Monday, February 9, 2015

The Walking Dead: Season 5 Episode 9 - What Happened and What's Going On

We're back!  Welcome to season 5-B of the Walking Dead.  They didn't waste any time upsetting us and eliminating some beloved characters from our lives.  But, they certainly upped the creepy vibe with the directing style and ghostly visions on this one.  It's nice to see they're expanding the brand and trying different things.  Anyway, I'm short for time this morning, so let's not waste any time diving into the details!

Discussion Points
  • We last left the crew when they were reeling from losing Beth.   The episode started with some confusing shots of things we've seen and that we've yet to see.   I'm pretty sure there were shots of Woodbury and the Prison mixed in with future shots from this episode (the blood on the picture, Lizzie and her sister saying "it's better now", the skeleton with grass growing through it, and the funeral which we assumed was for Beth)  This episode did provide some closure to the Beth story, but it served a dual purpose in shining the light on another individual as well. 
  • Rick and crew decided to honor Beth's last wishes by trying to get Noah back to Richmond, Virginia.  Noah had claimed that they have a wall and could sustain a life there.  Rick was the most optimistic of the bunch, but knew the chances weren't good the place was still in good order.   This marked the first time our crew left the Georgia limits.  And in TV time, they didn't waste much time covering those hundreds of miles!  
  • There are 2 cars worth of our heroes heading up to Virginia and this episode focused on Rick, Glenn, Noah, Tyreese and Michonne.  Interesting that Glenn wouldn't be riding with Maggie.   Carol and Rick were communicating via walkie talkie but there were no specifics given to where Carol's group is.  I wonder if we'll have an episode dedicated to that?
  • Rick and crew stopped a mile and change outside of Noah's hometown and decided to proceed cautiously through the woods on foot.  They walked through trip wires and finally got to the wall at Shirewilt (No idea if this will ring bells for the comic fans.  Except that I got curious and just Googled it.  Apparently it was called Wiltshire Estates in the book.  Next we'll see a backwards talking Walt in our midst.) 
  • When they got to the town, it was quickly observed that the place had been run over.  But, it didn't look like your average walker infestation.  Homes were burned.  And either Walkers or people were dismembered and sliced in half.  Based on the radio broadcasts (which seemed to only be in Tyreese's mind), it sounds like there is some militant group on the loose terrorizing people.  There were references to some Republic as well.  Hopefully, it's not One Republic.  If I need to hear the sweet grating sounds of Ryan Tedder's high notes in The Walking Dead, this blog may be over!   
  • Noah was deservedly distraught by the news.  He had lost family in Georgia, but his mother and twin younger brothers lived in this town.  They were all found in his childhood home dead or turned.   Tyreese spent some time explaining how he recovered from life altering moments.  He explained how he made his life still worth living by saving Judith and getting her back to her dad.  He chased after Noah as he ran to his home without a care in the world of repercussions.  
  • Tyreese went in first and found Noah's mother.  He then proceeded to the bedrooms where he found one twin dead in his bed.  He then got fixated on the picture of the twin brothers and their older brother Noah.  The whole deal they've been through and what the world has turned into must've hit Tyreese in this moment and he had a fleeting moment of giving up.  It was enough to be thrown off when the Walker Twin boy came into the room and bit his arm.  NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!   (I'll admit it, I thought it was Noah when I saw something walking in the background. Good bait 'n' switch!)  
  • At this point, we started to get a reunion of the dead with people that have been in Tyreese and our lives throughout this series.  The dude that Tyreese should've killed in the Judith debacle (one of Gareth's guys) was the first to appear explaining the domino effect of Tyreese's decision not to kill him leading to this point.  Bob showed up and kept repeating what Tyreese said earlier in the episode about Beth's death "It ended the way it had to happen".  Lizzie and her sister showed up telling him it's okay and it's better now.  Beth was there with guitar in hand for serenading and for her swan song.   And the Governor showed up all P.O.'d that he betrayed him for Rick's group.   This was basically the voices of the dead trying to convince him to let go (at least that's what I interpreted).   But Tyreese was still too strong willed at first.  And he shunned them away.  Granted, this was after another encounter with a walker where he got bit again in the same arm.   
  • Meanwhile, Rick, Glenn and Michonne were plotting their next move and also reflecting on the Beth stuff.  Rick acknowledged he knew that Dawn killing Beth was an accident, but he still wanted to kill Dawn.  And he acknowledged that they went on this trip for Beth so it wasn't for nothing.  Michonne chimed in suggesting they go to Washington anyway even if Eugene was lying.  He's still a smart guy and calculated that it might be the best place to go in this world.  It certainly would be interesting to see a zombie plagued D.C. if they ever get there.  Rick agreed to this plan just as they received word about Tyreese!   After saving Noah from some walkers they head to Tyreese who was still seeing ghosts.  
  • I liked the transition from the Governor pulling his arm to Rick setting his arm to get sliced off.  They didn't waste any time taking that arm off.  But even still, Tyreese was looking pretty out of it.   They dragged him out of the town and to their car.   Rick got stuck trying to back out and ended up driving into one of the other abandoned cars.  Guess what?  More walker appendages.  I guess the fact that these were still moving walkers with sliced bodies and then other body parts all around should indicate that these people were sliced up while they were alive.  And Rick and crew should tread lightly! 
  • In the end, Tyreese finally gave in to the comforting ghostly voices and visions.  Why? Because it ended the way it had to end.  And it's better now.   And Beth played some music and we all had a great time! was actually pretty sad and we found out that the funeral we witnessed was not for Beth, but for Tyreese.  Gabriel preached the good word, and we saw the rest of the crew attending.   Sasha said her goodbyes.  But the thing that hit me was seeing Tyreese's hat hanging on the cross.  Whew...close to waterworks but I held it together.  RIP Tyreese!  

