Sunday, April 15, 2018

TV Discussion: April-September 2018

Hello everyone, this is our regular spot to talk about all non-recapped shows.  This post will probably be up for awhile.  If it gets too big I'll post up another one.  See you in the comments!

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Anonymous said...

You guys watching Expanse?


Mike V. said...

No, sorry Richard. I fell behind on that one in the first season I think.

At least we'll have Westworld coming up soon. I still don't have HBO, but I'm pretty certain my plex feed will have it. But, I may just cough up the few bucks to get it on HBO NOW so I don't have to wait for that to show up.

MJ said...

Mike - off topic - isn't it Tennessee that you visit each year ? Going for the first time (visiting with someone) and looking for stuff to do other then Nashville. LOL

Mike V. said...

Yep - Tennessee if my home away from home. lol But I'm usually traversing around the small town scene. Nashville is a lot of fun so definitely spend some time there. But there's also the Smokey Mountains and Gatlinburg (sp) that could be a good time too. And if you're there you HAVE to go to Dollywood. lol (granted, I say that but have never been)

Are you driving down? If you're going down 81 you could make your way east to west and hit Knoxville...of course I've only gone to a University of Tennessee game and haven't looked at much beyond that.

Jack Daniels Distillery is in Lynchburg (not too far from Nashville).

Then of course on the other side of the state is Memphis where you have Beale Street and Graceland. (Also haven't spent much time there)

I'm probably not providing you with much more insight than you already know! But if you need help with food options and things to see I could always consult the wife! :)

In other news:

Scandal - Series finale tonight! Get hyped! lol

Westworld - Still don't have HBO but I have a feeling I'll be caving on Sunday.

Leslie said...

Hey Mike.....Just curious if you're watching the new American Idol and what are your thoughts?

Mike V. said...

Idol - Hi Leslie! Yes I am watching. I considered returning to blogging but I really just have no time. I didn't watch Idol performances and elimination until last night at like 11pm. And I fast forwarded through a lot of it. They have some decent performers and some eye candy that are not good at all.

My faves are:
- Maddie Poppe - liked her since the audition and have declared her to the favorite to win ever since Hollywood)
- Catie Turner -kinda reminds me of Kelly Clarkson in that her non-performance personality does not match her serious/amazing talent while performing. But Kelly still triumphs! That's actually part of the problem. I'm watching The Voice too because I have to watch KC and everything she does. lol And she's been awesome.

If it was up to me Maddie and Catie would be the final 2. I can't imagine Ada Vox will last much longer. While I get the appeal from an all-inclusive perspective...I don't think the majority of the country will embrace it. He and his female persona are very talented, but considering he barely got into the top 10 it's not looking good.

One person I can't stand:
- Michelle Sussett (I cringed when she performed the song she wrote and dared everyone to dream. lol She drives me nuts every time she performs.

Everyone else left is pretty decent. I just realized 2 of the "eye candy" dudes didn't make it to the top 10 so that was a good call America and judges. lol

I should be rooting for Dennis Lorenzo since he's a Philly boy, but Maddie and Catie are who I'm backing for now!

Caleb is pretty solid for a country boy too. He'll definitely get the southern vote.

Don't know what to think of our token "rocker" guy. Very talented, but the screaming doesn't always qualify as singing to me!

How about you?

Leslie said...

Idol - Mike, we are totally on the same page!! Maddie and Catie are my top 2 with Caleb as my favorite guy left. I like Gabby also. She was all over that stage last night! Michelle makes me cringe too! Ada is too over the top for me. Too much screaming! Cade, the rocker guy, is a Texas boy, but he bugs me. It's like he's trying to be a rocker dude with the hair and the feather, but he should just cut his hair and go country! It looks like next week starts the theme weeks with Disney, so it'll be interesting to see what they all do.

Mike V. said...

Idol - Yep, we're definitely on the same page with everything. I like Gabby too, but she's 3rd to Maddie and Catie for the girls. Hilarious with Cade. Yep, he's trying too hard. Disney - they've done it previously but being on ABC now it's all under the corporate umbrella (then again, they bought FOX too so it wouldn't have mattered!)....I think Maddie will shine in this. She could do "You've Got a Friend in Me" and make it soar. But she could take any song and apply her style and it'll be awesome. I was happy that she did Walk Like an Egyptian last night to show she can do more pop songs as well as her folksy stuff she's been doing. And her singing along to other upbeat performances gave me hope the judges said, she seems to have an eclectic ear and there's no telling what song she may pull out of her hat next. I think she has the legs to win it. But with the voting trending towards male singing guitar players with light shaded skin Caleb seems to fit the bill this year. I just hope with all the new voting avenues they've resolved that issue.

Mike V. said...

Winds of Winter (book 6) - Yep, GRRM confirmed it's not coming in 2018. Can only laugh at this point. It'll be 8 years in 2019. lol

MJ said...

Behind on a bunch of stuff !

Americans - watched 2 eps. Paige all grown up - sleeping with a guy she likes - but still eye balling that badge ! And poor Phillip - he is really left out now - and they kinda treat him like crap. When he wanted Paige to stay over and Elizabeth said she couldn't ! Dammmn. And speaking of that - holy crap with what Paige saw - yet she is still naive enough to believe mom that he killed himself. Have not watched this week though

Shield - watched the last 2 of this as well. Can't believe YoYo did that to Mack.

Lost in Space - This has been surprisinly good. Definitely darker then the hokey tv show from the 60s or 70s ! Dr. Smith still a conniver but this one is smarter then the last.

Legion - haven't checked it out yet. thinking of marathoning once it is done and when regular tv schedule is over.

Flash - find myslef caring less and less about this show and Supergirl ( which I haven't seen since it came back yet). But damn - Thinker is such an ass to be doing this to 'the love of his life' - the whole groundhog day thing I mean. And they killed off Dibney - surprised me. Most of the time I disliked Stretchy. But Cisco better not leave !

iZombie - you know Ravi will want to see this girl who can't be infected ! I think the brit accent is the actresses real accent for some reason.

Tennessee - def doing Nashville and Jack Daniels . Are also going to Pigeon Forge for a Titanic museum. LOL Thanks. Going to Lebanon - cause that's where the family lives. And yes driving there.

Winds of War - seriously ? Eight years ? Glad I never read them then. That really sucks.

Mike V. said...

I'll go backwards:

Winds - Yep...Book 5 came out in July of 2011 right after season 1 of Game of Thrones ended. So if it comes out next year it'll be around 8 years give or take a few months. BIG IF too.

Tennessee - Nice, Pigeon Forge is right near Gatlinburg. I saw the Titanic Museum on our way. lol Have fun!

Flash - Yeah I barely paid attention to the latest episode. Had it on in the background while working from home. But yeah Thinker is definitely an ass! lol

Supergirl - caught up.

Legion - I didn't get to this week's ep. The show is so crazy and out there. But I'm still trying to keep up.

Lost in Space - backburner but good to hear!

Shield - I forget what she did, but I totally watched. lol

Americans - I'll wait until you catch up. lol

iZombie - Wow...didn't even think of Ravi wanting to see her. Agreed!

The 100 - Still a really good show. Can't believe no one else jumped on this one! lol

Anonymous said...

Suits--I didn't know Mike/Patrick was leaving too.

LOL, I'd forgotten about keeping up with GOT or GRRM, etc. What a bumber.

Met a security guard at one of my major customers yesterday who had a Darth Vader insulated coffee mug, looked great. He's looking forward to Solo. He said I should watch EP VIII and Rogue I, at least Rogue I.

Westworld, without Hopkins I am not sure how much attraction the show has to me now. I watched the new ep and wasn't that impressed until the very end when we saw the aftermath of them all being killed. Teddy is dead at that point but we didn't see the women dead which is what I'd expect--that the 2 gals will go on and on.


MJ said...

The 100 - I keep meaningto catch it in summer then watch the new ones. But not gotten around to it

New Girl - haven't watched in years but read about the 'big death' LOL

Suits - husband watches but I had heard that Mike was leaving as well.

Westworld - don't watch but did not know Hopkins was gone.

Anonymous said...

Westworld, so Delores is controling the "freed" bots. Kind of reminds me of the "democratic socialists" who preach freedom/revolution but always end up enslaving and puting people in the poor house, ie Venezuela,etc.

Shield--oh well.


MJ said...

So mike - see Infinity Wars yet ?

Mike V. said...

Whew...sorry guys been busy. My daughter had a bday this weekend and it was full of activities so I'm a little behind.

Infinity War - Definitely saw. It was awesome! Culmination of 10 years of storytelling and it's pretty awesome what they accomplished. It ended kinda like I expected since we knew there's another one coming next year. Though, that didn't stop by Son from being taken off guard. Don't want to spoil so I won't go into details yet! lol I'm pretty surprised (but at the same time not too surprised given the success and the hype) that it topped Force Awakens' opening weekend. I don't know if it'll have the legs to top it's total gross though given the summer onslaught of films, but we'll see! Definitely may top Black Panther with that opening.

SHIELD - Oh well??? Did I miss something? lol I'm caught up and it doesn't seem like they really tied into Infinity War or maybe they are excused from the implications due to their whole parallel timelines talk. lol

Westworld - ugh...I started this Sunday night but it was after midnight and I fell asleep. Gotta rewatch. Yep (to MJ), Hopkins was a 1 season dude...but there's hints he might still be around in some way. At least his character may be.

The 100 - Just gotta get through season 1 which is the weakest and teenage angstish of the bunch, but it gets better by the end of the season and stays strong after that. Netflix gets CW latest seasons basically a couple days after it ends. So if you started binging probably by the time you caught up this season would be over and you could just keep watching. Or make it a summer mission! lol Speaking of:

LOST - I'm thinking I'm about due for a rewatch. It's been about 6 years! I know because Parker was a few months old when I did the rewatch. lol

New Girl - I don't even remember what the big death was/is...but I did hear Coach will be back this week to mourn the loss. lol

Suits - Yeah I think it was announced that they both were leaving once Megan got hitched (I've never seen an episode lol)

Once Upon a Time - Think there's maybe 2 or 3 episodes left in the series. It basically ended last season but this one off season hasn't been too bad with a grown up Henry. If this actor was playing Henry the whole time he may have been a bit more bearable. lol I think all the actors are coming back for the conclusion. (i.e. Emma, Snow, Charming, Belle)

Anonymous said...

LOST--at least a couple of the actors are in Expanse now. Expanse is getting better.

Shield--yea, no tie in. Will he or won't he, die--Coulson?

Should see Ifinity Wars this weekend.

Crossing--wow a main character already gone.

Colony, I think it starts up again tonight.


Mike V. said...

Expanse - I'm sure it is. Just wish I had time to watch more stuff! I'm surprised I watch what I do. lol

SHIELD - Ahh...I dunno...I'm guessing he lives as long as the series lives. But, MJ and I disagree on this...I think they will kill him off by the end to sync up with Avengers 1. They're 2 distinct entities at this point, but I still think that would be a nice mirroring thing the TV show could do.

Infinity War - Whew...just realized how many spelling and grammatical mistakes I made in that paragraph. Not happy with myself! :) lol Enjoy the movie when you guys see it. Still no spoilers: I was impressed that they were able to service so many characters in civil war (same writing/directing team made the 2 movies + Winter soldier) and this is equally if not more impressive given the amount of stars sharing the screen. It felt like there were actual stakes and actual character work being done and never felt like they were trying to shove too much into the film. It just worked.

Solo - Tix rumored to go on sale May the 4th (be with you). lol

MJ said...

Infinity - unfortunately I got spoiled by the ending. Thanos's finger snap. SIGH Oh well

Shield - I am behind but they made a sly reference when someone mentioned 'the crazy things going on in NY' and I hear that they will acknowledge the movie. They better not kill Coulsen !

Expanse - too political for me so I quit after the first year.

New Girl - the guys cat was the death. LOL

Anonymous said...

Shield==Thanos mentioned so a tie in. Talbot as a savior is kind of funny.

Thor Ragnorek--saw this in prep for Infinity War watch. I've read about the Inf War movie since getting spoiled is no big deal to me. Anyway, Thor Ragnorek is just about one of the worst movies I've seen in a while. It was funny at times and so entertaining at times. But, the Hela deal was just junk. And while I really don't care if Disney destroys the Marvel universe, I object to what they are trying to do with Viking history. Hela is Loki's daughter and a minor character. Thor's hammer destroyed, Asgard destroyed, etc--stupid. Hela exposing the known history as lies is just more of Disney's agenda driven efforts.


Mike V. said...

Infinity War - Yeah...definitely is a bummer that's getting spoiled. That said...I kinda figured something like that would happen as a cliffhanger for next year's avengers film. Will still wait until you guy see to say too much. It's still worth watching even if you know where it's going.

SHIELD - I started the episode and I heard there is a reference to Infinity War, but I didn't hear anything yet!

New Girl - Yep! We just saw the episode. It hadn't aired yet when you brought it up. lol

Thor Ragnarok - Sounds about right. You hated it, I loved it! lol Granted, they announced the title of the movie before deciding to give Thor a makeover and make him more entertaining. So the whole Ragnarok end of times thing ended up bookending the movie more than being the central focus. As for Thor's Infinity War.

As for Hela...okay I googled comic version of Hela. Yep, not related to Odin/Thor. And a child of Loki.

But, I'm not worried about breaking with the lore or comic canon (since I don't know it) and am just looking to go for the ride. And the MCU ride as had more ups than downs.

Speaking of Norse Mythology - Richard are you a gamer at all? Just played the new God of War on PS4 (I played the previous trilogy which focused on Greek Mythology). This new one (and ones to follow) are all about the Norse Gods....pretty engaging stuff. I learned more about Norse Gods in this game than I did in my Mythology elective class in High School (and I loved that class! lol). And just reading about Hela from Comics Lore...a lot more names stood out because of the game. like the realm of the giants Jotunheim. Anyway, just thought I'd share. Amazing game btw.

