Monday, December 11, 2017

TV Discussion: December 2017 - February 2018

Hello fellow TV Addicts!  This is our spot for the next few months to talk all things TV until The Walking Dead recaps return!  See you in the comments!


MJ said...

Saw Split last night - awesome movie. Had no idea it was secret sequel to another movie - won't spoil it here.

Punisher - think I have 2 more to go. It's ok - not too bad. More character driven then I would have thought. Very strong female cop type - just like in Luke Cage. LOL And Karen is in it of course.

Speaking of - Jessica Jones is back in March !

Lots of stuff ending this week so my hope is that I can start catching up on Shameless. I only just watched the t-giving eps of Modern family and Gbergs. LOL

MJ said...

SW - glanced at a few reviews - which were only allowed to post at noon today - they seem pretty good. I did not read details - don't want to be spoiled. But they seemed pretty positive. Heard there is a light saber fight to end all fights. And that with no death star to be stopped to weigh down the plot it goes to some pretty interesting places.

Mike V. said...

SW - I'm not even reading your post because I don't want to know reviews. Already accidentally saw a few headlines. Trying to stay uninfluenced by people's thoughts! lol

MJ said...

SW - only read good stuff ! When do you go ? Figuring opening night ?

Mike V. said...

SW - Oh I know it's good stuff. It's still a case of not wanting to set my expectations too high. lol I just like to go in with as clear of an opinion as possible. It's tough when you see Rian Johnson has signed on for a whole other trilogy so Disney definitely thinks it's a great movie. lol No fear, I have Reddit to keep my expectations in check. People that have seen it are already complaining that it's a departure from Lucas's vision. There will always be complainers. one really knows what Lucas's vision was for 7-9, just that Disney didn't go exactly with it. lol Plus...I'm all for opening up the sandbox to see other people's interpretations of Star Wars while maintaining consistency of the brand! It sounds like Rian has gotten the "star wars feel" right. We'll see.

I am going tomorrow night for the first possible non-marathon screening. lol (there are some people starting today watching Phantom Menace through to Force Awakens including Rogue One. And there's also a double header with Force Awakens and Last Jedi. Both of these marathons allow you to see the movie an hour earlier. lol I'm also taking my son on Friday. He's super psyched and has no idea I'm going tomorrow night. It's been my process the past 3 films. Screen it for bad parts and allow me to listen to the movie without interruptions! Then Watch with him and help him through it. I think for Han Solo in May I'll let him tag along for the Thursday screening! :)

Gifted - All caught up. That girl ESME is super annoying. All of those knowing glances that she was "up to something" were horrible! lol Can't believe they killed off the one girl. But that opens up romantic possibilities for Jamie Chung and the leader of the group with the girly hair. lol

Finally caught up on all TV. Mr. Robot finale on tonight then I think everything is on hiatus. Maybe I can make a dent in Punisher...or I'll just want to watch Star Wars 24/7 lol

Anonymous said...

Star Wars ranking of characters. Of course I have huge problems with Rey being so high and Qui Gon for example at 28th, lol. Liam is an actor, whoever plays Rey is not much of one.

Mike V. said...

This is a character ranking though not acting ability ranking. Lol hence why Anakin is ranked 1st. His story is the central story to the saga but Hayden wasn’t very great in the films. And to each his own on daisy Ridley. I think she’s a phenomenal find!

You going to see last Jedi Richard?

Anonymous said...

That's a fair point, character vs actor. It's hard to separate them however when their only appearance is via the big screen, IE no book for example.

I have no plans to see at this time.


Mike V. said...

There are plenty of Star Wars books that are now canon to the on screen story. But more supplemental than necessary to read. However there will be a novelization of last Jedi like every other film. It comes out in March.

Anonymous said...

Vikings--Keivan Russ Vikings. Hmm that's an interesting viewpoint. Astrid marrying Harald is crazy of course. Last we saw she was with Bjorn. Seems like she goes after whoever she thinks will win. Bjorn in the Med dealing with muslims. That did get interesting. But he went in conquering so I'm not sure what the show is up to.


MJ said...

SW - so how was it ???

