Monday, December 12, 2016

TV Discussion: December 2016 - February 2017

Hello fellow TV Addicts!  The holidays and mid-season hiatuses are upon us, but I'm sure there will still be some shows to discuss.  We'll discuss all non-recapped shows here for the next couple of months.  Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!  See you in the comments.


MJ said...

Didn't get much watched this weekend. I was Christmasing. Saw that the Blacklist spinoff will be taking it's place in early 2017 for some weeks. Not sure I will watch

MJ said...

iZombie - yeah I was kinda sad when New Hope died. I might have to go back and watch a few of the last eps before this comes back. Been so long now.

GG - thanks for the warnings - I am being careful what I read - but I appreciate it. Hoping to get to it in the next few weeks now that things are going off the air for awile. And have to finish Luke Cage.

Mike V. said...

Catch up TV - No problem on the GG warnings. I've been pretty much focused on iZombie now. Think I might be able to finish this week.

iZombie - I guess with Clive you're referring to him investigating the brains? I forgot about that. I'm guessing he'll be clued on on the zombie thing by the end of this season. Finally, Major, Rita and Liv's worlds collided...and then Major found out Rita is Stephen Weber's daughter. lol And Blaine is a zombie again. Big Boss or whatever his name is had his throat sliced.

Big week this week: Hamilton Tomorrow!! and Rogue One Thursday night! Lots of positive praise coming from premiere night last Saturday. I try to keep my expectations low (they have been for this one)...but it's tough not to get a little psyched!

MJ said...

WOw - your day to Hamilton is finally here ! I know you are dying to see it.

Rogue - yeah we haven't decided when to go yet. Think I want to try when the kiddies are still in school. Don't think I will manage that though

iZombie - I like Blaine better as a zombie. LOL Yeah - stuff with Clive to come yet.

Mike V. said...

Hamilton - Yep! I'm psyched and in no way is my presence a political statement either way. lol (Obviously, it's tough to ignore that the show was in the news a few weeks ago for reasons other than the accolades it deserves) I just want to see the damn show!

Rogue - From what I've heard there will be scenes that could be unsuitable for young children. Maybe that will steer some away. I'm going Thursday night with my brother and dad (tradition)...but I'll be taking my almost 5 year old son Friday afternoon (also a new tradition from last year). He's obsessed with all things star wars. no way I could tell him he can't come. At least I'll have screened it so I'll know if there are bad parts. He's all into the Marvel movies now too so I think he has pretty thick skin when watching this stuff. We'll see!

Anyway...yeah if there are any parents like me out there it'll be tough to avoid the kiddies! lol I think you're probably thinking more teenage crowd though where they might be disrupting the movie. You should go to a Movie Tavern after 10:00 (probably a bit of a trip for you. There's one down the street from my house. I think they have a curfew for kids. And they serve alcohol!)

iZombie - Oh yeah definitely with Blaine. lol I never thought it would last!

MJ said...

Shield - finally watched finale. So - WHAT? Is the May in the closet the real May and the one at the bar the fake May ? That would explain why she's been more warm and smiley to Coulsen. LOL

Hamilton - too late now but I never got back here yesterday. I hope you go early and hang outside where the cast comes and performs before the show. Heard it's a mob but great.

MJ said...

Shield - saw your comments on SHield from last week.

Humans - you watch that Mike ?

Mike V. said...

Hamilton - enroute! They only come out for ham for ham wednesdays. lol

Humans - yup! A 3 minute preview recorded and I watched. Excited for that to come back!

MJ said...

Hamilton - Ah - didn't realize wednesdays only. Was it good ? Sure it was. I just won't pay 2X the usual overpriced ticket for Broadway any more.

Luke Cage - watched a few more. They got the bullets out of him - yikes ! And Luke 'remembered' that Striker is his half brother by visiting the church

Mike V. said...

Hamilton - We got face value for our seats on an AMEX presale. I wasn't overpaying either! I did hear they're like $500 after the Tonys. That's insane. Unless those are scalped prices. Got mine in February when only half the world knew about it. lol Show was amazing. I have been obsessing over the music for over a year, watched all the specials, read the book Miranda put out with liner notes...I was still blown away. Crazy thing happened though. They switched Hamiltons at intermission. Main guy must've gotten sick. We thought it was going to be a worse 2nd half...but we just got blown away by the new guy again! 2 hamiltons for the price of 1!!

Luke Cage - Ahhh yeah...that was crazy stuff! You recognize the doctor/scientist guy as that a-hole lawyer from The Wire? lol

MJ said...

Hamilton - that is great ! About the price and the 2 for one ! LOL

Luke - No way ! I did not recognize him at all.

Underground - Season 2 starts in March. Not sure any one watched buy me. Very good show. Nothing new about slaves mind you - but very well done and great acting.

MJ said...

How i met your father - trying for another spinoff.

Timeless - SInce Flynn doesn't hve a degree in History guess he's having to google it to come up with the name Prussian spy Auston Roe that Washington trusts and has never met ? LOL. And just because you have a time machine - why does that mean Flynn wuld know who killed Wyatt's wife ? Agree with Flynn - the kid will start Rittenhouse - if you have been raised to believe that hard then at that age you stick with that. But also agree with Lucy - they don't know that and can easily come back again if needed.

Mike V. said...

HIMYF - Saw that too don't know about it! lol

TWD - Putting this here too. There was a major casting announcement for another TV Show that pretty much spoils the fate of a character on TWD. It's probably unavoidable, but I figured I'd put the warning out there!

iZombie - Rita's a zombie now! Major's a zombie! Ravi discovered Major's secret. Liv is on a stripper brain right now. lol And Clive and Liv are investigating a Cop that knows someone that knows zombies but thinks it's BS. Clive is definitely going to find out about zombies soon! lol

MJ said...

iZombie - Yup - Clive is getting close. All I will say. Rita - the Max Rager guys daughter right ?

TWD - the agent for this star says they are still on the show. Supposedly. Too bad - cause its a show that hardly will get watched is my guess since they are putting it on their on-demand channel that will cost. Everyone I know says they are not paying NBC to watch Star Trek

Rogue One - so - how was it ???

Mike V. said...

izombie - yes vaughn's daughter (finally remembered his name lol)

Twd/Trek - I know I'm pissed about the subscription thing. And also Bryan Fuller is no longer attached to be showrunner.

Rogue one - Amazing! Definitely didn't dumb it down for kids. Which is kinda scary because I'm taking my 4 year old today (he'll be 5 in 1.5 weeks lol) He watches all the marvel movies so maybe he'll be okay. But what they achieved technologically is very impressive. I don't want to say what exactly. Characters were great and by the end it felt like a story worth telling and adds more to A New Hope.

Mike V. said...

Btw - I'm on vacation for the rest of the year so I'll still check in but my long winded rants will probably be limited. Happy holidays everyone!!

MJ said...

Oh my ! P is really going to be 5 already ? Time sure does fly

Rogue One - know very little. I do know a surprise character makes an appearance - she's from one of the original movies. Won't say more.

Happy holiday Mike - and everyone else here !

Mike V. said...

Rogue one - yup. Not much of a surprise if you know what the story is about! :) lol but still surprising how she was digitally recreated. (FYI there are only 2 female characters in the original trilogy and only one primary. Lol) movie was fantastic! And yep Parker is almost 5! And finally acknowledging it. For the longest time he didn't want to grow up lol he loved the movie too btw. :) "best Star Wars movie ever!" Lol

MJ said...

Cage - got to the next to last - but couldn't finish it up last night. I know I asked if the musical guests were real somebodies and you said no but now i wonder since Method Man was in the next to last ep. Diamondbacks outfit ws ridiculous ! So I'm guessing it is something his character wore in the comics. LOL

Rogue - true enough about there only being 2 main females - and one not that main.

MJ said...

Cage - finished last week. Mariah is finally coming out and just owning it all. LOL

Criminal Minds - leslie - finally caught up to where they say that Hotch is now in Witness Protection and had resigned the FBI. Interesting way to kick the actor out.

MJ said...

Blacklist -- any one read the crazy theory out there that Red is Liz's MOTHER ? Nuts.

Mike V. said...

Hey guys back in town. Hope everyone is enjoying holidays. I'll respond to posts soon but just wanted to give a quick shout out and RIP to our Princess Leia, Carrie Fisher. This year has sucked in terms of big celebrity losses. This one hurts the most for me. Here's to a more merciful 2017!

MJ said...

And now her mother - Debbie Reynolds 2 days later. Tough for that family

Mike V. said...

Yeah, horrible. Not even 2 days. It was 2 days in a row. They were preparing funeral arrangements and there are reports she was saying, "I want to be with Carrie" right before her apparent stroke. Definitely a tough time for the family.

Mike V. said...

Vikings - everyone caught up?

iZombie- finished season 2. Clive knows! Love that rob Thomas musician had a cameo on rob Thomas tv show lol. In hindsight I think I had heard that happened when it aired. There's a new world order of zombies and liv is getting invited into their cause. Something seems shady and I'm sure that'll add a layer to season 3! I looked it up and it's not coming back until April! :( but regardless I appreciate yet another solid recommendation MJ!

Gotta figure out my next binge. Got season 6 of thrones for Christmas but may wait to rewatch until closer to premiere. (Hopefully book will be out by then too. I heard me typing that and laughed) I do have all those mars eps to catch up on!

Happy new year everyone!

MJ said...

iZombie - I loved that they let Clive in on it. I know - bummer that it's not back til April

GofT - also got S6 for xmas. LOL on the book

I usually get tons watched during the holidays - not this year. Still behind on Mars, Vikings, many others. And stuff is coming back already. Sleepy and Grimm are all back soon. Sleepy this week I think. New shows starting (taped the Mick).

Caught up to some movies tho. New Star Trek was good. Rewatched Civil War - got it for xmas. And some scary movies I like.

Yeah - I heard about one of their deaths a day late so thought was a day between at first. Carrie's daughter is on that Scream Queens.

Mike V. said...

Walking dead - started the comics! I'm reading compendium volume 1 which is like the first 30 issues. Let's just say the show adds a lot more depth to the characters. Lol but it's petty identical so far. some different characters and no Daryl of course.

Civil war - I've seen it more than I've needed to the past couple months. As well as all other marvel flicks. My son is really into the stuff now so he gets so excited to watch them. Lol maybe a couple years too young but he does okay with it. Lol

Billie Lourde - yeah can't imagine what she's going through. She had a cameo in force awakens too.

MJ said...

Billie - she did ? LOL I either don't remember or didn't know. LOL

Any one going to look at Emerald City ? Debating it.

Mike V. said...

Billie - yeah not a speaking role but she kinda stood behind Leia in a scene or 2.

Not sure about emerald city. If it started tonight probably not lol

MJ said...

Emerald - heard not such good things. Will look at it but probably not stay with it.

Also watched Deadpool again and for the first time Sausage Party.

Mike V. said...

Dead pool - never finished the first time. Rented it and kids woke up and haven't gotten back to it. Lol It's on my TiVo though. I was enjoying it.
Have no seen sausage party either but heard it's vulgar and hilarious.

I'll take your word for it and stay away on emerald!

We are going to watch Big Little Lies on HBO next month. Got my wife the book for Christmas so she'll be ready!

Sigh, back to work tomorrow. Guess the good news is I'll be back on here more frequently!

MJ said...

Yeah - I will check Big Little Lies - have to say did not know it was a book. LOL

Mars - OMG - I forgot how much I liked this show. I'd only seen the premier and somehow never watched more. Watched 3 last night.

Caught up to Criminal Minds, Legends of Tomorrow - which I'd not realized I did not see the mid-season finale some how, Librarians. Getting some stuff watched any way.

Too late now but if you had wanted a binge you could have done Legends. S1 was not so good but S2 has been very good. Or Timeless. Oh well.

Forgot Homeland also coming back soon. Takes place between a Presidential election and the inauguration. Not sure I want to see - this election season was expecially a tough one to get thru. LOL

Shameless - also finished this. I was not happy that Ian was seeming to go with Mickey. And the whole thing with his other girl/boyfriend was odd really. And confusing. LOL I guess Monica dying was supposed to be sad - but eh!

Hmm - have not yet heard a date for Bates Motel to come back for it's final season. Nor for Saul to return. Probably April like iZombie.

Mike V. said...

Bates Motel - It just recently got announced. February 20.

Saul - Apparently expected in February too based on a quick google. didn't see the date though.

Shameless - I think this just reminded me we still need to watch the finale. lol I'll read after we finish!

