Monday, April 3, 2017

TV Discussion - April 2017

Hello Fellow TV Addicts!  This is our place to discuss all non-recapped shows.  We won't have any other recaps until Game of Thrones returns in July, so we can discuss things here for awhile.  If the comments get too high, I'll post another one.  See you in the discussion!


Mike V. said...

Grimm - I saw the finale Saturday night, so I'm ready to discuss. It was a pretty solid hour and I think Richard will be happy with how it ended. lol They certainly had me duped, but I knew things couldn't stay the way they were going. I'll write more later, though it is a busy day so we'll see!

Mike V. said...

Grimm - Interview with the showrunners

MJ said...

Been swamped myself unfortunately. Back later for TWD stuff

Sleepy - WTH? LOL That was some crazy stuff !

Grimm - VERY well done! Loved it. As soon as the voice over started in the end knew it waas Kelly. Though - must say - future Diana sure looked more like juliette then Adalind. LOL Just saying. Hysterical when Nick is like - you're here, and you're here then looks at Renard and is like - oh you too. Paraphrasing of course but it was great. Was so excited when he did try to bring back Wu and Hank with the stick - but nope - didn't work. Episode was truly Nicks nightmare as everyone he ever loved or even liked basicly died ! lol Most awesome was Mom and Aunt Marie showing up! Didn't see that coming.

Anonymous said...

Grimm--Got my happy ending! The kids being grown at the end was a nice touch. Nick growing into a Grimm was good to see. There's actually a lot to unpack. But part of me wants to keep it simple. For example, you could argue that the scene with Nick and everyone in the room was a kind of after life. Had it not been for the kids wraping things up letting us know it was real. I would like to have seen how the others were resurrected. And I'm still not sure how Nick came into the room or where he came from at the end. It's like some things got edited out. The staff being repaired and now all powerful again was for Nick but yet I'm not sure he was carrying it when he appeared in the room?

I'll rewatch.

I'll miss the show a lot.

They could do a sequel or made for TV movie with the kids.


Mike V. said...

I'll try to comment on everything later. Just a couple things.

Leftovers - Critics are saying to people who skipped season catch up because season 3 is AMAZING. (season 2 was pretty amazing too) They really figured out what was wrong with season 1 and Lindeloffed it to awesomeness. Can't wait now!!

Rogue One - Out on Bluray it, you won't regret it!! (Richard, I think you still haven't seen it. I really think you'll enjoy this one.)

Anonymous said...

Grimm--I guess the confusing part is that Nick grabbed the staff and then was sucked into someplace with the destroyer. Or that's what it looked like in with billowing smoke(monster,lol). Then all of a sudden he reappears in the room and kind of forgot he brought the staff with him. It's what happened in that transition that I don't thoroughly get.


Mike V. said...

Grimm - wait what??? I just read what you wrote Richard. you don't think it's clear cut? They pulled a trick on us. We thought Nick and Eve/Juliette came back from that other dimension/hell...but they never did. It was all an illusion and they were fighting the thingamabob still over there the whole time. So when everyone died, they never ACTUALLY died. Nick defeated the guy and then was brought back and everyone was alive. And it was over. The fact that he saw his mother and aunt was a tip-off that he hadn't returned either...that was probably their spirits or something. Not quite clear...

I thought it was a good finale...and the flash forward was cool just showing life of "grimming" goes on. The interview was pretty good too and might help clarify some questions.

Sleepy - Yes definitely was pretty crazy. I liked the ending where they accepted a life of fighting the supernatural. Could work as a series finale or as a setup for the next phase of the story.

Anonymous said...

ESPN--I've said for a while these guys are making it political whereas I used to go to sports to get away from the politics. They will continue to hemorrhage viewers.

Grimm-Nick couldn't take the stick into the destroyers realm(DR for short). He had the stick to combine with the staff when he fought the destroyer, therefore he couldn't have been in DR. I've even thought of a "third world" if you will, but don't like that either. And I was even going with your thoughts until I remembered the stick in the last ep. Still haven't rewatched. But, it is a fairy tale and so why I'm concerned about conceptual reality on the show makes me wonder about myself, lol.


Mike V. said...

ESPN - I honestly don't remember the last time I've watched anything on ESPN or read anything on their sites. Since Bill Simmons left to form his own site and podcast network (hilariously abbreviated as BSPN), I have no reason to go there!

Grimm - Ahh interesting...didn't even think about the stick not being in the DR. You'd almost have to watch the last 2 episodes to track what happened with that stick. But when all was said and done I thought it was pretty clear cut that he never left that realm in the penultimate episode. He didn't come back until a few minutes left in the finale. That doesn't resolve the stick thing though. I think the interviews are pretty consistent with that message.

