Monday, May 13, 2013

TV Discussion: Week of 5/12/2013 - 5/18/2013

Hello TV Addicts!  Here's our weekly place to discuss the non-recapped shows.  I'm assuming we'll be getting into some pretty intense Game of Thrones discussions.  We have some book readers and some non-book readers.  So, we'll try to precede any book stuff with a "SPOILER WARNING".   See you in the comments!

NOTE: I'm going to be travelling home on Monday 5/13, so there won't be a Revolution recap this week.  Please discuss it in this post as well.  Thanks! 


Anonymous said...

Madmen--hard to beat last weeks ep, but this was pretty good. Don was a jerk to Sylvia(I think that's her name) on purpose, was it for control or to get rid of her. Peggy telling Don off was good too. Good advice to Ted from his partner--act like you own half the place. Does Bob really like Joanne, she's a little old for him. Did I hear right, Ken is going to Detroit.

GoT--Seemed like a moving the pieces ep, but not much really got moved--lol. I guess more like setp up. Robb's wife is expecting, I don't recall her background, that could be a big deal down the road?? T blood at Dragonstone. I thought that part with Theon came later?


Mike V. said...

Will be on the road all day. But watched got on hbo go. Theon stuff was just talked about in the books. We never had a timeline. That's what I've been saying. We are seeing what we heard about which is why it's relevant! Lol. Will post more about talisa when I'm not driving lol

Anonymous said...

GoT--btw, I rewatched part of the last ep and noted that Melissandra said "you will kill-basically" to Arya. Making those that Joqen killed irrelevant(in this discussion) and so my first thoughts-lol. She again stated that her god is the god of death--now if we could just get her to sound like Vader breathing---lol.


Mike V. said...

Lol on arya. I thought it had more to do with future events as well. Don't want to speculate too much in a non spoiler zone! Lol

As for talisa, she didn't exist in the books. There was a Jayne or jeyne that Robb married. She wasn't from volantis. But up until now it didn't matter. I had a feeling they were going the "she's pregnant route" before the scene even started. Not sure why. But I have speculations further to how this may play out but I may have to post in a potential spoiler section. Lol

The harrenhal stuff played out just like it needed to. With the bear and Jaime saving brienne and roose leaving and heading to the Frey/tully wedding. Good stuff! Lots more to discuss when I'm not on my phone! :)

Btw 24 is officially back for an event next spring/summer. All over the entertainment sites. Excited!! Revolution will air on Wednesdays at 8 in season 2. Lots of other scoop out there too. I'll post more about it tomorrow or something!

MJ said...

GofT - Poor theon and yikes ! I still can't figure out who has him, thinking either the family of the old maester he killed or the family of those 2 boys he had killed, but I'm sure I'm wrong. Another pregnancy? Didn't we find out someone was preggars last week, or was that another show ? Was anyone surprised that Arya gets caught by The Hound? not me. Margaery was funny saying yes mom taught me all I know about men. LOL Ygritte too about swooning - but Jon reveals much when he says all you instead of us. Dany's getting pretty bad ass ! Joffrey is actually right to start being concerned about the dragons - hate it when he's right. Had to laugh though - both at robb's tent and then Dany's - how in hell does an army on the move carry all this furniture? Couch's, beds, meeting tables. Amazing really. Don't think I'd realized that Talesa is from Valaria and now we know that Dany speaks Valerian - not a coincidence I am sure. Interesting that Jamie's lies about sapphire-rich Tarth to save Brienne's modesty is now what has her in trouble. Richard - LOL on Vader breathing.

New Girl - did we talk about this one last week? Clever way to handle the 'morning after' is to not have time to talk about it. Was a good ep - very funny.

See on the new schedule for fall that Revolution will be wednesday - for now anyway. Grimm back to friday - which I don't mind. I'm sure lots will change by Sept. Most of what's been cancelled should have probably, but i actually liked Touch - even if it means we can have 24 back. Would have liked to keep Cult too.

