Monday, September 29, 2014

TV Discussion: Week of 9/28/2014 - 10/4/2014

Hello fellow TV Addicts!  Here is our post to discuss all things TV for the week.  I plan to resume recaps for The Walking Dead in a couple weeks, but as always we'll see what my shrinking free time allows!  See you in the comments!


Mike V. said...

ONCE - Well, as described by Eddie Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, that definitely was the ultimate FROZEN Fan-fiction. lol They said they'd be faithful to the movie's plot and just extend what happens afterwards and that's exactly what they did. I mean, they even showed us one of the crazy trolls! It wasn't AS PAINFUL as I expected. I can't imagine what bringing Elsa and Anna to Storybrooke will do to the ratings. People love some Frozen. Anyway, there was a lot more going on here than just "selling out" lol. For starters, Mr. Gold found the sorcerer's hat from Fantasia??? Tell me we're going to see Mickey Mouse roaming around Storybrooke soon. lol

BTW - They did confirm that's indeed what it was

I'm glad they didn't make Regina go full on evil so quickly again and that they're making it a conflicting road for her.

And of course Giancarlo Esposito (Gus Fring, Tom from Revolution, and the Magic mIrror!) was able to return since his other contracts expired. I love that they just explained his absense by making up a story that the queen imprisoned him for years. Granted, storybrooke has been rebooted since the last time we saw them but I guess that works!

Anyway, the season seems promising. We'll see where it goes.

Still didn't watch Scandal from last week. And I heard How to get away with Murder is pretty good. We'll see if we can fit it in!

Anonymous said...

Outlander--loved the ending and shock on black jack's face. And Frank/Claire hearing each other, what a tease. Poor Frank.

Hell on Wheels--I love it when Bohanan is on a tear making progress.

Looking forward to Blacklist tonight.


Mike V. said...

Hopefully, we'll get to Blacklist tonight. Monday is jam packed with TV now and MNF. I liked Gotham too but may have to wait for the Mrs. to catch up so we can watch ep 2 together.

Outlander - Still have em all recorded and I see they're getting to a mid-season finale soon. Maybe I'll have time to catch up. Not sure why but I'm trying to catch up on Agents of SHIELD right now. It's not awful...never was. But it's not great either! lol But, it's easy enough to watch whilst on the treadmill.

Star Wars Rebels - Premieres this week I think, but the premiere is available on Disney XD apps (including on streaming devices like Apple TV and Roku). I watched. I loved it! Definitely gets back into an Episode IV feel of fun. There is a little disnification going on. One of the main characters seems like a rip off of Aladdin. But, his story arc seems like it'll go in a different direction. Anyway, I know it's an animated show but I recommend checking it out. There are rumors that certain characters that show up on this show may pop up in Episode VII playing into Disney's new cinematic Star Wars universe (similar to how they're doing Marvel).

Anonymous said...

Outlander mid season finale was this weekend, now off for 6plus months. Many unhappy about the long waits and so show may loose some audience. Actually if it ended now, I would be OK in considering it kind of like a mini series with an ending that leaves a some things unanswered but enough answered that it's OK.

It's like MadMen and others are doing thinking it's a way to wring out every last dollar than can from the franchise.

But, like Madman where I've lost almost all of my interest by the time it comes back, I may have lost my desire to see Outlander.

It's not just loosing interest over a 6 months or longer stretch, it's also that there is a lot of good options developing which pull you away from those shows you WERE interested in. Competition for eyeballs.

I think after this season(which I believe will be not as exciting as prior seasons) with GoT, that franchise will be threatened, not to be cancelled or course, but in it's preeminence.


Mike V. said...

Yeah AMC's strategy of splitting seasons worked really well with Breaking Bad, but it totally flopped with Mad Men. The show is already filmed and ready to air. But they're going to hold it for the spring. Up for more emmys and all. That really worked well for Breaking Bad this year. They cleaned up house.