Too Much TV - So I finished Grimm and Sleepy....Supergirl and Flash are on hiatus so I think I'll have more time. My DVR loaded up last night with Americans, iZombie, Agents of SHIELD, Prison Break and I still had to wrap up 24. UGH!!! Critics supposedly panned PB, but the fans seem to enjoy it. I'm sure I'll check it out. I watched Americans and started Agents of SHIELD. I'll probably hit up iZombie then PB next. That's not factoring in any Wednesday or Thursday TV I'm not thinking of....I know Legion is done. I never got into Fargo (I know I should) so I won't be watching that. and yes I know each season is a new story. lol Saul will be back next week. yikes...lots of stuff!!

MJ said...

Grimm - I'd have love to have seen what Monrosalies kids looked like - especially woged since they were going to be a mix. Hey Richard - you mentioned after life and others in the same sentence - very Lost of you. LOL Will def read that article - if I ever find time.

Leftovers - I intend to this summer. I see that next week S1 rea-airing - which I will not watch. But maybe S1 finale for a refresher

Rogue One - me either. Plan on purchasing

Same DVR issue - except not Prison Break. LOL And watched none of them. Did watch Bates though ! Excellent ep yet again.

Still have a sick Kitty. Not looking good for him

Mike V. said...

Leftovers - No need to rewatch season 1 to appreciate season 2. You have the gist. It's a totally different look/feel in s2. Definitely watch the opening credits too. Brand new and the song is catchy and you can just feel Damon Lindelof laughing as the lyrics are sung. lol

Rogue One - ahh my bad, I thought you saw. I've made my purchase! Got the deluxe target version with the extra content and 3D Blu-ray. (I don't have a 3D HDTV lol but you know..rainy day)

Bates - was great I agree. Norman turned himself in. Loved the brawl with himself and Dylan watching. lol

Sorry to hear about your cat. :(

MJ said...

Legends - know you don't watch but they had to find Lt. JRR Tolkien in his past a few weeks ago. Lots of great references to his books

Bates - wondered if any one would ever find the bodies in the lake ! Romero really was a bad sheriff LOL I have somehow forgotten - who is this person that Romero is staying with ? Shocked he got rid of Norma's corpse though. And what about the doctor - dead a year now ? How the hell is that possible. We saw him talking to Norman - he's the one that got Norman to start seeing that he's a split personality. So he imagined someone there that makes him realize that ? Crazy stuff. But Norman becoming Norma in front of Dylan finally and Norman 'fightng' himself was just awesome ! And then he calls 911 on himself ? Whaaat ? This show is just so good now.

Mike V. said...

Bates - Yeah, the lake thing was crazy. Did Norman say the doctor was dead? Or did someone else? I think I missed that. But, I did think it was crazy that Norman just randomly ran into the doc while driving and then had coffee with him and came to the realization that he and norma were the same. That's a big miss on my part if I didn't catch that the doc was dead. How did he die? That just sounds like Norman lying if he is the one that said it. Show definitely is good though.

MJ said...

Bates - the pharmacist said the doctor disappeared and was presumed dead to Dylan when he was trying to fill his scripts. I definitely also missed that the doctor was not there !

Americans - wonder if Phillip will ever find out that his handlers stopped him from seeing his son ? Interesting that they thinn Philip is 'shaky' though - and I guess he is. I got the feeling that once they realized that the US was not going to ruin their crops (and it was as I thought - the bugs were for improving and testing) Phillip went to tell Traun something. But Elizabeth showed up to effectively stop him. What was he going to say ? Interesting that they think Stans girlfriend is a russian plant. Had not occured to me.

Mike V. said...

Bates - wow..totally missed that.

Americans - Surely he's going to find out right? They've been setting this up for awhile now, you'd think Philip has to meet his son. Yes you were right about the crops.

I'm sitting here trying to remember if I did consider stan's GF being a plant. (i.e. TWD's Andrea lol) I thought I did, but maybe the show clued me in. But, it certainly looks like she might be.

So, do we think Philip/Elizabeth's son is cheating to get the good grades or he's actually smart? lol

Caught up on iZombie and agents of SHIELD too. SHIELD is actually pretty good right now even if it's taking place in a computer program. lol But, The Matrix was good also. :)

MJ said...

