Monday, April 20, 2015

TV Discussion: Week of 4/19/2015 - 4/25/2015

Hello fellow TV addicts!  This is our weekly place to discuss all non-recapped TV.  See you in the comments!


Anonymous said...

Madmen--Glen was great, so sad about his grades. So Don wants to know what people want. When is Peggy going to be not a jerk, Don was being honest with her. Selling his apartment, are we supposed to know why? Is he going back to the suburbs?

I wish they hadn't skipped 1969


Mike V. said...

MM - Glenn was "GREAT"??? You mean unintentionally great right? His presence is the biggest running joke on the show. He's Matthew Weiner's son which is the only reason he was guaranteed at least one appearance per season. But his acting is soooooo sooo bad. lol

Don selling the apt - I'd assume there is too much history there for him to want to stay. But no, we don't know where he's going.

This was the best episode of the 3 though. Loved when that ad kid tried to pull a Don comment off in his apology pitch and it totally bombed. lol

Lots of focus on Don's looks in this episode. It's always been part of the show. He was successful because he looked like an astronaut. But the ad kid brought it up and then we had Sally's friend fawning over him.

Sally had some great lines too....asking if the states were colonies when Betty was in high school. classic lol And at dinner when Don asked what she wants..."I want to eat" lol

But you're right, Don was asking everyone what they wanted. Because he probably has no idea what he wants. Good stuff.

Mike V. said...

Also..they didn't skip 1969...the first half of season 7 was in '69, they just stopped at the moon landing in july. I was really thinking they'd hit up Woodstock too.

Mike V. said...

SW - Richard continuing our discussion from last week and your post "I had a thought on SW. How about female clone storm troopers?

Part of me wonders if there would be a backlash with their ineptness--lol.

I don't mean to make this a pc blog of course, it's just an observation that started when I read that the WonderWoman movie has had so much controversy and some say that's because of pc stuff. But, I don't know obviously. I would imagine a good WW movie could be a huge draw."

I must reiterate that the Storm Troopers are NOT clones. That is a common misconception after we learned about the Clone Troopers. Eventually the empire had to recruit and the clones were replaced with Storm Troopers. Female troopers? No idea... But, I do like where they're going with the animated REBELS season 2....they're pulling in some of the characters from Clone Wars because it's the same showrunner. A popular clone REX will appear with some other aged clones in Rebels.

BATES - MJ, i mentioned last week also. I'm all caught up! I think I made some observations too. But you're right it's been good!

MJ said...

SW - Leia was strong female for the times the movies came out. Amedala was a very strong woman character - she could kick a** and think Rey will be like her. LOL on possible backlash/ineptness of a female storm trooper. Those storm troopers really were awful shots !

Bates - and they are only half way thru.

Scandal - they killed freaking Jake ! Ugh ! And it was her stupid lover who did it. That was horrible how he did it. More later - trying to catch up to GofT stuff. LOL

Orphan Black - I forgot how complicated that show gets !

Mike V. said...

Orphan Black - Yeah...i watched too but it was really late saturday night and I was multi-tasking. Seemed good though! And yes..complicated!

SW - yes the inaccurate shots and women being those troopers....very funny! I was correcting too much to laugh at the joke! :-) And i should clarify the comment in quotes was Richard's!

Scandal - yeah pretty shocked they went there!

Anonymous said...

Madmen--I had NO idea Glen was Weiner's son nor did I know that he was supposed to be a bad actor. To me, I thought his scenes were great. Especially when Betty walked up near the door. Glenn's focus immediately changed and the other girls just didn't get why that was yet his facial expressions and verbal expressions were communicating to the audience why. I have always thought that Betty has such an effect on him that he gets kind of nervous and Glenn plays that well.

I have always liked his story lines. They're just different and look at things from such a different perspective.

I agree Sally had some great lines and well delivered. And she seems to know what she wants. Compare Sally to Peggy for a minute--who's more mature? To me, it's Sally!!!

This was the best of the 3 ep

SW--MJ I'm glad you see the humor there with possible blacklash. And thanks for keeping me straight Mike on the Clones vs Storm Troopers.

In the end was there any difference on their ineptness???


Mike V. said...

