Monday, October 12, 2015

TV Discussion - Week of 10/11/2015 - 10/16/2015

Hello fellow TV addicts! This is our weekly place to discuss all non-recapped TV. See you in the comments!


Anonymous said...

So, BBT was again indecisive about where to live. It is strange for a married couple to move in and out. I don't know if it's funny though.

The singing at the end was funny.

Gotham--So, the penguin stuff continues to haunt Jim. Wondering how long before Penguin and Jim work to take down Galavan and his sister. Nygma and Krysten were a little strange to me.


Mike V. said...

BBT - Yeah, I thought it was bizarre that they went back to the same plot they've already basically covered. But I don't know how the show works if Leonard doesn't still live with Sheldon. I mean, of course it could work but it messes a little with the main dynamic of the show. The Dr. Jones/Thor song was pretty amusing. Or the fact that they found it so awesome was amusing. lol

Gotham - Yep Jim's in a tough place. And so is Penguin. I could see them working together but they have to be upfront with each other before that could happen. GCPD is after Penguin now instead of the actual foe. And of course, this whole storyline will probably help Penguin become more the villain he's destined to be. I thought the whole thing with the shooting "attempt" on Galavan and it perfectly being timed with his announcement to run for Mayor was pretty rough. lol I'm sure they were just trying to save time in the episode but it seemed way too convenient and how would people buy it!? But it's a minor nitpick. Last week I started to suspect that maybe Barbara will eventually become Harley Quinn...the problem is...she's probably a little too old for the part in relation to how old Bruce Wayne is.

Anonymous said...

Gotham--the new girl at Bruce's school could become a baddie. Felt kind of sad for Selena when Alfred ran her off. But, she wants to be a baddie and so shouldn't expect it to be easy. She kind of had her chance before.

Haven't heard of Harley Quinn.

BBT--Well, I don't think the show's dynamic is limited to Leonard living with Sheldon though. There's so much else that's possible--I hope. The room without the furniture was funny. HIm asking Amy was funny.


Mike V. said...

BBT - Yeah there's potential to change things up and maybe they will later this season or next season. But, I think their plan as writers is to keep the dynamic the same as long as they can. That would be my guess at least. FRIENDS is a great example of the show always evolving and even roommate situations changing. But with this show Leonard and Sheldon's living situation, the roommate agreement, Sheldon's need to sit in "his spot" on the couch, his rigid schedule...all of that comedy goes away or drastically changes when he's living on his own. Sure, they could give him a new roommate and they could provide new comedic avenues. I dunno...I'm sure they'll work something out. Agree with all the comments you bring up.

Gotham - Harley Quinn is basically in love with the joker and works with him eventually. I play the Arkham video games and she's a prominent figure in I'm sure she is in the comics. She'll be in the new suicide squad movie too. But yeah...that makes even more sense that Bruce's new "friend" could end up being a baddie. I think in all Batman stories Selina Kyle/Catwoman plays both sides but is inevitably on Batman's side. So yeah...she's dealing with her ambiguous nature at a young age.

Anonymous said...

Gotham--I'm sure if Alfred knew Selena had Bruce's back several times he'd feel differently.

And all of those things sets up their need to leave Gotham to be together.

BBT--Yea, but he gave up his spot on the counch when he moved the couch out--lol. But, I know what you mean. There is NO question that most of the scenes and laughter have come from that den/kitchen area.


Anonymous said...

Here's a quiz to determine which Blacklist character you're most like. IT told me- Ressler

Anonymous said...

Grinder--a little different but fun this ep.

Bastard Executioner--I know you guys aren't watching, but this is my favorite show that's currently on now.

WOW, Hunger Games TOPS Star Wars: I'll have to say I have lost some interest for a variety of reasons in the new SW.


Mike V. said...

Grinder - I'm already 2 behind on this one. I'll try to catch up.

B.E. - That's good you're enjoying it. Maybe I'll get around to it someday. I'm at my max right now though.

Holiday Movies - I absolutely believe that the Hunger Games Finale is highly anticipated. We're planning our babysitting for it now too. lol But Star Wars #2??? I don't think so! That must've been an interesting sample of 3000 people. There's one big difference right now between the 2 movies. The Hunger Games theatrical trailer has been released. We're still waiting for the final Star Wars trailer which should be premiering any week now (maybe November). There is no mistake in my household which is the more anticipated movie!

But, I absolutely believe that your interest specifically has waned due to our frequent discussions on the topic! I know you'll still see it regardless! lol

Anonymous said...

I'm not a Hunger Games fan, saw the first and that was enough. My reasons for not being so excited about SW are several changes being brought into the story for what I consider it's efforting to be more politically correct.

LImitless--now we're getting into some meat. Interesting how this show keeps things light hearted enough for my wife yet intriguing enough to keep me watching.

