Saturday, March 12, 2011

Fringe: Season 3 Episode 16 - Os

Hello Fringe Fanatics!  It's great to have this show back after a 1 week hiatus isn't it?  This episode got back to its good ol' formula of investigating one crazy case of another crazy scientist.  But, behind the scenes, the story kept advancing forward.  Fringe truly has mastered their self-dubbed "Mythalone" style episodes!  And did I mention the awesome guest stars?  Just having Jorge Garcia for the cold open would have been plenty but they brought in Ferris Bueller's best friend as our villain of the week!  Alan Ruck ladies and gentlemen!  Awesome stuff (and yes yes, I know Alan has been in plenty since then but he'll always be Cameron to me). Do we wait until the end of the recap to talk about the crazy ending?  I mean how crazy was that?!  Some people are ready to hand Anna Torv the Emmy already.  I thought she was great, but I thought it was more comical than anything!  Yes, very important to the story and I'm totally buying it.  But, that voice was hysterical!  You just never know what's going to happen when you strike William's Bell! (ba dum ching!)  Well, let's just hope we can live long through this recap and then propser in the discussion of it all down there.  (Feels like it's going to be a "Bad Pun" kind of day)   Let's dive into the recap folks!

Fringe Case of the Week

When all is said and done, there are similarities to the overall story of Fringe that can be drawn out of this week's case.  It boiled down to a father who would go to any lengths to save his son.  Of course, his son wasn't on the verge of dying like Walter's was.  Alan Ruck played Dr. Crick, who seemingly was leading a band of weightless men in mysterious robberies.  It turned out they were all muscular dystrophy patients motivated to steal more materials that cause them to be the weightless beings that they had become and not be confined to a wheel chair.  And all was not as it seemed, and the case perplexed Walter to no end.  Here are some key moments from the case that should be noted:

  • Crick had not perfected the drug, as it kept causing his guinea pigs to die.  So, he'd just go and recruit more wheel-chair bound kids by selling them on the ability to "fly" to new heights.  He wanted the drug perfected before he administered a cure to his son. 

  • The weightless-ness was what was perplexing Walter.  At every turn and discovery, he found it more improbable that these men were able to fly and needed to be weighed down by boots to stay grounded (to a floor or a ceiling).   
  • Walter discovered 2 elements had been mixed together.  2 Rare elements and 2 of the densest elements.  Osmium (Os - episode title) and Lutetium (Lu).  2 of the heaviest elements were causing people to float?  Impossible!  
  • Peter and Olivia stayed hot on the trail the entire episode.  Initially tipped off by a keycard found on the first victim.  It led to a warehouse full of dead bodies all with the same traits.  

  • When Walter reveals the elements being used to make these people weightless, Olivia asks where Lutetium can be found.  Since it is a rare element, maybe they can snag the guy while trying to steal his resources.  The answer was that it is normally found in meteorites, which led them to the Museum of Science that has an astronomy wing. 
  • Our latest recruit is seen breaking into the museum from the ceiling, weighed down enough by a weighted belt that would let him sink down to let Dr. Crick and his fabulous mustache into the museum.   

  • But this time, our Fringe team is ready to catch them.  Crick attemps a getaway leaving the new kid to fend for himself.  He unlatched his belt which sent him floating up up and away (and would have kept going into the atmosphere if a ceiling or Peter didn't jump off a railing and go flying to the ground with him).   Pretty crazy and risky move there Peter!   And Broyles wasn't too thrilled that the most important man in 2 worlds took that risk! 
Please let me keep the mustache!
  • In the end, it turned out that Crick's son was just happy knowing he had a father that loved him.  But now he is disappointed knowing that his father so him as an imperfection.  Crick is seen exclaiming, I did it for you!   The scene seemed all the more powerful with Walter and Peter watching it all take place.  
  • Walter then asked Crick how he was able to defy the laws of physics and make those people fly.  Crick said he worked in aeronautics and was assigned to develop a metal dense enough to keep a pilot safe from ground fire but still allow for flight.  When he mixed the 2 densest elements on earth together, what resulted was a molecule lighter than air.  Scientifically Impossible.  A MIRACLE!   
  • This tipped off Walter to what was going on.  It's all his fault!  Because he crossed worlds in 1985 to bring his alternate son over here to save him, the fabric of OUR universe is now starting to show the same signs that OVER THERE has been showing for many years.  Scientifically improbable events are happening and the universe is starting to tear apart.  And Walter needs help to figure out how to stop it! 
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Mythology Stuff

