Monday, February 20, 2017

TV Discussion: Week of 2/19/2017 - 2/25/2017

Hello fellow TV Addicts!  This is our weekly place to discuss all non-recapped shows.  See you in the comments!


MJ said...

Leftovers - from last week - LOl on Damon and show endings.

Grimm - OMG - this was one funny episode. Hand was the best - falling for himself. And Renard just leaving Diana with her kidnapper was great. And Diana saying to the guy - this was fun can we do it again ? I will miss this show.

Anonymous said...

Grimm-Yes, the smile that came over REnard's face while calling 911 and then NOT was great. Diana will be very scarry once a teenager--lol. Leave the planet! I was wondering if this ep was a kind of fun roadtrip for the crew. Eve sleeping at Nick/Adalind's place is funny too. Funny on Monroe marking his territory.


Anonymous said...

my wife started Big Little Lies.


Mike V. said...

Grimm - still have 20 more minutes to watch but it is hilarious. Gotta love a good love potion storyline in any show/movie lol

Big little lies - we started last night. My wife read the book so she filled me in on differences. For starters the show is set in California. Book is in Australia. lol anyway it was a good start and I'm intrigued by the mystery!

Sleepy - caught up on this too. Crane and the girl have a fun little bond. So the dad wasn't there at all right? Just a demon taking his form? Not sure if I was fully paying attention. Lol

Oscar films. - was able to watch Manchester by the sea at home this wknd. (Plex rules!!!). God that is a depressing movie. Lol good though!

MJ said...

Grimm - yes I remembered Nick catching Monroe doing that in Season 1

Big Lies - recorded but not yet watched.

Sleepy - correct - dad never there.

Plex - ok - so what is Plex and how much is it (when you are not using your friends.) LOL You've been mentioning it alot

Oscar - think there was only 1 nominated I was even remotely interested in

Bates catch up - video is trailer we have seen but the write up reminded me of alot of stuff.

Mike V. said...

Oscar - They do need to get with the times and include some popular movies with the mix. That's why they made the best picture category flexible to go up to 10 nominations. Of course most popular movies are Marvel, Harry Potter related or Star Wars lol Some of the animated features last year could've been candidates though. Inside Out was amazing.

Bates - I still haven't watched any trailers...gotta check it out. Thanks.

Plex - yeah I'm new to it. Really can't do much unless you're on people's servers. Basically you can share TV/Movies/Audiobooks/Pictures/Music with anyone on your friends list. People download torrents or rip blu rays and store on private servers that they share online. Quality ranges from horrible to really good depending on the files they're sharing. And sometimes you luck out with a movie that is still out in theaters. (think i was watching oscar screeners that were ripped) Works for us since we can never get out of the house. Can watch/listen on streaming devices, phones, tablets. I share home videos in my house too so instead of having to burn to a disc i can access my computer fairly easily from all my devices anywhere i go. And if I wanted to share these videos with my family i could add them to my plex server. Pretty flexible and useful application.

You can also add all your channels to it I can watch anything on the network online apps without the advertisements. (not sure how that works)...caught an episode of The 100 that my tivo didn't record and it worked perfectly. Watching Powerless now and catching up on that.

MJ said...

Bates - didn't watch - was too tired to stay up - but that trailer was awesome.

This is Us - renewed for season 2 ! Figured as much but nice to have it confirmed. Finally watched last weeks - poor randall. And look at Kevin actually stepping up and missing his very important opening night to go help him. Which is ridiculous really - he should have had him mom or sister go - but whatever. LOL Loved his Katie dream - and that his ex knew he'd had it.

Ples - ah ! No thanks then - over all the ripped crap that is poor quality.

Mike V. said...

Bates - Something recorded last night but it was another recap or teaser. I don't think it comes back until April right?

