Monday, October 27, 2014

TV Discussion: Week of 10/26/2014 - 11/1/2014

Hello fellow TV Addicts! As always, this is our place to discuss all non-recapped shows. See you in the comments!


MJ said...

Scandal - really Fitz! You've known Jake forever and you believe he would have your son killed and not the evil Mr. Pope !?! And Mellie feels better now that her sons death wasn't for noting? That was weird. They are making me like Huck less and less - give him something to do.

Jane Virgin - any one else watching this wacky show ?

Mike V. said...

Scandal - That show is crazy and obviously overly dramatic. I laughed to myself at the same stuff you're bringing up too. lol Agreed on Huck, nothing too entertaining there right now. Also, did Jake really kill Harrison too? I thought it was the girl from HIMYM and Homeland? lol

Jane V - Nope, not really even sure what it's about...though the name gives me an idea. lol

GRIMM - Good ep. Wu surely is going to figure things out this season or come into the loop. Seemed like Hank was about to tell him. So should we give an over/under until we find out that Trubel is Nick's long lost sister? lol And do we really think Renard is going to die?

ONCE - I figured with the Emma flashback that we'd be finding out somehow the Snow Queen knows her from back in the day...but I just assumed she'd be Lily from the flashback, not someone else. Elsa made her infamous ice bridge....and Snow Queen quoted the movie with going to build a snowman. I'll be happy when this Frozen arc is over...but the rest of the show is working just fine. It is what it is... Oh and the reference to Asgard was chuckle-worthy basically because Disney owns Marvel too.

Anonymous said...

Grimm--haven't had the chance.

Gotham--pretty good actually. So, the girl catwoman comes in and steals from Bruce. Was she put up to it or did it on her own. I thought she felt sorry for Bruce. Obviously not with what we know now. Seriously, the question mark on the riddler's coffee mug was GREAT. Interesting backstory on the partner. As I'm writing this I"m realizing how good this ep was, too much I could say.

Blacklist--OK, not my favorite ep. I'm thinking seriously that the police are not supposed to be targeting Red--I mean he's in every coffee shop and restaurant in town--lol. Laughed when Samar looks at Aram and talks about erectile dysfunction.


Mike V. said...

Blacklist - I know I've been sleeping through half the season, but surely it wasn't a surprise to anyone who was behind that door, right? lol Nice that he's back in the fold though. I guess the thought is that the reason he disappeared at the end of the season 1 finale was because Lizzie took him and hid him?? Otherwise, there will have to be a whole backstory for how she found him and captured him.

Red is working on getting to know that girl...already forget her name and we still have no idea which daughter she is, right? lol

Nice backstory on Dembe in the episode.

Case of the week was creepy! Taxidermy of humans! lol

Sleepy - I'm 50 minutes in. Was running so late I had to save the last 10 for later. lol But what I watched so far has been great as always. Sensing an eventual love traingle between the sisters and Hawley...we'll see. How long before we see Crane playing video games? granted..I haven't seen the last 10 minutes so he may already have. lol I can get to the tivo on my phone so if i have a free 10 minutes I'll try to watch it. :)

Homeland - ugh. Ohhh because she only had 3 days to get the info. And she sure got it! Give that girl an emmy for crying over Brody!! (sarcasm...please sense the sarcasm! lol) Quinn asked the question if there's no line she won't cross....yeah that makes it all better, writers!! And of course the subtle hinting that he's into her again.."Why do you care so much??" What happened to this show? The Saul stuff at the airport with chasing Dave Grohl was good (can't help's the pony tail on the beard lol), but now he's captured!

Mike V. said...

Gotham - I got the impression through that whole burglary that she still felt "something" for Bruce. She smiled at him, and she looked intently at what he was investigating. But she still snatched something...and I'm sure we'll find out why later.

I rolled my eyes and laughed at the ? on the coffee mug...but it was funny. lol

I agree the episode was good!

MJ said...

Blacklist - I get that they are trying to give the other actors something to do on the Red and Liz show - but the hooked on prescription drugs thing is so over played on cop/FBI shows. I thought we had moved past that. And now he got his pills - but actually has pain again. LOL Loved the family in Alaska that taxidermies people - soooo creepy. And the chinese guy and Ressler in the cages and tagged was super creepy. Did not see it coming that crazy mom takes them out with a record player in the bath though. Also - was any on shocked it was Tom behind the door ? Of course not. And while I knew the rich guy would be a bad guy - did not put it together that the family in Alaska was his. Not even when Red said his first wife looked like him rather than cute like Liz. Immediately knew this was also about Dembe though. Funniest thing (to me any way) - the company named Wendigo - and I'd just finished watching Sleepy Hollow who's creature of the week was a Wendigo !
Richard - I def cracked up witht he ED and Aram. Mike - agreed - Liz must have taken him. Name is Zoe.