Big Little Lies - I probably wouldn't have either if my wife didn't tell me! :)

Mars - Nice...I only watched the premiere too but have the others recorded. Was watching season 6 of Thrones again but maybe I'll go revisit this.

Legends - I thought about starting that yesterday, but opted for Thrones! lol I don't have any of season 2 recorded either. But I can always watch season 1.

Timeless - Good point..need to get back to that too. We really haven't had time for husband/wife binges. Just my morning binges. lol

MJ said...

Bates - Yup - just saw it now. Was announced yesterday apparently. LOL

Shameless - oops ! Sorry. Thought you'd finished that.

Mars - yeah - I am way more invested the I thought I'd be.

Mike V. said...

Shameless - I didn't read anything you wrote. Just saw Shameless and remembered we didn't finish. We meant to but we were so busy we didn't get a chance to fit in that episode. Whoops! So I was kinda thanking you for the reminder! LOL

Bates - nice.

Mars - also nice.

Homeland - I just read your comment on this. We never finished last season. But geez...the premise of this season sounds a little too close to reality and a season of 24! (the showrunners worked on 24 before Homeland) lol Which reminds me...the new 24 starts after the Super Bowl. Anyone gonna take the plunge?

Jason B. said...

TWD - I see that you started the comics Mike! Yeah, the show often adds a lot more depth to characters and some events than the comics had haha, especially the beginning of the comics. When Kirkman first started writing them he had no idea if it would do well enough to continue or not, so I think he was trying to get as much story out as possible. But the later on stories do have a lot more content and detail.

Mike V. said...

Shameless - You didn't really spoil much that I didn't know already in your comments anyway! We finished last night. It's hard to feel for a character we barely saw on screen, but it was easy to sympathize with Fiona's plight since we've seen her struggles the entire series. Frank's loss too. So from that perspective I thought it was kinda sad. But, it is crazy how all the characters seem to be moving in a positive direction at the end of this season. Are we heading towards a happy ending? I certainly felt series finale-ish...but I know they negotiated with Emmy Rossum for a higher salary and one more season. Maybe the last? We'll see I guess.

TWD - That makes sense super J. I'm sure it'll improve as I keep reading. It's slow going right now. A few pages a night. lol Just something to do in my spare time. But, if I get sucked in that could change!

Mike V. said...

Always Sunny - Anyone ever/still watch this? I binged the last season last summer after it had aired. But I happened to watch the premiere from last night. Addressing social issues in comic style. And with the use of Quantum Leap! Hilarious. lol

Vikings - Seriously, is anyone caught up? Where are you Richard? lol

MJ said...

Vikings - LOL - no - not at all. I figure to marathon it now once it is done - though that was not my plan. This is a show that is better in a marathon any way. Pretty sure Richard is caught up though.

Sunny - never watched past the first few. Have checked out The Mick though - same chick in both. Seriously - they referenced Quantam ? Too funny

Shameless - glad I did not spoil. Hoping they are moving in right directins - but doubt it with the Gallaghers. Think they should end it next year - don't know if they will

Good Behavior - any one watching ? I watched the premier weeks ago and meant to comment I liked it - and never did. I think its almost done airing now (TNT) but it's been pretty good.

New 24 - def will look at it. Always liked 24 and I think they can do it without Jack Bauer and Chloe. But we shall see. Probably won't watch after bowl though - just tape it. cause I hate watching all the crap after the game - except when my NYG are the winners. LOL Which they will not be this time around. They are in the playoffs but are not really having a great offensive year so I don't expect them to last long.

Mike V. said...

Vikings - I'm sure he is too. I'm surprised he hasn't been on here. Granted there hasn't been much TV to discuss but his favorite show is on air! lol

Sunny - I knew the girl was on The Mick now too. Guess she's doing both. Scott Bakula even had a cameo in this episode. It was an homage to musicals, quantum leap and the BLM movement. lol Only Sunny could pull that off.

Shameless - Showtime has a problem letting shows end. We've seen it before....cough...DEXTER! Homeland I'm sure is way past its prime but I'm not watching so I dunno.

Good Behavior - haven't seen this one.

New 24 - Yeah I'm sure I'll watch too. The format should work without Jack..I agree. But with him executive producer it would be nice for a cameo in the final moments of the finale. lol Not sure if that's possible with his ABC gig though. LOL on the Giants. You never know...That Eli is a hard one to bet against in the playoffs.

Mike V. said...

Sleepy hollow - apparently returns tomorrow. My TiVo wasn't set to record it. But it was set to record ep 2 next Friday. So weird.

Grimm - back tomorrow! Final season right?

Bright lights - Carrie fisher/ Debbie Reynolds documentary is being released early due to their untimely deaths. HBO Saturday 8pm. My TiVo still says some jake gyllenhal movie so I set that to record. Sounds like I need to update my listings!

MJ said...

Bright Lights - yup - I set it up. What strange timing that Carrie did the doc about her mom months ago.

Sleepy - had same issue - wasn't marked 'new' so wasn't being recorded. Missed the finale last friday - which annoyed me. I knew about it and forgot to set it up.

Grimm - yes - only like 10 eps maybe and definitely the last season.

Eli - LOL True enough - but he has been not very good this year. Not counting on "playoffs Eli" from years past. And Green Bay chose the end of season to get hot so ....

MJ said...

Sant Clarita Diet - Netflix - don't read the link if you don't want to be spoiled. But oh - I am soooo watching this one - eventually. Sigh. By the people who did Better Off Ted apparently.

Anonymous said...

Hello guys!! Been very busy over Christmas/New years with kids back from college. BTW, my son goes to Clemson and so tonight is a big night for him. I've really not been watching much TV the last several weeks.

Vikings spoilers below if you're not caught up+++++++++++++++++++++++==

Vikings--wow, talk about a show that's gone off the rails. I'm very disappointed. What happened to Ragnar was true. But, how he got there and how they handled those poisonous snakes was so laughable that it really took away from what happened. I've been waiting for this ep for years now. The Lagertha stuff is pure fiction since Aslaug was a leader after Lagertha was history. Lots more that could be said including the eps on the "real Vikings". BTW, from the history I've read/studied Ivar could walk. His bones were brittle though.

Grimm--glad to see Adalind and Nick still have feelings for each other. Adalind in the house with Diana seems like playing with TNT.

Clemson game tonight.


Mike V. said...

Welcome back Richard! We're just glad you're okay. Sounds like you've been doing more important things! :)

Vikings - (CONTINUED SPOILERS) - As one not up on my history I've been fine with how everything has been portrayed. I thought you'd be happy that they stuck with history and went through with the Ragnar stuff. As for Aslaug/Lagertha...yeah it doesn't seem like something that actually would've happened, but it hasn't bothered me much. Interesting on Ivar. I guess they were constrained a bit by historical fact and also dramatizing events using characters and relationships developed over the show.

Grimm - You know they're building up a triangle there with Juliette starting to have "feelings" again. lol BTW...I totally forgot how last season ended and the previously on did not help me remember at all. lol But, I'm all in on this final season. Let's wrap it up!

Sleepy Hollow - New girl is good. The assumption all episode was that she would be the new witness, but it seems pretty clear that the daughter is. She stopped talking and is drawing pictures of Crane whom she has never met? She probably stopped talking when Abbie died. Feels like a total reboot with a DC setting (which works for Crane's man out of time. Gives him more material lol) and the new supporting cast. It is weird that a show called SLEEPY HOLLOW will be set in DC though. Loved the Hamilton clothes shout out and Crane again mocking the musical and his knowledge of the actual Hamitlon. lol (I think they did something last season on it too)

Rogue One - Richard, did you see it? I'm a glutton for punishment but would love to hear your opinion. Though most people I've talked to loved it, even the Force Awakens haters/naysayers. So I'd be interested to hear your take. Obviously, I thought it was phenomenal. Can't wait to see it one more time in theaters. (my son wants to go again lol)

Anonymous said...

Rogue One--no one I know saw it, I haven't seen it. Kind of strange, even my college age kids weren't excited about going. They wanted to see Fantastic Beasts....

Vikings--I am glad they used the snake pit and am glad they brought in the spiritual stuff--most shows don't bring that aspect in but in real life it was a big deal. His sons were more famous than Ragnar such as Bjorn and Ivar. I don't get why they make Ivar a crawler. It is very much like the Lagertha stuff--just wouldn't have happened. They had to fight to lead, just as they showed in the first 2 seasons.

Grimm--So, Renaud being a suspect in his girlfriends death will be interesting to play out.


Mike V. said...

Rogue One - I think you'd enjoy it. They really did justice to the Classic films in leading right into A New Hope. Makes you reconsider when you watch the originals. Great bridge between prequels and originals too. Makes them feel more like one story more than they already did. This movie really flew under the radar for a star wars film but everyone has been pleasantly surprised. And it's doing very well at the box office. I still haven't seen Fantastic Beasts, I want to see it but haven't been excited about it. I am excited about the prospect of where it's going over the 5 films though.

Vikings - Yeah I did like how Ragnar stuff was communicated to the sons.

Grimm - oh right...forgot about that. lol

MJ said...

Grimm - I rewatched the 2 hour finale. LOL My husband said it last year and I think he is right - the 'stick' is part of the cross Jesus was crucified on. I will miss this show. Renard is going down !!! How did not any of them pick up some burner phones and hand them out ?? Just saying.

Sleepy - like the chemistry with the new girl. She is very familiar - have to look her up. LOL on Hamilton reference - I thought of you ! Def the daughter is the new witness - which could be odd and fun. Hoping the show stays long enough for the reboot to actually work - cause it's good so far.

The Detour - any one watch this last year ? I taped a marathon of S1 of this half hour show from TBS, as season 2 is coming very soon, after finding out Samantha Bee is one of the people behind it. It's pretty funny. Very Christmas vacationy - if you like that humor.

This is US - you probably know already but moving to 10pm tonight due to Obama speech.

Mike V. said...

Grimm - That's a good theory on the stick! Now that you mention it I can't imagine it being anything else. lol on the burner phones. Well we are talking about a police department with no surveillance. They probably wouldn't know how to track a cell phone! LOL

Sleepy - She did look familiar. I looked her up. She was Luna on True Blood that one season. Apparently she was on Vampire Diaries too so she likes vampire shows. lol Surely the reboot will at least last a season, but maybe more!

Detour - Never watched. I do love Christmas Vacation. Unfortunately I did not record the season 1 marathon! But, I already have a backlog of stuff to watch.

Mars - Watched 2.2 episodes this morning. so I'm on episode 4 now. I concur that it's good!

This is Us - Yes I saw it moved to "a special time" which I found funny because in what world is 10pm a special time? lol Didn't realize it was because of Obama. But that makes sense that he'd want to interrupt our prime time one last time! Our new fearless leader will be just sending mandatory tweets to all of us! lol And that's as far as I'll go on commenting on the current political climate!

MJ said...

Sleepy - loved the call back to the first ep when he almost gets his nose taken off by a truck - and this time he stops and looks both ways. They have a new library and two new nerds to help them too. Reading alot of shade being thrown towards the reboot - but i didn't hate it. And we had Jeremy Davies too. I looked her up too - she was on many many things - some you didn't watch. LOL - but yeah - forgot she was Luna the shifter

Mike V. said...

Sleepy - but it was a plane this time, right? The library looked eerily the same as their other research facility! I figured there would be people that didn't like it. People have been bashing the show since season 2. I never really saw any decline in quality.

I don't remember if I read this back when the finale aired but there's some commentary on killing off Abbie.

And yes...Jeremy Davies being on the show can only enhance!

Anonymous said...

BBT, just saw the one before last night. Funny with her sleeping in the crib. Sheldon's Mom is always great. The Stewart and Raj caretakers aren't as funny to me as it must be to others. I read somewhere that it's likely going to overtake Sunday night football?

Interesting theory about the stick. Also strange that Eve can see the signs and no one else up to this point can.


Mike V. said...

I'll respond to your post probably tomorrow Richard.

Just wanted to share this sorta exciting update that he pretty much takes away as soon as he says it lol

Winds of winter - grrm thinks this year. But he thought the same last year. Writing has not been going as well as he hoped he says.

MJ said...

Sleepy - yes a plane. thanks - I will read the article. Yeah - library very similar - just larger/airier a bit. But this one comes with 2 geeks. LOL

LOL on Mandatory Tweets. Now more then ever I am grateful I am not on Twitter.

Mike V. said...

Sleepy - Indeed!

Twitter - Well, I'd rather be up to date on various tweets rather than read skewed articles about them and not being able to form my own opinion too! lol EW - seriously, you are an entertainment site/magazine, enough with the politics!