And come at least had to enjoy Thor vs. Hulk no matter how contrived it was. And Thor and Hulk's back and forth banter???

Anonymous said...

Thor vs Hulk--As I said it had some moments. And yes, their banter was part of that. That stuff made the movie watchable.

I"m not really a gamer BUT, I am way into Warthunder. Probably too much into it, lol. It's based on historical equipment and even historical battles.

Also saw Suicide Squad this weekend. I thought it was decent, much better than Thor Ragnorek.


MJ said...

Wow - I thought Thor Ragnarok was way better then Suicide Squad. LOL

Shield - Thanos is mentioned by name and non-spoilery reference to what he is doing on earth.

MJ said...

Shield - Shield - Talbot was off the chart cray cray now ! Crumbling not just one but 2 people ! Have to admit that I did not remember tht the future had Casius ruling earth so that is why Coulsen reacted so badly. But man - they are all at eachothers throats. mack and Fitz, Daisy and YoYo. I can't remember what Daisy's mom power was though.

Mike V. said...

SHIELD - Agreed on's great how they've evolved his character over the years. First anti-shield, he is inhuman and even in costume. lol Nice on the Thanos reference. Maybe I didn't get there yet or just missed it. Will have to check. Don't know about Daisy's mom's power either.

Thor and MCU vs. DCEU - Yeah...Suicide Squad...I saw in theaters and at time I was thinking, "wasn't as bad as I thought it would be" but it's a pretty incoherent mess. And the 1 liners were added in as damage control to Batman v Superman not doing well in theaters. You could feel the reshoots and edits in that movie.

The thing that separates MCU vs. DCEU is that MCU got a big head start on developing their characters and they took their time to work towards this Infinity War climactic showdown. And it feels very earned. And each movie along the way has at least been entertaining. It's also comic dudes at the head of Marvel Studios who know their characters. They also started it without the big guns like Spiderman and the X-Men because they were owned by other properties. (Spider-man still is, but they're sharing the use of him because they'd be dumb not to) So they made Iron Man into a house hold superhero and built the universe around him. It's pretty amazing what they've accomplished. The fact that each of the characters in Infinity War feel so flushed out and you're invested in them all speaks volumes to what they've accomplished. I feel none of that when watching a DCEU movie...except maybe Wonder Woman which was the standout of those films so far.

But, Richard this is nothing new! We tend to enjoy the opposite stuff when it comes to anything! :) But, that's what keeps things interesting. lol

As for Warthunder...not sure I know what that is!

Mike V. said...

New Fall show:

Manifest - being hyped as "LOST in reverse". Synopsis sounds interesting. Stars Josh Dallas (Charming from Once upon a time). There's a flight that hits turbulence but lands safely. But when they land they realize the world has aged 5 years. Families and coworkers have moved on and mourned.... but eventually unfolds into some "new lease on life, destined for greater things" type story a la LOST. Probably will not be as good, but it sounds like something I might check out. We'll see! lol

MJ said...

Americans - Stan is definitely getting closer now. He knows it just isn't right when both of them are gone on thanksgiving weekend for a client. But to secretly search their home ! Damn. So much so that he grills poor Henry. Elizabeth sure can't catch a break - not one mission has gone right this season.
But having to cut up that woman was brutal ! Not that they haven't done it before. LOL
I think it will end with Stan learning the truth but I think Elizabeth will not live.

Expanse - Richard I read that this is cancelled now. But they are hoping to move it to another network and continue.

Manifest - haven't heard of it til now. We shall see. LOL - Who am I kidding - I'll check it out

Crossing - am behind but it's not bad so far

SyFy also cancelled Ghost War - it's was a crazy show but I liked it.

Mike V. said...

Americans - Very glad they're going the route when Stan finds out. Reminds me of Dexter's last season in the opposite way where they didn't go the route people expected and it was horrible. lol Yeah makes sense that someone would die...another route they could go is that Phil dies after not wanting to be a part of it anymore...and it's Elizabeth's fault and she has to live with it.

Expanse - Read that too....the good news is GRRM is upset by this news too. This gives him an hour a week or more (reading recaps and blogging/tweeting about it) to work on A Song of Ice and Fire! lol

Manifest - yep...feel the same way. It has a 50/50 shot of being worth watching. lol

LOST - Not officially ready to rewatch the whole thing, but I have Hulu right now so I popped on the pilot. Still so good! lol

Crossing - Canceled! Not even gonna start it.

B99 - Canceled and picked up by NBC. I'm so far behind but we'll try to catch up.

Westworld - really good episode last night. And for once I could follow it from start to finish. Also, theories about who the girl from RAJworld were correct. lol

Idol - My girl Maddie is still in the Top 3! As predicted Caleb is still there. And Gabby is really good too. And come Carrie Underwood just superhuman now? Her range is insane....I feel like the fall off her front porch may have turned her up another level. lol

Anonymous said...

Expanse--another good syfy show is cancelled by syfy. Makes you wonder why even bother to start.


Anonymous said...

Crossing--Does anyone think the Apex girl is sympathetic? I found myself cheering for the "bad" guys.


Mike V. said...

Crossing - Sorry Richard, once I heard it was cancelled I just deleted them all off the dvr. lol

Anonymous said...

LOL, Crossing is cancelled--I didn't know that. I liked it, oh well.

There's always Perry Mason reruns.


Mike V. said...

nice lol

You caught up on Westworld, Richard?

Agends of SHIELD - Renewed for final season which will debut in summer AFTER the next Avengers film. HMMMMM (don't want to say anything pending you guys haven't seen Infinty War yet)

Mike V. said...

iZombie - final season announced for mid season next year.

New Girl - Series finale was pretty good. Totally forgot it was an abbreviated final season. It felt like it ended as soon as it started, but they were solid final episodes!

Anonymous said...

WEstworld, I've been caught up. The last ep had some really good and really stupid stuff. Dolores's evil vs Teddy seems to be an all time high. But, they found Teddy's body after Bernard shut them down. Not Dolores's however. The Japanese story line wasn't that interesting to me.


Mike V. said...

Westworld - Finally watched the latest episode. The last ep was hard to get through. Agreed on the Shogunworld, even if Dogen (LOST) was in it. lol It was amusing that the story writer in the show copied some of his westworld storylines in shogunworld....but I couldn't get invested in the storyline. The Dolores vs. teddy was good stuff. I missed the finding of Teddy's body...or was that in a different episode in a future timeline? Maybe I did see that. I thought last week's episode was the best of the season, if not best of the series. This one? Not so much.

Solo - Going tonight! My son (6 now) has been upgraded to main IMAX event screening. We'll still go tomorrow with the whole fam including my daughter (4) for her first star wars movie in the theater! Exciting times at the V household. lol As for the movie itself. I'm not going in with high expectations. Just expecting a fun adventure in a galaxy far far away with semi-familiar characters. lol plus Woody and Khaleesi.

Sidebar into reality TV (in case Leslie shows up):
Idol - I know no one but Leslie and I watch but just putting this here in case she stops back in. Totally called it back in Hollywood rounds! Yeah Maddie! Glad America finally got it right again. I think they fixed the Voting Issues with using the App and Twitter and limiting the votes.

Voice - Of course I was happy with how that turned out too. Team KC won! :) Brynn was definitely impressive especially factoring in the age. She could potentially have a bright future especially with Kelly in her corner. (not that any voice winners really amounted to much. She might actually have a chance.)

Anonymous said...

SOLO--plan to see this weekend too.

Infinity War--may go see it too.

Westworld--I agree with your assessment of the 2 eps. The scenes with Teddy being dead were a few eps back. He was on the beach and around that time Bernard said he had to shut them all down. There were bodies everywhere. But, we haven't seen Dolores's dead body. I"m wondering as things keep going if there's something special between the MIB and Dolores.


Mike V. said...

Expanse - saved by amazon prime! Richard you may have to sign up for a streaming service lol and of course even worse news. GRRM has a distraction again lol

Anonymous said...

Solo--Decent movie. Loved the references from it re Ep IV, like the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs. I don't like the actor who played Han but he didn't ruin it for me. I won't say much more until I know you guys have seen it.

GRRM, I've given up on the next book.

Expanse--oh well. I already spend way too much money on entertainment and am not an Amazon fan. Don't like Bezos, etc. The series is based on books and so I can always check that out.

Justice League--rewatched Friday night and I really like that movie, just great. Superman coming back was great.


MJ said...

Back from my trip. Behind on a lot of stuff. Going to see infinity Wars tonight

Americans - caught up on this now. Damn ! Stan even called Pastor Tim. Thought for sure tim or Oleg would spill the beans. And now Elizabeth is killing other russians to protect the summit ! Crazy - did not see that coming. And now Paige can see thru Elizabeths lies ? That is a little convenient. It's also highly convenient that what turns Elizabeth is that Caudia lied to her ? Like - what ? Many times Phillip and Elizabeth have thought the center has lied. Like about Stans girlfriend so I am not sure that finding out Claudia knew of her job to get the summit cancelled is enough real motive to change Elizabeths outlook. Just saying. But I wonder if next week we will ever find out if Stan's girl is also a spy ? And how Martha is doing in Russia ? I still want Stan to find everything out.

Shield - finale spoilers below

WTH ! They killed Fitz ! damnit. Loved May smashing that vial so no more arguments on who to save. And damnit Couldsen - you should have taken the meds and lived. SIGH. Guess he might still come back some how. But liked that him and May are actually in Tahiti.

iZombie - read that. Glad they are letting them write the end properly

Expanse - Nice ! I have to tell my husband - he still watches it.

MJ said...

Shield - meant to add - I did not follow Coulsen telling Simmons to find Fitz. What ?

Mike V. said...

SHIELD - Did I come back and say I totally misunderstood the end and now I know that they're going to find PRESENT DAY FITZ? (remember he went into hibernation/freeze to go to future?) I think I totally missed that first time around. Read something somewhere. I'm sure there's some paradox there somewhere..but maybe since they beat the time loop it doesn't matter? lol So Fitz is dead but he'll be back.

iZombie - agreed. Also watched finale.

Americans - not a lot of time to discuss but finale is tonight right?

Welcome back MJ and Enjoy infinity war! I loved it and I also loved Solo but it's been met with middling critical response but positive fan response (mostly) office is sluggish and will cause Lucasfilm to reevaluate maybe no more May releases lol especially weeks after a 10 year culmination movie in Infinity War followed by Deadpool 2. lol

Six - watched premiere. I'm not sure I'm going to continue with this one but we'll see.

TWD - So Rick is out at some point during Season 9? That might signal my exit too. lol

Anonymous said...

Seal Team is much better than Six. Six has more what I think is made up nonsensical drama.


Anonymous said...

Solo--everyone I've spoken with loved the movie. We need to talk about the ending too.


MJ said...

Shield - yeah - I only vaguely remember Fitz being frozen. LOL

iZombie - hmm - I think I watched the finale. LOL Playing catch up on so many

Americans - yes - finale last night. Not watched yet since was 1.5 hours.

TWD - really ? You would leave if Rick was gone ? I would still watch. Knew the actor would not stay forever. And Maggie will be pretty much part time this coming season.

Solo - you guys can talk about it - I won't read it. So surprised by who is in it though - Dany from GofT and dude who was Woody on cheers (and many things( ? Really ? LOL

Infinity was good. But it's a two parter isn't it ? And I think its safe to say some things will be reversed.

Mike V. said...

Solo - Non-Spoilers. Both Emilia and Woody H. were great in the film! Woody is great in pretty much anything he's in. This is no exception! The film is good. Go see it. Save the Star Wars franchise! lol Too much bad press on this movie and it's a solid film.

SPOILERS (But tried to avoid naming names) - I'm surprised you saw it Richard! I had given up on you. lol Yeah the ending is nuts. Ties into Clone Wars where George Lucas worked with Dave Filoni to bring back said character. The character actually had a really interesting arc on Clone Wars through Rebels animated series. People that only have watched the movies were surely confused and in turn got confused on the timeline of the movie. But let's be clear. TPM was 32 years before A New Hope. Solo was 13 years (initial part of movie) and then 10 years before ANH. (Chewie being 190 is how they establish the time period. He was 200 in ANH) The character was in Clone Wars which was 10-13 years after TPM and then was in Rebels which was the few years leading up to ANH. (I think the last episode he was in was maybe a year before ANH) So he definitely has a run in Star Wars canon but it's all been in the animated shows. This is a huge step in tying the TV and Movie canon together. It'll be interesting to see if the mass fanbase goes for it. It also opens up possibilities for what the next anthology movies will tackle. If they're going to focus on the criminal underworld of Star Wars they could go in a lot of directions. This character could appear in a future Qi'ra based film, a Solo sequel or unofficially announced Boba Fett and Obi-Wan Kenobi films. Really a Kenobi film seems like an inevitable tie in given their interactions in TPM and in the animated series.

But I loved Solo....Alden really pulled off the mannerisms of the character (i.e. Harrison Ford's general way of acting in any movie lol) but didn't do a dead on impersonation. Glover was good, but from what I read his character was the one that still seemed trapped in a Lord and Miller movie and not Ron Howard's movie. (directors changed and reshots ensued) It was still funny. My favorite tie in to the OT was L3 being uploaded to the Falcon. 3PO says in Empire when talking to the falcon "I don't know where your ship learned to communicate but it has the most peculiar dialect." lol Good times.

SHIELD - He had to be frozen to be sent to the future to save his friends. So now that they're all back they're going to thaw him out before he even goes (I think). I'm sure Doc Brown would have something to say about doing something like that. lol

iZombie - I already forget how it ended! lol Oh wait now I remember. It was the one where Liv and her boyfriend were going to be executed. Did you see that yet?