As for Outlander - That's a pretty crazy hiatus. Of course, it can work if a show gets classified as an event when it's on. (I stand firm that this is what Game of Thrones's what LOST was its final 3 shortened seasons.) But I don't think Outlander achieved the elite EVENT status in its short time on the air. I'd wonder if they don't have episodes ready to air or if they have some grand strategy of trying to get publicity for other shows while Outlander is on hiatus. It's no secret Starz is lagging behind its premium competitors! (HBO/Showtime)

As for Game of Thrones - I want to believe the showrunners when they say that the show many only improve this season even though the source material isn't as strong. They do have a way with working with these they can still provide some strong character moments and lots of action that may not necessarily be documented in GRRM's bible. Plus, condensing these 2 books into 1 10 episode season I think can pay off in that you only keep the most memorable stuff and not that stuff that dragged on and didn't add much to the story.

We shall see. I still think the ratings will continue to grow because that's what happens with this show. But, the large looming question all season will be if GRRM has book 6 ready to go. I actually wouldn't be surprised if the book was announced prior to season 5 starting to avoid those questions.

Of course, then it'll just be..."When will book 7 be done?" lol Lose/Lose situation!

mj said...

I have to get used to the discussion changing weekly again. lol

Didn't have premiums when weeds on

Thanks to your 49ers Eagles finally lost!

I had quit Once but might watch again

Forever - was pretty good. Mix of stand alone and mythology was good

Gotham - didn't hate it.

Mysteries Laura - still amuses. Def a fluff show.

Anonymous said...

The Blacklist is maybe the only real EVENT TV right now? I mean GoT is big, but I bet for every one person that asks me about GoT, I've got 5 about Blacklist. Already had 3 people today talk to me about it. LOST was similar. And the thing about Blacklist is that you have so many more eps and so time to gain audience and discussion.

Having said that Mike, you'll probably know the audience numbers by heart to prove me wrong--lol.


Anonymous said...

Donovan finale last night, was great. Loved the ending, but wish Abby had said, thank you or similar. Locking the guy in the trunk was hilarious.


Leslie said...

Blacklist - Watched over the weekend. Did I miss something, or do we not know yet what the boss's diagnosis was? Glad Liz will have her real hair this year. lol

How to Get Away with Murder - Thought it was pretty good. They set up a lot of drama to explain!

OK, I'm gonna ask....anyone watching Utopia? Don't judge me! lol

Mike V. said...

Well now we're talking Procedurals vs. Serialized TV. It has been proven that serialized arcs don't do well over 22 episodes a season in comparison to short sustained story arcs. People lose interest and don't want to feel like they have to watch every episode. There are the hardcores like us that don't want to miss an episode. But network TV still isn't always designed like that. Blacklist and Good Wife are 2 strong examples of shows that can pull it off. Even Once Upon a Time has now divided their seasons into 2 large 11 episode arcs. We'll have Frozen for this first half and who knows what for the 2nd.

Network television is still geared to draw in bigger numbers than cable because they're broader. But the landscape certainly has changed over the years. But're going to get a more mainstream audience watching Blacklist than you will Game of Thrones (even though their numbers are huge and it's subscription based). I would absolutely think you'd find it easier to talk about Blacklist in a gathering of people than Game of Thrones.....but I'd personally enjoy finding that one person that is a hardcore Thrones addict to have a big discussion on it. Not saying I don't enjoy Blacklist and now I can hold my own in one of those conversations! :-) (but I certainly don't have the attention to detail that you've had so far! lol)

But yeah...I'd probably agree that until Walking Dead starts on 10/12, Blacklist is probably the closest thing to event television at this point in time.

Sidebar: Yes, I know Blacklist has serialized aspects, but it's still designed mostly as a procedural where people can pop in and out and follow the case of the week. It just rewards viewers in it for the long haul with attention to details and the "Who is my father" arc that may last the length of the series! lol

@MJ - I was at the bar with a fellow Eagles fan friend and things were pretty quiet by the end of the game. I went dressed in non-team based clothes just in case things went in my favor! But it was hard not to cheer!! :-)

Yeah, you really haven't missed much if you just jump back in on ONCE. Though I think a prerequisite to watching it is to see Frozen. I don't know many people that haven't seen it! But, then again I associate with many people that are relatively new parents too. lol If you have any questions on what you've missed I can probably catch you up along the way.

Gotham - Yeah, it was a decent pilot. They had a long time to tweak it and it was entertaining. Hoping the thing has legs.

Mike V. said...

Blacklist - Hmm...I think I already forget. Isn't the boss back at work just with a cane? I figured he's still recovering.