Sleepy - obviously the Yoga was fun - but I'd heard about that before seeing the show somehow. And I'll stick with Buns. Most of the time Icabods euphamisms are more pleasant (peeved instead of pissed, Nostalgic instead of PTSD) but not liking
'double jugs'. That sounds like something describing boobs. LOL. Have seen the Wendigo on many other shows but loved that it was Sherriff Corbin's son ! (and didn't the actor look a little like the actor who played his dad?) A reviewer last week complained that they keep killing off what would be great B characters (meaning the lady that was crushing on him last week) but I feel that way about Joe Corbin. Wish he had stayed. But that was way too easy for Henry to get into that Masonic cell - they need to fix that asap. Not sure I understood the import of that liquid that he traded Joe for but was not surprised he double-crossed Joe in the end. Very smart to have Ichabod give Abby that speech in the end on how she waited til the very end and kept believing the could help Joe and how that parallel should be applied to Henry. Cause it's easy to think - you died over 200 years ago not knowing you had a son, so no real emotional bond existed. Now he's a senior citizen who is evil incarnate - get over him. So good to remind us why he is always trying to give Henry the benefit of doubt. But eww on the spider that crawled into Katrina !

Scandal - I could not remember who killed Harrison but did not think it was Jake !

Grimm - nah - Renard will recover yet again. LOL Trubel sure does look like Nick and the actress who is his mom. Drew Wu (love saying that name) def should be finding some things out now.

Mike V. said...

Blacklist - Ahh good call on Wendigo...didn't make the connection! I too eyerolled at the prescription pills addiction for Ressler. Then I just made fun of it the whole episode to my wife. lol I also was laughing at the rich guy's emoting when Red exposed him. He kinda just stared at Red until he got shot. I wonder how much he got paid for that fine performance of brooding? lol

Sleepy - Still didn't watch those 10 minutes! Corbin's son did have an uncanny resemblance to Kelvin! (Had to do the LOST reference...could've went all the way back to Shawshank, but naaah!) Guess I kinda got spoiled on the end reading your post...but I assumed he wouldn't make it through the episode. lol On second thought, I'm going to stop reading your post until I finish the rest! :)

Scandal - I could've sworn it was that girl that I mentioned. At least we found out she betrayed him.

Anonymous said...

Blacklist--there's always a behind the scenes motive(I need a better word for it)) on these blacklisters for Red to take advantage of. In this case he supplies a list of names to Cooper of the mombasa clan. I'm thinking he wants someone or more than one put away.

I think Zoe is likely Berlin's grand daughter and believe we'll know about Zoe right before or after the break. I've always thought that, but in a crazy TV world she could be Berlin's daughter or relative or who knows--lol. But I'm betting not related to Red.

Again, I didn't like this ep a lot. Especially the stuff with the sniper guy being turned in and turning the police on Red. That just doesn't make sense.


Anonymous said...

Scorpion--wasn't as good as other episodes and starting to get tired of them always having to prove themselves to the powers that be. Also, the big guy is starting to get on my nerves--I don't like dweebs


Mike V. said...

Scorpion - I haven't watched since the 2nd ep but I'd imagine the format would get tiring until they somehow find a new angle with the team. lol

SHIELD - Another good episode, with of course the Avengers promo/scene being pushed a lot beforehand. It'll be interesting to see if it affects the ratings at all. Obviously, these things are online immediately after. lol And the trailer "leaked" last week anyway. This just had an extra bit of a scene. Still looks really good. And Kevin Feige announced like the next 15 Marvel movies yesterday. They have quite a crazy plan with this Civil War plot line.

Anyway...Ward is finally was nice to have Simmons back with the team and Bobbi is kick-ass on the team as well! That's all I have for now.

SOA - Why won't someone just find out Gemma's lie!?!?! Oh right, because there's still 5 episodes to go and more body parts on Bobby to dismember. lol It was a great episode regardless of that non-ending suspense. I liked Jax sitting on the roof again. Very reminiscent of season 1 journal entries..even the 1st scene of the series premiere I think. But he certainly has fallen far from what his father would have wanted...just like Jury said. Things are getting grimm.

Now they throw in a JT suicide possibility??? As long as it ties into somehow being inspired by Gemma, then I might be okay with that.

Anonymous said...