Mad Men - Oh no no no...I'm not saying he's SUPPOSED to be a bad actor. I just think he IS. And I just assumed everyone else did too. His scene with Betty at the end was so choreographed. It was awful! lol He actually makes January Jones look like she is running laps around Sir Anthony Hopkins. Sure, you could tell he has some kind of feelings for Betty. That was always clear. But, I thought his acting has always been laughable. The actual stories being told aren't bad.

Hmmm Sally vs. Peggy? Tough call. I'd probably go with Sally too. lol

SW - Clone Troopers, especially thanks for the TV Show, were seen as pretty intelligent soldiers and they all had their own personalities. And their shots were pretty accurate. As for Storm Troopers, the jokes write themselves. They are SUPPOSED to be very good soliders. Obi-Wan refers to Imperial Blasts in A New Hope as being done by Storm Troopers due to their accuracy. IT was meant to look like Sand people did it but the accuracy of the shots gave away that it was Storm Troopers. but the joke is that the heroes can run through blast fire and never get hit once. Granted...Leia did get grazed by a laser blast in Return of the Jedi. It was probably due to the jokes! lol

MJ said...

Grimm - every time they said the name of this wesen who isnot a wesen I could only think of Machu Picu in Peru (know I misspelled that one !) . And what was Juliette actually arrested for ? Doubt they will be holding her long. IS it me or is it pretty ridiculous/lame that Renard cannot get him mom to call him ? So I guess that female deputy will be back since the creature is in her now.

Orphan Black - Anyone watching ? So Sarah played Rachael and Alison play Sarah so fake-Rachael could interrogate her ? Whew - head hurts just thinking on that one. There was some comment about mythology so I looked it up - Leta was mother of Castor and Pollux - twins (and yes the names of the brothers in Face Off) . So that's how they got Project Lyta and male clones named Castor. I'm confused why Delphine is even back at this point. Rachael sent her away and now she's in charge ? Male clones just all seem nuts. And talk about nuts - Helena talking with her imaninary scorpion ! LOL So this guy Ferdinand is alover of Rachaels? And they want to kill 6 clones in 24 hours just because it was done in 2006 ? SO she could become Kira's mom ? What ? I don't even have a clue what Mrs S is about these days.

Scandal - pretty funny with the VP totally not being a push over ! He fed the pigeon. Have to admit it took me a few mins to figure out who Marcus was. Liked that he chose justice in the end. But what is with this year and bodies being broken into pieces and put in suitcases ? Americans did this earlier and some other show as well. Cracked up when they reaized why the guy was called Mickey.
Was glad Ollivia did not take her dad's case - but was disconcerted that he was glad too. But Jake should have said he did not know what Remington was - David said it was just a footnote on something else he read - he would have dropped it.

Americans - don't think I commented last week since knew you were behind. Don't read unless you caught up !
Holy crap - Clark showed himself to Martha !!!! did not see that coming. I do not trust this pastor - and Paige is starting to get out of control. They could totally sell the whole going to Russia - they are travel agents after all - traveling is often part of their perks. But Stan dropping by was just scary. I've never forgotten him killing that guy eating the burger. And how close to the truth is he when he's trying to get rid of that other agent and throws out there that the chick who beat him and Gaad up may be alive still ? LOL Canot wait to see Stan's face one day when he finds out. Can't believe the finale is next week.

Messengers - was interesting. They are angels apparently.

Mike V. said...

MJ - I mentioned above I watched Orphan Black! but no time to discuss right now. :)

Americans, Grimm are 2 more shows I have to catch up on (vikings is on that list too)

Anonymous said...

Grimm, MJ she got in a fight in the bar and so the cops were called. LOL on MachuPichu. Renard's Mom I think is in hiding as is Nick's and they don't want to be traced.

I haven't liked anything Juliette's done for almost the ENTIRE show.

I think Adalind is one to watch in a girl fight with Juliette. LOL,Juliette would probably win but can't ait for Juliette to find out Adalind's preggers with Nick's baby.

Did anyone say, "as the world turns" lol


Anonymous said...

X-Men Days of Future Past--I really think Rebecca Romjin is a much better Raven. Just saw the movie and was wondering why they didn't use her.


Mike V. said...

