Monday, August 3, 2015

Summer 2015 TV Discussion Part II

Hello fellow TV Addicts! The comments section got pretty high on the last post so this new post should get us through to fall television! Feel free to discuss any show that's on your mind. See you in the comments!



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Mike V. said...

Limitless - Ahh didn't know Jennifer Carpenter is in it. That's cool. (I think that's her name) I knew that they intentionally made the main character a different character than Bradley's so that he'd have the ability to come in here and there. I guess I should've assumed he'd be in the pilot but didn't think about it. :)

Muppets - That's true...there's a bit of 30 Rock in there. It's the OFFICE style due to the "documentary" type off camera interviews. 30 Rock didn't do that. Modern Family and Parks did it even though they were never official documentaries. lol The "British" Office gets credit for making that format popular.

Ratings - good point on the plus 7. I've read that all channels are looking for lots of content though so they can start providing their "streaming channels". So, shows like THE LEFTOVERS get a 2nd season even though they were very low rated. (which is good, because it is a decent show) Granted, the big 3 (4)networks have plenty of content so you never know.

Scream Queens - Over the Top and Ryan Murphy? I have no idea how you could come to that conclusion!! lol Unfortunately, I'm too old for Jonas and Grande but I still know who they are. :)

Mike V. said...

Heroes - Watched 1st hour so far. It's not bad. I recognize the kid from Once Upon a Time. He was Peter Pan. So he can transport things to a specific location. Claire bear is dead??? So we really believe that? Granted, I know Hayden is on Nashville, but they could always leave room for cameos. I do like that they kind of continued the plot from where it ended at the end of the regular series. (Claire exposed EVOs to the world) Anyone get the feeling Zachary Levi will only temporarily be a "bad" character? lol

Scandal - Decent episode back. But did they really have to recreate Princess Diana's tragic accident for the main storyline?? I think I may have missed a couple things near the end. I was nodding off and rewound the ending cliffhanger. But not sure if I missed anything like JAKE showing up somewhere. lol

MJ said...

Scream Q - LOL on 'conclusion' remark. I knew their names but did not recognize the faces at all. And the one who wears the earmuffs - she is Carrie Fisher's daughter apparently.

Heroes - I never continued watching - quit somewhere during season 2 and did not know they killed the cheerleader until I read it during reboot talk. Watched my Giants finally get a win so had no time for other tv

MJ said...

Black Mirror - meant to say - did you hear all the comparisons to the current PM in Britain and the pig episode of Black Mirror ?? LOL. Netflix will get season 3 by the way.

Mike V. said...

Heroes - The cheerleader was still alive at the end of the series. She jumped off a water tower on live television revealing that there were EVOS among normal humans. It's Heroes Reborn that "killed her off"....but it's certainly open for her to return if they ever wanted her to.

Black Mirror - I saw some headlines but I never read anything. I'll have to check it out!

Scream Q - Didn't get to it yet, we'll see if I can fit it in! lol

Anonymous said...

Strain--you may recall my negative comments on the dutch stuff last week and Mike saying it was a useful plot device to drive dutch and Fet back together. We saw last night that the show runners really don't want to let go of this lesbo deal from a made up character(vs book). I mean dutch is pretty crazy but how much screen time do we have to have on that subject. There are many other more interesting storylines. I don't need to see personal train wrecks, over and over and over and over, etc. Does anyone recall what happened between Nora and Eph? Poor Eph, loosing his son and his girlfriend. They did a pretty good job of showing him as being dense on the relationship front. BTW, if Fet takes crazy dutch back then I start loosing respect for him. It's like he's co-dependent or something.

One more ep. Palmer not realizing the white juice was temporary was shocked! The worm has turned--lol.

So, what happened to the poor guy who had the Lumen? And the ancients are afraid the old man will use it on them. They may not realize the book could be used against him.

BTW, I really like the Councilwoman. Kick A**.


Mike V. said...