Mars - Well they have been on Mars for awhile now and more supplies and people are there. Now they're trying to aggressively move the colonization schedule up. Still enjoying! Is the series over already? I see a couple more eps on the TiVo plus a "making of" episode.

SHIELD - Anyone still watching? So I enjoy the whole LMD story, but if we're in a shared universe with the Avengers films why would they not even bring up the Ultron mess when talking about Terminator and every movie about artificial intelligence. it already happened in their real world!

MJ said...

Mars - no it's done. I did not watch making of but the one before that is the finale. I was so shocked they killed the captain dude. yeah - the moving up of the schedule was interesting is all I can say. It was very intense when the chick was going down the hole trying to find ice - I thought so any way.

This is Us - do NOT read if you have not watched. Thank god Toby is alive. Whew. I wold have been very unhappy if he died.

Shield - they brought up Ultron in the mid-season finale I thought ? Laughed at Mac referencing all those movies though. Knew the brit/scot would be the bad guy !

Mike V. said...

Mars - Yes it was. I'm in the episode with the sandstorm right now. I think about 10 minutes left. Then the finale. It was surprising that the captain died. But I guess going with the diverse female leader is the thing to do in this day and age in movies and television! lol Only thing left for them to do is declare if she's into dudes, chicks or robots! Not saying I mind, but it's definitely clear they are doing this more often than not.

This is Us - Oh I watched and very glad Toby is alive. I never really thought he was going to die. The episode was pretty solid as well. And of course the love triangle is alive and well for Kevin. And he screwed it up with both of them!

Shield - Maybe they did with Ultron. In fact, I think you're right now that I think about it. It just seemed weird to ignore it in that scene when they referenced all of the movies. Still funny throughout the ep though I agree.

Vikings - ****SPOILERS if you haven't been watching this season**** They're setting up one grand battle to conclude this season. I wonder if they'll go ahead and keep killing off the old guard. i.e. Lagertha, King Eckbert and King Aelle. Seems like they're going in that direction. Of course, I guess history would play a part.

Anonymous said...

Vikings--LOL on the big battle. I agree, it's shaping up to be that way. It's just too silly though. I really, really hate what they've done to the Lagertha character. I've actually not watched much of the last 3 eps due to this stupidity. They want a big send off, I get it. But this has been cringe worthy.

Blacklist--I quit watching btw.

Shield--I watch when I need a laugh.

US--I'm done for now.


MJ said...

Mars - yeah that storm. And that ladies's cray cray husband - the plan guy ! LOL on declaring who/what she is into. Technically I think the ep says she's not so much in charge any more. I will say nothing more.

Blacklist - You quit Richard ?? You loved that show more then any of us ! heard last night's was a big reveal too. Not sure what tho.

This is Us - yeah Kevin is a moron. Totally ruined it with the writer chick - and probably has no clue as to why.

Colony - did not get to the premier last night - but watched the finale from last year. Will prob watch tonight. Gotta get me some fresh Sawyer. LOL

Anonymous said...

Colony--It wasn't bad, kind of went over some things in the past


Mike V. said...

blacklist - Welcome to the other side Richard! lol

Vikings - lol on cringeworthy. Yeah I guess maybe it's a little off its game. With Ragnar gone, it's not going to get better that much is for sure. I wonder how much further out they plan on going with the show.

This is us - Surely he picked up on what she said being the same thing he said to the actress chick! lol He's not THAT much of a moron right?

colony - Didn't finish season 1. I really thought I would get into this one, but just haven't! I think I tried to watch it too late every night that it was on and just fell asleep. lol Season 1 is on netflix and they're still recording. Maybe I'll give it another shot.

Mars - Finished it! Crazy end of the penultimate episode with the dude opening the airlock. And of course they found life at the end. The documentary footage of Elon Musk and crew landing the rocket was cool too. I remember when that was in the news. Never really realized the Space Shuttle program was looked at as a setback for NASA/Space Exploration. That's pretty nuts.

Anonymous said...

Blacklist--it just got way too stupid. Like with Liz working with the FBI, calling her an agent. And seriously, the who's your daddy stuff is way too old


Anonymous said...

Vikings--They're supposed to go all the way. Lief Ericson is a big one yet to be seen.

Loosing Ragnar and soon Lagertha(She will eventually die-I mean no one can live 600 years or so) could be a hit to the show. And the new guys aren't compelling that much. I really think they need to push for Rollo. And yea the next gen after Eckbert has been set up.

I think they screwed up when they made Ivar a crawler. He's a compelling actor but there's going to be a whole lot of unbelievable stuff I'm afraid--ie him fighting and winning.


Mike V. said...

Vikings - Right...well at least they gave Ivar a ride at the end of this episode. Rollo, yeah you figure they're gonna give him more stuff...unless him going to France is the end of his story. I know you mentioned William the Conqueror is supposedly in his lineage and I looked it up. Guess they could eventually somehow work that in?

And yeah good point on next gen for Eckbert.

Mike V. said...

Got - wow it's almost like I suggested this might be the case for months on end! :)

Mike V. said...

Night of - they're contemplating a season 2. Sounds like maybe a new case but still with turtorro (so) handling it. I hate when they're promised as limited series and then it's successful so they try to come back.

But in this case it seems it could work. If they could shed more light on the criminal justice system.

Anonymous said...

From GRRM--your link--LOL

“Not done yet, but I’ve made progress,” Martin wrote. “But not as much as I hoped a year ago when I thought to be done by now. I think it will be out this year. (But hey, I thought the same thing last year.)”

I think this is kind of a negative on getting it done this year when he says that he hasn't made as much progress as he'd hoped.

So, 13 more or maybe not--lol.


MJ said...

Blacklist - well the reveal wasn't what I expected but not bad. Wonder what Liz will do with that info ?

Colony - they showed alot of the past. Never realized why their one kid (Charlie) wasn't with them. No wonder Mom feels such guilt and was willing to work with the resistance. Interesting back story on the head of the resistance too - can't remember his name.

Grimm - Monroe watching the girl was hysterical. And the way he blurted out that Rosalie was preggers was too funny. that stick def starting to affect Nick - as we thought it would. They did not continue with Juliette starting to feel yet but what I thought was interesting about that was that her soul was wiped clean - which is why the death grip guy thing happened.

Sleepy - thought they'd drag out the girl fining out she is the witness longer. Glad they did not

MJ said...

Night of - meant to say - agree - hate when they take one offs and drag them into series.

MJ said...

Sleepy - witches were kinda odd story though with the one lying to the others for hundreds of years. Did NOT expect to see headless again. Loved the call out to why Washington might not have been able to tell lies too.

Grimm - I realized immediately that Adiland did not testify so was worried for Nick - and not sure I followed their logic that her not testifying broke the deal with no one dying.

New Pope - any one watch ? Curious how it is.

Mike V. said...

New Pope - I watched. It was interesting that's for sure. I'm interested to see where it goes. Although it is a drama, there was a bit more comedy than I thought there would be. But it's more of the absurd kind of humor. So wrong it's funny.

Sleepy - Yeah I thought they'd drag that out more as well...instead they drug out telling her mother. lol Think I missed the Washington part or just don't remember.

Grimm - I watched most of the ep. Still have to watch like the last 10 minutes. But yeah Monroe with the girl was hilarious.

GRRM - Yeah I agree. It sounded all positive and then by the end it was just like " news here" lol

GoT S7/8 - Definitely at least 13 between 7 and 8. It sounds like they're negotiating for more eps. I figured that would happen when they started breaking the story for season 8 and figuring out how much time they needed. And I went on about it ad nauseam here. But no one wanted to hear it! Of course, this doesn't mean anything until they confirm the final season and ep count!

MJ said...

GofT - yeah - like HBO is going to say no - you can't do more episodes. HBO is probably the one dragging it out to 8 seasons. Season 7 with 10 eps would probably do to end the series is my take on it. But HBO isn't letting this cash cow go without a fight. LOL But it's all good.

Pope - thanks for the info. Will look at it eventually. LOL

Anonymous said...

Grimm--I had suspected since the ep before that Diana was going to be the one who could read the symbols. They have made that girl absolutely scary--lol. Her death touch seems to be the real deal. I kind of feel sorry for the Capt. The storyline for him has changed to the bad after many seasons. I was just thinking about how he was fighting the "bad" royals at one point. I guess it's a case of they didn't know what to do with his character after a certain point. Trubl taking off seems kind of strange but I'm sure there's something there.

My hope for this show is that Adalind and Nick can have the happily ever after that I can't imagine will happen--lol. A Grimm and Hexenbeast in a good marriage would be an interesting ending when you think about it.


Mike V. said...

GoT - The article was pretty clear that the HBO exec will take any more episodes D & D want to give them. The ball is in their court. I'm sure they negotiated on the 2 seasons. But I've been saying they probably had 2 logical thematic starts and finishes for the 7th and 8th season that made sense to split it up. And now D & D getting into the story breaking process are figuring out logistics and how much time they'll need to tell their story. Sure...I'm sure there is more to it than how I break it down, but it has seemed pretty clear for the entire series that Beniof and Weiss are in control of how to convey the story.

Pope - Ep 2 already aired last night!! UGH...I wasn't THAT into it. lol I foresee another DVR Backlog.

Timeless - Speaking of backlog, we just watched episode 3 last night. Gonna try and catch up on this one.

Grimm - I guess for the final season they had to set up a rival that we've known for the whole series instead of a random big bad of the they went with renard. I never got the impression that things were moving towards a Nick vs. Renard. Sure...they had the "love triangle/square" stuff going on but it always seemed like they were on the same side. Yeah the Trubel thing was bizarre indeed and I'm sure it will come back as well.

I guess the worst thing that could happen is Juliette returns to her normal self and Nick wants to be with her in the end. lol Not sure if this is the type of show where someone will die...but if I had to place bets it would be Juliette in some big sacrifice, or Adalind for the same thing...and Renard. Or maybe even Nick.

Gotham - Has everyone quit this one? I honestly don't know why I'm still watching....but if there's a reason to tune back in...Joker will be returning soon. lol

MJ said...

Gotham - yup - gave it up ages ago.

Grimm - Hmmm - I still can't forget who Adiland was - not sure I want her with Nick even though she has changed. I'd say that Adiland has to raise Diana tho - who else could handle her ? So yeah - Julliette sacrificing so Nick has his kids and such is probably a thing. Renard is def going down though ! LOL. Yeah - he fought the 'bad' royals - but he was not a boy scout either. Just overtly bad now.

Pope - yeah I saw that Ep 2 was the next day - will def collect dust on my DVR for now.

Timeless - show got better every week. Did not watch yet but heard last nights was very good.

MJ said...

Gof T - so wait - when is season 7 ? This summer ?

Mike V. said...

Grimm - Yeah..true on Adalind. I'm not totally on board with Nick/Adalind either. But going back to Juliette doesn't seem very satisfying at this point either. Fair point on Renard too.

Timeless - That's what I've been hearing. It's definitely good. I just keep watching it too late to stay awake! lol But I've been getting the gist of the episodes. And the main 3 characters are a good time and have enjoyed them in other stuff. (granted, I didn't watch Rectify so I don't know much about Lily Collins, but I do like her dad's music LOL)

Thrones - Yeah summer. They had to wait until winter in Belfast to film since Winter has come! lol I don't think they've announced a date yet.

MJ said...

Timeless - wait - what ? Her dad is Phil ? Didn't know that. LOL But love Lem from Ted is geeky again. And in early days they kept going to places that were not friendly to him.

GofT - I had heard that they were delayed due to lack of snow. LOL

Mike V. said...

Timeless - Yep, Phil Collins is her dad. I didn't know either until I read something online. Pretty nuts. The other guy was on the 90210 reboot which I may have just watched season 1 or 2. But he voiced Anakin Skywalker on The Clone Wars animated series and was leaps and bounds better than Hayden Christiansen's portrayal. Granted, he was working with better dialogue too. And he's basically a Han Solo character type on Timeless. lol

GoT - Like delayed even further? The initial delay was planned for plot purposes (i.e. to have snow) but yeah I don't know if it was a light snow year in Belfast. lol Obviously I'm about to look it up!

Mike V. said...

Thrones - Filming started in August. But apparently scenes beyond the wall and at Castle Black are what will require HEAVY snow so they had to be filmed later. And Kit Harrington was spotted filming in Iceland 5 days ago. lol

MJ said...

Timeless - well she was excellent on Rectify. I missed the end of this weeks (last 2 mins) but was able to read about it online. Had Murder House in it - which was loosely done in AHS Hotel.