Peter and Olivia

So we it has been a few weeks since we have seen a present day OVER HERE episode.  The last one we saw had Peter and Olivia retreating to the bedroom.  Well, we confirm in this episode that it was not a one night fling.  Walter bluntly informed Nina Sharp that they are indeed "a couple" now.  Of course, having the knowledge of Sam Weiss's declaration to Nina that Peter must choose OUR Olivia to save this universe, made Nina's gleeful reaction that much more effective.  Also effective enough for her to head to Boston from New York to see the developments first hand.  
  • Besides the holding hands, and joking around and smiling during the investigation, the big topic of the week for Peter and Olivia was "FULL DISCLOSURE".   Peter was hiding the fact that he has murdered all of these shapeshifters in an effort to figure out what they knew about the machine and his attachment to the machine.  He has managed to get their memory disks working but he cannot decode the message.  But we'll get to that. 
  • So throughout the episode, Peter avoided chances for him to spill the beans to Olivia.  First, he said he was at the gym while researching in his hidden office.  Then, in a conversation about not hiding feelings from each other, Olivia admitted that she did not really like Peter's massages or whatever he was doing to her back while they watched TV.  I didn't even know these crazy cats had time to watch tv in the midst of trying to save the universe!   She suspected Peter was hiding something from him, but he just shook his head and smiled. 
  • Nina then brings a file that Peter needed on shapeshifters and he shrugged it off as nothing important to Olivia. 
  • By the end of the episode, Peter was motivated by his trust in Olivia to fully disclose the information he has been hiding from her.  He did manage to tell her and she gave off a pretty stunned reaction, but we really didn't get to see her full reaction.  When she looked in the mirror, everything changed.   To be continued! 


We start off the entire episode with a fabulous scene of Walter hanging out in New York at Massive Dynamic.  He decided to "puff the magic dragon" with the security guard, aka LOST's Hugo 'Hurley' Reyes aka Jorge Garcia!   He was telling stories from his youth to Jorge (we get to that in the Observ'er'ations).  The Guard, all high on magical dragon smoke, tells Walter that he is his favorite boss ever (out of the 2 bosses he's had.  William Bell and him).  Then they laugh and good times are had by all.  As Walter is conducting the symphony of Security Video Feeds, he notices a doorway that no one goes in or out of.  Yes, it is indeed William Bell's office. 

  • 2 hours later, he appears to Nina Sharp (who is busy reading about THE FIRST PEOPLE) with files and files of stuff from William's office.  He spatted off a bunch of crazy things William was researching.  The one that stuck with me was Animal Morality.  Ahh good stuff.  Of course, we do learn of FLOATERS later. 
Just loved this screenshot, had to include it
  • The big one that we are meant to notice, though is SOUL MAGNETS.   Besides being a great name for a band, this was William Bell's research into being able to survive even after he shuffled off his mortal coil (yup, that's Shakespeare for dies!) 

  • Now, I'm not going to remember all of the scientific stuff that Walter spatted off.  But basically, Energy is everlasting.  The human soul is "ENERGY".  You cannot create, nor destroy matter and I'm guessing that can be extended to energy as well.   So, they just need a way to tap into William's energy.  And William Bell appears to have researched a way to do that.  To find a vessel before he died in which to send his energy to. 
  • The episode continues and we see Walter struggling with finding ways to resolve this issue plus the even bigger issue of saving the universe.  While Nina was in Boston, he complained about missing pieces of his brain again.  Nina tried to convince Walter that the best parts of him still remain.  It was his imagination and boundless creativity that made him special.   Well, over 3 seasons we have certainly seen Walter get creative in his resolutions to cases! 

  • Of course, at the end of the episode, when he realizes that he is the cause of this week's case among other cases we have seen in this universe and the other, he needs William's help more than ever.  He needs to find a way to channel Bellie's energy.  And he assumes that there is some kind of tool to summon that energy and that he probably left it with someone he trusted.  Nina Sharp.   And probably not coincidentally named, Walter things it is the BELL in Nina's office that will summon the energy out of the vessel that William has chosen.  
Loved that he was hiding the folder under his coat.  

  • While Nina contests the ridiculousness of Walter's ideas, Walter strikes the bell.   And then they both look around.  And Walter then looks into Nina's eyes and asks "BELLIE???"   Nina's reaction was priceless.  "No Walter, it's still me".    Walter then says that wherever Bellie is, he will find them, and they look onward to the door. 