Americans - I think the kid might have a brain afterall. LOL yeah - meant to reference she was Andrea. True enough about the long set-up with Mischa. And they do also have next year.

iZombie - Me too. Forgot how much I love that show. And now Major is working in that weird organization/army.

Shield - Well - the first Matrix was. Secon ok - third - a hot mess. LOL But yeah - amusing to see everyone in different ways. Teacher Coulsen and all. And Mae now has new nickname instead of Calvary. Eluding me now but is name of city that rioted or something because this time she saved the kid - she can't win. LOL Did we see Mac at all ? i don't remember.

Mike V. said...

SHIELD - Let's be clear. I said "THE MATRIX" which was the name of the first movie. :) lol The sequels were a mess. I don't think we saw MAC but he was in the previews for next week. Yeah, Mae definitely can't win. But if she gets her memories back, maybe that will help ease her memory of the past knowing that it was a no win situation.

iZombie - Yeah it's a fun show. Of course, my attention span isn't always great when staring down at the treadmill and watching simultaneously. I didn't make the connection that that military base was related to the new weird organization. lol but I did love the shout out to Rob Thomas (musician) again and Carlos Santana's tribute to "stay smooth" lol hilarious.

Americans - it was funny that I made a comment how he was barely in this season (paige's brother...still don't remember his name), and then they gave him a subplot. lol Yep...true with next year. They can stretch that out a bit.

MJ said...

The Son - any one going to watch ? I am passing. Westerns not my thing.

Did record Brockmire cause it looks hysterical. IFC channel I think

iZombie - yeah Rob Thomas cracked me up

Mike V. said...

The Son - I don't mind Westerns, but I forgot all about it and not too interested. lol

Designated - Catching up. I'm into the March episodes now and saw the assassination attempt. Aaron is a suspect, but Kirkman doesn't know that yet. He's still in hospital. Hannah is detained, but gave Mike(? Secret Service guy) instructions to talk to her helper dude. VP had 25th amendment Presidency for a few hours and the stock market plunged. Definitely getting better.

Scandal - This show has been nuts. Good nuts for the most part. Totally ludicrous, but it works for Scandal. lol Not too thrilled with what they're doing to Huck. He better get better!

Modern Family - So there was a new episode Wednesday and my TiVo didn't pick it up. Did anyone else get it? I saw it on Plex so will try to watch this wknd.

Prison Break - Was ridiculous as it always was. A new conspiracy to unravel.

MJ said...

Designated - Oh ! You are about to come into a good one. LOL I just watch last night but think I missed one some how - cause things they were saying didn't make sense. LOL

Scandal - heard really off the charts crazy lately

Modenr Famy - same happened to me ! But I noticed not on sched and just hit record on it. But strangely it did not go into the Mod Fam folder ( I am behind by like 3 or 4). So now I have to remember when i start catching up that one is not in folder. SIGH So weird.

How was Big Little Lies ? Recorded them all and will watch when I can

Have a good weekend everyone.

Mike V. said...

Designated - lol nice. I finished the ep I was on. Hannah finally got face to face with Kirkman at the end. That only took half a season! lol

Scandal - Yeah that's a good way to put it!

Modern Family - ahh that stinks. maybe that's why it didn't record. Maybe for some reason it was listed as a different show. So bizarre.

Big Little Lies - It was really well done. Never lost interest in it. Great star power....and a good wrap up. My wife said it stuck pretty true to the book. There was an extra storyline in there for Reese's character that I thought didn't really add up in the end or get closure, but other than that it was time well spent.

I'm ready for The Leftovers!!

Have a good wknd too!

MJ said...

Rogue One - bought and watched this weekend.

Rogue One spoilers **********************
Was very good - as I thought it would be. The CGIing of Peter Cushing was great. The CGI in the final scene a nice touch - but it looked weird. LOL Something seemed off with Leia. Was so surprised when pretty much the whole team died though. But it goes to Episode 4 when the state a big sarcrifice was made to get the plans. And there were many call outs to the trilogy.

End spoilers*****************

Independence day 2 - unfortualtely also watched this movie. It blew. LOL I'd heard that it did but liked the first one so much wanted to see second any way.

Mike V. said...