Americans - (SPOILERS!!) It was okay. I get why they did what they did and apparently it's been their vision for the end for awhile. These shows always hesitate to pull the trigger on killing. But what they went for is "psychological damage" on a massive scale from what I read. It made sense that Henry would end up with Stan and that the daughter (why can't I remember her name?) wouldn't go to Russia with them. I guess it even makes sense that Stan would let them go after all they've been through. But it feels like a cheat too. lol I like that they told him his wife may be Russian but they don't know...and we never found out!

TWD - I'm just done with the show. No, I'm sure I'll keep watching. But I feel like they need to end it. It's not like the comics and can't go on forever. I mean, if they kept Carl alive then maybe it could still make sense. But if Rick leaves....what's the point anymore? Who is the character we follow? And then if Maggie leaves too? Yikes...Daryl can't carry the show. I guess Michonne would become the defacto leader? I'd have to see how they do it.

Mike V. said...

INFINITY WAR - Yes a 2 parter, that did not matter to my son who broke down in tears at the end of the movie. Spider-man is the one that took it over the edge. He couldn't comprehend it. I had warned him people may die...we're coming to a finale of sorts. But when Spidey, Panther and all of the Guardians except Rocket vanished...yeah they're definitely coming back. They all have sequels lined up! lol All of the original Avengers are still intact as is Ant-Man (who has a movie this summer...actually we'll see if they show infinity war impacts to his characters by the end of that film).....I'm guessing they'll be focusing on the core 6 as this is probably their final films. Their contracts are up. I think Cap will be one of the ones sacrificed...other people pick up the shield in the comics. Iron Man...he may get to walk off in the sunset with Pepper. And it leaves RDJ open to cameos in the future. We'll see about the rest! But I think there will be key members leaving us after next May. Back to my son...I relate this to the "Empire Strikes Back" for a new generation. It didn't have an ending...the good guys didn't win and you're left wondering about the fate of characters you love. Even if the stuff will be still packed an emotional punch. Also, if things are reversed, things may not be the same when they do. And in case you didn't see the end credits scene or don't know what it was.....Nick Fury paged Captain Marvel. Her movie comes out next spring before the Avengers finale. It's a movie set in the 90s which means she'll probably be doing some kind of time jump like CAP.

Mike V. said...

Twd- may be considered spoilery but it’s similar to Andrew Lincoln leaving and something we suspected. It’s definitely going to be a different show. And no Daryl cannot carry the show!

Anonymous said...

iZombie - yeah I saw the finale.

Americans - I liked the emotions of the scene with Stan - but yeah - I was shocked he let them go. But Paige walking away ? Wow - didn't see that coming. So now she will live alone and in hiding the rest of her life. Can't see the parents or her brother. Loved that Elizabeth showed emotion as Paige is left there but she did not really when it was decided to leave Henry. And I wanted to know if the girlfriend was a spy damnit ! LOL

TWD - I am def not over it. LOL There would still be lots of characters I like - Michonne, Carol, Jesus, Daryl, Rosita. I think the new lady who traded for albums is interesting. And I hear the next group of baddies are really interesting - if it is who I think it will be. As for Daryl being a leader - not sure I like that really. But we shall see. And Lauren is doing part time this season but she has not said she is leaving. She might stay around as a part timer for several years. He new show doesn't look that great any way. LOL

Infinity - yeah I am sure they will all be resurrected. They ain't killing ff Black Panther after the money it made ! LOL But yeah - I thik some original avengers will be leaving as well. Not sure I care a lot about the newer ones to be honest. We shall see.

Deadpool - will see that this week.

Anonymous said...


SOLO--Everyone I know who saw it, liked it from mid to high. I really liked it! And I got the timelines right. To me it was obvious. Come on, Landau loosing the Falcon in a card game was a huge nod to ANH and so meaningful. There were many tie ins if you are a real fan.

I have not seen many of the other shows--a few of the cartoons--clone wars.

Darth Mol was a GREAT surprise. Beckett KEPT saying that Solo didn't really know Kira and so it made me wonder about her. Seems like she was on the dark side. And so yea I could see them on opposite sides. The only thing is when Han meets Luke, he seemed ignorant of the force--for sure he denied its' power. Which means we likely won't see Kira and Han on opposite sides in a battle.

Any bets Han gets mixed up with Jabba in a sequel.

Still haven't seen EP VIII. Will probably watch when on cable for free.

BTW, interesting to see Emilia as Kira--I didn't know she was in it.


Mike V. said...

Americans - Hmmm I thought she did show emotion with leaving Henry. I mean she definitely was closer to paige, but Philip was the one that had already made up the plan to leave him and wasn't budging. Me too on the spy! lol

TWD - I know I'm all talk, but I do think it'll take a major hit in ratings with Rick leaving. It's really the blog that is a pain these days. My heart isn't in it, but I'm a "completionist"! lol I barely write a recap anymore for it anyway. And people barely comment. Maybe it wouldn't even be noticed if I just stop and lump it in with the rest of these. :)

Infinity - Kevin Feige (head of Marvel Studios) said after the next Avengers movie they intentionally are coming out with the Spidey Sequel because we're going to need him to usher us into the next phase of Marvel. I really think Tom Holland nails Spidey and I'm excited about future films with him. But yeah it'll be tough to lose Cap/Iron man.....I think Hemsworth might stay on as Thor. His character is just getting more interesting! I should say if I were him I'd stick around.

Deadpool - started rewatching the first film (never finished it) maybe I'll get around to the sequel in theaters. lol

Legion - Fell 5 behind on this during tv season..binging now...have 3 left to catch up. Not sure how many more to air. Still a crazy show.

Westworld - Really liked last night's ep, but for some reason it was received with mixed feelings. I know the one scene with the guy falling for the Host was a little ridiculous. But I had already called from the moment we saw that guy that he would die by the end of the episode. lol shows up as a hot shot military dude with a hard on to kill....definitely a dead man. lol

Mike V. said...

SOLO - Same here. Everyone I talk to loved it. It's just doing horrible at box office. Lando losing falcon to Han was a nod to ESB, actually! lol But it was always talked in legends that it was a game of they stayed faitful to that. (they sell those playing cards now. I need them!) I know all the tie ins Richard, I'm sure you know this. lol

I don't think Qi'ra has any force powers....just Maul. So yeah Solo probably won't see Maul.....but Solo's exact lines are like "Kid I've flown from one side of the galaxy to the other and there's nothing that makes me believe some all powerful force controls MY destiny. It's all a bunch of simple tricks and nonsense." That made it seem like he's been exposed to it, but he doesn't believe it's the force. Just sleight of hand or something. But yeah, I think what they were trying to do was build out the start telling stories and that might be something like the Marvel Cinematic Universe. A Kenobi film between Sith and ANH (all but confirmed), a Maul film (maybe), a Boba Fett film (all but confirmed)....they could all be tied together....if Solo did well, then a sequel but I think we'll now see Disney/Lucasfilm reevaluating things. There's a lot that went into Solo's failure...mixed reactions to Last Jedi, crowded May Box office (Disney moved back Infinity War a week to give solo some breathing room and it still wasn't enough), no one asked for a Solo movie but we got one anyway (and it was a solid film...but no one was interested enough to see it), behind the scenes turmoil and director changes led to massive reshoots and an overinflated budget...... I think we'll see them move to December full time with more reliable directors in the future.

Back to Solo movie tie ins....HAN SHOT FIRST! (and it was going to be Beckett's advice to him lol) And yes...if there was a sequel then Jabba definitely would've been in the next one. He still could be.....Solo could even be a side character in a future Lando film or a Boba Fett film...

last Jedi...I'd be interested to see your take on that film. Considering the large portion of fans that hated it, I wouldn't be surprised if you loved it or hated it. lol I obviously loved it but first viewing took me by surprise. But after thinking about it and rewatching it grew on me quickly. I remembered the stuff I loved about it and quickly warmed up to the stuff that surprised me the first time around. And just the fact that it's Carrie's final film...she gave an amazing performance and every scene with her packs an emotional punch.

and yep, Khaleesi is in solo! lol

MJ said...

Americans - Oleg is the one that really got screwed. And Paige.

iZombie - they killed alot of people. Probably in case it was the series final. Chase Graves, Blaine's dad, and yet another boyfriend of Livs died. Best part is that Liv gave the girls brain to Dale - so she can stop being a zomibe !

TWD - well I would miss your recaps. But I would understand if you are tired of doing it though. FTWD is great this year. They really changed this show.

Anonymous said...

SOLO--Wow, great on Solo's ANH quote--close enough for sure.

Yea, I've talked to some SW fans who weren't crazy about Last Jedi.

I think the only thing the changing directors did was inflate the budget because it looked like a solid movie.

It wasn't promoted heavily as a regular SW film. No McDonald's or whatever toy tie ins, etc. So, it just wasn't going to launch like a SW film.

I think the movie will do very very well on BD or rental whatever.

Even my wife liked the movie. Out of the SW movie's she's seen she put it behind ESB and ANH. So, I just don't get that the movie hasn't strengthed relative to the time it's been out. I think you're onto something about the time of year it was released. So much going on as school is closing down, finals, vacation, etc.


MJ said...

OITNB - back July 27th !

Anonymous said...

Have I ever said to you guys that I think WATCHMEN is the best comic book movie, by far--at least to me.

I have watched it about 5 times.


MJ said...

Not sure I've heard of it actually. Might have to check that out

Mike V. said...

I've been so swamped, I didn't even see notifications come in on my email for these comments. lol

Americans - Definitely on Oleg. Paige, I choose to be optimistic that she escaped unscathed. lol I'm sure Stan wouldn't have gone after her and the feds weren't looking for a daughter just Philip and Elizabeth.

iZombie - The Liv giving the cure to Dale was cool. I already forgot Chase Graves was killed. lol But yeah you're probably right on in case it was a finale. Either that or they were clearing the deck to focus on the original cast for final season??

TWD - Oh come on! Don't go laying the guilt trip on me! lol You know how easily I cave! FTWD...I'm sure it is good. It's been nice to have a lighter TV load though. We only really have time for Westworld on Sundays anyway.

Handmaid's Tale - speaking of..we started this since we're on a hulu trial. Only one episode in. Totally not what I was expecting (in a good way).

SW/Solo - Yeah...people weren't thrilled with Rian Johnson's interpretation of iconic characters. I'll admit my first viewing caught me offguard because I read too much beforehand and people go in with theories in their head. But after I processed it it made sense and I liked it a lot. It's also cool to hear Rian's process of developing the film too and why he made the decisions he made. He also wrote it before TFA was even seen by audiences so he couldn't anticipate what fans were looking for. Ep 9 script had to be rewritten from scratch due to Carrie's passing...and it was written AFTER TLJ has come out. JJ and Chris Therio (sp) are looking to cap off the 9 episode saga with this final saga ep. we'll see how they pull it off.

SW doesn't really do fast food tie ins anymore. But yeah...they kinda tried to fly solo a bit under the radar. They may have not been confident in the movie, but it actually turned out good. Even the promos didn't focus on Alden's performance too much. I agree I think it will do well on SW as a whole has a good shelf life so people catching up will want to watch Solo to learn EVERYTHING about the saga. It's part of canon now.

SW used to be able to be released in May and make a killing. but times have changed....and with Infinity War coming out end of april (moved a week back from original slot) and being such a huge deal...that certainly had to hurt Solo. Plus...SW OWNS December now...I think they're going to reassess this and look to do that more often. Or maybe put riskier star wars releases in summer (if they were ever going to do more than one per year).

OITNB - I saw that!

WATCHMEN - Funny...also directed by Zack Snyder who has been helming the DCEU (Man of Steel, BvS, Justice League with help from Joss Whedon due to family tragedy). I enjoyed Watchmen. I don't remember much of it except full frontal on giant Blue guy. lol

Speaking of Watchmen - Did you know Lindelof is working on a Watchmen TV show for HBO? He said it's going to be different from the movie/graphic novel....more like TWD adapts things....But with know you're going to go on a wild ride.

Anonymous said...

Watchman, big blue guy, LOL. That's Dr. Manhattan!

I've heard about the series potential, hope it lives up to the standard.

I had no idea about Zack Snyder, interesting that I also liked some of the DC stuff too.

I think DC would have done a LOT,LOT better with a major star playing Superman. What Downey has done for Iron Man and Marvel is amazing. Some sense of humor and timing helps. Without Downey I think Marvel would suffer as it would without Hemsworth.

You should know that my son has not seen Infinity War yet, nor a lot of his friends. I asked why and he said that he just wasn't that interested. Nor has my daughter. She's never been into comic book movies though. My son loves the old Iron Man movies. Keep in mind they both drive, so don't need me to go see a movie with their friends.


MJ said...

Americans - yeah she might not get arrested. But she got no money, no real passport, no ID. Can't go back to college. Can't see her brother probably. She will spend her life hiding.

TWD - it was not a guilt trip ! LOL I swear it.

Mike V. said...

Watchmen - Yes...that's his name. lol I remember Jeffrey Dean Morgan was the comedian in it too.

Downey wasn't really a major star prior to Iron Man. He was a very talented actor, but he had so many problems with drugs that he had a hard time breaking out into the big time. Then he cleaned up, got Iron Man and the rest is history. There is no doubt that without RDJ starting the Marvel franchise it wouldn't not be as big as it is now. Iron Man wasn't even a big character in the Marvel universe. But Marvel Studios had to work with the characters they had the rights to. (no Spidey, No Xmen, no Fantastic 4) they're so big that they have joint rights with Sony to Spidey...and Disney is merging with Fox so they'll have the others too. So Crazy.

Your family definitely takes after you with movie interests I'll say that! If it was up to my son we'd be seeing Infinity War every day in the theater. lol He loves it. Plays with the toys at home. It emotionally affected him too.

I would say Henry Cavill is the exact right person for Superman. It's the material that wasn't very strong. Not sure if you saw recently that a picture of him in the Christopher Reeve Superman Suit was released and he looks perfect for the role.