Homeland - well that was dreary. Not liking the new Quinn or new Carrie. Fine - she wants to help Muslims that are being mistreated and does not want to be in in the CIA any more - but at least don't show her as so naive - cause she should be any thing but naive. Not sure I understood at the end - were Dar Adal and those men purposely meeting without Saul ? Was it because Saul was not necessarily agreeing with them about the incoming President ? Cause I did not think the differences were that big !

Mike V. said...

Timeless - Oh AHS was based on a real thing? Interesting. I'm guessing my TiVo probably didn't pick up the last 2 minutes either. But we'll see. Didn't watch any last night because of This is Us and decided to squeeze in a New Girl (we were 10 behind on that...I know you gave up lol)

Homeland - I'm 10 episodes behind (i.e. last season and this season). everything is still on the DVR. My wife said she is done with it. So maybe I'll catch up. But not sure if it's worth it!

This is Us - Nice episode dedicated to the 1980 big day. Not that there were gaps that needed to be filled in there but it was enjoyable seeing how all the moving parts led to the creation of their family.

Mike V. said...

Shield - Yep, that show is still on. lol Mace is a fake inhuman! Talbot (AK peter petrelli's brother on Heroes) still has weird hair! There's robots posing as humans! And...well..the show is okay. lol

MJ said...

Shield - I still watch - but not last nights yet

Homeland - yeah - not what it used to be

Legion - anyone going to watch ? Looks good maybe – but def reminding me of Xmen’s other characters.

Mike V. said...

Legion - I definitely don't feel as forced to watch since this is a FOX owned property so it won't be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). I'm on the fence. I may at least set the DVR for it. Looks like the creator is the same guy that brought Fargo to TV. That's another show that I've meant to watch but just couldn't get to it. I watched maybe 2 episodes of the first season.

Anonymous said...

Shield--not really watching, maybe skim via FF

Legion, I hope to remember to program dvr. I'm interested to check it out. HOpefully it will be good. I'm kind of low on the shows I like right now-lol.


MJ said...

Legion - yeah - I don't care about MCU - just good shows. LOL

Fargo - OMG - that is a great show. Love it.

This is Us - dear god - I was balling like a baby ! That show is killing me. The entire back story of the doctor was great - and just so sad too. And the fireman ! Ugh - not even going to get started on it all. LOL

Anonymous said...

Vikings--So Lagertha has Bjorn's wife and sorta girlfriend in bed with her? And so the craziness continues. BTW, how is that Lagertha hasn't aged and yet Eckbert and Ragnar became old men????

Anyway, the Great Heathen Army was for real and it changed Europe forever.

Rollo's invitation to the Vikings to come and farm in Normandy is exactly now the Normans became to be. Recall the wars between the normans vs saxons in your history.


Mike V. said...

Legion - I know, me too. lol But I've stayed on top of all things MCU so it's more incentive to check out those shows regardless of quality. LOL I'll probably set it to record.

Fargo - I've heard!

This is us - I hear too. Mandy Moore's talk with her unborn children got me. It's a great show. Did you see it got renewed for 36 episodes? (2 seasons of 18) Good stuff.

Also saw Will and Grace is coming back for 10. I never really watched it, so I probably won't start now. lol I did catch their viral "go vote" clip at the end of last year but I don't know if that will entice me to tune in. lol

Vikings - Yeah...didn't the Bjorn/Lagertha mistress stuff start at the end of last week? the aging stuff is hilarious I agree. I think they added some wrinkles to her face but she clearly still looks relatively young in comparison. Ragnar didn't look too old either...they just changed his look a bit. If anything Eckbert seems the most aged.

yeah the rest of the episode was fine. How many more are left this season? I've lost track of where we are. lol

Anonymous said...

Vikings--Oh yea, and let me marry your girlfriend then I'll share her with you as my wife---lol. Way over the top. 2 more eps.

My concern is the unrealistic totally pathetic character of Lagertha is not being aged so they can hold onto the actress. Ragnar had some grey hair.

How about how Rollo's wife hit him squre on the nose? REminds me of Rodney Dangerfield and not getting any respect. I mean this guy is a legitimate game changer for Europe.


Mike V. said...

Vikings - Yes I meant outside the family/relationship drama the historical/battle aspect stuff was good.

"SOME" grey hair...yes. You're right. Maybe the female Vikings were using some early forms of hair dye. lol I guess you could be right on holding on to her. It would be a lot of killing off of the original stars for one season if they didn't. But, everything seems to be pointing towards it. Though, this episode really wasn't.

Did you watch 2 episodes last night? lol The Rollo stuff was last week right? But yes the punch was a bit comical. But...I'm sure that was just one more stint for Rollo with the Vikings and he was present to find out about the death of Ragnar...wasn't he?

Mike V. said...

Vikings - in the show I mean...not historically. (Rollo)

MJ said...

Heard Star Trek Discovery is delayed yet again. Not that I am planning to pay to watch it.

This is Us - I did hear it was renewed for season 2 and 3 ! Is this the only major hit of this season ? trying to think or another.

Will & Grace - was a great show in it's time - and great cast - risque dialog and 2 gay guys when not many were around. But I don't know that I'd go back and watch more of it now.

Anonymous said...

Vikings--yea I watched 2 eps. There are basically 3 countries for the Vikings origins.
Norway, Sweden and Denmark. In time, each had a King. Bjorn of course becomes one. There are some others we have seen but I won't give them away. Kattegat is not of course a country and from what I can find is really an area of sea bounded by those countries.


Mike V. said...

Star Trek - Yeah I read that too. Lots of delays. Still also mad about paying to watch on a network stream. I may watch the first episode that airs on TV (to support the franchise and prove out their failed approach to this) but I don't think I'll be paying either. I just can't imagine this being a successful endeavor.

Will & Grace - yeah I think I watched it from time to time...just wasn't a dedicated viewer. Cast is fantastic I agree.

Vikings - Well there's the one dude that I still don't know his name that keeps talking about taking over everything and now we know he's doing it for this woman that married an Earl. lol I'm sure they didn't introduce his character for no reason. I can't even remember what season he was introduced. May have been the first half of this season. This split season is so confusing. lol

Anonymous said...

Historically, I know him as Finehair. Yes, he's a pretty big deal too. AND, AND, AND just yet another reason why the Lagertha stuff makes ZERO sense. He was not as big a deal as Bjorn, Rollo or Ragnar though. Ivar is really known for the great heathan army and its' devestation to Europe.


Mike V. said...

This is Us - Sorry MJ forgot to respond to this. This seems like the clear standout of the new season, I agree. Not sure ratings-wise but I'm sure it's doing pretty well. I'd say The Good Place is another great one. NBC came out swinging this year finally.

Good Place - Anyone watch the finale? Crazy twist! I don't even think I could spoil it even if you know a twist is coming. lol (I know this, because I had already read there was a twist before I watched)

Vikings - Yesss Finehair that's it.

Thrones - Rewatching season 6 since I got it for Christmas. (don't think I'm gonna do the 1-6 rewatch this year. It's getting too long! lol) I don't know if I picked up on it the first time....the play within the show...Lady Crane did 2 different performances of Cersei mourning Joffrey's death. The 2nd time she added in Arya/Mercy's feedback that was provided a couple episodes before. (that Cersei would be angry at the death and want vengeance) Thought that was a nice touch. The terminator chase scene in Braavos still is a little silly. But when watching them all back to back it's not as annoying. Just move on to the next story. I'm in Battle of the Bastards now so I'm guessing I'll wrap that up next week.

Maybe I'll have a BOOK to read to prep for season 7! (there's lots of laughing in my head right now)

Mike V. said...

LOST - Lindelof discusses his thoughts on if LOST were ever rebooted (Rest easy. There are no plans. But nothing stays dead forever lol)

Surely he was being interviewed for something else and this just came up as part of the discussion. I agree with his thoughts though. The characters we followed, their story is over, but the island's story could potentially go on one day with someone else bringing a new vision to it. But, I'm not going to hold my breath or eagerly anticipate! lol

MJ said...

Lost - yeah - not so much. It would never live up to expectations.

Ratings - while a critical darling I did not think Good Place had great ratings. Not sure tho.

Shield - loved that May's dream of being in a day spa was not relaxing to her. And rolled my eyes that Fitz will yet again lie to Simmons and everyone with the stupid Aida thing. Didn't he just apoligize to her and promise not to lie again ?

Mike V. said...

LOST - oh I agree I think it's best left alone. But, I just think nothing is ever shelved forever these days. One day someone is inevitably gonna take a crack at it. If they do, I agree with Damon's viewpoint on how it could potentially be approached.

It's certainly not something I'm begging for! lol

Ratings - Yeah...I don't know if it has good ratings either, but it's one of the better shows to come out this season. So, I guess there are 2 halves to the question. Best shows and most successful. lol

SHIELD - Yeah I'm not sure what they're trying to do with Fitz and Simmons. They're finally happy. leave them alone! Plenty of other drama on the show. lol

Anonymous said...

LOST--It will be redone at some point and funny with nothing stays dead. And if you consider the island a living entity then it's already set for another go around.

I saw where they're remaking yet again another King Arthur movie. Previews had too much CGI for me. The best, to me, was the one with Clive Owen. I just can't see the new one being better. I even bought the BR.

Good Place--haven't heard of it.

I am trying to remember to dvr Legion. I tried to set it up last week and I couldn't due to I think it being too far out in time.


Mike V. said...

LOST – Exactly. If you wait long enough and have the right approach, it could be worthy of another look. But, I’m not in any rush for it. And could live without it!

King Arthur – Yeah I’ve heard about this one for awhile. The main guy from Sons of Anarchy is playing Arthur. I am not very interested.

Good Place – It’s hilarious. It’s from the Parks and Rec/Brooklyn 99 crew but deals with Kristen Bell who is a horrible person in life…she dies and is mistakenly sent to “THE GOOD PLACE” in the afterlife. Hilarity ensues along with some crazy twists. There is surprisingly a lot of story that can come out of the concept. Lol

Legion – Same with me. I have to keep it in mind for when it’s available. They advertise it a lot so shouldn’t be a problem. Wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t pony up some cash for a Superbowl Spot since it’s a FOX property.

Star Wars 8 – we have a name. The Last Jedi. I immediately assumed Luke…but some are still considering it might be Rey. Luke was referred to as the Last Jedi multiple times in Force Awakens so in present state it seems pretty obvious it’s him. But who knows? Lol Been seeing lots of interesting theories that have developed since 7 and certainly would cover many people’s concerns. Basically, it’s been my point of view that we don’t have enough information from 7 yet to judge what we’ve seen. And like how Rogue One enhances a 40 year old movie by giving us more visuals and background…8 will fill in gaps from 7. It’s happened many times with previous star wars films. Not looking to get into yet another debate. Just a wait and see thing. 

MJ said...

SW 8 - yeah saw that. Agree - title refers to Luke or Rey. And they probably want us to think Luke.

Sleepy - apartment thing was cute - though still no explanation on where he is getting money from ! LOL Glad to have Headless back actually. wasn't at first but he's always fun really. Jake was hysterical with Ich finally admitting he is 'out of time'. The Jeremy Davies character is not doing much for me honestly. The ooze - ugh - not a good thing obviously. But where in heck did that come from ?

Supergirl - fun ep as always - and is it really a spoiler to say that I think we ALL know that Mon-El is lying bout who he is and is that prince from Dax-whatever-the planet-name-is ?? Winn kicking a$$ was pretty funny. Didn't realize til today that Kevin Smith directed. FINALLY someone figured out Supergirl is Kara and acknowledged the glasses hide nothing ! LOL

Grimm - I love that witches hat ! LOL Nic as Renard was fun - and double points - got both of them shirtless. ;-P Adiland was great in her pretense - when did you record that ? But real renard's face when he watched that news story - priceless. Actor who plays Nick was the director. But - what the hey ? Meisner is not dead ? WHAAAAT ? Something to do with Trubel and all Grimms being summoned to that meeting that Nick ignored ? Hmmm All in all a great ep - they are letting the freak flag fly since it is the end of the series.

Ragnar - guy who plays ragnar doing another series for History - an anthology about infamous sinners and heroes. Don't know what that means - I am very behind on this show.

Good Place - I know there was some kind of twist - but i am behind. I heard the phrase ' we've been Keyser Sosayed' (sp?) used. LOL

Good Behavior - finished this. Was a very good show if any one looking for something over the summer.

Mike V. said...