ID2 - I heard it has horrible so I never bothered. My brother is the biggest defender of horrible movies and even he hated it. That was enough for me. lol

Rogue One ****SPOILERS*** -

I really thought the leia thing was more convincing than cushing...but cushing improved throughout the movie. Unless I just got used to it. Both of them were pretty impressive though. Yeah...most people assumed that the cast had to die, but they were afraid they wouldn't go there because of kid-friendly star wars history. I took my son to it for 2nd viewing and he was fine. He came out of the theater (keep in mind this was opening day and there were lines of people waiting to go in) and was yelling "NOBODY MADE IT!!!!! NOBODY MADE IT!!!!" I had to quiet him down but I was cracking up. lol He was so proud of himself that he made it through the movie. It was a really good movie to bridge the gap between prequels and original trilogy. Makes them feel like they are part of the same universe (which they obviously are intended to be) There were nods to both original trilogy and prequel trilogy throughout the film. (Vader's castle is on Mustafar for example, some prequel vehicles are still in use as well...and Jimmy Smitts as Bail Organa) Using unused footage from A new Hope was cool for the final space battle too. Loved it.
*******END SPOILERS*****

Last Jedi - SW Celebration is this wknd starting Thursday. Friday around lunch time eastern time (11:30-1???) There will be a Last Jedi panel with the cast, Rian Johnnson and Kathleen Kennedy. There is a 99.9% chance that this is when the first trailer will debut. It will be live streamed from CAN'T WAIT!!!

Mike V. said...

Designated - Still catching up...holy S...the VP is dead!! lol

MJ said...

Designated - yup ! that episode blew me away ! No pun intended. LOL Did NOT see that coming. And that his wife did it ! You could tell she was the real zealot but wow !

Rogue One - not spoilery - funny P saying that on the way out.

Mike V. said...

LOST - Article on the untold "volcano plot" from LOST. Totally forgot all about it. Just assumed it was related to the "SOURCE" of the island. Apparently, if they had the cash to do it it could've led to a different ending for the show. I'm posing this before I even read the article. lol

Mike V. said...

LOST - I think when people find out that the cost of the TEMPLE is what pretty much sealed the fate of the Volcano finale....there might be some backlash! lol People hated that temple plot! Good article though. Would've been an interesting take but I like how it ended (still).

MJ said...

Fios/Tivo - So went to watch a couple of Powerless eps - and they were Trial and Error first 2 eps that I'd missed. WTH ? They were in the powerless folder and had episode name of Powerlesss. So now i've missed 2 powerless episodes. Just bizarre. And with the whole MOdern Family thing - wish I could figure if it's Fios or Tivo.

MJ said...

Rogue One - meant to say - loved that Jyn's dad was played by Hannibal Lecther. LOL And was it me or did the Forest Whitaker character sound just like Ani's boss/owner in Episode 1 ?? And loved the new droid K-250. Did not realize til later that it was Alan Tudyk ! But the big-bad of the show is a guy from my Netflix show Bloodlines - which really surprised me.

Mike V. said...

Fios/TiVo - looks like I'll have the same issue since I have both too! Lol

Rogue one - show some respect that is lechief from casino royale! Lol but yes he's Hannibal also. And he was in dr strange. And yes while I was watching bloodline s1 (still didn't finish) I knew Ben would be playing krennic in r1. And yeah tudyk is cashing in his Disney dollars these days. He was great as k2. But he was also the chicken in moana Hey Hey. And he was in wreck it Ralph as king candy. He was on the nerdiest podcast switching between all the voices. Lol

Anonymous said...

Independence Day--new one--just saw it last weekend on cable. I had very low expectations due to hearing it wasn't very good. I actually liked it vs what I expected. I liked the old cast coming back and how they were worked in for example. They had to go to another level for a new movie and so they did. Having a friendly alien group was an interesting twist that helped it have a purpose, I thought.


MJ said...

Rogue One - True on Dr Strange. Bought and watched that one this weekend too.

ID4 - 2 - felt that rather then call backs they just repeated alot.

Fios/Tivo - I am curious to see if you do. Starting to worry what else I did not get. Been recording for later so much. SIGH

Up for go live ! Not normally posting at 4:30 am !
Talk about it later when my brain functioning . LOL

Mike V. said...

R1 - Just saw my phone autocorrected "NERDIST" podcast to Nerdiest. Guess that applies too! lol

Fios/Tivo - Unfortunately, I'm way behind on that show so I'm not sure when I'll check it. But, I'll keep you posted. I did finally catch Modern Family from last week. Not bad, not the best. Still a great show.

Goldbergs - Have like 1 episode left of season 1. 5 minutes left of the ep before the finale (daughter woke up...ughhhhhh) was the one when Adam was trying to get his sister to see Return of the Jedi. I believe that was Thomas Lennon riding the Taun Taun in line. lol (The State, Reno 911, I think The new Odd Couple, Joey's identical hand twin)

This week I'm caught up on Better Call Saul, Americans, 24 and halfway through SHIELD.

