Monday, April 3, 2017

TV Discussion - April - June 2017

Hello Fellow TV Addicts!  This is our place to discuss all non-recapped shows.  We won't have any other recaps until Game of Thrones returns in July, so we can discuss things here for awhile.  If the comments get too high, I'll post another one.  See you in the discussion!

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Mike V. said...

Grimm - I saw the finale Saturday night, so I'm ready to discuss. It was a pretty solid hour and I think Richard will be happy with how it ended. lol They certainly had me duped, but I knew things couldn't stay the way they were going. I'll write more later, though it is a busy day so we'll see!

Mike V. said...

Grimm - Interview with the showrunners

MJ said...

Been swamped myself unfortunately. Back later for TWD stuff

Sleepy - WTH? LOL That was some crazy stuff !

Grimm - VERY well done! Loved it. As soon as the voice over started in the end knew it waas Kelly. Though - must say - future Diana sure looked more like juliette then Adalind. LOL Just saying. Hysterical when Nick is like - you're here, and you're here then looks at Renard and is like - oh you too. Paraphrasing of course but it was great. Was so excited when he did try to bring back Wu and Hank with the stick - but nope - didn't work. Episode was truly Nicks nightmare as everyone he ever loved or even liked basicly died ! lol Most awesome was Mom and Aunt Marie showing up! Didn't see that coming.

Anonymous said...

Grimm--Got my happy ending! The kids being grown at the end was a nice touch. Nick growing into a Grimm was good to see. There's actually a lot to unpack. But part of me wants to keep it simple. For example, you could argue that the scene with Nick and everyone in the room was a kind of after life. Had it not been for the kids wraping things up letting us know it was real. I would like to have seen how the others were resurrected. And I'm still not sure how Nick came into the room or where he came from at the end. It's like some things got edited out. The staff being repaired and now all powerful again was for Nick but yet I'm not sure he was carrying it when he appeared in the room?

I'll rewatch.

I'll miss the show a lot.

They could do a sequel or made for TV movie with the kids.


Mike V. said...

I'll try to comment on everything later. Just a couple things.

Leftovers - Critics are saying to people who skipped season catch up because season 3 is AMAZING. (season 2 was pretty amazing too) They really figured out what was wrong with season 1 and Lindeloffed it to awesomeness. Can't wait now!!

Rogue One - Out on Bluray it, you won't regret it!! (Richard, I think you still haven't seen it. I really think you'll enjoy this one.)

Anonymous said...

Grimm--I guess the confusing part is that Nick grabbed the staff and then was sucked into someplace with the destroyer. Or that's what it looked like in with billowing smoke(monster,lol). Then all of a sudden he reappears in the room and kind of forgot he brought the staff with him. It's what happened in that transition that I don't thoroughly get.


Mike V. said...

Grimm - wait what??? I just read what you wrote Richard. you don't think it's clear cut? They pulled a trick on us. We thought Nick and Eve/Juliette came back from that other dimension/hell...but they never did. It was all an illusion and they were fighting the thingamabob still over there the whole time. So when everyone died, they never ACTUALLY died. Nick defeated the guy and then was brought back and everyone was alive. And it was over. The fact that he saw his mother and aunt was a tip-off that he hadn't returned either...that was probably their spirits or something. Not quite clear...

I thought it was a good finale...and the flash forward was cool just showing life of "grimming" goes on. The interview was pretty good too and might help clarify some questions.

Sleepy - Yes definitely was pretty crazy. I liked the ending where they accepted a life of fighting the supernatural. Could work as a series finale or as a setup for the next phase of the story.

Anonymous said...

ESPN--I've said for a while these guys are making it political whereas I used to go to sports to get away from the politics. They will continue to hemorrhage viewers.

Grimm-Nick couldn't take the stick into the destroyers realm(DR for short). He had the stick to combine with the staff when he fought the destroyer, therefore he couldn't have been in DR. I've even thought of a "third world" if you will, but don't like that either. And I was even going with your thoughts until I remembered the stick in the last ep. Still haven't rewatched. But, it is a fairy tale and so why I'm concerned about conceptual reality on the show makes me wonder about myself, lol.


Mike V. said...

ESPN - I honestly don't remember the last time I've watched anything on ESPN or read anything on their sites. Since Bill Simmons left to form his own site and podcast network (hilariously abbreviated as BSPN), I have no reason to go there!

Grimm - Ahh interesting...didn't even think about the stick not being in the DR. You'd almost have to watch the last 2 episodes to track what happened with that stick. But when all was said and done I thought it was pretty clear cut that he never left that realm in the penultimate episode. He didn't come back until a few minutes left in the finale. That doesn't resolve the stick thing though. I think the interviews are pretty consistent with that message.

Too Much TV - So I finished Grimm and Sleepy....Supergirl and Flash are on hiatus so I think I'll have more time. My DVR loaded up last night with Americans, iZombie, Agents of SHIELD, Prison Break and I still had to wrap up 24. UGH!!! Critics supposedly panned PB, but the fans seem to enjoy it. I'm sure I'll check it out. I watched Americans and started Agents of SHIELD. I'll probably hit up iZombie then PB next. That's not factoring in any Wednesday or Thursday TV I'm not thinking of....I know Legion is done. I never got into Fargo (I know I should) so I won't be watching that. and yes I know each season is a new story. lol Saul will be back next week. yikes...lots of stuff!!

MJ said...

Grimm - I'd have love to have seen what Monrosalies kids looked like - especially woged since they were going to be a mix. Hey Richard - you mentioned after life and others in the same sentence - very Lost of you. LOL Will def read that article - if I ever find time.

Leftovers - I intend to this summer. I see that next week S1 rea-airing - which I will not watch. But maybe S1 finale for a refresher

Rogue One - me either. Plan on purchasing

Same DVR issue - except not Prison Break. LOL And watched none of them. Did watch Bates though ! Excellent ep yet again.

Still have a sick Kitty. Not looking good for him

Mike V. said...

Leftovers - No need to rewatch season 1 to appreciate season 2. You have the gist. It's a totally different look/feel in s2. Definitely watch the opening credits too. Brand new and the song is catchy and you can just feel Damon Lindelof laughing as the lyrics are sung. lol

Rogue One - ahh my bad, I thought you saw. I've made my purchase! Got the deluxe target version with the extra content and 3D Blu-ray. (I don't have a 3D HDTV lol but you know..rainy day)

Bates - was great I agree. Norman turned himself in. Loved the brawl with himself and Dylan watching. lol

Sorry to hear about your cat. :(

MJ said...

Legends - know you don't watch but they had to find Lt. JRR Tolkien in his past a few weeks ago. Lots of great references to his books

Bates - wondered if any one would ever find the bodies in the lake ! Romero really was a bad sheriff LOL I have somehow forgotten - who is this person that Romero is staying with ? Shocked he got rid of Norma's corpse though. And what about the doctor - dead a year now ? How the hell is that possible. We saw him talking to Norman - he's the one that got Norman to start seeing that he's a split personality. So he imagined someone there that makes him realize that ? Crazy stuff. But Norman becoming Norma in front of Dylan finally and Norman 'fightng' himself was just awesome ! And then he calls 911 on himself ? Whaaat ? This show is just so good now.

Mike V. said...

Bates - Yeah, the lake thing was crazy. Did Norman say the doctor was dead? Or did someone else? I think I missed that. But, I did think it was crazy that Norman just randomly ran into the doc while driving and then had coffee with him and came to the realization that he and norma were the same. That's a big miss on my part if I didn't catch that the doc was dead. How did he die? That just sounds like Norman lying if he is the one that said it. Show definitely is good though.

MJ said...

Bates - the pharmacist said the doctor disappeared and was presumed dead to Dylan when he was trying to fill his scripts. I definitely also missed that the doctor was not there !

Americans - wonder if Phillip will ever find out that his handlers stopped him from seeing his son ? Interesting that they thinn Philip is 'shaky' though - and I guess he is. I got the feeling that once they realized that the US was not going to ruin their crops (and it was as I thought - the bugs were for improving and testing) Phillip went to tell Traun something. But Elizabeth showed up to effectively stop him. What was he going to say ? Interesting that they think Stans girlfriend is a russian plant. Had not occured to me.

Mike V. said...

Bates - wow..totally missed that.

Americans - Surely he's going to find out right? They've been setting this up for awhile now, you'd think Philip has to meet his son. Yes you were right about the crops.

I'm sitting here trying to remember if I did consider stan's GF being a plant. (i.e. TWD's Andrea lol) I thought I did, but maybe the show clued me in. But, it certainly looks like she might be.

So, do we think Philip/Elizabeth's son is cheating to get the good grades or he's actually smart? lol

Caught up on iZombie and agents of SHIELD too. SHIELD is actually pretty good right now even if it's taking place in a computer program. lol But, The Matrix was good also. :)

MJ said...

Americans - I think the kid might have a brain afterall. LOL yeah - meant to reference she was Andrea. True enough about the long set-up with Mischa. And they do also have next year.

iZombie - Me too. Forgot how much I love that show. And now Major is working in that weird organization/army.

Shield - Well - the first Matrix was. Secon ok - third - a hot mess. LOL But yeah - amusing to see everyone in different ways. Teacher Coulsen and all. And Mae now has new nickname instead of Calvary. Eluding me now but is name of city that rioted or something because this time she saved the kid - she can't win. LOL Did we see Mac at all ? i don't remember.

Mike V. said...

SHIELD - Let's be clear. I said "THE MATRIX" which was the name of the first movie. :) lol The sequels were a mess. I don't think we saw MAC but he was in the previews for next week. Yeah, Mae definitely can't win. But if she gets her memories back, maybe that will help ease her memory of the past knowing that it was a no win situation.

iZombie - Yeah it's a fun show. Of course, my attention span isn't always great when staring down at the treadmill and watching simultaneously. I didn't make the connection that that military base was related to the new weird organization. lol but I did love the shout out to Rob Thomas (musician) again and Carlos Santana's tribute to "stay smooth" lol hilarious.

Americans - it was funny that I made a comment how he was barely in this season (paige's brother...still don't remember his name), and then they gave him a subplot. lol Yep...true with next year. They can stretch that out a bit.

MJ said...

The Son - any one going to watch ? I am passing. Westerns not my thing.

Did record Brockmire cause it looks hysterical. IFC channel I think

iZombie - yeah Rob Thomas cracked me up

Mike V. said...

The Son - I don't mind Westerns, but I forgot all about it and not too interested. lol

Designated - Catching up. I'm into the March episodes now and saw the assassination attempt. Aaron is a suspect, but Kirkman doesn't know that yet. He's still in hospital. Hannah is detained, but gave Mike(? Secret Service guy) instructions to talk to her helper dude. VP had 25th amendment Presidency for a few hours and the stock market plunged. Definitely getting better.

Scandal - This show has been nuts. Good nuts for the most part. Totally ludicrous, but it works for Scandal. lol Not too thrilled with what they're doing to Huck. He better get better!

Modern Family - So there was a new episode Wednesday and my TiVo didn't pick it up. Did anyone else get it? I saw it on Plex so will try to watch this wknd.

Prison Break - Was ridiculous as it always was. A new conspiracy to unravel.

MJ said...

Designated - Oh ! You are about to come into a good one. LOL I just watch last night but think I missed one some how - cause things they were saying didn't make sense. LOL

Scandal - heard really off the charts crazy lately

Modenr Famy - same happened to me ! But I noticed not on sched and just hit record on it. But strangely it did not go into the Mod Fam folder ( I am behind by like 3 or 4). So now I have to remember when i start catching up that one is not in folder. SIGH So weird.

How was Big Little Lies ? Recorded them all and will watch when I can

Have a good weekend everyone.

Mike V. said...

Designated - lol nice. I finished the ep I was on. Hannah finally got face to face with Kirkman at the end. That only took half a season! lol

Scandal - Yeah that's a good way to put it!

Modern Family - ahh that stinks. maybe that's why it didn't record. Maybe for some reason it was listed as a different show. So bizarre.

Big Little Lies - It was really well done. Never lost interest in it. Great star power....and a good wrap up. My wife said it stuck pretty true to the book. There was an extra storyline in there for Reese's character that I thought didn't really add up in the end or get closure, but other than that it was time well spent.

I'm ready for The Leftovers!!

Have a good wknd too!

MJ said...

Rogue One - bought and watched this weekend.

Rogue One spoilers **********************
Was very good - as I thought it would be. The CGIing of Peter Cushing was great. The CGI in the final scene a nice touch - but it looked weird. LOL Something seemed off with Leia. Was so surprised when pretty much the whole team died though. But it goes to Episode 4 when the state a big sarcrifice was made to get the plans. And there were many call outs to the trilogy.

End spoilers*****************

Independence day 2 - unfortualtely also watched this movie. It blew. LOL I'd heard that it did but liked the first one so much wanted to see second any way.

Mike V. said...

ID2 - I heard it has horrible so I never bothered. My brother is the biggest defender of horrible movies and even he hated it. That was enough for me. lol

Rogue One ****SPOILERS*** -

I really thought the leia thing was more convincing than cushing...but cushing improved throughout the movie. Unless I just got used to it. Both of them were pretty impressive though. Yeah...most people assumed that the cast had to die, but they were afraid they wouldn't go there because of kid-friendly star wars history. I took my son to it for 2nd viewing and he was fine. He came out of the theater (keep in mind this was opening day and there were lines of people waiting to go in) and was yelling "NOBODY MADE IT!!!!! NOBODY MADE IT!!!!" I had to quiet him down but I was cracking up. lol He was so proud of himself that he made it through the movie. It was a really good movie to bridge the gap between prequels and original trilogy. Makes them feel like they are part of the same universe (which they obviously are intended to be) There were nods to both original trilogy and prequel trilogy throughout the film. (Vader's castle is on Mustafar for example, some prequel vehicles are still in use as well...and Jimmy Smitts as Bail Organa) Using unused footage from A new Hope was cool for the final space battle too. Loved it.
*******END SPOILERS*****

Last Jedi - SW Celebration is this wknd starting Thursday. Friday around lunch time eastern time (11:30-1???) There will be a Last Jedi panel with the cast, Rian Johnnson and Kathleen Kennedy. There is a 99.9% chance that this is when the first trailer will debut. It will be live streamed from CAN'T WAIT!!!