Strain - I'm only halfway through the ep but did see that Dutch picked the girl over Fet. I still say it's not over and she still loves him. He did make a comment about it not being easy to get what you want. So he's not giving up. lol It may not appeal to everyone, but some people thrive on SHIPPER romances in television. And it's part of the magical formula that makes all TV work!

I may have read some spoilers for the rest of the episode in the rest of your comments (that's on me lol)...but I'll just wait until I watch the rest of the ep to comment more!

Heroes - Finished the 2 hour premiere. Still interested enough to keep watching. That's more than I can say for seasons 2-4 lol

Mike V. said...

FTWD, B99, Last Man on Earth - Watched all of these too! Will comment later.

Anonymous said...

LOL on shipper romances. I'm not sure but guessing you mean there are people who are pulling for a couple to form. I can see that.

Again, it reinforces what gets me to watch vs others. For me, the Strain is interesting because of the mystery. Romances can help a show tell a story for me too. But dysfunctional relatships are just that and so not entertaining to me.

I"m not a Lifetime or Hallmark watcher--lol.


Mike V. said...

Shipper Romances - I'm not saying it's a make or break thing for me either. The show has to be entertaining in itself. But, like we both said there's different priorities for each audience member out there. I still but investment in character as the #1 priority for any show. You need to care about who you're watching to care about what they're trying to achieve. As for romances, that's secondary for me. Granted, with FRIENDS I was certainly pulling for Ross and Rachel, but I didn't care that I had to wait until the series finale for that finally to happen. I knew they had to break up to make the 8 seasons in between more interesting. lol And they had 6 great characters to make any situation they got themselves into immensely entertaining. With LOST, romance definitely was a back burner. I mean, I knew that the Kate/Jack/Sawyer triangle would figure into the series and the final season in some form. But it wasn't the primary focus which was good.

I really don't know where I'm going with all of this. But I do see this Dutch/Fet thing as a multi-season arc that they're just adding layers to to drive up "shipper" interest. lol Obviously, the main story in The Strain is still more intriguing than that sub plot!

MJ said...

Rosewood - didn't hate or love it - it was just merely fine. Cast was likeable enough - but this show will have no surprises.

Scandal - ugh - could they have ripped the whole Princess Diana thing off more ? They didn't even try to hide it what with the crash being in a tunnel. Those pictures looked like they were from inside the white house - the only person I would think would have done that is Secret Service Tom who was working for Command. Might have been my mood but I'm feeling over this show. I don't even like Huck or Quinn any more. Abby and the new Chief of Staff both being in the dark of potus going to Mellie's swearing in was possibly the only interesting thing. And giving the paparazzi a pic of the Price grieving would not trump any
remaing pic of the dead princess - so that did not even make sense.

Bklyn 99 - was good. Him and Amy were funny. Not so funny was the captain/Wunch/Pigeon thing. Loved the new captain and the second heart attack and tablets.

Strain - did not get to that - had to tape it really late last night.

Heroes - we shall see. I'd quit on the original so we shall see where this goes.

Quantico - I broke down and taped it - kept hearing about how twisty it will be. LOL Haven't seen it yet. Buth then I keep hearing it's Shonda-rized and that turns me off. I dislike 2 of her 3 shows.

MJ said...

Shipping - well I know I have said many times that I usually disagree when they put co-workers together on so many shows. Hate that Hollywood insists that men and women cannot work together without jumping eachothers bones ! But in some shows it is expected - The Affair is a whole show about it. But unless the show is about the relationship specifically I feel in to be unnecessary. And in the case of Eff - he's jumping on every set of bones he meets so it does not add to the story if he gets with Dutch. But I would not mind her and Fet. In a 'the world can end any time' I bet alot of hook ups would happen - it's an outlet of all the emotions and fears. But these shows that just keep throwing the leads into bed together annoy me usually.