Mike V. said...

Forgot to comment on your "GO LIVE" comment. I'm guessing that's some sort of elevation? lol

Supergirl - Confirmed that Calista Flockhart is returning for final 2 episodes of season!

Mike V. said...

Legends of Tomorrow - Just got a notification that season 2 is already on Netflix! I guess it finished up its season already? That's all primed to binge this off-season if I get time. I'm going off your recommendation MJ that season 2 is better than 1!

Anonymous said...

The Son--AMC has this new show that my wife told me about. So, we watched it together and I think it is going to be good. Stars Pierce Brosnan

Expanse finale next week.


Mike V. said...

The Son - MJ and I talked about it above somewhere and decided we weren't going to watch. I figured it would be up your alley though! It probably would be mine too if I had time to watch it. Maybe I'll catch up if I can. Keep me posted.

MJ said...

Saul - Mike and the car thing was funny - though I got confused about what he was doing at first. Was surprised Saul (Gene) ratted on the kid in the mall. But what's with the collapse ? Having trouble remembering - does Kim know that Jimmy purposely changed those number on his brother ? But it sure wasn't accidental that he had that aide hear the tape of Jimmy. My husband is convinced Gus Fring was the one who left the note on the car. Last year we couldn't kow that Gus would be on this season of course.

Bates - Holy crap ! I did not think romero would kill Chick. Was it because he did not want the story written or because Chick knew the escaped convict was in town ? Hmmm. Not sure. I think he thinks he's not making it out alive from going after Norman any way. Once they had Chick writing this story I thought he'd live and in the end be the one who tells this story. Loved all the split scenes with Norma and Norman both in it. But her grabbing him and slamming his head into the toilet and forcing him to rid himself of those meds ! Wow. Casue in reality he did it to himself. So crazy. I like that Norman really does care about Dylan - and wants to stop his alter-ego from hurting him. And Dylan was clever enough to know why the sherriff was telling him face to face about his mother-in-law. But we all know that Norman would never try to finger Madeliene - that's all Norma. But that look he/she gives Madeliene was chilling.

Americans - Very surprising that Gabriel wants to go home. And that they bring Paige to meet him ! Though Philip did not look happy about that. They have always sorta led us to believe that if anyone will turn it will be Philip - but because of that I wonder if it will in fact be Elizabeth ! Was it me or did Elizabeth actually like that tai chi ? Didn't seem like she was faking.

Shield - like the irony that yet again Ward is secretly a rebel. The guy never is a believer of whatever organization he is in. LOL
Mac bein forced to out Skye was hard to watch - even knowing he doesn't know her in the framework. was I the only one that wanted Fitz to see the pic of Simmons and just remember it all ? LOL I totally forgot that Aida was made in the image of Radcliff's wife. But damn - cold move by Fitz to kill that wife. If Daisy does not have her powers - how can they tell if she was inhuman ?

Go live - though you'd know that one ? Putting a new system live. LOL

Supergirl - I've missed her character.

Legends - yeah i haven't watched the finale but it is over. Yes - def better then 1. Funner and snarkier.

Mike V. said...

Go Live - Yeah, what we call an elevation. lol I did know it apparently just making sure.

That's a lot of commentary that I'll have to get back to when I have a minute! BUt I watched all of those shows. lol

Star Wars Celebration - Lots of good stuff happened today. George Lucas, Harrison ford, Hayden Christiansen, Ian McDiarmid, Anthony Daniels, Warwick Davis (Host/MC), Peter Mayhew (Chewie), Mark Hamill all showed up for the 40th Anniversary Panel...and they did a really big tribute to Carrie including John Williams with a full orchestra playing Leia's theme. Of course, I'm at work so I only caught bits and pieces. Looking forward to finishing later!

Mike V. said...

Saul - I assumed the note was related to Gus. Was the note from last season? I wasn't sure if we were just plopped in the middle of a new story or if it continued from last season. Post Breaking Bad scenes - I think this is the first time we heard him talk in these scenes. Not sure. I think they're all leaning towards him not being content in his "new life" and maybe one day once we're caught up to breaking bad we'll see what will be next for him. I don't remember if Kim knew about the number thing either.

Gonna hit these one at a time. (i'll be back for the next ones lol)

MJ said...

Saul - yes - the note on the car was from last year. But him then running to the junk yard and tearing apart his car - which is right after - was new

Happy easter every one

Mike V. said...

Last Jedi trailer! -

Live panel was awesome.

Mj sorry didn't respond to everything yet. Yesterday was busy and I'm off today but I'll get to them eventually lol

I have one more designated survivor to catch up!