No Once or Revenge yet. Any one planning on watching the Once spin off? I don't think I will actually. One show of fairy tales enough for me.

I'm out of town part of tues then all wed and thu so I'll have to catch up will all on friday.

Mike V. said...

Game of thrones - talisa talked about being from "volantis" which is to the east of westeros. Tough to explain without a map but dany is hanging out over in that area. They both speak old valaryian (sp). Which is a language of that area. Talisa spoke of being anti slavery last season too which is why she left volantis. So there is a tie there. But she is a completely made up character for TV so it'll be interesting to see where they go with her.

I will say that George r r Martin wrote this episode so the talisa pregnancy had to be approved by him. Lol. But I have my guesses how that plays out. :)

Mike V. said...

New girl - we probably didn't discuss. But I loved it too! Lol finale tomorrow. Gonna try to watch HIMYM when we get home tonight. But it'll be late. I need to see what happens!!!

Will probably check out the once spinoff. Dunno if I'll stick with. Will probably check out agents of SHIELD too. Lol

Anonymous said...

GoT, yea the Talisa pregnancy could be made out to be something significant since that info will be communicated to Easteros, somewhere. Without info on her family, etc it's hard to know where the storyline might be going, esp since she's not a "real" character. As you say GRRM wrote this ep so it makes me wonder about something potentially significant on a non book character.

Forgot to mention about Dany loosing sight of her "mission", not interested in gold/ships. But she will do anything re saving the slaves. I see that knot starting to take shape.


Mike V. said...

Lol yup the ole knot is definitely coming. Gonna have to dive into potential spoiler section.

Book stuff (spoilers)
Don't read!!!!!!!!! Non book folks!!!!!

Only way I can see making the talisa thing work is to make the death count higher at rw. And more impactful. Jeyne didn't go to the wedding and wasn't in the books past that to our knowledge. Talisa looks to be going to the wedding and with child. It would make a crazier spectacle to off her and unborn child along with the others.

Anonymous said...

Book Stuff, Speculation

Part of me wonders if Talisa has T blood, being from Valeria. Whether or not it is T blood, the lack of background info about her and a baby involved could cause additional resources to get involved in a war in Westeros.

Will T blood be spilled in Dragonstone. Interesting listening to Melissandra talking to Gendry(Edrick).


Mike V. said...

I'll comment more on GOFT later when I have some time.

Probably going to watch ONCE/Mad Men tonight, which means Revolution will be getting the shaft until later.

HIMYM - But, I did find time to watch this last night. Not before I got a tweet at 8:30 ruining the "surprise" for me. Of course, it was never going to be a surprise for me since I totally called the end of the episode! lol I'm not saying I'm a genius or anything since I'm sure a lot of people assumed it would happen once they greenlit the final season. Just reading the interview with the producers feels like we've always felt the same way about this show. They WERE going to originally end it with the mother just being in the series finale. But, once they got the 9th season, they decided to reveal it to US but not Ted. Exactly what we discussed. Now, we have the cast going in all different directions...we did NOT see the wedding yet....but we did see the Mother grab a ticket to Farhampton! And we know why Ted was at the train station. Judge Marshall, Italy Lily, Chicago Ted...Barney and Robin...(we already know they have 2nd thoughts at the wedding) And Ted pondering giving that necklace back to Robin as a wedding gift. Yikes.

So we are set up for a final season where we can spend time getting to know the mother. We can also tell stories PAST the meeting date if need be (as we discussed as well). It will be interesting to see how much they reveal with the cliffhangers in the premiere. Will we get Barney/Robin's wedding in the premiere and the resolution to the Marshal/Lily stuff? Or will that all be part of the series finale? Definitely left up in the air, but the producers had said in the past that they will be messing with time in the final season. lol So, I think anything is on the table. They either have to save Ted actually meeting the mother until the series finale or a sweeps period. But, since it's the name of the show...I just figure it should be in the finale.

Anyway, I really enjoyed the episode...and here's an interview with the producers:

MJ said...