I was researching blogs from earlier this season and noticed that in William Bell's will he left a message to Walter, "Do not be afraid to cross the line."  Hmm, maybe at the time, Walter thought that was about inheriting Massive Dynamic, but it may have had a larger purpose! 

The Bell Tolls

As Peter is explaining to Olivia how he cannot decode the shapeshifter's memory chips.  Olivia starts to speak as she looks in the mirror.  Her voice deeper and raspier a la an aged Spock, the music getting creepier.  "That's because the decoder key is in my office."  Peter looks confused, "At the FBI??"  Bellivia (inevitable) responds, "No, At Massive Dynamic."   William Bell's energy, in Olivia's body then says, "Hello Peter, it's nice to see you again."

WHAAAAAAAAAT!?!?!?!?   William Bell's consciousness has just been hanging out in Olivia all of this time??  Well, that's just a bit crazy isn't it?  I absolutely love it, don't get me wrong!  But I was laughing hysterically when I first watched it.  Laughing, in a good way.  This show is by no means, staying safe with the ideas they're throwing at us this season.  And it looks like it's going to continue into next episode as well, which is all I will tease about it (there is other stuff to tease for sure).  So William is back.  Does that mean Olivia has taken a back seat in her own mind for now?   Are they going to find a way to get Bell back in his body?  Or is this just a temporary thing?   We all know Leonard Nimoy is coming back for an episode (or more?) this season but we don't know when that scene would take place or how he will return.   (if you didn't know that, I apologize, but the information is readily available out there and not concealed as a major spoiler.  Leonard announced it himself that he'd be back.)   Anyway, very interesting turn of events.  And it will be exciting to see John Noble work off of Anna Torv and vice versa as she portrays Walter's best friend and partner for years.  Can't wait!   Until then, let's get into the fun stuff!  

  • Fringe Glyph Code of the Week: EARTH - Well, I guess this could be how you cannot create or destroy matter type of thing and why William Bell's energy was able to be reproduced by the awesome band coming to an arena near you: SOUL MAGNETS!   Or, I guess it could refer to the fact that human beings were meant to stay grounded to the earth and not defy gravity.   Earth is a pretty generic code wouldn't you say?  (Thanks Fringepedia for the Screenshot!) 

  • Observer Spotted! - I don't know how ANYONE caught this one.  You can barely see him.  He was at the crime scene walking by in the background.  There are 2 separate shots that you can piece together to know it's him.  If you look in the background between the 2 trees on the left, he has an umbrella and was walking by (you'll have to click to enlarge).  Then there is a shot of Broyles talking where he continues to walk by and is out of focus.  But, I guess that hat is unmistakable! 

  • Walterism of the Week: "Everyone Poops Dear" - Mentioned after Astrid's reaction to William Bell searching for the perfect bowel movement.  Research was possibly dubbed "floaters".  
  • Runner Up: Lutetium is normally found in meteorites.  Walter gets excited, "Do you think the perpetrator is from outer space?" 

  • Walter's Food of the week: Licorice made a strong comeback, Mints and of course "Bacon Berry" flavored cupcake frosting!
  • Walter's Revelation from his past: He slept with Yoko Ono and John Lennon was totally cool with it! (The 70's you know)   I wonder if this is in any relation to Walternate's Asian Mistress over there?  By the way, I read an interview with John Noble last week stating that the writers do take the actor's suggestions.  He suggested that Walternate should have a mistress and he got one.  So that explains that.  I guess he's still married too.  I wonder if he suggested that ill-advised bath robe too!
  • Walter's giddiness over Peter and Olivia's "courtship" is fun to watch also!  Big Walter episode.  It was great stuff. 
So that's all I have this week folks.  Based on various interviews with producers and cast, it seems like Fringe is exceeding expectations in the Friday slot which is wonderful news.  But, it has not been renewed yet so we should not rest on our laurels!  We need to watch, we need to discuss, we need to spread the word about this show!   And of course, buy Ford and Sprint products.  Anyway, I'm excited for next week and will be back for another recap then.  Be sure to check out the END CREDITS for information on my other blogging efforts and shows I'm looking forward to (for possible future blogging).   Hope you enjoyed my ramblings and I'll see you next week! 