BTW, my wife very much dislikes serial TV shows--she hates the effort it takes to keep up from ep to ep and season to season. She doesn't mind a few overall continuing storylines though, say like the 70s show. But, she wants the story for a particular ep to be finished by the end of that ep. IE, why she hated LOST--lol.


Anonymous said...

I rewatched last seasons finale and believe that the warrior gene is definitely at play. When Liz shot Connely she had flashbacks to when she shot her Dad. Connely was threatening her and those she cared about and she just lost it. Which was much like what happened in the diner. She just lost it. Even to the point of Red being fearful she might shoot him. He was aware of how she could kill someone she otherwise loved. I'm thinking her Dad was threatening Liz and/or her Mom.


Mike V. said...

Hunger Games - I read the books which are decent. 3rd book was not great nor was the 3rd movie (which is half of the 3rd book). So there's more hope for the final installment I guess. Catching Fire was probably the best movie and book, which you didn't see! lol

SW - CHANGES??? How can there be changes when this is a brand new story in a galaxy far far away? I mean I think I know what you're talking about in the diversity of the cast and strong female characters. But still, I don't consider these to be CHANGES. I'm just looking for a good story set in a universe that I find fun and fascinating. I think JJ can deliver that.

Limitless - Still haven't watched an ep yet.

AHS - Started it but come hour and 42 minutes??? SERIOUSLY??? I think I have 20 more minutes. No surprise that they're vampires. lol

Serial TV - There is definitely an audience for's why CBS does so well in the ratings. They've pretty much stuck to their formula and have stayed on top. I'm completely the opposite. I definitely can enjoy a procedural show, but there are too many good serialized shows out there to stay on top of for me to watch them. Granted, some of the shows we watch are a mixture of both. Gotham, Blacklist for instance. Most procedurals have some aspect of continuity going on these days. Unlike something like Law and Order which you could watch in any "ORDER" you wanted.

Anonymous said...

SW, I think we're having another semantics/definition issue regarding "changes"--lol. I would say that Eps 1-3 changed in several wasy from the earlier EPs4-6. And that 7 will intentionaly be even more of a change. 7 being a brand new story, but based on prior SW movies is a big change from prior movies. NOT a change in existing/prior canon however.

I hope it's good. Certainly a lot of money being bet on it. Production should be outstanding.

Blacklist--So, now we see what Red's plan is this season. I think it would be hard for him to totally win and still have a season


Mike V. said...

SW - I actually think JJ and Disney are doing their best to find ways to "RE" capture the magic of the original trilogy. The FUN of the movies not the heavy political trade dispute and midichlorian stuff that bogged down the prequels. They've been focusing on using practical effects over CGI when possible and they are promoting that to the public. Basically, anything that people found wrong with the prequels they are marketing what they're trying to do to correct that. So you see change, I see an attempt to return to what made Star Wars special in the first place.

Now, that being said, it remains to be seen how successful they'll be. But, as long as there are interesting characters that are fun to watch in some underdog mission to conquer their foes....and lightsabers and space battles are involved, I'm in! lol It coming even close to the original trilogy in terms of quality and nostalgic feeling would just be a bonus! And I know, you were not a prequel hater. I'm not a hater either, but I can say that they didn't age as well as the originals. lol

Blacklist - Ugh...we didn't get to it last night. Usually when this happens we have a hard time fitting it in and then we just fall far behind. I'll see what we can do!

Anonymous said...

SW--IF it looks and feels like the original and hasn't been changed by their pursuits/changes for PC ideology, then I'm all in. Many franchises have changed or are changing for similar reasons. Such as comic book based movies.

It could also be that the new protagonists are not able to bring you into the story as well as the original cast, regardless of JJ--I obviously don't have a clue about that btw. A particular audience member tends to identify with/ be drawn in by a particular character in these situations. So, we'll see how that matches up too.

To end post on an absolutely positive SW note!
I just saw some eps of the 70s show which were SW centered. Really good stuff. In one eps final scene Red went from being negative to absolutely positively-WOW! I can vividly remember the city, theatre, many details and who I was with when I saw the first movie.

BTW, in thinking about it just now, I think I've got about $1000+ invested in the SW franchise from over the years.


Mike V. said...

SW -'s all about connecting with the new cast. All I know is that Disney is not going to want to mess up their first movie out of the gate with their 4 billion dollar franchise. But, the rest remains speculation until we see the finished product. BTW...rumors are that the theatrical trailer (aka final trailer) will premiere during the Eagles/Giants MNF game on ESPN (Disney owned..of course!). Ticket presales should be coming soon as well. Exciting times!