SW8 - Plural of Jedi is Jedi so it could be both. Opening crawl of Force Awakens and Snoke refer to Luke as "The Last Jedi". Hamill has already said he is in 9, but he could be a force ghost lol I heard good speculation that maybe we'll get a teaser at Superbowl. Force Awakens Black Friday teaser was 2 weeks after we got the title. Superbowl is in 2 weeks! First long trailer will probably be in April at Star Wars celebration which coincides with the Blu-Ray release of Rogue One and when the first Rogue One trailer was. Exciting times!

I've seen all the shows you speak of, (except good behavior) but I'm in all day meetings for the next 3 weeks. Tough to get commentary here. I'll try when I can. (maybe during this meeting lol)

I think the best thing I can say about Vikings is nothing at all until you're caught up. It's been an interesting season!

Good Place - Yep that about sums it up!

MJ said...

Supergirl - read that the girl Izzy that Kara was after is Smiths daughter (harley Quinn) in real life.

i feel ya about the meetings.

Mike V. said...

Sleepy – Good point! Never even really considered his income. But considering he’s looking for the cheapest apartment available, his funds must be limited! Lol Maybe he had some money in savings in 1776 that earned interest! Lol

Supergirl – lol on the glasses. Somehow Christopher Reeve always pulled it off with his behavior as Superman vs. Clark. No one else has managed to do it as well. Nice on Kevin Smith. He did a Flash episode recently too. Guy loves his comics. Ahh on Harley Quinn, now that you mention that she did look familiar. I haven’t been following Mon-El’s story too closely, but that wouldn’t surprise me that he’s hiding something. lol

Grimm – You know I was excited about those scenes too! (kidding) lol The episode was good though. When did Meisner supposedly die? I can’t keep the continuity straight on this show. Lol Maybe you’re right about the Trubel summoning. Totally fine with the freak flag! Lol

Anonymous said...

Grimm--The Capt shot Meisner, basicaly murder. Maybe it's Eve as Meisner or someone else???? Or the wand brought him back. As you say, it's freak flag time.


Mike V. said...

Grimm - ahhh thanks for reminder. Could be the wand..yeah.

Caught up on Flash, SHIELD and New Girl (we binged it to catch's been hilarious). Still need to binge Timeless. I heard it still continues to get better and better. Didn't realize this was another Eric Kripke show (Supernatural, Revolution) and I heard the ratings aren't very good. So, need to do my part!

Scandal returns Thursday. We still watching? lol I know some people have bailed after last season. I'll still tune in.

MJ said...

Sleepy - LOL on interest !

Grimm - Ha HA on those scenes. Good one. OR - Meisner could be hallucination. Capt has been having them alot lately

Timeless - yeah - I do love Kripke. LOL Hmm - thought the ratings were pretty good. I could be confused though.

This is Us - I thought I read to have the kleenex ready but I must have read that wrong. Good ep though. Shocked like everyone els to find out Kevin had an ex. Nervous for Toby. LOL

Saul - yeah bitches ! Reading that Jessie will be appearing on Saul this season, as well as Gus of course. So cool ! Speculation is that since Jess was just out of high school when BB started that he must be appearing in Saul in a future setting - like when Saul is working at Cinnabon in the BB future.

Mike V. said...

Saul - ahhhh interesting! That would be cool if we saw some post Cinnabon stuff this season.

This is Us - I had read that too. It is pretty emotional, but I think I was TOO prepared based on reading these headlines. lol Every episode has been fantastic. This one is no different.

Timeless - I could be wrong too! I'm out of the loop on this stuff this year!

MJ said...

Frequency - it's a shame this has not got the ratings and is not coming back - it's been a good show.

Riverdale - not going to bother with it. Too much stiff - and tired of watching teenagers. LOL

Shield - *** Spoilers*** did not see it coming that Radcliff was a LMD - well until closer to the reveal any way.

Six - any one watching ? Premier was good.

Mike V. said...

Frequency – I have whole season recorded but haven’t had a chance to get to it

Riverdale – made same assessment lol

SHIELD – Once he said there was another one, I started trying to figure out who it was. Thought Coulson or the Latin American girl (forget her name)…but yeah didn’t see it being Radcliff. Lol

Six – I have been recording them. Saw a really bad review for the show on EW (which I’m pretty much done with their website. They’ve annoyed me to no end in recent months with what they’ve decided to cover instead of entertainment). Good to hear you liked it. I may check it out eventually.

MJ said...

Flash - The new HG just annoys me have to say. His whole time on screen in this ep was a waste. And really caitlin - it's too annoying to charge bracelets ? Amd the solar necklace is silly - they hardly ever leave the damn lab. LOL

Shield - forgot to mention - how horrible that the last fantasy that real May is stuck with is reliving Bahrain and having her save that girl. yeah well they made sure to give everyone a line that could make you wonder - they did it very well.

Mike V. said...

Flash – Funny, I thought they were finally finding something for him to do. You don’t like opening the museum? I thought that’s a nice extra layer to the show format. I thought the episode was fine. But yeah I guess some of the stuff is silly. Lol

SHIELD – yeah the May torture is pretty rough. Good point on giving everyone a line. What about the May/Coulson tease? I never saw their relationship as any more as good friends and professionals.

MJ said...

Flash - no - not a fan of the museum. What's the point of it ? i guess if they actually do something with it then it could be ok.

Shield - yeah - I never thought of them romanticaly either. Of course - lots of peeps back in the day thought Coulson had a thing for Skye too - and I was always like - nah !

Legend - know you don't watch but it was all about George Lucas this week. Too funny. Lots of Star Wars and Indian Jones mentions. Even had a trash compactor scene.

Mike V. said...

Flash - Yeah I might just be a source of comedy, but I can see your point. We'll see how it evolves!

Shield - Definitely didn't see Coulson/Skye...that's more a father/daughter bond. I could barely see the Ward/Skye thing .ol

Legend - Nice...sounds like a good ep! Maybe I'll do a catchup this summer. Of course I haven't been recording season may have to wait until that's available.

Scandal - Pretty crazy return. They had said they filmed it back in August so it was certainly pre election. But, I guess there were some eerily similar moments. lol

Anonymous said...

Six--REcorded it, not watched it yet. I"m not a fan of the main actor for some reason. I want to like it, so will give it a try.

Vikings--I am so glad to have a FF button--lol. This show has conflated one of the most influential times in European history with pure fantasy ending up with a product that while it could have been great falls flat. Interspersing Kattagat nonsense with the Great Heathen Army serves as pure dilution.


Mike V. said...

SIX - You don't like Walton Goggins? Clearly you haven't seen Justified! (Or The Shield...but I didn't even finish season 1 of that show lol) He was incentive for me to even record the show in the first place. But now it's all about finding time to watch.

Vikings - I'm glad I'm not closely tied to the historical truths of the show or I may not enjoy it as much either. But during the defense of Kattegat, I did think of you getting frustrated with the show. lol But sounds like you didn't even like the battle in England either?

Anonymous said...

Vikings--the battle in England was kind of glossed over--lol. There will be more, some very well documented. One very key item is that Aslaug became the Queen since she was Ragnar's wife--it's just historical fact. So, this Lagertha stuff is totally off the rails. I believe Aslaug was originally planned to take on the role from history. When she was introduced her character was highly respected. Over time the writers changed it and decided to go into fantasy land with Viking lesbian sex on the History channel. You know as I write that it occurs to me that the absurdity is clear on it's face.

Six-I wondered where I saw him from. Thanks. I watched both eps over the weekend. I was extremely surprised how realistic the bombings were, ie no huge vapor flashes which most directors love. To me, that gave it some cred. As did the unexpected outcome of Bear's child. I really expected Bear to get killed and Rip to be a reluctant Godfather. Overall, I liked it. Of course, having near zero normal home lives and associated over dramatically complicated relationships distracts from the cred. Maybe I've lived in lala land for way too long--but most people I have known and know have pretty normal lives. And yes, about a 50% divorce rate appears to be normal, unfortunately.


MJ said...

Good Place - finally caught up ! LOL Very good twist. Though once I read we'd be keyser sosayed I thought it might be it. But did not fully guess that all 4 of them are there to be tortured by eachother. I remember in the early days thinking it odd that Michael would kick a dog into the sun - but nothing else like that stood out to me. Sure Tahani is shallow and wants approval, and Chidi is whiney and can't make decisions - but is that really enough to NOT put them in a good place ? It was great though

Mike V. said...

Vikings - lol I had a good laugh with your write up there. I hear you.

Six - I'll have to dig into this one.

Good Place - Yeah unfortunately if you know there's a twist coming you start thinking about what the twist might be. lol But yes the extent of the twist is a good time. Fair point on the qualities of making it or not making it into the good place. It seems in this show the standards for making it to the good place are incredibly high. Of course, most of that was a façade so who really knows what the qualifications are. lol But it makes for an interesting ever expanding mythology of their afterlife. Most critics I read or listen to are optimistic for a season 2 so here's hoping we get to see it!

Mike V. said...

Good Place - It's like they were waiting for me to share my thoughts. It's renewed for season 2! Didn't access article to see episode count.

Anonymous said...

I have a bone to pick with the entertainment industry that's getting harder and harder to take. For me, it started with ESPN after they were changed by Disney. They now have analysts that aren't from pro sports talking about social issues on a continuous basis and that means political and they just can't help themselves. Today, the USA today reporter lady is calling for Brady to answer for Trump--seriously, lol, that's just nuts from the headlines and so I didn't read the junk. I was going to buy the USA paper and normally do for the several days leading up to the Superbowl. But, it's gone nutso now.

The SAG show last night devolved into an anti Trump rally. It's just no fun to watch any more.

My wife with her Facebook account sees it being taken over with political craziness in the last 2 weeks and so she's staying away from that junk.

Many friends I have are sick of the politicization of everything recently. It's way out of hand and I just mention it here because of my desire to watch good TV, etc. And the industry is shooting itself in the foot repeatedly for people like me who want them to just shut up and do their job. There are so many actors today that I no longer respect nor wish to see in any role. Why can't they just express themselves and move on, why dwell on it,

Sorry for the rant--lol


Mike V. said...

I've tried to keep my political comments off the blog but I completely agree with you on this one. I have been saying I'm sick and tired of and all the negative tweets and headlines. It's a real stretch to tie the things to political issues. I think the media and Hollywood are probably half the reason trump was in the running in the first place. And now that he's president they're gonna make it known that they're not happy about it. The whole thing is completely out of control. I can barely even go on Facebook or twitter anymore without just getting furious. But of course I'm a glutton for punishment and eyerolls. Lol

No need to apologize for rant. I'm glad it's not just me!

MJ said...

Good Place - they read your mind ! LOL

Politics - I will say that Facebook got taken over by politics MONTHS ago - before the election even. I agree - entertainment should not discuss politics. Have avoided anything to do with cheater Brady - but my understanding is that he has been seen with Trump many times and refuses to state that he is a supporter. I thought that was all they wanted - for him to say he is or is not a supporter. But - that said - it's no ones business who Brady supports and is wrong to ask any person that question. Just because he is famous does not negate his right to personal freedoms.

That said - Trump sucks. LOL Just kidding ! I'm a trouble maker-type of mood today.

Mike V. said...

Good Place - Yep! just to confirm it's a 13 episode season again. I think that works fine.

Politics - Oh absolutely. It's been bad for awhile but it definitely got really bad last year and just hasn't let up. LOL on Cheater Brady...I first though "wait he's cheating on Gizelle?? (sp)" but then realized you meant deflategate. lol

Yeah most celebrities (or the loud minority maybe) seem to forfeit their personal freedoms to act as a pulpit for the candidate and social issues they support. But if they want to remain private, then good for them. I respect them more for that.

LOL on Trump sucks. No trouble to be made with me. I can neither support nor protest his actions as of this time. I just want people to stop sharing their thoughts about it on social media before my head explodes! lol

MJ said...

Politices - yes to all !

Bates - OMG ! I want this season to start now !

Anonymous said...

I really likke Brady and am a Patriots fan. I think I've shared why before. I'm really pulling for the Pats in the SB. BUT, the Falcons just look unstoppable. If anyone can stop them it would be Belicheck.


Mike V. said...

Bates - Haven't had a chance to watch the preview but I heard Rihanna is playing Marian (or however you spell then name) Maybe we already knew that!

Superbowl - I can support either team in the win. I'd rather the Pats not win because historically I've been a niners fan (not supporting them so much anymore lol) But I don't want any more 5 superbowl winners! (ugh Steelers and their 6th!) Falcons have some local talent in the game too so I can support that. But, seeing a historic dynasty take another win under the belt is something to see as well regardless of my personal feelings!