End Credits

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  • The Event has returned!  The show is entertaining (for right and wrong reasons), but I don't think it's looking good for renewal.  I'm still sticking with the blogging though.  So, if you're watching, come on and read my recaps!   
  • I'll definitely be there when The Walking Dead returns, but that's most likely in the fall! AMC has been reairing the show though so if you ever catch it, you can find my recaps at the link. DVD/Blu-Ray of the 6 episode 1st season is now available.  Check it out. You won't be disappointed! 
  • Shows I'm watching right now (and might comment on time permitting): Shameless (both Showtime), Chuck, How I Met Your Mother, V, Modern Family, Cougar Town, Big Bang Theory, The Office, Community, 30 Rock, Smallville and others that I won't mention out of embarrassment!
  • Upcoming shows I'm looking forward to:
    Game of Thrones (HBO) - Starts in April
    Terra Nova  (FOX) - Pilot moved to air in Fall 2011 with rest of season 1
    Breaking Bad (AMC)
    Alcatraz - with Jorge Garcia in lead role
    Odd Jobs with Michael Emerson and Terry O'Quinn (This has been put on hold.  Both Emerson and O'Quinn have other shows this fall that I will be checking out.)  
  • I know it's sometimes looked at as a blemish on my beautiful blogging record, but I am still watching American Idol and while I've cut back on my dedication to blogging about the show, I'm still posting some comments about the auditions on my latest post. If you watch the show, feel free to praise and make fun of the show with me!


Anonymous said...

Thanks again, your blogs add to the show. A few things to add from my perspective.

1. Walter's personality seemed too different in this episode in that he was very insecure and self doubting. To the point that if this had been the only ep I were to have seen, I don't know if I would continue watching. His continual search for Billie and having none of his own capabilities was over the top I thought. And how many times does he have to remind us that he's missing parts of his brain. I guess to me what was truly different was he seemed a lot more whinny.
2. I don't see Olivia and Peter continuing in a physical relationship now--lol. The way the voice sounded I thought it was Nimoy possibly vs Olivia's voice--not sure.
3. The idea of someone being resurrected is bothering me from a continuity stand point. Why couldn't Billie and Walter do that when they were in their prime. For example, why didn't they work with the original Peter and arrange for this whole die, put yourself someplace and we'll bring you back deal??? So, this Billie possessing Olivia thing is a little over the top to me. But, I'll go with it for now and beat back the logic thought.
4. I agree about the father/son comparisons, especially with the Dad's being scientist using fringe science to help their boys.
5. I'm looking forward to Peter getting the key. Very interesting that Bell already has it, like Peter's work was something Bell had been doing.
6.Hope the show was well watched by many, I thought from some of the comments I've read that the show had been renewed.
7.I wish there could have been more Hugo time. I kind of compare what Hugo did for Lost to what Astrid does for Fringe. So many characters walk around all serious, whereas Astrid brings a smile along with her confident capabilities. Astrid really helps Walter and it would take a strong person to do so. And all the while, she doesn't let much get under her skin. Actually pretty mature to go with a good attitude.


Mike V. said...

Hi Richard! You're welcome and thanks for the props. Thank YOU for adding your commentary too. It's much more fun when more people are actively discussing the shows!

1.) I think we started to see Walter doubt his ability to resolve the Universe tearing in the last OVER HERE episode that took place in the present day. At the end of the episode (6B) he was confiding with Nina at Massive Dynamic that he is afraid that the universe is starting to tear away (like OVER THERE) and he doesn't know how to resolve it on his own. Walter has always struggled with remembering things and we found out he had asked William Bell to take a piece of his brain out so that he would never turn into a monster. But now that the stakes are so high, it pains him even more that he doesn't know how to fix this on his own. It seemed pretty legit to me. But that's just me!
2.) Oh it was definitely Anna Torv's voice imitating Nimoy. Even Pinkner tweeted last night "How awesome is Anna Torv!?!" But yeah...once you see the woman you love possessed by an old man, I'm not sure how you go back to that! LOL Something tells me he will though!
3.) Good point on saving Peter vs. saving Bellie's consciousness. I can accept the idea that they discussed the possibility of it but never went into the details. The possibility may have been discussed AFTER Peter had already died. And it would seem that William Bell researched it further in the years after Walter was put away in an institution. So, again, this made sense to me too.
4.) No need for discussion there! :)
5.) For some reason, I recall William Bell being involved with the shapeshifters before. I want to say that it was one of the shapeshifters that put Walter's brain back together in one episode last season. And we know it was William that took out the piece of brain. I could be totally wrong on this. Still progressing through my rewatch! lol But yes, very interesting that Bell has decoder. He has spent much time OVER THERE so maybe he spent time studying walternate's shapeshifter army. I agree, I think Peter is stumbling onto some research that William was working on as well.
6. The show is definitely not renewed yet, but I am of the population that feel it is AT LEAST safe for a 4th season. The ratings held strong from last week. So not earth shattering numbers, but sufficient numbers. I think as long as it's consistent (and consistently pulls in the DVR numbers) we should be fine.
7. Yeah, it's a shame that Jorge was only a cameo. Of course, his role on the show translates to possible future cameos since he works at Massive Dynamic. I can kind of see the Astrid/Hurley comparison in their roles on the show. I do think Hurley did serve other roles on LOST though. He was also the voice of the audience represented on the show. I always loved how some of his lines reflected what we were thinking.

