Monday, February 16, 2015

TV Discussion: Week of 2/15/2015 - 2/21/2015

Hello fellow TV Addicts!  As always, this is our place to discuss all non-recapped shows.  See you in the comments!


mj said...

Grimm - not sure I saw thiz weeks section available when i posted on last week. Actor who is Nick did great job reacting to Juliette's reveal

Anonymous said...

Grimm--Yea, he was surprised and maybe a little scared. Juliette scaring Adalind away was so funny. I'm sorry but when the fight started, I yelled to my wife "cat fight"--maybe I'm just too old and looking for humor where I can find it.

Obviously lots of pieces on the board are being manuevered for a big season finale fight.


Mike V. said...

MJ I wrote you back on the other post about Grimm. here it is lol

"Grimm - just watched...we usually comment on the next week's thread but I can comment here. lol Funny that you mentioned both Arzt and Arnst because Hurley called him Arnst when it was actually Arzt. lol Finally Juliette revealed what she is to Nick. Now we can move on! lol"

You must've checked the blog the split second before I posted the weekly post after TWD! lol

Anyone else watch the SNL 40th anniversary special last night? That took up a large portion of our night. lol We'll try to watch Shameless tonight along with Better Call Saul.

Mike V. said...

Game of Thrones - This might answer our question of how GRRM will be okay releasing his books after the show is over. He's already warning about upcoming deaths in the show that haven't happened in the books. lol

I have a feeling this season is going to be the most different from the books and it will continue to go in that direction. Maybe themes and ideas will be similar but I think the book series will end differently. (if it ever ends...yep starting to get that same fear as long time book fans lol)

MJ said...

Grimm - I did see that on the other one. But thanks.

richard - my husband said cat fight as well. Then i said Beist fight ! LOL

Vikings - watched the finale from last year again. Looking forward to it starting again. Also - these little 8 min things from Athelstans journal - they are really 4 mins and then commercials.

SNL - nope. I gave up that show so many years ago I did not bother.

GofT - I thought they were not going to get ahead of the books ? So they have killed people on the show that are still alive in books yet to be released ? Yikes.

Mike V. said...

Game of thrones - no they always said they're going forward with it without grrms books. They want to do 7 seasons. But I'm sure they'll keep negotiating with him. They know how the series is supposed to end. They've talked with him. There are 2 more books written but they happen at the same time for the most part and expand the world even further. The show is trying to bring things back together now. They'll cover the story of these 2 books this season. But judging from the previews and casting there will be significant changes. Even season 4 had big changes and additions. The deaths grrm is referring to is in season 5. But in season 4's battle at the wall 2 people died in the show her didn't die in the books. Minor characters but friends of Jon snow. Pyp and grenn. They could continue to be sub players like that. Or maybe it'll be even more shocking. We'll see! And I'll be sure to cover the differences in the recaps!! Lol

Mike V. said...

With or without. Sorry autocorrect on phone.

MJ said...

GofT - I knew that they got some permission to move ahead but not to spoil too much and that Martin had given them some clues to the end so that they could leave off with the chars on the right paths - but I thought that was going to be for the final (7th) season. Except where necessary to translate a book to film I thought they had not changed anything really major. LOL Just the opposite I guess. Not that it matters to me - I'll never read those books - especially as slow as he puts them out. LOL

Mike V. said...

Goft- ahh gotha. Naa they plan on finishing the story. But I will be surprised if they reveal a certain giant theory resolution before it's resolved in the books. Lol other than that. This seems like it's all coming to a logical conclusion of dragons vs white walkers and stark family redemption. But that would be a traditional way to end a story so who knows what grrm is playing to do to subvert traditional storytelling? Lol really not sure how I thought he'd actually write these final 2 books more quickly now that he was over his writing troubles. They already confirmed no new book in 2015. So if it comes out next year it'll be 5 years since the last one. That's the same as the last 2 books! Lol

Anonymous said...

