Monday, April 3, 2017

The Walking Dead: Season 7 Episode 16 - The First Day of the Rest of Your Life

Hello friends and welcome back for the season 7 finale discussion of The Walking Dead.  Well, it's been 16 long episodes with a bit of fan complaints along the way.  There were lots of moving pieces this season and lots of characters to service.  Was it rewarding in the end?  I don't know if I can answer if it was worth the chore of watching the season, but it certainly all paid off in the finale!  Everything tied together pretty well in a showdown at Alexandria.  Let's discuss:

Discussion Points

Before Alexandria
  • Sasha is shown in flashbacks with Abraham arguing over going to to get Maggie help (i.e. last season finale).  There is some ambiguity to the scene on whether it's a dream, some flash sideways land or just in Sasha's head.  But, in the end I think it's safe to call it a flashback.   As for the Maggie/Sasha scenes at them staring at the sunset, I think that was more thematic than something that actually happened.  It had me worried for Maggie though!  But we'll get there. Abraham's key phrase to Sasha was that they're all alive for some reason.  And that they should make their deaths count.  Maggie is carrying the future.  
  • Sasha also has negotiations with Negan on the number of people that had to die in Alexandria.  Negan was going for 3 and She lowered him down to one.  At this point, I had a feeling she was talking about herself or Negan.  
  • Sasha has a discussion with Eugene in preparation of heading to Alexandria in a coffin.  He was under the impression she wanted to kill herself, but now has changed her mind.  (side note: I still think that wasn't her initial goal.  She wanted a weapon to take out Negan.  And was disappointed when she got the poison pill.  But, then she figured out a way to use it anyway as suspected.  Checkov's gun and all.)   Eugene gave her an iPod mix for the 2 hour ride to Alexandria.  Sasha said she still had hope for Eugene.  I don't think it will be an easy redemption back to Team Alexandria unless he starts using his position to Rick's advantage.  
  • In Hilltop, Maggie gets a debrief from Jesus and debates whether to go to war and assist Rick.  Because this scene and the Kingdom scene were in there I kept thinking there was still a way out for Rick and crew when things looked dire!    
  • Sidenote: Maggie mentioned Gregory was gone but he was MIA in this episode.  And Simon was teamed up with Negan in this episode.  I'm not sure what intel he'll have to provide to Simon now that the cat is out of the bag about Maggie. But, I'm getting ahead of myself. 
  • We see The Kingdom folk plus Carol marching through the town where Richard set up his trickery a few episodes ago.  Morgan had set a trap for saviors and was trying to work alone to take them out.  He was fairly easily talked out of this nonsense by Ezekiel and teamed up with them.  Now the big question, did they actually WALK the whole rest of the way to their destination?  
  • In Alexandria, Rick and crew decide whether they can trust Dwight.  He has certainly proven that it has hard to trust him, but he made compelling arguments about his wife that he was protecting who now escaped and helped Daryl escape.  He discussed setting up roadblocks with fallen trees to slow Negan down.  He talked about taking out the group in Alexandria then going to Sanctuary and taking the leaders out and recruiting the workers.  Then going outpost to outpost and ending this.  All sounded like a good plan.  Of course, when he rolled in with Negan later he never made a move to suggest he wasn't with Negan.  I'll just sum up his story right here.  I believe he left a note on a little military figure that he didn't know.  Was this suggesting that he didn't know that Negan was tipped off?  Tara wanted Dwight dead for Denise and Daryl swore that after this was all over he's still kill him.  He didn't care if he was sorry for what he'd done.  We'll have to see how that pans out next season.  Or at the pace they do some of this stuff, maybe 4 seasons from now. 
  • The scavengers rolled into town to prepare for war.  They acted as weird as ever and Jadus (I think that's the leader's name) had a comical comment asking if Rick is Michonne's immediately following with she will lay with Rick after this battle is done.  I mean, I know they're in different times, but it's been a few years into the zombie apocalypse.  Would people really talk like these people!?  Still funny though. 
  • Together the Alexandrians and Scavengers worked together to set up explosives around the perimeter of the town.   Michonne and a Scavenger set up at a high point for sniping positions.  


