Monday, February 13, 2017

TV Discussion: Week of 2/12/2017 - 2/18/2017

Hello fellow TV Addicts!  This is our weekly place to discuss all non-recapped shows.  See you in the comments!


Anonymous said...

Grimm--Not a bad ep. Figuring out the "stick figures"--sorry,LOL. NO Adalind but lots of Eve, even in the house. So, is the Capt on the "good side" now?

Twin Peaks--Showtime had this on. I haven't seen it before, not bad and kind of funny. At least the one ep I saw. From 1990.


Mike V. said...

Grimm - Seems to be pointing that way with the Cap. As I had mentioned, I never really saw him as the clear cut BAD GUY either. But always shady. Yeah...the ep was okay. Mostly a "case of the week" ep. lol

Twin Peaks - I never watched, but Showtime has it on because they're bringing the show back this year. It's not a's a continuation of the story from so many years ago. It is often referenced as a source of inspiration for a lot of shows we loved to discuss over the years. (X-Files, LOST, Fringe, etc...) I always thought about going back to watch. But, not high on my priority list. lol

Goldbergs - Finally have access to the back catalog of this show. I had always heard I missed out on this one. We've watched pilot and it was hilarious. Didn't realize it's based on the creator Adam Goldberg's life and he was a local Philly Suburbian. I should really enjoy this one. lol

MJ said...

Grimm - hey - that was Skinny Pete from Breaking Bad

Twin Peaks - the original show was just a fun and nutty quirky show. Nothing like it at that time on tv at all. Season 2 was not so great is my recollection. Think I stopped there. But yeah - Who killed Laura Palmer was riveting in it's time. Not going to bother with the new one

Goldbergs - I am pretty sure I mentioned that its in Jenkintown before. I LOVE this show. If I had that mom I would kill myself - but live watching her. And the philly references. They actually show a Wawa ! And - yes based on real Adam who created the show and at the end they sometimes actually show his real footage of his family from back in the day with the storyline of the episode. It's great.

Mike V. said...

Grimm - nice didn't even notice. lol

Goldbergs - You probably did! and my friends probably did too. I forgot! Looking forward to watching and enjoying the Philly ambiance!

Humans - Returns tonight!

MJ said...

Grimm - Didn't realize til reading today - the map pointed to March 24th - and that is the date of the final episode. Had to laugh that Meisner thinks renard chose the right side now - cause he didn't. He just chose not to be with Black Claw and do their bidding. He never said he sides with Hadrians wall. Just saying.

Humans - I rewatched the finale. Boy there is a lot I don't remember. LOL

Gbergs - yeah and the great 80's fashion. LOL Beverly's (mom) bedazzled sweaters crack me up.

Riverdale - not watching but did not realize that Josie and the Pussycats came from Archie.

Mike V. said...

Grimm - Nice. Didn't notice the date on the map and didn't know when the finale was.

Humans - I don't remember anything! I think there is a little recap or preview that recorded this past wknd though. Maybe I'll check that out. There was one for Bates too. (didn't watch that either)

Gbergs - nice...looking forward to watching more.

Riverdale - I'm not watching either....but is it somehow related to Archie?? lol

MJ said...

Humans - I thought that is was about what's to come ? As was Bates.

24 - watched second one finally. Yeah - cause he's going to break into a police station and steal ? One of my issues is that he is not trained for this kind of stuff. Jack was a trained agent. This guy was in the army - maybe the rangers. We shall see. Tired of the
critics whining about the politics of it all of how they always make the muslims the bad guy. The only war we've had in 10 years was against muslim extremists - so if we want a recently sent home soldier in the story - he has to be from one of those wars. Duh! See what you mean now by Smits assistant. 24 has 2 actors who were father and son on Longmire. Funny. Student/teacher thing is odd. Right before seducing him she says something sympathetic about how he was accused of being with students - and then she does what she does. No sense. Did not watch last night

Bklyn 99 - quit this one and deleted the back log. Just never get to it - happened last year too. It's telling to me that I find time for Gbergs and MF and not Bklynn - so I gave it up. Too much stuff coming so I know I won't get to it.

Billions - quit this one too

Mike V. said...

Humans - probably is. Still didn't watch that or the episode yet. Too much stuff on Friday through Monday now.

Grimm - I get the calendar thing now. I had 2 minutes left in the episode and was late for work, so just watched it. lol

24 - I'm caught up on all 3 (but won't talk about 3rd). Well he is a Navy Seal. So he is trained. I thought that was revealed in the first ep? I saw/heard the critics complaining too. Too regurgitated for 24 to come back with a fresh look then have a similar plot. I'm sure just like every other season of 24 there will be some Americans involved in the plot too. And you make a good point with the protagonist and who he'd be in conflict with. Student/teacher thing definitely odd. But, I guess it's going to interesting places. At least as interesting as you can take that story.