Mike V. said...

Designated - Still catching up...holy S...the VP is dead!! lol

MJ said...

Designated - yup ! that episode blew me away ! No pun intended. LOL Did NOT see that coming. And that his wife did it ! You could tell she was the real zealot but wow !

Rogue One - not spoilery - funny P saying that on the way out.

Mike V. said...

LOST - Article on the untold "volcano plot" from LOST. Totally forgot all about it. Just assumed it was related to the "SOURCE" of the island. Apparently, if they had the cash to do it it could've led to a different ending for the show. I'm posing this before I even read the article. lol

Mike V. said...

LOST - I think when people find out that the cost of the TEMPLE is what pretty much sealed the fate of the Volcano finale....there might be some backlash! lol People hated that temple plot! Good article though. Would've been an interesting take but I like how it ended (still).

MJ said...

Fios/Tivo - So went to watch a couple of Powerless eps - and they were Trial and Error first 2 eps that I'd missed. WTH ? They were in the powerless folder and had episode name of Powerlesss. So now i've missed 2 powerless episodes. Just bizarre. And with the whole MOdern Family thing - wish I could figure if it's Fios or Tivo.

MJ said...

Rogue One - meant to say - loved that Jyn's dad was played by Hannibal Lecther. LOL And was it me or did the Forest Whitaker character sound just like Ani's boss/owner in Episode 1 ?? And loved the new droid K-250. Did not realize til later that it was Alan Tudyk ! But the big-bad of the show is a guy from my Netflix show Bloodlines - which really surprised me.

Mike V. said...

Fios/TiVo - looks like I'll have the same issue since I have both too! Lol

Rogue one - show some respect that is lechief from casino royale! Lol but yes he's Hannibal also. And he was in dr strange. And yes while I was watching bloodline s1 (still didn't finish) I knew Ben would be playing krennic in r1. And yeah tudyk is cashing in his Disney dollars these days. He was great as k2. But he was also the chicken in moana Hey Hey. And he was in wreck it Ralph as king candy. He was on the nerdiest podcast switching between all the voices. Lol

Anonymous said...

Independence Day--new one--just saw it last weekend on cable. I had very low expectations due to hearing it wasn't very good. I actually liked it vs what I expected. I liked the old cast coming back and how they were worked in for example. They had to go to another level for a new movie and so they did. Having a friendly alien group was an interesting twist that helped it have a purpose, I thought.


MJ said...

Rogue One - True on Dr Strange. Bought and watched that one this weekend too.

ID4 - 2 - felt that rather then call backs they just repeated alot.

Fios/Tivo - I am curious to see if you do. Starting to worry what else I did not get. Been recording for later so much. SIGH

Up for go live ! Not normally posting at 4:30 am !
Talk about it later when my brain functioning . LOL

Mike V. said...

R1 - Just saw my phone autocorrected "NERDIST" podcast to Nerdiest. Guess that applies too! lol

Fios/Tivo - Unfortunately, I'm way behind on that show so I'm not sure when I'll check it. But, I'll keep you posted. I did finally catch Modern Family from last week. Not bad, not the best. Still a great show.

Goldbergs - Have like 1 episode left of season 1. 5 minutes left of the ep before the finale (daughter woke up...ughhhhhh) was the one when Adam was trying to get his sister to see Return of the Jedi. I believe that was Thomas Lennon riding the Taun Taun in line. lol (The State, Reno 911, I think The new Odd Couple, Joey's identical hand twin)

This week I'm caught up on Better Call Saul, Americans, 24 and halfway through SHIELD.

Mike V. said...

Forgot to comment on your "GO LIVE" comment. I'm guessing that's some sort of elevation? lol

Supergirl - Confirmed that Calista Flockhart is returning for final 2 episodes of season!

Mike V. said...

Legends of Tomorrow - Just got a notification that season 2 is already on Netflix! I guess it finished up its season already? That's all primed to binge this off-season if I get time. I'm going off your recommendation MJ that season 2 is better than 1!

Anonymous said...

The Son--AMC has this new show that my wife told me about. So, we watched it together and I think it is going to be good. Stars Pierce Brosnan

Expanse finale next week.


Mike V. said...

The Son - MJ and I talked about it above somewhere and decided we weren't going to watch. I figured it would be up your alley though! It probably would be mine too if I had time to watch it. Maybe I'll catch up if I can. Keep me posted.

MJ said...

Saul - Mike and the car thing was funny - though I got confused about what he was doing at first. Was surprised Saul (Gene) ratted on the kid in the mall. But what's with the collapse ? Having trouble remembering - does Kim know that Jimmy purposely changed those number on his brother ? But it sure wasn't accidental that he had that aide hear the tape of Jimmy. My husband is convinced Gus Fring was the one who left the note on the car. Last year we couldn't kow that Gus would be on this season of course.

Bates - Holy crap ! I did not think romero would kill Chick. Was it because he did not want the story written or because Chick knew the escaped convict was in town ? Hmmm. Not sure. I think he thinks he's not making it out alive from going after Norman any way. Once they had Chick writing this story I thought he'd live and in the end be the one who tells this story. Loved all the split scenes with Norma and Norman both in it. But her grabbing him and slamming his head into the toilet and forcing him to rid himself of those meds ! Wow. Casue in reality he did it to himself. So crazy. I like that Norman really does care about Dylan - and wants to stop his alter-ego from hurting him. And Dylan was clever enough to know why the sherriff was telling him face to face about his mother-in-law. But we all know that Norman would never try to finger Madeliene - that's all Norma. But that look he/she gives Madeliene was chilling.

Americans - Very surprising that Gabriel wants to go home. And that they bring Paige to meet him ! Though Philip did not look happy about that. They have always sorta led us to believe that if anyone will turn it will be Philip - but because of that I wonder if it will in fact be Elizabeth ! Was it me or did Elizabeth actually like that tai chi ? Didn't seem like she was faking.

Shield - like the irony that yet again Ward is secretly a rebel. The guy never is a believer of whatever organization he is in. LOL
Mac bein forced to out Skye was hard to watch - even knowing he doesn't know her in the framework. was I the only one that wanted Fitz to see the pic of Simmons and just remember it all ? LOL I totally forgot that Aida was made in the image of Radcliff's wife. But damn - cold move by Fitz to kill that wife. If Daisy does not have her powers - how can they tell if she was inhuman ?

Go live - though you'd know that one ? Putting a new system live. LOL

Supergirl - I've missed her character.

Legends - yeah i haven't watched the finale but it is over. Yes - def better then 1. Funner and snarkier.

Mike V. said...

Go Live - Yeah, what we call an elevation. lol I did know it apparently just making sure.

That's a lot of commentary that I'll have to get back to when I have a minute! BUt I watched all of those shows. lol

Star Wars Celebration - Lots of good stuff happened today. George Lucas, Harrison ford, Hayden Christiansen, Ian McDiarmid, Anthony Daniels, Warwick Davis (Host/MC), Peter Mayhew (Chewie), Mark Hamill all showed up for the 40th Anniversary Panel...and they did a really big tribute to Carrie including John Williams with a full orchestra playing Leia's theme. Of course, I'm at work so I only caught bits and pieces. Looking forward to finishing later!

Mike V. said...

Saul - I assumed the note was related to Gus. Was the note from last season? I wasn't sure if we were just plopped in the middle of a new story or if it continued from last season. Post Breaking Bad scenes - I think this is the first time we heard him talk in these scenes. Not sure. I think they're all leaning towards him not being content in his "new life" and maybe one day once we're caught up to breaking bad we'll see what will be next for him. I don't remember if Kim knew about the number thing either.

Gonna hit these one at a time. (i'll be back for the next ones lol)

MJ said...

Saul - yes - the note on the car was from last year. But him then running to the junk yard and tearing apart his car - which is right after - was new

Happy easter every one

Mike V. said...

Last Jedi trailer! -

Live panel was awesome.

Mj sorry didn't respond to everything yet. Yesterday was busy and I'm off today but I'll get to them eventually lol

I have one more designated survivor to catch up!

MJ said...

iZombie - Loved, loved, loved Major on teen girl brains. LOL So funny. But Clive broke my heart a little. To learn that Wally even was the one to get Clive into GofT too. Girl who played the one who's mom killed her friend - she was very familiar. Have to look her up. But I object to the fact that IT peeps are always total nerds or nut jobs ! LOL But wy do they seem to be trusting this Vivian person ?

No worries ! I know what its like to be off. I am behind on Designated too so we are probably in same spot you are.

Jason B. said...

LOST / Talking with Chris Hardwick - Not sure if you guys heard about Hardwick's show that airs Sunday nights on AMC now, but on Facebook he said that Damon Lindelof is an upcoming guest. If you guys are interested I'll try to let you guys know what date he will be on it when I find out.

Mike V. said...

Thanks super j. Yeah I watched the Elijah wood episode. And I'll definitely watch lindelof. He's probably promoting season 3 of the leftovers which I'm hearing good things. He did The Watchpod podcast too on the bill Simmons network. They're going to release it after the 2nd episode airs.

Mike V. said...

Okay, finally at my desk with time! I'm going back and commenting on stuff MJ!

Saul - think we covered.

Bates - Yeah....Chick was shot dead! No messing around in the end game here. Interesting characters during the show's run...not really needed now! lol I have no idea why Romero killed him. It could be more of a "he doesn't have any Fs to give anymore" approach. lol But yeah maybe it was related to the book he was writing. Yeah I don't think Romero will survive either...then again, we don't know how this story ends. Maybe Norman gets killed by Romero and Romero goes back to jail, but somewhat satisfied that he took down a killer. Yes...both Norman (actor name slipping my mind) and Vera are bringing their A game this year. Agree...if Madeline gets'll be Norma's doing....but I think Norma is trying to get Norman to a place where the killings are his idea. Definitely a chilling look!

Americans - Gabriel seemed to be remorseful for sending Philip's son back. Good point on Elizabeth. Seems too obvious for Phil to turn. Or she may turn WITH Philip because she loves him. But didn't she just lie to Philip about some mission she got sent on to spend more time with the crop dude in Oklahoma? Seems like she's enjoying her time there a bit toooo much.

SHIELD - Well yeah of course we wanted Fitz to remember it all. They really have turned Fitz and Simmons into a bit of a tragic romance. Can't help but root for them. was a cool way to show that the stakes are real in the construct or whatever they're calling it. (killing Radcliff's wife) If their corporal form is gone, then whatever they are in the construct is all that's left. I'm enjoying this subplot. Good stuff.

Go Live - Did I already talk about this? Yes of course I understood it. We just don't call it that! lol

Supergirl - me too on Cat. Glad she'll be back. Saw Superman will be back too. That was kind of a no brainer though. Can't introduce him and then not bring him back for the finale!

Leftovers - season 3 premiere was last night. Fantastic!

Designated - All caught up!

Mike V. said...

Bates - Figured he couldn't stay in prison for the end of the show. Didn't see Emma going to visit Norman, but it makes sense. They needed one more scene together. Really no clue how this one is going to end, but wouldn't surprise me if Romero, Dylan and Norman all die. lol But this season has been fantastic.

24 - Well, it was a decent spinoff/continuation. A little sad no Jack Bauer update/cameo...but as the plot continued it didn't seem like it would fit. I was surprised there was no shocking cliffhanger at the end. I guess the look of Eric's wife being worried that he is continuing with the job is meant to be a cliffhanger? But a soft one in case the season isn't renewed.

Saul - Halfway through....Saul just ordered at Los Pollos, no sign of Gus yet. :) Love the new paralegal at Saul's office and his "training". lol

MJ said...

Talking - yup - been watching, Just had cast of Silicon Valley on. Not bad show

No Bates or Saul yet. Tonight for sure.

Leftovers - I won't get to that til summer cause have to watch Season 2

Designated - I also am caught up. Whole gun vote thing. But bunker was creepy. that's all I remember. LOL

MJ said...

Whew - not been around for a few days.

Saul - daaamn. They so set Jimmy up. And used that poor kid to do it. I watched so very carefully and never saw Gus give that guy with the knapsack any kind of wave-off not to leave the bag. He is good ! Fun with the cell in the middle of the road on the tracker. They made me very tense when they were showing Mike looking down that road over the hill. I was worried someone was on the other side to hit him or shoot him or something. Loved Kim doing the ' gimme a buck - now I'm your lawyer' bit that we'd seen Saul do on BB. And I guess I was not aware of the love of Cracker Barrel by the geriatric set.

Bates - Not saying that I blame Emma for being upset - but she's taking it out on Dylan. I know - he's been lying to her for 2 years and that was wrong - but it's not like her mom was in her life for years. LOL My husband disagreed with me that Emma was being wrong to Dylan. I know that Norman/Norma does not want to be institutionalized - but does he really think he can avoid jail ? I knew that romero wouldn't just kill Norman right there in the jail - cause that would be too easy. But it actually would have made more sense. Romero has to know that he's either dying or going back to jail. So if killing Norman is your goal - why not do it right there and then and hand yourself over to the cops ? Found it interesting that Emma knew is was Norma immediately ! I'm not sure that it was ever explained to her that he has the split personality ? Must have been - cause she picked it up immediately. Is next week the finale ? SIGH

iZombie - not that the brains looked appetizing - but Liv made them ok. But that tube stuff is nasty ! LOL Major is not doing too good these days though. Please don't kill off Major ! But not sure I want Blaine to get his memory back - he's such a jerk then.

