Monday, October 26, 2015

The Walking Dead: Season 6 Episode 3 - Thank You (Discussion)

Hello fellow walkers!  I'm going to guess last night's episode was pretty intense, but unfortunately due to unpredicted conflicts I was unable to watch.  So, I could try to recap the episode but it might not sync up too well with what everyone experienced!   Per my usual protocol, I am still going to post this discussion thread for anyone to kick off the discussion.  And I'll be sure to join in as soon as I watch (most likely tonight).  Sorry about the lack of recap, but I'll see you in the comments!


MJ said...

OMG ! I am devastated. There was so much foreshadowing that I totally ignored - cause it was freaking Glenn. NOOOOOOOOOO. I went to bed in firm denial that he was dead. But have to wonder this morning if they really did it. A lot of deaths have been hard to take - but this is the worst

And on Talking Dead they seemed very ominous about Rick getting that blood in his open cut. I know in the books Rick was missing a hand - the author

Mike V. said...

I'm being very careful not to read your comment MJ! But, I am aware that something big may or may not have happened. It's impossible not to watch this on the night it airs and not get some sort of spoiling! lol

We'll watch ASAP tonight!

Leslie said...

MJ, I feel just like you!!! Not Glenn!! On Talking Dead, the note from Scott Gimple said we would see him again which doesn't mean he isn't dead, but I thought it was weird that Steven Yeun wasn't on TD since he has been there from the beginning! They were joking about us seeing him in a flash forward, flash back or sideways since Damon was on the couch, so maybe they didn't want to put the actor in a tough situation not being able to say anything.

Can't believe we're just 3 episodes in! This has been an intense season so far!

Leslie said...

Mike......a note about Talking Dead that has nothing to do with last night's episode except that Damon Lindelof was on. Chris Hardwick announced they are going to have a super fan come onto the show, and I thought how amazing it would be for you and Damon to be on that couch together!!

Mike V. said...

As you can imagine it was tough to get to last night without being spoiled of what went down! lol But still rough to watch. I watched Talking Dead too and read some of the EW articles. Certainly ambiguous on the Glenn front. It looked like it could've been Nicholas on top of him, but there were so many hints in the episode that it could be Glenn's end. The fact that Gimple says "you will see him again" doesn't help.

It's funny, someone was talking to me about the episode and tried not to spoil anything but said "HE" in the conversation. And immediately I narrowed it down to Darryl and Glenn because of, like Damon said, who the "unkillables" are.

All in all it was a great episode of a great season so far! How about Rick running into the Wolves that Morgan let go? And now the car won't start and the herd is coming! That overhead shot showed a house pretty close by if he has to make a run for it.

@Leslie That would be pretty awesome to sit on a couch with Damon but I'd have nothing interesting to say on Talking Dead!! lol If it was Talking LOST and Damon was on I might be able to hold my own! But I'd still geek out and clam up. lol

@MJ - They referred to the comics too about Rick's hand on TD. Chris started talking about it and then Damon said, are you referring to the "luke skywalker" thing? lol Not very subtle! Certainly would be interesting if the lead on the show was missing a hand.

MJ said...

Certainly the red shirts were dying in record numbers. I feel some stuff does NOT point to it being Glenn. It was kinda Nicholas that had alot of stuff pointing to him. Yeah - Glenn looked at the watch and all and Michonne reminded him he wasn't a single guy. But - Nicholas saw one of his old crew who is now turned and had to end him. Plus he realized that this was one of the times they deserted people - and had to face that. Also he saw/felt the affects of being just left - cause that idiot with the hat did it. He volunteered to go - putting himself in harms way for others.

Also - when major characters die it's usually the end of the episode - Glenn did not die at the end. SO I think he's alive at this point. But in a lot of trouble. Could be that they actually kill him the next episode we see him

i say that cause I'm not sure next week we will see him. It's the 1.5 hour Morgan story next week.

leslie - think Talking Dead did not have him on due to not wanting to spoil anything.

I did read that a conflict will arise between Rick and Daryl on whether they should recruit - guessing all the deaths will allow that to come now that they need more folks in town.