Shield - Love how they put Barbara in a Star Wars t-shirt - Just to make sure all you fan boys are paying attention. LOL Not even sure if I believe Ward or his brother. Ward I guess, even though he is a traitor and a liar. I was worried that Hunter was really leaving - glad he's not - they need someone who brings the snark.
Saw the Ultron trailer - he looks like he stretched out an old Iron Man suit. I know nothing of who Ultron is or what his back story is so.... trailer looked good though. The only thing not working for me on this show is Fitz - and it's gotten worse since Simmons came back. No shocker that Ward got away - but is the twist going to be that him and Coulsen planned that ? I doubt the trailer will really boost ratings - that was true years ago but now it's too easy to see it elsewhere. FIFTEEN movies ?? Holy crow ! I think there are too many now ! LOL

SOA - wil watch tonight.

Sleepy - yikes ! Thought you would not read my comments until you had finished. Sorry.

AHS - only just watched last weeks ep - was actually pretty creepy. I like this 2 faced guy. thought for sure that crazy rich guy was killing the maid. But other then 2 faces this season had been rather dull.

Scandal - yes - the girl from his past betrayed him but brought Harrison to someone. Wasn't it Liv's dad ?

Blacklist - I def agree there is always a hidden agenda with Red but felt this weeks was that he got the guy who killed Dembe's family. I didn't mind the sniper guy being turned in - he's a hired killer ! But I don't get the whole 'police are looking for Red now'. Red made a comment to that affect but I would think that the FBI's deal with him would supercede any local authorities.

Scorpion - yeah he was extra dweeby this week. And really - they have to go to the 'he likes her' thing. I bemoan this on alot of shows. Men and women work together all the time without it becoming a thing. But his attempts at social niceties were funny.

Mike V. said...

I guess that comment was you, MJ?

SHIELD - This fanboy must NOT have been paying attention. Totally missed the Star Wars t-shirt. lol I don't know who to believe in the Ward family either. I have to think that Ward's eventual arc is to be working with SHIELD again, so I'm inclined to think everything he has told Skye is the truth. An interview with the actor confirms this as well. Whether or not the "well incident" is true...well I dunno.

Interesting thought about Coulson planning Ward's escape...that would be a fun twist.

I doubt the trailer will impact the ratings too much either. As for the 15's going all the way to like 2019 and I may have exaggerated a bit. Basically what they announced were the Phase 3 movies. It's all part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe that is all tied together. I mean all they did was announce names for each movie and people are going bonkers. It's going to cap off with a 2 Part Avengers Movie over 2 years called Infinity Wars. Basically, for anyone who has been mildly following...a lot of these movies have been dealing with these crazy macguffins like the Tesseract and some weird stone in Guardians of the Galaxy. They are all elements of the Infinity Gauntlet which eventually Thanos will have possession of. Thanos was teased in the end credits of the 1st Avengers as the BIG BAD that all of this is moving towards. I know nothing about the comics except what I've googled. It's just really impressive how they're weaving this story arc through many many movies. It's like serialized television on the big screen. They're going to do the same thing to the Star Wars Universe. As for Ultron...I know Iron Man 3 was pretty much setting that up with all of his remote controlled Ironman suits or if Ultron LOOKS like Iron's intentional. lol And James Spader already sounds like the perfect casting for him.

Sleepy - That was no fault of yours...just mine! A lot happened in those 10 minutes! lol Crane even played video games! Plus...the son didn't die...he just left town. So, what I read I misinterpreted. :-) I can't believe the ratings are so low this year for the show. It's only gotten better. But DVR numbers make it jump drastically.

Scandal - Hmm...that would make sense if it was Liv's dad. So he just pinned the killings on Jake when it was him.

Scorpion - Surely, you had to see the "SHIPPING" starting in the pilot! lol That's the nice thing about Sleepy though. There is no expectation for Crane and Abbie's friendship to evolve into anything else. I remember Joshua Jackson hoping that FRINGE never went that way with Peter and Olivia. But yeah...workplace romances is always a trope that they go towards in these shows. I agree, it isn't always needed.

AHS - Agreed it's a pretty dull season. We'll get the 2nd part of the 2-face guy tonight. How awful is Kathy Bates' accent too? What on earth is that? lol

Mike V. said...

MARVEL - In case anyone cared, here is the movie lineup through 2019 for the Disney owned Marvel Cinematic Universe

MCU End of Phase 2
Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015)
Antman (2015) - Paul Rudd, Michael Douglas star

MCU Phase 3 in its entirety:
Captain America: Civil War (2016)
Doctor Strange (2016)[2]
Guardians of the Galaxy 2 (2017
Thor: Ragnarok (2017)
Black Panther (2017)
Avengers: Infinity War Part I (2018)
Captain Marvel (2018)
Inhumans (2018)
Avengers: Infinity War Part II (2019)

Still only 3 at most per year, sometimes 1 or 2.