I love the actress playing Rey ! I thought she was great. Kylo ren was annoying - hear he's better in this one.

Punisher - finished it.

Hoping to watch Shameless this coming week, maybe Robot. But I am christmasing like crazy - have 14 people coming to my house next Saturday.

Mike V. said...

SW - it was different! Lol I enjoyed it but still processing. Did some reading up on people’s reactions and I’m excited to go see again with my son today. It definitely was not a carbon copy of things that came before! Lol funnier than expected too. There’s a lot of weird and a lot of amazing visuals and performances. Rey is great. Adam driver (kylo) has some amazing acting. Don’t want to say too much.

MJ said...

Yeah - I have heard that they have opened up the SW universe quite a bit more. And I purposely let myself get spoiled on Rey's parentage and how we were all wrong. LOL. And I am ok if they did not follow Lucas - it was time for a new direction. Sure I am in the minority about that though

MJ said...

I never felt ALL of Lucas's stories and charcters were always stellar. LOL His direction is stiff and dialog often corny. Doesn't mean I didn't love them - but yeah as I got older I wanted more from it.

Mike V. said...

SW - definitely okay with them not following Lucas to a tee. But there are some principles they should adhere to while they are working on the Skywalker saga. Rian Johnson’s new trilogy can explore different families and ideas. Lol

The prequel stories themselves were good. They were just executed poorly due to Lucas being viewed as the god of Star Wars and no one challenging him or helping him creatively. With the original trilogy he had lots of help including his ex wife who edited them all and suggested some of the most famous scenes.

Anyway I’m ready to see it again and decide my feelings! We can chat more after you see it!

MJ said...

AHS - watched 2 more. His whole male group of followers is just weird. And Kai trying to say he's Oz's father and Ally then knows he's not but pretends he is. Ok. And Ally kills her lover Ivy. And Rick Springfield was in it ! Think I have 2 more to go.

MJ said...

SW - wow - hearing a lot of people are angry with the movie Feel it tarnishes or removes Luke's legend. I have not seen it and can't say either way - but there is never a way to please everyone.

Mike V. said...

There will always be haters. It certainly was different. But not in a bad way. I had a lot of built up expectations but I try to go in with an open mind. When I watched the 2nd time I absolutely loved it. I compare it to LOST with people having all of these theories that don’t pan out so they hate it. The internet basically hates everything now. Even movies that are generally well received. Give it a year and everyone will have found a reason to hate it.

Rian Johnson did a great job. And it gets better with every viewing. Can’t wait to see it a 3rd time!

MJ said...

SW - cool !

Well - I am off until after the holidays.

Everyone - have a great holiday !

Mike V. said...

Thanks MJ happy holidays and new year to you as well! (Been off since Wednesday and don’t go back until 2018!)

MJ said...

Shield - Love that Hunter was back - now we need Bobbi ! Only Fitz would break back into the secret facility he just broke out of. Nice call back to the little girl with the wooden Robin too.

Shameless - never got to it. Managed to get my LOTR trilogy - extended editions - watched though. Gosh they are so long. LOL

MJ said...

Shameless - watched first 4 of season. Loved Franks 'amends' and Apt Mgr Fiona. Had forgotten Monica died and left them the Meth. Kevin and his breast checking is hysterical. The coke pizza was good too - though it back fired. And how is Ian able to just give away all those supplies from the ambulance ? Deb is a hot mess - I'd forgotten about the para boyfriend. And OMG on Ian's tat - and that bar ! Not sure how Monica's ex knew they had the meth but look at Frank for actually helping them all out of it - of course they had to dig the mom up ! LOL But oh my - I watched the ep where they went to Kentucky to meet Kevins kin. LOL And married Sean showed up.

Americans - saw a 'first look' at Americans upcoming final season. I shall miss this show. Spoiler - they will start the season 3 years after last season which puts Paige in college.

Mike V. said...

Happy New Year!

Shield - Looks like I need to catch up! lol Might be 2 behind.

Shameless - 1 behind now. Yeah the season has been entertaining. But when we finally were set to get back in our routine (school, work, etc...) we didn't want to watch Sunday night's ep. lol So we'll get to it eventually.