Americans - Yep, I'm sure that is all true. But then again I'm not sure where she got off. Didn't they check passports? So maybe they crossed the border so she's in Canada or something???

TWD - I know...obviously I'm going to tune in this next season to see how they exit these characters. Then I'll give it a chance when they move on. I'm sure I'll talk myself into finishing out season 9. But I much longer can it go on? I know we're in an age where Rebooting/Reviving stuff is common place and things never end. So I guess it technically could go on forever with a rotating cast. But, I'm not interested in that! lol

Anonymous said...

Maybe a fair point on Cavill vs the writing re Superman. I think he could use some timing and humor though--make him more likeable.

Re Iron Man, I've always loved the character and the song, before RDJ. Yea RDJ and Iron Man came together in an amazing way, love those movies.

BTW, one of my favorite movies is Grosse Pointe Blank. Love Joan and John Cussack, Driver,Aykroyd, etc. I say that because I think most people like that movie and I'm trying to make the point that I'm not totally counter culture,lol.

Watchmen--was originally written more toward an adult audience. The movie has many layers and that complexity makes it worthwhile to rewatch.


Mike V. said...

LOL on Counter culture! Point taken Richard. I do believe I love Grosse Point Blank as well. Haven't seen it in ages, but I went through a Cusack phase and loved all of his movies.

Watchmen - Agreed. I'm pretty sure I enjoyed it when I saw it.

Iron Man - There was a song?? I knew OF the character before the movie...but didn't know much about him. Favreau and RDJ together made movie magic happen. I'm excited to see what Favreau will bring to the Live Action Star Wars TV series.

Cavill - Understood on Humor...though that was the take they were going for with Reeve. He was amazing in the way he could portray Clark and Superman as 2 different people just based on performance. The glasses help but man he sold it.

Anonymous said...

OMG, LOL you haven't heard the Iron Man song. Black Sabbath, here's a link below. From 1970. It's even in the first movie.

OK, so BIG news. My brother, son and myself went to see Infinity War. Observations below.
1. MUCH better movie than I expected.
2. I see RDJ hanging around a while longer. They're working the scripts around his aging and so it works ok.
3. The humor and timing were a big part of the movie in the first half and reinforces my point at how these guys can pull you into the movie. Great job.
4. Thanos--I liked the look of him in the Guardians movie, this one was too much CGI. My son felt like he almost became a protagonist. That they were trying to not make the movie too much one sided. Thanos was dying at the end, after his gauntlet was busted up. And this was after he told Gamora that it cost him "everything". Gauntlet busting up was a big deal as was the blue lines forming on his face.
5. OK, the movie even states that Thanos will be back, so yea this is at minimum 1 of 2 if not 3 or more movies. I stayed until the very end so saw the Fury scenes.
6. I'm thinking Gamora will somehow be resurrected via the soul stone and so will the others.
7. Thor didn't die but actually made a come back in this movie. How'd you like to look that good at his age, lol?
8. I wonder if Fantastic 4 will come into play in the next movie. Some techy gadgets to deal with the stones effects?
9. My brother hadn't seen Guardians, so he was lost for much of the movie. Which makes the point that this statement you had above and MANY movie critics have made in one form or another-- "The thing that separates MCU vs. DCEU is that MCU got a big head start on developing their characters and they took their time to work towards this Infinity War climactic showdown. And it feels very earned."---that this thought doesn't really work for the many who hasn't seen all the movies. So, Justice League for many given the many prior movies even made decades ago along with the comic book canon, fits. The point I'm making is that Infinity War is a great culmination movie, if you've seen all the prior movies but a LOT of people don't fall into that category. And more people know about Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman as there have been so many shows, books, comics about them over the years that match the canon for many decades--that's the definition of earned.


Mike V. said...

Hmm it's all making sense now. I definitely am not getting email notifications for comments anymore. Will have to look into that! lol

Hmmm...if it's a Sabbath song I'm sure I have heard it. Maybe I just didn't realize it was called Iron Man and if it was actually referred to the comic book character. lol

Infinity War - (SPOILERS)Glad you finally saw it! I loved it. I'm sure you can see how my poor 6 year old son's heart was broken at the end. He couldn't grasp the concept of sequels and cliffhangers. He saw spidey disappear in front of him and that was enough for him to be floored.

1. Agreed. I was impressed how they were able to service so many characters, similar to Civil War but with even more this time. The Russo Brothers (and Marvel Studios in general) really get their characters.

2. Yeah...I think the finale next year will include Stark and Pepper Potts' wedding. But I'm not so sure Cap will make it out alive. Chris Evans said he's definitely done with Marvel after the next movie. That said..RJD's contract is up as well after the next movie. The original Avengers are all out of contract. But I see Thor possibly doing more. he's just getting interesting.

3. Agreed

4. Yeah I heard from several sources within Marvel that this was basically a Thanos movie. He was the central character. Yeah...he was definitely impacted as was the gauntlet at the end. But he was still able to use the space stone to get out of there.

5. They have said that the next Avengers movie is the CULMINATION to everything that has been building since Iron Man 1. So what happens next will be a new story...and it will start with the next Spiderman Flick next summer. So you saw Captain Marvel in the final scene, right? (her symbol on the pager) her movie is next February/March....and it's a 90s action film. So we'll see her origin story and I guess how she ends up in the present day. (similar to cap)

6. Yeah...I've read similar. (for all characters)

7. lol on Thor's age. He's really become a fan favorite after Ragnarok and this film. I think they breathed new life into that franchise.

8. Doubt it with Fantastic 4...they still haven't worked out all the contractual stuff with Fox and Disney. So they're still separate properties and F4 are not part of MCU (just like X-men, deadpool and this new Venom movie coming out...all separate). But...they did tease Adam Warlock at the end of Guardians 2 (just watched again this weekend) and Captain Marvel, Ant Man, Wasp, Hawkeye will probably all play a role in next Avengers flick.

9. Totally agreed on MCU vs. DCEU. And they have the right infrastructure to do it right. Kevin Feige is a comic book guy and knows these characters inside and out. He came up with a brilliant business model and found a way to get back all of their characters (i.e. Spiderman...potentially F4 and X-Men in the future). Definitely feels very earned. My wife hadn't seen any of the guardians films but she loved Infinity War. They do these movies in a way that you don't need to see the others...but something like Infinity War may inspire you to go back and watch Guardians 1 and 2...take my son for example...over the past week we watched Guardians 1, 2 and Dr. Strange because he loved them in Infinity War. Now he loves those movies too. Agreed....Batman v Superman should've been a slam dunk based on the history of those characters. They cast it well...Wonder Woman was cast really well too (and her solo movie is good)....somehow Snyder just muddled the plot a bit. That said...I enjoyed Justice League for what it was. But Marvel is on another level.

Anonymous said...

Westworld--so, the Indian was "off the reservation" Will Thandie die,hmm, I'm going with no. We got our answer to the scalps having the emblem too.


Mike V. said...

Westworld - great ep. turns out Maeve and Indian dude (knew his name last night. Forget today) we’re talking to each other the whole episode. Pretty cool reveal. I think she’ll be fine.

MJ said...

Hear about the GofT prequel ? LOL And Martin saying it won't interfere with the book ! yeah right. Not sure I am interested at this point.

I can def see how upset Parker was. But they'll un-do it. Probably wit the Time stone. Cause ya know Black Panther can't be left dead either.

MJ said...

Gbergs - meant to say - I am behind so just saw the one where Barry takes up football. It was hysterical - lots of eagles call outs. Even kept saying he wanted to throw the ball and then catch it for the touchdown

Mike V. said...

Thrones Prequel - Yes heard about it and laughed at GRRM comment too. The funniest part is that he still has another book after this one that's taking forever! lol Anyway, there were "spinoff" ideas in the works and this was one of them. GRRM also said that the show should be called "THE LONG NIGHT" and it's supposed to be set 1000 years before Game of Thrones. So this would be the last time the white walkers threatened mankind. I'll certainly be interested to see what they come up with. But I'm sure nothing will top the original (they rarely do).

Infinity War - A lot of people think the time stone is too simple a solution. I'm actually more inclined to think it's something to what Richard suggested (which I've also read theories about)...people trapped in the soul stone...and somehow that gets reversed. But yes, the cliffhanger is mainly that...a cliffhanger. Very effective on children...but anyone that knows anything about the planned sequels knows this won't stick. Spider-man is set to be our hand to hold coming out of the next Avengers Movie (july next year), Black Panther 2 is greenlit, Guardians 3 is coming (Rocket is the only one that survived...and the one that mentioned after Thor's "nothing to lose speech" that he has a lot to lose)....things are definitely going to change. But I think there will be major/permanent casualties coming out of the next one. Sadly, Captain America makes the most sense since it is known that others do eventually take up the shield and that Chris Evans already stated he's done with the Marvel films after the next one. Stark - I've been thinking more and more that he'll survive but just be a less frequent presence in future films. aka RETIRED/Married to Pepper, could make surprise cameos in the future.

Gbergs - I think that episode was specially shot after the Eagles won the Superbowl. Either that or they modified it when they did win. But yeah it was awesome. There were actual Eagles players in it if I recall correctly? That probably means you haven't gotten to the cheesesteak episode. I'm still wanting to try the place they mentioned. It's in Camden, but there's one in my hometown of Medford too I think (or close to there).

Supergirl - Caught up, I saw it was ep 22 so I thought it was finale. week. lol

Deadpool - finally watched the whole movie. I remembered a lot of it from the last time I watched. But now I'm set to see 2 next week. lol

Legion - binged this and caught up. Still weird. But I'll finish out the season!

LOST - I'm pretty much set for a rewatch, but somehow I'm reluctant to get started. Probably because of the 6 season commitment. lol Doesn't help that there's so much other content out there teasing me too.

Handmaid's Tale - 4 or 5 episodes in. It's good as advertised. lol Totally not the show I thought it was though. Really didn't know what I thought it was.

MJ said...

GofT - yeah - we waited like 9 years for Winter and Walkers to come - and now they will do a prequel for the other long night. LOL Cracked me up

G-bergs - jut watchedthe cheesesteak one last night ! Loved it. Was hysterical. And that place actually exists - we googled it. Donkeys Place. And yes - I thought they were real players or was it the grown up JTP ?

Supergirl - behind on this. Haven't watched any yet since they came back.

Legion - yeah heard strange things about this season. Marathoning it soon. Along with Vikings.

Handmaids tale - hear good things. I think the women are like slaves or something. I know te chick from Chuck is in it - wit many others. Rory Gilmore too I think.

Babylon 5 - its finally streaming on Amazon. Loved this series. Might have to rewatch it. Was the first of its kind to have a 5 year story and get to make all 5 seasons.

Mike V. said...

GofT - lol...yep! pretty much.

G-bergs - Yes I googled it too. That's what I was saying above. There's one in Camden (that closes before nightfall lol), but there's one in my hometown Medford that I really want to check out! You might be right with the actual JTP people. I thought for some reason there was some Philly celebs or old eagles/radio personalities out there. Like maybe Mike Quick and Merrill Reese were there calling it? I'd have to watch again. (but I probably won't!)

Supergirl - ahh yeah you'd be way behind! it's been aight.

Legion - I think I finished this today. lol Can't even remember how it ended! Clearly I was paying attention. Oh wait...yes I remember. It was an interesting season.

Handmaid - Slaves is one way to put it! lol It's a little crazier than that! Yes Rory, Sarah (from Chuck) and Peggy from Mad Men (Elizabeth Moss - she's the main character). Then you have Joseph Fiennes (Most notably for us from Flashforward but he was in Oscar winning Shakespeare in Love too and is famous for being Voldemort/Ralph Fiennes's brother lol)

B5 - I remember you always talking about this one. If I'm really lost at what to watch this summer, maybe I'll check it out!

MJ said...

B5 - I'm sure it will feel a little dated today - and they did not have a big budget - but I bet it will still hold up

Supergirl - Having problems making myself watch. I wasn't that thrilled with the first half with Mon El and the wife and all. Plus so much wasted screen time putting her sister in the gar relationship just to end it then.

Anonymous said...

Westworld--wow so many deaths. William's daughter's death was probably the hardest to watch.

Anonymous said...

WEstworld--Lots I could say. Ford obviously doesn't like nor trust humans.

Teddy's deal was ......


Mike V. said...

Westworld - Didn't watch last night so trying to avoid reading your posts Richard! lol I'll catch up tonight.

B5 - I'm sure even if it looks dated, if it was a good show it will hold up for you!

Supergirl - They move a little past that drama...especially on the sister side. But, yeah I don't think I'd miss any of these shows if they went away suddenly. But it gets me through my morning routine. lol

Speaking of...

Bladerunner/Bladerunner 2049 - Hadn't seen the new one because it had been so long since I watched the original. With tv onslaught slowing down I finally rewatched the original and then started 2049 right after. Got 30 minutes left but it's pretty darn good as critics/fans had agreed. Looking forward to finishing tonight!

MJ said...

Blade runner - I have to confess to never seeing the original. I tried when it was new - but didn't like it. SIGH So long ago so I might try it again. Then watch the new one.

Chris Hardwick - daaamn ! So they are pulling all of his three shows without even an iota of proof if this is true. Seems wrong to me.

Mike V. said...

Blade runner - original is a little dated but still decent. New one is good. Lol

Chris - yeah I’ve listened to his podcasts so much and watched his shows it’s tough not to side with him here. But there’s just no way to know without more info. Sucks.

Twd - Shane coming back for an episode lol I’m sure it’s part of the rick send off.

Anonymous said...

Blade Runner--like the original better than 2049. Harrison Ford is a big reason for that. PLUS, Sean YOung was amazing and looked awesome! She had it going on. And Rutger Hauer and Darryl Hannah were great. I actually felt sorry for Hauer at the end. But 2049 is good. I didn't like the ending though. You kept waiting for it but hoping it wouldn't happen the way it did.