FTWD - I find it interesting that the Los Angelinos figured out very quickly that if you die you come back to life yet our Atlantians didn't put that together really until after the CDC guy told them. The angelinos are also more pro-active in dealing with it all. They know that someone who dies will turn and they are preventing it as much as possible. Rounding up those that are high risk is def going a little too far - but creating the safe zones and such really was smart. Too bad they have bad people running it. Cause I agree with Moyers and the handling of the infected - but not his lack of sympathy and empathy for those in the zone. And def don't agree that they are pulling out and killing all the healthy survivors. Madison is getting interesting - ot necessarily agreeing wit Daniel and what he is doing but recognizing that the info he will get is necessary. That guy locked up with Nick was verrrrry interesting. That neighbor was useless to him to help him survive out there so he gets him taken away but saves Nick as someone he might need . I find it interesting that they have Madison and now Liza being the two characters that fully understand what is going on while Travis is still trying to do things by the book.

Mike V. said...

Shipping - I remember thinking Fringe wouldn't go down that path but they just couldn't resist making Peter and Olivia soul mates in all dimensions. lol Of course, that show was really grounded by family and love in the end, so I guess it worked. And the science of the show was so intriguing and made interesting BECAUSE of the character dynamics.

FTWD - Good point. I just assumed that woman had the virus which is why they knew they had to put her out. I don't think she died of natural causes, did she? Agree on the guy locked up with Nick. Yeah, I guess they need to find some kind of balance for the show on understanding the stuff more quickly because the audience knows the rules...but still making it a realistic learning curve. I dunno....the show is definitely secondary in excitement to me still than the flagship series. 10/11 can't come soon enough!

Mike V. said...

MJ - totally missed your first post!

Rosewood - didn't see it, didn't record it, didn't hear of it lol

Scandal - Totally agree. It was obviously blatant. I don't understand why they did it. Not the greatest episode, but I'm sure they will get on track.

B99 - Yeah, Bill Hader is hysterical. Another SNL alum! Love that he didn't even last the episode. The romance "pretending they're not in a relationship" has pretty much been done on every sitcom but they still made it feel fresh. lol

Heroes - Yeah, it wasn't my favorite show back then and won't be my favorite now but it was entertaining. This is only a limited series run but if it's successful I could see them doing more.

Quantico - Didn't record. And yeah...Shonda"rizing" doesn't mean it's going to be good! Which 2 don't you like? Grey's and Scandal? Or Grey's and HTGAWM? I keep hearing the 2nd one is actually really good. It's on my tivo, but looks like season 1 is on netflix now too.

Anonymous said...

MJ on shipping. I agree on shows forcing relationships, especially bad ones. I can see why Mike says that about shippers too. I guess that's why they have hallmark and lifetime channels, etc.

I have to admit that the Kate stuff got VERY OLD on LOST to me. I kind of liked the Sawyer and Juliette stuff since it was less complicated. It also reduced the Kate drama.

LOL on Eph jumping bones. I don't see him that way vs dutch--lol.

The Blacklist starts soon and there's a lot of this relationship stuff that people are interested in. To the point that it's beyond nuts to me.

Just fyi guys. I prefer the Science channel or a race or a how to over most TV shows now.

Sadly, I've heard some things about the new Bond movie and SW movie that have significantly reduced my enthusiasm. Most of that stuff is about relationship related storylines.


Mike V. said...

Strain - Finished. For some reason when I read on in your post, Richard, I thought Nora and Eph's son died! lol I thought that would be a little drastic for a 2nd season penultimate episode! But looks like Dutch is having issues with her choice over Fet anyway. To your question on what happened with Norah and Eph, I think Norah pretty much assumed that Eph was with the girl in D.C. She read between the lines of what he said.

It was interesting to see in flashbacks that Eph didn't act on his feelings for Norah until divorce papers and custody claims were filed. But, it was probably due to his distance from his family and his feelings for Norah.

Gotham - Ugh...I finished all but maybe the last 5 minutes of the episode. I wish I could sneak that in at some point during the day, but probably not going to happen. Pretty good ep though.

Anonymous said...

Gotham--LOTS of changes really with some characters killed off. Making it somewhat surprising in some cases. Although the Alfred deal was a NON starter--lol. The two sides are starting to form up. I love the red hair guy as the joker. Fox will add some toys I suspect.