This is Us - Yep! I think it's an 18 episode renewal or something. They announced a few weeks back. Yeah...I get the emotional implications of Kevin going but it was pretty unprofessional to do so too. lol Couldn't get past that. The dream was pretty hilarious.

Plex - I probably didn't explain it well. The quality can be as good as you want it. Like if you wanted to build your own digital server you could rip carbon copy blu-rays complete with the best high def sound and put it on your server and access it anywhere. So if you're friends with the right people with pristine catalogs then you can access a large library of movies. My buddy hooked me up with 2 of his friends' accounts and they just have variety of stuff on there of all qualities. It'll tell you the quality before you play. I'm always looking for 720p or 1080p. But for these Oscar screeners...just being able to see the movie without paying for them is fine with me.

And like marvel son is really into the stuff right now (probably too young but whatever! lol) But to buy all of these marvel movies would cost me a few 100 bucks at this point. I created TiVo wishlists and recorded most of them, but to be able to access pretty pristine versions of them on a friend of a friend's server is a nice option too. It also allowed me to see Dr. Strange which I couldn't get out to the theater to see.

I'm not trying to sell it to anyone though. Just a new discovery for me! And a nice option. The Goldbergs I'm watching are perfect quality too. We're 1/3 of the way through season 1.....The older brother got his license while the Phillies were in the world series and the messed up trying to follow his mom's rules while secretly going to a party in the woods with his sister. lol Hilarity ensued!

SUPERGIRL - I think I have like 5 minutes left in the ep...but of course you know I'm going to want to mention the HAMILTON scene. lol Everyone loves throwing a comment or homage to it these days. lol I wonder if that was supposed to be the actual Hamilton stage...obviously they film in Vancouver so it wasn't...but they may have intended it to take its place. Granted...I don't even know if New York exists in this DC universe. lol

Grimm - Finished the ep. I guess they never showed this team every just going out and having a night out so that was a nice change of pace. Granted...a little unrealistic since they're always plotting and scheming 24/ would they think they could take a weekend off? lol Of course, they didn't anyway. But it was a nice moment for them in the final season to share as well as throw in an abbreviated clip show too to remind us how far we've come.

24 - Yep, threw us off with the campaign manager. I've already said this, but I'm sure when all I said and done it will be a Caucasian American Male that is pulling the strings. Or if they want to throw a twist at us and give more opportunity to the oppressed without offending....a Caucasian woman. lol

Not sure why they went to the length of keeping that high school kid alive when they killed him off in the hospital anyway. Maybe to show some emotional sympathy in the terrorist girlfriend? UNLESS.....somehow he's going to survive the poison injection too!!! Wouldn't surprise me. And that dude from Scandal is totally intended to be the new Chloe. lol

Mike V. said...

Timeless - So didn't realize the season finale was last night. We're still a few episodes behind and my TiVo didn't record this one. Yet again, PLEX will come to the rescue! lol Okay I'll stop talking about it now! :)

Powerless - Watched all 3 eps last night. It's pretty funny. Not sure how dedicated to it I'll be, but they were enjoyable enough to binge. lol

MJ said...

Bates - NO ! It premiered last night 10pm. Heard it was awesome. At 9 or 9:30 was a little S4 recap - but def new ep at 10

Powerless - still onl;y seen the first - but recording them

Behind on all the rest.

Mike V. said...

Bates - nevermind. I'm an idiot. It definitely recorded. Totally would've watched that first of all the stuff on my Tuesday "To do" list if I knew!! Guess this will trump HUMANS and THE FLASH tomorrow morning!

MJ said...

Bates - awesome ! He is soooo bat-s**t crazy at this point. LOL Won't say more

This is Us - didn't watch - heard need the kleenex tho

Flash - I know Grodd is a comic fan fave - but I don't find him that interesting. LOL So while a decent ep - it didn't do much for me. Wish Jessie would stay around tho. And Malfoy character was at least amusing with his Indiana Jones get-up.

Mike V. said...

