Monday, February 27, 2017

The Walking Dead: Season 7 Episode 11 - Hostiles and Calamities (Discussion)

Hello everyone and welcome back to our Season 7 Walking Dead discussion.  I'll be up front about this.  Due to getting to this episode very late last night while being half asleep this is going to be a very brief discussion of last night's episode.  I'm sure we can fill in any missing pieces in our discussion in the comments!  Let's dive in.  

Discussion Points

  • The episode focused on Eugene's arrival at the Sanctuary as well as shining a light on Dwight as he investigates Daryl's sudden departure.  Of course, this means we got lots of Negan too.  
  • Eugene AKA Mr. Smarty Pants was treated much better than Daryl.  He had better living conditions and was considered "one of them" where he was able to request anything he wanted within reason.  In order to keep these perks he nervously came up with an inventive way to keep walkers hanging on a fence for Negan to prove his intelligence.  Now, I forget if Eugene is actually really smart or it's part of his lie to stay alive.  I think he is actually really smart but the whole thing of being part of the effort to cure the zombie apocalypse was a lie to stay alive a couple seasons back and he resurrected this lie.  The smile that he gave while walking away from an encounter with Negan made me think that more.  Keep in mind, I was REALLY tired when watching! 
  • Eugene was treated to a night with Negan's wives but just for socializing and fun without the bedroom perks.  I don't remember the names of the wives, but basically 2 of the 3 tried to convince Eugene to make a pill to kill Negan whilst saying it was for the other wive who recently lost her husband (again, thanks to Negan).  He was smart enough to pick up on this and did not take the bait.  Instead he focused on pickles, atari games and working his way into Negan's trust.  
  • Dwight, on the other hand, was tasked with piecing together how Daryl got away.  It was clearly Sherry, which we all assumed.  What we didn't know he she high tailed it out of there as well.  Dwight went back to their old home which was designated as their rendezvous point if they ever got separated.  Sherry had left Dwight a letter that said she will not go back and he shouldn't either (and a bunch of other stuff that I think I slept through!  Just being honest).  Dwight, in order to protect Sherry, went back and informed the Doctor and Negan that he killed her.  Then he set up the doctor as another lover of Sherry's and the cause of escape.  He took the "Bye Honey" portion of the letter and planted it in the Doc's office as it matched the note that was left for Daryl.  I may have been falling asleep but when Negan through the doc into the fire I shot right up.  WHAAAAT!?!?!  They say they have a backup doctor, but I was sure if he was referring to Eugene or not.  
And that's essentially the episode.  I'm sure I missed a lot of stuff and I would appreciate anyone filling in the blanks!  I'm sure it's just a matter of time before Dwight's lie gets figured out.  In either case maybe this will be what pushes him to helping Rick's crew?  Maybe it'll be somehow tied to Eugene's ascent in the Savior ranks?  Time will tell.  

Hope you enjoyed my minimalist ramblings and I'll see you in the comments! 


MJ said...

Swamped today -- be back later for more - and to read your recap - but any one else noticing that we are still having fractured stories ? Last night was all Eugene and Saviors. Not that it was not a great episode

MJ said...

And I had totally forgotten all about Eugene 'biting' Dwight until it came up in the episode - and on Talking Dead

Mike V. said...

Yep, noticed the fractured stories. I guess the difference is a bulk of people are back together again with Rick. So when we get his story it's a bunch of them. But yeah, there are too many moving parts now and dedicating story time to each of them in an episode could be tough.

I vaguely remember Eugene biting Dwight...Definitely forget them mentioning it last night. But I was really really tired! lol (kids didn't go to sleep until late...then Oscars/TWD mash up. it was a rough night!)

Jason B. said...

When Negan mentioned that it was a good thing they had a "spare Doctor Carson," he was talking about Doctor Carson from The Hilltop, the one that has been helping out Maggie. My guess is that he plans to "relocate" him to The Sanctuary. This whole Sherry releasing a prisoner and running away plot was not in the comics, so I was as surprised as the next guy, if not more, to see Negan throw the doctor into the furnace haha.

And yeah, Eugene is a very smart guy, but as Negan pointed out Rick hasn't put him to very good use. Although in the comics after No Way Out, putting spiked cars and trenches (I don't know if there even are trenches on the show) around the perimeter of Alexandria was his idea, so it may have been in the show as well. I loved that he pulled out the lie that he told Abraham and the group though, that had me laughing.

Unknown said...

Eugene seemed to make eye contact with a young long red headed male several times while he was being given the tour.

Its almost appeared that they recognized each other and Eugene smirked...
It was before Eugene was really playing the part of Mr smarty pants.

Seemed to deliberate not something right?

Mike, to your point he is generally knowledgeable but he has to be over selling himself, especially after he connected the dots.

He is by far the most annoying character, even if he's with the good guys. Can't lie I almost wished Negan's would smash him just to stop that mumble mush mouth

MJ said...

Good point on the other Dr Carson ! Totally did not catch that. FIgured - as did many people I've talked to - that he meant Eugene.

Yes - I did see that he kept looking at some red head. Not sure I saw a smirk though. Figured Eugene was scared and kept just trying not to look someone in the eye but the red head kept purposely catching his eye.

Mike V. said...

Super J - agreed nice catch on Dr. Carson.

I don't think we have trenches on the show yet. Way to spoil that juicy development!! Kidding. lol Yeah resurrecting the original lie was a good time.

@Anonymous/MJ - Hmmm....I must've been really tired. Can't picture the red head guy. lol I may have to rewatch (if only my DVR wasn't so full of unwatched stuff!) But yeah any lingering glances will surely pay off eventually. You're probably right.

@Anonymous - Eugene might be annoying, but you gotta respect the Mullet!

Jason B. said...

Woops! Spoiler alert! Haha I am guessing that the crew was not willing to dig trenches around the whole place just to have them on screen every once in awhile.

The red head guy - I believe that Eugene saw him steal something and then watched him as he walked away. It was likely just to show Eugene what life is like for the lowest group at the Sanctuary. It could be more than that I suppose, but I didn't think so when I saw it. Fun fact from AMC's StorySync: if you guys remember, in the first episode at the Sanctuary there was a guy beaten to death and then put out on the fence in the opening montage scene, the red head kid is his son.

MJ said...

Jeez - just finally read your recap today. Work has been so crazy this week - as has after work hours.

Eugene sure is a survivor and a chamelion ! He just makes sure he says the riht things so that his butt is protected. LOL Harsh on Dwight to set up that doctor - but like the actor said on Talking Dead - he could not know that Negen would toss the dude into the fire. Almost felt sorry for him when he went to his old house and Sherry was gone.

Eugene - yeah I think is is actually smart Mike. The whole mirror thing was freaky ! And the body selling was creepy ! LOL

As for the read head - I think you are right SuperJ - red head kid stole something and Eugene saw it. Maybe he'll take the kid under his wing or something. Oh ! DOH ! Just hit me - probably also reminds Eugene just a little bit of Abraham !

Mike V. said...

It's been a crazy week for me too...glad you finally got some down time! Hope you weren't too let down that I barely did a recap! lol

Yeah I think they're trying to turn Dwight into a sympathetic character. Something tells me he'll be helping out our crew in the long run.

Good points on the red head superj/mj! That all makes sense.

MJ said...

I think Dwight or Sherry will die trying to help them against Negen. Actually - lots of people are going to die in this war is my guess. All this new cast will have to be trimmed.

Not looking forward to negen finding out that Maggie is still alive.

Mike V. said...

Agreed on Dwight and/or Sherry. And we might lose someone else of our main cast too. Ugh...yeah Negan definitely will find that out about Maggie!