Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Event: Season 1 Episode 14 - A Message Back

Hello Eventers!  Welcome back to your weekly dose of Dempsian Dissection!  This is an episode that felt like they provided a lot of answers but once the hour was up, we found out we really didn't learn much at all.  And the worst part, the episode didn't even end!  It's like it reached its climatic moment and then rolled the credits.  An oddly paced episode indeed.  Of course, I definitely want to tune in next week to see how the conflict resolves.   But, I'm feeling like there really isn't much to discuss with this one.  Sure, there's lots of acting and contrived plots to playfully tease, and there are some potential plot points that sound interesting. But, I'll admit it.  With this show's inevitable fate of cancellation getting stronger each week, it's getting tougher for me to get the motivation to fill this recap out. One thing the show has going for it is that I'm still enjoying it, whatever they're trying to accomplish.  So, we'll see how things go.  Wish me luck!

So Sean, genius video game developer that he is, has threatened Vicky to spill her dirt and help him.  And what did he threaten with?  Some kind of computer virus that will expose Vicky's family virally across the internet.  Something tells me he really didn't do that and is just bluffing a most likely computer illiterate Vicky.  Vicky spills all the beans she knows and then has no choice but to help Sean with his next move.  Here's what happens: 
  • Who was behind the assassination Attempt?  James Dempsey - a billionaire who is abducting alien children for experimentation.  What experimentation?  Well of course we don't know. 
  • We do know that Dempsey is still doing it though.  We have a scene between him and bad actress girl again (who apparently acts worse when going toe to toe with Hal Halbrook, but acts better when competing with a little girl for screen time)   Dempsey notices another girl that is "special" and wants her in their custody.  Did he just notice by looking at her or was he already investigating her?  Interesting.   But they mentioned something about providing Dempsey with some of the EXTRACT.  I guess that would be the youth hormones from the half breed kids.    Dempsey made some mention of wanting to stay in good health now more than ever so that he can "see this through."  It sounds like Dempsey's plan may not be to regain his youth.   He may be just trying to survive long enough for something.  Who knows? 

  • Back to Sean and Vicky.  Vicky also mentions that she tried to put a stop to Dempsey but it was too difficult since Vice President Jarvis is involved too.   So, of course, Sean knows that he needs to go after the VP.  I'm not even going to begin to go into how unrealistic this is and how it wouldn't require much more planning than these 2 did!   
  • Sean is obsessed with finding a place "WITH INTERNET".   Don't we just call them places with "free wifi" these days?  But surely enough, they find a place and Walker fires up his Mac.  The VP is back in action and is going to be at some fundraiser at a hotel in Washington D.C.   Vicky now has a plan! 

  • They did the whole "let's go to a guest's hotel room and steal their identity" bit, complete with Vicky in a bath robe.  Vicky, at gunpoint, just happened to remember to bring her "create your own identity at home" kit.   And of course Sean, being the expert video game developer he is, knew exactly how to get a finger print off of a victim and create the "fake skin" to put on his thumb.   This just all seemed so much more realistic when Jack Bauer was doing all of this in each hour of a 24 hour crazy day, didn't it!?  

  • Vicky wanted to eliminate their witnesses when Sean did the more humane thing and hit the couple over the head with his gun.  Ouch.  
  • Naturally, they both make it into the fundraiser but of course Sean has to be a bit nervous and the thumb print definitely should not work the first time.  TEXT BOOK TELEVISION folks!   But they make it, blonde wig and all.   I did find it funny that Vicky had to wear the wig but Sean, who was wanted by the FBI at some point, can just walk around in plain site pretending to be someone else.  

  • Anyway, Vicky and Sean do get to Jarvis and after a few fake pleasantries escort him to another room without alarming the Secret Service.  Jarvis pretty much tells us no new information.  But he passes on the information to Vicky and Sean.  Jarvis is being blackmailed and can't do anything.  Sean tells Jarvis he has nothing to live for and puts the gun up against the Vice President's chin (good idea Sean).  