GoT--So, what did you think of the conversation at the beginning of the little special with Tyrion and Varys? I was thinking if that's the ending (and so many think it will be) it would be such a let down from GRRM who seems to love surprises. But, now after seeing that they could end differently, then it's easier to see the ending that way.

I think that the question of a 7th + season is shocking. Oh well, the books and TV show may go unfinished for the immediate future--lol.

Is there a plan if GRRM passes away for someone else to finish the books??


Anonymous said...

I kept looking for an announcement of when the SNL special would be but never saw one. One of the problems of the new media I guess. So much info and so much junk.

I quit watching the last couple of decades--lol. But really loved the 70s. I was noticing how many of that cast has passed away too.

Roseanne Rosannadanna was great.

Coneheads, etc.


Mike V. said...

SNL - Funny I saw so many advertisements for it starting with the Super Bowl and ratings were huge for it. Lots of coverage of all 4 decades of the show. It was well done. Some clunker pieces but totally worth the watch. I'm sure it's online if you still want to catch it. But yeah..70s stuff was great. I'm a big fan of the 90s stuff with Dany Carvey, Mike Myers, Chris Farley and that whole crew. But I also grew up watching The Blues Brothers lol (probably the TV edited version lol) Of course the Ferrell era was hysterical too.

GoT - Hmm, I'm sure I saw the opening scene with Tyrion and Varys but I just can't remember exactly what it was. Judging by the big set piece they were showing in the special (i.e. the arena) that leads me to think they're covering up to near the end of book 5.

Based on what has been said by D&D and HBO the show will most certainly move on without the books and end. So I don't think there's any worry about that going unfinished. The big question is how different will the books vs. TV show be in the end. And we may not really know that until GRRM's final book is released years from now.

Plan for books if anything happens to GRRM? No idea, but that was one of the reasons he told D&D the plan for the end of the that they could always finish the TV show if anything should happen. (the other reason was to plan ahead and plant things in earlier seasons if they're important. And work towards an end even if the books aren't finished) But those conversations happen every they may revise their plan every year.

I think the show has an opportunity though here. Books 4 and 5...i enjoyed them but Books 1-3 were clearly superior plot-wise and needed to be incorporated in the show. 4 and 5, the writing style is still consistent but more characters are introduced and some uninteresting storylines. I think they'll pick and choose their favorites (i.e. Arya story) and maybe swap characters into other stories (i.e. replace Jaime's story from books and put him in Dorne or something like that...and nix the Greyjoy stuff all together). Hopefully I'm being vague enough to not need a spoiler warning! lol

It wouldn't surprise me if our friends out east meet earlier than expected as well. (again very vague)

Anonymous said...

SNL--call me hugely naive, but I looked for it on SATURDAY night and it wasn't there so I just assumed it was on some internet broadcast, very late or something. NEVER occured to me it would be on SUNDAY--lol. But hey, I'm an engineer and can move on quickly from square pegs and round holes--lol.

GoT, I'm shocked you don't know what I'm talking about as it was right at the opening. I don't want to say as it's very spoilery. You may want to rewatch the first 30 seconds or so? I really think it was there to set the stage going forward.

You say there's no doubt the show will finish. But the article points out there's no contract and an uncertain amount of remaining seasons. I'm betting it will end in 7 as originally planned.

But why hasn't HBO sewn up the contracts? It makes me wonder if the number of seasons is flexible and/or if a movie will be used as a wrap up?? Aging of stars is always an issue too and there's always the unexpected illness or worse. I remember when Lucas had Jones do the voice recordings for future SW movies to help insure continuity.


Mike V. said...

Snl - fair point on Saturday. lol I'm sure it was a ratings thing. More ratings on Sunday night prime time than Saturday at 11;30 lol I think they did similar things for 25 and 30 but I dunno for sure.

Got - I vaguely remember it but I'll rewatch. D and d are renewed through 7 I think. It's the show they usually do every year. They probably did it to 6 to make a call on if they'll wrap up in 7 or Longer. Im sure there are clauses in the actor contracts that have to do with the renewal of the show. Lol

But yeah I don't think waiting for the books is an option with actor ages and momentum of the show.