I'll check out shield as well - I have love of Whedon !

HIMYM - What happened to the wedding ? I actually got excited to see the house and those shelves that we have seen all these years behind the kids. I had searched for them when he fisrt got the house. So - was that her? Did we see her or are they messing with us ? Haven't read anything online yet - but just read your comments. LOL

I did read bef the ep that not only are they messing with time but that any final season will be immediately recognizable forever - and whoever wrote the article I read wondered if there would be a clock counting down a-la-24!

Marshall's mom was very funny in this one. And after my comments last week about how lame it would be if Barney or her dad had that necklace - I loved that Lily had it cause Robin drunkenly dug it up and then Lily kept it for her. Now we know why she did not call Lily last week - which irritated me at the time. LOL Bastids ! ;-D

Mike V. said...

HIMYM - Well obviously we didn't get to the wedding! lol Were you seriously asking? I never anticipated getting to the wedding this season since it's such a milestone event in the series. I like the 24 idea...not sure if it would get old over an entire season though. Unless we get clips in each episode leading up to the wedding but Future Ted's mind wanders to different stories from the past/future/etc.... I wouldn't mind that. I'm sure I'll be up for anything! lol

But yes..that is officially the mother. She is a broadway star from the show ONCE. (not to be confused with Once Upon a Time lol) She has guest starred on several shows though including The Sopranos and 30 Rock. But she's not instantly recognizable to me. But, I'm glad they went this way with the Mother. I never expected her to be a huge star or anything. makes sense that Lily wasn't involved in the necklace storyline plotwise...but you still think Robin would've called her for help! lol I did like how they tied in the Stella/Ted wedding to the Barney/Robin wedding..... Obviously the Ted/Robin dynamic is a huge part of this show and it's obviously important to Ted because it's where the story started for how he met their mother.

Agree Marshall's mom was on fire...and so was the brother...can I grab your bags!? lol Ahh good times. Looking forward to the final season however they do it!

MJ said...

HIMYM - no not actually asking a question - more a statement. I did think the finale was the actual wedding. Didn't know if we'd see the whole wedding but some of it. Afterall they released the pic of Barney looking like he's going out the window and I thought they said it was for this season. Obviously they changed it up when they got another season.

I also liked the tie in with Robin being upset that Ted was with Stella.

Agree - sure I'll be happy with the ending. But read the article above and - oh no ! They are saying Ted won't come face to face with her until later next season ! Surely they can't change the train station. They must mean they meet at the station then later in the year he meets her again !

Mike V. said...

HIMYM - That's what I've been suggesting. I think now that WE have met the mother, we still have to wait a whole year for Ted to meet her. That's why I think we could be jumping all over time-wise...but that the SERIES finale will be Barney and Robin's wedding. And Ted will meet the mother there. That's how they planned on ending the series and they decided to do another year based on the stories they could tell. I think it totally makes sense.

As for Barney going out the window...i thought that was from LAST year's season finale? We saw him panicking before the wedding. And then in the final moments we learned that Robin was the bride.

I don't think they changed up anything. I think they already had that screenshot. But, I could be wrong. lol

Mike V. said...

Game of Thrones -BOOK STUFF (SPOILERS)

So, been thinking more about this. There are theories that Robb's wife in the books could be pregnant with his child and that maybe when all is said and done that he would rule the North. So, depending on how things pan out this season for Talisa, maybe that would be sort of confirmation. lol

Anonymous said...

GoT--Book Stuff

I don't think Jeyne was in DWD, was she? I agree that with GRRM writing this ep, he seems to be giving credibility to Talisa, intentionally. So he must think artistically/overall story there is relevance and not a problem. I think you and I agree that a lot of the WEsteros stuff is not important to the real key issues yet to be addressed.