  • What did we find out?  Dempsey has left for France in some crazy mountains that I didn't bother to write down.  No fear, I'm sure Sean and Vicky will just drive there in 10 minutes next episode.   Maybe they'll even climb to the top of the mountain too.  I'm sure that briefcase has a few more tricks up its sleeve! 
What is Dempsey doing in France?  No clue.  I will say that as ridiculous as some of the things they accomplished were, I definitely enjoy the Sean and Vicky dynamic more than what we have seen of Sean and Leila's escapades so far.  I doubt they had any romantic plans for them this season, but if it were to inexplicably get renewed maybe they'd explore that potential.  

OOOOH I totally forgot the best part of the episode.  Sean asked Vicky why she is the way she is.  She tells this whole sob story about how her Father was some dead-beat dad and how she took his gun one day and shot him.   Sean apologized and then she just laughed and said she was kidding.  Followed up by the most ridiculous but equally hysterical line of the night. "I don't know why I'm this way, I just came out this way!"  Totally negated the whole 5 minutes that led up to it.  Good times. 

The Alien Plot Thickens

The US Government is hot on the trail of Sophia.  All she needs to do is participate in one cell phone call (and when did she have time to pick up an iPhone 4?).   Martinez is still demonstrating a new leadership strategy.  Meanwhile, the EBEs get some pretty bad news from back home and decide they need to have a meeting.  Here's what went down:
  • Thomas had a sleeper working at some satellite base looking to receive transmissions from somewhere out there beyond our planet.  The dude that received the transmission was super excited.  This is the moment he dreamed of!  Yeah...he kicked the bucket when the sleeper shot him in the head.  These Thomas Cronies are ruthless!
  • Thomas gets the message back from their home planet and it is NOT good news.  He calls Sophia and tells her that they need to put their differences behind them and she needs to come to the meeting.  He already said he was going to communicate to HER people too.   Sophia does not trust Thomas but does decide that she and Michael will go. 

  • Of course, meanwhile, that cell phone call put her location on the radar!  Martinez spared no expense at putting together a HIT TEAM.  He asked who the best military operatives were and it was some crazy term I've never heard of.  Apparently, they have only used force on US Soil one time in US History.  But Martinez is about setting NEW standards and will not settle for anything less.  He tells his cronies to MAKE IT SO and prepare the Sophia extraction or extermination team.  

  • During the episode Martinez has a brief chat with Sterling who is concerned with his new leadership style.  (Sterling is recovering quite well from his bullet wounds by the way.  Just a minor limp in his step now.)  Martinez makes no apologies and said that his OLD ways are what got them into this mess so he is essentially "mixing things up".   He's doing the ol' George Costanza "Opposite" strategy.   Hey, whatever works I guess.  But IS it working?  We'll see. 

  • Martinez also gets to talk to Jarvis for a bit too.  Really nothing happens there except a lot of hot air is thrown around.  Martinez wants nothing to do with Jarvis but can't get rid of him either since no one knows about the incident that took place.  

  • Anyway, the hit squad is about to go in after Sophia and kill her if needed when Thomas sends the mass text out.  Since the government is tracking Sophia's phone they are able to tell that this text went to her plus 200 other people.  So President Martinez's new plan is to get ALL OF THEM and be rid of them once and for all.  
  • Did I mention that Leila eavesdropped on Alien Andrea Zuckerman and Alien Jessie's (don't know their real names) argument about Thomas and found out that the meet was happening in Los Angeles?  I'm not sure if I missed a scene where she hitched a ride or stole a car or whatever, but she somehow found a way to sneak into that meeting!

  • Thomas gathers their people and tells them about the message received from their home planet.   They knew their planet was in danger but didn't know it was going to be this soon.  Their sun has started to "go supernova" and their planet will be inhabitable.  The first gamma rays will hit within 2 weeks and in less than a year it will be inhabitable.  The only goal is to bring EVERYONE from their planet to Earth to live.   Hmmm, wasn't that Thomas's goal already?  He told the crowd his plan was to only bring thousands of people, but the guy that built the portal said it's big enough to bring EVERY LAST ONE of them.  Hmmm, I smell alien fish! 