Mike V. said...

Got - Richard are you talking about the day in the life half hour special? I watched 7 minutes again no t and v. They're in the trailer for s5 together but nothing came as too shocking in that to me since we saw V get on the boat at the end of s4. I'm sure I missed something. But I googled it too and nothing is coming up as significant lol

Anonymous said...


*****************OK, POtentially MAJOR spoilers********************

A little more to it than the following, but this basically gives you the idea.

V and T at the very beginning were talking about reuniting the 7 Kingdoms. They were standing on a pier together and T looked very worn out, older. T was suggesting it would have to be a very special King/man. V replied who says it is supposed to be a man clearly with his body language indicating it would be a Queen/woman. Then I want to say a quick cut to D.


Mike V. said...

Gotham - So we met the Joker (we think) who is Ian from Shameless. He nailed it. Producers say his story is going to be a long arc and slowly will be revealed over time. And we clearly have met Robin's parents...ol' Dick Grayson just hasn't been born yet. I like that they joked they'd name their child Gordon. lol

Okay..but Barb taking advice from Catwoman and Ivy??? come on!!!

Sleepy - Still watching. Halfway through.

Shameless - Great ep! But the whole Jimmy just saying "i love you" and Fiona falling for it?? Girl got issues! At least she acknowledged it by the end of the episode. Ian's handling of that child was making me very nervous all episode! But seeing Mick's reaction to the whole thing was pretty intense...and he nailed the concerned significant other/father. though, i think he cared more about Ian's safety than the child.

Episodes - I had the subtitles on (because our child likes to scream happily when she's awake)...and I loved how after sean said they have to talk civilly towards each other...the subtitles said: F YOU!!! LOL

GoT - **SPOILERS?? I'm pretty vague but it's in response to richard **

Ahhhhhh gotcha. I do recall that scene, I think. Unless I'm thinking of the book. Maybe I didn't notice the quick cut. But that's kinda what I was getting at too with "friends out east meeting more quickly" lol

I think from a TV perspective it makes sense to get this thing moving now...if you're deciding to just move past the books at this point...(take the best parts of the books and do their best to condense/make their own path for the rest).

Anonymous said...

SNL--Seriously, it never occured to me that they would broadcast on a Sunday night. Looking back, I get why they did of course and I've looked at the OnDemand for a recording--it's not there. I've gotten so used to dvring and skipping through commercials,etc that I would never see a promo. I saw the headlines on a few websites and those never had the date/time of broadcast. So, it occurs to me that the promo departments of various shows/companies are going to have to do things very differently if they want to get to someone like me.

BTW, my ATT DVR system broke on Sunday and is still broken. With the ice storm the replacement DVR probably won't get here until Thursday. I can still watch live shows. I hope I haven't lost all my recordings.


Anonymous said...

Gotham--Totally agree on Barb sitting down with the young girls and just munching like no big deal that people broke into her apartment. LOL on Barb walking in on Gordon and the Doc kissing.

The Joker was GREAT, it was like watching Jack Nicholson in some ways! Especially with the way he had is head down and eyes.

The Fish Mooney stuff is just so way over the top stupid, I tried to FF through it, but the DVR is broke--lol.

Interesting on the Doc's lines about how she gets into things/action.

I live in Northern SC and have an inch of ice on the drive, so not going anywhere soon--lol. Finally got power back on this morning.


Mike V. said...

SNL - Seems they did well targeting a pretty large audience. It was their best ratings for anything in years. (well other than the Super Bowl lol) I saw a lot of advertising on Social Media. But yeah, i fast forward through commercials too so I don't catch many ads that way either. Visiting alone would've let me know it was on Sunday. But then I ended up turning on VH1 on Sunday which was showing some SNL retrospectives which also reminded me it was on that night. But yeah, they certainly couldn't catch everyone!