BTW, my wife thought they called Gordon's girlfriend Lane last night?? I couldn't tell. And she wouldn't swear to it.


Mike V. said...

Gotham - Okay, I've resolved the Morena Baccarin character name issue. I looked up nicknames for Leslie, and LEE is definitely one of them. lol

Case Closed! :)

Still need to watch that last 5 minutes.

BTW...last minute DVR set for The Grinder and Grandfathered. Love Rob Lowe and Fred Savage so how bad could The Grinder be? Getting good reviews too. Grandfathered was a wife request, but I'm fine checking out new comedies.

Caught up on BBT as well. Still churning out laughs in the later seasons.

Mike V. said...

Black Mirror - New Season confirmed for Netflix! 12 episodes. Saw someone post something on Facebook but I googled this.

Anonymous said...

BBT, I really wasn't much for the season premiere but ep 2 was pretty good. It's a show I watch with my wife. Penny was being childish and really so was Leonard but liked they admitted their destructive approaches.

See I can handle this type of stuff when it's a comedy--lol.


Anonymous said...

Grinder--I'll watch the show. My wife liked it.

Shield--reset. When you see the opening listing of actors including those who are being questioned about their existence it made me laugh.


Mike V. said...

BBT - Felt like rehashing old ground with them admitting that stuff. But there was some good comedy within the episode. The dream sequence came out of nowhere and they pulled it off that it we thought it was actually happening. lol

Grinder - Definitely best new comedy I've seen. Fred Savage hasn't acted in awhile (directs mostly) but he hasn't lost his game. Great cast!

Grandfathered - meh..but I'll still watch.

SHIELD - I don't think anyone is really questioning IF Jemma or May would was just a question of when. They both were involved in comic-con panels and all of that stuff. Not sure if you were referring to anyone else! Season premiere wasn't bad. Setting the ground for the new season premise of helping inhumans.

FRIENDS - Took us exactly 9 months to finish our 10 season rewatch marathon starting on 1/1/2015. lol Still a fantastic show!

MJ said...

Quantico - wasn't too bad. Will see if all the flashbacks start getting annoying. Had some decent little twists so far. Don't like Greys and HTGAWM - I watch Scandal. I sort of like HTGAWM but after the third or fourth week they just kept showing the same scene over and over from each of her students perspective and that got old. I have heard it was good but I just could't take it. LOL

Strain - how they thought taking a bunch of prisoners with them was a good idea I'll never know. And we all know that the trip to Georgia will not be a good one. ust glad that Nikki is gone finally. Great move by the show that Palmer and Coco still have to do as told to get more white stuff when they will need it. Nora kicked Eph to the curb when he started drinking again. And yes - she figured out Eph had sex in DC too. Yeah - I thought Eph and Nora hooked up before his divorce for some reason.

Shipping - agree about Fringe. I was one of the few who loved Kate on Lost so did not mind her jack vs Sawyer back and forth. At first I hated Juliette - when she tried to be with Jack and when they first put her with Sawyer. But her and Sawyer grew on me.

FTWD - no Cristelda died of natural causes and they put her down so she would not turn. Agree it is not as good as TWD.

Grinder/Grandfathered - feel the same about Savage and Lowe. Always good to have a simple show to watch when you have a quick 20 minutes too.

Shield - nah - we all knew May and Gemma would be back. That women running the task force to capture th inhumans - see that actress in many things and have always liked her.

Anonymous said...

Shield--looks like we will have 4 groups up front. 1, New Hydra, 2 New Shield, 3 Inhuman pursuit group reporting to President, ie legit and 4 the beastly looking thing killing inhumans. I can see 2 and 3 working together somehow at some point.

My point on the up front credits is that it takes away from any question and so makes some of the action kind of comical and wasted. LOL on Bobbi being a biologist in a lab coat. That was funny.


Mike V. said...

Quantico/Shonda TV - Gotcha! Yeah I'm just not getting into this one. lol

Strain - Ahhh right the drinking!