Bates - I watched! Really good. Totally nuts. I didn't watch the s4 recap so I went in with my memory which was pretty good. That stuff sticks with you. Only thing I can't remember is how the sheriff ended up in jail. I'm sure Norman was involved in that. lol Can't believe he still has Norma's body in the basement. So I guess he knows she's dead but still has active debates with his other personality?? That was confusing. Because he's still confused about the blackouts and how she takes over. But it all goes under the "he's nuts" umbrella. I think the girl that went in the peep room with David Davidson (lol) was Rihanna...i.e the character from Psycho (Marian??) That girl from the hardware store is totally going to die. lol

This is Us - I won't say anything except there is no way I can oversell that it was an amazing episode of television.

Flash - I was just happy to have Jessie and Wells 2 back. Grodd doesn't do it for me either. And yeah Malfoy is great. lol

Still need to watch HUMANS and SHIELD. Starting to have too much to watch again!

MJ said...

Shield - spoiler alert. Did not watch Ep but hear that Ward will be back. In a very strange way.

Bates - nope - he is in jail because that chick last year with the reddish/blondish hair - the one from the bank - got busted and he went to jail for perjury cause he said he didn't know her. H'ed had dirty dealings with her in the past and wound up giving her Bob Parrishes money to get rid of her - but she got caught. Loved how Romero called a hit on Norman - and it totally failed. Yeah - I think she will be Marion as well (Rihanna) and agree the chick in hardware store is a goner. Her name though - last name - the husband thinks her last name is the name of the cop/detective in the original movie. Not sure though. Notice how she kinda dressed like Norma ? The flowers and fiftyish feel to her dresses ? Yeah - he's tracking his blackouts but I don't think he actually realized he is the one doing the killings and things - at times he really does think she is there and that Norma is doing things behind his back. I have a few articles saved off about the premier but no time to read them yet. Was confusing though - in a good way. LOL

This Us - already read s damn spoiler headline by accident. SIGH. Will def watch tonight - withmy box of tissues.

Humans - I feel these are going to pile up on me now. Bates back and Americans coming soon. And I feel something else is coming back that I love - but can't come up with it right now. Humans might be better in a marathon any way - and that's what I am telling myself. LOL

Mike V. said...

Shield - I read it anyway. lol I saw tweets last night that said "SHIELD welcomes back original cast member"....well only one has been missing! lol I'm like 5 minutes into the episode. May put on now since I'm working from home. lol

Bates - OHHHH YEAAAAH. Thanks for the reminder. All came back to me. And he mentioned in this episode "i'm a dirty cop" so he came to terms with it. ohhh interesting on the hardware store girl's name. Will have to look that up. Yeah..until I saw him laying with his mother's taxidermified (assumption and totally made up word) corpse I assumed he thought his mother was still alive and doing stuff behind his back too. But how can he go from debating with her at one point and then laying with her corpse the next??

Good point on how she dresses like Norma. Agreed...confusing in a good way!

This is Us - I still won't say anything concrete, but that is a hard spoiler to avoid. And I figured it out what was going to happen in the opening minutes of the episode. The trajectory seemed clear, but the journey and the resolution of the episode can't not be overhyped. Great episode of television. IMDB currently has it at 9.6 out of 10. I know that fluctuates eventually, but I don't expect this one to.

Too Much TV - Humans/Six/Americans/Bates - yeah I won't be able to do all of that. Humans will fall to back burner. Six will fall off the map. Not sure what else is coming back soon but I'm sure I watch it too! lol I know April is a big month for stuff. Saul and I thought Bates, but probably something else? Oh yeah...izombie! Thanks for recommending that one. Just more to watch! LOL

Don't forget Iron Fist starts soon too. ugh.

Mike V. said...