YIKES bad news with the DVR! I'd probably go crazy. At least there are lots of options for streaming these days even if you didn't want to watch stuff live. Lots of backup options to catch up on shows!

Gotham - Agree on the Fish stuff...pretty over the top. Doc getting into things...yeah could be some foreshadowing for her overstepping her boundaries...or who knows? She could be a villain in some future twist! lol

Yeah those southern states got hit pretty good with ICE! Just some snow up here in PA...i still made it into work. lol Be careful down there!

Leslie said...

SNL - We watched last night and really enjoyed it. I watched a lot in the early days and still it surprised me that Chevy Chase was on for only one season. I liked a lot of the sketches they did live, especially the lip lock with Bradley Cooper and Betty White! Too funny! I also liked the catch phrases segment. I have used so many of them over the years! Great to see some of the auditions, too!

Mike V. said...

SNL - Yeah the Californians was a running sketch they did in Kristin Wiig, Bill Hader and Fred Armisan's final years. It had been a lot funnier than that version they did on Sunday. But the Bradley Cooper/Betty White thing was pretty hysterical.

Celebrity Jeopardy is always a great time and it didn't disappoint...but there was no need to bring Christolph Waltz into it!

For some reason I still record SNL every week. They're in a slump this season after a lot of their heavy hitters have left. But I'm sure they'll bounce back as they always do. Always interesting to see the rises and falls of the casts. People always step up when they're called upon. But those early years may never be matched.

MJ said...

Gotham - not watched yet but saw the previews and thought it was Ian ! LOL

Shameless - speaking of - Knew Fiona would mess up the Gus thing with Jimmy/Steve. But we all knew that. He's acting like he's all in love with her but he was totally going to Detroit and leaving her behind for school. Does she not remember that? Sammy getting on my nevers - LOL. How does she get to make any rules? Though in by 10pm for kids not a bad one.

Sleepy - Non Spoilery ! WTH! Your jaw will drop. You'd think this was the finale rather then next week !

Sleepy SPOILERS !!!!
Katrina totally lost her mind. And now Abby is a woman out of time like Crane has been a man out of time all these 2 years! How'd we not see this coming ?!? Of course she's a slave in her new time. Well - since in the North not a slave but at least a servant. This could be so funny. NOtice that 1st ep when Crane had the semi truck almost run him over - they mirrored that with the buggy almost getting Abby. Love it !

Ice - I hate ice ! South jersey finally got some snow of a decent accumulation. NOrth Jersey has been hogging it all. LOL

Mike V. said...

Shameless - I've just been waiting for Dermot Mulroney to lose it all season but yeah we knew Fiona would screw up the marriage. It's funny Steve didn't confess his marriage either to Fiona while explaining the rest of the drama he was involved in. He seems to be up to something else that he's not explaining too. Agree with Sammy...but yeah 10pm rule was a good one (and locking the doors with no exceptions of course!)

Sleepy - looking forward to the jaw drop. Thought I'd be working from home and be able to finish it, but looking at the roads i decided I'd rather save that day for later this week! lol

MJ said...

I am working from home today ! LOL

Shameless - one of my co-workers is convinced he hid something in the Gallagher house. I don't know about that though.

Sleepy - Spoilers

Forgot - loved them playiing Sympathy for the Devil by the Stones. And that Ichabod cracked the Liberty Bell and Washington promised witches they'd have a real place in society. Also forgot - they killed Henry ! Did not see that coming. EP's have stated that there will be a permanent death this season - just not sure yet that it is Henry. But probably is. SIGH I will miss him. BUt maaaan - Ichabod gotta be pissed that Katrina went all evil - said she should not be with a mortal and then sent his partner/fellow witness back to the past. Don't think he can forgive her this one. Glad evil Captain is gone so quickly - but how suddenly are his ex-wife and daughter a possible witch ?

Later in the week ? Are we getting more snow?

Mike V. said...