I know it's possible that I'm over the top re T bloodlines. But it just seems to be important on several fronts especially as it relates to the fire god, etc. So, it is possible that Talisa has T blood given her possible background. I don't think Jeyne Westerling had that option? But there seems to be a lot of discussion about Jeyne, one or two of them for example-lol? So, in a way who knows and this TV version just seems to add more to the speculation spectrum--lol.

I have been checking out a few places and it's very interesting how the book readers are starting to get unhappy with this season on several fronts--different/not book charcters, a great book with lots of action vs many eps without action focusing on things somewhat unimportant to main story lines, ie sam&girlfriend/ Theon, etc. Some good book stuff is not being shown--basic issue.


Mike V. said...


Jeyne hasn't been in the books since Robb left Riverrun in A Storm of Swords. But she is still alive. And supposedly living near Casterly Rock. So no, she wasn't in ADWD. I the scheme of things all of this stuff isn't important to the Walkers vs. Dragons and whatever plays into that. lol But...there will have to be an aftermath, right? And who would reign what afterwards? Perhaps the heir to Robb Stark would rule the North. MAYBE.

I know you're all about the bloodlines...and there definitely is something there. lol I forgot to mention the Gendry/Mellisandre stuff before..and I'm short on time right now. But I thought it was interesting that they were at King's Landing...unless that's on their way to Dragonstone. Also interesting that Gendry found out he's Robert Baratheon's son. He still didn't know in the books (of course we haven't heard from him in awhile either) As for Talisa with T blood...i guess it's possible, but I don't see why they would go that route since she's a made up character. purists drive me crazy. Everything they've changed so far has been corrected at some point to keep both book and show moving on the same trajectory. If Talisa is pregnant...there's a reason for it. (I would think) THEON stuff is not a stray from the books at ALL. It all plays into what we heard about him once we got to ADWD. Sam and Girl...we know where that's going I think that's fine as well.

Not all book stuff can be there...but they're getting the key scenes there.

Anyway, I'll write more later if I have time. Problem with taking a few days off...makes you busier on the day you come back! lol

Anonymous said...

GoT, book stuff. Yea, the Robb heir stuff could be important, but I think Bran is next inline, just nobody knows he's alive--lol. What an adventure he has!!!

Do you think T will marry S before seasons end?


Mike V. said...

GoT Book Stuff -

Right Bran and Rickon too! lol Not sure if Bran will ever leave his current situation. That tree dude has been doing what he's been doing for hundreds of years, right? lol I dunno...I'm really interested in his story in the books (not so much on the show until they get to the meaty stuff which should be soon! lol) But yeah...his adventure is awesome.

Yes, I think T will marry S by season's end. I know they said that even though it's one book, they didn't want season 3 to feel like "HALF" of a book. So, I'm guessing most plots introduced will be carried through...with the exception of J's wedding. I think that's next season.


BTW...loved when Osha asked Hodor a question and he's like "seriously??? you know all I can say is HODOR!!" lol!!!

Anonymous said...

Grimm--Juliette knows!!--in a way though it was anticlimactic as this was drug out so long. The half brother is in Portland with the zombie maker--that will prove interesting for the finale. Adalind is pretty smart, but that woman putting her hand on the contract doesn't seem like she's going to get Adalind's powers back. She seems to be playing with fire and could get burned. The black actor with top hat reminded me of a character from a james bond movie with a deep menacing laugh.

GoT--yea I could see Bran's adventures starting before end of season as well as Arya's adventures to give us some reasons to come back next season. At least hints of them.


Mike V. said...

Mad Men - Finally watched. Didn't even think about Don doing that on purpose...but maybe he saw she was unhappy with her marriage so he made her want to end it. I dunno. I just thought he was being a sick dude! lol Ted after his motivational speech was fantastic....flying the plane while Don was freaking out. lol I think Ken was already IN Detroit touring the facilities. But, that could've just been Roger being roger.