Thanks for the comments Richard! I'm sure I'll hear from you more and look forward to it!

Mike V. said...

My bad ratings were down this week but held steady in the 18-39 demographic. (3.96 million viewers total). I may be slightly worried but I still think it's fine!

Anonymous said...

1. You reminded me about Bell and the shapeshifters. He designed them as a way of having legitimacy over there. But you would think the key would be Over There--but obviously not. Unless it's in his office Over There.
2. My biggest gripe with Walter was he seemed very whinny.
3. Bummer about the numbers, the only thing is that BBall Playoffs/March Madness was really getting started last night. And I keep reading the DVR+7 numbers are good and they're obviously not in yet.


MJ said...

Wow - that was creepy as hell when her voice changed. Gave me goosebumps.

'Happy' Olivia is creeping me out though. It doesn't seem natural, like her whole personality has changed.

Walter has always had, in my opinion, moments of self-doubt and guilt over what he did so I did not find it too much this ep

I feel that we will get another season !

Mike V. said...

Agreed on Walter. I think he has always been a tortured character.

Yeah, I agree about Olivia. It didn't seem very natural at all. But, at least we know that Anna Torv is intentionally playing the character that way. Because Fauxlivia clearly has a different personality and when she is happy she just seems genuinely happy and it doesn't seem odd at all. (of course, now she is in agony that she is a world apart from the man she loves and is carrying his child). I don't know though...maybe Olivia is trying to seem happy but she may be holding back due to all of her commitment issues / abusive past.

New Chuck tonight! (and The Event of course lol) Watched Shameless last night...another great ep!

MJ said...

Chuck was pretty good. They did an even more overt (than Fringe) product placement for Awesome's car - hysterical.

Wasn't able to watch Shameless or Event yet - probably tonight.

Went to Monster Mania convention in Cherry Hill on saturday - they had cast members of Walking Dead there. I didn't get autographs or anything - not my thing. They did have a discussion panel that I missed though. Damnit !

Mike V. said...

Oh yeah...that van advertisement in Chuck was fantastic. Opening the door was like using The Force? NEVER gets old! lol

I can't believe people from TWD were in Cherry Hill on Saturday and I knew nothing about it! Not sure I would have gone, but I would have liked to know that I could have! LOL

MJ said...

Did you watch the V finale ? Don't want to say much in case you haven't yet.

Mike V. said...

Yep, I watched. It was like the 4th reboot this season, or maybe even in the 2nd half of the season lol

Don't get me wrong...(SPOILER ALERT ON V FINALE)

Thank god Tyler is gone! I think the Baby Daddy guy (always forget his name) could always be revived if need be...but I'm sure that was ending his run on the show. He has been a waste of space lately. But a secret underground government organization that is even more secreter than the 5th column representatives? Yikes...Oh and the fact that the FBI guys were actually trying to see if they could TRUST Erica and not to pin her as 5th column and a nusance to PEACE? I wonder how much of that they really had planned since the initiation of that storyline. Loved that Marc Singer was the head of Project Aries though. But I wonder if it's going to be enough to renew the show.

Did I miss anything? lol

MJ said...

Yeah - I did not see that ending and Project Aries coming at all ! Evil Lisa is pretty cool too. And that line 'this is how you kill your mother' is an instant classic. Also glad to see good old Tyler go. LOL At least little Amy got better looking each time she aged - hate to say it but they had one ugly baby playing her when she went throught the toddler stage. But - I agree with you - doubtful this will get renewed. That lizard was pretty cool looking though.

