Monday, February 27, 2017

TV Discussion: Week of 2/26/2017 to 3/4/2017

Hello fellow TV Addicts!  This is our dedicated space for discussing all non-recapped shows.  I'll see you in the comments!


Anonymous said...

Oscars--LOL and again LOL and again LOL. Can I say it again--LOL

RIF--Reading Is Fundamental. LOL, can't help it.

What a bunch of.......

No, I didn't watch, waited for the highlight reel.

Twin Peaks--so, my wife and I have been watching but not each ep in correct order since they are broadcast the way they are. (for explanation on why Hollywood does what they do, see above--LOL) Anyway, it seems to be turning from a fun crime drama into a dark spiritual underworld thing. No wonder there was no S3 and they lost the audience in S2. BTW, there are at least 3 actors from Dune in the cast. The sheriff is turning into my favorite character btw.


MJ said...

Twin Peaks - yes the sherriff was great - in season 1. Whole show tanked after that first season

Oscars - did not watch but heard this am - hysterical. Like - they didn't notice the card was already opened ? And that it had an actresses name on it instead of the movie and producers ? too funny

Swamped today. Be back later

Leslie said...

Oscars - I was watching and there are two envelopes for each category for whatever reason, and Warren Beatty was handed the wrong envelope, but it wasn't open. He obviously knew something was wrong, so he was stalling, but then he handed it to Faye and she blurted it out. The La La Land producer handled it great! Warren should have just said he had the wrong envelope. The accounting firm has taken full responsibility for the mistake. It was crazy!!

Mike V. said...

OSCARS - It was a pretty decent show except way too long. As for the final moments...I'm not sure they've uncovered what went wrong but that was a brand new envelope with the wrong thing printed inside. Emma Stone was still holding her winning envelope when the announcement happened. But yeah...quite a mess. Kimmel was hilarious all night and while he made a few jabs at our commander in chief it was mostly in good fun. Most speeches were pretty free of political charge except for the Iran film director that won. The best part about the night was the continuing antics of Kimmel vs. Matt Damon. I'd watch that all of the time.

Just read Leslie's comment..ooohhh ok that makes sense. Amazing this is the first time that ever happened. I agree Warren and Faye should've handled it better.

MJ said...

Oscars - ah - two envelopes for each one ? I wonder why. But thanks for the explanation - made no sense what I heard. Know Kimmel/Damon did a thing - haven't seen it yet though

Mike V. said...

Oscars - Well you know it's a running gag since the beginning of Jimmy Kimmel Live that they have a feud with each other. It continued onto the Emmys last year and onto the Oscars this year. It was a running gag throughout the whole night so someone would need to put a youtube montage together. lol I'm sure it's coming.

MJ said...

oscars - ah - did not realize all nighter. LOL Saw the one last week or so about who is the father of his wifes baby.

Oscars - also - did Bill Paxton make it into the memoriam ? Wondered since he died the night before the show. So shocking

Leslie said...

Oscars - Jimmy did a good job! Too much politics for me though. Just don't think it's the place for it. Loved the ongoing gag with Matt Damon, and the tour group coming in! Too funny! Jennifer Aniston announced the In Memoriam and mentioned Bill Paxton, but they didn't have time to put him in the montage. It ended with Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher.

MJ said...

Oscars - aw! Very nice on the montage. Figured they did not have time to throw together the clips for him.

Legends - not sure if any one is watching ? But now we all know where lesbianism has started - they were in the time of Camelot and a woman character kissed Gueinvere. LOL So now we all know where it started. j/k

Mike V. said...

Funny story on the Carrie Fisher spot in the death real. I listen to this podcast called Rebel Force Radio. Nice weekly chat about all things SW. Anyway, they went into the archives after Carrie passed to find an old interview they did with her and put it on the podcast. Headline news occurred when they found out she spoke about her death reel. Jokingly she was talking about the last time she spoke to Harrison Ford she told him she wanted him to play a part in her death reel. Sometimes they have specific tributes (this interview was shortly after John Hughes was honored at the Oscars). She asked Harrison to come out and sing "Melancholy Wookie" for her. She was clearly kidding, but the news made headlines. ABC News covered it, it reached Kimmel's eyes. They were campaigning for it to happen.'s a touching part of the ceremony and that may have been a little too silly. I could see the next time Harrison is on Kimmel maybe they'd do a bit. We'll see!

Legends - Still not watching but no fear...I'll have access to season 2 on PLEX :) So maybe this summer I'll catch up if these shows die down.

APRIL SHOWS - MJ, I might have found the other April show. Prison Break returns! UGH...too many!!!

Too many shows - This Monday, Bates, 24, Supergirl and something else recorded. (it's so bad I can't even remember) I finished Sleepy Hollow, Grimm, Bates and started 24 over the past 2 mornings. It's getting out of hand! Once Upon a time returns next Sunday too. I think I'll be dropping SIX soon. lol

Mike V. said...