Snow/later this week - Not that I know of, I just usually work from home on Fridays. The general guideline is you can do it once a week. lol

Shameless - Interesting theory on Jimmy! I doubt it too, but he is acting shady!

Mike V. said...

Sleepy - Finally finished! Nice little twist with the time travel plot. Seems kind of like LOST's Constant/Flashes Before your Eyesish with Katrina consciousness traveling back to her earlier self while retaining knowledge of the future. Meanwhile, Abbie will need to get in contact with Crane who will have no knowledge of them meeting in the future. Good stuff! Nice catch on the mirroring with the horse and buggy. Should be interesting where they go with this. I'm sure she'll end up back in the present, but things will of course have changed when she does.

Yeah, I'm assuming Henry/Jeremy's death will stick...though Katrina is going to try to prevent it from happening again. You never know though...Orlando Jones' character has been through the ringer this season too. And people would rejoice if Katrina pays the ultimate price. Though, I could see her being an antagonist next season and that being a better fit for her character and the show. We shall see!

Anonymous said...

Shield--CaptAmerWinterSoldier--I thought I saw this movie. Recently did so and now I know a lot more of why last season of Shield started and progressed as it did. And maybe why Fury quit. It still stinks though.

So, does everyone think Rogers and Natasha will be an item?

I like the red, white and blue uniform much better.


Mike V. said...

Capt America - LOL...I thought you had seen it too. That's what inspired me to catch up on SHIELD. It was a really good movie and brought a whole new level if interest to the tv show.

They certainly seemed to be hinting at a Rogers/Natasha connection. Of course, there are other comic plotlines at work too with Bucky and Chris Evans walking away from movies when his avengers stint is over. Lots of rumors about where things are headed. Don't want to spoil for those who don't know the comic plots. I google too much. lol

Speaking of Captain America...all caught up on Agent Carter. Good stuff! One more to go before SHIELD returns.

Justified - Watched this too. Ava is in some hot water!! Lots of great scenes but not much time to discuss right now. Choo Choo and "Skim Milk"...the Scrabble scene.....and of course Ava kissing Raylan to muddy the waters a bit more. And of course Frank Lapidus as Ava's uncle! I'll discuss more later.

MJ said...

Justified - Actress playing Ava really is doing a good job showing just how nervous Ava is. Good to see Constable Bob again ! And Limehouse. They really are bringing back all the faves. Can't believe they let that Feecus guy get prodded so many times. LOL And then use the stun gun on the guy Limehouse sends with Ava. Never remember any mention of her having any family around. Did not see the kiss between Raylan and Ava coming though. LOL on the uncle being Lapidus !

Sleepy - yeah I don't think Abby will be stuck in the past with Katrina for long. Can't wait to see her trying to convince Ichabod in the past that they know each other 200 years from now.

Carter - not seen this week's yet.

Leslie said...

Better Call Saul - We watched the first 3 episodes. I haven't watched BB, so I don't know how it compares. I'm not drawn in yet. If you guys are caught up, what do you think now? I liked seeing the guy from The Closer, but he's a bad guy in this.

Mike V. said...

Justified - Yeah the show always had that lived in feel with a lot of characters they could always revisit. So it's nice to see them doing the last tour around town to see them all. And the final season focusing on Harlan itself and now mining is a nice touch too.

Better Call Saul - Yep I'm all caught up. I'm really enjoying it. You can tell the same crew that did BReaking Bad is making these episodes. Especially that 2nd one with the desert scene. I could see someone coming in without the BB knowledge may not enjoy it too least off the bat. It's definitely a different beast, but you would at least know Jimmy McGill (i.e. who will become Saul Goodman)....and now we're kinda getting his origin story. But his story in this spinoff actually started with scenes that took place AFTER breaking bad.

Definitey gonna give it the 10 episodes to see where they go with it but I'm enjoying the ride and it's much better than any ideas I had in my head originally for what they'd do with it. lol

Leslie said...