Was Liz wearing a wig all last season??? lol

Murder - Gonna have to convince the Mrs. to take that one on. We may have to wait a few weeks until other people start recommending it to her. She doesn't always take my recommendations at face value! (or else we would've started The Blacklist a lot sooner!!! lol)

mj said...

Leslie - lol on Utopia - but no.

Blacklist - they did not tell us the diagnosis

Event tv -- you guys r the only ones i know watching Blacklist. For me event tv is GofT, Soa, Supernatural, Homeland, TWD and Justified. Blacklist is a fave but not appt tv for me

mj said...

Bkacklist - Red said to head guy that he knows what he was diagnosed with - so there is something. Yes on wig - actress has like chin length hair in real life

San Fr - yeah def tough to be in eagles bar with other colors on - done it many times. Eagles fans always SO kind. lol

Murder - am def going to check it. Shonda is 1 and 1 for me - hated Greys - but loveScandal.

Once - have not seen Frozen but think I'll get by

Mike V. said...

LOST/Phineus - Don't forget the LOST themed Phineus and Ferb airs tonight on Disney XD at 7:30. Written by the one and only Damon Lindelof!

Mike V. said...

Blacklist - Ahhh right the diagnosis. Forgot about that! And had no idea about the wig...I only noticed it in the s2 premiere that it was a wig...didn't know it was last season.

Event TV - Yep...I'd probably classify those as event TV over the blacklist for me as well. Forgot about SOA being on. And don't watch Supernatural.

ONCE - They're staying pretty religiously in canon with the Frozen plot. The events pretty much take place AFTER the events of the movie. And they refer to the movie plot in past tense a lot so far. But I'm sure you'll be fine.

Shonda TV - I liked Greys for 2 or 3 seasons but then got over it..

Utopia - Forgot to answer that one...nope not watching! lol

SF - I went to an Eagles/Niners game once and somehow the drunks realized I was rooting for the niners even though I wasn't wearing my gear. I was composed and just watching the game but the dude clearly wanted to beat the crap out of me. lol It was funny stuff. Niners won that game too! I love philly sports, but I can't stand Eagles fans!!

Anonymous said...

Blacklist--a great ep of course. I'm beginning to wonder if Liz is so innocent. Her background coverup means that she could be a plant. I think there's a powerful group to compete with Fitch's that may be at work here. The apple man may have worked for Fitch's group or this other group.

Liz could have obtained the info from the nail surgeon. But I think we're supposed to believe it is someone else which is another reason I think this ep supports my theory of an as yet identified powerful group.

LOL on the Mossad agent working for Red. He must have helped her deal with the murder involving her brother.

The Blacklist was a bank not a person, what does that mean for the rest.


Mike V. said...

Blacklist - You sure pick up on a lot more than I do in a given episode of this show, Richard! For me it just seemed like a run of the mill "Case of the Week" episode with little tidbits of ongoing story. Still a good episode, no doubt! So you're suggesting that the show may totally flip the script and turn the character we're meant to trust most into a PLANT?? I must've drifted off during the cover-up stuff....was she aware of the cover-up or maybe someone is trying to hide the truth from her?

It wouldn't surprise me that there are multiple secret groups at play, so that's a solid theory. lol But, I don't think Liz will be revealed to be a plant unless it's something that is happening beyond her current knowledge. lol

So didn't Red's wife mention something about protecting her daughter?? Wouldn't that suggest that Red's child might still be alive?? (of course, with the subtle clue there being that we can't 100% rule out Lizzy just yet)

Interesting thought on the Bank being on the blacklist. I guess Fitch's organization could be high on his list. (or just Fitch himself)

Sleepy Hollow - Another solid episode! OF COURSE they brought in the new chief that doesn't believe in what's going on in this town! That is such an early Fringe and other detective shows move! They always need to throw in conflict with the authority. Of course, this show handles traditional tropes pretty well. Also, I saw the "Franklinstein's Monster" joke coming a mile away, but it was still hysterical. lol I love that they have their own walking corpse just roaming around the forest now and will probably come to their aid in future episodes. Nice that they found a way to keep Crane's wife away from the detective action for a bit longer and keep the same chemistry going as season 1. Crane's tirade on the wedding industry and the pen in the bank was hysterical of course!