Too many Shows - Okay, I'm caught up on Bates Motel, Flash, Grimm, Sleepy Hollow, 24. Not much to report on them. Humans was the other Monday show I forgot about. So I still have Supergirl and Humans to get to.

Bates - Chick knows Norman is insane now! Caleb knows Norma is dead. Surely the brother will find out soon. And the shot of frozen Norma creeps me out every time. I still don't understand if Norman actually knows she's dead or not.

Grimm - Should be hitting the end game now. I think the finale is in March. And I guess it's going to deal with this mirror demon.

Anonymous said...

Too many Shows--I'm not having that problem, LOL.

Six--Finale next week. After the seeing the Seal's widow during Trump speech, it's kind of different watching these guys head into a battle where I don't think all will survive.


MJ said...

Colony - any one watching ? Can't remember. Snyder made a bold move ! Interesting that they showed occupation in Northern England - did we know that this was world wide ?

Shield - finally caught up. Jeez ! Fitz was an LMD but Skye wasn't ? Huh? LOl they got me on that one. Loved the room of Skyes - though a rip off of iRobot really. Of course read about Ward - but that was a very interesting way to bring Ward back. And Hydra is a legit business/company in this Framework ? We knew Aida would be out of control but they really brought the crazy with this one.

Powerless - not much to say except really enjoying this show.

Timeless - did I ever state what a great finale they had ?

Feud - any one checking this out ? I will record it - not sure when will get to watch

Grimm - did we discuss Grimm from friday ? Aww ! He slipped and called her juliette! We'd better find out about the stick - but maybe its tied to the mirror demon.

Sleepy - funny using an internet virus to spread an actual virus. But I was confused by the 'old' Ichabod in the vision ? And poor Jake was all serious this week -not even geeking out with Ichabod. Not surprised Molly chose 'oracle' - what else could they do with a little kid afterall ? Very foreboding whith the whole something/someone is coming.

Supergirl - did any of us think that daddy was good ? LOL Not ! Feel like I'm talking about Iris in Flash - but isn't Kara a reporter now ? LOL Just saying.

Bates - Meant to say last week - did you recognize the guy who wanted the room for an hour - who is now known as Sam Loomis ? He's Spencer from Walking Dead ! And I forgot that he was also in the movie Day After Tomorrow. Most interesting to me is that Norman's version of his much loved mother isn't a sweet perfect person whom he loves - she is complaining and whining and yelling at him. That's like double twisted isn't it ? And when she is teaching herself french - does that mean that sometime off camera Norman does that ? Confusing - but fun. But the end was the best - Norman/Norma standing there in front of Chick saying - I'm still alive ! Holy crap ! Thinking Dylan might find out next week - if Caleb survives to tell him. Yeah - Iced Norma is super creepy.

Flash - have to be honest I fell asleep thru some of this. Not the shows fault - just tired. But I was spoiled to the proposal before I even got to watch. Havin Harry back makes me like HR even less I am afraid to say - but they were amusing. Not sure how the team figured Grodd used Gypsy to come to our earth - but just went with it.

Prison Break - no - I think I am sitting that one out. Like Twin Peaks - not going ackwards to old shows. LOL

Too many shows - I think Six only has like 6 or 8 eps FYI. Behind like 2 eps on 24 now. Maybe 3.

Six - I am a little behind - just saw the one with the seals funeral - and the other guys daughter finding out about her dad and the widow !

Mike V. said...

Colony - We fell behind...maybe only watched 2 episodes of season 1. Not sure we'll get back to it!

SHIELD - Yeah they fooled me on the LMD stuff too. Not sure why I didn't consider that a possibility! And yes definitely a creative way to bring Ward back. I made comments last week, but forget what I said!

Powerless - I think I'm 2 behind again. It is funny though.

Timeless - You didn't...I'm still like 8 behind! My TiVo deleted all the episodes, still not sure how. But I'm using Plex! :)

Feud - I don't know. I think I've had my fill of Ryan murphy shows. I'll see how the reviews are.

Grimm - Don't think we discussed. I don't think I caught her calling her Juliette. Or maybe I did and just forgot. I think I made comments above again though.

Sleepy - Maybe we weren't meant to understand the Ichabod vision stuff yet. Nope...wasn't surprised about oracle either!

Supergirl - Nope...the minute I saw how easily they captured him I knew something was up.... Kara Yeah they revisit that every 4 episodes or something. lol

Bates - I knew he looked familiar but once you said "did you recognize" I finally placed him. Nice! Interesting point on Norman's version of his mother. The end definitely was the best!