  • The reunion got interrupted when the alien guards realized that there were snipers positioned around the building.  Thomas was informed and knew he had to flee.  It looked like Sophia was staying put.  

And just when we think they're actually going to storm into the building and take them all, the music crescendos and the show ends!   What a tease!! 

Well, there are lots of people in that building.  Sophia, Michael, Leila, Andrea Zuckerman's husband.  And judging by her "be careful" parting words to him, something tells me next week may be his final episode.  It's almost like the "I'll be right back" of horror flicks.  (Thanks SCREAM)   Thomas may not have gotten away either so who knows what he has planned?  So, will Sean and Vicky try to go to France in the next episode?  It's their only lead, so what else would they do?  Plus, Dempsey is expecting to "CROSS PATHS" with Sean soon.    I can't wait to find out how their transportation method.  Granted, they're going to have to get away from the Secret Service first who were chasing them at the end of their Vice Presidential standoff.  We'll see if they just bypass that story! 

There is definitely some entertaining things going on in the show.  It is suspenseful and things are moving SOMEWHERE.  So, we just have to keep hoping we're going to get some closure for investing the time.  And hey, it IS NBC.  There could be some miracle renewal, but I'm really doubting it.  They have invested a lot of money in the Fall 2011 shows and they sound a little more exciting than anything this season had to offer.   I'm guessing NBC's "Sci-fi/fantasy" slot will be filled with Ron Moore's (BSG) 17 Precinct.  It has been described as a "Grown up Harry Potter -like series".   I'm sure I wouldn't mind checking that out.  But so far, the ABC Alcatraz series has me most interested.  (Jorge Garcia stars and JJ Abrams is behind it)    Stay tuned and follow me for updates because I'm sure I'll be blogging about something if my current blogging slate is wiped clean again! 

And with that said, I'm gone until next week.  Be sure to WATCH FRINGE LIVE on Friday if you can.  Ratings were a disaster last week and that is a show DEFINITELY worth saving.  Also look for more information on THE EVENT (and my Recap) at The TV Event.  Hope you enjoyed my ramblings as always and I'll see you for next week's THE EVENT!  

End Credits

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  • Upcoming shows I'm looking forward to:
    Game of Thrones (HBO) - Starts in April
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    Alcatraz - with Jorge Garcia in lead role
    Odd Jobs with Michael Emerson and Terry O'Quinn (This has been put on hold.  Both Emerson and O'Quinn have other shows this fall that I will be checking out.)  
  • I know it's sometimes looked at as a blemish on my beautiful blogging record, but I am still watching American Idol and couldn't resist my lack of commentary any longer.  I've resumed for the live rounds, so feel free to check it out! 


AUStarwars said...

I didnt think the episode was bad at all..for someone who was such a fan of a show with inconsistent Time Travel rules, people coming back to life, and general plot holes that a mack truck could drive through, you certainly have a lot of issues with a show based on aliens/angels coming to Earth and the "realism" about the characters and how they act and travel..i think focusing on those little points shouldnt matter..but i get it, its ok for JJ Abrahms and/or Joss Whedon to glance over the little things..

overall i thought it was a fine episode, and has been good since the break..though it feels more like a mini series with an actual conclusion than an ongoing multi year plot..currently..

Did anyone else hear John Wiilliams Superman theme in their head when they discussed their sun going supernova?

Vicky is just too hot for me to have any issues with any of her screen time, personally...and i dont think she acting badly

Mike V. said...

For the record...I have never watched a Joss Whedon show. And for a 2nd record...only ONE person came back to life on LOST and I still don't understand how it happened and thoroughly commented on that throughout season 6.