Was positive that Marc Singer would be John May - have always thought he was still around

Read a Fringe tidbit - Bellie will be with Olivia for at least a few eps.

Mike V. said...

OMG...that was the ugliest baby ever! And her aging process wasn't great either. But I agree, the final one was better. The lizard WAS pretty cool looking. Not sure I realized at the time that it was the first time we were seeing the full lizard body. Anna's line WAS a classic and may have redeemed her character after 2 seasons worth of boredom!

I read Ask Ausiello yesterday (now on and Jeff Pinkner stepped in to answer 2 questions about Fringe. It may be what you read too. But yeah, he said a "couple" episodes but it mentioned something else about it. I forget what but it led me to think that maybe Anna's consciousness will surface from time to time too. We'll see!

C Dubbs said...

Random comments:
My take on Bellivia is that it is supposed to be somewhat comical. You can't have one character doing an impersonation/being possessed by another without it being a little funny. And it will certainly bring humorous and awkward moments in the next episode.

The floating made me think of fizzy lifting drink from Willy Wonka.

They can plug whatever products they need on this show to keep it on the air!

Have we seen Olivia in a relationship before? We saw her happy with John in the pilot right before her world was completely flipped, the rug pulled out from under her. So how can anyone say it's unnatural? We don't know what she's like in a relationship plus she's been through hell and back in the last two years. I've seen people post better and longer responses to that kind of comment so I'm not gonna go into it here.

Mike V. said...

@C Dubbs

Bellivia -> Agreed....comical HAS to be part of it. I'm looking forward to it!

Ahhhh Willy Wonka...that's a good time. I didn't see the Johnny Depp version so I assume you're talking about the REAL version! :) It that was a fantastic scene!

Agreed on product placement. Bring it on!

I'm rewatching season 1 and there's actually a scene where Olivia almost gets with the dad from Twilight. lol (of course, that's before he was the dad on twilight...and I've only seen those movies because my wife wants to!!) But yeah, O agree that she has been through a lot in the 2 years PLUS, add in her abusive childhood and her reaction to love may make sense. Olivia is a very tortured character so I think that's how Anna Torv plays her. Maybe unnatural isn't the right word. But certainly "AWKWARD" comes to mind. They don't seem to be a couple that is head over heels in love with each other. But, after all that has happened (and is going to happen)...I have to think that it's intentional that they're being somewhat reserved about their feelings.

Anonymous said...

The floating guy on a rope made me thing of the Macy's day parade...

And ol' Jorge is making the rounds. I have been enjoying him on Mr. Sunshine as well.

MJ said...

TV Line has clip from next weeks Fringe showing Oliva and William Bell. I found it quite funny !

Oh - and Parks and Rec is renewed for next year ! Yay !

Mike V. said...

Thanks MJ! I'll check it out when I get home!

I saw the tweet on Parks and Rec, Community and The Office. I'm psyched about the first 2! Just caught up on Parks and Rec over the past couple months. Fantastic show. Community is great either and looking forward to Josh Holloway's appearance in the finale. The Office..used to be one of my favorites, and I'll still watch out of dedication. But I'm very skeptical about the show being any good without Michael Scott. It's barely any good WITH him on there anymore lol

C Dubbs said...

Oh yeah, that guy. I think that wouldn't have been an ongoing thing so why not get some when you can? haha

I definitely agree that Olivia was awkward with Peter. And to me they seem like a couple who haven't started sleeping together, even though they have. I think it's partially Peter's fault because he was struggling with telling Olivia his secrets and therefore seemed not as into the relationship as her and making things kinda awkward.

I looooove the new sneak peak. Peter is not pleased that his girl is possessed by an old dude. And the way she talks, lol!

Anonymous said...

One key element in this ep was the idea that the opposite of reality can occur. Mixing 2 of the densest elements to make something float. Combine that with one of the shows central themes--transhumanism and almost anything is possible.


Mike V. said...

Finally watched the sneak peak. Looks fantastic! LOL I watched a quick interview with the producers this morning too. Was a good time.

CDubbs - yeah I was just messing around about Twilight Dad....she definitely didn't have a serious thing going after John Scott. She had some jealousy going on when Peter started dating her sister though!

Richard - you're right...anything is possible...and they're tying the root cause of all of it to Walter's infamous crossing of worlds and forever sending both universes on a path of destruction. Crazy stuff!

Can't wait for tonight, although unfortunately I will not be able to watch LIVE. I'll get to the recap as soon as I can!