Flash - Yeah...Harry 2.0 was/is definitely the best one. I thought you'd be all over the comment about Iris saying..."hmmm better go report on something" I forget the exact quite but I thought it spoke to your complaints about her not doing her job. Maybe you slept through it! lol (especially since you brought it up with supergirl!)

Prison Break - Makes sense. Someone needs to make them stop this madness! lol

Too many shows - Yeah Six is short. I can't get to it until Fridays though but this week I'll have too many shows still. we'll see!

MJ said...

Flash - I totally missed Iris saying that ! Too funny

Powerless - I kow you are behind - but look to recognize a henchman ! It's Major from iZombie.

Shows - had to laugh when you referenced that Once was coming back. But then I realized I am STILL watching Supernatural in it's 100th season (ok - it's season 12 now - and already renewed) so I have no reoom to laugh at any one.

Feud - I just the with those 2 actresses the acting will be off the hook ! But - not at all excited about what they are saying AHS next season is. He's vague of course but it's about election 2016 and though he says no one is actually playing Hilary or Donald - I don't know. Might just skip this one. We shall see.

Mike V. said...

Powerless - nice!!

Shows - Yeah...Once is not really that great anymore, but I'm still watching. With Americans coming back next week I'm really screwed. As predicted I didn't get to Six today and still working on finishing Legion.

Feud - yeah I know...I'm sure it'll be good. But I just can't fit anymore!! lol And it doesn't seem like a show I'm going to want to binge eventually either.

Anonymous said...

Grimm--we don't comment on it much I think because it's a Friday night show. I wonder how Adalind will fit into the finale resolution given that she's not been on a lot lately. Diana seems to be a big deal coming down the stretch. Looking forward to tonights ep which I will probably watch Sat night.

Colony--I watch and FFD some. I really don't like the wife and so usually FF through her stuff. Lying is a big deal in our extended family and so her character is toast and not worth watching for us.

Logan-just may go see this movie this weekend. I've heard lots of good things.


Mike V. said...

Grimm - I usually don't see it until Monday or Tuesday. I'm sure Diana will take out this mirror demon somehow. lol Adalind...yeah I don't know where they're going to go with all of that. I still get a vibe that Juliette/Eve will sacrifice herself to Nick so he can raise his child with Adalind. Something like that. We'll see.

Logan - Definitely want to see, but don't see me getting to it until it's out on video.

Anonymous said...

Expanse--I watch this show. It's ok.

Grimm--Juliette sacrifice--I could se that.

Logan--funny it's the only movie in quite a while that I might want to see at the theatre


MJ said...

*** DO NOT read Legion yet Mike.
Legion - enjoying the show - but wow is it bizarre. Loved the guy (husband) on the astral plane. But why is his earthly body in a diving suit ? Or was that some sort of astronaut suit ? And what the heck was that with Lenney (Benny) !?! Lenny has to exist - cause Syd met er in the care facility, right ? I don't remember their names - but liked the new character(s) that are 2 in 1. really liked tke girl one. Loved that the guy was moving the way the girl was when she was fighting Div 3. Is she dead ? I hope not. But what was with the connecting circles ? The ladder to astral plane, Philly's earrings, the girls belt - all were made of connecting circles.

Marvel - Seriously ? Another Marvel thing for tv ? It is unnamed but will have Amy Ackerman and Stephen Moyer (true blood) in it. They are seriously taking over the tv at this point. And this is seperate from Marvels Inhumans show which is coming. They really are going to kill the whole genre with over saturation.

Logan - heard the girls steals the show. Will watch if comes on Showtime or HBO - don't think I even saw the last one. And stopped the Xmen movies quite awhile ago.

Grimm - friday is must see for me. Grimm and Sleepy. Rare is it that I don't watch that actual night - but on time delay to avoid commercials. Them an TWD are probably the only 3 that I absolutely have to watch that night.

Have a great weekend every one.

Mike V. said...

Legion - watching last 18 minutes now. I'll read and respond when done!

Marvel - I think I saw something about that. IS that the inhumans show? I just figure they'll air that when SHIELD isn't on the air or something like that. Kinda like agent carter. But I agree..too much. But this coming from someone who is watching a lot of comic book tv shows now lol

Logan - Yeah I figured the girl would be good. I haven't finished Apocalypse. Watched first 15 minutes on plex. Wasn't very excited about it. lol But i've seen all other Wolverine and X movies

Grimm - I do love the show and Sleepy...but with my wife not watching them I just can't get to them until Monday at the earliest. lol

I'd put THIS IS US in the category of MUST WATCH the night it airs.

Have a good wknd!

Mike V. said...

Legion - I must not have been paying attention too well. I barely understood your comments! lol I was just trying to figure out if everyone was still in his head or not. When he woke up was he just back in his body but still in his head or was that in the real world? The 2 in one person I didn't understand what was going on there. The show certainly is interesting. But yes...very very weird! lol