Americans - didn't get to it yet. Tonight hopefully.

Mike V. said...

Talking - I watched the Silicon Valley one as well. If you like those sitdowns you should really check out the Nerdist Podcast. He used to have 3 a week with some pretty interesting people. Now he's doing like 1 a week. The conversations are always pretty interesting and pass the commute time for me.

Saul - Yeah Jimmy got played bad! Yeah, Gus definitely did something when he was over at that table right? Jimmy was not good at being nonchalant about his spying. But he's not a spy either. lol Ahhhh...didn't even piece together the "gimme a buck" thing. I knew Id seen it before though. It's not just the older folk that love Cracker Barrel. It's the SOUTH! Therefore, my wife, kids and I love stopping at the CB on our road trips. lol And sometimes we'll go out of our way to get to the ones closer to us.

Bates - I think Emma is more upset over the fact that Dylan has been put in a place where he has to choose helping Norman's defense vs. standing by her side. Then again, what's her face (new girl looks like Norma) entirely blamed Dylan for not doing anything about it before. Definitely would've made more sense for Romero to shoot Norman right there. But, maybe he wants to be able to get away after he does it. But you're probably right. He probably knows he's not getting out of this alive or out of prison. I think Emma definitely knew about the split personality. Even if she didn't find out on screen, surely Dylan told her in the years they were living together. But, I'm pretty sure she was let in on the family secret. Next week is the finale. Yep. Glad I can wrap it up before Disney World! :)

iZombie - Love that Liv mixed up the drinks and Ravi almost drank it. Well it seems Major is going to take the cure regardless when the time comes. I doubt they'll kill him off. But you never know with these shows. Agree on Blaine. Of course he was a jerk, but he was an interesting character at least. He plays evil pretty well. lol

Americans - I'm caught up on that as well. I'll hold my comments.

Designated - still caught up!

MJ said...

iZombie - yes - i do like Jerky Blaine as a character - but interesting as not a jerk. Totally forgot the coffee thing with Ravi.

Bates - Romero stated he wanted to take Norman to see his mother. Guess since Chick told him that Norman had dug her up Romero wants to know where she is. Yeah - Madeleine blaming Dylan was harsh - really Norma to blame - but she's not there to take it so....

Disney ! LOl Have fun ! was just talking to someone else who is going in August.

Mike V. said...

iZombie - Yeah still interesting as not a jerk. You know, I've always assumed he's been lying about the memory loss this whole time. I guess at this point we're meant to believe he actually did lose them. But there could be a twist where Major takes the cure and doesn't lose his memories...and that would let us know Blaine has been lying. The problem is...if they've developed the cure, then isn't the show over? Unless someone puts a stop to them distributing the cure or making any more of it.

Bates - Ohhh right. Yeah I think chick did tell Romero about digging up Norma. That was why he wanted to keep Norman alive. Yes...ACTUAL Norma was to blame. Dylan was really dealing with his own crap.

Thanks on Disney! Lots of people I know have gone this past year as well. We'll be down there for my daughter's 3rd Bday :) Next time we go we'll make sure Star Wars Land is open! lol

Mike V. said...

GofT - Season 7 photos. This makes me think a trailer is coming soon.

MJ said...

iZombie - huh - I have not thought Blaine was faking. If he is then he si good - acting like he didn't know that guy was his a-hole dad. True enough - where do they go if the cure had the issue of memory fixed ? I guess this new rogue company can try to stop it all.

Disney - yeah - I am waiting for Star Wars completion too. But parks will be mobbed then. Sigh.

Americans - WTH was that in the end with Gabriel ? Tells Elizabeth Paige doing so good - but tells Phillip she should not be in the plan ? What game is he playing ? I can't see the purpose. Husband thinks he did not tell that to Elizabeth since she is so hard core that she would not take it well and maybe try to push paige more. Don't know that I agree with that though. Is he trying to help Phillip save his kid from their life in guilt over Mischa ? Don't seem right either

MJ said...

Americans - Felt sorry for paige breaking up with Matthew cause she feels she is hiding who she is. Interesting - but not surprising - that they did not tell her that they were wrong and the US was not trying to sabotage USSR wheat. Also interesting that Stan is keeping his job by a thread - feel like this is moving things into place for final season next year. And didn't Gabriel seem outright annoyed when Phillip asked if Stand G-friend was a plant ?

Scandal - stopped watching but want to know - Did Liv and Pres get married ? Also - heard a big death - who was it ?

Shield - Too bad they killed Mace - he'd just got interesting. Took me a few to remember Trip though from season 1! So Ftiz's one change was to have his dad in his life - and that made him evil ? Not quite right in my opinion - Ophelia certainly has guided his evilness too. Really good acting by the guy playing Fitz though ! And now May has turned. Don't think she has remembered her real life but she does have that soft spot for kids - and Hydra not caring about killing those kids has made her change her mind.

Mike V. said...

Not much time to comment right now, but I'll do the Scandal one

Scandal - They didn't get married. That was all part of a "what would've happen if Defiance never happened" 100th episode spectacular. It was an interesting episode and it informed a decision for Olivia. But kind of a waste of an episode too. lol

The death was Portia Del Rossi's character. I forget her name. This new threat means business, but they're also horribly casted. lol Especially the woman.

MJ said...

Scandal - damn - i saw a wedding pic. Didn't realize fake. LOL And didn't know Portia De Rossi was on so....LOL But thanks

Mike V. said...

Scandal -Oh yeah, she's been on the show for a few seasons now. I forget her role, but she had a bit of jealousy when the Attorney General was sleeping with the VP and enjoying it when they also had something on the side too.

Disney – yep star wars land will most certainly be mobbed! They’re also rumored to be building a star wars themed hotel. I’m in!!

Americans – Yeah I kept thinking Gabriel was going to spill the beans on Mischa in that final meeting, but instead he went with Paige. I’m sure there’s something tying the 2 together in his mind there. But it was certainly odd and even Philip was caught off guard. Agree on the breakup and on the fact that they didn’t tell Paige what they learned. Gabriel certainly seemed annoyed at Philip asking about the girlfriend.

SHIELD – yeah that is crazy they killed off Mace. But I guess someone had to die in the framework to prove out that theory that it’s possible. Yeah I barely remembered Trip too! Yeah Fitz actor definitely getting some good material this season. Agree, changing one thing in his life is a stretch.

Anonymous said...

GoT--teaser is out. It shows cold,lol Couldn't recognize the throne Dany sat on.

Anonymous said...

The Son, really liking this show. Waiting for a shoe to drop though. 7 more eps this season and it looks like a S2 is going to happen.


Mike V. said...

GoT - that teaser has been out for awhile. I meant like a trailer with actual footage. Figured it might air this Sunday before The Leftovers...but nope!

The Leftovers - This show is still phenomenal. They definitely found the humor in the show starting in season 2 and 3 has continued it. Opening credits were fantastic in season 2...but what just happened in season 3 episode 2 I can't even comment on because it's hilarious and surprisingly fitting for the episode. (music and actual credits) I know no one is watching, but when you do don't skip the credits!

MJ said...

Leftovers - ok I will try to remember that.

Bates finale tonight. I am staying up to watch ! And there is a post show called the Final Check Out.

Star Wars hotel ? That would be awesome !

Mike V. said...

Bates - I'll watch first thing in the morning! thanks for heads up on the post show.

MJ said...

Leftovers - saw headline that they did a take off of Perfect Strangers. LOL

Tivo - meant to say - was def a Tivo issue with missing eps and the Modern Family thing. Cause last week it did an update and then that Modern Family episode went into the folder with the rest of them. Still don't know why 2 episodes of Powerless are actually Trial and error though. LOL

Mike V. said...

Leftovers - yup that was part of it. Lol

TiVo - nice on the modern family episode. I hope there wasn't one since that ep because I haven't seen it! Lol

Bates - I haven't watched yet but the tweets started rolling in. First thing in morning!

MJ said...

Tivo - no - its been in repeats

Bates - well I won't say much but to say I was surprised how they went - but it was good. No complaints. And the half hour post show was cute. Vera is a big smart ass. LOL

Blacklist - wow - 2 back to back great episodes. I know from last week but just watched last night.

Anonymous said...

Blacklist--I haven't watched in some time but did catch those 2 eps. Lots of background info, many answers. But, "who's your Daddy?" Interesting that Katarina wasn't even sure.


Mike V. said...

Bates - I watched it! Yeah it was really good. I think I saw a quote from Cuse in a tweet that said "It was the only way to end it." or something like that. It made sense for it to be Dylan and Norman in the end. And of course, Dead Mom. lol The callbacks to season 1 were nice too. I watched like 10 minutes of the after special. (Right before the fan Q&A) It was all handled really well. I'll follow Cuse and Lindelof on any of their future projects! (Well, except Colony because I fell too far behind lol)

Caught up on Saul.

Started Supergirl....didn't get to Gotham. Tuesday is a crap ton of shows and then Wednesday off to DW. I'm going to fall behind! Which is a shame because I Just started a Star Wars Episodes 1-7 (With Rogue One in between) marathon. Only through Phantom Menace (which held up much better for me this time actually). The rest are on my iPad for the trip. But I'm fooling myself if I think I'm going to get to watch any of it. lol

MJ said...

Blacklist - loved getting Mr. Kaplans back story finally. And she is right - by protecting Liz she kept her promise to Red.

Saul - tonight. SuperG too.

Bates - I was going to be ticked if Dylan died ! And I am sure we all saw it coming that Norman was grabbing that gun out of Romero's waist band. Was so interesting his total break then - going to the hotel - checking those people in - cooking dinner for him mom and Dylan. Even calling Dylan like he'd never come the White Pine Bay. It was like a total reset for him. Poor Norman - nothing on his grave stone. Sad really. Also so was when Norman left him - saying she had nothing to protect him from any more. Actually felt sorry for him. I thought Norman would live and we'd see the future and he would be in an institution sitting there smirking and acting like Norma. But I very much liked the way they ended this one. And I guess the scene at the end with Emma and Dylan was a few years in the future since their toddler was like 3 in that scene. Glad they got the happy ending.

Xfiles - I see they are getting 10 ep season 11. Not that excited really

Anonymous said...

BL--I think that she thought she was defending Liz and keeping her promise. But, she put Liz in danger from Red's perspective. I can see both. And Red had more broad knowledge about the situation and so that combined with him being her boss makes it I think more in his favor. It's a tragedy where passions reigned.


MJ said...

BL - true enough.

Mike V. said...

Bates - Yeah I agree. It certainly was leaning towards Dylan dying so I'm glad he didn't. Definitely knew Romero was a dead man once he turned his back to Norman. Nothing on the gravestone....yeah it stood out much more due to the long message under Norma's. Funny...I did think it was awkward that Norman's name was already on the gravestone after Norma's funeral...never really considered we'd see it updated by the end of the show. Yep...I was still worried in that little look forward that Dylan and Emma wouldn't be together. It was nice that they ended on that happy note.

XFiles - yeah I saw that too. They ended on a cliffhanger so I assumed more was coming. I'm sure I'll tune for excitement? Yeah I dunno. lol

MJ said...

Zombie - I have to confess i don't remember Natalie getting 'away'. thought she was frozen in his hidden lockers ? I'm tired of sad sack Ravi - but have to admit that gossip-monger Liv updating him on Blain/Peyton was wonderfully painful to watch. FYI - accidently saw scenes for next week - Liv eats Dominatrix brain.

Saul - Just want to say - Chuck has always been a gray area for me. While he can be a jerk he was always skewed in such a way that you could see how he felt and how Jimmy made him feel. The law is everything to him and it really does kill him that Jimmy gets to cheat and lie and go to crappy schools and do well. It just does not compute for Chuck - and I got that. But now - he flat out lied to Jimmy when he said that sure Jimmy will get in a little trouble but that this will help him get his crap together and become a better lawyer. That was never his intention and that is now made clear to us. He only wants to bring him down. Jimmy is right - Chuck will suffer one of he melt downs and have no one there to help or care. And it was really crappy that he fired Ernesto.
Loved the callback to season one with Jimmy and Kim hiding outside sharing a smoke. Gus/Mike thing was cool. Had to laugh cause I always wondered why I see sneakers hanging from overhead wires ! LOL Clever set-up with making the guys think hunters were around. And what could any one be hunting in the desert ? Hysterical that Mike hit the right sneaker at the right time - but I'll go with it.

Designated - up to date but nothing to say about it.

Mike V. said...

Saul - All good points. I agree that Chuck will have a breakdown with no one there to help him. I'm starting to think that maybe Saul/Kim eventually have a falling out during the breaking bad era....and maybe they meet back up in the future cinnabon era. Some kind of happy ending for Jimmy/Saul. Agreed on the Gus/Mike stuff and the sneakers.

Americans - Caught up, Supergirl and Flash - Caught up

Didn't get to Zombie and will probably have to wait for a double header next week!

Started SHIELD, not sure I'll finish before I head out this afternoon.

MJ said...

Disney - oh wow - didn't realize you left today! Enjoy ;-)

Saul - Nah - I think her leaving might be a last straw allowing him to become Saul

MJ said...

Supergirl - They had our Ravi on ! That was a cool surprise. So - Kara's hair is as flame/explosion retardant as her suit ? LOL Just saying.

Shield - this show has been great lately. It better get renewed. Loved Aida/Ophelia flying out that window ! Great moment for Skye and Ward too.