Better Call Saul - Oh, didn't realize it was a spinoff of BB. Duh! I also heard this morning that the guy that I know from The Closer and Major Crimes, Raymond Cruz, was on BB. He's a great bad guy! My fiance really liked the desert scene! We'll keep watching. We've talked about watching BB, but it is probably something for this summer.

Anonymous said...

ATT DVR--So frustrating on their architecture. Never had a size problem but if it had a communications problem I couldn't get to the recordings on the DVR--my assumption was that they were on the "cloud". But NO, they were on a HD on the unit and if the unit can't communicate with the ATT network then the recordings are not accessible. WORST of both worlds because bottom line--ALL of my recordings are history. Something to keep in mind next time I sign up for a service.

Looking forward to Blacklist tonight.

GoT--so Mike, are you betting on D in the end?


MJ said...

Gotham - we met the Grayson's? Of course - didn't remember Robin being Dick Grayson til you said it. So who were the greysons? I obviously did not retain that. LOL

BB - yeah the guy from Closer was in some of them. Plays a very good bad guy.

Saul - agree it is def better then I thought it could be. But I can see how not knowing some of these chars from BB might make it a little less enjoyable.

Broadchurch - know they have a second season planned - don't know what it's about though. Is it another murder Leslie ?

Sunday has almost nothing on but TWD. Even Shameless is off due to the Oscars.

Mike V. said...

DVR - Sorry to hear that Richard, but yeah most DVRs are hard drive solutions, no cloud backups. I'm sure Apple and Google are working on this issue as we speak! lol

Semi-looking forward to Blacklist. I think I'm just usually burned out from the day by the time I watch it! lol

GoT - I really don't know. Seems too obvious for it to be how it turns out! Of course now we have to talk about the end of the TV show vs. the end of the books, assuming they may end differently.

Better Call Saul - Ahh I didn't even realize who you were talking about. Good ol' Tucco...yes he was in Breaking Bad at some point in its run. lol And yes it's a spinoff/prequel/sidequel/postquel from what I can tell. lol Seems like they're going to bounce all over the timeline so there are opportunities for crossover with our friends in Breaking Bad...and potential to revisit the post BB timeline. For most of it so far it has taken place PRIOR to him meeting Walter White. Of course, it's prior to him even being Saul Goodman.

Gotham - The circus folk were the Flying Graysons. Well the Graysons had a feud with another family on the road with them. I think who we think is the Joker is from the other feuding family.

Sunday - Yep...i'm actually relieved! I'll still be watching TWD though. Makes the Oscars perfect for fast-forwarding through the boredom! lol

Leslie said...

DVR - Richard, I feel your pain! Had that happen to me once with ATT. Still like their service though.

Broadchurch - Haven't heard about a second season. Wonder what they'll do?

Blacklist - Haven't watched any episodes yet this year, but I have them recorded. Can't say I've missed them so far.

MJ said...

Carter - meant to say - was sorry to see Dooley go. Apparently this actor only works on period pieces. LOL

Saul - Was shocking seeing Jimmy before he was a lawyer and his brother before he was a nut job. And I desperately want to know what a 'Chicago Sun roof' is but and afraid to google that at work. LOL Cause when his brother said he's goine to have sexual predator hun on him he said it was only a chicago Sun Roof. Finding the Kettlemans singing in the tent was just bizarre. But enought with Mike and the stickers already. I want the real Mike back !

Gotham - OMG ! LOL went right over my head (pun intended)

Blacklist - Lizzy is a little less ridiculous is about all I can say.

Mike V. said...

Carter - LOL on Dooley. Yeah he's got the look for it.

Saul - I forgot that expression was used. I have no idea what it is either! lol Yeah, it's rough to see Mike before he was Mike...but everyone has to start somewhere I guess! lol

Gotham - lol...once Gordon and Doc set a date for the circus I had a feeling we'd be entering Robin territory!