Secretly hoping for a preview of The Last Jedi (ep VIII) but realistically it'll happen in April at Celebration Orlando (a week before I go to Disney!)

Anonymous said...

Brady is 39. I don't see him doing many more Super Bowls. In my gut, I'm thinking this could be the last one. I really would like for him to go out a winner. He played at Michigan and I know a lot of the people up there love him. I like him for a lot of reasons. ONe being that he may not be the best at any one individual skill but has found a way to bring his skills together through work, determination, studying, leadership and just pure guts in a combined way so that he finds a way to win.

That, and he has Belicheck. But, keep in mind Belicheck's winning % went up with Brady. It's like they're good together.

A rare combination that I don't see on the immediate horizon again. It will happen again of course, I just don't know how many more years it will be.


Mike V. said...

I feel like Brady is so protected he may play well into his 40s, but yeah if he won I could see him retiring on top. He’s certainly an awesome player/leader and has been fun to watch since his surprise rise in 2001. And yes the Bellicheck/Brady combo has been ridiculous.

Yeah…no one thought there would be another dynasty after the Dynasty era (Niners/Cowboys/Packers 80s/90s) but then the Pats showed up out of nowhere. But yeah it’s hard to see it happening again anytime soon.

Anonymous said...

So, more on SB. You're a 49ers fan. I sure was when Montana and Young were playing before the management was pushed out by jealous ownership group. Brady reminds me of Montana. Montana was a great QB, very memorable. I think Young had more talent than either, particularly speed but Brady and Montana seem another level up. However, I couldn't argue with you if you wanted to put Young up there too.


Mike V. said...

SB – Young was my favorite, definitely. Those niners/cowboys NFC championship games were brutal and then in 95 when they finally got them in the regular season and NFC championship it was thrilling. (opening on the onside kick!) That was the actual super bowl! Then they destroyed the Chargers of course. Yeah…I was easily converted to a Niners fan during the Montana/Young years…but I struggled with them up to the Garcia/Smith/Kaepernick superbowl (black out game). They’re just dreadful now…. I have kids now and I want to help them support the local team. So I’ve never hated the Eagles, but I’m trying to support them a little more now. Gotta love their 0 total Super Bowl rings!  But I’ve been a struggling philly sports fan my whole life. Comes with the territory!

Anonymous said...

LOL, Eagles fan. That's tough. Have you watched the movie---Invicible? About Papali, a local Philly guy. If not, you should. I can relate to the movie on many levels. I remember the Westinghouse strike too, even though I was very young.

Philly had a great coach and now he's in KC. I was never a McNabb fan. He was good, but not great hence overblown to me. There really are very few great QBs, that's why they're great.


Mike V. said...

Definitely have seen (and own) Invincible. Have seen Silver Linings Playbook. And Rocky 1-7 lol (not Eagles related, but still) Definitely good movies that capture the Philly spirit.

Andy Reid, ahhh Philly had a love hate relationship with him (I met him once volunteering at an eagles game Fan Fare event during college). He was never good at time management in the big moments of the game. McNabb had his moments, but he choked in the big game! (threw up is more like it) Though, being a niners fan at the time….I knew T.O. would be a cancer on the Eagles. Everyone loved him then hated him. Same in San Fran. Agreed on the great QBs.

Anonymous said...

Andy is one of the top coaches. He just wins where he goes. An NFC championship is a big deal and I think not appreciated enough. Just ref what you said about Dallas vs 49ers.

There's maybe 10 good to great coaches and Reid is one of them.

Remember Saban trying to coach or Spurrier?

Harbaugh was good for the 49ers but again the new regime with its' politics wouldn't stand behind him. He also screwed up with letting Alex go vs Kap--so yea Harbaugh wasn't great overall. Kap had the team behind him due to internal struggles at the time.

Great point about TO. You need years to develop a culture of success and compliance such as what Belicheck has. Just think of the trouble makers that have gone through the Pats.
The Patriot Way is a big deal. And it includes subdueing stardom vs the team. Owners many times want stars to sell tickets.

Where I live we have the Falcons or Panthers. I used to have 4 season tickets to the Panthers. But, with the current QB, I've quit being a fan. Too much about Cam vs the team. The Falcons are more like the Pats in that regard and their coach is all business.


MJ said...

Bates - yeah we knew. LOL

Pats - I am rooting for Hotlanta. Had no idea most season that they were so good - did not get to watch them til the playoffs.

Brady - Used to like him. Belechick has made Pats more hated then Dallas. Besides deflate-gate there was that whole filming thing that they cheated with too. And he's just such an ass. Brady has become very arrogant under him.

Eagles - OMG - eagles fans hated Reid after like 2 seasons. But philly fans hate all their coaches and QBs after a few seasons. Loyalty is not a strong suit with the majority of eagles fans. LOL Just saying. And yes - I could be biased since I am a giants fan. But we don't go on hate rants every time they lose - eagles fans often do. Tough town.

I was pulling for KC in the playoffs. Wanted new blood in the SB. I really wanted Raiders to go all the way (once giants were knocked out as I knew they would be) but once the QB broke his leg I knew they were done for.

I'll watch the game for the commercials - and snacking. LOL No one I've talked to is particularly excited about the Pats in it yet again - sorry to say Richard.

Mike V. said...

Football –

Totally agree Andy Reid is a great coach. He assembled a great team in Philly and was closest to winning them a super bowl. But after that the team fell apart. I cite T.O. again. The team he assembled couldn’t get it done and ultimately someone had to go. He certainly has had success in KC too, but the time management stuff has been brought up by many and I’ve seen it first hand!

I remember Saban and Spurrier. Not all college coaches can make the switch. Pete Carrol is the recent success story. Well Jim Harbaugh in san fran too. (not sure why they fired him either) Brought him up before I saw your comment on him. Lol Totally agree on Alex vs. Kap. They were both playing well in that offense. Kap had a wildcard with the running, but defenses eventually figured him out. Alex has been consistent his whole career.

Very true about stardom and the Pats. Didn’t they have Randy Moss on that team at one point?

So you’re rooting against the Falcons even though they’re one of your local teams eh? I guess if I ever had to face Niners vs. Eagles in the NFC championship I’d have a bit of a struggle. Lol In past matchups like that I’ve certainly seen where my loyalties lie (Red and Gold!!) But if my kids are hardcore eagles fans and I’m finished with the management of San Fran, my loyalties may bleed green!

@MJ – Yeah…they’re a totally different team than the 2001 PATS that everyone was rooting for. It just comes with massive success. You want to root against them. I really am not leaning either way in the game. We’ll see who my kids decide to root for. Parker will probably want the red team to win since he loves that color!

Eagles – too true about hating their coaches. I’ve always joked about Eagles fans since I’m a local but have been an outsider. Eagles fans are ruthless. They’re hilarious. You don’t see that same attitude in Phillies and Flyers fandom. Maybe a little but not like the Eagles. Of course, 4 weeks into this season the Eagles looked unstoppable…they were praising Pederson and they were super bowl bound! Goes both ways…you do well, Eagles fans love you. One mistake…nope..get out! Lol

Commercials – I dunno…if there are more politically charged ads this year like the Budweiser commercial already making rounds…the whole night may get a large eyeroll from me!  A Star Wars preview could salvage things, but like I said not really likely. Those things are events in themselves and they wouldn’t want to lump it in with the Superbowl. Maybe if ABC (Disney) had the Super Bowl.

Bates – ahhh sounds familiar I guess 

MJ said...

Budweiser - they are saying that it was not motivated by politics - that it was planned and done many many months ago. That the brand just wanted to discuss the lineage/heritage of their company. Which is a joke - since the family sold Busch a few years ago to a foreign company. They are no longer an american company.

Football - not totally in agreement that the Pats are disliked now due to how successful they are. No - still think its the arrogance and cheating. People might want another team to root for just because they are bored by the same team always winning, but at least people I know - they actively dislike the Pats now. I'm good either way.

Heading to a meeting. Will be back to discuss actual tv shows. LOL

MJ said...

Pope - FYI - watched first and dumped it. I got too much other stuff I am behind on that is so much better

Training Day - not bothering.

Homeland - been a slow burn so far - but I'm sure it will heat up.

Supergirl - Glad they didn't drag out Kara finding out who the Guardian is for too long. Yuck on the Mon-El Kara thing - saw it coming for awhile and hoped I was wrong. Still say that Mon-El is not the good alien that he says he is. The ting with M'Gann and J'onn was odd - he states that once he is melded with her the others in the room will hear ugly horrible things - but then the show M'Gann doing a good thing by killing whites to save a green. So why have J'onn say that ?? I hope they are not now going to pair off M'Gann and J'onn ! Leave them friends - or maybe a father/daughter type relationship.

Flash - have to confess I fell asleep - not because of the show but was just tired. ;-P I really did want Gypsy to take HR with her. LOL Just saying. If he's stupid enough to know he is a criminal in Earth 19 and broadcast his 'memoirs' any way - then he deserves to be caught and taken back. The conversation Iris has with Joe so that Wally and speed-sneak in was just hysterical ! I had to laugh at Iris's insistance that She is a reporter ! We never get to see her actually doing and reporting ! LOL

Mike V. said...

Budweiser – lol nice. I haven’t even seen the commercial or read anything about it. Didn’t realize they sold to a foreign company. It’s the top American exported beer isn’t it? (and is horrible might I add!)
Football – Yeah I don’t actively dislike them and don’t know many people that do. But I’m sure there are many out there that look at them as cheaters. I think they’d be good either way. It was just dumb of them to cheat!
Pope – I’m a little into the 2nd episode. Critics are raving about it (well the ones I listen to on my podcast) but acknowledge its weirdness. I may not finish it either.

Homeland – I’m still stuck in the slow burn from last season! Lol

Training Day – Wasn’t even on my radar! Will continue to not be!

Supergirl – Didn’t seem like Kara is that into Mon-El, but I’m sure that could change. You’re probably right that he’s not good (or at least will be succeptible to evil temptations). I think I kind of tune out during the J’onn/M’Gann stuff. Lol But I assumed they were going to pair them off. Maybe you’ll be right!

Flash – It was a decent episode. LOL on taking HR. He’s really not bothering me. I liked Earth 2 Wells the best. Not sure why they didn’t find a way to keep him around. But HR is fine for me. The Gypsy/Cisco stuff will probably evolve. So I thought they were getting to a point where Flash won’t have to get faster to save Iris, but maybe they’d have Cisco advance his skills like Gypsy to slow down the bad guy (name is escaping me)…but they went with Kid Flash being the savior. Lol on Iris never reporting!

Vikings - Season is finished. Richard, thoughts on the final episode? No Lagertha story so that probably made you happy. lol (except that probably means it'll continue next season)

Anonymous said...

Pats--it's kind of interesting for me to hear that some think the Pats are arrogant. I guess I've always had a kind of insiders perspective with the org. They are all about being humble and it's one reason guys like Moss could go there and stay in line. They fight the arrogance of stardom in a completely culturaly way.

I guess I could see Belichick as being arrogant to some as he stands there not saying much in response to questions. I see him as a guy who doesn't want to say much, a kind of introvert.

Cheating--on the taping. I know that every team has people go in with their cameras/phones and film practices. So, what happened re the Jets is really much overblown. Everybody films everybody else. I've seen it done many many times. That's why a lot of coaches want closed practices. Again, it's the owners who want to open up the team to get fans involved, sell tickets, etc. It's kind of like holding, it's holding if you get flagged--lol. But, it happens on almost every snap.

On deflategate--I followed this very closely and there's pretty good evidence that someone on the INdy staff was involved in the lowering of the pressure.

Honestly, it made no sense for the refs to not hold custody of the balls all along. The problem is for them not having the infrastructure. That is, they have all they can handle just officiating let alone take on the responsibility of keeping the balls to proper inflation/storage/etc. And Indy couldn't have won that game if they had the balls inflated to any particular pressure--lol. I'm not blind though and admit it's possible there was some inflation adjustments going on. Eqpt Mgrs want to give the best eqpt they can to their players to help win and make the players happy. The Pats sure paid a heavy price including draft picks taken away and the 4 game suspension of Brady.

I will be happy if either team wins. But, there's just something special about Brady getting one more. He'll be 40 soon and that is just amazing.


Anonymous said...

Budweiser--I haven't been a fan of the beer for a long time. Love their commercials though. I prefer Hefe Weisen made by old line German beer cos. But, I'm really a single malt drinker, not beer.