MJ said...

iZombie - Loved, loved, loved Major on teen girl brains. LOL So funny. But Clive broke my heart a little. To learn that Wally even was the one to get Clive into GofT too. Girl who played the one who's mom killed her friend - she was very familiar. Have to look her up. But I object to the fact that IT peeps are always total nerds or nut jobs ! LOL But wy do they seem to be trusting this Vivian person ?

No worries ! I know what its like to be off. I am behind on Designated too so we are probably in same spot you are.

superj561 said...

LOST / Talking with Chris Hardwick - Not sure if you guys heard about Hardwick's show that airs Sunday nights on AMC now, but on Facebook he said that Damon Lindelof is an upcoming guest. If you guys are interested I'll try to let you guys know what date he will be on it when I find out.

Mike V. said...

Thanks super j. Yeah I watched the Elijah wood episode. And I'll definitely watch lindelof. He's probably promoting season 3 of the leftovers which I'm hearing good things. He did The Watchpod podcast too on the bill Simmons network. They're going to release it after the 2nd episode airs.

Mike V. said...

Okay, finally at my desk with time! I'm going back and commenting on stuff MJ!

Saul - think we covered.

Bates - Yeah....Chick was shot dead! No messing around in the end game here. Interesting characters during the show's run...not really needed now! lol I have no idea why Romero killed him. It could be more of a "he doesn't have any Fs to give anymore" approach. lol But yeah maybe it was related to the book he was writing. Yeah I don't think Romero will survive either...then again, we don't know how this story ends. Maybe Norman gets killed by Romero and Romero goes back to jail, but somewhat satisfied that he took down a killer. Yes...both Norman (actor name slipping my mind) and Vera are bringing their A game this year. Agree...if Madeline gets'll be Norma's doing....but I think Norma is trying to get Norman to a place where the killings are his idea. Definitely a chilling look!

Americans - Gabriel seemed to be remorseful for sending Philip's son back. Good point on Elizabeth. Seems too obvious for Phil to turn. Or she may turn WITH Philip because she loves him. But didn't she just lie to Philip about some mission she got sent on to spend more time with the crop dude in Oklahoma? Seems like she's enjoying her time there a bit toooo much.

SHIELD - Well yeah of course we wanted Fitz to remember it all. They really have turned Fitz and Simmons into a bit of a tragic romance. Can't help but root for them. was a cool way to show that the stakes are real in the construct or whatever they're calling it. (killing Radcliff's wife) If their corporal form is gone, then whatever they are in the construct is all that's left. I'm enjoying this subplot. Good stuff.

Go Live - Did I already talk about this? Yes of course I understood it. We just don't call it that! lol

Supergirl - me too on Cat. Glad she'll be back. Saw Superman will be back too. That was kind of a no brainer though. Can't introduce him and then not bring him back for the finale!

Leftovers - season 3 premiere was last night. Fantastic!

Designated - All caught up!

Mike V. said...

Bates - Figured he couldn't stay in prison for the end of the show. Didn't see Emma going to visit Norman, but it makes sense. They needed one more scene together. Really no clue how this one is going to end, but wouldn't surprise me if Romero, Dylan and Norman all die. lol But this season has been fantastic.

24 - Well, it was a decent spinoff/continuation. A little sad no Jack Bauer update/cameo...but as the plot continued it didn't seem like it would fit. I was surprised there was no shocking cliffhanger at the end. I guess the look of Eric's wife being worried that he is continuing with the job is meant to be a cliffhanger? But a soft one in case the season isn't renewed.

Saul - Halfway through....Saul just ordered at Los Pollos, no sign of Gus yet. :) Love the new paralegal at Saul's office and his "training". lol

MJ said...

Talking - yup - been watching, Just had cast of Silicon Valley on. Not bad show

No Bates or Saul yet. Tonight for sure.

Leftovers - I won't get to that til summer cause have to watch Season 2

Designated - I also am caught up. Whole gun vote thing. But bunker was creepy. that's all I remember. LOL

MJ said...

Whew - not been around for a few days.

Saul - daaamn. They so set Jimmy up. And used that poor kid to do it. I watched so very carefully and never saw Gus give that guy with the knapsack any kind of wave-off not to leave the bag. He is good ! Fun with the cell in the middle of the road on the tracker. They made me very tense when they were showing Mike looking down that road over the hill. I was worried someone was on the other side to hit him or shoot him or something. Loved Kim doing the ' gimme a buck - now I'm your lawyer' bit that we'd seen Saul do on BB. And I guess I was not aware of the love of Cracker Barrel by the geriatric set.