Shipping - I was totally a Kate/Jack shipper! lol Not my primary interest in the show but I always was rooting for those 2. And they got together in the best way possible for the show. When they were dead. LOL The Sawyer/Juliet thing came out of left field (well they hinted at it in season 5) but it was done so well that the majority of fans were cool with it...even loved it. And it got them out of their triangle mess. lol

FTWD - Ahh...I'm telling you...I'm so out of it when I watch that show. It does not keep my attention! I heard the ratings are a concern to AMC too. So maybe there was something more to TWD than just Zombies that kept people on board! lol

SHIELD - Yeah...I know that lady from Entourage (Dana Gordon was her name on that). I think she was on that sitcom Good Morning Miami too back in the day. Yep, I watched. lol

Mike V. said...

SHIELD - It seems like 2 and 3 are almost already working together. Of course, Coulson escaped that situation anyway. lol

I understood the point on the up front credits. My point was that I don't think the majority were really concerned that they wouldn't return. There is a requirement to list all series regulars in the opening credits. I think it's more spoilery when they're required to list guest stars in the opening credits. That sometimes spoiled surprises on LOST when you knew if a recurring star would be appearing near the end of an episode.

So, I've gotten better at not reading the names in the beginning of episodes! lol

Mike V. said...

SHIELD - Definitely noticed some of this stuff in the episode. But Easter Eggs to the larger Marvel Universe.

One thing I also noticed was them referring to the "Pym Experiments" with Fitz theorizing that Simmons was shrunken down. A nice reference to Ant-Man. I could totally see this season fitting in nicely with the Civil War Plot coming in the spring. (Captain America's next movie with a lot of Avengers playing major roles...prominently RDJ)

MJ said...

Shield - I liked the new Fitz - though suddenly he had all his brain power back ? Did not notice Pym - and wouldn't have know what it was if I had. Haven't seen Ant Man yet.

Credits - yeah Lost used to spoil me all the time with that.

Oh yeah - entourage ! She was also recently on a show I did not watch - UnReality or some such thing.

Mike V. said...

SHIELD - Yeah the no nonsense Fitz was a good time. I think he was pretty much recovered by the end of last season. But I forget if anything specific happened to make him whole again.

MJ said...

Blacklist and Sleepy are back tonight ! Yay !! Both links to Blacklist and Sleepy give some broad info of what is to come in the new seasons so beware if you don't want to know ! I might not watch Blacklist as I have not re-watched the finale yet.



Limitless - fun show so far. Certainly moves quickly.

Mike V. said...

Ahhh...I was wondering when Sleepy returned. Now things are gonna start getting busy! I actually didn't have any shows to watch this morning so I returned to LOST Season 5 because I love it so much! :)

Now tomorrow I'm going to have to try and squeeze in Heroes and Sleepy. Definitely will give Sleepy priority!

Still waiting to see if the Mrs. wants to watch Limitless. We finally got to the Ralphie episode of Season 4 Sopranos so I think things move a little more quickly to the end of that dreadful season now. Didn't realize how late in the season it was!

Thanks for the links!

MJ said...

Sleepy - heard the ratings were pretty low. ;-( I love this show. And it was a pretty good episode - theough we guessed she was Pandora when we first saw the box. Abby's new boss sure didn't live long. LOL

Mike V. said...

Sleepy - Thursday at 9 is an awful time for the show. They gave Fringe the same fate in season 3 eventually shifting it to Friday nights. I didn't even think about Pandora with the box but it made sense. That actress looks familiar. Just realized she was in Wayward Pines among other things. lol Yep, still enjoying the show too! Crane at Colonial Times was fantastic. Especially when he saw Ben Franklin with a big head. lol

Heroes - Oh good, they're going with the ol' X-Men movie plot for this season! lol Still not too bad.

Blacklist - Lookout kids another hair change for Lizzy! Other than that, just another episode of the blacklist! lol

Mike V. said...

FTWD - Nice finale. Season 2 at sea! lol Makes sense who bit the bullet at the end since she's double booked with orange is the new black. I watched Talking Dead hoping that they'd cover some TWD too, but guess we'll just have to wait until next week!

ONCE - No one watches this anymore right? I'm actually surprisingly enjoying this season so far.