That 70s Show....I saw the episode when they went to see Star was a great one. I wasn't born for the first movie and was very young for Empire Strikes Back (though I believe my parents took me as a baby lol). My first real memory is going to Return of the Jedi. I was 4 or 5 and we had to wait in line through multiple screenings until we could get in a theater. There was a Darth Vader entertaining the line. I swear he picked up my Mom and it freaked me I slept through the whole movie scared to run into Darth Vader again. lol My son at 3 (almost 4) seems to have a bigger backbone than me, so I think he'll be ready for The Force Awakens! I'll just have to go to the midnight screening to make sure I know what parts to cover his eyes the next day. :)

That's the one thing Hunger Games doesn't have that Star Wars has. It's a generational experience. Parents want to share in the joy they had with their children. My son has all of the characters from the new and old movies memorized already. His favorite new character is funnily enough Captain Phasma (i.e. Gwendoline Christie aka Brienne of Tarth. I figured you'd enjoy that!) My wife keeps saying that this character better not be a let down! lol

So, this family is excited for 12/18!!

Money invested in the franchise - Yikes...I think I have even more than that! Between Toys, Video Games, multiple versions of the VHS, DVD and Blu-Rays (not to mention eventual digital purchases).....oh and clothing of course. lol Yeah definitely more than 1000. As the great Yogurt from Spaceballs once said. MOICHENDISING!!! lol

MJ said...

Behind on so many things. LOL Been a tough week.

Gotham - how could they kill off Joker ? Doesn't even make sense cause if they kill young how does he become ?

Limitless - still enjoying as well. Did they really make his dad sick though ? Rough.

Sleepy - still loving it. Like that they are giving Jenny more time too. Ichabod to become an american citizen ! Too funny

Mike V. said...

Gotham - The whole point of that is that it was NOT the joker. But he inspired someone else to eventually become the joker we know. lol It was a twist on our expectations.

Limitless - Still haven't started

Sleepy - Loving it too. I guess they took everything that worked from last season and removed everything that didn't. (i.e. keep jenny, bring in the sheriff's son, get rid of hawley lol)

Anonymous said...

MJ, missed you and welcome back. It's the weekend coming up, so enjoy!

Gotham--I'm not 100% sure he wasn't supposed to be the joker, probably not. Especially since he's dead. But with all the copycats I'm just not 100% sure it's going to be one person vs a reimagining thing???

Limitless--I think they held off of some types of drugs for his Dad. I think this could get really good with the next ep.

Spaceballs is a great watch.

Captain Phasma--I had to look that up. It'll be interesting if he's at all confused when a feminine voice comes out of the suit. So, is Captain Phasma replacing Vader?? It would be funny if she had on white vs black and high pitched voice vs a ver low Jones voice.


Mike V. said...

Gotham - True...there was an interview with the showrunner that said there could be multiple jokers or something weird like that. Doesn't really bother me either way. It's a TV show. There will always be retellings in movies of the Joker we know and love to hate. lol

Captain Phasma - Oh no...I've told him it is definitely a girl storm trooper. He was confused for awhile and thought all new storm troopers were girls instead of it just being the 30 years later look. I believe Captain Phasma is a storm trooper leader in the new First Order. She is not the replacement of Vader. That is Kylo Ren with the cross guard light saber. Some history on him is that he is from the Knights of Ren, so Ren is not his last name. Which means his last name could be one that we might recognize. He is apparently a Darth Vader obsessor and from the trailers we can see he has collected Vader's mask (well we can guess). There is also a lot going on with Luke's light saber he lost in Empire Strikes Back. That saber used to belong to his father, one Anakin Skywalker. So maybe Kylo is after that saber too. My son had a good theory already (i don't think he knew he was theorizing) that maybe Kylo Ren's mask is made from Vader's old mask. lol We shall see!

Oh and there is another person who is in charge of everything in more of an emperor type position and it's something like Supreme Leader Snoke. We don't know much about him but we do know that Andy Serkis is playing him. (he's most well known for being the person behind Gollum in LOTR and Hobbit...but he's done a lot of digital character work and is the best in the business).

But how the First Order came to power from remnants of the empire and why the New Republic is now classified as The Resistance are things we don't know's 30 years after Jedi so a lot has happened. I started reading the Aftermath book but it wasn't that great. I heard that there's another book called Lost Stars that people are raving about. Might have to check it out. Supposedly this "Journey to the Force Awakens" series is all about filling in the 30 year gap between movies.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you're in the know.

Limitless--I have to point out the T-shirt he wore to the FBI. Female Body Inspector--it was absolutely great, my wife laughed. I'm so glad this show doesn't take itself too seriously.


Mike V. said...

SW - Before there was LOST, there was Star Wars obsessing for me. :) But compared to other SW nuts I'm just scratching the surface! I've watched the Star Wars Celebration panel, the Comic Con Panel and read EW's Anthony Breznican's articles (he's the James Hibberd of Star Wars coverage). Beyond that I try not to read too much (but it's hard). I don't want to be spoiled more than what the trailers are showing and the speculation on those trailers.

Limitless - Couldn't help but read that line when I saw Female Body Inspector. lol I do like a show that doesn't take itself seriously! I think my wife wants to watch this one too so maybe we'll check it out soon.