Because a.) it's Jennifer Lawrence Hollywood gem. B.) it's a prequel series/reboot sequel to xmen 1st class

Anonymous said...

LOL, who's Jennifer Lawrence?? I know she doesn't look nearly as good. And her acting is not any better. What does it take to be a hollywood gem?? rhetorical question of course since stars are made by the star making machine.

Scorpion--season finale was actually good. No big time surprises except that the boy didn't want to go and he kept voicing his opinion whereas before he was kind of quiet.

Gotham, so we've got a villian who's multi eps and the riddlers first kill and the penguin got his hands dirty himself. Selina and Bruce were cute together. He's worried about her and she's not worried about anything he's worried about--lol. OH and Barbera's back and all good with Selina living with her. Kind of reminds me of GoT how they meld story lines for TV's sake.


MJ said...

LOL on who's Jennifer Lawrence. She's actually a very good actress - but I have not see all her work. Most famous for Hunger Games but has done lots of movies.

That Xmen movie was awful though all around.

Bates - good episode. The title worries me. Last Supper.

Anonymous said...

Vikings--MJ, History2 is having a marathon on tonight getting ready for season finale tomorrow night.

I am starting to get worried about Ragnar's future on the show.

Scorpion is renewed.


Anonymous said...

LOL, I'm exposing my ignorance of hollywood stars again. I know more than I want to know about how hollywood works and so one reason I'm not hung up on the star de jur--lol. I took my kids to see the Hunger Games, it was pretty good.

The girl in that move looks more like the girl next door/sister type. Not the hot babe that mystique is supposed to be. Rebecca Romijn is/was hot and to me their acting in Xmen was about equal.

But, the younger viewers like having someone nearer their age and relevance so I get the Lawrence casting now. Since she was in Hunger Games.

The best thing movie ticket sales have going for them is "date night" or similar when the kids go out together as a group.

YOu wait MIke, you've got years of buying movie tickets ahead of you. Especially when the little one grows up some.


Anonymous said...

From Mike's post in the Thrones section.
"J-Law - Watch Silver Linings Playbook and you'll know immediately that she's got great acting chops (she won an Oscar for that one) But yeah she's good and most famous for being Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games as well. I'm not saying she looks better than Rebecca...but she certainly is a better actress...and these movies take place many years before the original X-Men trilogy. You should watch 1st Class to undestand more.

You think Days of the Future Past was awful MJ? I thought it was pretty good....but X2 is still my favorite of those movies."

Let me say, I have seen all of them and I understand the storyline. And Rebecca I thought would have been much better for Days of the Future Past--they are beyond their teens now. Again, I don't think there's any difference in the acting for these characters.
BTW, I thought the Days of Future Past is one of those I'm glad I had recorded since I had to rewind a few spots. Lots going on. I wasn't crazy about the movie's premise though. I will watch it again, so I must have liked it--lol.

Again, following from Mike in Throne's section:
"SHIELD - I chose this as my next I just watched the one with all the Bobbi and Mack flashbacks with Admiral Adama. lol It was good stuff. I heard the remaining episodes will tie into Avengers which I do plan on getting a babysitter to go see! So, gotta catch up! Also saw that Adrianne Palicki's Bobbi Morse is spinning off into its own series. I didn't read the article (since i'm not caught up) I'm not sure if this is a limited run like Agent Carter was and will air in a similar spot next year."

LOL, again the powers that be prove my point on this show. It's female driven and that's all good. Mockingbird's getting a spin off. It's just that I don't get why so many can't see it.

MIke, sometimes I worry about you--lol. Choosing Shield over Vikings--lol.


MJ said...

Bates - Dylan's plan to take te gun running job so he can give the money to Emma's dad to move her up on the list just will not go well.
Loved how Norma totally steals their 'date' and makes it a family affair. This whole thing with Romero really came out of left field - and I was confused. If his mom is dead why would Romero care if her name was put on the list by his dad ? I guess he doesn't want her name dragged thru the mud ? Norman was too funny trying to shrink the shrink - making him uncomfortable asking about him having sex with his mom. But how on earth does that shrink come out of that basemen and not say - he tried to choke me ? Just saying. But of course the end - with her creeping into her room and caressing her ? Yikes. Tis Freddie Highmore is one helluva good actor.

