Sunday, April 8, 2018

The Walking Dead: Season 8 Episode 15 - Worth

Hello friends, we're closing in on another season's end!  Things have been amping up to conclusion in this 2nd half of season 8.  I've been one of the show's harshest critics of late.  But, they seem to have finally caught some traction after laying the groundwork for ending the Negan Saga (well, hopefully ending!).  Let's chat!

Discussion Points

  • The episode was bookended with a reading of Carl's letters to Rick and Negan.  Rick's was more personal and emotional recalling his childhood and feelings of safety.  Carl's aspirations are to bring that feeling of safety to Rick in his vision of the future.  Peace with Negan and finding a way forward.  The speech to Negan also was about a way forward.  But Negan ain't biting.  Rick most likely isn't either.  Maybe something will change in finale?  We shall see. 
  • I had speculated in the comments last week that Negan had to find out about Dwight soon and was leaning towards the penultimate episode.  So it made sense when people were predicting that the woman that spotted Dwight betraying Negan was alive and picked up by Negan.  The whole episode was one big ruse.  Negan was weeding out the garbage.  He relayed a false plan through Dwight for him to get to Rick and set them up into a trap.  He also used Dwight to out Simon whose number has been up this season.  And I think we all were thankful he choked out his last breath courtesy of Negan.  The final battle is set up.  Things aren't looking promising for team Rick.  But there are wildcards at play. 
  • We also spent some of the episode tracing the evolution of Eugene's mac n cheese.  We saw that sardine ridden disaster go into Eugene and then come back out on Rosita later on!  Eugene is falling short on his bullet order but wasn't quite inspired under Simon's rule.  He was captured by Daryl and Rosita but managed to weasel his way out after he realized his life with the saviors is a bit better for him.    Sidenote:  Gabriel is still sick, but we've been educated that he isn't in danger of turning since it's an airborne virus?  Sometimes it's tough to translate Eugene speak. 
  • Meanwhile, Aaron put on quite a show for the Oceansiders.  He starved himself and took out a legion of walkers by himself to get their attention.  Then he gave the speech of his life to try and recruit them to battle.  Anyone think we got a Riders of Rohan/Knights of the Vale saving moment on our hands next week for Team Rick?  
So, will Negan finally fall? Will Carl's message still somehow survive this finale?  Will we fall somewhere in between?  What will happen to Dwight?  Since Negan plans to keep using him will Daryl or Sasha take him out instead mistaking his unintentional trap as a betrayal?  Lots of ways this can play out.  But hopefully, something will change!  And of course, how will Morgan cross over to the other show?  I can promise you this, whatever it is I still won't be inspired to catch up and watch! Until then I'll hand over the post for your comments and our discussion.  Hope you enjoyed my ramblings and I'll see you next week! 


MJ said...

Yeah - it's a nice thought that Carl had - to feel safe - but it's not realistic in this world. Just like that guy who taught Morgan to be peaceful - it cannot be sustained in the zombie apocolypse.

And I cannot see how a way forward can be found with Negan. He is everything our group hates. He makes slaves of people. He forces women to be his wives - even though their husbands are right there. I know the show is fond of saying we'd love these people if the story had started from their perspective - if Negan was the one who awoke in the hospital. But I don't buy that at all ! I love the character of Negan - but he is not a hero nor even an anti-hero. He's a bad guy. Maybe after they dispatch with Negan and the bad Saviors Carl's letter will inspire Rick t be more welcoming of strangers in the future until they prove untrustworthy. Maybe they will bring back the three questons!

I am fearful for the upcoming battle since our group got bad intel. And I doubt Dwight will find a way to warn them. And I somehow wanted a bigger death for Simon ! Not just a mere choking. LOL But it was great to see him on the fence. LOL on the Riders of Rohan ! Aaron and the Amazons might be all that does save them this time.

Now Eugene needs to die. There will be no way we can ever take him back.

LOL on FTWD - it has gotten better. And this coming season looks great.

Mike V. said...