Americans - they showed us Martha weeks ago - I wonder how or if she will come into play with Oleg ? Couldn't tell if Elizabeth telling Paige about getting raped was to manipulate her - or genuinely sharing her history to explain that she doesn't need to be afraid if she learns to fight.

MJ said...

Flash - so since Caitlin seems to know Savitar alot of speculation that it is Ronnie now. I dunno. A future Barry seems a little less likely but still not out of the running. Can it be Malfoy ???

Fargo - don't know that any one is watching but has been really good this season.

Leslie - I hope you are ok after all those storms in East Texas over the weekend

Mike V. said...

I'm back! Great trip! Of course behind on shows. Did a double shot of SHIELD and am caught up, watched Supergirl and started flash from this week. But I still have to do Americans, Saul, 2 izombies and a few other things.

I've heard Fargo has been awesome EVERY year...and I just have never had time to dive in! I watched a couple of the 1st season.

SHIELD - I agree. it has been awesome this season. Especially the 2nd half! Next week is the 2 hour finale. Fitz is definitely going to have some issues to recover from with his stint in the framework. Mack is still in there. Surely he can't stay in there and stay alive. I'm sure that whole facility where he's "sleeping" won't stay standing by the end of next week.

Mike V. said...

Flash - did you watch, MJ? I'm caught up, but won't say anything.

Mike V. said...

Thrones Spinoffs - HBO has 4 in the works to see which one/ones will stick. lol I'm sure one of them is Rob's Rebellion timeline.

Anonymous said...

spinoffs--I HOPE GRRM is NOT working on those now! I HOPE he's trying to finish the books!


Need to go see Guardians 2. I hear pretty good.


MJ said...

Shield - this week is the finale ? Ugh !

Flash - yes - caught up ! LOL Never got to comment. So we were right - it was a Future Barry. An arrogant one at that - calling himself God of Speed. LOL Not sure i get it though - he goes back in time and kills the love of his life ? Hmmmm.

Guardians 2 - going May 17th. Doing malvern for 2 days so off 17th - go to movie while all the kiddies are in school. ;-D

Been catching up to Modern Family and Goldbergs - which I got terrible behind on. Been good on both.

Disney - how was it ? What's new there ? Any new Star Wars stuff yet ?

Mike V. said...

spinoffs - oh I'm sure he's being consulted and it's delaying the damn book. lol

Guardians 2 - just finished rewatching guardians 1, but my son has no interest in going to the theater to see 2 with me. Neither does my wife. I'm screwed! lol I'm hearing good things as well.

SHIELD - 2 hour finale I believe. I'm relieved! Got plenty of crap to watch. lol

Flash - I wouldn't even say WE...that was all you. I just thought it sounded pretty feasible after you mentioned it! lol You called it back when you were considering double meaning with "I am the Future Flash" lol I didn't even do a second take.

Guardians 2 again - I may have to go during work hours one day. lol

MF/Goldbergs - I'm behind on MF an ep I think. GB...still in season 2.

Disney - Awesome trip! We went 2 years ago so nothing new yet. Pandora (Avatar) opens this month so we just missed that. Star Wars stuff - they do have Captain Phasma and the first order troops march down Hollywood studios sunset blvd (or whatever the main drag is) every hour on the hour. Pretty awesome. And they have the Launch Bay with memorabilia and meeting characters. We met BB8, Kylo Ren (very intimidating very awesome)...and CHEWIE!!! The jawas loved messing with Parker....and the troopers harassed him asking if he was with the resistance or the first order (he had a lightsaber shirt on that had red, blue and green sabers)....they said they were going to keep their eye on him. lol It was a fun experience. Frozen ride in Norway was new too...but you could tell it was the old Maelstorm ride with a frozen facelift. lol still pretty awesome. It was very hot down there...unseasonably so, but we survived and have lots of great memories!

ONCE UPON A TIME - feels like they're wrapping up the main plot....just found out Jennifer Morrison is leaving the show at the end of season her story will pretty much end but the door is open for her to return. The producers have a plan to keep going with season 7 but said they will wrap up the main story they've been building for 6 years this year. There was a musical episode last night. not too bad!

MJ said...

Once - I saw that headline ! Was surprised they would go on without her. But I guess she 'saved Storybrook' years go. LOL And I heard she got married. Jeez - 6 years. I think I stopped after 3 - during Peter Pan maybe.

Spinoffs - yeah I heard they are trying several ways. Not sure I am going to bother with them to be honest. We shall see

American Idol - hear it's coming back ! LOL

Disney - Oh - I thought Pandora open already. Probably better off missing it - will be very crowded. Had a huge fan base. I like it - but didn't love the movie.

Strangely I am caught up on currently airing shows. Just waiting a week or so to start bingeing the stuff I've let linger (Vikings, Underground, Shots Fired, all Netflix stuff, etc etc). I still haven't seen Season 2 of Black Mirror ! Plus a few that just started (Veep, Silicon) that I purposely am letting linger for a few weeks.

Americans - finally got some Martha. All I will say

Mike V. said...

ONCE - They've set it up so that this season 6 story is what she's ultimately been destined to do as savior. There also have been multiple Dark Ones and Saviors that preceded Gold and Swan...and even Swan became the Dark One last season. lol But it's apparently all been building up to this. (I'm sure they did not have it planned all along, but they did it in an interesting way) The musical episode last night is when she got married...Now there will be a 2 hour finale. The show isn't renewed yet but signs are pointing to it being renewed. It'll be interesting how they set 7 up. (or not that interesting at all lol)

Spinoffs - Dunk and Egg is another set of short stories GRRM wrote that take place in westeros 100 years before the Thrones era. Egg is Maester Aemon's brother that became King Aegon Targaryan or something. But this is when he was a knight. I have them but haven't read them. Then there's Rob's Rebellion....there's the whole First Men stories they could go into and the building of the wall. You could just dive into one of the realms in the 7 kingdoms and do a whole story there. Lots of potential. I'll probably be all in on it. D&D would be involved as producers but not showrunners.

Idol - Yep on ABC. Not official yet, but it's related to Seacrest's signing on to LIVE with Kelly and Ryan. I'm sure I won't be able to resist considering they're throwing around ideas like Kelly Clarkson as a judge....but with it being Sunday nights, I doubt I'll return to recapping!

Disney - Nope..we missed it by a few weeks. I did see behind one of the walls blocking us from Pandora you could see one of the floating rocks. Avatar was a decent film and amazing 3D experience...but I think this park is a gamble for Disney. Sure, people will want to go on the rides since they're new...but Cameron's 3 sequels have been in the works forever now and have been pushed to 2020 (the man just likes putting out films every 10 years. But hey when you have the 2 top grossing films of all time when they came out....I guess you earned the ability to take your time) I just don't think there is a feverish following to the franchise, mainly because the franchise doesn't really exist yet. But, with the movies coming, and Disney already having a has potential to be a big thing. Combine that with Star Wars and Toy Story lands...people are going to have to book full weeks to do everything.

Binge Shows - I'm sure this doesn't matter, but I think you mean season 3 of Black Mirror... Season 1 and 2 were 3 episodes each plus the holiday special with Jon Hamm. All great. But I think you watched them all. Season 3 is 6 episodes.

I'm caught up on Silicon Valley and Americans - yep Martha! And the return of the high school girl. I thought I was watching the wrong season for a second when she was suddenly back. lol

Mike V. said...

Leftovers (no spoilers) - Just continuing to sing praises of the show. It's out there, but season 3 is no less great than season 2. You won't regret watching when you do!

MJ said...

Americans - yeah was also shocked to bring Kimmy back. Had to really wrack my brain to remember her little story. LOL Then I remembered being a little grossed out by that story.

Black Mirror - yes ! I did mean season 3.

Binge - yeah - leftovers is on that list too. Also Feud and Big Little Lies.

Mike V. said...

Americans - agreed on all counts!

Binge - Another good one that could take you all summer at this point is The 100. It only fell into the "LOST with High Schoolers" for the first 6 or 7 episodes before it got really good. lol And it really is a mature show for the CW. Plus, you get a weekly (daily when binging) dose of Desmond!

I've fallen behind again on Designated Survivor, am halfway through last night's Saul. We've caught up on Scandal. Behind on Prison Break and don't care. 2 behind on iZombie. Haven't restarted Gotham since it returned from hiatus. Don't miss it. A lot of things should be wrapping up in the next couple weeks so I should catch up.

Leslie said...

Idol - Well, it's official! Coming to ABC. Convenient since Ryan Seacrest is on LIVE now. Yep, I'll tune in. (I haven't had time to check in lately, but I love that you guys are still here!.)

13 Reasons Why - Did anybody watch this on Netflix?

Prison Break - We've been watching from the start. Neither of us had seen it, but we both like it. We started doing that before we knew it was making a return, so I've been recording them. I think we're about halfway through Season 2. In that season, they did some filming in Fate, Texas which is just a little east of the Dallas area. My husband grew up near there, so he recognized the location! Pretty funny!

Mike V. said...

Hi Leslie! Welcome back

Idol - Yeah I won't know how to stay away...especially if KC judges. (that's a hike for her living in Nashville, but Keith did it. lol Think they were negotiating NYC as home base for Ryan but the studio said Hollywood is a must) As for recapping...I don't think I'll have it in me but we'll see how good it is!

13 reasons - nope didn't! any good?

PB - season 1 was awesome. Then it sorta becomes a "why is this show still on?" They always found ways to keep it going, but it becomes a stretch. Same goes for this latest season. lol But as long as you're on board with the characters it's still entertaining! I'll probably catch up eventually.

Leslie said...

Idol - Yeah, it would be great if Kelly became a judge. I wonder who else they are considering? Kelly with Keith and Harry would work for me. I thought they did a great job!

13 Reasons - It was well done on a difficult subject. It's a great thing for parents to watch with their kids (age appropriate) because it can open up lines of communication. I heard it's getting a second season. Reminds us that we all need to be kinder toward each other because you never know what someone is going through.

Mike V. said...

Idol - Yeah J-Lo is a judge on some dance show on NBC now and she's on that TV show on NBC as well. So they seem to own her. I could see Keith and Harry coming back. Add in Kelly and that could be a winning combo. It would bring me back as a viewer for sure.

13 Reasons - Ahh gotcha. We may not be ready for that in my household yet! :)

Leslie said...

13 Reasons - Oh definitely, yours are still too young for that!

Mike V. said...

Sleepy hollow cancelled. :(

MJ said...

Sleepy - Whaaaat ? Boo ! But not surprised. SIGH I actually liked the new characters this season - tho I know alot of people stopped watching after the Abby debacle. Never did quite hear why they fired her.

13 Reasons - I know it was a book and very popular. I have it in my Netflix queue - might get around to it sometime this summer

Saul - Chuck is a jerk - but man - Jimmy is becoming Saul !

Curt Sminkey said...

Butzo! Boooo! No Leftover's recap? ;-)

I can't comprehend a damon lindelof show on my own!

It's been a while since I've been here, my friend (probably since Fringe). Glad to see your keeping it going. Hope all is good!

Mike V. said...

Sminkey - how's it going? Naaa sadly, no one that frequents here stayed current on the Leftovers ship except me. But, I'm much happier to just watch that one and let it sit rather than to have to try and recap it. Great show though, and loving the final season.

Plus, I'm trying to wind down my recapping these days. Not a whole lot of time to do it! All is good though. Thanks for checking in, good to hear from you!


Sleepy - I'm not surprised either. I think people had abandoned the show even before the Abby thing. They hated seasons 2 and 3. I don't know why they fired her either. I always found the show enjoyable and they left it in a good place at the end of this season. Sure, there will be no final battle for the "witnesses" but they were enjoying their job of monster hunting. lol

Saul - That was a really good episode. Chuck is definitely a jerk. In the preview for next week I heard the name "SAUL GOODMAN" mentioned. Not sure what that means, but yeah he certainly is becoming Saul.

SHIELD - No Spoilers. Good episode this week. But NEXT week is the finale (not this week). And looks like it'll only be an hour. So there WERE 2 hours left, they just aired over 2 weeks. lol

FLASH - AHHHH A remnant! The whole amnesia thing is tired for television, but it kinda worked on The Flash. lol 2 eps left this season. I think most stuff wraps up in 2 weeks. That's when I can catch up!

Mike V. said...

Leftovers - One more thing. You can always go to to read about the show. That's usually what I do after an episode. The best comments always are moved to the top of any Reddit discussion.

MJ said...

Saul - was the guy who slipped the battery in Chuck's jacket the heavy dude that body guards for Saul in BB ?? I thinl so - only slimmer. Yeah - my husband said they said it. I didn't watch.

Shield - Didn't watch but meant to say last week - i was very sad that we couldn't get Trip back. And surely this week they went and got Mack ! LOL i will watch tonight.

Mike V. said...

Saul - I thought the same thing, but then thought he looked a little different. Maybe it was the slimmer part that threw me off! I looked it up on Reddit. His character name is Huell and yes it's the same guy!

SHIELD - no comment! :)

Mike V. said...

Timeless - cancelled :( I never finished. Guess I won't! Lol

Mike V. said...

Scandal - to end next season.

MJ said...

Timeless was cancelled ? I'm mixing it up with Time after Time - so Timeless with the ER doctor on it ? Damn ! Liked that one.

Scandal - yeah I've been hearing it needs to end. LOL I enjoyed the first few years.

iZombie - Don't read til caught up. But we've been Blained ! LOL We did discuss the possibility - and it came to pass.

Shield - have watched now - have to dash to a meeting but will comment when I get back

MJ said...