Comedies - BTW we fell far behind on these...watched 4 Parks and Recs last night and 2 Modern Families...all caught up on Parks and ready for the finale. Still have a Modern Family to watch. Want to catch up for next week's ALL APPLE RECORDED episode. lol

Mike V. said...

Americans - Loved the use of Yaz during the episode. There can never be enough 80s references in the show. Plus those songs are awesome. "Only You" was used in the final season of Fringe as well, which I remember saying it was also in the movie Can't Hardly Wait when I recapped it. lol

Anyway, the season is pretty great. But nothing really else to note. I just enjoy watching it!

Vikings - Another season, another group of people to conquer! lol I liked how all the men were going stir crazy during the winter and couldn't stand their women. lol Now Eckbert has a thing for Lagertha? And Lagertha's people are plotting to take her out? Ragnar looks concerned over his son's attachments to his woman (pregnant woman?) too. So, business as usual in Viking land! lol I'm sure Richard will have more insightful comments to make!

Blacklist - As I assumed, I just was too tired to watch it last night, so we saved it for the weekend with a fresh pair of eyes. lol

Scandal - DESMOND!!!!! That was an awesome twist at who won the auction. They wrote Henry Ian Cusick off the show because they didn't really have any meaty stories for him. Now with Harrison gone, they really could use him again...but I believe he's a series regular on The 100 (which I hear over and over again is pretty darned good. I never watched past the pilot). Anyway, it was a fitting way to pull him back into the fold to show how important Olivia is to her gladiators. Now, where he got the money to bid on her? No idea! And OF COURSE Fitz and Olivia are at odds even more because of the ordeal! lol

BBT - I had heard this episode would deal with the death of the actress that voiced Howard's mom. It was sad...what was even sadder was the DVR cutting it off and me forgetting to record the Odd Couple after it. (Well not forgetting as much as choosing not to because of the horrific reviews it got) Oh well..maybe I'll catch the last few seconds one day.

I don't watch 2.5 Men but I had no idea last night was the series finale. Talk about a show that went from on top to no one caring by the end. lol (Of course, I never found it very funny anyway)

Anonymous said...

Vikings--haven't watched yet but can't wait. I think my dvr got it, but I lost so many recordings.

BBT, can't wait to see.

Blacklist--I thought a solid ep to keep the story moving even though not providing any answers on the long story arcs. I thought the kenyon stuff was way too weird to call right wing fanatic stuff. More like left wing with all the sex stuff(scientology??IDK), definitely not conservative. I think it good that most on both sides don't like what that group stands for. Sometimes I think hollywood types spend too much time with like minded individuals resulting in a somewhat inbred thought pattern--lol. There is a guarded compound in the SE that many are worried about, but it's islamic. They've even got a town called Islamville.

The Red/Glenn stuff is getting old but is still somewhat funny. The treatment to REssler is getting old as is the unrealistic treatment of a second year agent(Liz) as she's acting like a "senior agent in charge".

I laughed more at last nights ep than any other ep and so maybe that's good--LOL.


Anonymous said...

2.5 men. I quit watching it years ago. There was a time I found it funny. But, it started getting so perverted many years ago as well as the storyline got old as Jake and the others grew old. I mean it was as if Sheen was a characature of himself sometimes. The show was absolutely horrible with the guy who replaced Sheen. The new guy wasn't really as much the problem as the whole storyline was ridiculous.

Many of the eps with Jake(son) were the funniest.


MJ said...

Gotham - why ? Did you have pre-knowledge that Robin came from circus folk? I did not know that.

Bates – looks like an uncomfortable season

Comedies - was caught up til this week. I was surprised at all the cameos by real politicians. MF - what ? All Apple ? No idea what that means. LOL

No blacklist or vikings yet. Was out last night so not much watched.

Americans - loved the Yaz too. How uncomfortable was it for the dad (name eluding me) to be starting to set up this teenage girl ? The actor showed that discomfort so well. Wonder how the wife and husband (again blocked on names LOL) are going to come to some agreement over Paige's future. That preacher and his wife are creepy to me. As for Stan - it;s ok t cheat on your wife when married but not have sex when seperated ? Huh ?

