Monday, April 2, 2018

The Walking Dead: Season 8 Episode 14 - Still Gotta Mean Something (Discussion)

Hello friends and welcome back.  As predicted, I was unable to recap The Walking Dead last night, let alone watch due to Easter festivities.  I am putting up this discussion thread though so the conversation can continue for those that were able to watch.  I'll catch up and add my thoughts at some point this week!  Thanks for your understanding and see you next week!


MJ said...

WTH ! So Jadis has always been able to just signal a helo to take her away ? And what was with that Ikea looking room that she lived in ! And she doesn't kill Negen ! Loved him tied up and the zombie on the cart though.

Guess Morgan's craziness is now a known thing - which is good.

But Rick - telling those guys they can come back - positioning himself behind them and taking them out ! SIGH. That was nuts. But glad that bad Savior got ate though. Finally read the letter - but will it stop his violent ways ?

But who did Negen pick up ? Dwight ? But Dwight had wheels last time we saw him.

MJ said...

Gregory ! I bet he is the one who Negen picks up !

Mike V. said...

Finally Jared bit it! lol And the rest of the sanctuary prisoners. Damn Rick/Morgan.

LOL on the IKEA room..totally agree with that. Nice getting the backstory on Lucille.

Guess I made the right call on the Dwight arrow thing...not that it was hard to figure out...I just am usually zoned out these days and don't catch things on this show. lol

Gregory is a good call!

I'll try to comment more later...lots going on right now.

MJ said...

I am reading online that it could be that chick that saw Dwight turn on the saviors - the one he asked about when he went back. Which could be very interesting. Also some are saying Sherri - Dwights/Negens wife who left. But I think Gregory

Jason B. said...

As far as the helicopter goes, my guess is that Jadis's group has been trading with them. A few episodes ago they included a scene that focused on Jadis taking out a labeled box of several applesauce cans, and it looked like they could have come from trading. So she is supposed to signal them at the right time for them to land (which is why she had her watch timer set), but she wasn't able to this time.

Yeah, the most reasonable guesses for who Negan picked up are either Gregory or Laura (the Savior you mentioned that got away). Sherry doesn't really make sense, as Negan would have had a very different reaction since he thinks she's dead. Also I don't know why she would be on the side of some road at night after all the time she's been gone, you would think she'd have a shelter by now.

MJ said...

Good point on Sherry.

Mike V. said...

Good thoughts on the Helicopter Jason. Makes sense.

Agreed on Sherry. Gregory/Laura makes the most sense for who Negan picked up agreed. If it's Laura, then that could certainly change the dynamic for Negan/Dwight and Dwight/Team Rick. Honestly, I'm surprised that Negan still hasn't picked up on it. Certainly that has to happen in the next 2 episodes!