LOTR - I've been trucking through those as well (Extended). Started months ago. Yeah they're TOO long. It's nice to have those versions but I wish I had blu-ray or HD digital of the theatrical cuts. Only have DVDs lol (1st world problems I know)

Vikings - 2 behind now I think

Mindhunter - Had heard good things about this one on Netflix. Watched first ep. It's interesting so far. I heard it just gets better so we'll see. Also heard Godless is really good. Just no time to watch all of this stuff!

Black Mirror - 2 eps into the season, started the 3rd. 2nd ep I saw where it was going pretty early on. Very relatable. lol 1st ep was pretty good. I heard the 2nd half of the season is where the gems are though.

Americans - Looking forward to final season. Last season definitely felt like a "stalling until final season" approach. So, this one things should start hitting the fan!

Last Jedi - Watched it 3 times now. Love it more each time. But, I know there is a legion of people that absolutely hate it. I would assume if Richard ever watches it he'll be in that group. lol But, it's an entertaining and well shot movie and opens the door for the future of the series. The originals are untouchable in my opinion. They're classic films and will always be the best. But, I like what Star Wars looks like in 2018 too. :)

MJ said...

Mindhunter and Goddess are on my list. ;-D

Shameless - all caught up. Kevin and V are off the hook this year.

Black Mirror - heard Amazon has a very similar series that is good. I still have not watched last season. But I will get there

SW - was hoping to go tomorrow - but now with the weather... Just rewatched last one to get ready though.

Mike V. said...

Mindhunter - 2 eps in. Liked 2nd ep better!

Black Mirror - on 5th episode now. 4th episode was really good! I liked 1 and 4 the best of this season so far. But 2 and 3 were still good. Hmmm wonder what the amazon show is.

Shameless - We still haven't caught up.

SW - ugh...we weren't supposed to get hit too badly but now it's looking worse of course!

Anonymous said...

Vikings--So Ivar has his munk like Ragnar did. Bjorn and the new girl. Astrid pregnant,hmm. Floki and his clan--there are always complainers.

X Files--Mulder isn't Daddy, interesting twist. Scully and son are special since she was injected with alien stuff. The world will end, hmm. I don't think so. I'm having a hard time feeling any kind of tension/threat from the smoking man's objective due to the consequences if he wins.

Seals--again, good stuff. I began wondering about the daughter about half way in.

Blacklist--So, is this a reboot of sorts. And yes, Liz is now more like Red than ever. Which is the over arching story I thought it would be.

Knights--ok, just entertainment but I like the era.

Saw Justice and it was pretty good. DC catching up. And of course they have Super Man! Still don't get WW flying? vs having the invisible jet. Missed the new Thor movie.


Anonymous said...

Oh and NO, NADA, ZERO Game of Thrones for 2018! Oh well, plenty of other stuff out there.


Mike V. said...

X Files - Definitely crazy twist. But then again I totally forgot we knew that Smoking Man is Mulder's father. lol I was an on and off fan of X-Files but have watched all episodes of the recent seasons.

Vikings - I think I'm 4 behind on this one. Holidays really threw me off!

SHIELD - 1 behind but will be 2 behind after tonight!

Black Mirror - Watched all of it! Liked 1, 4 and 6 the best.

Justice League - it was entertaining. Not sure if they're on par with Marvel yet but it was watchable. Wonder Woman was really good. I liked the new Thor movie. WW flying? I thought she just jumped really high. lol

Thrones - I think it was a foregone conclusion, but yeah now it's official. Here's the big question and the answer is most likely no. lol Will GRRM finally release Winds of Winter this year?

Mike V. said...

Vikings - Catching up. Have 1.5 eps left. IVAR and Monk - Definitely saw some mirroring to Ragnar and Athelstan (sp) as well. The whole Floki and his God Island is bizarre.

And of course, just like Thrones they sure are traveling a lot more quickly these days! Yada yada yadaing the journeys! But it makes sense for all the shows. You see it once, or 5 times eventually it gets to be too much. Liking Bjorn's trip to Sicily. Different look for the show.