Vikings--Exactly, Lagertha carries over---lol. So, the East Anglia deed is not legal of course. But, in the end force wins the day. That and Christianity. And of course Rollo's descendants come into play. I'm kind of perplexed why Judith didn't stay behind or even why Aethelwolf would even take her. That whole storyline has been crazy.


Mike V. said...

Pats – Bellecheck (sp) and Reid are similar in that respect (quiet). I always thought it was strategic but it might be part of their personality too. Agreed that everyone probably cheats…it’s just the Pats got caught. Agreed on penalties too…there’s holding on every play which is why some suspect the games can be rigged and refs can be paid off! Lol But it’s all conspiracy theories.
Interesting on the Indy Staff. Don’t think I had heard that. Pats certainly paid a big price…didn’t they win most of those games too when Brady was suspended? Agreed on the infrastructure. For the most part it’s Roger Goodell that is to blame!! Lol

Bud – Oh yeah great commercials. But the beer is horrible. It’s why we export it! (Though I can attest that the heartland of America loves the stuff) I’m all about the Belgian wheat beers and Sam Seasonals. But, I’ve taken a leave of absence because the calories are killing me! Lol Not sure if I’ll make an exception on Super Bowl Sunday. I’ve been doing well! Lol

Vikings – Was it true that IVAR killed his brother? Or is that fictionalized too? And that coda scene….I couldn’t read the sword. Who is that bishop dude supposed to be? I assume it’s the direction of next season.

Anonymous said...


Ivar killing Sigurd--I don't recall it. My thought was they want to reduce the brother count for the audience's sake. I don't immediately recall about the sword and bishop. I want to say we've seen the sword before so I'm going to check on it.

With the way the show has gone off the rails lately I'm kind of expecting a "Bjorn meets the Borgia's" on his Med trip. That's what was in the back of my mind with the bishop scene. But, I'm likely way off--hopefully I am.

So, Floki's wife was killed by the girl she was tyring to help. Makes me wonder if Floki and Ivar are going to come together in some kind of insane pursuit of killing.


Mike V. said...


Makes sense with Ivar/Sigurd - Kind of like Game of Thrones killing off book characters to reduce for audience but this time with actual history. lol

Cool on the sword.

You never could be right with Bjorn. lol

I totally missed how FLoki's wife was killed. Didn't realize it was the girl. Yeah he'll be on a path of vengeance next season.

I think there was already a preview for next season but my DVR cut off. With the way they're doing 20 episodes it seems like they're filming throughout the year. So they'll always have future footage.

Anonymous said...

Vikings--couldn't find but didn't search a lot about the sword. I did find the new guy will be a regular and viking antagonist.

Yea, I think the Borgia's were in the 1300s so what's 400 years difference got to do with it--lol. You might google them, it fits the fantasy land stuff.


Mike V. said...

Vikings - Yeah that seemed clear. lol Just didn't know if he was a guy from history and his importance.

I remember Showtime had the Borgias show that came out not long after Thrones. I never tuned in though.

MJ said...

Flash - Saviton or something. I just call him Sauron ! LOL

Pats - I could be wrong then. But I remember when the Pats were humble. They weren't bad boys or smack talkers. But that's not how tey are viewed by non-fans now in my opionion and with people I talk to. LOL on Belichick being an introvert - nah - he just doesn't want to talk to the press so tries very hard not too. And when he does half the time he's a jerk. I get that it probably sucks - but its part of your job. Not heard that any other team was involved in deflating balls except the Pats.

I am not really invested in either team. Just looking forward to Gaga and the commercials. As for Bud - I don't drink beer at all so have no input. But yes - they are no longer an american company.

Anonymous said...

Pats--it is true that my objectivity could be hindered given my history--lol.

Funny on Gaga. I'm not sure what she does really? I know she wears wierd stuff, tries to be creative and I think she sings? I honestly don't know if I've ever heard one of her songs or if she even writes them?


Mike V. said...

Flash - LOL on Sauron. Your spelling triggered it. I think it's Savatar.

Superbowl - So let's talk about the stuff that really matters then. Luke Bryan doing National Anthem. SERIOUSLY!?!?!? How did this guy get so big? He's one of the biggest offenders of "BRO COUNTRY" music and it's horrible. His first couple albums actually had some good tracks then he went all ghetto country. Original Broadway cast Schuyler sisters from Hamilton will reunite to sing America the Beautiful. And then Gaga - Not her biggest fan but I do like some of her music. So what do we think she'll open with and close with? I'm guessing she'll open with her new single (that I don't really think I've heard). Near the end well get a triple shot of Bad Romance, Poker Face and You and I. That's my guess and I'm sticking to it. And if I had to guess somehow she'll transform You and I into some anti-trump "bring the country together against him" declaration. lol

I should mention my halftime musical playlist predictions have been pretty solid. lol

Mike V. said...

Gaga - She actually is a really talented musician and singer, but in the past it's been overshadowed by her crazy outfit statements. (see: the meat dress) She's toned her image down since then and acted in a couple seasons of American Horror Story. Her latest album seems to be promoting a "normal" look for her. lol She actually showcased her vocal talents with duets with Tony Bennett and a performance at the Oscars a couple/few years ago.

You'd probably know her music if you heard it and I'm pretty sure she writes her own stuff...maybe has a team of writers.

Anonymous said...

Gaga, I remember the meat dress and yes that's what I know her for. I really didn't know she was a singer. I think of her as another Kardashian type.

I wonder what % have my opinion? I'm sure like most things it will be in the minority--lol.

I've never ever heard of Luke Bryan.

Wow, So the half time will be a good time for me to make some new snacks for the crew! I don't think I'll miss much since I don't know their acts and life has been great without them--lol.

I'm thinking about deep frying some chicken wings along with some other goodies like funnel cake.

I have heard that Gaga might be paying the NFL to perform? I know it's not unheard of. Maybe she's trying to reinvent herself as you say? I've heard her entrace is going to be something spectacular from the roof area.


MJ said...

Luke Bryan - never heard of him. But I do not like or listen to country.

GaGa - Def will hear Poker Face. She has another dance one I like - can't come up with the name right now. She will DEF touch on something to do with Unity and tolerence. But that was her thing long before Trump. I like some of her stuff - but not all of it.

Heard about Schuyler Sisters - think its for the pre-show. Not sure what time. there is only so much pre-crap that I can take but would like to see them

MJ said...

I came here a bit ago to ask - then got distracted. LOL

This is Us - was that on this week ? Did I miss an episode ?

Mike V. said...

Gaga – no her first album was a smash success. The 2nd album had a couple hits and unfortunately the last recorded performance from the E-Street Band’s Clarence Clemons (Granted, it was a solid performance!) But no…not a Kardashian type. Lol I think you’re in a minority on this one. Lol

If you’re not into Country music you probably haven’t heard of Luke…but he and a few other groups have single handedly destroyed the genre! (note: I got into the music because of my wife being from the South!)

Lol on life being great.

Nice on deep frying. My friend just got a deep fryer and we tested it out in December. We really enjoyed so we might try it out again soon. Not Sunday though. We have a great wing place not far from here that we’ll go and pick them up.

Interesting on Gaga…it is good exposure so I wouldn’t be surprised if she was paying…but I think usually the NFL (or the host city/stadium??) would pay for the entertainment. I don’t really know though.

@MJ – Just Dance, Poker Face, Alejandro, The Express Yourself sound-alike song (Born this way), the one with Clarence Clemons that I can’t remember the name….plus the ones I mentioned. She’s got plenty of stuff to cover the 12 minutes.

Schuyler Sisters – wish they were singing Hamilton, but patriotic music is sufficient too! Lol I’m sure it’ll be close to the national anthem. Maybe when they do the reading of the declaration of independence or the constitution I forget which one they do.

This is Us – rerun this week. Probably the break before February sweeps! My wife just text me with a pic…did you know Toby wears a fat suit AND was in Stranger Things (diner scenes)….He’s super thin now!! And the girl (Kate) is contractually obligated to lose weight which she’s excited about. I knew about that one.

MJ said...

Gaga - Just Dance ! That is it. I'm hoping to hear that one. ;-D Born this way is ok. Like Poker Face.

My sister just sent me a pic the other day of Toby - I was shocked ! And the chick looked thinner too. Wonder if they bulked her up some just so she can get thinner on a tv schedule ? I did hear about her contract to loose weight. Didn't know about stranger things but read he was in the Knick - which I did not watch

Schuyler Sis - national anthem ? You mean America the Beautiful ? LOL

Mike V. said...

Hamilton Girls – No I meant they’re singing America the Beautiful probably CLOSE to the National Anthem lol (timing-wise) We all know Luke and his lovely tight jeans will be destroying the anthem!

This is Us – Maybe she’s lost weight since filming??? But yeah maybe they bulked her up. If you want to laugh you should look at her IMDB list of shows/movies she’s been in. It’s gotta be depressing to be associated to roles because of your weight. But it’s kinda funny reading them.

Gaga – Oh yeah she’ll fit in all the hits. I always just like figuring out the order. I think her big 3 are Bad Romance, You and I (cult fan fave that ended up getting recorded for 2nd album) and Poker Face….so I think she’ll end with those 3 in whatever initial order I said! Lol

MJ said...

Shield - finally watched. I love whenever Patton Oswalt is on but this was just insane ! Thanks god it was only a kiss between fake May and Coulsen. Should have destroyed LMD May though.

Have a good weekend every one. And may the Super bowl not be a snoozer - no matter who wins. :-)

Mike V. said...

SHIELD - yeah it was fake May kiss, but she went out of her way to say her feelings are identical. I don’t think they’re left exploring that unfortunately! Because now we know Coulson has feelings for her. Definitely should’ve destroyed her! Unless..she finished her task so now she’s useful?? Was surprised that all the Patton Oswalt characters were actually human brothers…and nice use of Scandal girl lol

Have a good wknd too!!

Mike V. said...

24/twd/Super Bowl - ok crazy game. We can discuss. But IMDb just made me realize that the new jack Bauer in 24 is none other than Heath from walking dead. I know we said he was working on another project. Never made the connection it was 24 lol. Looks totally different. Gonna check out 24 now I think.

MJ said...

24 - yeah I knew it was Heath. Didn't watch yet

TWD - thanks god that will be back next week !

Superbowl - that was actually a really good game. Not the ending I wanted but it was better then most of the superbowls. Gaga was great.

Mike V. said...

SB - yep...I was close with my Gaga song predictions. Bad Romance was at end, but no You and I. lol She did some other "unite" ballad in that final set though. But she kept it pure entertainment and not preachy. I enjoyed. Game was insane. I missed the 4th quarter (listened on way home) cause kids were getting rammy where we were. We listened and just laughed at the ridiculousness of the comeback. And of course on that 2nd 2 point conversion I was thinking in my head "there's going to be a flag. They won't let it end like this"....and there was a flag. lol So maybe some minor officials help in that comeback. But I didn't see the play so maybe there truly was a foul worth reporting!

TWD - Agreed. Looking forward to these 8!

24 - it was aight. I'll watch tonight again. I miss Jack!

MJ said...

Good Behavior - not sure I mentioned how good a show it was. Might want to put it on your summer list ;-D

Sleepy - well they finally gave Lost guy a reason to be on the show - he's collecting all this crap to live forever so he never had to give his soul to the devil. Interesting story with him. And it's called the philosophers Stone - just like Harry Potter (everywhere but USA it was Philosophers and not Sorcerer). And we got a 'Hadrians Wall' shout out too - didn't know it was a real thing. And we're going back to Sleepy Hollow ! Yay.

Grimm - Ugh - always with the bugs on these shows. LOL Nice twist that the park was actually named after the guy. But really nice twist that the 'victim' is wesen and kills him. But since they already made a thing about her being somewhat heavy - couldn't they have made her somerthing other then a hippo ? LOl Just saying.

Supergirl - boy this ep was all about feelings. Everyone has them for everyone - nuff said !. But damn - those white martians are way bigger and stronger then the green.

Mike V. said...

Good Behavior – Hmm…this one isn’t on my radar? Channel? Premise?

Sleepy – Philosopher’s stone is on The Flash too isn’t it? I wonder if there’s a history that predates Potter on the stone or they’re both just giving a nod to the great work of literature. Of course Draco Malfoy is on The Flash so that may be a reason too. Lol Yes! Finally back to Sleepy Hollow.

Grimm – That was hilarious when the girl turned into a hippo wesen. Lol But yeah I agree..maybe a little too on the nose.

Supergirl – So much feelings. I thought it might be just THAT white martian (or some of them) that are that huge. The girl on the show is a white martian and she was much smaller. Maybe it’s the dudes only. Lol And of course you’re right Kara does like Mon-El and just couldn’t bring herself to admit it.