BBT - Caught up! Some good stuff in those episodes, as always. Though nothing standing out too much. We ran through a lot of TV last night. We both agree though, Penny's new haircut? In the opposite words of Ted Mosby "not pulling it off!"

Phineus and Ferb - It was just the first half of the half hour episode but Damon threw in a lot of POST-LOST frustration into the episode which of course I found hysterical. It was well handled and covered the absurdity of LOST's plot in like 12 minutes. Of course the absurdity of plot only goes to show how great the characters truly were to keep the show grounded and people interested! (And my favorite drama of all time!)

Scorpion - I watched the first half. Not sure how long I'm gonna last on this one. It's entertaining but I can only fit so many of these procedurals on my roster! lol

Gotham - Probably going to have to wait until the mrs admits she's not going to be able to keep up on this one! :-)

Scandal - Whew forgot we watched this too! Great episode back. Obviously Olivia wasn't going to stay away on Green Screen Island forever. Instead, she returned to Green Screen Washington D.C.! The outdoor background shots looked so fake to me after recently rewatching the LOST pilot which was actually filmed on an island. (don't worry don't have it in me to rewatch the series again right now) and House of Cards which is actually filmed in DC. But, that doesn't take away from the strong performances that Scandal always has.

24 - Anyone see that the Live Another Day DVD/Blu-ray has a Tony Almeida story extension? (news broke last week some time) Seems like it might be setting up a sequel series/movie where maybe Tony will find a way to get Jack out of his confinement. I only saw the first couple minutes of it teased...I'll wait until it leaks to youtube! lol

Anonymous said...

Blacklist--In S1 there were some eps where her background was being questioned as a part of trying to figure out why Red was so interested in her. The FBI was unaware of her criminal past that she had with her adopted Dad. I'm just theorizing on some far flung ideas. And her huge change in character this season points to a lot less innocent actions.

Jennifer left protective custody in 1997 seven years after she was put into protective custody. We don't know why or if she's alive. I think Jennifer is the ballerina too. I'm thinking Jennifer is still alive, but who knows.


Anonymous said...

Gotham--just finished the pilot. They even introduced Ivy and she won't like Gordon. The thing with catwoman is that she's so much older than Bruce. I mean they are supposed to be romantically linked. Maybe as the show moves forward the boy will age up compared to her. Even in the 60s they had a thing for each other. Of course she's kind of watching Bruce now so it will be interesting how that plays out.

One thing I really liked about the last Batman movie was him and Catwoman going off into the sunset together.


Mike V. said...

Blacklist - Good points. I didn't realize she had a criminal past...I thought it was just that her father did. She doesn't seem to have a good memory of her past. That seems honest.

Gotham - Yeah...she's older but not THAT much's the ol Padme/Anakin thing. lol Yeah them being romantically linked has been a big part of both movie franchises...not sure how true to the comics that is. Some people theorize that Batman was dead at the end of Dark Knight Rises (died in the helicopter crash...even though it's clear that he fixed the autopilot lol) ...but because it's a Nolan film they just assume it's meant to be ambiguous like the end of Inception. Anyway, I liked how it ended too.

I thought the pilot was solid...the 2nd episode is supposed to focus on Selina (catwoman)...looking forward to watching!

Anonymous said...

Dark Knight Risess--they were seen by Alfred having coffee together in Florence. AFter helo explosion. It was one of the best endings of any Batman movie I thought.

Yea, the Padme/Anakin thing is a good comparison on the age deal.

I really don't keep up with the written comics any more since they're so nonsensical and you never know what's going on. They're really a joke in terms of long term characters. I mean now Thor is a girl--LOL. All that to say, Batman/Catwoman could have been married, had kids, killed each other, arisen from the dead, married again(or not), divorced, gone to the moon together and killed each other in orbit--for all I know--lol.


Anonymous said...

BBT--from pilot and 2nd ep. My wife thought the shorter haircut was to show her growing up becoming more mature.

Of course I liked her hair better when it was long and blonde. I really hated it the last few years looking unkept.


Mike V. said...

