Monday, February 29, 2016

The Walking Dead: Season 6 Episode 11 - Knots Untie

Hello everyone and welcome back to our season 6 coverage of The Walking Dead!  This episode was a decent setup episode for future conflicts as well as a great world building episode.  There's tons of stuff that could be covered and we can surely dive into it in comments.  I'm definitely experiencing a shortage of available time to get full-fledged recaps out at the moment, but I'll still offer a few tidbits and then open the floor for discussion.  Hopefully, no one minds too much!  Let's dive in.

Discussion Points
  • This episode focused a lot on examining Abraham's adjusting viewpoints in the zombie apocalypse.  He has an internal conflict on developing feelings for Sasha while still having something that seems like "more than a fling" with Rosita.  Rosita now has offered him a necklace made from a smashed brake light.   Abraham hilariously used some fun metaphors to ask Glenn about his intentions to "get pregnant" with Maggie and his own intentions to NOT be in such a situation.  By the end of the episode he seemed to be more on board with the idea or at least respected Glenn and Maggie for their decision.  
  • The rest of the episode dealt with Jesus explaining who he is and introducing the group to a much larger world.  We found out that many communities have sprung up and have begun trading with each other.  The one that Jesus is from is called Hilltop which built itself up around some old mansion that was converted into a museum.  Naturally, Rick and his all-star team had some trust issues so played things safe enroute to Hilltop and when dealing with their "new friends".   Jesus so far has turned out to be an alright guy and has the best intentions for bringing Rick and crew into the fold.   Alexandrians need food, Hilltop need better defenses.  
  • Now while Jesus brought these concerns up the Hilltop leader, Gregory, played some hardball.  Maggie became the point person for all negotiations.  While the first discussion didn't go too well a conflict arose which turned the tables and gave Rick and crew a bit of a selling point. 
  • The infamous Negan's name was mentioned again and we learn a little bit about him and his crew The Saviors.  Gregory gets stabbed by one of his own men which sets Team Rick into motion to diffuse the situation.  We find out that Negan has been using scare tactics to maintain a threatening stance over various communities in the area.  No one knows how big their group is.  Rick and Daryl decided they have something to trade for goods after all.  Their plan?  Take out Negan.  Granted, I'm sure this will end top being a bigger deal than they anticipated but it was awesome to hear them talk a good game! 
  • In other character news, Rick and Michonne didn't stay a secret for too long.  Basically, when Jesus got into Rick's house the whole town was alerted and joined the new couple outside their bedroom.  Hysterical.  Rick had a brief talk with Carl who seemed pretty happy about the new pairing.  It was interesting that Carl opted out of going on the Hilltop trip.  Good for Judith, but I wonder if there was more to it.  
  • We should also note that the team landed an improved doctor situation at Hilltop.  This was promising to Glenn and Maggie who ended up getting an ultrasound and a printout picture of their baby by the end. awwww   They also made sure to show this doc in action to know he's the real deal.  He patched up Gregory's stab wound and kept their leader alive pretty sufficiently.  (But, I think we're meant to get the impression that Gregory isn't the best of leaders too)
I'm going to halt the recap there.  Like I mentioned, in a former life I'd probably dive into the ins and outs of life at Hilltop and do a thorough analysis of what this means.  There just isn't that luxury of time any more!  But, the concept of multiple communities springing up and establishing trade is a pretty cool idea and opens up a whole new area of stories for the show.  Still enjoying this one and look forward to seeing more!  Hope you enjoyed my ramblings and I'll see you next week! 


MJ said...

We know your time is often limited and we are happy with whatever you give us Mike.

Will never look at Bisquick the same way again ! LOL While we do know that Abraham and Rosita have hooked up (remember creepy Eugene watching) I never thought of them as a couple really. Just a convenience.

The guy from 24 is the perfect guy to play Gregory. I thought Aledxandria already had crops ? I know Deanna talked about expanding them at one point. Ugh - it's safe to say that taking out Negen will not go well. I was glad Carl stayed behind - all the best fighters were leaving and that makes no sense. So Carl, Carol, Rosita and Morgan were the only real fighters left behind. Jesus (Paul) sure does share a lot of info though. Not too wise really - but he said he got a feel for our people and trusts them. Rick with that guys blood all over him was insane ! LOL. And all Rick had to say is 'what?'. We know Negen is bad news but wow - keeping a guy hostage until his brother goes and kills their own leader ? Hilltop is still going to give up half - just to Alexandria instead of Negan.

Mike V. said...

I could've sworn that was mason from 24 but he looked just different enough that I thought it was a different actor. Guess that's aging for you! lol

The bisquick and the umbrella analogies were fantastic. I thought the same with Abraham and Rosita but the whole necklace thing seemed to raise the stakes in their relationship.

Rick's "what?" was fantastic. lol

Yeah...good call on the giving up half. But at least it would be in trade for protection from Rick and crew.

Thanks for respecting my time limitations! The funny part is that I saw I don't have any time but then I always write more than I think I'm going to. :)

MJ said...

I feel likethe next 4 episodes are going to be brutal. I keep hearing how bad negen really is. I think I read we don't actually meet him til the finale. I just love that actor too - not sure how I will feel about him being the big bad. He'll do it well I think - but it will be weird for me.

Mike V. said...

I remember you saying we wouldn't meet him until the finale. I've seen him in lots of stuff too...I can totally see him playing a bad dude but never have either. Probably closest would be his role in The Watchmen...but he was still a hero in that. lol

I could see it being brutal as well.

MJ said...

Polls everywhere about who is Negen killing. Scarily some good points being made are that the actress and actor who play Michonne and Heath are becoming very popular in Hollywood right now. And she slept with rick. LOL I think Glenn or Maggie is going to die. And some Alexandrians too. Some are even saying Daryl !

Mike V. said...

Wow...I guess if they want to make a statement that Negan is a bad dude...then yeah you'd think one of the mainstays has to go. I wasn't aware of the actors being unpopular in Hollywood. I'll have to look that up. Yeah people sleeping with/kissing Rick don't seem to last long! lol

If it's Glenn or Maggie...I gotta think Glenn. Do we think they'd kill off a Pregnant woman? I guess nothing is off the table. I think as far as acting chops...a grieving Maggie sounds more enticing than a grieving Glenn. We shall see!

MJ said...

No that they were uppopular - but their star is rising. Both Michonne and Heath were kinda unknowns. Michonne actress doing a play now and going to be Tupac's mom in a movie. Heath - now I can't remember what I read for that actor. But both are getting more offers of work so being so far from Hollywood could hurt them.

You know Negen's weapon of choice right ?

Mike V. said...

Ahhhh I misread that. lol Well there's a reason they're popular though...well at least with Michonnne...She's a fan favorite. So killing her off could cause some drama with fans. I mean..she's not as untouchable as Daryl but still it's something to consider. That is true that their busy schedules may give them the opportunity to leave the show, but as long as they're under contract they have to stay on TWD unless they find a way out of it!

I'm sure I've heard about Negen's weapon but I forget. I'll just wait to be surprised again! :)

Jason B. said...

It's definitely gonna be a crazy finale. I'm stumped on what they're going to do in between now and then though. I have an idea for the upcoming episode based on the previews, but I'm not sure if that will go into the next few episodes or what. The group going after the hostage is new in the show, in the comics the Hilltop basically just declared the girl that was taken dead and moved on lol. I'm worried that we're gonna lose someone from our group before we lose someone else in the finale, I hope I'm wrong though haha.