Interesting tie ins with original were decent.


Mike V. said...

Westworld - One big human death and then a big death that can be undone whenever they see fit. lol But yeah William killing his daughter was nuts. I knew it was going to happen and still hoped he wouldn't. Ford really did a number on him. Was he trying to figure out at the end if even he was real? Didn't he dig into his arm or something? I was getting sleepy. It was late. lol

Bladerunner - Yeah it's tough to say anything tops the original. Obviously cinematography-wise the new one was very impressive. They actually hired the academy award winning cinematographer (he won for Bladerunner 2049 and I think he even did Dune) for Star Wars Ep 9. So that's something to be excited about. lol

2049 - They got me with the twist. I really figured Gosling was going to be the "miracle child"....

Deadpool 2 - Think I'm going to see it tonight.

Thrones - Decided to start rewatching season 7. I kinda want to watch all 7 seasons before the final season but that will be a huge undertaking. lol Luke Cage s2 starts at the end of this week.

Potter - Not sure if you guys are Potter-files....but I'm re-reading the books as audiobooks on my commutes. One of these podcasts I listen to Binge Mode did a binge fest of Game of Thrones/Song of Ice and Fire last year. Now they're doing weekly discourses in the Harry Potter universe. They discussed Sorceror's Stone Novel over 4 days and then the 5th day was reserved to discuss the movie. They're also pulling in stuff from Pottermore and Fantastic Beasts stuff and discussing how it all ties together. Impressive stuff. Anyway, I'm on Prisoner of Azkaban (book 3) and loving it all over again!

Anonymous said...

Westworld, yea I thought the same thing about William digging into his arm. It was the same place that Bernard connected to the computer.

I really liked the daughter, sad to see her go.

Teddy was dead at the end when Bernard was telling the troops that he killed them all. So, he could be brought back but that was a culminating scene with all of the hosts dead on the beach.

Delores is lost in other ways.

2049 They tried to make you think Gosling was the one. But once we met the girl it made me think he wasn't. Since she implanted what seemed real.


Mike V. said...

Westworld - Good point on Teddy. That seemed like a different location where we saw teddy dead in the future. I guess it's supposed to have emotional weight because he essentially was making a decision on not following/helping/loving Dolores anymore. That's the problem with this show.

Anonymous said...

Westworld,LOL,yes it did seem like a different location because there was water in one and not where he shot himself. Which means it was a mistake by the show runners or he resurrects and dies yet again.


Mike V. said...

Westworld - totally forgot to finish my thought on "the problem" with the show. Lots of people die on the show but it's mostly hosts...and we know it doesn't always stick...I guess we're meant to think in season 2 that maybe the deaths will stick because Delos knows they're "awake". But clearly Teddy resurrects again.

Deadpool 2 - Hilarious movie! Lots of meta commentary on all comic book universes, pop culture references, and 4th wall breaking throughout the movie. So good.

MJ said...

Deadpool - yeah it was great. can't wait to own it and watch again

Luke Cage - we just finished Jessica Jones a couple of weeks ago - ready for Luke !

G of T - I might try before the new season next year to rewatch last season. But I doubt I will get to it.

Brockmire - season 2 as funny as season 1. Finale tonight. I can't believe what they get away with on IFC these days.

Mike V. said...

Luke/Jessica - Nice. Season 2 was pretty good for Jessica Jones. I honestly can't remember how it ended. lol

Brockmire - Not even sure I've heard of that one!

Humans - you watching season 3? It's aight.

MJ said...

Jessica - yeah - what stood out to me was her mom wasn't dead. LOL And how annoying Trish was this year with that inhaler thing

TWD - meant to say the other day - probably a dream/halucination thing obviously - since we saw him die twice.

Longmire - finished this Netflix show. Richard - you might like this one. A modern day western set in small town Wyoming. Starbuck from BSG is in it.

Brockmire - a very funny show. Pretty inappropriate. Only like 8 eps a season. Hank Azaria is the star - had Amanda Peet in all of season 1 but only 2 eps in season 2.

Mike V. said...

Jessica - Yeah, not sure if it was supposed to be easy to predict but I called that woman was her mother right when I saw her. lol But yeah those were the big takeaways for me too. Ohhhhh right I remember now, the Ferris Wheel...Trish killed Jess's mom. That's what I couldn't remember. lol Just came back to me.

Thrones - Already on episode 6 of 7. It was a fast season, but so much happened! I guess I'll wrap it up then move on to Luke!

Cloak and Dagger (MARVEL on Freeform) - One of my podcasts recommended this calling it Marvel meets Friday Night Lights. I watched the first episode. It was okay...Only 2 more have aired. I guess I'll catch up and see if it's worth their praise. lol

TWD - Yes...definitely dream or flashback with Shane.

Longmire - I thought you guys were watching that back in the day before it was on Netflix? Maybe Richard was. Ahhh BSG...that was a good one.

Brockmire - I do like both of those actor/actresses! lol Maybe I'll check out.

Anonymous said...

Brockmire, the second season was really not much fun. I have had some employees with alcoholism and so it hit too close to home. And the suicide stuff just isn't fun to watch.

Longmire--I love the show but when it went to Netflix I couldn't watch since I don't want a Netflix account.

Shooter--season premiere last night, pretty good stuff. The reveal for when the father got shot was crazy!


MJ said...

Jessica - yup.

Longmire - oh I forgot that you used to watch it. Yes I always watched it. Have 1 ep left of the final season. Been really good.

Longmire - well I loved it. But I did say it was very inappropriate humor too. But I enjoy that.

Timeless - damn! Cancelled...again. Don't think they will uncancel like they did last year.

MJ said...

Second Longmire was supposed to say Brockmire. LOL Sorry

Mike V. said...

Timeless - Never finished season 1 or watched season 2 yet. lol But I did see Eric Kripke said their best bet is a 2 hour movie to close things up.

Westworld - Well that finale was one big mind f#$^%^! lol It was good though. Make sure you watch the scene after the end credits! Showrunners said they're going to take their time with season 3 and won't release it until it's ready. Definitely won't be next year. But we'll have Thrones next year so we'll be fine! lol

Anonymous said...

Westworld--start filming S3 in June 2019.
It seems we're headed to an AI take over replacing humans. Kind of like body snatchers but with AI created by humans. AFter which I could easily see Dolores's success after the take over leaving her unsatisfied. Where she finds that an entity can not fully determine it's future. That "life" is complicated. Of course these AI entities are made by humans as a source so there will always be remnants of that "problem". The testing device on the neck doesn't work so it seems that only another AI can detect another AI. Poor humans.

So, any bets on who Dolores took with her in the purse. We know one was Bernard. I think that leaves 4 unknown. She would want them to be someone who could help her take over the world. Not Teddy though, she put him with the others past the door.

BTW, any bets how her future AI accomplices(those she smuggled out) with free will work with her? Maybe they'll have other ideas on what the objective should be?

Yea, the MIB is definitely AI after the credits roll, that future timeline. And it's likely the daughter is too since she died in the park and would likely be dead that far into the future.


Anonymous said...

Salvation, restarted last night.

Yellowstone, anybody watching. Wife and I think great.


Mike V. said...

WW - Should've shared this yesterday. Hibberd has the Westworld beat too so gets the interviews with the creators:

Actually some of these AIs were made by AIs now right? Bernard was made by Dolores. I was confused by the testing on the neck. I thought Hemsworth #3 recognized that Hale/Dolores was a host but was supporting her. Or something weird like that. But Hibberd brought it up in his interview also and they kinda confirmed that it was Ford that designed the scanner so he knew how to get around it also.

Not sure who Dolores brought with her. Apparently, they haven't figured it out either. Seems like Maeve will still be in the park. Other than that no telling who she brought. I really have no idea how the next season will go. Based on the feedback this season has gotten critically and by fans, they may look to restructure the show. I thought it was still entertaining if extremely confusing at times. lol apparently they're working towards that future with Host (or something different) MIB. I guess it truly could be William's consciousness in a host. But yes...the daughter is probably a AI as well considering it being the far future and she hasn't aged.

Yellowstone- Nope haven't even heard of it?

Luke Cage - probably on ep 3 or 4 at this point. It's good. Nothing to report. lol

MJ said...

Yellowstone - cause it's on some weird change - like Paramount or something ? A big deal cause Kevin Costner is in it. But no - have no time to watch it.

Anonymous said...

Yellowstone is on Paramount, the old Spike.

The series premiere of Paramount Network’s Yellowstone starring Kevin Costner drew nearly 5 million viewers in Live+3, making it the top summer drama series debut on cable or broadcast. It’s also ad-supported cable’s most-watched scripted drama series premiere since FX’s The People v O.J. Simpson in 2016 (8.3 million).

With it being so good, I'm sure the critics won't like it, lol.


Anonymous said...

WW--it was a bit strung out. If you're just watching casually, then probably not worth trying to watch what's going on.

But, yea the end is almost predictable.


Mike V. said...

huh...maybe i'll see if Yellowstone is on Hulu. Sounds like something the Mrs. might watch too. lol

WW - One thing I will say is it's one of the best "LOOKING" shows on television. (aside from Thrones)

Anonymous said...

LOL, mike you're a sucker for cinemaphotography.

Expanse--well, it's over, sad to see gone. I'm going to be a lot more cautious watching Syfy's new shows. They've lost some geek cred for sure.

Nobody watching Salvation?

How about Colony?


Mike V. said...

Cinematography - Yeah, I can admit to that. lol But, it helps if the show is good too. LOST and GoT > WestWorld. :)

Colony - I never finished season 1. I liked it, just couldn't keep up. Is it any good still? If Carlton Cuse is still involved, I'm sure it is.

Salvation - nope...I'm really falling out of touch! lol

Meanwhile...yesterday I had a little time and saw Chuck was on Amazon Prime. Thought I'd just rewatch a few minutes of the Pilot. Got sucked in and watched the first 3. Now I'm debating if I want to rewatch the whole series! lol The show holds up well!

MJ said...

Chuck - Aww - I still miss Chuck.

Colony - still watching but 2 behind. I think it's still good

Salvation - tried it last year but did not stick to it.

Expanse - didn't this get saved by Netflix ? You should get it - I love it

Anonymous said...

I googled and found that Expanse is going to amazon.
I hate amazon. I like stores, lol.


MJ said...

Expanse - oh that's right. Amazon. Sorry about that.

Mike V. said...

Chuck - Yep...couldn't stop. I'm in season 2! lol Holds up really well.

Expanse/Amazon/Streaming - well..if you get amazon prime you can watch CHUCK too! LOL (kidding) But you being a brick and mortar guy doesn't surprise me either! I mean, I love stores too...but Amazon is my jam. Even if they have started getting tricky with their wording on Prime 2 day shipping. That stuff used to come in 2 days from it's not as guaranteed! Still the best service around for online ordering. As for streaming...somehow I've caved and am subscribed to Prime, Hulu and Netflix. I was holding strong on Hulu for awhile, but the HBO deal they had made me cave...and now I'm hooked. And Handmaid's Tale is insane!

MJ said...

Handmaids Tale - have heard good things.

Amazon - yeah I waited awhile to get Prime but I love it. Never have time to watch stuff though. Still no Hulu - not paying for all of them. LOL

Supergirl - finished it up. Tricky how the killed everyone but then undid it. Kinda like Infinity Stone will. LOL Shocked her mom was alive to begin with though

Luke Cage - am like 4 in. It's ok - nothing to rave about.

Frankie and Grace - am watching the most recent series now. It's good.

Reverie - any one watching ? I'm taping but not watched yet.

Got a new TV - our 8 - 10 year old plasma needed to go. LED is so much more clearer.

Bladerunner - finally got thru the original. I'd failed in two other attempts in my youth. It was ok - not my cup of tea. This is to prep for watching the new one.

Anonymous said...

12 Monkeys-I forget if anybody watches. But, it deserves to be noted as having one of the best finales EVER for a TV SyFy show. It also had that "just right" amount of humor that made it very enjoyable to watch--kind of like IronMan.

I liked most things about this show, almost all of it--and that's rare.


Mike V. said...

Handmaids - We're in season 2 now. This show is crazy.

Amazon - Prime is pretty great. Use it mostly for shipping, but have been using the streaming for Chuck lately. lol Apparently, it WAS on Netflix and just switched over to Amazon. Worked out because I saw it and hit play. Now I'm almost finished season 2. It's as addicting as it was the first time. I forgot how early Scott Bakula came into the series. I just assumed it was season 3. Nope, he's near the end of season 2.

Supergirl - Lots of assumptions that the time stone will be used in Avengers 4. I'm not so sure! (see my non spoilery Ant-Man 2 review below lol). But yeah...surprising on Supegirl's mom! Speaking of Avengers:

Antman & Wasp (no spoilers) - Nice to go to a low stakes marvel movie after the heavy Infinity War. lol It was as funny as the first one. Maybe not as good, maybe better. But entertaining regardless. Paul Rudd is hilarious, Michael Pena (can't make the Spanish N-ye with my keyboard and too lazy to google!) is even more hilarious. Lots of minor players had great parts. And of course we love Evangeline Lily! Mid-Credits scene is a big one and has large impacts on how things may play out in Avengers 4.

Luke Cage - I think that's where I am...but Chuck has me sidetracked. It's so fun and I don't even care that I'm behind on Cage! lol

Reverie - Feel like I heard of this one, but definitely am not watching at this point.

New TV - I'm ready for a 4K TV. But I have no excuse to get one! lol If we ever finally move to a new house, that'll be my excuse!

Bladerunner - I'm with you. It was good and i'm sure a cult classic in its day, but it was a struggle to get through it. I'm pretty sure I fell asleep when I watched it maybe 20 years ago (I know it's older than that lol) The new one is pretty well made.