Mike V. said...

Americans - Yeah I'm drawing a blank on the names too which is funny because I know Paige too. lol Certainly awkward that he's having to put the moves on the teenage girl and he is playing it well. Stan and the no cheating - I think he's finally feeling the effects of what he did and is trying to make amends. But, they wouldn't bring on Sheila from Rescue Me for such a small part. I'm sure we'll see her again! Preacher and wife are DEFINITELY creepy. Of course, we're supposed to thing that because we're following these Russian Spies on American Soil as our heroes. lol Twisted twisted plot! But yeah...surely the whole Paige learning about her parents will be unveiled this season at some point.

Gotham - I'm not a comic book junkee per say....but Robin's origin story in Batman Forever (The Val Kilmer one with Jim Carrey as Riddler) had him being orphaned as a child. His parents were part of the Flying Graysons circus act. There's a chance he may have been a part of the act too, but I forget.

Modern Family - Apparently the whole episode will have been shot using Macs, iPhones and iPads and it's going to take place on a Mac screen. Lots of FaceTime chats, texting and what not as the family searches for a lost Haley. If you recall in season 1, they did a big episode about Phil wanting the first iPad. lol So it's not unprecedented. Of course, I have become an Apple convert over the years starting with an iPod then moving up to the phone, the pad and Macs....they got me hook line and sinker! lol So I'll enjoy this ep.

Bates - I'll have to check out the link but I can only imagine the show getting more uncomfortable! lol

MJ said...

Apple - hate apple. Only have ipod and thinking of getting rid of that.

Parks - Andy was always my last fave character so an entire ep around him was merely ok - though this season I like him more then all the others. Love Gary/Larry/Terry getting to be mayor.

Scandal - did not see that coming-= bringing back Steven. Yeah - tied of the Fitz/Olivia thing honestly. I like her cases whee she is helping people better then the love crap simply because it's he same crap over and over with their relationship.

Blacklist - sitting here I can't even remember what the show was except killer kids. LOL Reading your comments jogged memory - the Red/Glenn stuff was the best part of the show.

Gotham - ah ! skipped the Val Kilmer movie.

2.5 Men - I read about it and it was totally bizarre. I watched for several years but quit a few ago.

MF - that was a flight in heaven for Phil !

Oscars - gave that up years ago so very light night on tv tonight. Two new shows start next sunday - seriously ? Why is everything on Sundays? They are killing me ! LOL I spend half the week just catching up from sundays recordings.

Mike V. said...

Apple - Hate eh?? I used to be anti-apple before they took over the world. when they released the iPod I intentionally got a non-brand mp3 player because I didn't want to be restricted to their DRM. But, then they released the video iPod along with LOST episodes available for purchase. I was sold! lol and of course they eventually went DRM free. And then they slowly took over the world and my household with it. There are certainly downsides to all of their control on stuff, but it's not as bad as it used to be.

Parks - I like Andy but that episode wasn't very good. Chris Pratt is the new face of blockbuster movies regardless! lol Unfortunately, not going to be able to watch the finale on Tuesday. Wife and kids took a spontaneous trip to see I'll be in a holding pattern for some stuff. lol

Blacklist - lol...I gotta go back and read Richard's comment. we watched on Friday. It was okay. At least I was awake for the whole thing this time! I still maintain that they've lost sight of what made the show better in the 1st season. Focus on Red and Lizzie's relationship and Lizzie and Tom's relationship. Based on the previews looks like Tom at least should be back soon.

MF - the episode ws hysterical! lol

Oscars/Sunday - I'll fast forward the majority of the Oscars but will still watch.

What other shows are starting that will air on Sundays? Mad Men will start after TWD so I'm good there...and Game of Thrones will come on right around then also and Shameless should be done by then. OHHH I remember. ONCE Upon a Time is returning, but you don't watch that anymore. lol And we're way behind on B99