Lots of TV series confirmed too. I know Daredevil will be a Netflix series.

Anonymous said...

Grimm--Just saw. I almost felt sorry for Juliette--she needs a crew to clean up that house--lol. Monroe/Juliette showed up though. Yea and Wu has to be suspicious. My dvr may have cut off before end of show, so REnard was dead.

BTW, Trubl is not cast as a regular but show runners say they aren't sure how long she'll be in show. My guess is they are getting some good feedback.


MJ said...

Homeland - yeah the Saul stuff was good. But I always laugh on tv when they surveil people - like they just stand there and watch their every move. LOL Already over the ambassador husband. Nothing to add on Carrie or Quinn.

Gotham - was ok. I personally loved the ? on the mug ! Rare to say 'the hypnotist did it' LOL

Oops on yesterday - that was me indeed about Star Wars tshirt and the rest.

SOA - agree about Jax on the roof. Poor poor Bobby. He's the most gentle of them all. Harsh with the birds and the note. At first I thought little psycho Abel did the birds. The suicide for JT came from no where ! I don't think that is true. Actually felt sorry for that militia lady - not being able to bury her son. So Jury insisted he did not tell Lin - are we supposed to believe him ? But how awesome was little Abel when he asked if Gemma knew what an accident was ! I'm feeling the Wendy and Nero raising 3 kids on the farm ending. Maybe with Unser too. LOL

Sleepy - i laughed when you predicted he'd play a video game - with me already knowing you were right. I'm also concerned with the ratings - even knowing how much they grow in +5 numbers.

Scorpion - yeah I saw the 'shipping' but hate it any way.

AHS - LOL on her accent. It's like old menonite or something.

Grimm - It was sweet that Monroe/Rosalie came to help them instead of going on their honeymoon. But Renard did not die - at least I don't remember that.

Marvel - thought I'd commented but I don't see it here. 19 movies ! ugh - waaay too many. They are going to kill all interest by the casual fans. Too many of them now. I like Avengers and Iron Man, I guess Capt America but I probably will not watch all these other ones.

mj said...

Ahs - you hear Neal Patrick Harris and hubby going to be on?

Leftovers - tvline had article about season 2

Mike V. said...

AHS - Yep heard about NPH and hubby

Leftovers - Saw the article. Just damon being damon!

Marvel - 19?? I don't think it was that many but they are spread out. They just announced a bunch ahead of time. I do think at some point the market will get saturated but right now they haven't been able to do anything wrong. I can't imagine seeing some of these movies they mentioned, but if the preview makes it look good I'm sure i'll get sucked in. lol

I'll respond to the rest later. it's been a rough day! lol

Mike V. said...

Homeland - Agreed on surveillance on TV. Even better than Saul got caught, because he was so obviously following him!

SOA - Yeah, I think they wanted us to think Abel did the birds. I hope the JT suicide isn't true. Maybe it was just another little bit to remind us that that little mystery has been going on since day 1. Not sure about Jury's honesty or not. I'm inclined to believe him. He's just a casualty of this insane war caused by Gemma's lie. Abel asking Gemma if she knew what an accident was was great! Agreed on the Wendy and Nero ending, if Nero survives. I'm sure Wendy will be the one left standing with the kids.

Do we think Jax will die in the end? If it follows Hamlet, he needs to. But a lot of these anti-hero shows have let their lead live in the end or ambiguously continue on. lol

Sleepy - Yeah, definitely should be worried. It's a shame because the show's quality has not changed.

AHS - Finished this week's episode. Actually probably the best one so far. It was only a matter of time before that creepy dude became a serial killer...interesting twist though that the ghost dude took the clown's life making creepy dude the new clown. lol And things are getting interesting at the Freak Show now. I still don't enjoy the setting as much as I enjoyed the past settings, but at least it's getting more interesting.

Scandal - ugh only got through a half hour so far. Our 6 month old is getting restless! :-) Maybe she was just ready for Trick or Treating. lol

mj said...

Lol. She can smell the sugar

I finally caught up on 3 eps each off Haven and Boardwalk

Mike V. said...

Boardwalk - Really fell behind on this one last season. Is it worth catching up to watch the end?

Mike V. said...

Ahs- I had the theory back in season 2 that somehow all the seasons would be connected somehow. Murphy is now confirming that. But I have a feeling it could get messy if they really try to do it too much in the long run lol

Mike V. said...

Gotham/sleepy ratings - pretty impressive total viewers stats. Seems to indicate the increasingly changing viewing habits of the world. With sleepy the viewers and interest is still there. Just not live interest lol. That could be partly related to mnf for both shows which I always forget about lol