SHIELD - This storyline has actually gotten a bit more interesting, especially with where they're going next. Feels a bit like a Flash Sideways world where they're going to have to wake up. And also makes sense why Ward can be back. Of course, it's going on hiatus again until April. But that makes sense considering they came back sooner than normal and there is no Agent Carter this year. But this is good news considering there's other stuff to watch!

MJ said...

This is Us - OMG ! fab episode. I went thru 6 tissues ! And then talking about it with my husband right afterwards I was getting upset again ! Ugh - when in the end randall takes his dads face just like Jack used to do for him - I lost it . The whole episode was great.

Too much tv - Saul might be it. And iZombie. LOL - and you are welcome. I can't suffer alone with 'too much to watch' syndrome. At least you get to watch one thing each morning - I don't get that. I think I have like 1 six (maybe 2) on the dvr. So much on Netflix waiting for me. Longmire, The OA, Iron Fist coming, Gilmore Girls, Season 2 stranger Things, Black Mirror. I usually marathon something every summer (BB, Fringe, Lost) but I feel like this year I won't have time

Supergirl - better then I thought would be. When I heard was about Valentines I did not have high hopes. Loved the alien - not even attempting to spell that name. Though the resolution to getting rid of him was a cheat ! LOL

Mike V. said...

This is Us - Yep, my wife had the "ugly cry" going. I was a mess too, but trying to hold it together. When he made the comment about the 2 most important people at the beginning and end, I lost it. and then they started playing the song he wrote in the final moments. AND the book of poems! Even stopping by Jack's "resting place"....all of it was so well done. the showrunner pretty much implied that the actor is not done with the show due to flashbacks playing a large role. And with the book of poems they might have a way in to that showing what inspired a certain poem or something like that. (just my thought) But wow...powerful ending for a great character.

Too much TV - Yeah...I try to fit in 2 hour episode shows in the morning. Don't always get it. It's a fair point. But it comes at a price. Last night we barely got through modern family (it was still 9:30 when we were watching) and both my wife and I were falling asleep! Sometimes the early wake ups hit me hard. lol Yeah Netflix releases something new every Friday. Impossible to keep up. I heard good things about The OA, but I just don't even know where that fits on my radar! I would love binge any one of those shows you mentioned but yeah I don't know if I'll have time either. I'm pretty due for a LOST rewatch. I watched in son was like 6 months old. lol I still remember it well though. People comment on their binge watches and my memory is surprisingly detailed and intact! :)

Supergirl - Yeah that alien thing was bizarre...but it did lead to a Hamilton reference (I commented above about it) lol The resolution was definitely a cheat...but considering how conniving he was I guess it fit! lol

Caught up on Flash, SHIELD (commented above) and Legion as well. (too many comic shows!!! lol )

MJ said...

Sigh - Fargo is also back in April LOL A definite must see for me

Mike V. said...

Fargo - another one I always planned on watching and just fell behind. I heard both seasons are great. And I'm sure I could just watch the 3rd without even watching the other 2...but even with an anthology series, I'd still want to watch them in order! lol

Mike V. said...

Six - Renewed for a 2nd season. I am completely indifferent to this news. lol

Anonymous said...

Six, lOl it's one of the only shows I watch that we even mention anymore. I'm not saying it's great. But, it's better than mid level. Married woman having problems with husband going to divorced single mother asking about how to handle a problem with husband--one of the mistakes made most often. So real and yet so crazy.

TIU-wife told me what happened. I may watch finale.


Mike V. said...

Six - Watched the rest of ep 4 today and started 5. It's okay. I just am having a hard time fitting it in. lol

TIU - You should watch that ep you missed. We'll find out if you're human after all! ;-) just kidding. lol 2 eps left this season but I think they're split up by a POTUS address to Congress. Of course, this made headlines that Trump is interrupting prime time. Not once did I ever read a complaint about the initiator of Prime Time interruptions, POTUS 44, interrupting prime time! Political grumble done. Not arguing right or left. Interrupting prime time sucks PERIOD! Let's give equal complaints people! lol