ONCE - Watched the finale. Okay, so the kid got kidnapped and now they're heading to Neverland...where Bae is (now a series regular). Nothing too shocking there! lol And obviously, they'll find a way to go back to Storybrooke even though Rumple doesn't think they can. lol And Peter Pan is the main villain??? That's who Tamyra and Ethan Embry are working for??? Was that LOST Boy Peter Pan or was it just a LOST Boy talking about Peter Pan? lol I'm guessing he's supposed to be the Pan man. It looked like the dude who played King Arthur on that Starz show. (Never finished watching was too awful lol) was an okay season. Some of the dialogue in this show makes me cringe a bit...and the blue/green screen effects leave a lot to be desired. But, I respect their bold ambitions! Watched the WONDERLAND trailer too...looks promising. I see the Warden from Alcatraz is in it among other people. and I also read they will have crossover plots as well between the flagship show and the spinoff (but it is not required to watch both) Anyway...I'm still on board for season 3!

BATES - I think I have 2 episodes left before I'm caught up. Deputy Shelby was killed by the brother....crazy episode! Totally called Norman killing his father...I'm guessing that was the episode that Calrton Cuse said was his favorite of the season. This one that I watched last night had Mama Bates getting gossip from Emma about Bradley....Norman finding out Bradley doesn't really like her that way...and a dog getting run over. Oh yeah and Richard Alpert covered up the whole murder drama for the Bates' obviously he has some secrets of his own! lol

************************Game of Thrones (BOOK STUFF/Future episode speculation based on book SPOILERS! DON'T READ!!!) - ************************

Yeah...I figured Bran's story will get to the point where he helps Jon with the Wildlings through his warging with his direwolf. I think he wargs with Hodor too to protect his group...but I forget exactly when that happens. So, I think we'll see Jon's story get to the point where he rebels against the wildlings. Leaving the defense of Castle Black for Season 4. Arya...yeah...I'm not sure what else there would be to do with her in season 4 if she doesn't advance to Braavos (which is really book 4/5 stuff). They could probably embellish those stories a bit to give her more to do than is in the books. But there is the whole leaving the hound to die and stuff. Not sure what season that will be. I really forget the order of things. If I'm not mistaken...she should be running into Polliver in the next episode with the Hound....and she should be getting her "needle" back. I'm pretty sure that happens before RW. I'm also pretty sure that T/S's wedding happens before RW too. It was how we learned what weddings in Westeros are like. We kind of need that knowledge PRIOR to RW. So, there's a lot of ground to cover in episode 8! lol They've done a pretty good job at making season 3 not seem like "half a book" though...which was their intention. Of's not like GRRM's books have a beginning middle and end...they just keep continuing the story. He had chapters of book 6 complete when they tried to find a logical stopping point for book 5. lol i.e. they set up a bunch of battles...he wrote those battles...but they decided to make them cliffhangers instead.


Mike V. said...

Grimm - Forgot to discuss this one as well. LOL on the Vudu guy. He certainly does remind me of the guy from Live and Let Die too! I was trying to place it and couldn't think of it. lol A friend of mine and I would watch that movie all the time back in the day and keep rewinding and watching that guy laugh. Had a lot of spare time back then. lol

Juliette finally knows. Yep...they definitely broke that into a season long arc when it AT MOST should have been a half season arc. But, at least that provides new and exciting plots for season 3 with her part of the team.

Adalind yeah...her story can't be going in a positive direction. I think she will get her powers back, but obviously they will come at some kind of price. Maybe she'll have to give up her child or something (even though she was planning to sell it anyway, right??) Ever since the show moved to's been tough to stay up to watch it. I fell asleep last night watching...and when I woke up tried to finish it. Didn't do well with me retaining all of the information! lol

Mike V. said...

Watched Revolution last night. Good episode! Finally got some backstory on Miles/Rachel. Looks like their affair happened when they were younger and PRE-Blackout. And Rachel tried to save her family by surrendering to the Militia. (but we assumed that anyway) We got to see Evil Miles. It's not very convincing to me since we see how he is now, but I guess it works. Apparently he did some slaughter in Baltimore.

