Monday, April 2, 2018

TV Discussion: Week of 4/1/2018 - 4/7/2018

Hello fellow TV addicts! This is our weekly spot to discuss all non-recapped shows.  See you in the comments!


MJ said...

A new show starts tonight - can't remember the name. LOL But it's a new mystery brought to you by the network that brought us Lost is the ad for it. Strangely the Lost in Space is being called a reworking of Lost as well

Mike V. said...

I keep seeing those ads. It's scary when they can only say the "NETWORK" that brought you lost instead of the "PEOPLE" that brought you LOST. :) I've immediately dismissed it. lol

I'm probably more inclined to check out Lost in Space on Netflix, but I haven't watched the trailers yet.

I joked with my wife yesterday that pretty soon we'll be hearing about a LOST revival in the spirit of Roseanne's massive successful relaunch (18 million LIVE, up to 25 Million with DVR and that's in TODAY's market). She did not find that very funny considering how much of my time that consumed! LOL

Anonymous said...

Tried Krypton, I didn't like it

Counterpoint is good


MJ said...

Lost in Space - I was not going to bother but then weirdly I read just today that it is a lot less campy and has a Lost feel to it.

The Crossing - is the name. I think some aspect of Time Travel and being stranded on a beach are also some Lost-like aspects.

LOL on your wife not being amused by that ! But I doubt they would ever try to bring that back. The ending was pretty definitive.

Mike V. said...

The Crossing - Just read a review on EW. They say Steve Zahn is great in it. Apparently the 47 people are from the future with a story to tell about how bad things get in 180 years. They said it has the potential for early era LOST or it could become another FlashForward. lol But the first hour was solid. Maybe I'll set DVR. lol

Krypton - Recorded didn't watch.

Counterpoint - don't have Starz anymore. But still have access if I ever get time.

Lost in Space - I really wasn't going to watch either. But, I'm sure I'll add to my ever growing Netflix list now that you mentioned what you heard! lol Note: I still haven't finished season 2 of stranger things or season 1 of Mindhunter. There's just too much to watch and with a 6 and almost 4 year old...not a lot of time!

LOST REVIVAL - No, I don't think so either. lol If they did it would be a completely brand new cast that either builds on the original (i.e. takes place in a different era) or a complete reboot with a new take on THE ISLAND. Damon Lindelof fully supports a reboot. He compared it to the BSG reboot. If someone comes up with a really good idea, why not give it a shot? But I'm sure it would be years down the road. In either case, Lindelof/Abrams/Cuse probably wouldn't be involved so that would make me hesitant to consider. But who am I kidding? Of course I'd watch and have to have something to say about it! lol

MJ said...

Lost - LOL

Netflix - I think I will be spending my entire summer catching up on Netflix. Still havent' seen OA, 2 behind on Black Mirrior, still 1 season of Bloodline, quit House of Cards, 1 season Longmire, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage is out soon, Frankie & Grace. Still haven't checked out Master of Something, Love, The Ranch - all on my list for years. Amazon also has a couple of shows that I have not checked out yet.

Americans just came back plus Legion and Outcast are about to be back. SIGH.

Anonymous said...

The Terror on AMC, anybody watching. Great EP last night.

The Crossing. Solid pilot episode.


Mike V. said...

Netflix - Ugh Luke Cage is coming soon too? lol Yikes. I think we have 2 seasons of Bloodline. Not sure we'll ever get to it. Master of None with Aziz Ansari. We watched a couple episodes. Pretty funny stuff! The Ranch - My wife loves the show and binged all seasons. She can't wait for the next. Not sure what they'll do with Danny Masterson after his allegations. Yeah...agreed on Amazon as well. Too much stuff.

Americans - I watched the premiere. It was decent. Crazy 3 year time jump. Legion - yeah...I'm not ready for that to be back!

Crossing - Recorded but did not get to it as predicted. Keep me posted and maybe I'll catch up!

Terror - no...I watched a preview and was like....uhhh why would I voluntarily watch this? Scared the #### out of me! :) lol

MJ said...

Terror - nah - decided to take a pass on this one.

Americans - I was exhausted just watching Elizabeth. Veeeery interesting that now Phillip is being asked to spy on Elizabeth. Also that she told Paige not to worry about that military cop but then goesand kills the dude.

TV - and I still have 10 eps of Vikings and full season of Falling Water to watch on the DVR too.

Mike V. said...

Scandal - we watched 2 eps to catch up last night. 2 more to go! It's been aight. This current plot is kinda over the top but it makes sense to pit all the main characters against each other to close things up.

Splitting up Together - We've watched the first 2 eps. It's not too bad. Like the people in it which is probably why I'm sticking with it for now. lol

Jessica Jones - Finished another episode, but it's slow going with my other slate of stuff I'm watching.

Americans - Caught up with this week's episode. Paige saw some stuff! Will be interesting to see where that goes!

Good luck catching up with all of your shows MJ. I feel your pain!

MJ said...

Americans - that was crazy ! Can't wait to see how Paige reacts to see someones brains hanging off her mothers face. And loved all the bull about Russian spies never use sex. LOL Startign to get nervous that they will kill Elizabeth off. She keeps worrying about Paiges future if she is not there.

Good girls - I have been enjoying this one - and like you said about Splitting - like the people in it.

Legion -- had a great article reminding what season 1 was - thank god. LOL

Legends - what a nutty 2 episodes. First they find out Ava is a clone. Then they meet the real John Noble - a hoot since he is the voice of Mollus. No clue where they got the idea that despite trying to stop Mollus from coming back all season now the have to let him out to defeat him - but just going with it.

Mike V. said...

Legends - RIGHT!!! I meant to comment on John Noble. Didn't even know he was Mallus (sp) until that episode. But once I saw he was in the episode I looked it up to confirm. Hilarious.

Good Girls - Yeah that would've been the only reason for me to stick with it. I like all the actors involved. maybe we'll revisit one day. just too much tv! and not enough time with these kiddos!

Legion - I was sooooo confused. lol Still entertained by the episode but no idea what's going on. But some kind of mental time travel going on. lol