3rdly - There is a big difference between a crazy story that I enjoy with AWESOME execution and a crazy story that I enjoy with LOUSY execution. One I'm not bound to make fun of as much...and the other I am.

I have mentioned in every episode recap since the break that I'm enjoying the show. But there are too many things to make fun of, and that's what I enjoy doing. If you don't like it...TOUGH!

Agree it may have a mini-series feel. Definitely feels like they're burning through plot in anticipation of it ending but we'll see I guess.

I didn't think about Superman until I got your email but it makes sense! lol

I don't think I have ever mentioned the actress that plays vicky as a bad actress. In fact, I think I said I enjoy Sean and Vicky's chemistry more than Sean and Leila's and commended it. I don't have issues with HER as an actress. The only things I made fun was parts of the story they put her in worth making fun of!

Not sure how you or anyone wouldn't be able to tell the difference.

I think the only time I referred to bad acting was with the girl working with Dempsey to kidnap little girls. And I stand by that!

AUStarwars said...

all good, I guess id rather just look at the glass half-full and want the show to continue and we need more POSTITIVE press ;-)

Kelly said...

Well said, Mike- about the difference between a crazy story with good execution vs. bad execution. i did watch Buffy, and i'm currently watching Firefly.. and yes, Buffy came back to life after dying (twice, actually).. but it provided explanations for that stuff (along with Buffy's sister being magically introduced halfway through the show). and whether or not you think the explanations were good, hey- at least they tried!! The Event doesn't even try to justify people completing a 12-hour trip between scenes. yes, i watch the show. but the plotholes are just too big and frequent not to comment on them! oh, and speaking of lightning-fast travel, was dempsey in america in the beginning of the episode? that girl he was watching wasn't french or anything, right? so i guess he traveled directly to france right after that? lol
i honestly only watch it because of your recaps, Mike!
they pulled a "Lost" in that it seemed like they were going to give answers but it never truly got there. however, at least with Lost, the answers they gave provided more questions- which angered a lot of people, of course. but at least it drummed up some sort of emotions! The Event does't give us answers, and i find myself saying, "oh well"!
i mean, we learn about the response from the aliens at the home world in the beginning of the episode. there's all this buildup and we find out that their planet is going to be destroyed earlier than planned. whoop-dee-doo. so their time frame is slightly shorter than before, but the ultimate plan is still the same. then we get all this buildup with sean and vicki getting into this fundraiser, and all we find out is that dempsey is in france? ugh. it just makes me feel more indifferent to this show.
that being said, i will continue to watch until the season/series finale. but if it gets renewed, i'm not coming back. i really hope you recap another show that i watch! Alcatraz is definitely intriguing to me as well, and i am also looking forward to the new sarah michelle gellar show "Ringer"..
AUStarwars, i understand your more optimistic outlook..i tried that for a while, but my glass is getting emptier every week!

Mike V. said...

@AUSW - I hear ya...if I thought the show had a chance to be saved and I didn't have a positive outlook on shows that might replace it...I may be begging people more. But in all honesty, I'm much more concerned about Fringe's future. That is an established and well produced show that is in its critical peak and it might get cancelled. NOT COOL! I enjoy The Event and I love the concepts they're throwing out there but it has FlashForward disease of execution issues. And I think it may need to be changed to THE EVENT disease, because I think FF may have been better. And bottom line...this blog may get a few eyeballs, but it's nowhere near the attention the LOST blog got. So, I don't think my press is making TOO much of a difference lol I'm basically writing about how I feel when I watch it. And I would think that others may be thinking the same way.