Shield - they are spinning this off ? Lord they are going to kill the whole genre. I'll say it again 'oversaturation'. And they are taking Bobbi and Hunter for the spin off. I'm not real happy with this news. LOL on Admiral Adama ! Richard - not just Mockingbird - they are taking Hunter too. Think this will lessen the original Shield.

Full House - Why ? oh why would they re-boot this ?

Vikings - I got them all taped and rady to go ! Once tv season over in May I will start my marathon.

Last Man - gave this up. Can't take the idiocy of the lead guy

Anonymous said...

MJ, interesting point on saturation of comic book based shows.
1. Shield
2. Flash
3. Arrow
4. Gotham

What are the others?
I have to be forgetting some


Anonymous said...

Mockingbird--LOL on taking Hunter. Every Batman needs a robin. It's kind of like in SkyHigh where the superheros need their sidekicks--lol.


Anonymous said...

Here's a link to top 10 sidekicks.

I forgot about Bucky Barnes and source of Winter Soldier.

Before you look, Guess who's #1! You'll be surprised.

Why can't we get a Bucky Barnes on Shield!!!!


Mike V. said...

Thanks for copying over my post richard...i need to go in and delete that from GoT! lol

SHIELD vs. Vikings - It's less thinking first thing in the morning when I'm on the treadmill. :) I have an intimidating list of shows to catch up it wasn't until you mentioned Vikings was season finale already that made me think I should move that up the list. I was planning to do Americans next. lol Still have Grimm too.

XMEN - the whole premise is based on a specific comic or comic-series...but it was so they could unite the 2 casts. But it was mainly a reboot cast movie ...and there's no way they wouldn't but lawrence in a movie while she's under contract! lol She's one of the hottest items in hollywood right now (and I don't mean looks, but she's not bad on the eyes either lol)

Bates - i'll get back to this later. :) but agree Dylan's gun run will not go well. That's why i assume caleb will go. maybe they both will.

SHIELD - I still haven't looked it up...but I assume this will be another limited run series (like agent carter) so that SHIELD can take a hiatus for part of the traditional tv season. It's not a bad strategy.

Full House - lol....because at this point, nothing is sacred!! I will most certainly watch the first one. :)

Last Man - it's over the top ridiculous but I still find it hysterical.

Comic shows - I'm hearing great things about Daredevil on Netflix. It's on my summer list.

Sidekicks - Well if it's not Robin...maybe JARVIS from Iron Man? lol I'll have to check it out.

Mike V. said...

MJ this was my bates comment i accidentally posted on GoT

"Bates - I didn't look too much into it...even Norma said she didn't want to see her brother again after that night... This is probably the first and last time that this entire cast was in one house at one time for a happy meal. I wouldn't expect them to do it again. Granted...I'm guessing Caleb is going to go on this gun run to keep his son out of it.....and there's a good chance he'll probably get killed. It was a good episode though. Norman is off his rocker, which is expected. But it's also confusing how Dylan seems to always keep moving in on Norman's girls. And even Emma seems to disregard her relationship with Norman for a chance to go to dinner with Dylan. I got the impression that it could be a "more than friends" dinner. "

Mike V. said...

Sidekicks - ugh...i didn't know it was more than comics...i totally would've guessed Chewbacca! :-)

Leslie said...

Mad Men - Good episode! Ah...Glenn....he's changed a lot, but is still creepy! Wasn't Don asking everyone what they want because he was helping Roger with that speech or whatever? On one hand, I kinda felt bad for Joan, but on the other hand, what did she expect?

Bates - haven't watched yet.

Last Man - Can't stand the lead guy either. He was much funnier when he was alone. Now that he interacts with other people, not so much!

Mike V. said...

MM - Ahhh good point with Roger's speech. Might have been the plot device to get Don to ask the question. lol

Last Man - Come on guys, it's Will Forte! He's hysterical. It's pretty much the same concept each week but new obstacles each time. His antics are still making me laugh, but I think it could easily get old quick.

Leslie said...

Last Man - It's past old for me! lol I guess I'm like Richard when it comes to new comedians.....hadn't heard of Will Forte until this show. I don't watch SNL anymore, so I'm clueless about this guy.

Anonymous said...

JB interview for Blacklist, a good read.


