Monday, December 5, 2016

The Walking Dead: Season 7 Episode 7 - Sing Me a Song

Hello friends and welcome back to our season 7 coverage of The Walking Dead.  Things are escalating to get us to the mid-season finale next week.  We finally followed multiple storylines as some of the stories setup over the past few episodes begin to pay off.  Let's dive in. 

Discussion Points

  • Rosita and Spencer are still arguing over being on the same side of things.  Spencer just wants to keep complaining about Rick while Rosita just wants to take matters into her own hands.  
  • Rosita and Eugene go to make the bullet.  Eugene vehemently disagreed with Rosita's approach after thinking about the downstream effects of her decision.  Rosita is fully aware of the implications of taking one bullet and trying to take out Negan.  She accepts her fate and resorted to insulting Eugene to force him to make the bullet.  
  • Spencer and Gabriel went on a supply run and Spencer confessed how much he dislikes Rick and wished for him basically to die while out on his supply run.  Now whether he was suggesting that he hunt him down and take Rick out, I don't know.  Regardless, Gabriel called him out on his BS and called Spencer a tremendous SH*T.  But, in the eyes of the lord he is not a sinner until he takes action.  Gabriel left Spencer alone on the middle of a deserted road.  And of course, Spencer's spidey senses started tingling.  He ran into the woods near his car and found a walker in a trap (or a scouting location up in the trees) complete with crossbow and directions to supplies in Latin.   Spencer got said supplies and informed Rosita and Eugene of his grab.  
  • Spencer said he was going to give all the supplies to Rick, but that's not all he was going to do. Of course, I can't tell if Spencer is being sarcastic about the supplies or if the "that's not all" part of his statement was suggesting he has a bigger plan in mind.  In any case I can't decide if Spencer is on the "next to die" list or will end up being another Carol in the long run.  (i.e. someone I always thought was on the short list to be killed off and then became indispensable) 

  • Rick and Aaron were up early in the morning and on the hunt for supplies.  They came to a fence in the woods with a sign warning of trouble if they proceed.  They kept pursuing on to a truck and another big sign with a man explaining how much stuff he had and was well protected.  But also said, if you made it this far and didn't get shot that he's probably dead.  
  • Rick and Aaron continued on to find some kind of complex surrounded by water and yep, walker heads throughout the surrounding waters.  Seems like they're going to figure out some way to get to those supplies.   Desperate times. 
  • Sidenote: If Rick goes to all of this trouble to get what's in that building to come back and see what Negan's been up to and still bows down to that a-hole???  Well, I just don't know if that's possible.  

  • We see Michonne walking down he street whistling "The Farmer in the Dell".  Naturally, before they showed Michonne and due to the fact that so many cast members of The Wire have been on this show there was only one thing we were all thinking.   "Omar comin...."  
  • Michonne was drawing out walkers to take them out and form a roadblock.  She succeeded in stopping one of Negan's people.  A red head woman who doesn't seem to be a pushover.  She did try to get the upper hand on Michonne in the car, but Michonne stayed in control and focused on her mission.  "Take Me to Negan"     This episode pretty much should've been called, "Take Me To Negan"   3 people are basically on suicide missions to take the man out.  Negan has broken down the Alexandrian crew and they need to come back together if they're gonna have a shot at taking him out. 