Strain - Good finale as well. I knew I hated that kid!! lol I kinda saw that sequence coming, but didn't make it any easier to watch. I do like that they have new ways to express how much they love someone in this post apocalyptic world. "I will come back for you and your son!" lol Good times. Anyway, RIP person I won't name in case someone didn't watch. Lumen bidding and post battle stuff was good too.

BLOG POSTS - FYI - I've just been waiting for TWD to start up before switching to weekly discussion posts. So, next Monday I'll start up the recaps and weekly posts!

Anonymous said...

Strain--I was actually kind of bored with the finale since it was so predictable. EXCEPT that Nora was killed. That was a big deal, shocking really and not in the books,


Mike V. said...

Strain - Definitely a game changer. Of course, it sets up your potential love triangle of Eph, Fett and Dutch! lol So maybe you were onto something.

Anonymous said...

Blacklist--Seems like a yet again kind of reset. Of course her looking like her mother was pretty good when Red was taken back.

So, Red's going to phone in his Blacklister now? That's funny.


Anonymous said...

Strain--I think Fet was starting to look towards Nora and so may blame Eph for her death, don't know obviously? Obviously the boy is a pawn and is supposed to be fooled by his mother, this is why the master wanted her so badly.

The Lumen as bait seems to be setting up next season.

Once the master told Palmer he would honor their deal, it occured to me at the same time he killed Coco that she wasn't in the original deal.

BTW, I don't see a TV show killing off a couple of pretty girls and not replacing at least one of them somehow/sometime?


Anonymous said...

Gotham--The Joker at the end with the smile seemed tied to those who were imitating him especially with his Dad's voice over. The last part was really surprising and great. More than I expected from this show really.

Am I the only one who really believe Barbera was foreshadowing when she told Lee that her and Gordon would get back together. That they share a dark side. That, combined with Alfred's crush on Lee makes me wonder how the finale will end.

Also, am I the only one who thinks Gordon's going to have trouble with Penguin as it relates to his cop job.

So, Barbera, Theo and Tabitha are all loco, seriously loco. REally strange when Tabitha said her brother was a maniac or similar in bed. Made me wonder why she didn't join Barb and Theo toward the end-lol.


Mike V. said...

Gotham - I think they're playing with us because her name is Barbara. How could Gordon ever go back to her unless we find out she was under some kind of hypnosis for however long it is? lol I thought the Alfred/Lee thing was just thrown in there for humor and it was funny! But I didn't think anything more than a 1 episode thing. We'll see.

The Joker stuff was definitely interesting. I was wondering how they were going to play this. He was so good at playing the joker but it was way too early in the series for him to be turning into the ACTUAL Joker. But he went all out and inspired many others to take the helm and eventually the MAIN one that will take on the big Bat.

I think it's a safe bet that Gordon will have issues with his cop job due to his Penguin relationship. lol

Anonymous said...

I hope you're right about them playing with us on Barbara. Obviously another one could come in later.

It was funny that Bruce knew about Jim/Lee while watching Alfred.

I don't know if it was too early for the Joker given we already have the penguin and some others teed up. He was so good at it that whomever follows him will have a big shadow to deal with.

Selena/Bruce thing still perculating. So, she saw him be daring and they wanted us to see her doing that--lol.


Mike V. said...


Did Bruce know? I wasn't sure, but that is funny if he did. I know Alfred thought he knew.

Good point with the penguin. Obviously, they're building their own mythology but I would think if this is an ORIGIN story, they're not quite the people they once WILL be. Bruce won't be batman any time soon. We'll see how they play it!

As for big shoes to fill. They said the same thing about Nicholson. Everyone laughed at Heath filling the Leto is taking it on on the big screen. I'm sure they'll find someone. lol

MJ said...

Blacklist - LOL on hair. I'm sure another wig too.

FTWD - I was surprised they killed Liza. I figured they's want to mine the wife/exwife drama more.

Once - nope. Leslie maybe.