MJ said...

Good Behavior. TNT. Premise - that's a tough one. She is on Parole - has to be on her 'good behavior' to get her son back. That does not do it justice. Very interesting characters and story telling. Chick from Leftovers actually shows up eventually - the cult leader who killed herself. Lead actress is supposedly from Downton - never saw it.

Legion - any one going to check it out ? I will but it sure seems like Xmen movie for tv

MJ said...

Sleepy - oh yeah ! They did mention that stone on Flash too.

24 - still not watched. The lead guy is Heath ? Wow - he really does look different

Timeless - not watched - heard the rating are really going down. It's gotten so good

Mike V. said...

Good Behavior – Ahhh okay. Sounds good. I’ll put it on the list. Lol

Legion – I have tivo set. Since it’s a FOX property (as is X-Men) I wonder if this is in their shared universe with Deadpool and the Wolverine movies. Kinda like the Disney Marvel stuff is all tied together in the MCU (Netflix, ABC and Avengers stuff) So if that is the case it SHOULD seem like X-Men for TV but just focused on one guy lol

24 – I’m almost done the 2nd episode. It’s not bad. It’s just not Jack. Like the blue title cards and clock instead of yellow. Lol Really mixed things up!! But yeah that is Heath. Looks totally different.

Timeless – Still trying to catch up. On episode 6. My TiVo didn’t record last night’s due to ridiculous wish list conflicts. (my one pass priority needs updating!!) But I have access on a friend’s Plex server. Lol Pretty great application if you know the right people to follow!

MJ said...

Iron Fist - yet another superhero. This one seems a rip-off of Arrow by the trailer. This is the one that is shared with other netflix Marvel - that Doctor played by Dawson on this too.

Legion - seemed like it was a rip off almost. Can't say what/who exactly but seemed like there were some 'talens' that we've seen on other Xmen with different names. Maybe not - could be confusting it with something else. LOL

Big Little Lies - on HBO in a few weeks – supposed to be good. Just a mini-series type show

Stranger Things – see the trailer ? Love how it started out like the old Eggo commercials. Looks good.

Mike V. said...

Iron Fist - Yeah I saw the trailer a couple months back. He's one of the Defenders (which will be on Netflix this year as well. Basically Avengers for Netflix lol Problem is some of the movie characters are Defenders as well in the comics. Like Thor, maybe Hulk?? I dunno No way they'll show up. I doubt the will)...and we have his Disney Infinity character. So my son can tell you all about him. lol I won't let him watch the Netflix show though! He's super strong though I think. (not bulletproof like Luke cage)

Legion - It's a Marvel/Fox property so I gotta think it's related. I'll have to look it up. Still in all day meetings but this is the last week. So I'll be back to normal self next week (maybe)

BLL - My wife read the book (I bought it for her for Christmas). She wanted to be prepared for this as she loves Reese. lol I read a review that compares it to season 1 True Detective in terms of engaging mystery.

Stranger Things 2 - Yep! Saw the trailer. I'm ready for Halloween! (which means we'd be 6 weeks away from The Last Jedi!

Mike V. said...

Legion – Did a quick Google. It is related to X-Men but won’t be tied to the big screen. However, Legion is the son of Charles Xavier (Professor X, Patrick Stewart in movies)

MJ said...

Legion - yeah knew he was X's son

24 - I liked it - watched both last night. Hoping Miranda Otto not a baddie again. I didn't miss Jack - but I'm not looking at it as THAT 24 - looking at it like a whole new show. Even knowing lead guy was/is heath - no way I'd have picked that out by myself without dreads and glasses. LOL Plus he really was not on TWD that many times really.

Mike V. said...

24 - No definitely not that 24. I enjoyed it too. Not sure how Monday ratings were but Sunday were not ideal because of the overtime game. Lots of moles in this season potentially so far. Smitts's campaign manager, and someone surely in CTU. lol Obviously the person that started 2 weeks ago is a clear candidate which means she probably isn't.

Tony almeida will show up at some point, but I do hope we get a Jack update by the end of the season. With him being Exec Producer surely he can pop in even with his commitment to Designated Survivor.

Anonymous said...

Legion, I think I have it set to dvr?

24--tried it, not into it.

Grimm--that was very funny when the girl just took the guys head off. Hippos are very dangerous--appearances are deceiving--so to me that's where they were going.

Deadpool--I didn't know about this until I saw the movie on cable somewhere. I actually FF on some of it as it seemed really low brow.


Mike V. said...

Grimm - Yeah but you can't help but associate Hippo to LARGE lol

Deadpool - I've watched half of it and haven't gotten back to it. Mainly "fans" raved because it was an R-rated comic movie...which has led to LOGAN which is coming out this summer. More gritty movies that are not for kids. Doesn't help me because my 5 year old still knows about Deadpool and Wolverine. lol It was entertaining from what I saw but I think they could've made an equally entertaining pg-13 movies too. I haven't read the comic though so I don't know how vulgar/gory it is/was.

MJ said...

24 - I didn't think of Smits mgr as a mole so much as she seems like she wants Smits to herself. LOL Doesn't seem to like the wife. I did hear that about Tony. And yeah - at least mention Jack !

Deadpool - def low brow - and hysterical. Seen it twice now and still hear new jokes each time. I love that movie. And the chick (his girlfriend) I was told becomes someone fromt he comics. She was/is on Gotham and Gordon's girlfriend

Mike V. said...

24 - Hmm...did you not watch the 2nd hour yet? I may have said too much. Oh and did you notice the new CTU Head guy is Jay Garrick from Flash season 2?

Deadpool - Monica Baccarin is back on Gotham but is not Gordon's GF anymore. At least not for now. lol And I always thought she was known as the chick from Firefly. :) I first saw her in V then Homeland. I do need to finish that movie...the whole reason I didn't finish was because we rented it for 48 hours, kids woke up after an hour and then I could never get back to it! Now it's just sitting on the DVR all these months later waiting for me. :)

Legion - Watched. Intriguing! Has potential.

Anonymous said...

Grimm--Yes, I'm thinking intentional double entendre.

Six--I'm somewhat enjoying really.

Expanse--quit watching.

So, my quit list is growing when I don't want it to be--lol.


MJ said...

Flash - so they are letting Wally shine these days. Bet was interesting - cause made me think that HR has no money ! No job. No home. How are any of them paid - except the cops and 'journalist' ? LOL . You see what next week's is about ? LOL

24 - strangely - I thought i did watch it but last night it was there on the DVR and I said something to the husband and he said we did not. LOL Don't ask. And no - thought new CTU head was familiar but did not place him.

Deadpool - yup - she def is the chick from Firefly - but not everyone gets that reference. Yep - also on V. Ha - forgot Homeland even.

Legion - not seen yet - from web stuff I have seen looks very odd. LOL

Mike V. said...

Flash - lol on the making money. Yeah I'm not sure who is funding them. I guess the museum proceeds are now? Funny on the home too...yeah he must basically live at the Star Labs. Wally definitely shining because he's going to play a role in how this Iris thing plays out. Yeah Grog is next week and it looks like we'll be visiting Earth 2 again? Wells 2 and daughter.

24 - Ahhh okay....So I may have said too much. Keep watching! :) It's all still up in the air, but hints were made.

Deadpool - She's been getting around! I think Firefly made these actors "in demand". Alan Tudyk has been everywhere (and was STELLAR as K2-SO in Rogue One btw). Nathan Fillion, Summer Glau, etc...

MF - Speaking of Fillion did you see Modern Family last night? I love their V-Day episodes. I couldn't stop laughing by the end.

Legion - It is most definitely odd. lol

Anonymous said...

Legion=--I watched but had to FF through some of it since it was moving slow at times. ODD--that's a good description. Dream or not Dream, that is the question--lol. And not kissing the girl you love, hmmm---how's that going to work---lol.

Deadpool--Firefly works for me.

SB--I forgot to say that Gaga did a good job. I recognized a few of those songs too.


MJ said...

Legion - I liked it. I had seen that little dance number before seeing the show and was like WTH!?! LOL That's why I thought odd. Not touching your girl - been done by Xmen with the whole Bobby/frost chick in the movies. Thats an example of what I meant of the show re-doing powers with different characters. Course the other chick froze people - we don't know what happens with this one if she does touch you.

MF - no not yet. Kinda gross that he's dating Hailey but it's been funny.

Tudyk - just saw him in a cute new sitcom Powerless.

Mike V. said...

Legion - Not touching was Rogue wasn't it? (Anna Paquin) Bobby was the frost dude. lol (Iceman I think) Well with The Flash they have people with similar powers and call them speedsters, right? I don't know how close to the comics this is with the mutant powers. But it seems like Legion himself has combined powers of Professor X and Magneto.

MF - Fillion just reminded me of the episodes. He wasn't the funniest part! lol But yes it is pretty gross but for some bizarre reason it works. lol

Tudyk - Concept of Powerless is interesting. Guess it's kind of like Agents of Shield (but that evolved to have people with powers) but with more normal people not involved in the "fighting bad people" game. I didn't watch the first ep though (don't actually know how many eps have aired)

SB - I was impressed with Gaga. She kept it about the music and entertaining and didn't preach. All I ask for in entertainment! I figured you'd recognize some songs, Richard. lol

Six - I'm on episode 3 I think. It's okay. Gets me through my morning routine. lol

Forgot to mention the QUIT LIST yesterday. Yeah, I definitely am not watching as much as I used to, but that's all about the time I have to dedicate to it. Also, it's probably a peak TV problem. There's just so much to watch and it's available all the time so people don't feel the need to keep up.

Timeless Update - I think we've watched 7 now. We saw the one when they were stranded back in time. Things are getting more interesting. And it seems the girl's dad is involved in some conspiracy.

BTW...not sure if I apologized for this but the actress is NOT Phil Collin's daughter. Lily Collins is an actress but she's not in Timeless. lol It's Abigail Spencer. Whoops!!

MJ said...

Underground - very excited Season 2 coming soon on WGN. Excellent show set during slavery in the south.

Legion - Rogue - thats it !Oh - thought Rogue froze people. Or I guess she just killed htem. LOL .

Tudyk - think only 2 eps have aired yet. Only seen one - lots of easter eggs in it.

Six - yeah I think I am also on 3. It's likeable.

Quit - I need to quit some. LOL Husband finally quit Gotham - couldn't take it any more. I keep checking out more and also have more coming back (Underground, Bates, Americans, etc etc). Still haven't fininshed Rectify or looked at Vikings yet

Mike V. said...

Underground - I think I remember you talking about that during season 1. Obviously haven't seen it!

Legion - Yeah Rogue absorbed people's powers when she touched them. But with non mutants I think she killed them. So it's a little different than the Legion dude.

Tudyk - I could probably check it out on the CW app. I linked the "CW channel" up to Plex app and there's no commercials. score! (googled alternate ways to watch a cw show because my TiVo messed up recording The 100 and my phone app wasn't updating....PLEX to the rescue!)

Quit - Yeah...we have a lot piled up on the DVR that I know I'm not gonna get to. I deleted 1.5 seasons of Quantico, still have homeland from last season and this season. But I still do watch all these crazy comic shows. I could let Gotham go though. I'm not ever really excited by it. Somehow The Young Pope has gotten to 7 episodes already. (2 a week) I think I'll probably just drop it.

TWD - Back Sunday! I'm excited, but might dread the recapping a bit. lol I keep trying to get shorter. We'll see how I do.

Idol - Anyone see the producers are negotiating with NBC to come back? Sounds like it's highly unlikely but they did suggest when it ended it wouldn't be away forever. I think my blogging will probably be ended regardless!

MJ said...

Legion - well it's the Legion chick that we think might be like rogue - we don't know yet except that she can't be touched.

Quit - yeah 2 a week on Pope was hard. I probably need to quit Blindspot and Blacklist and not start Blacklist spinoff at all. LOL I should probably let my procedurals go too - but I like them for when I'm tired and need to watch nothing important. Show on Starz called Missing starts this weekend. Missed S1 but heard was good. S2 is new season and I was told like AHS so each season are separate stories. We shall see.

TWD - YAY ! I am soooo excited.

Idol - I did hear - and thought of you !

Have a great weekend every one

Mike V. said...

Legion - yeah I know...I meant chick not sure why I said dude. lol I guess you're right we don't know what she can do yet.

Quit - Yep I'm out on the NBC clone shows (i.e. blacklist, blindspot...and spinoffs lol) Nice in Missed. Hadn't heard of it.

TWD - me too!

Idol - nice

Have a great weekend to you and everyone too!