Agents of SHIELD - Caught up and enjoying this season. Loved the Fitz episode with Hunter.

Mindhunter - 3 eps in. still really good. Just finding the time to watch is a struggle! It's coming at a cost. I'm still behind on Modern Family and BBT and Shameless (2 now).

MJ said...

Phillip K Dicks Electric Dreams - heard it was Black Mirror - like.

Mindhunter - watched 3 - very good.

Xfiles - WTH ? Cigarette man is Mulders dad ? whaaat? I forgot too. Had a hard time getting back into it actually. Hear it's the last year for actress who plays sculy

Shield - yeah Hunter and Fitz were great.

I Zombie back on 2/26 !!!

Mike V. said...

Ahhh....That reminds me of the Fringe episode something "dreams of electric sheep" was a nod to Philip K Dick as well. Might have to look into that one. I think I did hear about it.

X-Files - yeah glad I'm not the only one that didn't remember that! Apparently, Fox said to "never say never" with Gillian Anderson. Similar to Daniel Craig with depends when you're asking them. It's a lot of hard word, and sometimes it's the last thing they want to think about. Even Daisy Ridley said she'd be done with Star Wars after ep IX, but that may only mean Disney hasn't talked to her about any potential spinoffs/anthology movies or whatever.

Nice on iZombie! I need to get some of this stuff off my plate before then. lol

Vikings - Caught up...looking like a showdown in Katteget (Sp) is imminent! I love how everyone is just randomly swapping partners. lol And poor Astrid is going to be on a future episode of Maury with her child..."YOU'RE NOT THE FATHER!!!" lol (I joke, but that was a pretty brutal scene) WTH is Floki up to??? Has he lost his mind? It was never totally there. lol

Gifted - Essentially caught up. I have 5 minutes left in the latest episode.

This is Us - I think last night's episode was the best of the season. That therapy session was some powerful stuff counterbalanced by hilarious bar scene with "the new big 3" lol Even the fallout on the park bench was great...and then the final moments with mom and Kevin and the flashback. All great stuff.

Anonymous said...

Vikings--what BS, utter BS was the last ep.


Mike V. said...

Vikings - Oh come on. You didn't REALLY think they'd kill Lagertha did you? LOL Or are you more annoyed that Ivar lost? Or are you still as perplexed as I am with the bizarre Floki story? lol At one point I thought Ivar was pulling a fast one on his ally King (forget his name...married to Astrid) and was going to surround him and kill him. But no...he was just out of harm's way the whole battle.

X-Files - Halfway through the latest episode. Cool that they're tying in the Lone Gunman. Some nice comedy sprinkled in there too.

MJ said...

Mindhunter - finished it ! We were obsessed. LOL

So behind on every other thing now. LOL

Quit Xfiles.

You check out 911 ? Has one of your fave actresses in it. I did not - too much stuff.

Mike V. said...

Mindhunter - wow! Nice work. We really want to just watch that but there's so much to keep on top of! Maybe we'll sneak in an ep tonight. lol So I guess it was good? :)

911 - Connie Britton? Yeah she's great. My wife loves Peter Krauss too. We actually did watch the pilot last week. You know how I feel about procedurals. lol But this is a Ryan Murphy procedural with his arsenal of stars behind it. Was listening to a podcast today and they speculated that something like this might not survive the Disney/Fox merger. They thought maybe it could live a different kind of life on FX where it could contain more adult themes/language and all that fun stuff (a la Sneaky Pete on Amazon which had a pilot designed for CBS)....but it was all speculation. My wife really enjoyed so we may try to keep up.

We're really only getting like an hour per night or less to watch something after the kids are asleep...and even then I'm dead tired because I wake up so early (for treadmill shows!! lol So I do watch most of the TV we discuss here then. lol)

MJ - did you see Last Jedi yet? I'm assuming Richard will NEVER see another Disney produced Star Wars film. lol

Anonymous said...

Correct, as they are proceeding I have no desire to see another SW film.

XFiles--there is no real canon with this story so I just take it as it comes. It's entertaining. I think the Skinner stuff is interesting.