Bates - Not saying that I blame Emma for being upset - but she's taking it out on Dylan. I know - he's been lying to her for 2 years and that was wrong - but it's not like her mom was in her life for years. LOL My husband disagreed with me that Emma was being wrong to Dylan. I know that Norman/Norma does not want to be institutionalized - but does he really think he can avoid jail ? I knew that romero wouldn't just kill Norman right there in the jail - cause that would be too easy. But it actually would have made more sense. Romero has to know that he's either dying or going back to jail. So if killing Norman is your goal - why not do it right there and then and hand yourself over to the cops ? Found it interesting that Emma knew is was Norma immediately ! I'm not sure that it was ever explained to her that he has the split personality ? Must have been - cause she picked it up immediately. Is next week the finale ? SIGH

iZombie - not that the brains looked appetizing - but Liv made them ok. But that tube stuff is nasty ! LOL Major is not doing too good these days though. Please don't kill off Major ! But not sure I want Blaine to get his memory back - he's such a jerk then.

Americans - didn't get to it yet. Tonight hopefully.

Mike V. said...

Talking - I watched the Silicon Valley one as well. If you like those sitdowns you should really check out the Nerdist Podcast. He used to have 3 a week with some pretty interesting people. Now he's doing like 1 a week. The conversations are always pretty interesting and pass the commute time for me.

Saul - Yeah Jimmy got played bad! Yeah, Gus definitely did something when he was over at that table right? Jimmy was not good at being nonchalant about his spying. But he's not a spy either. lol Ahhhh...didn't even piece together the "gimme a buck" thing. I knew Id seen it before though. It's not just the older folk that love Cracker Barrel. It's the SOUTH! Therefore, my wife, kids and I love stopping at the CB on our road trips. lol And sometimes we'll go out of our way to get to the ones closer to us.

Bates - I think Emma is more upset over the fact that Dylan has been put in a place where he has to choose helping Norman's defense vs. standing by her side. Then again, what's her face (new girl looks like Norma) entirely blamed Dylan for not doing anything about it before. Definitely would've made more sense for Romero to shoot Norman right there. But, maybe he wants to be able to get away after he does it. But you're probably right. He probably knows he's not getting out of this alive or out of prison. I think Emma definitely knew about the split personality. Even if she didn't find out on screen, surely Dylan told her in the years they were living together. But, I'm pretty sure she was let in on the family secret. Next week is the finale. Yep. Glad I can wrap it up before Disney World! :)

iZombie - Love that Liv mixed up the drinks and Ravi almost drank it. Well it seems Major is going to take the cure regardless when the time comes. I doubt they'll kill him off. But you never know with these shows. Agree on Blaine. Of course he was a jerk, but he was an interesting character at least. He plays evil pretty well. lol

Americans - I'm caught up on that as well. I'll hold my comments.

Designated - still caught up!

MJ said...

iZombie - yes - i do like Jerky Blaine as a character - but interesting as not a jerk. Totally forgot the coffee thing with Ravi.

Bates - Romero stated he wanted to take Norman to see his mother. Guess since Chick told him that Norman had dug her up Romero wants to know where she is. Yeah - Madeleine blaming Dylan was harsh - really Norma to blame - but she's not there to take it so....

Disney ! LOl Have fun ! was just talking to someone else who is going in August.

Mike V. said...

iZombie - Yeah still interesting as not a jerk. You know, I've always assumed he's been lying about the memory loss this whole time. I guess at this point we're meant to believe he actually did lose them. But there could be a twist where Major takes the cure and doesn't lose his memories...and that would let us know Blaine has been lying. The problem is...if they've developed the cure, then isn't the show over? Unless someone puts a stop to them distributing the cure or making any more of it.

Bates - Ohhh right. Yeah I think chick did tell Romero about digging up Norma. That was why he wanted to keep Norman alive. Yes...ACTUAL Norma was to blame. Dylan was really dealing with his own crap.

Thanks on Disney! Lots of people I know have gone this past year as well. We'll be down there for my daughter's 3rd Bday :) Next time we go we'll make sure Star Wars Land is open! lol

Mike V. said...

GofT - Season 7 photos. This makes me think a trailer is coming soon.

MJ said...

iZombie - huh - I have not thought Blaine was faking. If he is then he si good - acting like he didn't know that guy was his a-hole dad. True enough - where do they go if the cure had the issue of memory fixed ? I guess this new rogue company can try to stop it all.