  • When Negan and crew start hitting roadblocks Eugene offers to speak to his former crew to negotiate surrender.   He rolls in with a megaphone preaching compliance and fealty.  Rick is not thrilled, but when he calls himself Negan he gives the nod to Rosita to blow Eugene and the several trucks behind him up.  Except the explosives don't work. 
  • Very quickly we process why Negan knew what was going on.  The Scavengers backstabbed Rick!  Guns turned on the Alexandria crew and Jadus told Rick that Negan's crew came with a better offer.  Really, I don't know how we didn't see that coming!  
  • Naturally, Negan reveals himself at this point and he goes on one of his tirades.  He demanded Rick to pick someone to die, he wants all of the guns they've gathered and he wants the pool table, cues and chalk.  And if none of this happens, Sasha dies.  They stand up the coffin and Rick demands to see her.  At this point, I pretty much figured that Sasha took the poison.  But, as they showed the flashback of her prepping it started to dawn on me that, "hey, she might be a walker when this thing opens.  Holy S### she weaponized herself!  she got her weapon!"  
  • So, how do you make a death matter when the whole TWD fandom knew Sasha was going to die this season due to her taking the lead role in the new Star Trek show?  I guess this is how you do it.  She gave Rick and crew a fighting chance and she had a really good opportunity to take Negan down too.  I think we all kinda figured it wouldn't be that easy.  But we still did get to see walker Sasha take out a savior in pretty brutal fashion.  
  • The confusion gave Rick and crew a chance to fend off the Scavengers.  And the battle begins. Lives were lost on the Alexandria end, but no named characters.  The most worried they had us was with Carl and Michonne, so basically we knew we were safe!  Michonne battled up on the Sniper ledge with the scavenger.  They went back and forth with the upper hand until we heard screaming later.  Negan assumed the screaming was Michonne (or someone "important" to Rick), but I'm sure most others assumed it was no name scavenger.  
  • Jadus got a gunshot into Rick and kicked him down off the watch post he was on.  Eventually the Alexandrians were rounded up.  Rick and Carl were brought side by side.  Negan went on another "I'm really pissed, Rick!" speeches and then promised he was going to kill Carl.  Rick and Carl didn't budge in their motivations.   Rick told Negan he will kill him.  He promised it the day they met and nothing has changed.  This got Negan charged up really good and just has Lucille is about to swing at Carl, SHIVA jumps in and starts taking out saviors.  YEAAAAH!!! Ezekiel isn't far behind preaching his old English battle cries.  ALEXANDRIA WILL NOT FALL ON THIS DAY!!!   The Kingdom has arrived.  
  • Not far behind, the Hilltops come in guns blazing.  Negan sees that Maggie is still alive and the look he gives is one we haven't seen him make since we met him.  He totally has been duped.  
  • Now my wife made a good point, she didn't know how anyone knew who they were shooting.  Everyone was dressed the same and not even every group has met each other.  If I was team maggie I'd probably be accidentally shooting Kingdom folk.  Then again they were wearing their crazy armor so maybe that was distinguishing enough. 
  • In any case, no one major died from this point on either side and Negan made his escape to the tune of a middle finger to Rick.  Hilarious.  
  • Rosita and Michonne were injured in the battle, but they look like they're both going to make it.  Michonne said a couple times again that "we are the ones who survive.  We live."  And Rick agreed.  
  • Maggie gave a big speech at the end to Rick about how Glenn took a big risk saving Rick all of those years back in Atlanta.  And it was the spark hat led to everything after.  To the farm, to the prison to here.   And it grew to this entire group where we see the 3 town leaders standing and preaching to the entire group, preparing them for the war to come.  (Rick, Ezekiel, Maggie)
  • We saw Jesus and Maggie go into the woods and find Sasha to put her down.  RIP Sasha.  Your death will be remembered!  The Alexandrians had a funeral for her as well.  
  • Back at Sanctuary, Negan is apprised of preparations.  He asks Eugene how Sasha could've died in that coffin.  Eugene blames whoever put her in the coffin sealed it too tight and she ran out of air.  Negan's reaction was 50/50 on if he actually believed Eugene, but he said, "Maybe."  
  • Negan went out to speak to his amassed forces and told them that they are going to war!  IT. IS. ON. 
So, we got our battle, but with the promise of more to come.  At least Rick won't be bowing down to Negan anymore and he has forces on his side.  It's a shame it took all season to get to this point, but I think we all kind of figured the major milestones in this story would kind of go down like this.  They alluded to the fact that the introduction to Negan was a brand new start for The Walking Dead, so they weren't going to just end his role on the show this year.  Scott Gimple has made some bold promises in his next season teases before.  They usually don't quite live up to the bill.  This year he said the first 4 episodes of season 8 will melt our faces off.  We shall see!  I'm sure I'll be here still questioning why I continue writing these recaps when I have more important things to do.  But, I always do enjoy our discussions, which is the main reason I do continue on.  On that note, I look forward to hearing your comments.  Hope you've enjoyed my ramblings and I'll see you next season! 


