Sunday, December 3, 2017

TV Discussion: Week of 12/3/2017 - 12/9/2017

Hello fellow TV Addicts! This is our weekly place to discuss all non-recapped shows. See you in the comments!


Anonymous said...

Vikings==My dvr didn't get the second part, for some reason the first part of Vikings was repeated in the second time slot.

Shield--it was on dvr so I watched. So, now it's full on comic book stuff. And it seems kind of fun. Yo Yo--so many joke possibilities.

Seals on tonight I think. It is season finale.

Nat Geo has new show--Long Road Home.

Mike V. said...

Vikings - if you watched a 2 hour episode that was the whole premiere. The show reaired the premiere in 2 separate parts and they showed up on my DVR eventually. lol I think they reair the episodes all the time if you really didn't get it.

SHIELD - lol...2nd half of last season was actually really good. I totally forgot it came back. I was watching stuff this morning and forgot to look for that on my DVR. I'll get to it eventually.

I'll look into the new nat geo show. Thanks for the heads up!

MJ said...

Sield - agree - very go last half last year. Premier was good too

MJ said...

AHS - still very behind. Watched the Andy Warhol AHS ep - wth ? When was this supposed to have taken place - cause why was Ivy and Winter there in a man-haters club ? That was a hot mess of an ep - but glad to see the wonky eyed actress Francis something - I always liked her.

Gifted - I was shocked by Reed's dad's back story. Loving the 'don't let the kids touch hands and use powers together thing. Not sure I agreed with the decision to remove those little girls memories though.

Mike V. said...

AHS - it all ties together. But yes that episode did come out of left field. lol They also have the actors playing multiple characters (especially Kai/Evan Peters) throughout time.

Gifted - Did you recognize Reed's dad? That guy has been in everything but the standouts are Justified and Jack's grandfather in LOST (when he left the island). I guess I wasn't that "shocked" by his backstory. lol There's always some crazy daddy issues and secret backgrounds on shows like this...but it was interesting! I didn't agree with removing the memories either. I think you're caught up to where I am. I didn't watch Monday's ep yet...and

still haven't gotten to SHIELD. And still have to dive into Punisher. I kept waiting for shows to go on hiatus which would give me time to catch up on things, but other shows are coming back now! ugh.

Black Mirror - speaking of...12/29 it drops! Excited about that one.

MJ said...

Gifted - yes we did recognize him. Now we are caught up - with some of them getting captured.

Shield - I was crazy but good

Black Mirror - I still haven't watched last season sadly.

Supergirl - was pretty good - Reign is kinda bas-ass !

Flash - shocked with the twist at the end. Thinker's wife is so odd - why does she have to straighten her hair every time she goes in the lab ? LOL

Legends - I knew Stein left cause the actor wanted off. But the way the show did it - Stein dies and then Jax leaves was dumb. Why would Jax leave after separating their powers ? I dunno.

Happy ! - OMG this show was a hoot. It's on SyFy so probably no one here watched it - but they brought the cray cray. And they were cursing ! I hear that on FX all the time - but not SYFY.

Mike V. said...

Gifted - damn...I forgot I didn't watch this yet. Too many shows.

SHIELD - I watched 1.5 hours of the premiere. It is good. definitely crazy. lol

Black Mirror - oh man...they're so good. I'm sure you've heard but San Junipero (sp) is a fantastic episode. It won an emmy. If you can't watch them all definitely watch that. But the good thing about that show is that you can watch them in any order! but we're not wired like that. lol

Supergirl - yeah she is. Her development this season started from random cameo appearances to being best friends with luthors and danvers to becoming a big baddie. lol

Flash - Yeah didn't see that twist coming either. I missed the hair straightening!

Legends - It was very clear that Jax will come back. But yeah it made no sense. I'm sure he'll come back with new super powers and then we'll have flashbacks to where he's been and what happened. lol And did they really have to kill Stein to end his arc? He could've just left! lol

Happy - haven't heard about that one!

Star Wars - In one week i'll be getting ready for my 2nd screening! (1st with my son lol)

MJ said...

Flash - really on hair ? He hair is always up or curly when with Thinker as her husband but when they are in the lab and him in the floating chair she is dressed all in white and her hair is stick straight and slicked back. Too funny. Chick thing I guess. And why didn't Barry just speed around and clean all that up ? Just saying ! LOL

Happy! - is from a comic book

Star Wars - going to try to go after xmas. I am too swamped right now between work and family xmas at my house this year.

Mike V. said...

Flash - Yeah maybe I've noticed. I noticed more with D--(forget his name lol you called him thinker)....when he was not in his supervillain gear he has a full head of hair...when he has the gear on he looks decaying and balding. lol (Looked I guess) It was almost like there was 2 different people for husband and wife. But whatevs! The whole theme of the episode for Barry was "not running" I think it was even the name of the episode. And he said he didn't want to speed clean. lol

Star Wars - I schedule my vacation around star wars (j/k happy coincidence the past few years)....My holiday break starts Thursday next week and I'll see TLJ that night and the next day. Already trying to figure out when I'll go the 3rd time! :)

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