At some point the first half of the season, we did the math and figured out who was probably on the chopping block this season and who is safest.   I remember Beth always being pretty high on the list of unsafe.  Tyreese was probably in the segment right below her as in "a little more shocking, but probably not too shocking".  But still, it is rough to see characters go, especially in such quick succession.  They still do a good job with bringing in new characters to make the pain easier to deal with!  I look forward to their journey to Washington and the remaining episodes of this season.  Hope you enjoyed my ramblings and I'll see you next week!   


MJ said...

Holy crap ! I watched the previous ep where Beth died so for me it was literally back to back deaths. Not surprised that the left Atlanta - it was hinted as much earlier in the year by either Gimple or the comic guy (name eluding me)

Gotta get some work done. I'll be back.

Leslie said...

Glad for this show to be back! Interesting to see some familiar faces again. Those girls still were creepy! "Backwards talking Walt"....good one! Not that it matters, but I thought it was the girls pulling on his arm before it transitioned to Rick doing it. It seemed like a lot of time passed between him getting bit and Rick and the gang showing up unlike when it happend to Hershel and it was almost immediate.

Carol and the rest of the gang couldn't have been too far if they were still able to communicate on the walkie. I also thought it was strange that Glenn and Maggie weren't riding together.

MJ said...

I thought when they cut off Tyreese's arm that they had no way to cauterize that so started to get nervous for him. Def creepy seeing Lizzy, Mika and Bob again. Gareth's guys domino effect (as you called it) was interesting. I'd have to hear it again to see if it was actually accurate. I was never clear if Noah was from Richmond how he got caught by a group in Atlanta. And now that we find out that he and his group had a wall and safety (at the time) then why was he ever in Atlanta to begin with ?

Agree - no specifics of where Carol's group is but Rick does mention his concern with the range of the walkies if they get too far ahead. So the other car is who ? Carol, Maggie, Rosarita, Eugene, Abraham, Daryl, Preacher, Carl, Judith, Tara - that's one big car. I also thought it odd that Glen and Maggie were seperated. I didn't see it but on TD they said Glenn is in a dark place. I just thought he was staring at a cd! LOL Used to be this show wouldn't have 2 black men at the same time - now it's three are not allowed. LOL j/k. I don't get your reference to One Republic - but whatever Tyreese was hearing the broadcaster was british. But I also thought it strange that they looked like they had been bombed. I lost it when they showed his hat on the stick. Michonne was interesting - she was very definite that she wanted to settle in somewhere.

It's funny that you are assuming they will go to Washington just because Michonne mentions that maybe they should. Or do you know something that I don't ? LOL. MIke - you must haved loved the EW recap - all the Lost and Mr Eko stuff.

As the day went on yesterday I jotted down these thoughts - but never did get to post them yesterday.

Mike V. said...

Sorry guys i've been swamped and haven't had a chance to comment! (nor see the EW recap! lol)

I'll respond in detail when I get a chance to breathe!

Good comments though!

mj said...

Nicotero on TD said about 17 days passed between Beth's death and Tyreese dying.