@Kelly - Thanks for the support! The Travel stuff is comical, but there are other things worse than that. But since we're talking about it: I have accepted that some TV shows just cut out the "travel" times for sake of speeding up the story. With the first few seasons of LOST and the slow pace of the show...travelling was a bigger deal and it took episodes. The last 3 seasons the pace quicked and things that took several episodes before would happen in minutes. Season 6 was the worst culprit and I called them out on it! But for the sake of the story...it was okay. Fringe is a big culprit too and they don't always explain how they get from point A to point B. But at least it can be explained that they have government funding and have means of transportation. Plus, there aren't any parallel storylines going on to really confuse it. THE EVENT...is all over the place. Sean Walker must have some kind of trust fund set up to get everywhere he is going. Don't even get me started on Leila finding a way to Los Angeles from whatever Suburb she was being babysat in.

Anyway as for Dempsey, he was still in the US in the beginning of the episode. He even made mention of leaving and said he wanted the girl in the purple sweater in their custody when he "gets back" Jarvis later said that he just left for France "THIS MORNING" So, I didn't really have an issue with that!

I appreciate you watching for the recaps! lol At least it makes me feel like I'm not wasting my time. Yeah, the mysteries on The Event have certainly not captured the imagination of the masses like LOST did. And I don't know if they really intended it to. (well, I'm sure they would have been thrilled if it did) The fact is...LOST was a once in a lifetime type of show where all the pieces fell into place. To expect another show to fill those large shoes the following year seems pretty unrealistic. For selfish reasons, I wanted THE EVENT to be great so we'd all have something to continue discussing. But, if people are game, I'll keep looking ahead to new shows that might fit the bill. This year's freshman show lineup was a dud. But next Fall sounds really promising. Lots of potential! Alcatraz seems like a given that I'll be watching and commenting on. Walking Dead I will continue to comment. I hadn't heard much on Ringer but we'll see! For now....we have THE EVENT and I'll do what I can with it.

Mike V. said...

Totally agree with you on the letdown of reveals with each of the big moments. I guess that's why I was looking forward to the military to go in and make something happen at the end of the episode, but alas that was just a cliffhanger. And I want to know if we already know what THE EVENT is. Is it simply them taking over our planet? It must not be if Sophia had never planned on that happening in the first place. But if we do know what THE EVENT is...are they going to let us know any time soon? It is the SHOW's name after all! I mean...how can they let episodes go by without even mentioning the show's title!?

Anyway, that all said, I'll be watching until the end.

Mike V. said...

btw...I meant to mention 24 also with the Travel stuff. The first 3 seasons of LOST and 8 seasons of 24...I think they have made us OVERTHINK some of the travelling from point A to point B on various shows because it was always a burden that those shows had to deal with. Though, even 24 got sloppy with it more in the later seasons. Large portions of mileage were covered during commercial breaks! lol It DOES seem like THE EVENT does take some large liberties with travel.

David S said...


some props to help you maintain motivation for the recaps: I look forward to them more than to the show itself. I love your comments and the fun you have with it. Especially love the "Good times" moments!

A few minor trivia items:

I think it was the Jura mountains in France that Dempsey mentioned. LOL on driving there in 10 minutes!

the term mentioned with Martinez was Posse Commitatus. It's not a team, but a federal law that limits the use of the military for law enforcement. Martinez wanted to use the Marines but the Posse Comitatus Act requires congressional approval to do so.

BTW - I don't like Martinez anymore, now that he has become so "forceful" and seems to want the aliens deaad and seems really full of hot air. I noticed it starting way before the dream sequence. I actually think he would have gotten further if he had maintained his trust in Sophia. Oh well.

I agree about the supernova issue - this was confusing since I also thought Thomas was bringing everyone here anyway to take over. Maybe the supernova interferes with the Portal Array or maybe his time frame would take longer than two weeks (BTW, for science buffs, the two week period sounds ridiculous since gamma rays would only take 8 minutes to travel from our Sun to the Earth. They travel at the speed of light, and two weeks would imply that their planet is 225 billion miles from their sun. (for comparison, Neptune is 2.8 billion miles from our Sun) They must have a HUGE star to receive any heat at all from such a distance. I don't think it's possible)

I don't think you missed seeing Leila stow away - I also was surprised to see her there without any explanation. Another Oh well moment!