TWD - i am so screwed next week. Giants play sunday night so there is no way I can watch my game and then a 90 min premier. No way. SIGH I will have to wait until monday to watch TWD.

Strain - surprised they killed Nora - glad they killed Coco. LOL Was a good finale.

Scandal - not sure we talked about this one. Crazy that she sai 'yes' to being the First Mistress. Not like her at all. And now she's totally ruined what the Prez and Melly just said.

MJ said...

Scandal - still hating Huck

Mike V. said...

FTWD - I have to think it was a contractual thing. She's a pretty big character on OITNB these days. But I really don't know.

TWD - That's the difference in our household. Appointment TV trumps sports for us! lol But, with my niners so awful and the Eagles almost as bad, there's not much NFL that is appointment TV! lol But, the show and the recap (if we can call them that anymore!) will be waiting for you when you get to it!

Scandal - I don't think we did. I had a feeling she was going to say yes but still surprised they're going there. But, they don't call the show SCANDAL for nothing! lol Gotta mix things up! Yeah, Huck gets on my nerves too. Maybe they'll tone him down this season. We'll see! I like that Cyrus is still finding his ways to be involved.

Mike V. said...

SHIELD - Good ep. A little convenient that Simmons was right on the other side of that portal, but they did explain it was the flare that got her closer. Still a stretch! But, emotionally it worked. The whole cast is back in action.

Leftovers - Anyone still watching this one? I will say the premiere of season 2 already gets us started on better footing. And I can feel Lindelof's presence on the show. Just like Season 2 of LOST, we're going to be following the same events from different perspectives. But lots of weird stuff still going on. The bird in the box? And that opening sequence? Well, funnily enough I was listening to my Hollywood Prospectus podcast this morning while they discussed the Leftovers and apparently the entire writer's room of The Leftovers listens to it too. (you know that podcast with that nobody Andy Greenwald that Richard loves so much! lol) Anyway, they love the podcast too but joked in the writers' room that that opening scene would really piss off Andy and Chris. Hysterical! Lindelof talks more about that opening here.

Loved the new opening credits too and speaks to Lindelof as much as the show. The name of the song is "Let the Mystery Be" LOL...fantastic.

Homeland - Not as excited by this premiere. I mean it was okay and I'll keep watching. But, this show is miles away from how engaged it got me (and probably everyone else) in season 1. That show was awesome. They had no choice but to change things up because the Brody storyline was exhausted. But, this show isn't AS exciting to me. Quinn is still cool. lol HP podcast brought up something I didn't catch would seem Carrie has a type. Her new boy toy has red hair too. lol

Missed all the comedies last night so we'll be watching 4 tonight. (MF, Grinder, Grandfathered, Muppets)

Anonymous said...

Shield--So, hydra and the gang are reforming-I might say a reset of sorts.

The short guy tearing the jail bars down acting like he was afraid to fight Bobbi and Coulson was hilarious. It's really a comedy show at times.

I really didn't miss Mae in the prior ep, I think the show could do without her really.


MJ said...

Leftovers - no I gave it up. Heard this season was going to be better - but have to much stuff

Scandal - yeah - gotta make it fun again

Blacklist - guess we'll be meeting Liz's mom this season. Not sure it was wise calling yourself an Russian agent and going to
their embassy. Can't see how the FBI could ever take her back after that. And not happy that Dembe was taken by the cabal.

iZombie - think I am the only one who watches that.

TWD - yeah if my Giants didn't appear to be getting their stuff together I'd be tempted to skip. But I missed last weeks game cause they played the same time as te Eagles so I don't want to miss 2 in a row. ;-(

MJ said...

Strain - read that season three will be purposely shorter so therefore quicker in pace.

Homeland - It was odd just seeing a happy and well adjusted Carrie I think. Brody was only supposed to be 1 season but they loved the actor so much they stretched that one out. Apparently Homeland was originally conceived to be more like 24 with a new location and Big Bad each year. Read that recently. LOL on her 'type' with red hair. Of course her Frenemy (fr LOTR) is also a red head. Quinn is a hot mess this year.