Woo hoo Charlie and Jason hooked up! (You heard the sarcasm in my tone, right? lol)

How about that capsule healing Rachel's leg? They weren't kidding about power being a form of MAGIC in this show! I'm guessing if that prototype can do that, that maybe harnessing the nanites might be able to do some crazy stuff too. Saw Rachel sacrificing that boy coming from a mile away. But, that wasn't too hard to see coming. lol

And now Monroe has Norah and Monroe killed Jacob for no reason. That dude is a mess!

Has anyone been watching The Office for the past few weeks? They are doing a fabulous job with the send-off. I'm actually really excited for the series finale tonight!

Leslie said...

Mad Men – I’ve been behind on my watching and commenting lately. I hate it when life gets in the way of my TV viewing! lol Another great episode! I went back and forth as to whether Don was just being a jerk or trying to get rid of Sylvia. He had an obvious reaction when he heard them fighting, and it was almost as if was concerned she would want more from him now, and he liked it the way it was.

Loved Ted calling out Don for being late and then Peggy telling off Don! As usual, Don wasn’t phased by either. Pretty funny with Don and Ted squished in the plane!

I’m behind this week on everything else….Once, Revenge, Bates, even my sitcoms. Of course, we had some pre-empting last night with the tornadoes in the area.

Anonymous said...

Leslie, great to hear from you. Yea, that's what I thought too about Don hearing them argue and that she NEEDED him. Back and forth on what he was doing and maybe he was too--maybe he wanted someone that he could control and maybe he wanted her to go back to his friend, ie maybe he was conflicted and we picked up on that?

He sure wasn't all there when his wife was talking about a vacation.

Glad you made it through the tornadoes.

REvolution--I didn't watch that much but did see the scene where Rachel hammered the father and Aaron didn't want to go. I was hoping Aaron would win in that arguement. All she cares about is taking out Monroe.


Leslie said...

Thanks Richard! Oh yeah, I'm behind on Revolution, too.

Mike V. said...

Glad you made it through the tornadoes as well, Leslie!

Mad Men - Yeah, I thought about it more. He seemed genuninely upset that she broke it off with him. So, not sure what his motives really were. I did hear that the whole scenario was mirroring back to a girl he was messing around with in season 2. I'm a little fuzzy on those details though.

Anonymous said...

Madmen, yea I think he was upset about loosing Silvia and that's why he wasn't hearing Megan. But, part of me wonders if part of him wanted to or at least force some issues.

I think he's going to have bigger pbs with Ted and/or Peggy.

Forgot to mention the great scene where Pete wanted a place at the table and Ted gave him his while letting the women stay seated. Put so much into perspective. Ted SEEMS to have more confidence than anyone else.


Leslie said...

Mad Men - I think Don was sad that she broke it off with him, but I think the reason is more than he wanted her on his terms, not if she wanted more from him.

Oh yeah, I forgot about Pete being rude! He's such a putz! lol

It also seemed weird that they threw that story in with Joan. What was the point of that?

Mike V. said...

Mad Men -

I was listening to some podcast today and they drew comparisons to Don and Pete. Like, Pete basically is Don but he's all on the surface and can't get away with it. They said that the series was basically "What can you get away with if you looked like an astronaut" lol. I don't think that's exactly how to sum up the series...but it goes a long way at defining Mr. Draper.

Well, they introduced Josh Wolk (best known for his work on the cancelled after 2 episodes LONESTAR show lol) earlier in this season...and Hollywood/Television have been putting a lot of stock in this that role wasn't destined to be a small role. They subtley had him hanging out in the office only to unveil that he could be Joan's new love interest. It didn't seem very pointless to me!

Anonymous said...

Madmen, yea Bob either wants to be Joan's boyfriend or is using her--maybe some of both. Joan's Mom seemed to think they'd work out. So, when Joan stood up for Bob to keep him from being fired, maybe his strategy worked or she decided that he's a good guy, who knows at this point, at least not me-lol.

