back - but don't even question that it could have happened over the 5 1/2 years they were away ? Hmmmm. And te crazy guy that idolized the returned ? yish.

Good Place - could they have picked a better actor for the seemingly mischevious demon ? LOL Love him. And still adore Maya Rudolph as the judge. One behind on this too I think. I just saw the one where Judge Jen caught Michael and and Janet trying to stop the demon. Is Trevor the demon really gone ? I hope not ! Loved the restaurant too.

This is us - I am a week behind. I can't remember if Randall actually went to Howard. I hope he did. And I was saddened by Randall being more excited to celebrate his college entrance with that other family more then his own. And current day Randall - you really still have not become comfortable with wo you are no matter if you are with whites or other african americans. Rebecca - you'd have brought that old crock pot to the new house you and Jack would have bought. Just saying. And I wanted Rebecca to have a long chat with Kate after finding out she didn't send her auditin tape - but I suppose that never happens. But - best line of the night - when the secret IVF syringes fall out of the pudding - Toby - "I'm a heroin addict". LOL

Saul - So is this Mike 'breaking bad' by killing a man who was actually not a bad person ? i feel like til now Mike has only killed when needed. Werner was an idiot tho - he really thought he could leave and just come back in a few days ? And knew his fate was sealed when he started giving info on that phone ! I was confused for a hot minute about Jimmy at HHM interviewing those kids. But caught on quick. And where did he come up with 23,000 it cost to make him look empathetic about Chuck ? And poor Kim - she looked like someone punched her in the gut when Jimmy made fun of one board member actually crying - when she herself teared up. I swear - I thoght we were actually going to learn that Kim and not Chuck wrote that letter ! Loved Mike losing that guy at the parking lot. LOL. So is next season the last ? I'm thinking it should be - go out on top and all that.

MJ said...

All American - you tape ? Supposed to be Friday Night Lights-esque. I did not.

Mike V. said...

Manifest - Still haven't watched. :(

Good Place - Trying to think, I think there's only been 2 weeks worth of episodes so far. (an hour in week 1 and half hour in week 2) But, I could be wrong. Are you referring to Adam Scott as the mischievous demon? He was actually in season 1 too as the demon that was going to take Eleanor to hell (before we knew she was already there lol). Agree on Maya Rudolph, she's great. I'm pretty sure you're caught up on this one. The restaurant was great, agreed...but I can't remember from last week what it actually was! LOL

Flash - Hmmm....well I forget what happened to Harry at the end of last season, but he was noticeably missing from the premiere. I wouldn't be happy if he was gone. Other than him, Barry and Cisco, I don't think I'd miss anyone else. lol Well...I like Joe too but that's because I like the actor from other things. (namely the original broadway cast of RENT! lol)

This is Us - Yeah I don't know if we even know where Randall went to school. But we know he's smart and successful (or at least was). Good point on the crock pot! lol on the heroin addict line...I remember laughing at that one too. It's so crazy how hard it is to remember the episode from 2 weeks ago!

Saul - I guess technically Mike is doing just that. Hadn't thought about it. I think we're just seeing how Mike became Gus's goon. Werner was totally an idiot. It was painful to watch. I was confused on the timeline with Jimmy as well. I thought we were still in flashback mode with the kids. I asked the same question about if next season is the last in my comments above too. I have no idea but agree it should be!

All American - I did not record...didn't even know much about it. lol

Luke Cage - almost done...think I have 15 minutes left. Mariah's daughter poisoned her and she died in prison in front of Luke. Crazy! Talk about breaking bad! lol

AHS - All caught up on this week will be a big one!

MJ said...

Good Place - oh - maybe I am caught up then. LOL Yes Adam Scott - but I have no recollection of him I season 1.

Flash - Harry got some brains back and went to Earth 2 to visit Jessie. No other comment.

Luke Cage - told you there were some surprises. Don't remember them all now. But killing off Mariah - by her daughter - was one of them. Another is closer to the end.

Saul - totally forgot to read yours ! But just did and we agree on all it sseems

Mike V. said...

Good Place - he was definitely there! I seriously recommend a rewatch. This show just gets better when you go back and watch them again. Especially with the S1 twist. But just seeing some of the recurring jokes that you might miss the first time around (like Jason's obsession with Blake Bortles lol). But yeah, this is another Mike Schur comedy so he brings in his cast from his other shows (B99, Parks and Rec) on occasion.

Flash - Ahh right...I remember that now.

Luke - Interesting that I still got a surprise to go in the final 15! lol

Saul - yep!! looks like it. :)

Go birds :)