Jason B. said...

The Maggie and Sasha sunset scene is actually an exact scene from season 5. The episode where they were on the road and then held up in a barn to avoid the big storm. The morning after, Maggie took Sasha out there to look at the sunset. That's when Aaron approached them for the first time.

I believe that the "Didn't know" from Dwight was referring to not knowing about the Scavengers or their betrayal. I'm guessing that Negan set that up with only limited other people knowing about it. I don't quite get the timeline though - I am not sure when it was that Negan made a deal with them or how he found them. I don't know why Jadis mentioned the boat again, it almost made it sound like Negan's group found the boat supplies first, before Rick did. But I don't think that's the case.

But it was honestly nice seeing that Negan had some tricks up his sleeve. A lot of the time it feels like he's oblivious to what is going on around him haha, to me at least.

"The most worried they had us was with Carl and Michonne, so basically we knew we were safe!"
Hahaha so true!

Funny thing though, in the comics it was Andrea who had that tower fight rather than Michonne. So my bet is that the actress who played Michonne's opponent was chosen because she has similar features to Andrea, especially the comic version.

Mike V. said...

Hi Super J. I'm glad you're able to set me/us straight on some of these back episodes. I really can't remember the details from season to season. Just the overarching themes. Totally forgot the sunset scene in season 5. It's vaguely coming back to me now.

Didn't Know - Yeah I was thinking the scavengers too. I thought that's what I said in the recap...but I forget now. lol I just don't know when he had time to write the message!! I definitely don't get the timeline either. but I get the gist. Rick had a deal...but Negan found out and made a better deal. And yes, good to see Negan wasn't oblivious to everything. Obviously something had to backfire. I'm sure Oceanside backfiring will come into play next season.

Yeah I had heard Michonne has basically taken Andrea's role in the comics. Interesting thought on the casting choices.

Star Trek - Did everyone see they revealed character information for Sasha (forget the actress name) now? They withheld it until her character was played out on walking dead. She is the lead but she'll be a 1st officer and not the captain. We knew she wasn't the captain but it'll be interesting to follow the show from the 1st officer prospective. Hoping Plex doesn't let me down on that one! :) I refuse to subscribe to CBS!

MJ said...

TWD - So we all guessed right ! A skirmish - but not war. Oh Dwight! I believed in you. You might say you did not know about Sasha/trash heap peeps - but you DID betray Alexandria !!! SIGH. Def did not see the betrayal by the Trash Heap peeps. Good to see Carol and Maggie back tho. But how, after all these years did I not see that Sasha would come out a Walker to help the rest? As you said Mike - pill would come into play. But she was SO close to killing Negen. Awesome we saw more Abraham tho. Hard to watch her ask/beg Abraham not to go with Rick to get Maggie medical help. Cause if we remember - we all said why IS EVERYONE GOING ? Intresting that they had Gregory leave off screen - tho not surpring that he left. Always knew Maggie and Sasha were watcing sun up/dawn of new day tho. So Maggie. Was afraid for Carl once put on his knees. Rick's line ' you are already dead' - totally awesome !!!!! How awesome as the line 'Alexandria will not fall, not on this day' though ??? So Aragorn !!! Loved it. "didn't know" - not enough Dwight. You knew enough to know to go back with them !!!! But yeah - probably did not know Trash heap peeps turned. Yeah - guess the Trash peeps were the little birdies. Interesting =- think Oceanside will now NOT backfire.

No - not heard Sasha (sonequa) not a capt. But not gonna watc so ....

Mike V. said...

Yep, loved Ezekiel's lines. Loved Abraham delivering some final one liners. Loved Rick's "you're already dead" line.

Oceanside - I just figure with the war starting there are going to be casualties. If Negan finds out who gave up the guns and that Oceanside had guns (Scavengers might know) it could lead them to Oceanside and there could be casualties. and that'll be on Rick and crew. The fact that they don't have any means to protect themselves means there will be casualties. But I'm sure they will assimilate into the alliance at some point.

Jason B. said...

No problem haha, I'm happy to refresh people on past events. I've watched the show a few times with different friends and family members that are catching up, so I remember small things like that that I wouldn't expect most other people to.

Yes, in the recap you did say that you thought Dwight didn't know about Negan being tipped off. I think I read it wrong and didn't know that you were talking about The Scavengers.

MJ - Why do you say that Dwight betrayed Alexandria? I'd say it's smarter for him to stay with Negan for now rather than publicly defect. If he leaves now he's just another soldier for Alexandria rather than a trusted spy that can get them information.