B99 - waaayyyyy behind on this one. We binged Last Man on Earth (Got better recently) and New Girl, but did not get to B99. Now I'm trying to catch up on Timeless whilst watching Goldbergs from the beginning (3 eps into season 1 and loving it. z cavariccis LOL fantastic) and manage our up to date tv shows. lol

Billions - never finished 1st ep. lol

MJ said...

24 - Army ! LOL Maybe a ranger.

Gberg - they pepper plenty of Star Wars references thru out - you'll laugh

Anonymous said...

24--I quit watching but I recall him being a Ranger. Ft. Benning anyone? MJ, funny on ARMY! vs NAVY--lol.

They could have made him Delta, but that wasn't mentioned.


MJ said...

24 - yeah - cant let army and navy get confused. LOL

Mike V. said...

24 - my bad on calling him a seal. I could've sworn that's what they said.

MJ said...

Voice - not that I watch it but someone at work has his son going to be on the first episode

Anonymous said...

Legion--I don't know what to think of this show. I mean, I want to like it and it has some good stuff. But I don't like the main character and I don't like psycho type shows. The girl wearing the long gloves seemed straight from XMen movie.

TIU--my wife says Kevin freaked and Randall seems to be cracking up. I told her that I'm glad I'm not watching--LOL.


MJ said...

Lethal Weapon - don't think any one watching on this blog but they had Leo Getz on ! LOL Was amusing. Not Pesci of course but Thomas Lennon (Odd Couple) did pretty well.

Shield - Ugh - so they have to go back and make up stuff where Coulsen and May might have hooked up - if she hadn't just started dating a new guy who is a psychiatrist ! LOL So now everyone BUT Simmons and Fitz are LMD ? LOL Crazy

Mike V. said...

Legion - It's a bizarre show. I'm halfway or mostly done the 2nd ep. I have fun news for you Richard. You may not remember our whole debate about this podcast dude when he made some Game of Thrones predictions about John Snow. Anyway, he is a producer on Legion now. (He said on the podcast he started in episode 3 and was invited to the writers room sessions. Didn't write scripts but was probably giving input on story/character stuff like that) Just found that comical because we had a heated debate about this guy's credibility. lol

TIU - took me a second to figure out what that meant. lol It's still really good. You're missing out! Kevin didn't freak out as much as prioritized what was most important. He was freaking out during the episode but before going on to his show he went to help his brother instead. Granted, I'm still debating whether that actually would've happened in real life. People are gonna be piiiiiiissed lol

Lethal Weapon - I started watching it and enjoy it, but I just haven't had time to keep up. They're all on the DVR. I heard about Thomas Lennon (The State, Snickers Commercials, Reno 911, Wet Hot American Summer, Joey Tribbiani's Identical Hand Twin, Pretty much anything EXCEPT The Odd Couple!! lol) was going to be playing Leo Getz. lol I'm a big fan of his work.

SHIELD - Yep, I thought the same thing. I think the hip term these days is RETCONNING plot to make it fit. Don't think I'm on board with that move here! But whatever. Yep, they're all LMDs. Fun stuff!

Anonymous said...

Shield--So,I've been reading your posts. LMDs appear to be a way to have your cake and eat it too re storylines--lol. I would hate it.
Six--Drama on the home front with cheating spouse--like nobody would know. BUT, loved Rip telling the terrorist he was sorry--pregnant pause--sorry I didn't kill all of you.... That was great.


MJ said...

24 - watched the third. I literally laughed out loud when the dude in the classrooom wasn't even dead and walked out on them. Like - seriously - they didn't check that ? Too funny. Was not clear how the Muslim guy out for revenge could know where the guy with the USB was. But - did not see it coming that Smits dad (?step dad?) is the one who had the rangers attacked/killed - and set up the asst to Smits. And now we know te personal drama that we always have - 2 gay guys and one wants to stay in the closet so he broke upwith the other. SIGH. And the rangers wife - the one with the drug lord brother - what is her purpose ? That storyline is dumb so far.

Legion - knew I recognized Syd - she was on Fargo with Jean Smart as her daughter. Know the show runner did Fargo as well. Shame they took the sister. Loved that the MRI was transported outside. Thought it interesting - not knowing if it has deeper meaning - how Syd so waned him to stay that she even offered that she'd hold his hand. Like why does she want him to stay so much ? Can she like him that much alredy - or does Summerland have their own agenda ? We shall see. Any one else think of Scientology when they were holding those metal sticks ? But that guy Ptolomy (sp?) was pretty awesome. But that book - surely he really didn't get that read to him as a child !?!

Shield - have to admit though - early May before she killed that child is alot of fun. Actually has personality.