Alot of speculation on Rick and his hand with the open wound and walker blood getting in

***Book spoiler

I know Rick was missing a hand in the book and that Kirkman regretted it. So are they going there in the show ? Or is it something else in the book that this is foreshadowing ? I read in several places people referring to someone having an issue from wlaker blood in an open cut - but then have not read what happened.

Mike V. said...

Glenn also called Rick "dumbass" which he did in episode 2 of the first season...appropriately titled "GUTS". lol Glenn was also the first shot of the episode.

That's true...he could be alive and they have to kill him. Or he could be turned when they find him and they have to kill him. Or Maggie has to do it. Poor Maggie, she's had it worse than Rick with the people she's lost!

Yeah...I don't think we'll see any of them next week either. Definitely looks like a Morgan story.

Yeah they certainly are focusing on that hand issue of Rick's in the show and off the show. Interesting on the book stuff. Guess we'll see!!

Mike V. said...

Forgot to ask...did everyone recognize Greg Nicotero in that "final" Glenn scene? I spotted him and 'the hair' immediately. lol He did interviews yesterday too saying he was in that scene.

MJ said...

I knew Greg was in it - think they actually showed him several times - but I was so caught up forgot to look for him. LOL

SO - Gimple still won't talk Glenn's fate - but says Rick is not losing a hand.

And he said we would know about Glenn before the mid season - and that means in the next 5 eps. Theya re gonna drag this out. Next week is Morgan. Week after that they fight the hoard at the town. Week after that they could go looking for him (he's alone out there). Who knows how long this will last.

But the fact that TD could not do the memorial says he is alive for now !

Mike V. said...

Yeah, they definitely stretch these stories out over the 8 episodes. Showing the different perspectives. They're doing that on leftovers this year too....and of course they did it in season 2 of LOST as well! (remember all the different perspectives we got of Desmond and people coming into the Hatch??)

Where did you read the Gimple stuff?

So if Glenn DOES survive this that could mean that there could be episodes dedicated to going after him like you said, but if he does survive maybe the 8th episode might be from his perspective so we see exactly how he did.

I won't question Gimple...since he took over he's done some pretty great stuff with the show!

Zainab Sher said...

Hey guys,
What an episode!!!
Ok, one thing that has been bugging me most was the lack of mercy kill. The limping girl, the bruised guy with note, I mean you could save them from all torture with mercy kill. It was just brutal.
second, the scene with Nicholas and Glenn was amazing. The actor who is portraying Nicholas was brilliant in this episode. The stare he gave to Glenn before saying thank you and shooting himself, it was really something. Kudos to that.
Third, I don't think Glenn is dead. I am going ot be one of those people, who think that Glenn had nicholas on top of him and thus there is a chance he could get into dumpster or save himself by getting all gore on himself or something like that. But I am hopeful. :)

Mike V. said...

Thanks for calling me out on twitter Zainab! :) Good excuse to get the link out there. lol

I was thinking the same about the mercy Kill. More of the guy that got bit and was getting pushed up against the face. They could've mercy killed him. The limping girl I think it was too late. They had to get out of there. Definitely brutal any way you slice it (pun intended).

Nicholas was definitely one of those guys you loved to hate! You certainly have a lot of people in your camp thinking Glen is under Nicholas and will find a way out of it. The fact that they're going to drag this out does give hope that he's okay. Or maybe he's okay for now but won't be in the long run. Maybe they want us to actually consider that they may kill off Glenn even though he's a fan fave!

In the pecking order he's still below Rick, Darryl and Carol on the can't kill list. And I'd say Carl too, not because the fans like him but because his importance to Rick.

Can't wait for the next episode and I will watch on Sunday so I can get a post "WITH THOUGHTS" up! :)

Zainab Sher said...

Yeah, it is easy to visit your profile and get the review link :D
I like reading review and comments of your good friends here.

I agree with you 100%. Cant wait for next week.

Mike V. said...

I enjoy reading everyone's thoughts too Zainab!

FYI to everyone, TWD has been renewed for a 7th season. I really thought they were going to cancel it this year. ;-) lol