  • We rejoin the supply truck headed for Sanctuary with Carl and Jesus on board.  They took a break to wait for a walker hoard to work their way off the road.  Carl and Jesus discussed next steps.  Jesus started creating a trail suggesting they jump off early and work their way to Sanctuary on foot.  Carl agreed, but then ended up staying on the truck and waving to Jesus as he soldiered on.  Jesus couldn't help but smile.  
  • Carl doesn't hesitate when he gets to Sanctuary. He takes out 2 men and then demands Negan's head.  Negan just can't help but smile either at the boy.  Carl has that effect on people I guess! 
  • Everyone who is anyone is aware of Carl's arrival.  Dwight, Daryl, Fat Joe you name it.  
  • We then begin the tour of Sanctuary through Carl's eyes.  It turns out it's a big factory/power plant remodeled into a civilization.       
  • Negan was full of one liners in the episode and they were all outstanding.  Even the stink eye one that's only half as good.  Might have been funnier if he didn't feel the need to explain it though!  Negan continued to mess with the heads of his people when he discussed not having time to screw any of his wives today then looking straight at Dwight "well, maybe just one."  I'm not sure if that was clear in previous episodes but it seems like Negan has no limit on the # of wives he keeps around.  
  • Negan has tremendous respect for Carl and is hesitant to kill him or seriously punish him due to that respect.  So the whole episode is a bonding episode for the 2 where he tries to figure out Carl's punishment for killing 2 of his men.  
  • Negan shows off to Carl about how his people kneel when they see him.  He offered them fresh vegetables at dinner without points and the people applauded.  But clearly, they are all acting out of fear and a potential movement could create a revolt against the man.  
  • We move on to Negan's "quarters" if you will where all his wives are dressed nice and just walking around waiting for him to arrive.  Negan talks to Sherry (Dwight's ex-wife) about Amber (another wife).  He convinces her to spill the beans about Amber going back to her ex-husband, Mark.  (or boyfriend..not really clear)   Amber confesses/apologizes and promises to never cheat again.  No Cheating is one of Negan's rules.  And if broken, as we found out, the iron comes out! 
  • There was some interaction with Dwight and Daryl during this scene as well.  Negan carried a kiss on with Sherry just long enough for Dwight to be forced to watch it.  Daryl tried to speak to Negan and he put an end to that really quickly threatening violent action against Carl if he steps out of line. 
  • Negan takes Carl to his bedroom I guess and they sit down to have a chat.  He makes Carl take his bandage off.  The camera focuses on Carl's lack of eye for a long time as Negan keeps speaking to how horrific it looks.  Carl is broken down to tears and Negan's reaction seems legit.  He looks upset that Carl is upset. Carl puts up the badass exterior but he is just a kid.  However, it's still difficult to tell when Negan is playing games or showing legit emotions.  The way JDM played it, I felt like it was legit.  
  • Fat Joe brought Lucille back to Negan which came as a surprise to Negan.  Carl must've gotten Negan all worked up that he abandoned Lucille.   This led to some more great one liners about Joe's treatment of Lucille that we can not share on this family blog!  
  • Negan then makes Carl sing him a song (see: name of episode).  Carl of course refuses initially, but then starts singing "You Are My Sunshine" out of fear.  It turns out Lori used to sing it to him which led to Carl explaining what happened to Lori in the end.  Negan now understands how Carl evolved into what he is.  
  • We then have a drawn out scene of Mark getting ironed for Amber cheating on Negan.  Dwight even had to hand the hot iron to Negan.  And well, it was as nasty as you would've expected!  
  • We have a short scene between Dwight and Sherry sharing a couple cigarettes.  Dwight called Sherry out on ratting Amber out, but said she shouldn't beat herself up.  Dwight admits to not sleeping at night.  The scene ended abruptly as Sherry walked out almost p.o.'d at Dwight.  Negan creating those divides! 
  • We return to Carl and Negan where Carl refuses to bow down to Negan and Negan still tries to figure out what to do with him.  Carl asks Negan to jump out the window to save him the trouble of killing him.  Carl says he knows Negan won't kill him because he can't.  Negan smiles and suggested they go for a ride.  
  • We see Jesus ride in on the top of Negan's truck.  Daryl threatens Negan and Negan puts him back on time out in the box.  Negan and Carl head to Alexandria. 
  • While Daryl is in the box he gets a message under the door with a key that says "Go Now".   I immediately assumed it was Jesus, but how would Jesus know where Daryl is?  It could be Sherry, it could be Dwight.  We shall see. 
  • Negan and Carl arrive to Alexandria and knock on Olivia's door.  Rick is not in town, so Negan decides he's going to wait until Rick does get home.  And to pass the time he decides to insult Olivia's size vs. her hunger and then offer her a romp in the sack.  Olivia slaps Negan which gets the best line of the night as a response.  "I'm 50% more into you now."  
  • Negan gets the tour of Alexandria or Rick's house.  They played darts.  Negan took his shoes and socks off and wiggled his toes in the carpet.  He ran the faucet.  Carl tried to keep him from going into Judith's room, but nothing stopped him from opening up the door and discovering more leverage against Carl and Rick.  
  • The last thing we see if Negan rocking Judith on the porch with Carl by his side.  He turned Carl's word back on him saying maybe it was stupid keeping him and his dad alive.  He could bury them both in the flower beds and settle into the suburbs.  He suggests he's going to stay in Alexandria and gives Judith a big kiss.   
Oooooohhhhhh boy.  More Judith drama.  Not sure if the population watching this show can take it!  And certainly, if anything is going to push Rick over the edge surely it is Negan getting his paws on his wife and best friend's daughter that he claimed as his own!  We'll have another 90 minutes next week to see where this is all going!  