Vikings--the last ep makes me wonder why I should keep watching. SEriously, it's going opposite of history. Harold Finehair was a ruthless King for a while and on this TV show he's a struggling looser. The Lagertha stuff is just made up BS and never existed. Bjorn becomes a big time King too. He may make it on the TV show. I get the Floki stuff since the Vikings founded Iceland this is what the story is about. The show has always had some crazy spiritual stuff going on and so with Floki here you go. It's somewhat silly to me and should be a lot better. BTW, they never explained not showing Rollo!! He founded the Normans and that story is just off the radar!! Crazy. They have a LOT of great stories to tell but have instead focused on utter BS. I'm loosing interest.


MJ said...

Mindhunter - yes - very good. Won't say anything

SW - no still haven't seen. Work been crazy so been afraid to buy tickets in advance. LOL

This is Us - it really was a great episode. Loved the new Big 3 ! Too funny. Therapy very moving. Glad they showed Kevin really having a moment with the mom back in the day - we'd not seen that before. But If I were married to Jack I'd have kicked his ass - always making her the bad guy.

MJ said...

SW - going Friday !

MJ said...

Mindhunter - don't know how far in you are. Obvioulsy they travel to prisons to talk to killers. Have you figured out who the guy is they keep showing on the outside in a coat and always mailing things ?

MJ said...

Black Lightning any one watch ?

TWD - renewed - no surprise. But with a new show runner ! maybe now they will shake up the formula - tired of the whole - all together - separate the chars - tell individual stories for weeks - bring them all back together - repeat.

Mike V. said...

Twd- didn’t see it was a new show runner. I’ll have to actually read the article! Lol I’m tired of formula too!

Black lightning - is this another dc show? I’ll provably wait 2 seasons again and binge lol

Mind hunter - 4 eps in i think. I probably haven’t been lying enough attention of side /background characters to notice or try to guess! Lol

Anonymous said...

Counterpart--anybody going to watch?

I haven't heard of Mind Hunter nor Black Lightning btw.

Seals is still great.

Vikings--I don't recall Alfred being sickly. Another battle, wonder if it will result in some real history.


Mike V. said...

Counterpart - is that the JK Simmons show? I have it on my list to set to record. Whether I get around to watching is a different thing all together! :)

Black Lightning is another CW show, appears to be a superhero show but don't know if it's in the DC CW-verse like the other ones. But it appears to be on in place of Legends of Tomorrow for now. I think it's because they do shorter seasons then the rest of the CW super-shows.

Mind Hunter is a 70s throwback to doing initial research on Serial Killers (before they were recognized as even a thing). It's pretty good stuff. But I'm going through it slowly. (Netflix)

Vikings - Maybe that's how they got away with what they did in the first battle because they'll course correct in this next one. Interesting episode last night. The whole England story was awfully executed. lol All of those new actors were pretty rough. Now the priest/monk dude is on Lagertha's side and there were hints of "interest" on both sides??

X-Files - I half-watched, half was busy doing other things but it was okay.

MJ said...

Counterpart - never heard of it

Black Lightning - not sure if DC - heard very good. Different then others in that he hero is an older guy - not a 20 something

Good Place - not seen since it returned

Mindhunter - oh thought you were further in. Might not have seen guy yet

Shamless - you up on it ? Been pretty good. 1 behind now.

This is Us - now Randall wants to buy or fix up an apartment building ? Not following that one

Star Wars tonight !

MJ said...

Star Wars - I loved it ! Movie was excellent. I don't know what all that bitching was about. And I can't figure how many said they ruined Luke's legacy either.

Mike V. said...