Mike V. said...

12 monkeys - always heard it was a good show, just never got around to it. Maybe i'll binge it one day!

MJ said...

Bladerunner - exactly ! I fell asleep once and just quit a second time back in the day. LOL

Antman - heard about the trailer in the credits. Not sure I remember the first one so well so might have to rewatch

Sharp Objects - taped but not yet watched - hearing really good

Mike V. said...

Antman - not a trailer, just your typical Marvel mid-credits scene but prominently ties into the next Avengers Film. As will the Captain Marvel movie we're assuming (since Nick Fury paged her at the end of Infinity War lol)

Sharp Objects - Another one I haven't heard of. I think I've officially become a parent. lol I'm out of touch!

Mike V. said...

Chuck - Finished season 2 rewatch. 5 words, "Hey guys. I know Kung Fu" LOL

MJ said...

Chuck - LOL your zipping thru

Sharp Object - really ? I guess you have. Its very buzzy - like the Nicole Kidman one last year (?big little lies?). Might be written by same author too.

Mike V. said...

Sharp objects - oh yeah I saw it advertised when watching westworld. Lol didn’t even realize it started! We’re dedicated to catching up on handmaid right now. In season 2. Maybe that’ll be next.

Chuck - yep I remembered a lot of season 2. Season 3 is a little more vague. I do remember Brandon routh playing a role as shaw but I’m forgetting a lot of details. So almost feels like a new show! Lol

Mike V. said...

Chuck - Season 4! Wow, forgot a lot of season 3. Shaw came back from the dead and became an intersect, Chuck's intersect started affecting his brain, but Orion/Dad/Scott Bakula/Sam Beckett (lol) saved him...but ended up getting killed in the process. Then we find out Mom is a spy too and is Linda Hamilton. Good times. And Jeff and Lester (Jeffster) are suspected for burning down the Buy More even though it was Morgan accidentally dropping Shaw's bomb with his broken thumbs. lol Lots of Subway references due to the renewal campaigns. But they interweaved it brilliantly and it still holds up. I'm hooked on this show again. I've been reading the sub-reddit on Chuck and other people have refound it due to it being on Amazon prime as well. But people are getting upset all over again with how it ends in season 5. I do remember it was left Ambiguous to if Sarah gets her memories back. Zach Levi has mentioned doing reunion movies every once in awhile on Netflix or Amazon. He mentioned it as late as December of maybe it'll happen! He said there will never be a season 6 though..people are too busy. Sarah is on Handmaid's tale afterall! Speaking of:

Handmaid - We're 4 or 5 into season 2. I heard this season ending is nuts. We'll see! It's a really crazy show though.

Luke Cage - At the rate I'm going I'll be done Chuck in no time so I'll resume this. lol

MJ said...

Hand maid - yeah I read that the ending of season 2 was crazy

Chuck - wow I guess I have forgotten alot too by your descriptions

MJ said...

Luke Cage - finished season. Was pretty good. they actually surprised me a few times.

Mike V. said...

Luke - I'll get there!

Chuck - through 5 of Season 4. Still loving it again!

Handmaid - Think we're almost through 8 of 13 of season 2. Still crazy, still good.

Humans, The 100 - I've fallen behind on these with my Chuck rewatch. But I'll binge them after I'm done that and Luke. Humans I could take or leave now though.

MJ said...

Goldbergs - sill behind. Just saw the one when Barry gets to throw a pitch to Phillies. Too funny

Killing Eve - just started this one.

You have a successful Prime day ? Know you love it

Mike V. said...

Prime day - lol I got a $20 fire stick for our kitchen. They never go to waste!

Walking dead - season 9 comic con trailer. Looks good! (Always does though. But they do have a new show runner)

Clone wars - announced at sdcc yesterday it’s coming back to finish up! Will be on the Disney streaming service along with the live action series once it launches in 2019. Exciting! Think I’ll totally get my money’s worth with that service. They basically own everything. Lol

Handmaid - finished season 2. Crazy crazy show!

MJ said...

Castle Rock just dropped some eps on Hulu. I think we will probably get Hulu for a few months so will probably also watch Handmaids

Anonymous said...

Oh - meant to ask - did anyone watch Sinner last year ? I didn't at the time but its is on Netflix now. Loving it ! I know a new season starts shortly

Mike V. said...

Castle Rock - I saw that it premiered. Might check it out. Trying to wrap up Chuck. (almost done season 4)

The Sinner - yep, the mrs and I watched last year. We loved it too! And she hates Jessica Biel lol Probably jealous JT snagged her up. :)

Mike V. said...

Castle Rock - meant to say I'd been excited about it. JJ Abrams, Terry O'Quinn...why wouldn't I be? lol I feel like Jack Bender (Lost Exec Producer and main director) is involved too...I'll have to look up.

Mike V. said...

HBO TCAs - Happening right now. Highlights:

- Deadwood Movie finally ordered! It was a logistical nightmare to get the cast back together. Not sure they gave an air date, but I think they gave a production date.
- Game of Thrones final season will air in 1st half of 2019. (I'd guess since it's not more specific it's probably going to be May/June)
- Game of Thrones spinoff - Will not start filming until 2019.

Mike V. said...

Thrones - Interview with HBO boss about final season and spinoff. Not much info, but confirmed not 2 hour episodes for all 6. lol

MJ said...

Sinner - I loved it ! Sorry I didn't watch last year but will watch the new one. Which does not have Jessice Beal in it - but I think she is directing it.

Santa Clarita Diet - finally started this one. I laughed at every ep from season 1. Love this show. Have to start season 2. So weird to see Olyphant as someone other then Raylon from Justified.

Deadwood - still have to watch the this show.

GofT - I know they are saying that it will premier in the first half of 2019 at least.

Mike V. said...

Sinner - I was wondering how they'd continue her story. lol Yeah it was a good one.

Santa clarita - We watched season 1...never got back to it for season 2.

Deadwood - It's an acquired taste with the language/dialect they used for the show. It's English but some jumbled version of it. lol But it's really well done, and there are some standout performances.

Thrones - Yep. I'm still calling May/June since they didn't specify further! lol

Chuck - In the final season! Once I'm done this binge I'll have to catch up on Luke and The 100 (might pass on Humans). I saw that there's a trailer for Iron Fist S2 also, so I'm guessing that's coming next month.

B99 - Started catching up on this. We fell behind almost 2 seasons.

Orange is New Black - Haven't started new season yet. But I'm guessing it's next on our list. lol

Mike V. said...

Timeless - Looks like NBC is reviving it for a 2 part finale. That's cool that they are responding to the fan feedback. I'm sure it was Kelly Clarkson's viral petitioning. lol (you know...since she's part of the NBC Family now lol)

Anonymous said...

GoT--I'm thinking maybe end of 2019 carrying over into 2020 to get more strech, LOL. But, yea first half could be June time frame.

Suits--anybody watching the new version?

Shooter--still decent entertainment.


MJ said...

GofT - no HBO def said in the first half of 2019. I'm hoping for March. LOL

Timeless - I read that ! Was shocked but happy. But never heard anything about Clarkson doing anything about it.

Castle Rock - started this one. Lots of characters to meet that first ep. Good so far

OITNB - yeah haven't started it yet

Handmaids - going to start this one now that we got Hulu for Castle Rock.

Iron Fist 2 - yeah that will be out soon and I think Defenders 2 also

Mike V. said...

GoT - if it was march they would've confirmed 1st quarter! lol

Timeless - She became obsessed with the show and started tweeting non stop about it....and then she actually ran into Matt Lantern (one of main guys...and also Anakin Skywalker on Clone's coming back!!) ...but yeah if you don't follow her on Twitter or read EW you wouldn't know about it. And honestly, I don't know why I still care what EW says about anything. lol

Castle Rock - Still haven't started.

OITNB - Nope...still haven't started either. \

Handmaids - nice! Enjoy! You'll fly through it.

Defenders 2 - wow...didn't even know that was in the works already.

Chuck - 3 eps left....Sarah has the intersect...totally forgot about that. Definitely what will lead to her memory loss. lol

Suits - sorry Richard. never started this one! lol

Mike V. said...

Sinner - Didn't realize Carrie Coon is the star of this new season. (leftovers, Fargo - though I didn't watch her on that lol) Might be incentive to get to it. Summer has been busy though and we haven't really sunk into anything since finishing Handmaid's Tale.

Chuck - I'm still plowing through this though! I'm on the series finale! I know I'm gonna be pissed again when it's over because it's not 100% certain she gets her memories back. But, I think there are enough clues that she does. We need a Chuck movie! lol

So I'm gonna have a ton on my plate once Chuck's done:
Luke cage, Iron Fist 2, The 100 (4 or 5 eps left to watch), Better Call Saul!

I'm guessing there won't be time for another morning binge watch this summer. :)

Anonymous said...

GoT--WEll, they will have the rewatches set up, marathons etc for the prior eps. Gotta milk it.


Mike V. said...

GoT - yes for all the people that are still watching TV the old fashioned way. lol I don't remember the last time I just put on HBO (really any channel!) to see what's airing live. Of course, now I just have HBO Now, so I just see what their stuff is On Demand but can watch their new shows when they're airing live also.

But yes, it is their #1 property, I would expect them to milk it for everything they can!

Mike V. said...

24 Spinoffs - So there are 2 spinoffs in development at FOX right now. One is a Jack Bauer prequel. (I'm sure I'd watch, but no Kiefer but still Jack? I don't know!!) The other one I had heard them mention before...taking the Real Time concept into another genre....they're looking into the Legal realm where a death row inmate has 24 hours before his execution so they're racing the clock to prove his innocence. That actually could work!

MJ said...

Castle rock has been good so far.

Better call Saul is back tonight I think.

Sinner - haven't started that yet

24 - I read about that. Not sure I am interested. We shall see.

Vikings - am watching again - trying to get it done before it comes back in the fall.

Handmaids - not started yet. LOL Too much stuff man. It's brutal. Two new shows start this week I think. Some new show after Saul called Lodge 49. And Castaways ? Is that the one we said was very Lostian ? Not sure what Lodge is about.

I saw several things that CBS all access has coming - but I am not paying for another service. Even if they will have Capt Picard back.

AHS - I read that Jessica Lange will be in one ep this season.

Mike V. said...

Castle Rock - Still haven't watched

BCS - Yep! Hearing good things.

24 - Jack Bauer (Kiefer version) is definitely the main draw of the show. But I'd be willing to see what else they have in store.

Sinner - us either.

OITNB - Started 2nd episode.

Handmaids - I hear you on too much!! I can't keep up with everything anymore. And I'm too busy binging old shows this summer to care. lol Still gotta get back to Luke Cage.

Don't think Castaways is the "LOSTIAN" show. I forget the name of it, but it was a network show.

Did see the Picard thing too. I had access to DISCOVERY on my plex feed, so I'm guessing the picard one will show up there too. Definitely not paying. I already know I'll be getting the Disney Streaming service whenever that comes out. (Live Action Star Wars TV show written by Jon Favreau, Clone Wars final episodes, access to Marvel, SW, PIXAR, Disney films and possibly TV shows.....the check writes itself!)

AHS - I also read about Lange...this season is a sequel to Murder House and Coven seasons apparently. Not sure how that will work.... but they've been wanting to do it for awhile. Also...Ryan Murphy got picked up by Netflix (like Shonda did)...not sure if that means he'll abandon his existing FX properties. But he probably saw the writing on the wall with the Disney purchase coming. (Maybe? Also Netflix is just buying all content and content creators they can!)

MJ said...

Handmaids - thru the first 4 from season 1. Loving it !

Vikings - two left to finish I think.

24 - yeah no Kiefer would make me wonder how good it could be. And the whole 'mole' in the BSU was getting old back then too. LOL

Mike V. said...

Handmaids - it's a crazy crazy (did I say crazy yet?) show! Enjoy! I might remember the episodes if you have any commentary or we can catch up when you're caught up. lol

24 - lol...I loved trying to figure out the mole every season. One more season with Jack where he finally uses the bathroom would be a story totally worth telling!

MJ said...

Handmaids - Offred is playing the creepy scrabble games. Ofglen has been umm circumcised I guess ? I don't trust the driver Nick - something is off about him. And the one with the missing eye had the baby.

24 - good one about the bathroom break

MJ said...

Handmaids. I am obsessed now. LOL Ofglen is back but is now OfSteven, and she stole a car and ran over some Eyes. That was nuts ! And Nick and Offred are having real sex now - still don't trust him. And they showed Serena Joy and Commander before all this started and hinted that they were part of the group that caused all this. Interesting how very unhappy he is now when he was one of the architects of this world. Oh and a Mexican delegation came to check out the Handmaids and Alfred foolishly told her the truth - but the ambassodor didn't care. It was horrible to bring all those kids in - right in front of their real moms. And we saw how June and Luke hooked up. Oh and the Ambassadors assistant knew who June was and that Luke is not dead and can get him a note ? WTH? I am guessing he is with this Mayday group.

Mike V. said...

24 - Feel like I've recycled that joke 1 too many times, but somehow it never gets old! :)

Handmaids - Man I can't keep track of all the names except Offred. lol I refer to Ofsteven as Gilmore Girl! lol Yep I remember those episodes! I figured you'd get obsessed. It just keeps getting crazier. Don't want to tip my hand either way on nick so I'll just stay quiet!

MJ said...

Handmaids - Saw how Luke got to Canada. And how Nick became an Eye. I continue to be in awe of the fact that Fred and Serena had a large hand in making these rules and forcing them on the country (though I don't think Serena knew that she'd lose so much freedom) and yet are so unhappy they keep breaking them. The men even have a secret club where they can go and get laid by the societies non-conformists. And Moria is there ! Then Offred gets a job from Mayday to pick up those letters. And poor Janine - she finally figures out that she is not going to run away with that sex partner and the baby and jumps off the bridge - after outting the man for his kinky behavior with her. But Moira escapes Jezebel at least and gets to Canada where she meets up with Luke. Offred is pregnant ! And Serena uses Hannah to make sure she doesn't end the pregnancy. Loved her telling Fred it ain't his though. I cannot believe they were going to actually stone Janine. I was surrprised the season ended with Nick whisking June away !!