Disney - yeah - I am waiting for Star Wars completion too. But parks will be mobbed then. Sigh.

Americans - WTH was that in the end with Gabriel ? Tells Elizabeth Paige doing so good - but tells Phillip she should not be in the plan ? What game is he playing ? I can't see the purpose. Husband thinks he did not tell that to Elizabeth since she is so hard core that she would not take it well and maybe try to push paige more. Don't know that I agree with that though. Is he trying to help Phillip save his kid from their life in guilt over Mischa ? Don't seem right either

MJ said...

Americans - Felt sorry for paige breaking up with Matthew cause she feels she is hiding who she is. Interesting - but not surprising - that they did not tell her that they were wrong and the US was not trying to sabotage USSR wheat. Also interesting that Stan is keeping his job by a thread - feel like this is moving things into place for final season next year. And didn't Gabriel seem outright annoyed when Phillip asked if Stand G-friend was a plant ?

Scandal - stopped watching but want to know - Did Liv and Pres get married ? Also - heard a big death - who was it ?

Shield - Too bad they killed Mace - he'd just got interesting. Took me a few to remember Trip though from season 1! So Ftiz's one change was to have his dad in his life - and that made him evil ? Not quite right in my opinion - Ophelia certainly has guided his evilness too. Really good acting by the guy playing Fitz though ! And now May has turned. Don't think she has remembered her real life but she does have that soft spot for kids - and Hydra not caring about killing those kids has made her change her mind.

Mike V. said...

Not much time to comment right now, but I'll do the Scandal one

Scandal - They didn't get married. That was all part of a "what would've happen if Defiance never happened" 100th episode spectacular. It was an interesting episode and it informed a decision for Olivia. But kind of a waste of an episode too. lol

The death was Portia Del Rossi's character. I forget her name. This new threat means business, but they're also horribly casted. lol Especially the woman.

MJ said...

Scandal - damn - i saw a wedding pic. Didn't realize fake. LOL And didn't know Portia De Rossi was on so....LOL But thanks

Mike V. said...

Scandal -Oh yeah, she's been on the show for a few seasons now. I forget her role, but she had a bit of jealousy when the Attorney General was sleeping with the VP and enjoying it when they also had something on the side too.

Disney – yep star wars land will most certainly be mobbed! They’re also rumored to be building a star wars themed hotel. I’m in!!

Americans – Yeah I kept thinking Gabriel was going to spill the beans on Mischa in that final meeting, but instead he went with Paige. I’m sure there’s something tying the 2 together in his mind there. But it was certainly odd and even Philip was caught off guard. Agree on the breakup and on the fact that they didn’t tell Paige what they learned. Gabriel certainly seemed annoyed at Philip asking about the girlfriend.

SHIELD – yeah that is crazy they killed off Mace. But I guess someone had to die in the framework to prove out that theory that it’s possible. Yeah I barely remembered Trip too! Yeah Fitz actor definitely getting some good material this season. Agree, changing one thing in his life is a stretch.

Anonymous said...

GoT--teaser is out. It shows cold,lol Couldn't recognize the throne Dany sat on.

Anonymous said...

The Son, really liking this show. Waiting for a shoe to drop though. 7 more eps this season and it looks like a S2 is going to happen.


Mike V. said...

GoT - that teaser has been out for awhile. I meant like a trailer with actual footage. Figured it might air this Sunday before The Leftovers...but nope!

The Leftovers - This show is still phenomenal. They definitely found the humor in the show starting in season 2 and 3 has continued it. Opening credits were fantastic in season 2...but what just happened in season 3 episode 2 I can't even comment on because it's hilarious and surprisingly fitting for the episode. (music and actual credits) I know no one is watching, but when you do don't skip the credits!

MJ said...

Leftovers - ok I will try to remember that.

Bates finale tonight. I am staying up to watch ! And there is a post show called the Final Check Out.

Star Wars hotel ? That would be awesome !

Mike V. said...

Bates - I'll watch first thing in the morning! thanks for heads up on the post show.

MJ said...

Leftovers - saw headline that they did a take off of Perfect Strangers. LOL

Tivo - meant to say - was def a Tivo issue with missing eps and the Modern Family thing. Cause last week it did an update and then that Modern Family episode went into the folder with the rest of them. Still don't know why 2 episodes of Powerless are actually Trial and error though. LOL

Mike V. said...

Leftovers - yup that was part of it. Lol

TiVo - nice on the modern family episode. I hope there wasn't one since that ep because I haven't seen it! Lol

Bates - I haven't watched yet but the tweets started rolling in. First thing in morning!