BTW, in re to Don and his motivations, etc--I've got more than I can handle with my 17 year old daughter--lol, so I can only go so deep in thought with TV.

I think this could be one of the if not the best season so far. We'll see where it goes(irony, almost no Betty). It's such a complex show with great story lines where we get to know the characters. Unlike most we know, cough, cough--like Revolution--cough, cough--oh, wait a minute, maybe that was too harsh--lol. Honestly with BadRobot productions I am surprised about Revolution--but I'm still watching a little so call me on the fence.
At this point my current(still in production) top 5 would be.
1. GoT(I am so glad Mike enlightened me on this one)
2. Vikings
3. Madmen
4. Grimm
5. Continuum
I hope I didn't forget a good one--lol.


Anonymous said...

OH yea, Big Bang--love that show it makes me laugh so hard. I feel like such a geek sometimes--LOL.

Mike V. said...

Mad Men - Yeah...Bob could be in it just to keep his job too, but I just assumed he was being genuine. But you never know!

Yeah...TV critics really peel back the layers with Mad Men. It's too much for me. It's fun to listen to them analyze it...but I don't have time for it myself! It was kind of like LOST with all of the book references. I would note the book references and acknowledge that the writers were fans of those books, but I wasn't going to examine them for clues on where the show was going or anything! lol

The past couple episodes of Mad Men have definitely put the show back on track to being a great show. It started out pretty rough. lol

I still think Revolution is good for what it is, but I wouldn't put it on the same level as LOST or Fringe or even the Star Trek reboot in terms of quality. (Can't wait to see Into Darkness!) But, the show is still entertaining. Plus, it's getting a 2nd season..we'll see where things go.

Big Bang Theory - Yeah, I love that show. I hate reading comments everywhere that people put it in the same group as something like 2.5 Men (even though it's the same producer)....just because it's a multi-camera comedy and we've all become too sophisticated for something like that now with single camera comedies. Hey, I love Parks, and used to love Community (i miss Dan Harmon!)....but that doesn't make BBT any less funny for what it's trying to accomplish. Considering my favorite sitcom of all time is FRIENDS, I obviously also enjoy shows that appeal to mass audiences. lol Anyway...I just watched last week's BBT last night...Howard's impersonations were spot on and hysterical! lol

As for top 5 shows these days in production...hmmm..that's a tough call these days. My must see TV shows are:

Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, New Girl

I will find a way to watch those on the night they air regardless of where I am or what I'm doing. I'd probably lump in HIMYM since they're closing in on the big moment. (and already had one)

Of course, it depends what time of year we're doing this list...because there's also Justified, Sons of Anarchy, Dexter (final season this summer!), those shows.

Then of course, tons of other stuff that I watch too. But, everything has become less important and less of a priority these days due to my stage in life. But those shows I mentioned, we will find ways to watch! :-)

And Richard, if you haven't watched Breaking Bad yet...get a Netflix streaming subscription (if you don't have one) and fly through seasons 1-4 and find a way to watch the first 8 eps of season 5 (aired last summer).....the final 8 are airing later this summer! One of the best shows I've ever watched.

Leslie said...

Mad Men - I guess I didn't get the feeling that the Bob thing was going to go anywhere, but Joan did save him from getting fired.

I LOVE Big Bang, too! Amy doing the closure therapy with Sheldon was hysterical! That show and Modern Family are my favorite current sitcoms. I'm actually about 4 episodes behind on MF right now. I also like HIMYM.

Friends and Seinfeld are my all-time favorites.

I've heard good things about Breaking Bad, but haven't watched it yet. I do have Netflix streaming.

MJ said...

Playing catch up since I've been away for a few days and behind on shows and comments.

Revenge - Damn! Emily told Jack she is Amanda ! And they killed Declan. I was shocked by both.

New Girl - predictable (CeCe not marrying Chevrang) but fun (all the sabo). Can't believe Schmidt couldn't choose though. Guess he just didn't want to do it on the spot? Cause him and CeCe will def be back together.