Then I started season 2 and realized thats not why she is in the van. I knew there was no way they are killing all the handmaid at Fenway though. Loved the whole follow the red tape to freedom thing. Guess I've been wrong about Nick LOL.

Vikings - finished that one so all caught up. I am very surprised how much I liked it without Ragnar.

Mike V. said...

Handmaids - Didn't want to say anything about Nick! lol But yeah sounds like how season 1 ended and into 2. Forgot about the Fenway thing. A lot of stuff goes down in 2. buckle up!

Vikings - Yeah it's still been pretty entertaining. (they still can't sell me on a TWD without Rick! But I'll see what happens. lol)

Speaking of TWD:
Talking Dead - I didn't watch FTWD but I decided to watch the first 5 minutes of talking dead to see Chris H back at the helm. Man he was a bawling mess. Understandably so, but so awkward to watch! lol. Glad he's back though. He's been through a rough time.

OITNB - Think we're like 5 or 6 in. It's been decent.

MJ said...

TWD - yeah him and Yvette both ! LOL Glad they brought him back.

You see TWD comicon trailer ? That end freaked me the hell out (when they covered themselves in mud). But then I remembered what the Whisperers do. LOL

Know you don't watch FTWD but oddly Morgan is not telling everyone he is going back to Alexandria. I wonder if they are doing a bigger cross over ? Still makes no sense - TWD was like 3 years ahead and FTWD did have some missing time but not 3 years.

Mike V. said...

TWD - I did see the comic-con trailer back in July (think I linked to it above somewhere lol) But I didn't rewatch on my TiVo so don't remember the end of it! I'm really thinking they're going to let Andy leave the show with Rick alive so that he can come back when they eventually decide to close up shop. But we'll see.

Wait what??? I thought FTWD caught up in time to TWD? Morgan is still morgan in the past on FTWD? Interesting about a crossover...I guess that's a possibility. Didn't Morgan leave at the end of this last season? I'm struggling to remember what happened besides Maggie/Daryl having it out for Rick.

MJ said...

Handmaids - Funny that they have her stashed at the former Boston Globe. But the walls and bullet holes and dried blood was chilling. That Colony was horrible - poor Ofsteven (Rory Gilmore). But she's now taking care of all the others besides doing all that hard labor. Hated that scene when they show her flashback and her lover and kid get to Canada but she can't go. I was shocked she killed that mistress in the colony though !

June's mom was interesting. And how freaky that she was in the slide shown to the future Handmaids. I was crushed when she doesn't make it out, though I guess not surprised. And felt horrible for that Mayday guys wife and kid - now they too are sucked into the life. Though was puzzled how this woman who had a kid was not already a Handmaid ? And if she could live with her husband and kid why couldn't June ?

TWD/FTWD - yes Morgan left at the end of last season. And FTWD has never actually say how much they time jumped. OUAT EPs took over and it was like that show where we see the past and the present. So when this season started they were in the present but most of the shows dealt with showing us what happened since we last saw them. And the two time periods finally caught up. If that makes any sense. LOL We saw them leave the ranch they were at and wound up at a new place and over time saw what happened to them to lose that place to get them to the present. But it never seemed like that was a 3 year difference - and it would have to be 3 years to have caught up with Morgan. Nor did they say how long it took Morgan to get from Virginia to Texas. And now TWD is jumping ahead in time.

Mike V. said...

Handmaids - Yeah those eps were pretty nuts. Rory's story is pretty tragic agreed. Boston globe stuff is nuts too. I had no idea where that story was going. Forgot about June's mom (it was the lady that was president in later seasons of 24 right?) I think the handmaids are mostly adulterers or people who broke the 10 commandments or something, right? So the lady with the kid might be "safe" unless she breaks the law (i.e. harboring a fugitive) PRAISE BE! lol

TWD/FTWD - Had no idea Eddie Kitsis and Adam Horowitz took over FTWD! That's what you guys had to tell me to get me back on board! lol They only were key writers on LOST and all. :) No wonder they're doing flashback structures just like OUAT/LOST. But seriously, I just don't have time for it. Gotcha on Morgan (kind of)...and yes TWD is jumping ahead in time there is still room for both stories. Too much zombie TV! lol

Saul - haven't watched this week's ep yet. Will try to today.

Mike V. said...

Saul - I read a recent article that states that Vince Gilligan and crew hint that the Cinnabon scenes (Future Saul) may be in the timeline before Walt goes back to New Mexico for his final act (i.e. when he's in Vermont) Walt may still be alive in that timeline. Vince purely intends to have Walt and Jesse be on the show...but he doesn't want it to be in a cameo fashion. He wants it to serve a purpose. Should be interesting!

Mike V. said...

Watchmen tv series (Lindeof) - got a series order and cast list announced. I’ll watch anything this guy makes. Obviously! But Louis Gossett Jr? Don Johnson?? Jeremy irons. Lots of older cast but great grabs.

Mike V. said...

Ugh “Lindelof”

MJ said...

Saul - haven't seen either. But Walt was in New Hampshire I thought ?

Handmaids - Finished it ! Rory got out of the Colony and became a handmaid for that crazy guy ! And freaking June stays ! I was shocked by the bombing of the Red Center too. And then Serena willingly giving June the baby and then June giving her to Emily (Rory) Nuts ! I know a lot of people didn't like the end - read that at the time. Great show !

Watchmen - don't know what it is really but I will watch it. I vaguely remember a movie with that name - the guys face was messed up so he always covered it ? Is this the same thing ?

Mike V. said...

Saul - What did I say Vermont? lol eh they're basically the same state! :)

Handmaids - Yeah June staying...I mean I knew she would but I was pissed at the same time. I always had hope that Serena would turn out to be misunderstood and a good person...we'll see. But damn...her fingers!! It is definitely a crazy show! I was surprised how much I enjoyed it.

Watchmen - yep there was a movie based on the graphic novel by Alan Moore. It was Zach Snyder's first comic book movie (I think?? he's done the DC movies now...Man of Steel, Batman v Supes and Justice League).... Anyway I saw the was weird, good, and weird again. Damon's take will be different and they'll take a more Walking Dead approach of subverting even the book fans' expectations. I really don't remember the movie and never read the graphic novel....all I know is IN DAMON I TRUST! lol

Anonymous said...

Watchmen--Due to how amazing the movie was and the need for creative types to do their own thing I am assuming the HBO version won't be as good. For one thing the heros WERE heros, then not, then heros again. So, the narrative these guys are starting with is more in the middle sector.

I'm sure I'll watch to hopefully be proved wrong.


Mike V. said...

Watchmen - I just like watching captivating television with great characters. The show concept is just how they initially reel you in (people crash on mysterious island. 2% of the world's population vanished in a moment, comic book TV show but with a twist!). Lindelof has paid off on this with his past 2 TV efforts. (LOST, Leftovers) As far as I'm concerned (and much to the dismay of his detractors) he's batting 1000. So I'll watch whatever TV show he's involved with. I'm not expecting a carbon copy of the movie, nor would I want it.

But's good to be skeptical and I'd expect nothing less, Richard! lol

MJ said...

Handmaids - I mean sometimes I feel for Serena. While she helped orchestrate this new world and agreed with a lot of it I don['t think she realized HER life would be so restrictive. I think the men took it further then she thought. Like no reading and no writing. But yeah - they took her damn finger ! And he beat her that time for writing those papers for him. And I guess I was wrong about Nick - but he was an idiot with Eden. Can't believe how they killed her though.

Watchmen - yeah I will check it out. I barely remember the movie anyway.

OITNB - think I am starting this week. Heard its good

Mike V. said...

Handmaids - Oh yeah forgot about the Eden thing...that was rough. But I told my wife every episode how awful that actress was. And I kept saying they really need to kill her off! Maybe the performance was intentional and just I thought it was awful acting! lol Yeah they definitely turned her into a sympathetic character (Serena). She'll always be Sarah to me! Didn't help that I was binging Chuck at the same time as binging Handmaids.

OITNB - Yeah I dread watching every episode, but when we finally turn it on it's good. We're like halfway through I think. The dreading comes from the episodes always being an HOUR and us always being tired from getting the kids to bed when we watch. lol The show is still really good.

Mayans MC - (SOA Spinoff) - you gonna watch this? I really don't want to, but I've heard decent things so far. lol

MJ said...

Mayans - nah ! I really didn't find them that interesting on SOA. The only time they were interesting was only when they brought the guy from La Law/Star Wars on.

Handmaids - I felt her acting was really just her part - but not sure. I kept figuring she was gonna rat on Nick though. Being so Pious it seemed a weird left turn for her to cheat - but I went with it. Too funny on watching this and Chuck at the same time.

OITNB - yeah they are long. And I always have a hard time in the early part of the season just remembering who everyone is and all.

Saul - not watched yet but I read an old BB character was on. I read who but won't spoil it here. I totally missed this but in the premier when Jimmy was circling jobs they say that there was an ad from Benecke. LOL

MJ said...

Handmaids - Imeant to say - I was horrified by how they try to induce June into giving birth. Serena had seemed to become so much kinder in the eps before that one.

Mike V. said...

BBT - Final season this year. Finally! Lol

I’ll comment on everything else later. Did you mean jimmy smitts? Was he a Mayan? And he was on nypd blue not la law right? Lol

MJ said...

LOL - Yeah Jimmy Smits. Thought LA Law too ? Maybe not.

Flash/Supergirl - thinking of giving these up. The CW is annoying me with just randomly making characters gay/bi/trans. I really don't remember Batwoman but I am pretty sure she was not gay. I don't have an issue with LGBT characters as long as it actually fits the show. But it seems like CW is just putting them in the story for the sake of doing so. We shall see. Also - just tired of the genre I think.

OITNB - Started this finally. Leave it to Piper to actually get what seems to be a decent roomie only for her to have killed her kids. And where is Alex ? LOL

Mike V. said...

Smits - After I wrote my comment I started to think, "hmmm maybe he WAS on LA Law too" lol And yep, you're right 107 episodes! lol He also did a 1 episode stint on Cop Rock. Talk about Type Cast! :)

Flash/Supergirl - Wait...batwoman is going to be gay? ugh. I'm scared to say anything on the topic in this political climate these days. But yeah, CW does seem to be trending extremely left lately....I'm sure it's a response to the internet trolling they got because of a creative decision they had to make on THE 100. A certain actress (that you know from other shows) had to be killed off because they were committed to that other show. Let's just say the fans went APE S##T about it and destroyed the show's credibility on IMDB. You can see ratings go from like 9s across the board to 4s following that episode. I never thought the show dropped in quality so I had to see what happened. Anyway... I'm sure it's not just that, but I do think they are trying way too hard. That said...I'm already in on Flash/Supes/Legends...not sure I'm going to stop now. But I also don't think I'm gonna start a new one (Batwoman)

OITNB - lol on Piper...Yeah they dragged that Alex thread for awhile. Not saying I know where she is! I still haven't made more progress on this show. I'm telling you..that 1 hour length is intimidating at night. I just assume I'll fall asleep. lol

Saul - yeah I still haven't watched this either. I did watch the premiere...totally missed the ad! I'm interested to see who the BB appearance is from!

MJ said...

Flash/SG - yeah - I agree about the political climate - I tried to word it carefully. LOL But its just too much any more.

Saul - I watched - appearance was unexpected and interesting.

BBT - I read that this is your shows final season. Jeez Homeland and iZombie are going to be having the final seasons too.

Netflix - hey are releasing like 52 new shoes in Sept ! Insane !

Fall 2018 - I have to start looking at the new shows coming. I rmember reading about Manifest but not remembering the others. LOL

Mike V. said...

Flash/SG - no arguments from me. I'm not against the idea in television. But oversaturation is overdoing it!

Saul - Nice...I'll get there soon.

BBT - yep...things are ending! Always makes me thing I'll finally have relief on too much TV. But something always takes its place. lol

Netflix - that's ridiculous! more stuff to scan through for 1 second to avoid a preview starting automatically. (drives me crazy on Netflix! lol)

Fall 2018 - ahhh manifest that's the one! lol Yeah...if I hear positive buzz around a show maybe i'll check it out. other than that..probably just that one.

Anonymous said...

Yellowstone is doing very well! I'm not happy about a girl in the bunkhouse for the season finale. Just stupid and most on the show recognized it as such.

Lots going on.

Mike V. said...

Game of thrones - 4/14/2019! “Winter has come”. Saw it on Facebook. Couldn’t share a link. Lol

Mike V. said...

Ugh I got duped. Don’t drink and post! Lol damn vacation! That fake news is from January lol

Mike V. said...

Ok for real this time. New footage from thrones! Lol

MJ said...

Netflix - I've liked the previews. LOL

Tivo - menat to tell you like 2 months ago - they gave the green Skip button to the older TiVo ones now

GofT - yeah I've seen the footage. Being careful of spoilers tho

Yellowstone - I have read that it has been very popular and renewed for season 2.

OITNB - like 6 or 7 in - it really is challenging with the full 1 hrs eps. Especially that there is stuff they could cut. The showrunner or writer on that one has another show on Netflix that I heard was good and they specifically stated it's not bloated like OITNB.

Sharp Obj - heard great things. Going to try to watch on holiday weeken.

Mike V. said...

Still on vacation:

Manifest - 9 minute preview. Only watched a little.

Mike V. said...

I'm back!

Netflix - OITNB is still on pause. We have no motivation to finish it! But maybe we'll get to it eventually. Luke Cage I still need to get to and I know Iron Fist is coming soon. Ozark season 2 is back now as well.