Mike V. said...

Last Man - The funny thing is Will Forte has been around for awhile. He was even in the Oscar nominated Nebraska (which I never saw and don't imagine many did lol) a couple years back. He was like 2 generations ago for SNL. I think he was a recurring workplace character for Ted in HIMYM. But understandable you might not recognize him!

Tuesday TV - MJ, were you a little sad there was no Justified last night? We had nothing new to watch. Granted, that means we should've been catching up on Blacklist...but we have a 1st bday party to get ready for. Can't believe I'll have a 3 year old and a 1 year old in a week's time. lol

SHIELD - Catching up still...halfway through the episode where they have flashbacks to May's Calvary legendary tale. Liking the addition of Edward James Olmos to the show...but I have to imagine he might be part of the spinoff...(which I still haven't read about lol)

Don't think I'll be caught up on Vikings by Thursday, but I'll make sure I do them next!

One thing is for sure...there won't be any shortage of content to watch this summer with all of the Netflix, Amazon and backlog of DVR'd shows I have. It's insane. I think we could probably make a TV show and get it greenlit these day! LOL

Mike V. said...

Correction: days (oh how i wish you could edit comments!)

Leslie said...

Bates - Such a happy family dinner! Wow! Emma should be running from this family and not trying to spend more time with them! She was so hung up on Norman and now so easily agrees to go to dinner with Dylan?? Granted, she just saw Norman wig out and Dylan was the strong big brother which may make her think twice about her choice.

I even felt uncomfortable with the shrink in the basement! I half expected Norman to kill him. The shrink knows now that Norman killed his dad, but seeing Norman cut open animals didn’t throw up a red flag? Didn’t make sense to me either that he didn’t tell Norma what happened when he came upstairs. Maybe he just wanted to get the hell outta there!

I think the thing with Romero had to do with his dad being a dirty cop and the long history of all this stuff in this town. Not that Romero is any kind of saint, but since his dad is in prison, maybe he is a whole lot cleaner than sheriffs in the past.

MJ, yikes is right on that last scene! lol

Mike V. said...

Bates - Well, I guess she also went on a couple dates with Norman and he made that awkward comment about his mother on their last date when things were getting heated. She might be over it! lol

The thing with the shrink not saying anything to Norma I'm sure is a writing convenience. But, I'd be concerned that someone else knows the truth out there and he certainly legally can divulge that info I think...based on how he clarified if he thinks harm is going to happen to someone or whatever.

Per MJ's comment on Romero and Leslie's....yeah i think it was about dragging her name through the mud. But also in conjunction with Leslie's comment it was going to show that he's a less dirty cop than his father and predecessors.

Yeah...I can't even comment on that last scene! lol

Anonymous said...

There is NO next Thursday for Vikings--LOL Tonight is season finale.


Anonymous said...

Vikings. Following link on S4, wow 16 episodes.
#1 rated cable TV show on Thursday nights!!

This article talks about the future of the show.


MJ said...

The Flash - don't think any one is watching but Beth from TWD was just on last week.

Americans - relatively calm finale. Really just putting all the pieces in place for next season. Can't believe Stan was naive enough to

think the US would trade for Nina at all, and that Gaad wouldn't be pissed he did all this behind his back. Is Phillip evaluating what he

does for Mother Russia and thinking of jumping ship ? Seems like he meant it when he said he hates what he does every day - or

something like it - after staging that poor IT guys suicide. Why Elizabeth thought the whole Berlin thing was good for Paige I don't know

but I was not surprised when she called the pastor and spilled the beans But - is Tim also a Russian spy trying to turn youth to the

Russian cause? I've long thought he seemed squirrely ! Have wondered if he came into Paige's life since the Center had already

decided that they wanted Paige to become a second gen spy. Technically all Paige said was that they were russian - she did not say

they were spies. Boy Elizabeths face during Reagan's speech was just wow ! Disappointed there was no Martha - but that's ok I guess.

Comic Books shows - Netflix has Daredevil, Super Woman keeps trying to get on, now second Shield, and I think there is another one coming still. I also heard good things about Daredevil. Arrow too actually.

Bates - def felt more then friends vibe as well. I think Emma kinda knows Norman is not that into her.