Grimm - yay! Juliette pretty much knows everything.

Revolution - That really wasn't much of a reveal - that Miles and Rachael had an affair. Is there anyone who hadn't already assumed that ? But her leg healing scene was jsut nasty ! And what a surprise, Juliette - I mean Rachael - thinks that she will be bad and all revengey when really she is a good person. Can they write this actress something other than her same Lost personality ? For once I actually thought Monroe was right - Jeremy did seem like he was totally in on the whole set-up. I mean - he just sat there crouched in the open and no one shot him. But - heard Pellegrino is on a show in the fall so not surprised they killed his character. Hope they don't kill Nora though.

HIMYM - wow! Did not see it coming that the whole season will be the wedding weekend. Very interesting. I'd wondered since tues the showrunners were joking it will be the longest tv wedding ever - but wasn't sure what they meant.

MJ said...

Caught up pretty quickly since skipping all the Book Gof T stuff.

Top 5 shows ! Yikes. HIMYM, Justified, SOA, Breaking Bad, Supernatural, Homeland, Grimm. Those are my absolutely must see - but had to go to 7 ! Damn - it's 9 - add GofT and Scandal. I can't name just 5. LOL

Once - agree nothing shocking. Do wonder how the Lost Boys have Henry's picture though.

bates - couldn't believe that the sheriff was down with the whole cover up of his deputy being killed. Never could remember which eps so I kept quiet but now I know for sure you've seen - love how some eps it's totally mom who's nuts, but others you see Norman just staring into space, or wigging out. The actor does it really well. Like they'd had us going back and forth for several eps on which one was really the crazy one. Agree - I don't think most of us didn't know Norman had killed his dad, but they did it well. The dog thing was creepy - gets creepier too. LOL

Grimm - Juliette joining the team makes them more like the Scooby Gang. LOL

Mike V. said...

New Girl - SABO lol....yes very predictable but that didn't matter! I'm sure Schmidt will end up with CeCe in the long run...but they presented a good case with his past girlfriend who saw the REAL Schmidt before he got all superficial. Apparently, that was appealing to him. And maybe CeCe likes him even more because of that.

Revolution - I didn't say it was a big reveal. I thought the bigger reveal was WHEN it happened...and it was pre-blackout. Ahh didn't realize Pellegrino is on another show. BUt I actually believed him when he said he wasn't in on it. As far as no one shooting him...i just thought that went back to people having bad aim on major characters. lol I thought they actually were nodding to that themselves...but maybe they're not that clever. :-)

HIMYM - It definitely has been speculated....did they officially say it would be? I think they hinted at it in the final sequence when they said 50-something hours until the wedding. Like we will inch closer and closer to it. But I feel like that will be a way to keep us chronologically moving towards the meeting....while they'll be able to flashback and forward to tell other stories that Future Ted wants to tell. Just a thought. But yeah...i still am going with the theory that Ted will meet the mother IN THE FINALE to honor the title of the show.

LOL on skipping the GoT book stuff. Yeah, we may get a little carried away. The funny thing is Richard hasn't even read the books! He's read about all of the plots on the wiki pages! lol It is pretty addicting to do that too though, I must say.

Bates - I'm all caught up! The dog thing is definitely creepy! Mama Bates is definitely nutso too...agreed with that. Can't believe they're going to go with the brother getting with Bradley...well, actually I can believe it! Emma eating the cupcake was pretty funny. As for the sheriff covering things up. Surely, he's in on things too, right? Maybe not...but it seems like everyone in that town has something shady going on! Love that Jere Burns made his way onto this show too. I'm guessing he's a 1 season stint. But glad I caught up on this's a good time! That Cartlon Cuse still has his chops!

Anonymous said...

GoT--YES addicting. And reading about all the characters and their background has made watching a lot more exciting and understandable to me anyway. I check in with the comments sometimes and wow, those guys are big time into it.

I am glad we mentioned our top 5 or 9--lol as it helps understand other's interest.