I'm absolutely certain FTWD has gotten better and 10 years ago me would've jumped right on board. Current Middle aged Dad me has his hands full with the kiddos and can't take on excess Zombies! lol

My guess is that Negan will not survive the finale. Not sure if Rick will kill him or if Dwight will (I actually could see that)....but I think Rick will find a way to assimilate the saviors into their group. At least some of them. I think that's the whole point of this. They're not ALL bad people. I think Carl's message has to live on or what's the point of killing him off? Shock Value? Yes, there still will be problems in the zombie apocalypse that they'll have to overcome. But, I'm guessing the next season will move them into connecting with yet an even larger world as alluded to by Carl and Ellen DeGeneres! (see? can't remember her name but by mentioning Ellen you know who I mean! There's a method to my madness! lol)

Yes Simon on the fence was great! Kinda makes you understand the other walkers on the fence may have been people of significance at one point too. Glad you liked my LOTR reference. lol

Yeah...Eugene has definitely signed his "we don't care about you anymore" death warrant with his decisions in this episode!

Plumbarius said... looks to me like this war won't end next week. Do you think they can wrap this up in one hour? It feels like there will be another "cliffhanger" to lead into S9. :-(

MJ said...

Nah - I think Negan will be gone. Maybe like Mike said keep some of the families helf by Negan. Dwight killing him would be sweet ! I know there is another group of peeps - the Whisperers or something in the books. I think a lot of folks thought the Wolves were them. Maybe they are with Ellen!! LOL Totally like Gimple to introduce us to the next group like 3 eps before the finale too.

Mike V. said...

Yeah I think this is the end for Negan. Or at least the CONFLICT with Negan (but I think he's a goner). Gimple was quoted saying something like "dear god I hope the fans are satisfied by this finale". So I don't think they'll be leaving us with a negan cliffhanger. But stranger things have happened. The cast and crew have always hyped up these finales as spectacles and have often underwhelmed. lol

Plumbarius said...

@MJ I really hope they do the Whisperer War from the comics. Georgie is a separate entity (not in comics?)from the Whisperers...unless they switch things up like they have many times.

I have said it before, but the last season of FTWD was fantastic, better than this season of TWD by far. More action, more suspense, nasty characters, plenty of deaths of characters. They didn't really drag out the various stories too much...unlike Negan and the Saviors.

MJ said...

FTWD was good last year - not sure about better then TWD though. I will be glad to be done with Mexico though. And thank god they seemed to have left Nicks drug issues in the past too

Wonder why they are having the premier right after the finale of TWD ? Usually is the next week.

Mike V. said...

I think it's a whole crossover promotion of Morgan....basically you'll follow him from his end on TWD to his start on FTWD.

You almost convinced me Plumbarius to take the plunge and catch up...but MJ saved me with "not as good as TWD" which I'm already down on. LOL In all seriousness..I just don't have the time and if it was on my "catch up list" it would have to be pretty low down on the list!

Mike V. said...

Treating this like a finale to first 8 seasons. Does this mean I can quit after this? Lol kidding. But the comments are very interesting on the article. Apparently everyone has had it with Scott Gimple. Lol

Jason B. said...

Yeah the war will definitely end next episode, they've confirmed that a few times. It'll be interesting to see how they do it inside about 45 minutes of screentime, but in reality all they need is one more battle and its conclusion.

Do you think you'll at least watch the season 4 premiere of Fear, Mike? Since it's on right after the finale anyway. They have been promoting it as something that you don't have to catch up on the rest of the series to see.

I am really hoping that Eugene will redeem himself next episode by sabotaging the bullets somehow and making our team win. In that last speech he gives to his workers, there seemed to be some hints that he's planning that, but I guess we'll see.

Mike V. said...

I really don't think I'll get to it. (FTWD) I mean I guess if I'm sucked in and have to see what happens next, maybe I'll watch but I'm sure I'm just going to want to type up a recap and move on to the next thing! :) lol

hmmm that's a good point at sabotaging the bullets...especially since he got Gabriel involved. didn't even think about that!