TDKR - Yeah I know...and I believe that actually happened but the theory is that was in Alfred's mind. It's a bit of a stretch but if you google "batman died in dark knight rises" you'll see the theories out there. It has lots of supporters. People just have too much time on their hands. lol

Gotham - Yep...Thor is a girl and don't be surprised if they won't plan to make that part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe eventually! lol One thing I read was that was intentional for when they'll eventually have to recast would be more of a continuation of the story rather than a recast. But who knows?? I don't read comics either...all I know is that they make up the source material for a lot of what we see in the comic-based tv shows and movies. So if Batman and Catwoman have a relationship, it's probably because there were hints of that in various comic stories. I think it is part of the basic Batman mythology...I just didn't know for sure how in-depth the various comic stories ever went with it. But it's a good point that the comics have rebooted so many times that anything is fair game. lol

Mike V. said...

BBT - Interesting take from your wife. I just assumed Kaley wanted a change so they had to write it into the show. lol The direct quote from my wife when I said I don't like the hair...she said "yeah, she's not hot anymore" LOL

Anonymous said...

BBT--Hence why the show has got to change as the actors age--lol. She hasn't been that hot to me the last couple of seasons.

TDKR, yea I even googled and checked some credible sites and they all agree they ended up in Florence. Keep in mind that we know it was on autopilot too and that was not Alfred.

Theories like you bring up are really not credible and show why any nut job can post in a blog. Sometimes intentionally just to stir up things to see how gullable others are--then sit back and laugh.

BTW, the WSJ has some good recaps of Blacklist and some good posts.


Mike V. said...

BBT - I agree.

TDKR - Yep, I mentioned that a couple posts up that it was very clear it was on autopilot. Like I said, I totally agree with the common agreement that he was alive and retired the cape and cowl. I just wanted to bring up this crazy theory because has a popular following...even though it's ludicrous!

Thanks for the heads up on WSJ articles. Do you need a subscription to WSJ to read them?

MJ said...

Sleepy - The Kindred/Franklinstein was bad-a** ! At least Franklin kept his clothes on this ep. But Jenny is back in jail. But really Katrina ? They come to rescue you and you stay to fight from within, with no way to get them the info you get ? But why is Parish interested in getting close to Irving ? And really - coming from Sleepy Hollow you signed in blood ! LOL That new Captain really has it in for Irving though. not sure it's that she doesn't believe yet so much as I don't think any one has told her what's going on. She just knows headless bodies are being found.

Once - watched the catch up show but not the new ep yet

Resurrection - I forgot how much I loved this show. Is any one else watching ? Bellamy is now a returnee !!! How come Jacob didn't seem to sense him ? Do we know that Bellamy is really that families lost son who did not return with them ? I don't think so. And Caitlin Stark is back from the dead and playing Henry's mom ! How bizarre would it be that your mom is your age or even younger !?! maybe now we know why Fred has anger issues - his mom hits him pretty hard !

Lost/Phineus - recorded but not yet watched. Set up the Star wars one too.

Eagles fans - Def true ! A sports bar I go to once in a while when Giants aren't on isn't too bad. Lots of peeps with various teams on. As long as you're not playing the Eagles those fans will ignore you.

24 - I did read that about the extras and Tony.

Mike V. said...

@Richard - Thanks for the link. I'll check it out.

Sleepy - I'm sure they'll establish a way to communicate with Katrina, we just haven't seen how yet. lol Signing in blood...yeah that was crazy! Good point on new captain...of course on this show they could be setting up a twist where she's some kind of supernatural villain in on Moloch's plan. lol

Resurrection - still have them all recorded, haven't watched an episode yet.

Phineus - When does the SW one air do you know?

Eagles Fans - yep, sounds about right!

Anonymous said...

Scorpion--loved this ep. It's such an entertaining show in a positive way. One I can watch without trying to work and figure stuff out. My wife really likes it too.


Anonymous said...

Watched Phineus Lost ep--I was lost--lol. So many moving parts and different stories going on at the same time. And oh yes, we've captured a black hole.
Did think the stuff around the hatch was good and those that came out with the hampster that couldn't deal with air. And of course the polar bear at the end, that wasn't.


Mike V. said...