Anyway, keep up the good work!

David S said...

Oh, and another thing I just thought of: if your sun goes Supernova, you don't find out in advance. Even if you have a satellite orbiting your sun closer than your planet orbits, the signals that it would send to warn you can't travel any faster than the gamma rays!

Mike V. said...

@David - Thanks for the props! I appreciate the kind words, and it definitely helps knowing some people enjoy what I'm doing. Unless a show begs me to take it seriously, I just can't! lol

I appreciate the heads up on the details I was too lazy to look up! It all sounds good to me. That makes sense with the Posse Commitatus too. Shows how much I know about our government and the laws that our country follows lol

Agreed with Martinez. I was so close to calling him a TOOL in the recap, but I thought that made me sound 15! lol (no offense to the 15 year olds out there. I had a fun time at that age. And I still like calling people tools!) I'm sure the excessive LOLs in my comments make me seem so much more mature :)

Thanks for the information on supernovas too. That just makes the whole concept even more ridiculous! As far as detecting a supernova....I'm going to guess they would chalk that up to the EBEs having very advanced technology. Maybe they have a seizmo whoseewhatzit gadget that can predict Supernovas. I mean, even Jack Bauer would have one of those on his watch if he needed it in an episode! LOL

Oh yeah, even after I typed the Leila thing, I rewound just to see exactly what happened. Yup, no explanation. She was just THERE.
Thanks again for the props David. I appreciate it!

AUStarwars said...

"Even if you have a satellite orbiting your sun closer than your planet orbits, the signals that it would send to warn you can't travel any faster than the gamma rays! "

And faster than light speed is also impossible so there is no way the "aliens" could have gotten here to begin with....there is such a thing as science we may not be able to explain..again im not defending the show entirely, but this is an example of a pure "really?! thats where you are gonna go" type of comment..

guess what: Theres no Hyperspace, when you blow up a stunt fighter it wont expload, and Lightsabers arent real either...does that stop Star Wars from being the greatest Sci Fi ever?

Im not trying to be a jerk, but at some point the concept of FICTION needs to be included somehow..

but i guess haters gonna hate..

Mike V. said...

@AUSW - I think we were on the same page with Aliens having better technology so they'd be able to detect it. I just may have said it a little more nicely! lol :)

One could argue with Star Wars is that it's set a long time ago in a galaxy far far away so all rules go out the window. They have their own gadgets and gizmos to do whatever they want. The Event is set on Present Day Earth. The only unknown is the technology that the aliens possess.

Not saying you suggested that, but I just felt like saying it! lol

And I for one am not being a hater. As I have stated, I do like the show. I'm just calling it as I see it.

David S said...

Mike, I think AUSW meant that I was the hater.

@AUSW - yes, I think you make a very good point about fiction. Also, after I posted, I realized that their technology already allows them to communicate faster than the speed of light - in fact they have already done so with the message they sent. However, the two week period still remains. You could imagine that at some point, they moved themselves or even their planet 225 billion miles away from their unstable star and developed an independent source of power. But with technology like that, why bother with Earth at all? I understand that the writers probably chose two weeks two serve the story, but there should be some sort of logic.

Plus, I don't hate it, I just roll my eyes and overlook it - I still enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

1. Vickey is one of the hottest girls going on TV. I haven't seen her all glammed up, but wow and even just plain has got to pull some guys into the show. Sean is not even close to her league at this point. And after a few days with her, I wonder if he's going to remember Leila.
2. When Sophia was watching Thomas she seemed like she was proud of what he was doing. Which makes me think they're going to have a fight with the gov. troops.
3. This show does seem like it's wrapping up, which is good with me if it's going to be canceled. I really don't like the shows that leave you dangling.
4. Dempsey is a key to this deal. I'm not sure the aliens know what he's about either. It sure likes he needs some kind of elixer to stay young. I don't know if he wants that girl for her genes or because she's young and not tied to a family, etc?
5. Although I'm glad to see the comments happening for the Event, I'm wondering they are for Fringe. The lack of passion for that show makes me wonder if it'll keep going. Maybe Fringe could pick up Vickey.