Last Man - sorry - not funny any more. His lies and shenanigans are stupid. Maybe it's a guy/gal thing. LOL He def was amusing by himself and with just Carol. Once other women showed up I want to smack him !

Justified - I WAS sad tuesday. Was always my go to show for that night. Caught up on some other stuff though

Mike V. said...

Richard - I never said there was a vikings next thursday. I posted yesterday that I don't think I'll finish them by THURSDAY. Hence, today! lol And I won't. :)

Didn't realize The Americans was over this week too. I'm like 3 behind.

I have 10 minutes left of the latest SHIELD..then I'll catch up on Vikings, then Americans, then Grimm (or maybe Gotham before Grimm lol)

Anonymous said...

Flash--I"m watching and Arrow too. I like Flash better but they have occasional cross over shows like the last one. Yea the Dr. Wells storyline is moving forward fast.

Shield--LOL the last ep make me wonder why I watch. Such a merry go round.

Vikings--I am concerned Lagertha and/or Ragnar will get killed off tonight. But, Ragnar shouldn't be killed off yet.


Anonymous said...

Vikings--What a shock in the Cathedral when Ragnar stood up. I just couldn't understand how he could die. I was a little disappointed Lagertha lived. And we can see Bjorn growing into becoming a King. LOL on the princess going off on marrying a beast.


Anonymous said...

Vikings--interesting about Rollo taking on the role of protecting Paris. After what Ragnar did, why would anyone believe what a Viking says--lol.

Rollo certainly could fight the Vikings, they fought each other for years and years.


Anonymous said...

A great article on Vikings with the creator/writer. After the finale with loads of info.

Normandy, yes Normandy now in play. Of course few know that the Vikings really populated Normandy leading up to the Norman vs Saxon fighting, etc.


Mike V. said...

SHIELD - I found the recent episodes entertaining. But yeah the whole conflict on "who is the real shield?" is over the top silly. But I like it. I'm sure it's going to tie into the Avengers too somehow. (which we got a babysitter so we'll be going that Friday night of the premiere!)

Vikings - Looks like I have 5 to watch...well 4.5. I started one but lots of kid drama last night and this morning so didn't get too far. If I recall, I think I accidentally read some of your commentary so I think I know what may be coming for a certain Christian. lol

Scandal - Yep, as exit interviews, no death! lol And considering what I heard happened on Grey's last night, they surely weren't going to confirm the deaths of 2 favorite characters on 2 Shonda shows in a row! I basically tuned out of the episode after those intense first few minutes trying to save Jake. But I did notice Olivia knows this lover dude is not good news! lol

Anonymous said...

More on Vikings finale.

One reason I'm posting all of this is for you guys to check later if you want.


Anonymous said...

Vikings--ONLY Read this if you want to know about Rollo and how important he was to all of European history!

Historical Info:
William the Conquerer traces back to Rollo.


mj said...

Scandal - did not watch but want to know - Jake dead? Ithink so

Greys -- don't watch bug was surprised by todays headline

Comic shows - well arrow and flash doing a joint spinoff so that will be yet another one

Mike V. said...

MJ - If you really want to know, scroll up a little to see my comments on Scandal. I wrote about Grey's too, though I don't watch anymore either. lol

MJ said...

Scandal/Grey - ok so Jake is alive but I think they killed the guy on Greys.

Blacklist - what a shock ! Red lived ! LOL I do love it when Mr. Kaplan visits. Obviously Liz's mom in the picture.
Laughed when she said in the end 'can't you just lie for once ?' At least this medical team got there faster then the doc on Scandal. Caul was creepy with all the photos of Liz and Red. So the head of Clandestine Affairs knows what her mother looks like? LOL Sheesh.

Grimm - still having issues with Renard's mom is the one to do this to him. Hysterical that Adalind went around flashing everyone. Loved Rosalie's reaction to seeing Adalind too.

Scandal - Jakes Lived ! Can't believe that one really. Can we have more Sally/Cyrus scenes please ? And Cy was right - President just let Mellie tell the world that she has lots of say in presidential matters. I do love Joe Morton - but Papa Pope must die ! The whole Russian spy thing was fun since we just got done with Americans - and since Putin really does seem to have lost his mind. I was actually sad to see her and the g-kids killed.