Cancellations: Seriously ? - Gotham gets renewed but not Sleepy and Timeless ? Idgits. And I also watch Underground - which may be cancelled cause WGN was bought and might be going all non-scripted tv. Like A&E just did.

Shield - So Aida made herself human - and inhuman ? She can teleport - and does stuff with electricity too ? I'd forgotten that May wasn't May way back when Ghost Rider left. LOL Seems so very long ago. How many times has Talbot showed up (still looking like a Hitler wanna be) to take Shield group into custody and then just doesn't ? LOL Loved the shield doing the Face Off thing ! LOL The whole May/Coulsen catching up part was hysterical.

Talking with Chris - Charlie Hunnam was on ! Still miss SOA. But not going to watch the spin off.

Mike V. said...

Cancellations - Yeah I know. Eric Kripke is working on another venue to keep Timeless going, but you know how well that worked with Revolution. lol

SHIELD - Seems that way with Aida. She's flat out nuts! Yeah I remembered the May stuff. Tough to keep track of though. Speaking of Ghost Rider...he's back for the finale!

T w/ C - Yeah I watched some of the Charlie Hunnam one. Chris actually posts these on his nerdist podcast so I caught James Corden that way. Still waiting for Lindelof! lol

Americans - watched...nothing to comment right now. lol

Mike V. said...

Scandal - I've actually been enjoying this season but it's been over the top. Once Fitz is out of office (I'm guessing next season) it seems time to wrap it up.

iZombie - Should catch up tomorrow morning. I'm 2.5 behind. lol

MJ said...

Supergirl - wow they sure made Lena a little needy and a lot naive in this episode. LOL

Americans - not sure I understand Paige's desire to show those pages to her parents ? If she were a more calculating character I'd say that she wanted her parents to see that others think their behavior is monstrous. But she's not that way. But why would she think they should see that ? I know she said it was about his travels so they could find a place for Tim to go that would be good for him - but she could have not photographed the monster page. So is this her way of telling her parents that she too thinks this is true ? Or to highlight how she feels about a future of living lies and never having anyone close to her ? She already stated that her brother would be better off not living there but at that school he wants to go to.

Flash - not even going to try to understand how Savitar is a time remnant - just going with it. LOL Nice that they are letting Iris be involved - ya know - since she is the one who is supposedly dying soon. I wonder if it is a running joke in the writers room just how many people can just walk into Star labs when they want. Like - after Caitlyn went bad you'd think they would change the codes ? Just saying. Meant to say last week - do you recognize tracy ? She was Jenifer Garner's sister on Alias - the one whom Jennifer lived with who had the kids.

Not Cancelled - iZombie and Goldbergs ! Yay. G-berg actually renewed for 2 like Mod Fam.

Mike V. said...

Supergirl - Yeah the show isn't the greatest with consistent character traits. lol

Americans - I don't get that either with Paige, especially after seeing the content of them. I really don't know where they're going to go with the Paige character. Like are we honestly expected to believe she will convert to a Russian Spy while being raised as an American?? No matter how slow they make the transition I don't know if I'll ever buy it. lol

Flash - It made sense to me when they said it (Remnant), but now I'm not so sure. It had something to do with the ZOOM battle last season and then flashpoint. I did recognize Tracy, but not from Alias. You'll laugh. I think she had a one episode stint in FRIENDS as Mike's post Phoebe girlfriend, "Precious" whom Phoebe breaks up with her FOR Mike. I can't for the life of me remember her on Alias though. I thought Sydney's sister was the girl with black hair? Nora/Nina? something like that.

iZombie/GOldbergs/modernfamily - yep good stuff! Modern Family was great this week. lol oh and

BBT - did anyone see that moment coming at the end? I should've (my wife did) but I didn't. Wonder why they left it as a cliffhanger?? Makes me wonder what the answer will be.

iZombie - I totally called it, if you recall! lol We definitely have been Blained. But were we??? He had the recipe for the memory formula at the end and was making it. Why??? Oh and I think i saw a tweet this week from Rob Thomas that said "don't trust the cure". duh. lol

MJ said...

iZombie - you totally did call it ! But oh - don't trust the cure ? Hmmm.

Shield - renewed ! Always nervous about this one !

MJ said...

Flash - read this - guess it makes some sense

“Once upon a time, an evil speedster Savitar murdered the love of Barry Allen’s life. Circa 2020, (Emo)Barry created time remnants of himself to fight the speedster. Savitar killed everybody except for one remnant.

Barry’s friends shunned the remnant because it wasn’t the “real Barry”. The saddened Barry remnant fell into an endless pit of angst and despair. He was overcome with hate and eventually became…Savitar.”

Anyway, remember the message 2065 Barry sent telling the Legends not to trust him? He was referring to SavitarBarry.

Mike V. said...

SHIELD - i always assume it'll be fine due to the MCU movie tie-ins. IT's always more than just the ratings. Plus this season was actually pretty decent. But exciting nonetheless!

Flash - ohhhh right...duh. He learned how to make time remnants against zoom. The new time remnant is from defeating savitar.

Good call on the 2065 Barry....forgot all about that.

Mike V. said...

Timeless - uncancelled and renewed! Lol

Anonymous said...

BBT--I didn't see the proposal coming. And agree the answer isn't certain. He was blind sided when everyone else saw it coming from the other girl though. Actors agreed to I think 2 more years.

The Son--Getting better and it started off great.


Mike V. said...

The Son - I heard it got picked up for s2.

BBT - Yeah they agreed to 2 more. Shows just don't end these days. Even when they do they come back! lol

ONCE - Decent finale that wrapped up the main 6 season arc and set something up for a slimmer original cast and adding some new members. I can see how it still ties in to the original story thread and how they could bring back original characters as needed. I don't know if the ratings will hold up though, so I could see this being a short 1 season stint and then closing the book (pun intended?).

Mike V. said...

Thrones/Other Westeros Shows/ Winds of Winter - GRRM's latest blog update. Talks a lot about the next Westeros shows but at end gives an update on Winds. Basically, he's still working on it but very busy

Anonymous said...

GoT--diversity is hurting this guy and getting the book out. Why can't he stay forcused, lol.
Oh well, as he says it will be done when it's done. I've kind of quit hoping for it anytime before the show ends.


Mike V. said...

Yeah, he’s working on a lot of great stuff. It’s just unfortunate that it’s taking its toll on the book. You never know, it could be writer’s block too. Everyone knows he’s a slow writer. And the books are huge. You’re probably right on the timing with the show. It’s a fool’s hope to think it’ll come any sooner. Lol I’ll keep on being that fool though!

Mike V. said...

Supergirl - Was great to see Cat again, but wow that was some painful dialogue and excuses for her hanging out with the POTUS lol The whole scene with her bartering a truce between Lois Lane and Wonder Woman was pretty painful! It's a shame she didn't get to talk to KARA instead of Supergirl too. I figured she'd just be let in the loop at this point....but it was a funny joke that she knew right away who Guardian was because of the eyes through the slit....yet can't figure out Kara is Supergirl because of glasses. lol And Superman Returns (pun intended) just in time for the finale!

Saul - I saw where it was going by the end on why he had to change his name. But it was a pretty plausible reason. Gus setting up his facility and Don Carlo (or whatever his name is) building his rivalry with gus is all interesting stuff too. Oh and they brought in that woman from the final season of BB. I forget her name but she gets eventually what's coming to her with the ricin I believe. lol

Designated - 3 behind, but resumed work on them now that I'm caught up on iZombie again.

Goldbergs - continuing progress on season 2. Thanksgiving episode was great with Nintendo/The Wizard/The Powerglove/Jazzercise and Power Walking lol The episode after was hoverboard related. All stuff I can relate too! (well not the exercise stuff besides knowing it existed! lol)

Roseanne - Saw a rumor a revival is in the works. They need to speak to the current political state. I do hate everyone making things all political, but as long as the show is as hilarious as it used to be I might give it a go. lol (Guess there'd be no Dan/John Goodman though. Didn't he die in the original run?)

Idol - Saw Chris Daughtry might be locked in as a judge. And the rumor is they want all former contestants/finalists/winners as judges. Top of their list was Carrie, Kelly and Jennifer Hudson...but of course The Voice sped things up and snatched Kelly. ( I may have to watch The Voice lol) Think I still agree with Fox. They were trying to wait until 2020 to bring it that it was at least missed. Bringing it back next year may be too soon. ABC of course, disagrees.

Mike V. said...

Roseanne - looks like it's a REBOOT with the same original cast as those characters. So John Goodman would be involved. Not the same storyline. And Sarah Chalke (new Becky among other awesome characters since) would return as another role. Interesting.

MJ said...

Timeless - Yay ! That was weird though.

OUAT - I actually saw the end of the finale by accident. Did I understand that - some girl knocked on Henry's door in future and said - You are my dad ! ? LOl Too funny.

Supergirl - agree best part about Cat was her recognizing Jimmy's eyes thru his mask. Cause she cant see Kara as supergirl. Very funny for them to do that. But Evil Superman is returning. LOL

Guardians 2 - was pretty damn good. Enjoyed it thoroughly. I had purposely not read much before going - was very surprised by who was in it and who did cameo. And the end. LOL

Roseanne - loved it in the day - at the time was fresh and original. Not sure now that I care. I do remember the whole replacement of Becky. Then the orig came back and they siad - why do you look different ? LOL

I've been out of town on business (Malvern again). Lots to catch up to - here and at work. LOL Have seen Americans, Saul, Flash and others - just no time to chat. Will be back

Anonymous said...

I quit watching Designated Surv and a few others due to being political.

Actually makes the Perry Mason reruns a lot more attractive, lol.

I've been watching the new Ian McShane show, American Gods..somewhat based on Viking mythology but in 21st century. They had to throw in the gay stuff, this time 2 muslim men.

And The Son isn't bad. But they had to throw in the gay stuff too, lol. With a twisted twist.

Can we have a new show without gays today? Probalby not.


Mike V. said...

Designated - that's hilarious that you quit a political show for being political! That said, I don't feel they're bringing the current political climate into the show too much. I can't say that for other shows where they are making clearly snide remarks that take me out of the show. Designated has actually been a decent political white house drama.

American Gods - that's based on a popular book as well. I never read and didn't get a chance to get into the show. I heard it's a lot to take in. lol

I don't think you're allowed to create a show without covering all possible relationship duos/trios/quadros/infinitos lol

Mike V. said...

MJ - sorry didn't see your comment earlier!

Timeless – Yeah more info came out explaining what happened. But they said it was not a marketing ploy. Lol

OUAT – The book ended both hours with Old Henry and this girl. We just didn’t know it was Henry until the end. Lol So they knew each other in the distant past and he gave her that book. Then there was something in the middle of the episode and then at the end we got the reveal. It was a very Henry centric episode in present day too. It was a decent end. Now the show moves to Fridays so we know it’s only going to last one more season! Lol

Supergirl – Yes….SUPERMAN 3!!! That movie is so horrible, but holds a special place in by heart because of evil superman straightening the leaning tower of pisa an then good superman fixing it after the souvenir sculptors changed all of their products. Lol

Guardians 2 – ugh…I want to see it!!!! Did you watch all 5 post credit scenes? I can’t convince anyone (including my son) to go see it with me. He’s only 5 and says the movies are too loud, but he’ll make the sacrifice to see Spiderman in July. He just can’t miss that. And of course Last Jedi. Lol
I’ll find a way to see it one of these days.

Roseanne – Yeah I dunno either about present day. I’m at least interested to see what they have in mind.

Ahh forgot you were in my area. (I work around there, but my place of business will remain undisclosed lol)

Saul, Flash – saw them. (not terribly surprised about Flash. I figure there will be a twist in the finale. If not, I’ll be really shocked) Americans – half way through.

MJ said...

Supergirl - how icky was the almost forced marriage between Mon El and Lena - with the whole we have your hairs so we will create your off spring? Did we know the Pres was alien ? I couldn't remember if we did. Most ridiculous - Supergirl going back for Rhea to give her another chance ! Seriously ? LOL

Saul - Hey ! We have Saul ! LOL Not how I thought he'd become that guy - but clever and fun. Though his disguise was laughable. I read afater hat the guy who was short on cash was from BB I have to say - I did not remember him. So - is this pill that Taco hid from Hector and later picked up the was that Hector becomes wheel chair ridden some how ? Been wondering how/when that will occur. Awesome to see the laundrymat again ! And Lydia !
Why did Chuck have to go to a pay phone to call the shrink? Land lines dont use electricity if the phone is not wireless. Does he not have a phone ?

Flash - surely Iris is not dead? They will find some way to reverse it - cause it's what Barry always does ! Which is a problem with this show - I never feel anything at the deaths of the major people cause Barry always undoes it. HR is such an idiot ! SIGH. Have to be honest - do not remember Lyla at all. Totally lost on how Barry knows where/when Snart is - but will go with it.

Shield - some really awesome effects with Ghost rider killing various robots. Have to say - was never invested in the YoYo/Mac romance - they did it badly - but was very moved when she was going to stay with him when Mac would not eave his daughter. So lost how Gemma was robot Gemma - and Coulsen was Ghost Rider - but loved it ! Obviously they hint strongly that Coulsen made a deal with the devila nd will in future become the Rider. But that ending ! All the person sitting in booths disappeared - and what was that freeze thing ? And Coulsen is in space at the end ? Whaaaat? Great season.

Americans - will hold comment for now - but damn Elizabeth !! LOL

Guardians - I saw a Marvel movie before you !?! LOL You did mention you'd have trouble getting to this one.

Mike V. said...

Supergirl - I think it might have been an end scene where we knew the pres was an alien but no one else did. The marriage/hair stuff was kind of icky. I agree! Yeah Supergirl going back for another chance was ridiculous too. Definitely.