Mike V. said...

@David - He can speak for himself, but I think he was talking about haters in general. He just used your quote as an example. The issue is finding the fine line between hater and recognizing hysterical flaws in a show. Ironically, while we find flaws in THE EVENT, AUSW has been keen to comment on flaws in FRINGE. So, I guess it's whatever show is disappointing someone. But it doesn't make me a hater. I enjoy what The Event is trying to accomplish, I just think the show can be comical for the wrong reasons.

Fringe, I have totally bought into. While I do comment on some questionable plot lines at times, I am totally on board with wherever they are going and love it. As far as LOST, I had/have a blind love for that show and for the most part saw right past any of its flaws. The acting, exectution, and storytelling surpassed any question that people think that they didn't answer (and yes, there are a handful of big ones that went unanswered). In the end, I didn't care about the answers because the show was just so good. And they did provide many answers, people just didn't like the answers they got.

@Richard -
1.) Yeah, they need to keep Vicky more involved. No arguments here.
2.) I didn't catch that vibe. I thought she was trying to figure out who she will side with next. But, you could be right.
3.) Nick Wauters did say that if they knew the show would only last 1 season, they would provide closure. Hopefully, they'll know in time to write a series finale. The networks like to dangle these things until the last minute.
4.) Well, one thing is for sure...Hal Holbrook does not LOOK young, so I don't know if he's using the elixer to "stay young" as much as "extend his life a little longer". It goes back to my argument...if this were to become a multi-season show....can they really count on Hal Holbrook to continue playing Dempsey? He is in his 80's, it's quite risky! So, I have always thought that his arc would be short. But it would be the gateway to some larger plot.
5.) There is no lack of passion for Fringe that I know. There are many hardcore fans out there. But Fringe is not the same type of show. They don't have many mysteries to delve into. The show answers questions very quickly and well. What it is, is a GREAT show. And beyond people saying "I LOVED IT!" or "I HATED IT" or "I THINK PETER WILL CHOOSE....." I think people just look forward to what's coming next without much dissection. The show is my favorite show currently on the air, and I still have problems writing a blog about it. But I do it because I love the show. Adding Vicky to Fringe would be a good time! Maybe a girlfriend for Lincoln Lee lol or another mistress for Walternate.

Ugh...all this talk just makes me sad that LOST is really over. 2 months from today will be the 1 year anniversary of the series finale. I may have to post a lost blog on the old site to reminisce. Not sure what I'll talk about though. We'll see what comes to me!

Anonymous said...

I believe mysteries abound in Fringe. Particularly if you include unanswered questions. For example, how will Peter's unborn child affect him, Fauxlivia, Olivia, the world's instability. Why would or wouldn't that child exhibit major transhumanism characteristics? What is Nina hiding, what is her alternate personality up to? Why did Walter's moving into and out of the alternate universe have a more major impact over there, then here? I won't list them all here, but it might be an interesting discussion on that blog sometime. Maybe categorizing the mysteries would help?


Mike V. said...

Well, sure there are PLOT POINTS to wonder about and there certainly are questions that hopefully will get answered, but it's not a show like LOST that is ROOTED in mystery, where every line uttered on the show is a potential subject for debate. Fringe is a pretty straightforward narrative. For the most part, questions that come up are answered pretty quickly.

But, we'll see if I can get around to bringing up some of these questions some time. BTW, I did post a comment on the latest recap about the episode titles of the final 2 eps this season. Definitely room for speculation...but I certainly put a SPOILER ALERT up on it just in case!

Mike V. said...

Fringe renewed for season 4! Just posting here and on fringe recap!! Woo hoo!

AUStarwars said...

I TOLD YOU SO!!!!!!!!!!!

Mike V. said...

LOL - you'll get your props!

Anonymous said...

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