Gregory kind of left off screen, but in episode 15 he called for one of his people and told him that they were taking a ride. He also told him to pack a bag. We just don't know where they went. Maybe he did go to Simon but found that he wasn't there and is waiting for him. I don't know if that would serve much of a purpose now that the war has started, though.

Mike V. said...

I kind of agree with Dwight. I think he'll continue to be a character with ambiguous intentions, but the fact that he didn't blow his cover is a good thing.

Gregory - yeah...I feel like there was going to be a story there with him ratting out Maggie, but now Negan knows about Maggie being alive. I'm sure Negan won't be happy with Gregory who knew Maggie was up to something and didn't come sooner. Guess we'll see next season!

MJ said...

I remember people looking at the sunset when Aaron approached - don't remember it was Maggie and Sasha.

Didn't know - makes sense it was about Trash Heap peeps. But Dwight went back with Negen and disarmed the explosives - so he betrayed us cause he came to us and said - I don't want to be on Negens side. I want to help you ! So he told us on our side but messed up our plan by killing our explosions - allowing Nege to win. I don't think he's secretly with Negen to spy for us at all.

Sonequa - strange cause I did read she was the first female black captain.

Mike V. said...

Sunset - yeah now that Super J reminded me I think it was Maggie/Sasha that found Aaron. But I totally forget the sunset. lol

Dwight was with Negan when the bombs were set up wasn't he? He was working on the roadblocks. So it was the scavengers that disarmed the bombs. My big thing is I don't know when Dwight would've had time to write this note after the battle started? did he run to the cell and write a note in the middle of the gunfire?? Doesn't make any sense.

Sonequa - I had always heard that the lead character would not be a captain and it's the first time for a star trek show. Then I heard she was cast as the lead.

MJ said...

I thought Dwight was already at Alexandria ? remmeber they had him in the cell til Rick got back from Oceanside

Interesting Nicotero article. I always disagree when people say if we'd met Negen first he and his people would be our faves and we'd not Like Rick and company - but I don't think so. They are not good people on the whole. Our group has done some not good things - ad I've been the first to say that (like killing those people in their sleep) but Negen's group isn't good at all. LOL

And according to the article Dwight still is on our side.

Mike V. said...

Yeah, but they didn't arm the dynamite until after they agreed on a plan. So Dwight left Alexandria and came with Negan.

I'll have to read that later, but I agree with you. They've done some horrific things. Granted, Rick and crew did kill a bunch of his men before they had really been hurt by him. preemptive strike.

Jason B. said...

Well Dwight did say that if Rick and co could take out Negan and the men that he brought, he would lead them back to The Sanctuary and then to the other outposts. Rick's group wasn't able to do that, mostly because of The Scavengers (and of course Negan's plot armor haha), which Dwight claims to not have known about.

But he did go back with the Saviors after meeting with Rick. He's the one that cut down the trees to slow them down. In my opinion that says a lot, because he didn't have to do that and no one would have known.

As far as the "Didn't Know" message, it was left by Alexandria's gate. So as long as he had a marker with him and the figure, he could have written it pretty quickly and left it there. He didn't have to go back to the cell.

Mike V. said...

Ahh ok...I thought daryl found it in his cell not at the gate.

Yeah...he definitely set up the roadblocks as he promised and Negan was not clued in on that. So Dwight was definitely holding up his end of the bargain until things went south. I don't remember if we see him attacking any Alexandrians during the battle though.

MJ said...

Article said Dwight did not shoot any one that was seen. Purposely.

Mike V. said...

thanks MJ. I finally read the article. good stuff!

MJ said...

SIGH. No TWD this sunday. Nor for many sundays.

Mike V. said...

See you sigh...I breathe a sigh of relief. I like the show, but I feel there isn't much for me to add with these recaps. lol And I know..I can stop. But, I hate stopping something I've started! Especially since I was with this one from episode 1!

I'm going to enjoy my break until Mid July with GoT! And even with that season premiere...I'm going to be away so probably no recap. lol

Jason B. said...

I have to say, I am kind of relieved that it's over for now too. But just because I have an 8am class on Mondays and I haven't been getting nearly enough sleep haha. I always end up staying up too late discussing the show. I am also thankful that Fear TWD isn't starting this Sunday like it did last year.

As far as the recaps, I wouldn't mind if you just started each post with specific comments you have and we could discuss from there, rather than a whole recap. But you might not want to change it the same way that you don't want to stop haha.

Mike V. said...

It's a good suggestion super j. It's not really that I don't want to change, it'a more I'm incapable of writing less. Every time I start one I promise it's going to be short and then I get on my rant. lol I'll keep striving to shorten them!