Saul - lol on Taco - I think it's Nacho (not that that's any better!) Maybe on the pill! I have been thinking about hector becoming paralyzed too. LYDIA that's it. (I think I wrote a comment up higher about Saul and couldn't remember her name lol)

SHIELD - Think I wrote about this above too. Yes...I was gonna say it seems like Coulson did make a deal when you said you were confused. lol The end was totally wacky, I agree. And yes awesome season.

Americans - lol I'll get to it in the morning probably. 2 hour scandal finale tonight.

Guardians - Yeah...because my wife isn't invested in the Guardians movies. I don't know why. They're a lot of fun! Doesn't sound like I'll have an issue with Wonder Woman because she's excited about that one. (looks potentially like the first decent DC film in this Cinematic Universe they're attempting)

Anonymous said...

Guardians--my wife went and liked it. The music is a big draw. It's one of a few I've seen

Will go to King Arthur soon.


MJ said...

Guardians - meant to add - 5 of them ? No - I did not get 5. I will have to check the DVD at some point

Saol - LOL - yeah it is Nacho.

Wonder Woman - eh! I might see it. Or will wait DVD release. All he super hero stuff is wearing me out.

Super hero - CW has a new show coming out. Black Lightning - or something similar

iZombie - I do love the personalities they come up with for Liv. She does them all pretty well too. So who the heck stole this cure then ? And now what will happen with that dash cam footage ?

Mike V. said...

Guardians - lol yep 5. basically the rule is if you're watching a Marvel movies you have to stay until the end of the credits. There's always at least a mid-credits and post credits scene.

WW - Me too (Wearing out)....though reviews are pretty solid so far (early reviews). They're saying it's the best of the DCEU. Not a high bar to reach right now!

CW - yeah I saw that too. I think I'm all super heroed out. lol I don't even want to watch Inhumans when that starts.

iZombie - Yeah the young kids teacher persona was pretty hilarious. Though youd think she would've gotten some womanizing personality too. lol No idea who stole the cure. I'm sure it's someone we know and someone unpredictable. Like maybe Clive. (seems to be a stretch, but he does rely on Liv to keep his career going.) Even if Clive is a stretch...something to that extent is probably what we're looking at. It would probably be the most rewarding story-wise. lol

MJ said...

Guardians - they had a couple of early ones so I thought that was all.

Don't read below if you are not caught up on Americans or Fargo!

Americans - so what did that mean at the end - Let's go home ? Surely she can't think she can take those kids to USSR to live ? Actress who was the Nazi sympathizer did a great job - I was convinced then unconvinced then convinced again that it was truly her. Does that mail robot still have the bug in it ? But Henry's parents sure looked interested in that bug-free room !

Fargo - I was NOT happy when I thought they'd killed Nikki ! Loved the sex tape idea - and that marriage proposal. But what is wrong with Emmit's wife - she should be staying in that nice house and kicking his butt out. But ugh ! Forced to drink his own urine ! Nice surprise to see Mary McDonnel. Recognize the IRS guy ? He was just on the show about Xavier's son ! Can't come up with the name - LOL.

Blacklist - think I might have heard that some paternity might have been settled. Haven't watched yet

MJ said...

Blacklist - SPOLIERS. Am I the only one still watching this hot mess ? LOL So - I am disappointed because apparently Red really is Liz's dad. Which means his statement that he would never lie - was a lie. And Kaplan is probably dead this time for real. Maybe. LOL

Anonymous said...

Blacklist--The last few eps have been worth watching since they have been wrapping up some story lines. Red is Dad, LOL--finally! Yes, the criminal lied. One thing that I feel vindicated on is calling out Liz as a criminal too. She admitted to having those tendencies and that's why Red didn't want her to identify with him.
I'm not sure about Kaplan, didn't see the body get buried, etc. They showed it floating.

12 Monkey's 3rd season on this weekend, all 10 eps. I've got 2 more to go. This is probably the best season. I really like how they've brought in some wry comedy.

DC, I still thought Batman vs Superman was better than reviewed


Anonymous said...

King Arthur--A different take for sure. Kind of King ARthur meets Lord of the Rings. My son said, Lord of the Rings meets Asguardians. No Merlin. No chilvalry.


Mike V. said...

DC - I know you do Richard. I think it was a sum of its parts thing. I liked a lot about it (wonder woman, batman for example), but just thought the overall movie was a mess.

Blacklist - Couldn't help but read your comments. lol At this point I'd be disappointed at that reveal since it should've been done in the 1st season!

Fargo - don't watch but you mean LEGION (and of course Beast in Beauty and the Beast live action lol)

Americans - yeah she was really good...the actress. As for going home, I have the same thoughts and questions! Guessing that will be a focus for the final episode(s) this season? maybe beyond?

Anonymous said...

12 Monkeys--interesting that others loved it too. Jewel of SyFys crown. I don't know about that given Battlestar but so far it's one of the best seasons of any show I've seen. And that includes LOST. Haven't seen finale yet, so we'll see if it holds true

"Seghers rated the third season 9.5/10 in her review for IGN and wrote: "Season 3 of 12 Monkeys is indeed binge-worthy, delivering sci-fi thrills, surprising plot twists, and hours of epic storytelling that cement the show as the jewel in Syfy's crown."[56]

MJ said...

Legion ! that's it. LOL

Twin Peaks - any one watch it ? I was curious about it. Not going to watch tho

Mike V. said...

Twin Peaks - Never watched the original. I read a tweet that so far the new one is disappointing. (DUUUUHHHHH lol what did anyone expect??)

Game of Thrones - New pics/ Check out Drogon!!

MJ said...

Twin Peaks - after first season of original it was disappointing all around. LOL

GofT - will check it out.

Mike V. said...

Twin Peaks - This podcast I listen to with the guys from "after the thrones"...Andy was a Twin Peaks superfan back in the day at 13 years old. lol He's overcritical of everything and is loving the return. He assumes people will find it weird and what not, but basically david lynch can do no wrong to him.

Apparently it does factor in the crazy cliffhanger that the show left on. (I heard season 2 wasn't as good...and apparently David Lynch left to work on a movie for that whole season)

I'll have to think about getting into it or not. If I was I'd have to watch from the beginning!

Bloodline - Think we're gonna try and catch up and conclude this one (which final season drops this wknd). All our shows we watch together are on hiatus so we'll probably crank out season 1. We're on ep 10 now I think. I always fall asleep when watching because it's so late. lol

MJ said...

Saul - wow - didn't realize Kim had so many issues with what they did to Chuck. But her reaction to Jimmy's wanting to actually run one of those bar scams was stunning too. And wow was he 'Saul' when talking to that malpractice insurance lady. Wonder what Mike needs Nacho to do for him ?
I feel like those guys running the music store were somebody - couldn't place who though.

iZombie - should have seen it coming that the helo was exploding since they kept showing it take off - but didn't. LOL Ah Blaine - that guy has 9 lives for sure. Nervous for Ravi all alone at that meeting - and nice to see Rose McIver (?name?) without the makeup and that horrible wig. I hate her hair when she is zombie Liv.

Modern Fam - just saw the one where they all seperately go to the hotel in the desert - and Cam tries to help Manny appear manly. LOL I really hate the kid playing Joey - just saying.

Bloodline - loved season 1. Others weren't bad. Won't get to new one til later in summer

Mike V. said...

Bloodline - think there's only going to be 3 seasons when the new one comes out. I heard the 2nd season wasn't as good as 1st.

iZombie - lol...funny since in the show she's supposed to be wearing makeup and a wig! :)

Saul - I was always waiting for the other shoe to drop with Kim. I mean we know the relationship doesn't last. (though there is hope for a reunion in cinnabon times maybe) I figured that conversation with Mike and the woman with the dead navy husband wasn't in there by coincidence. He made the call right after. Maybe he's going to look into how he died? I don't really get the connection but I'm guessing there is one.

MF - So not at the finale yet I take it? lol That one was pretty funny. You don't like little Joe? He doesn't bother me too much. lol

Flash - I'll hold off until you watch!

Mike V. said...

Thrones - Here's the trailer!

Mike V. said...

Star Wars - Vanity Fair cover story in case anyone is interested. Sad stuff on the outlook of Carrie's would-be involvement in ep 9.

Big news day for nerdom! :-)

MJ said...

iZombie - good point.

MF - no still have the finale to watch. As for Joey - something about the way he talks grates. LOL Mean - I know !

Saul - yeah I thought about the widow too - but couldn't figure how Nacho could help Mike with that.

Flash - will have watched by the next time I get back here . So post away.

Mike V. said...

Saul - Yeah I have no idea. Unless Mike knows how the widow's husband died and it's related to Don Hector??? Not really sure how that would work.

Flash - Just in case you come back I'll throw a random sentence up front in case your eyes move down to this line. Now I'll say ********SPOILER WARNING!!!!***********

RIP H.R. I know you never were a fan. But, we finally found out why he stuck around and I thought it was an emotional end for him. They found a use for him in the end...and to my happiness we get Earth 2 Harry back! Of course Barry's cliffhanger can't stay that way for long, but it was an interesting twist to end the season. When Jay left the speed zone I wondered who would be taking his place. And I thought they were just going to drop it. So it was nice to see the repercussions. I read that next season won't have a big villain to solve. So I wonder what the next evolution will be? Decent end to the season though. Lots more happened with the other characters too. Looks like our core cast will be growing with Cisco's girl. But then Caitlyn left the team. Wonder if that's permanent or she'll be brought back in eventually?

MJ said...

GofT trailer is awesome ! Cannot wait for the season ! Even though 7 eps they are promising that they are very fast paced and exciting

Flash - daaaamn! Yes - they gave HR a purpose finally and a good ending. And i totally did NOT see it coming that HR and Iris would change places - even with Barry using that transmographer thing last week ! Well done Flash! I'm sure Caitlin will be back. But interestingly I accidently read yesterday some debate on whether Gus's (Barry) contract has him booked for next year. And it also said that for some generations Wally was the Flash they all knew and loved. So - hmmmmm. They def could go on without Barry

Mike V. said...

Thrones - Yeah I read about the fast paced and exciting. I've been saying all along that if they needed more episodes they would've asked for them. I don't think they're trying to short change us. And they still had the same budget for less episodes and the same amount of time. I think we're going to see some big budget movie caliber stuff in these episodes. I mean just look at what we've seen of the dragons!

Flash - WHAAATTT??!??!?! It's not The Flash without Barry! I think they're throwing that out there to fool us! But that does make sense. There are plenty of speedsters that could take up the mantel. I think we'll get an episode without Barry. Or we'll follow Barry in the speed force until he is able to come out of it. And then follow Kid Flash running things while he's gone. I'm sure there will be an arc for that. Flashpoint didn't last very long in season 3. Well the impacts lasted all season, but he was back in the present after the first episode. lol Maybe they'll go a little longer with him in the speed force.

Americans - Surely they're struggling with wanting to move to Russia when their kids have planted their roots here. Paige might be more easily convinced, but it would still be tough. Crazy cliffhanger too.

The 100 - Finale was last night (S4?). Still say it's a really good show if anyone's looking for a summer binge!

MJ said...

Big Little Liars - watched the first 2 eps. For some reason I thought that this was a murder mystery ? But no one is dead yet. LOL

Mike V. said...

BLL - Didn't it open with the murder (well "after the murder")? The Greek Chorus (interviews) are present day after the murder. (being interviewed by detectives/police) The entire story is basically being told in the past. You're supposed to be guessing who is the victim and who did it. lol

Anonymous said...

GoT, saw it on HBO this weekend. doesn't matter whose skeleton sits on the throne if we don't band together.....

That's the key take away for me.

Don't you love the humble Dany--"I was born to rule..." Makes me wonder about her future?


Mike V. said...

GoT - Yep...pretty much on your first point! As for the 2nd comment....well trailers can be misleading. lol

Leftovers - One episode left. Damon is knocking this season out of the park. It's so out there, but it's also so well done. The biggest aspect that was added to season 2 and 3 that was missing from season 1 is the humor. Even though the subject matter is heavy, there is humor to be found in it. Just like's the banter between the characters that mattered almost as much as their tragic backstories and character arcs.

Anonymous said...

GoT--did Jamie and Cersei look intentionally old to you guys? Cersei's hair has certainly not been a glam look.

Surprised some leaks haven't come out.

American Gods--starting to hit its' stride.

Anyone see the new Pirates movie?


Mike V. said...

GoT - Didn't really observe that from the previews. I'm sure the time that has passed is enough time for Dany and army to cross the sea and for Euron to build his 1000 ships or whatever. lol

As for leaks - I'm sure there are some if you really look for them. I listen to A Storm of Spoilers podcast when the show airs, but during the off-season they're always hunting for production leaks. And they find them. I don't want to know that stuff!

American Gods - That's probably one I'd enjoy if I found time to watch.

Pirates - I want to see it, but no takers in my family to go with me! Wasn't a fan of the 4th one....but I heard this one is a little better (maybe on par or a little under par to the 1st one) Also heard there is a key end credits scene.

Still need to see Guardians 2.

Mike V. said...

Star Wars - Richard, did you ever see Rogue One? I'm doing a 1-3, R1, 4-7 marathon (not really a marathon but am incorporating them into my morning TV routine) through 1-3 and Rogue One....they work pretty well together and tie right into 4. I think you'll enjoy that one if you ever get to it.

Anonymous said...

Rogue One--I didn't see it, glad you like it.


Mike V. said...

lol...I take that as you're not interested!