I look forward to discussing further in the comments.  Hope you enjoyed my ramblings and I'll see you next week! 


MJ said...

Yay - we aren't focusing on just one tiny part of the story tonight ! Negen was extra amusing this week. LOL Spencer needs his ass kicked ! Stat !
Did you see the look on Olivias face when he asked her name ? Then of course she slapped him ! Good for her. Don't htink it was her door though - think it was Carl and Ricks house - she was baby sitting. But Michonne - what the heck do you think you are doing ? And where did Jesus get to ? Was it him that gave Daryl the note to go now with a key and a match? Handwriting seemed a little feminine to me. Why a match ? But ugh - Carl's eye was nasty ! Not sure what he meant when he told Negen that he couldn't kill him.

Spencer - I think he's on the short list. LOL As for Rick - If Judith is still in Negens cluthches then Rick will most definitely bow.

Mike V. said...

lol...Spencer is horrible! You think Rick will bow as in kneel to Negan? maybe he will initially...but I think it will be the motivation he needs to come up with a secret plan.

Right...I think I put that together later on in the recap and didn't feel like going back. She was at Rick/Carl/Michonne's place...and that was what carl gave the tour of to Negan.

I think it was meant to be mysterious who was helping Daryl, but I'm guessing Sherry. I couldn't actually make out what was on the letter. There was a match? Was there a key too?

Michonne, Rosita and Carl all went on or are planning to go on suicide missions. With Rick broken the group lacks focus and are taking matters into their own hands.

Jesus' whole plan was to scout the location for Maggie right? It's probably what he's doing. But if he runs into Daryl, that could complicate things.

Yeah...I guess the details on why Carl knows Negan can't kill him are hazy...but I guess he knows if he kills Carl, he loses Rick as a provider. He'd lose the chance to convert Daryl to his team. There's probably a little bit of politics at play there. He certainly could send a message by killing him, but he doesn't want to deal with the repercussions. That's just how I interpreted it.

MJ said...

Yes - Rick will kneel cause the dude has his kid. But yeah - eventually Rick will want Negen gone. But I don't think that will occur for awhile. I figure Tara will have to see how bad things are before she breaks her word and goes back to Amazonia! LOL Sure Rick and Aaron are gong to find a few guns - but if that sign was accurate it's only a few. They will need more. I figure if they went to all the trouble to introduce Amazonia then we will see them again.

Yeah - taped on the back of the note. Definitely a wooden match and a black thing that looked like a key for a car maybe.

Yes - Jesus is scouting - but it's for Sasha not Maggie. Maggie wasn't told about it per Sasha's instructions to Jesus.

I would not put anything past Negen - and would never say 'you can't kill me' LOL

MJ said...

FYI - kid who plays Carl (Chandler) has a really good interview out there about the ep. Nothing spoilery.

Mike V. said...

Thanks you know where the interview is? I'll just assume EW lol

Absolutely on "Amazonia"'s all going to come together. Kingdom/Womenland/Hilltop/Alexandria/Upsetpeople in Sanctuary....and they'll topple. But WHEN is a different question. They can't just have Negan harassing for multiple seasons without any signs of optimism though. So we'll have to see some sign of Rick wanting to fight back.

Thanks for info on what was on the note.

Crap..Sasha not Maggie...messed that up. lol Thanks for correction.

Yeah...maybe Carl can tell that Negan has a soft spot for Carl. It certainly seemed that way in this episode. But certainly can't rule anything out.

MJ said...

Yahoo actually. LOL Can't get to EW on my work pc

Though now that I have watched Talking Dead some of it was on there too.

Mike V. said...

Thanks for the link! I did catch the first few minutes of Talking dead, but yes the interview was good stuff.