SW – Glad you loved it! I get if you spent 2 years theorizing that the first viewing was a lot to take in. It completely subverted all expectations. Lol I enjoyed it but I was still thinking, “what did I just watch?” 2nd time I went with my son and wife. She was crying at all Carrie scenes, he was jumping up and down in excitement at everything and I was enjoying the film knowing where it was going. I’ve seen it 3 times now and love it more each time I see! Nothing was ruined with Luke’s legacy. People get b***hurt over everything these days. I’ve almost given up on humanity. Lol I think they believe that Luke would never behave the way he did. Run away from a fight, give up on Ben Solo, etc… I think it was clear the flashbacks were showing points of view and the ACTUAL story in the 3rd flashback showed he had a fleeting thought that had severe consequences. As for fleeing…so did Yoda, so did Obi….he came back in a big way in the end. People also had visions of grand master Luke doing something like ripping a star destroyer out of the sky. But, they showed him super strong in the force in another way. The whole movie was very well made. People have other issues with it (flying Leia, storylines that go nowhere – lessons in Failure…Yoda says it himself, Snoke not getting a backstory)…..but whatever…it was awesome!

Counterpart – JK simmons doppleganger show. I recorded. Didn’t watch. (STARZ)
Good Place – probably my favorite show on TV right now. Last week’s was amazing and so funny!

Mindhunter – still only 4 eps in. lol

Shameless – 4 behind 

This is Us – 2nd favorite show lol It was about helping Randall’s wife who had just lost a project in Jersey or something…So he gave her this opportunity.
Scandal – “SPOILERS”Still**** - vague but I don’t think Quinn is dead. If she is at least we’ll see how it happened next week. Lol

MJ said...

Black Lightning - wasn't bad. Again the guy wears goggles over his eyes and his daughters don't even recognize him - like so many super heros. LOL

Shield - Whaaat ? LOL I was confused on this last one. The last two actually. But liked the twist that May actually raised Robin.

SW - yeah flying Leia was amusing - but no worse then many other movies and scenes. I totally did not pick up that Luke was a hologram. The only thing I thought people might have meant about Luke's legacy is that he admits to standing over Kylo and was going to kill him. I don't think it ruined any thing. Luke grew up - he's seen many hard things. Was he supposed to stay the dewey eyed dreamer ? That would be dumb. And only predictable thing was Kylo being so blinded by his hate of Luke that he did not do what he wanted - which was kill the remaining rebels. All bad guys do that stuff - or talk about it for so long the hero gets away. LOL

Good Place - I am behind still

This is Us - huh ! I missed that it was for Beth somehow. Or just forgot.

Mike V. said...

SHIELD - Oh yeah watched that this morning. Definitely confusing with the timelines. Seems like they're in an endless time loop until they can figure out a way to save the world. So they'll go back in time and May will raise Robin. That's what it seems like at least?? I dunno...I'm sure we'll find out more!

SW - There are some funny memes of Mary Poppins in space or Leia dressed as Mary Poppins saying "I'm Mary Poppins Y'all!" like Yondu in Guardians of the Galaxy 2. lol I thought the concept of her using the force was more powerful than how it looked! Return of the Jedi "You have that power too. In time you'll learn to use it as I have." He admitted to a "fleeting moment" of weakness where he though of killing Kylo, but couldn't bring himself to do it. But the damage was done. EXACTLY....Luke was 30 years older and was not the wide eyed kid full of optimism. How would you be if you restarted the Jedi Order and then it got wiped out AGAIN? Granted...that goes to another complaint that Disney is just rendering what the original trilogy characters accomplished as pointless (everything repeats). But, I don't see it that way.

Anonymous said...

Counterpart--decent show. Won't comment more to avoid spoilers.

Vikings--There's some shows of "real" Vikings to precede the next ep. They usually do that for a send off. They did at least one of those with too much speculation so be guardful of what they say is true.

BTW, did I ever tell you guys I have a sword. Not a replica.


Anonymous said...

Sword--it's a German sword btw.


Mike V. said...

Sword - lol I don't know if you told us Richard, but I'm not surprised. Seems like something you might have told us!

Vikings - This is the mid-season finale this week right? I think they do 20 episode seasons now but break it up 10 and 10. or something like that.

counterpart - maybe I'll get to it. Gotta see if the Mrs. is interested. We have a backlog of shows to watch right now!

Punisher - working through this now. It's well made. Not sure if I'm super interested or not but it passes the treadmill time. lol

Supergirl - I had to laugh at this week's Girl Power episode. People with a Y chromosome will be poisoned?? LOL Too funny. RIP Electric girl. lol