MJ said...

i Zombie - Dungeons and Dragons - oh my ! LOL Loved how the scooby gang all got into playing. They spent way too much time on the chick who gave ravi a ride - she will be a problem some how. As will this woman who wanted to go out with Major. Liv having to talk the Mayor out of raging out was a bit intense though. But that guy at the end - his name was Boss right - is back ! cannot be good. LOL

BLL - yeah - I knew we'd be guessing wo did it - just not who was killed is all. ;-D

Pirates - gave up after the third - couldn't understand most of the dialog. LOL

GofT - well she was tortured and had her hair shopped off. And she just lost some more kids - I think that tends to make you look tired and aged. LOL

Americans - watching tonight !

Mike V. said...

izombie - Loved the D&D game. Agreed on the "problem women" being introduced. Yep...I always recognize that BOSS dude from Ocean's 11. He played such a different role in that it's hard to buy him as a big bad. lol

BLL - ahhhh gotcha!

Thrones - lol nice.

Americans - I'm 50 minutes in but there's 20 minutes left! Will finish by tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

GoT--MJ, those are some of the elements making up my suspicion. That those 2 have gone through a lot and LOST a lot. She seems to have become bitter and he seems to be more humble. It also shows some time has passed and they look tired. I just don't see much of a future for them, nor the Lanisters. NO children and we all suspect Tyrion may be of another house.


MJ said...

Americans - intersting. Won't say more til I know you have completed.

BLL - watched another. Got Ziggy's mom's back story - maybe. The way she seems to be chasing him down the beach - they are making us wonder if she killed him that night. They are setting up some very obvious red herrings as to who could be dead and who is the killer. Nicole Kidman and her hubby are too obvious for either. Maddy's hubby would be surprising as the killer as would her ex-hubby's new wife. Laura Dern is also kinda obvious as a possible killer. LOL who knows ! Enjoying it though

Mike V. said...

Americans - I finished. Didn't even realize it was the season finale until almost near the end. I had to look up the guy's name they were talking about. Didn't even realize it was the girl's dad. Lol guess they have a reason to stay. But beeman wants to quit? Andrea is definitely a Russian spy! Lol

BLL - I'm going to stay quiet on this one. But are you enjoying the show?

MJ said...

BLL - I knew you would not spoil for me LOL I am enjoying it. Watched one or two last night. Single mom heading to San Luis Obispo ! And Madeleine got into the car accident with the play director.

MJ said...

BLL - oh - and I think the twins are bullying Annabelle. Tey see dear old dad and mom go at it and are mimicing them.

Mike V. said...

Thrones - update on the spinoffs and when the final 6 episode season may air. (i.e. it could be awhile because they're putting a lot of writing and money into it. Should be pretty epic! But I'm sure there will be arguments over it taking so long)

BLL - Yeah that car accident and the details involved was a pretty crazy twist I didn't see coming! (I forget if details were shared yet lol)

MJ said...

BLL - Finished it. Was very good. So they sorta lied to the police - but then again not. He technically did not fall but allthe rest was true like how he was attacking his wife. But that the new wife was the one to do it !?! Great little twist. As soon as I saw them on the beach and she (just remembered name is Bonnie) was with them I was like - huh ! So wasn't until right before the reveal that I realized she was the one. And the good red herring was all the ransom women who all kept saying things like 'it was bound to happen' 'no one is surprised' - which would have been true had one of the fighting women killed each other - but no one could have seen that Bonnie would kill Vampire Eric !.

FTWD - did not watch last night - was 2 hour and would have been starting at almost 10pm so I had to wait.

Anonymous said...

Pirates movie--actually pretty good.

Star Wars trailer at the movie--at the end the guy saying essentially "we have to eliminate all the Jedis" brought a little laughter. We ALL know that's not going to happen.

It was interesting seeing the pirates sequel before seeing the SW trailer. The way the Pirates movie was done was good, maybe a little over the top every now and then but good. However the SW stuff seemed tired.

GoT--from the article.

So as of now, the final season could air in 2018 and/or in 2019 depending on their needs?
Yeah. They have to write the episodes and figure out the production schedule. We’ll have a better sense of that once they get further into the writing.

Now this from the article

Martin is credited on two of the prequels, and he says he’s involved with all. Is he actively co-writing these pilots or is he more like the franchise’s creative advisor?
It varies project by project. The writers each have to decide how they operate with George. Some like to collaborate, some look at the source material and do their own thing. There’s no one way, but in all cases, George will be reading the scripts and weighing in.

LOL, sounds like George has divided efforts and D&D is essentially writing the last book.


MJ said...

Supergirl - know it was weeks ago now but did we ever discuss the fact that Cat has known for however long that Kara really is Supergirl ? That was a surprise. And her inside joes were good - Star Wars and reference to Rob Lowe.

G of T - not surprised that final season won't be til 2019. Not sure I want to get on any prequels at this point.

Mike V. said...

Pirates/SW - funny, most people are saying that about the pirates movies (tired). We'll agree to disagree on Star Wars. And the "GUY" talking about the Jedi ending is LUKE SKYWALKER! I think it's more about the state he's in when Rey finds him. I don't think anyone expects that to happen. Then again...a lot of the Disney SW stuff promotes "grey" force users so to speak....Luke may see that there is a flaw in forming a Jedi Order since they have been wiped out twice in the span of 30-40 years. The future could be just force users but not defined by Jedi/Sith. But Jedi is a powerful term in SW lore…so I can’t see them moving away from it. But, it’s still a nice nugget to get fans talking.

BLL – yeah I thought they did a good job keeping the mystery until the very end. My wife said the book was the same way except the whole affair that Reese had wasn’t in the books. And I don’t really see how that played a part in the story at all. Lol just gave her some material to work with I guess. Not sure what they’ll do for a second season. As for Vampire Eric….he was almost TOO good in that role. Was very tough to watch! Lol
FTWD – I’m officially out on the show. Never finished season 2…not interested!
Thrones – Wouldn’t surprise me if the end of the show is all we get. I’m sure book 6 will eventually come out…but I can’t imagine him being motivated to do 7.

Supergirl – no I think we forgot to discuss. That was a nice twist. Considering I made the comment how quickly she knew Olsen was RoboCop or whatever he goes by (Guardian lol jut remembered)…I said really the glasses make her not be able to distinguish kara/supergirl? References were good…agreed!

Speaking of movies – falling really behind now. Have to see WW, Guardians 2, Pirates 5 (may watch that on Plex). This whole babysitting thing is becoming an issue! 

Anonymous said...

Pirates--We saw as a matinee since we'd heard similar bad things. But, for us it was surprisingly good. There were continuations of the story lines as well as new directions but done well.

SW--grey force, I could easily see that.


Anonymous said...

GoT--Many things make we want to take the side of the bet against a book 7 written by GRRM. Especially his age combined with his very long time required to write.
I think there will be a book 7 at some point. But, likely written by someone else.
I expect his works will be put into a kind of trust and managed by someone he currently trusts. Then the inevitable lawsuits will occur delaying things.


MJ said...

Movies - WW will probably be a renter for me - though heard it was good.

DVR - dumped Shots Fired that I'd been taping. No time. And not in the mood for a serious subject. Have to start clearing back log now. And hitting Netflix.

SW - Jedi's aren't ending ! LOL

FTWD - def not as good as original but this season actually looks good. We shall see - but I feel ya.

Mike V. said...

Pirates – Yeah I heard from fans that this one is probably better than 2-4, so I take critical reception with a grain of salt. I definitely want to see it.

SW – Yeah we’ll see what happens. I know you’re writing off Rogue One btw, but I really recommend you check it out! I can see Star Wars getting tired eventually with a movie per year, but I don’t think they’re quite there yet. If anything the stand alone movies might end up being better opportunities than the saga films. With the saga films you’re already burdened with continuing the skywalker story...I’m still excited for it….but I don’t know if I’m excited about inevitable eps 10-12 lol

GoT – Yeah…that’s definitely a possibility! He is still in his late 60s…so maybe when the Thrones hub bub dies down, he’ll want to stay relevant by releasing the book. Depends on how successful the spinoff is.

Movies – I’m going to see Guardians next week (family will be out of town lol)….can’t see WW without the Mrs. but maybe we’ll get to it. Might watch Pirates on Plex (might have said that already)

DVRs – Wrapping up my Star Wars marathon, then will probably clean up Prison Break and Gotham (unless I’m bored with it an episode in…on either lol) Need to get to Iron Fist before Defenders comes out too (Netflix)

FTWD – I’m sure it is. I just can’t keep up with multiple zombie shows! (ok…iZombie doesn’t count lol)

MJ said...

FTWD - LOL on Zombies /iZombie

Jeez - both Saul and iZombie will be done before this month is over. Saul has 2 eps left and iZombie I think is done the last week of June. Orphan Black is back this weekend. And Preacher returns - though I don't think you watched that one.

Netflix - I still have to watch Gilmore Girls. LOL Heard Iron Fist was not great compared to Jessica Jones and Daredevil - but will watch it still.

Guardians - you will like it !

Mike V. said...

Finishing Shows/Shows Starting - Yeah I think these networks time their releases based on their shared audiences. So I gotta think they know people's DVRs/streaming schedules are clearing up when Saul and iZombie finish up and so more stuff comes on. lol I did not watch Preacher season 1. I heard good things though.

Saul - Jimmy's brother went shopping! lol Very tense with the pill swap. And Jimmy's scamming is getting more and more Saul every episode. lol

Netflix - Yeah I heard same on Iron Fist, but then I also saw the Netflix relative star rating (to things I've liked in the past) was 5 stars. lol Don't know how accurate that is! Ahhh GG....I forget are you watching the whole thing or just that reunion season? That's all I watched. lol

Guardians - That's what everyone says!

MJ said...

GG - just the reunion I think.

Saul - yes - def more Saul-like daily. Agree on rest too. Loved the Howard and Kim scene in that restaurant. But she should not be taking another case. She is not sleeping as it is with Mesa Verde. I really thought something horrible was going to happen in that store trip ! And i guess a relationship is not born with Mike and Gus.

MJ said...

Now born - not 'not born'

Mike V. said...

Saul - Agree on the Howard/Kim scene. I saw a tweet yesterday that said something like "here's why Kim has to die before Better Call Saul ends." lol I don't know if that's necessarily true. But yeah she is setting herself up for disaster with taking on that other client. And it's kinda Jimmy's fault since she thinks she needs to support him. And yes...we saw the origin of Mike and Gus's relationship this season.

iZombie - caught up on this. Quite the cliffhanger!! And did we already know that what's his face is a zombie again? (drawing a blank on is name...not sure why...guy from Alias and other stuff lol) Seemed like Liv knew at the end but she was already zombied out so maybe she couldn't react to it. Maybe that's why we shouldn't "trust the cure??"

SW Marathon - through 1-3, R1, 4-6....time for Force Awakens! Richard, I'll let you know if I feel any force developments feel too rushed. :) lol

Anonymous said...

SW, let me know. I know I'm repeating myself but one of the reasons, a big reason, I didn't like the new SW are the new actors. As I mentioned before, I never liked Mark Hamill, nor the girl who played Leia. It was really the one actor they killed off who brought me in--Ford. I liked Liam Neeson too. And Billy and many others actually.

It pains me to see the Lucasfilm logo on the new films btw.


Mike V. said...

SW - Hmmm that's not what I recall from our debates. I thought you were upset with how quickly Rey developed her force powers. But rewatching from 1-7, I think it's part of the story they're telling with Rey. They mention how she is untrained but strong in the force. They're talking about how the force has always been there within her. And the movie is called The Force Awakens. I really think The Last Jedi is going to explain more about why she's so special.

As for Ford....not sure if you remember or knew but he had famously asked George to kill him off in Return of the Jedi. He felt he was the most expendable of the trio since Luke and Leia are the children of Darth Vader. He wanted to go out in some heroic fashion. I think the way they even got Ford on board with this film was the fact that it was a one and done. Now he's embracing the fandom and showing up at conventions. But he never had before. He wasn't into it.

But as for the new actors...okay..I can buy that you're not into them as much. They'll never replace the original 3 but I thought JJ and crew did a great job creating new iconic characters in a 2 hour span. I think they spent more time on character development than the actual plot of Force Awakens lol (since we know it was majorly an homage to the original...with some twists. And I was perfectly fine with that for the first foray into the Disney star wars)

Lucasfilm - If you go back the Lucasfilm logo has ALWAYS been associated with Star Wars...the only difference is that there's no 20th Century Fox before it. (only on the original since Fox will forever and always own it unless Disney miraculously convinces Fox to sell it) It wasn't always a used to be green text that said "LUCASFILM LIMITED PRODUCTION" or something like that.

I definitely miss the fanfare...for the digital release of the SW films (minus ep IV which still has 20th centure fox fanfare) they added John Williams music to the Lucasfilm logo which helps a little but it'll never replace that fanfare. That is the biggest downside of the Disney Purchase. I can't disagree with you there.

Anonymous said...

SW--Yes, I knew about Ford, he's just that way, a kind of cramudgen,lol. But, that's even a part of why I like him.

Yes, the "Instant Force, best Jedi ever without any training" makes me want to barf. Again, it throws away ALL of the prior 6 films. Recall the Jedi training with Yoda and how Luke was considered too old? He had 2 trainers help him. And Anakin, the most powerful ever, the one that the entire Skywalker family is based off of, CREATED BY THE COSMOS! with the highest midichlorian(spell?) ever--even he required training. The uniqueness of Anakin and his power is really what the Skywalker storyline is about. Her character just trounced all over that and more. I won't bore you with "the more"--lol.


Mike V. said...

SW - Yeah we've had this discussion and my feelings haven't changed. I still feel that the intent for 7 is that Rey's power is meant to be shrouded in mystery until 8 and 9 reveal more. The last time we had the discussion I'm sure I brought up that Anakin was showing force traits at 9 years old....the fact that he won the pod race and destroyed the Trade Federation trip (even if by accident) was showing off his force skills (untrained mind you).