Leslie said...

This is Us - Love, love this show! That moment when Kevin went to Randall was so touching! I love the format with how they connect things happening now with events from the past. I'm totally rooting for Toby and Kate! Loved the moment with Kevin and Miguel. The chemistry is so great with this cast!

Breaking Bad - Would you believe my husband and I finally started to watch this? Neither one of had ever seen it, so we're 3 or 4 episodes in now. With all the great things said about this show, I'm looking forward to the ride!

MJ said...

Leslie - you will love it !! The acting was so great on the show. Hard to believe he was Malcolm in the Middle dad.

MJ said...

Star Wars - man - meant to say all week. Was at family gathering this past weekend and discussion about Anakin/Lukes light sabers came up. Didn't even know this was a thing since the movie last year (not rogue one)

So - lets see if I put this out there correctly. LOL. Maz says something to Han and rey about having Lukes saber - says a very interesting story about it.. later that Saber is claimed by Hans' son to be his grandfathers, ie Anakins. But ... Luke dropped that saber out the bottom of Cloud City when he had his arm cut off. So - is that the story that is being left unsaid - how that saber got to any one once dropped from Cloud city ?

Mike V. said...

Oh man MJ, I need to respond to all of your TV stuff but I see Star Wars questions and I want to jump just to that! lol But i'll do my due diligence!

24 - yes the not so dead school kid was hilarious. Right up there with Terri Amnesia and Kim and the cougar. This stuff just doesn't happen! I think we've also proven that wives and children of our heroes don't really have big roles to play on this show. (see previous comments lol)

Legion - Did know that it was same showrunner. Interesting that they may have their own agenda. We'll see! My boy Andy Greenwald got involved in episode 3 in the writers it should become the perfect show since he always has so much to say about good stories on television. lol

Shield - Yeah...younger May is more entertaining. But the retconning...ugh!!!

Six - I'm reading your posts too Richard even though I'm still behind. I'm mid ep 4 now. It's kind of just a blah show for me. I'm seeing some relationship trauma happening so I figured there was some cheating going on somewhere. I'll catch up at some point! IT's usually not until Friday that I get around to it.

This is us - Hi Leslie! It really is a fantastic show. Definitely the biggest win of the new season.

Breaking Bad - IT's soooo good. Enjoy the ride! One thing to keep in mind is that season 1 got hit by the writer's strike so it kind of just ends after 7. But they clean it up in season 2 and keep plowing along. The show really does just get better with each season. Enjoy it!

Star Wars - YES!! I'm here. You got it right. So it's Anakin's light saber. We see him with it in the fight with Obi-Wan on Mustafar. There is a clear shot of Obi-Wan picking up the light saber during his "YOU WERE THE CHOSEN ONE!!!" speech. This is another RETCON to sync up with episode 4's "Your father's lightsaber. He wanted you to have it when you were old enough" (that's obi wan saying stuff that's true-from a certain point of view lol) The during the "I am your father" fight Vader chops off luke's hand and it goes flying into the abyss. Never to be seen again in the original trilogy. Luke completes his jedi training by constructing his own new lightsaber (Which ends up green)

Fast forward to episode 7. JJ Abram's original opening shot was going to be a severed hand floating in space with the lightsaber attached to it and Maz picking it up. But they decided to cut that. But Maz does indeed have that lightsaber. How? Maybe we'll find out in ep 8 - The Last Jedi!!!! An image has surfaced yesterday of the big 3 from the new trilogy on the new toy packaging that will be used starting 9/1 Force Friday II. Rey's got a new hairdo with Luke's saber, Finn is still wearing that jacket and Poe is decked out in his flight suit with a new black helmet. Good stuff!!

MJ said...

Ha ! I KNEW you'd know about the light saber mystery ! LOL

Have a great weekend everyone !

Leftovers - so I am going to try to catch season two (on your recommendation) and record S3 as it is airing. Probably won't get to it until summer though.

Mike V. said...

Leftovers - Nice!! You won't be disappointed. Can't speak for season 3, but many argue that season 2 is one of the best seasons of any tv show. I obviously have lots of contenders but I remember really looking forward to sunday night last year when it was on. They changed the whole image of the show even with the opening credits. And the first 15 minutes are really really out there. And supposedly Damon Lindelof intentionally did it because of, yet again, the podcast I listen to. They used to be on Grantland (under ESPN) but moved with Bill Simmons to The Ringer and are The Watchpod. Anyway, Damon says he loves listening to them but they really panned season 1 of The Leftovers so they said in the writers room "what can we do to really piss them off." SUCCESS! It was nuts...but it really set the tone for anything goes in season 2 and it was really good.

We all know Damon knows how to make everyone happy with ending shows so season 3 is sure to be a hit! LOL

Have a great weekend!!