Giants - oh snap ! Just hit me that we are playing the 49ers. LOL I wasn't thinking about that aspect of it.

Behind - already behind on so much. UGH. Had to watch my Supernatural last night so no AHS or Flash or Shield. Have to re-set my priorities - Supernatural has been on so long I should probably start tme shifting that one.

Anonymous said...

Blacklist--I don't think Liz was ever going to go back to the FBI. I have always wondered if this is a story of how Liz will replace Red and yet Red not wanting her to.

BBT-Just some more good laughs. The tractor and pig thing was funny.

Grinder--I had more laughs with ep2 than any show the last couple of years.

Limitless--You just knew the thing with Shauna wasn't going to work out. And of course the baddie from the senator shows up 5 seconds before Shauna at the same bar. But, not a bad ep.


Mike V. said...

Strain - That would be nice. Even at 13 episodes it felt kinda long. And I binged half of the season! lol

Homeland - Yeah it's just a classic case of Showtime not knowing how to handle their premiere shows. Many of the critics had always suggested the show should be like that but they drug the Brody story out. I did recognize Miranda Otto from LOTR as well.

Giants/Niners - That's how bad it is with me now. I didn't even realize the Niners were playing a night game and didn't care! TWD!! lol I'm sure I'll record the game and go back and watch highlights. But they're so awful. I'm calling a Giants win!

DVR DELAYS - Yeah..I'm starting to feel the pressure of not being able to keep up. We're still behind on 2 comedies. I haven't watched Limitless or Blind Spot. I started AHS but didn't finish it yet. But, I may have to bail on that show soon. It's just getting weirder and weirder.

BBT - Yep, it was another good one.

Blacklist - I have no opinions either way. I'm just trying to stay awake when I watch it! lol

Anonymous said...

Blacklist--great when they opened the doors and turned out to be a container on a ship.

Cooper taking the menial job was really silly. I know the show needs for him to, but now he's going to get involved in things and have no powitional power.


Mike V. said...

Blacklist - The ship thing was kinda cool Even if it totally looked green screened! lol Seems like they're definitely going to work on pulling Liz back into the FBI eventually. Unless Liz doesn't want to go back, like you suggested Richard. But ugh...these weekly cases really bore me!

Scandal - Doesn't help that I watch this first and that show is still engaging most of the time. Last night's ep was really good. One word from Olivia turns into a great 44 minute episode of television and more. The timetable set by the President/First Lady interview really set things in motion. Good Olivia's name is tarnished for the time being. ...all the while The Louvre burning was minor news in comparison and it could have big repercussions. Not sure how realistic it would be that the Presidential scandal would overshadow something that big...but it was still fun!

Sleepy Hollow - As much as I didn't mind season 2, I am enjoying a return to focus on Abbie/Crane and even Jenny being in the mix. And Pandora being the central villain works well with the show's premise. Good stuff!

Heroes - still watching. lol

Anonymous said...

Blacklist--I don't see how she could go back into the FBI as a regular agent after a cold blooded murder during last seasons finale. Of course it's a TV show and so anything is possible-lol. But, the show would loose even more credibility. I think the Blacklister of the week thing is waning though. They didn't have one this week really.

I hope Dembe doesn't die, but that situation could go either way really.

Surprised we haven't seen more of Samar being questioned about her relationship with Red or her even working currently for Red


Mike V. said...

Blacklist - I don't remember if it was in the ep or in the preview for next week but Red says he wants to exonerate Lizzie. That makes me think she'll be back in some capacity. As for credibility, yeah I think that's already lost! lol Good point about Samar...I thought she was involved with him but it's been so long since they've touched on it I was thinking maybe I remembered it incorrectly. lol

Anonymous said...

Blacklist--Mike, you're basically making the case that I shouldn't expect too much from this show--lol. I keep expecting it to be something with a reality basis.


Mike V. said...

Blacklist - I think it's clear you've always had higher expectations for the show than me! :) I think NBC is more interested in longevity, streaming/syndication rights than any creative decisions that can be made to make the show more like what you want to happen. But, I could be totally wrong!

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