Monday, April 25, 2016

TV Discussion: Week of 4/24/2016 - 4/30/2016

Hello fellow TV Addicts! This is our weekly place for discussion of all non-recapped shows. See you in the comments!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your link on EW with Hirst. I don't think any of Ragnar's sons found America. I'll have to check on that. But, it came later after Iceland and Greenland.

I am both excited to see and will hate to see Ragnar's death. How Hirst portrays it. It's very well documented and has been portrayed several times in film.

MMmm, wondering about his statements re Lagertha. I could see her doing some kind of komi kazi thing.


MJ said...

Geez - n o one is talking about anything but Gof T this week ? LOL

Blindspot - decent ep. Like how we saw each characters part of the action

Game of Silence - was taping it but have no time to watch so stopped. Saw part of the first one - reminds me of that Kevin Bacon movie from years ago.

Grimm - that bird-like thing feeding its parents kinda grossed me out. As did the bodis with no bones. LOL

Orphan - got backed up on this one but has been good so far. Like that we are actually meeting Beth now

Americans - only just watched last weeks yesterday - man Martha was crazy scary when she walked out of that house and she's all like 'leave me alone or I will tell everyone you are KGB' to Gabriel. I fear for her life.

Bates - his face when he found out mom had married ! And poor Romero - he's about to see how crazy Norma can be. Too bad he showed her that money though

Still swamped at work - will try to get back later.

Anonymous said...

MJ--you're right.

Grimm--I kind of felt sorry for the guy trying to feed his parents. Adalind being kidnapped was a kind of weak storyline. I bet you in almost every other scene she comes out on top. I wonder what she'll do now with her daughter. Of course Juliette doesn't trust her. Nick has a lot more patience than I do. There's no way I could be with someone day after day waiting for them to tell me something that should have been said a while ago. Especially when she says things like--I have something to tell you or similar. Wu isn't looking good and him coughing up that hairy skin was pretty gross.


Mike V. said...

lol MJ. I haven't had much to say...but I am finally finished with my rewatch of seasons 1-5!

I'm behind on Orphan and going to catch up now. Then Once Upon a Time.

Game of Silence - Definitely looks like Sleepers...that's what everyone is saying. (Was Kevin Bacon in that??) We haven't watched either but have them all recorded.

Grimm - Episode was okay...probably why I haven't commented too much. Nothing really to report. Lots of people avoiding telling the whole truth and all of the monster of the week. Oh and Hank is dating! lol Want to put any bets on the woman being in some shadowy organization after a few episodes? lol No one can just have a stable significant other on this show without some excess baggage!

Americans - Things are definitely not looking good for Martha! I feel the same as you.

Bates - Same with this show....I wouldn't feel safe if I was Romero going into a season finale this year. lol

Shield - Just going through the motions with this one. Though the Fitz/Simmons budding relationship is entertaining to me still.

MJ said...

Grimm - ugh - that was so gross when Wu was doing that. LOL I agreed with Rosalie - why is Eve looking to protect and worry about Nick if she's not still a little Juliette ?

Mike V. said...

Grimm - Yeah seemed pretty clear Eve is feeling a little like Juliette still. And if it wasn't clear in her behavior, we had Rosalie deliver the line just to make sure it was clear to us! lol

Anonymous said...

Grimm--yea, they're going to milk that love triangle for all it's worth and then some more.

Shield-I watch with the FF button at times. So funny how Coulson is all, she's not really bad. Skye's not bad. Would be funny if she stays "bad". Kind of like the idea of doing away with war without waging a war. Fitz/Simmons--I"m god with it, make sense really.

Limitless--I like this show. A lot because it doesn't take itself too seriously and has fun. The Piper stuff was sad, but in a way predictible even though it's not logical. It keeps him somewhat unavailable. And now he's permanently immune.


Mike V. said...

SHIELD - FF button would be a better idea than me just tuning different scenes out. lol If they do any tie ins to Civil War they'll start next week and fallout would be the week after. But with them so into their own plot, I'm not really sure what tieover they'd have right now unless the superhero census impacts the inhumans.

I saw the Inhumans movie has gotten pushed out in favor of sequels to some of the established heroes. These multi-year Marvel/DC plans are depressing to look at knowing that the next 10 years of our lives in entertainment consumption are so planned out. lol

Limitless - I have all 22 episodes of season 1 recorded. Need to make a case to the Mrs. to binge them this summer. What do we think? Thumbs up?

Anonymous said...

Limitless--I really like it. It's one I look forward too. A different kind of show mixing traditional serial crime drama with some off kilter things. And Bradley Cooper drops in every now and then. It has your girl from Dexter and she does a great job.


MJ said...

Limitless - def worth it. And probably better as a summer marathon. It is fun and like Richard said does not take itself seriously. I still haven't seen the two art finale but rest of season was good.

Grimm - read the other day that next season is only 13 eps. SIGH. They say due to over crowded schedule

Game Silence - Sleepers ? Is that the one ? Kevin Bacon played the bad guy - was the guy who molested the kids I think. First ep not bad - just have to let some stuff go.

Mike V. said...

Limitless - thanks! Hopefully we'll watch!

Grimm - yeah I saw that and posted it too probably in the big April thread. Lol definitely a crowded schedule. They had a hard time fitting in this season. I think it's probably going to go past May sweeps to fit in the 22 eps. They can't really bring it back until spring apparently.

Game of silence - pretty sure that's the movie with bacon. Sleepers had flashbacks to a group and childhood vs present day as adults. But this new show is supposedly based on some Turkish novel

Anonymous said...

I just wanted you guys to know that last night I became sad when I looked at my scheduled listing for dvr recordings. It lacked my favorite show--Vikings. OH well.

There's really only a handful of shows that I REALLY like
1. Vikings
2. Perry Mason Reruns(It's a fad in our home for now--lol)
3. Big Bang Theory
4. GoT
5. Blacklist along with a couple others I can't recall--lol.

And re BBT, did you guys notice how they were playing up GoT?


Mike V. said...

BBT - Hard not to realize that since the episode was all about it! LOL But it was a fun episode.

I'm actually relieved we're hitting the end of the main TV season. There's so much stuff I need to catch up on (as per usual) that I need a break! I'm also excited Thrones is back on because that's my favorite time of year for TV!

Not sure if you ever watched Silicon Valley Richard but it's a hysterical show....I definitely appreciate it being in an IT environment, but I think it's funny regardless. (Comes on after Thrones...all past episodes on HBO GO/Now)

MJ said...

Blacklist - haven't watch this weeks - but I am convinced Liz is alive and Mr. Kaplan and Liz planned her fake death to get Red out of her kids life.