Luke used the force to destroy the death star with minimal training (force ghost obi was guiding him) he also force lifted a light saber prior to training with Yoda...but could not force lift his x-wing.

Rey has shown off impressive fighting skills and flying skills, force lifted a lightsaber and used the jedi mind trick. We also know that both Obi-Wan and Yoda reached out to her through the force when she first touched that lightsaber. The force "flows within her"....(Maz said something like this) She was probably listening to it when she was able to trick the storm trooper....with the lightsaber grab....she may have even done it without realizing she did it. She's strong in the force but untrained (the words of Kylo himself) Kylo's training is not complete either (the words of Snoke himself)...and Kylo was hurt by the crossbow blaster fire from Chewie which aided in Rey's victory over Kylo.

All this to say...Rey's victory and force usage was circumstantial. Her history, where she comes from and WHY she's so force sensitive are still mysteries to be resolved. Some have theorized that she might be something similar to Anakin (i.e. conceived by the midichlorians). Don't know if I buy that, but something like that could explain her force powers.

Yoda did discuss being too old to start the training, but he was referring more to the temptation of the dark side being too risky at such an older age. Setting the seed of keeping fear, anger, hate at bay were things the Jedi Order could teach at a younger age easier. If you recall, they also told Anakin he was too old as well. (in Phantom Menace) Yoda was TESTING Luke. Obi and Yoda have been watching over him and he was their best hope at saving the galaxy. He knew Luke was reckless, but he wasn't about to give up. (though he did have the back up plan with Leia. Just would've taken longer)

Now...with all the knowledge we have in the history of the galaxy, we know the Jedi Order was not perfect either. They were blind to the dark side's corruption right in front of them. Luke seems to have faced a similar issue in his new jedi order which might be suggesting why he thinks the Jedi should be no more.

It should also be noted that Rey and Luke both seemed to act out of anger in their victories over their dark side foes. (Luke was defending his sister from Vader wanting to turn her, Rey was uber pissed at Kylo for killing Han) Of course, when the Emperor told Luke to strike down Vader and join him, Luke had the power to throw down his saber and say "never".

I'm not sure where I'm going with all of this...but it's all fresh in my head since I just watched ALL of it. All I'm saying is don't judge 7 too harshly until we see the complete trilogy. Furthermore, Disney definitely is observing fan feedback. If there's something called out by fans...they'll probably look to address it even if they weren't planning to. Though with something this important, I'm fairly sure they were planning to. The Star Wars Story Group wouldn't have allowed something like this if it betrayed canon too far. Most of that group is comprised of people who were with George before Disney came in.

Anyway, I'm sure we're just going to end up agreeing to disagree. I just hope you don't go down a path of shunning all new star wars movies without giving them a chance! lol

Mike V. said...

EDIT: Trade Federation "SHIP" lol

Mike V. said...

Double EDIT: Rey was pissed about Han AND Kylo mortally wounding Finn.

MJ said...

LOL - you guys and Star Wars !

Saul - I thought the body Mike dug up was that woman's husband - which makes no sense at all. But now I am reading that it was the guy who Mike inadvertently got killed by messing with Hectors truck. So mike is just trying to offset his guilt by getting the guy found for his family.

iZombie - meant to comment sooner - Peyton as the dominatrix was hysterical. This show's writers are clearly having alot of fun in their job. Live making out with vision Drake reminded me of Norman hugging not there Norman. It's very true any more that no one knows peoples phone numbers any more ! LOL Honestly - not sure we did know that blaine was a zombie again.

Mike V. said...

Saul - ahhhh okay, that makes sense. Wow you really had to be paying attention to catch all of that. lol

iZombie - Agreed...the show is a fun time and they have to be enjoying making it. Funny on the Bates comparison and true! And's really bad how reliable I am on my phone. I used siri to set a reminder in the car the other day and it didn't show me the text of what I said. The reminder came up when I got home from work and it made no sense at all. Took me 3 days to remember what it was and it was important! lol

I really don't think we knew blaine was a zombie again. but I dunno I'm sure the next episode will clarify either way!

MJ said...

G of G - you see it this weekend ?

Mike V. said...

G of G - nope..going tomorrow night! :) However....

Logan - I saw this. That was a crazy movie! Definitely earned it's R rating.

Gotham - been binging this 2nd half of the season. Hasn't been too bad actually. The villains are becoming the signature villains and they're actually kinda fun. Bruce is on a quest with what appears to be Ras Al Ghul (spelling) too who happens to be the guy that played Raylan's dad from Justified/ Jack Shephard's grandfather from LOST. He hasn't been given a name yet, but I can't imagine who else it would be. He's still too young to become Batman though.

Orphan Black - watched the premiere. Nothing of significance to say. lol It was good though.

Mike V. said...

G of G - I finally saw it last night. Entertaining movie! I looked up your previous posts above to catch up. Yeah the Stallone and Michelle Yeoh "cameos" were pretty surprising but apparently that's setting up for another story (possibly for part of Infinity War). The Hasselhof bit throughout the movie was hilarious. DRAX had some classic lines. (You're beautiful..............on the inside lol) Just a fun movie with a fun cast and awesome music. The soundtrack for both flicks is outstanding. And yep we stayed for all 5 post credit scenes. You didn't miss much if you didn't see them, MJ. Nothing too significant. Maybe one gives some "character development" for one of the guardians. lol That's funnier if you know what the scene is. :) And yes...the actual end of the movie was pretty crazy with the "Sacrificial save" and quite an emotional send-off.

My friend that went with me wasn't as impressed. Said the movie was too corny and the firs tone was much better. My gut reaction was that 2 was better, but maybe after more thought I'd change that opinion. All I know is I had fun watching it and that's all that matters!

Gotham - almost done with the season. I know no one else is watching so this is just a status update! :)

MJ said...

iZombie - my husband thinks Blaine became a Zombie when his dads goon shot him. So maybe that is why not to trust the cure - it only works til you are killed again ? I dunno. Can't fool Peyton - she knows what a vision face looks like. We all knew these new women were no good.

Saul - dammmn Kim. Knew all the sleepless nights would catch up eventually. Knew she should not take that second client too. Couldn't tell if she took it because she wanted to prove to herself that she can get a client without Jimmy's illegal help - or because she knows Jimmy is doing bad things to keep up his half of the bills. Chuck forcing himself to live with lights on and use electricity is too much too fast - I agree with that psychologist. But Jimmy is all Saul now - between making that old lady an outcast - and the new sneaker con. I did not catch it but that booze that Jimmy has to celebrate - it's the same one that Gus gives to Don Elario in BB. Thought we'd see the old guy stroke out - but Nach can't get that lucky I guess.

Trial and Error - been catching up on this one. It's funny. Love Lithgow.

G of G - maybe first one slightly better - only for the fact that it was so different then most Marvels. I liked them both. Funny how the post credit of each we see future Groot so we know what he will look like in the next movie.

Mike V. said...

iZombie - Yeah...I was starting to vaguely recall that. Forgot about it. Agreed on new women! The vision faces...they've been having a lot of fun with that this season. Like you said before...feels like they're having a blast making this show.

Saul - Yep...there certainly were repercussions...and it kind of goes back to Jimmy. That's a good point though...could be her independent minded thinking too and not doing it to help Jimmy. Though she did tell Jimmy that she could help float them financially when he hurt his back. So he may not trust Jimmy's word that he'll get the money. The Sneaker can was so dirty and so Saul...I loved it! lol Nice on the booze...I did think there may be some significance but didn't make the connection. Yeah...I keep thinking this is leading to the stroke...maybe not.

Trial end Error - watched the pilot..enjoyed it...just haven't gotten back to it!

G of G - Ahh so you did see the Groot post credit scene? lol Good point about how he'll appear in the next movie. I think in Guardians 1 he was just a dancing plant. lol so if he's teenage groot in the post credits here...he might be full grown groot again next time?

MJ said...

G of G - I didn't see it in theater - I watched later online. I thought after 1st movie when they killed Groot the post credits showed him as a little baby plant - which was how he was in this one. So now I think the next one he will be the teenager.

GofT - Was sick friday and saturday - so rewatched all of Season 6 ! Can't wait. I noticed HBO2 is rerunning all of them. I think tuesday at 7pm or 8pm is the very first one. Might just check it out to see them all so young again. Of course - I can do that any time on HBO Go too.

Mike V. said...

G of G - Yeah he was a dancing baby plant in the end credits. In the movie he had feet and was a little bigger. lol So that's why I was saying "teenager" in post credits...maybe adult or young adult in G3/infinity war. Either way, he'll be bigger! lol

G of T - Nice...I rewatched 6 when I got the blue ray a few months ago (maybe Christmas?) I usually rewatched entire series before the new season....but Kinda hit my max this time. Too much to rewatch now. But I'm listening to this podcast that is a sister podcast of The Watch (With Andy and Chris from the HBO After the Thrones last season)....this is called Binge Mode and Jason and Mallory (also guests on After the Thrones) bring all of their book/tv knowledge and have a half hour podcast on EVERY episode of the show. They release seasons Netflix style with 10 episodes per week (i.e. a season a week up to the season 7 premiere). they just released season 3 but I'm midway through season 2. It's a pretty good catch up and discussion. Anyway, this'll take place of my rewatch this year. lol

MJ said...

GofT - not going to spoil here - but articles are out that state Jon Snows true name. Hollywood life is where I read it.

MJ said...

Gof T - I had forgotten about Uncle Benji coming back from the dead - but his not being a whitewalker made no sense to me then or now. But he stated to Bran and meera that magic is carved into the wall and that the dead cannot pass. So what are they worried about with the walkers then ?

Mike V. said...

GofT - Well it wouldn't be very surprising if the last name starts with a T! lol I guess the big question will be if Rheagar actually married Lyanna to make Jon legitimate. The problem is Rhaegar had a family...Elia Martell...who was brutally raped and killed by The Mountain (see Oberyn's fight with the Mountain for a reminder lol) Children were killed too. (I won't go into book spoilers here, but I doubt the show will get into that too much if at all)

As for Benjen being "cold hands"....this was a fan theory from the books, but something GRRM said is not true. So in this case this is something the show played to the fans and made them the same character. I think something is going to happen when Bran goes through that wall. Let's face it...that wall is coming down before the series is over! LOL In the book they speak of the "horn of winter" and when someone blows it the wall comes down. They haven't spoken of the horn in the show...but they did mention the magical stuff in the wall. We'll see what happens!

Saul - Caught up on the end of the season. I'll wait to discuss.

Orphan Black - Caught Up

Prison Break - begrudgingly trying to wrap this up. I'm not entertained! lol

Anonymous said...

GoT, yea I'm betting on the wall coming down.

Yea, I'm betting Jon's last name begins with a T, LOL. Hence why I have been questioning for years those fans pulling for a "certain couple" at the end. I want to, but won't say more due to spoilerish things.


MJ said...

G of T - ok - name def starts with 'T'. LOL I am going to put the link below. do NOT look at it if you don't want to know - cause the first name is in the link. Hate when they do that. BUT - I'd love for you both to read the article - cause a whole paragraph makes NO sense. LOL I had forgotten about Rhaegar's kids being killed. Which make the paragraph make less sense. Ugh


Mike V. said...

GoT - "Targaryans have wed brother and sister for generations" - Cersei paraphrased. lol I don't think it's far fetched for people to theorize on that. But, I don't know if it'll actually happen.

I'll check at the link...I already accidentally read the URL anyway. Couldn't help myself! :) lol

Mike V. said...

That article makes no sense. lol Feels like they're doing a lot of speculation. As for lines of succession...if Rhaegar's family was killed and he married Lyanna...then John is a legitimate he would not be a bastard and would have a claim to the throne. In the's not as clear cut on the Targaryan side. But, I think the show will make it that clear cut. Now as for succession...I don't know whose claim is better...Mad King's son Rheagar was next in line for king and he has a son. The Mad king also has a surviving Daughter (Dany....I would guess John would have a better claim. But claims don't mean much in Westeros. People take the throne! Power is power!

MJ said...

GofT - yeah - and how can Jon/Jahearus have a sister wife ? He has no sisters. LOL Crazy stuff

Saul - Holy crap ! They killed Chuck. I thought he might not actually be dead but the way the actor playing Nacho on talking Saul was talking - thanking Michael McKeon for his wisedom and stuff - seems like he really is gone. Seeing a blockbuster was a good walk down memory lane. But now we know it is 2003 - but i can't remember what year it was on the first season of BB. And Gus saves Salamanca from being killed yet again. If he only knew ! But that look Gus gives Nacho - he def knows Nacho had something to do with it - and he wants Nacho to work for him now probably. LOL

iZombie - be back later. Have a meeting - but I have seen it if you want to comment

Anonymous said...

GoT--LOL on worrying about spoilers when we all have the info. Yea, Dany is Jon's Aunt but at a similar age. First born gets the throne and so it would go to Rhaegar then to his first born IF Rhaegar's legitimate first born was around when Rhaegar held the throne. But, in the end, "might makes right".

I've never thought Rhaegar actually married Lyana due to time constraints,etc. Now, it seems they did marry and that just adds more complexity. Something GRRM likes. It would be a shocker to Dany

Fan speculation for some has been a Dany/Jon marriage. Actually I have thought for some time that Cersei/Jaime should have come out and claimed the Targaryan privilege but their's is a lineage doomed for death. Back on the Dany/Jon speculation--I don't think that will happen because Dany wants to break the wheel and resurrected Jon seems to have his own idea of what needs to be done. BTW, I've been wrong before-lol.


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