Amazon - JACK RYAN! I said I was in the minute it was announced and I saw Krasinski and Carlton Cuse were involved. We watched the first ep last night. It was really good! Totally buy Krasinski as a dramatic actor. He made good decisions in film with 13 hours and A Quiet Place (Directed himself and his wife in it) to prep for this role.

TiVo - Yep, we got the skip button too! But I haven't used TiVo very often now with Hulu, Netflix and Amazon. Just so many options. And if I get to a show a day after it aired it's usually on hulu. lol

Saul - I'm hearing great things about this season. I'm planning to binge and catch up soon.

MJ said...

Netflix - OITNB - finished It was ...surprising. Luke surprised me too actually. Still haven't gotten to season 1 of Ozark - friend said S2 is good.

Amazon - I will eventually check it out - but not any time soon.

Saul - its been good.

Hulu - only going to have for another couple of weeks so still using DVR. I still have a lot of network shows.

Sharp Objects - ben good. Two left until I am done

Mike V. said...

Hulu - A lot of network shows are available next day on Hulu. That was my point. If I don't watch it the night of, it's available the next morning on Hulu. But yeah I'll still be using my TiVo once the fall onslaught starts. I can't cut the cord just yet.

So much TV....not enough time! I've been binging rewatching old shows all summer. I gotta get back to the new stuff. But at least when I get to it, I can binge them too. :)

MJ said...

Yeah - I used to rewatch old stuff every summer but now summer is Hulu/Netflix time. LOL

Sharp Objects - this was awesome. Finished last night.

Iron Fist is going to have to wait - not even sure I care to watch it. Daredevil S2 comes out soon though.

Castle Rock has been really good too.

Mike V. said...

Oh I'm definitely using streaming services, just not for original content! My plan definitely was Netflix stuff! Now I'm way behind! I should be able to start catching up next week. Will probably do Saul first.

Iron Fist - reviews are pretty positive about season 2. Which I enjoyed season 1 even with all the hate it was getting.

Castle Rock - I'm sure I'd like it. I wouldn't get all the Stephen King references. I'd get some, but not all. I'll see if I can get to it!

Manifest - They were showing a bunch of previews during the game last night. (birds pulled that one out in ugly fashion just like the playoff game against them lol) Think I got my wife on board too so we'll be watching.

There's another Medical Drama coming to NBC with Tom from Blacklist (and 90210 reboot) as the lead and looking exactly like Dr. Jack Shephard in LOST. I cannot believe that there's still enough of an audience for more hospital TV shows. ABC is still airing Grey's and has The Good Doctor now. Pretty sure Fox had one that flopped. Just crazy to me. lol

MJ said...

Castle - yeah I don't get them all either. But its been good

Iron Fist - eh - season 1 was merely ok.

Football - yeah heard it was an ugly win. My team lost yesterday but they looked better than last year so... Heard the Green Bay game was really good but I didn't watch it.

TWD - getting a 90 minute premier.

Mike V. said...

Football - I have Saquon on my fantasy team so I was cheering the Giants a bit at the end there. But once my son start saying "I like the blue team" (even though jags were kinda blue too), I had to tell him that we "cannot like the Giants". :) Fantasy Football really makes allegiances tough!

TWD - I think I had heard that too.

Think I'll get back to binging new shows tomorrow/Wednesday. AHS starts Wednesday too.

MJ said...

Football - As much as I hate Pats still couldn't quite wish the Eagles won superbowl either.

Saquon will have a great year. How the net to last place team in NFL last year started this year against a team that was in the playoffs last year and has awesome defense is mystery to me - but I think Saquon will only improve.

BCS - not a spoiler I think - but did we know Kim also started in the mail room ? Did I just forget that ?

Siicon - just started the latest season. I always forget how funny that show is. Trying to get it in before the fall season really starts. For me no shows have started yet - except AHS tonight.

Mike V. said...

Football - were in a minority on that one. The whole country was behind the birds, but yeah being a division rival it's tough. I honestly did root for the giants in the SB against the PATS! lol

Agreed on Saquon. He was amazing at Penn State

BCS - I'm catching up now. Not sure about Kim, but I think we did know that. They were acquaintances in season 1. Had a history. I saw the Salamanca Twins are back (kinda already knew) and I saw that Gale (?) was back too...the one that Jesse shot at end of season 3 of BB. Should be caught up this week.

Silicon - I love that show!

Same with me on new shows...yes AHS tonight. We'll see how they do going back to old seasons!

MJ said...

BCS - I just read an article the other day - lots of character from BB have been on - guess I just didn't remember all of them. Most were just henchmen. And yeah - Gale was in the one ep and Lydia too.

Mike V. said...

BCS - I think Lydia was in last season too? But yeah there have been a few BB character cameos. Mostly henchmen like you said. I have 2 more eps to watch to catch up.

AHS - no crossover characters yet from Murder House or Coven and I'm not sure how they'll work it in. But I have no doubt they will. First ep was pretty good. Didn't realize the plot of this season would be LITERAL to the subtitle. lol

Jack Ryan - Great 8 episode run! Carlton Cuse is hitting a perfect batting average since LOST. (of course, I'd suggest Lindelof is too) Adding Bunk from The Wire was a nice touch too. Dude cracks me up.

MJ said...

AHS - LOVED it. And you are wrong - first cross over occurred. I totally did not remember that Connie Britton gave birth in Murder House, though vaguely remember her getting knocked up by ghost guy. One baby died and one did not and he was the anti-christ who was then raised by Jessica Lange. And the guy who showed up at the end - Michael Landon - is that kid. But what the heck was with the kid showering and the 666 appearing in the steam only to disappear with those whispers ? And why kill the horses ? Don't you need them to get you to the next location ? And WHAT dragged that dead horse away ? Loving this season so far.

Jack Ryan - jeez The Wire was a long time ago. Was Bunk the one who said Sheeeeeet ?

Sabrina - this looks really good.

Mike V. said...

AHS - did they confirm in the show that that kid is the baby from Murder House or was it in interviews after? That's pretty crazy though. I just assumed that the guy is where he wants to be and doesn't need the horses, but I dunno?? lol Yeah I was definitely entertained by the premiere.

Jack Ryan - LOL....he was one of the guys that said Sheeeeeet but not the one that said it best. He dropped F bombs left and right. He was McNulty's partner. (one of the 2 main detectives) But, man I loved the "sheeeeeeeet" quotes. lol

Sabrina - Feel like I might know that one, but not ringing a bell. lol

MJ said...

AHS - well he has the same name as the kid per articles I read - but didn't come from a Murphy comment. And they called the kid the anti Christ in Murder house ...

Forever - new show just dropped on Amazon. Hearing so much about its twists and turns might have to look at it. Is a comedy I think. Great cast.

Jack Ryan - Oh ok - his partner.

Sabrina - yeah when you were a kid there was a show called Sabrina the Teenage Witch - which was very much a teen show. Had a talking black cat. this is a more adult one that is much darker. Netflix just dropped the trailer the other day. Starts right before Halloween.

Mike V. said...

AHS - ahh gotcha. I didn't remember they referred to him as that, nor did I remember it mentioned in this season's premiere either...but it makes sense with the season referring to "END OF TIMES" lol

Forever - haven't heard of that one. But if it's a half hour comedy I'm more inclined to be able to binge it. lol

Sabrina - Ohhh right....oh come on I'm a "LITTLE" older than that! lol I was just past the Sabrina fanbase. lol That took place during my high school/college years. Melissa Joan Hart is a couple years older than me. Now that you mentioned it...I definitely did hear of this one.

Anonymous said...

Both Colony and Shooter are cancelled, bumber.


MJ said...

Damn - didn't hear either one got cancelled. Thanks Richard.

MJ said...

Oh that's right - Colony got cancelled in July - right before airing the season finale. I'd forgot for a minute

Mike V. said...

Colony - speaking of another Carlton Cuse show. I fell behind on this one, but I enjoyed what I had watched. That stinks it got canceled. (maybe I had heard about that??) Carlton is doing great work on Jack Ryan though if you guys need something else to watch. Not sure if you are an Amazon Prime/Streaming guy Richard.

Mike V. said...

Wrecked - Up to date now on this one. I don't think anyone else watches? (LOST parody on TBS) It's actually pretty hilarious. They just did a take on THE CONSTANT (kinda). It's actually still going.

Saul - All caught up!

Mike V. said...

Duh, meant to add...NBC stuff kicks off next week. Good Place, This is Us, Manifest. (and yes, I'll be watching The Voice in fast forward because of KC lol)

Never finished Luke Cage, OITNB, Ozark, Iron Fist...come to think of it, never finished Mind Hunter, Stranger Things season 2.... there's just too much NETFLIX!! They have like 500 shows now? That's insane. lol

MJ said...

Wrecked - nah - watched the first one but did not stick with it

KC? Who is that ? Already set up for Manifest !

Netflix - yeah and new stuff all the time. Haunted Hill house, Sabrina and Daredeveil 3 (10/19) all soon.

Saul - Interesting with the time jump. They really seem to be going different places, especially with him acting like an idiot at her work thing. Hector is tapping his fingers !

Mike V. said...

KC - Oh come on, don't make me spell it out! lol She was the first winner of American Idol (and one of the 2 most successful).

Netflix - ugh yeah I saw daredevil s3 is coming. They are launching these things fast and furiously. lol BTW

Disney Play Streaming App - I think that's what it's gonna be called? It's getting more and more enticing by the month leading up to its 2019 launch.
- Live Action Star Wars TV Series ($100 Million for the first season written by Jon Favreau. Same budget for Game of Thrones)

- The final season of The Clone Wars (animated)
- All Disney owned content that hasn't been sold to other channels (i.e. I think starting with Last Jedi and Solo, they will be on the app. But other Star Wars films are on TBS right now. Marvel stuff may start with Ant-Man and Wasp or maybe Infinity War)
- Limited Series on Marvel Cinematic Universe Characters. (First ones announced are Loki starring Tom Hiddelston and Scarlet Witch with Elizabeth Olsen)

The possibilities of this thing are endless. It'll be an instant Day 1 subscription for me, even if I have to give up Hulu or Netflix. lol Not Prime because that would be just silly. Shipping!!

Saul - I was thinking "what time jump??" - Right they showed him in the breaking bad era clearing out his office. Yeah this season is really tying things into BB and his Saul character. I'm liking it! Also with Mike digging out the meth plant with the germans. Good stuff.

MJ said...

LOL - Kelly Clarkson. I didn't know she was gonna be a judge.

Saul - true that they keep showing him in BB days or Cinnabon ays - but meant during the ep. All during that split screen time they moved forward like 7 or 8 months.

Disney - nope - still not buying in. LOL

Mike V. said...

KC - Yeah she was a judge last spring and won her first time out. lol She's doing it again this fall and again next spring. I always knew she'd be good at that job. The Idol Reboot on ABC tried to snag her, but The Voice got her first. NBC is also launching a talk show with her next fall (it'll lead into Ellen). Crazy.

Saul - ahh...right...forgot about that. didn't realize how much time went by, but definitely acknowledged the montage! lol Which reminds me of how they montaged Walt and Jessie earning their living in season 5 of BB to get to the good stuff. lol

Disney - One of these days they're just going to stop broadcasts all together and companies like Comcast, Verizon are just going to bundle together streaming services. lol It's where it's all heading! I totally get not wanting to jump on CBS All Access for the Star Trek shows. But Disney has such a wealth of content and IP that I think it'll be worth it for the right price.

Of course, the PLEX Feeds that I have get all this content anyway so this is more of my Star Wars obsession that'll make me shell out the money for this.

Speaking of Star wars - Bob Iger confirmed that they're going to slow down the rollout of SW films. I figured that was coming. Though, I've enjoyed everything they put out so far. They can't keep that pace up. I just hope they can do this Obi-Wan Film while Ewan is the perfect age to do it! lol

Mike V. said...

The 100 - Just binged the rest of the latest season. I know no one watches but MJ I think you said you might eventually get to it. This latest season was decent but the finale was bonkers. I'm pretty excited about where they're going next season now.

Shameless - Caught up. New season has been okay. They're still living up to the show's title. lol This is Fiona's last season and I think they've split it into 2 halves and it's longer than previous seasons. (might be 20 episodes in to pods of 10) Can't believe it's been on for 9 seasons.

Manifest - Ausiello posted a review on tvline, I just saw the headline that it's a "crash and burn". I'm sure I'll still check it out. I honestly didn't expect much else. All of these high concept shows since LOST always have a decent premise, but just can't pull off the same magic. Keep hoping one does. lol

Mike V. said...

Manifest - Wasn't horrible. There's potential. I can see why it got mediocre reviews but you can't judge a show on its pilot. These concepts are always promising, it's all about how the characters evolve. I'll stick with it for now.

Mike V. said...

Saul - Was surprised they went the route of Kim being into "sticking it to the system" lol Something tells me things aren't going to end well for her. But I have a feeling that maybe the POST BB arc will be leading to their reunion. Maybe some people get a happy ending lol

MJ said...

Ugh - ben sitting my great nieces the last two nights - haven't seen anything really.

Silicon - finished. Surprised they let Richard end on a win ! Didn't miss Ehrlich at all.

Manifest - yeah reviews have been tepid. One complained that the 'Appearees' don't even seem to care about things like Price is dead, Trump is president now, etc. Heard the rating good though

AHS - crazy as ever.

Sinner S2 - trying to finish that up. Very good.

Shameless - think I am 1 behind. Maybe two. Fiona wants to bail Ian out but he wants to stay. And everyone else thinks she shouldn't waste her money. And Frank passed around 3 different strains of STD's to half the PTA women and their husbands. I think we knew he had them last year didn't we ? I'd forgotten though. And Deb made herself that diaper.

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