Scorpion - It was a good episode! Definitely harmless fun. I enjoy it. I just know once the schedule gets busier this is the first thing I'll fall behind on. lol

New Girl - All caught up. It's on a roll this season so far. Too bad the ratings are down across the board for FOX this season. But, I guess that's kind of positive because they'll probably keep it on the air! lol Schmidt and Jess with the Dice dating app last week was hysterical. This week's was great too with her dad's new girlfriend (Sweet Dee from Always Sunny)

Phineus - didn't make much sense, but I think that was the point. Lindelof was definitely pointing at the ridiculousness of LOST's ongoing story (which I still don't care because I loved the damn show!). But, I still laughed at it!

SHIELD - Still plowing through the rest of season 1. Think I have 12.5 episodes left. lol (well that includes season 2 as well) Getting tougher as more shows keep coming back! Just watched the episode where Coulson found out how he was brought back.

Mike V. said...

SOA - Not sure how I forgot to talk about this show. It was nuts! I think they've gone a little too far with the Venus Von Trappe or whoever Walton Goggins plays. It was fun in the first episode, but really Tig is actually attracted to him/her?

As for the rest of the episode...yikes things are unravelling as expected! Jax is in a real bad situation...and I guess the worst part of all of it's all Gemma's fault! Where is it all heading? That's why we watch! lol

Juice is a little pansy-ass wuss! There...I said it. They've really destroyed his character on the show. May as well just destroy him now too. But, at this point is it so obvious that he's not long for this world that maybe he is? guess we'll find out!

MJ said...

Blacklist - don't think I even remembered she had a secret past. And our FBI doesn't know that ? God they make them look so dumb on this show. LOL That would be interesting - Liz as a plant since her husband was a plant.

Coney Island was an interesting choice for Red and Berlin to meet. What makes me roll my eyes on this show is that consistently Red had to tell Liz how to do her job - and now finally they are making it seem that she got over on him for once.
Though I did not get Red's assumption that Liz has another source just because she knew Berlin had an acct at the bank.

Of course my other eye roll is how every week Red profits or gets exactly what he wants and the FBI just keep letting him or even enabling it for him. The polish jelly - and the little old lady hiding a gun selling business in her bakery were pretty comical though. And the chick with the perfect memory gets herself kidnapped so that the truth comes out ? Different. No surprise the Mossad chick is secretly working with Red.

Scorpion - totally agree very enjoyable and just relaxing to watch. I had no idea that they can match a disease to your genetics so that only certain people get sick. Frightening really. The germaphobe having to walk thru those labs was funny

SOA - didn't watch yet. Def tonight. Dang - thats 2 weeks in a row that you watched and i didn't. LOL

Mike V. said...

SOA - (no spoilers) I really think it was the pregnancy last year that was throwing us off. lol But, I was falling asleep until some stuff started getting intense! Then I had trouble going to sleep. :)

Blacklist - I think I was perplexed by that too...him knowing Liz had another source. There has been no indication that she does. Unless that lends to Richard's idea that she's a plant. lol

Scorpion - I forgot these episodes are based on a true i just assumed that germ stuff was science fiction based! lol Definitely creepy. Yeah germaphobe scene was great.

Mike V. said...

Shameless/Episodes - Return 1/11. House of Lies too but I don't watch that. :)

Anonymous said...

@MJ/Blacklist--Yea, many think the haircut and her being more assertive/knowledgeable is a reaction to the fans. I think they've gone overboard to the point of silly for example in how she treated REssler, an agent with a LOT more field experience. It is good to see her with more capability though vs stumbling/fumbling. But hey, she was a rook and so you kind of expect that from them.

I've asked myself the question about REd's question on Liz finding out. But, he maybe doesn't know his surgeon/manacurist spilled the beans(if that's how it happened). So, yea it would be a natural for him to ask since he didn't know what we knew or so it seems. Many are pointing to the Mossad agent as a leak, but how would she know? Sometimes posters just post wild things, kind of like me--lol


Anonymous said...

Legends--WOW, what an ep and with the wife being kidnapped, lots of things are coming into the open now. I really thought this storyline was going to take longer. I think 2 more eps.


Mike V. said...

Legends - Next week is actually a 2 hour season that's as long as it goes unless it's a cliffhanger. lol I guess it's safe to assume she's being kidnapped, but the cliffhanger was leading us to believe that dude might just pull the trigger right then and there. Good episode. Funny, that Hari whatsherface actress played an arc on SHIELD as one of the Shield Agent professors or head of the school where fitz and simmons went. I just happened to be watching that episode this morning right before I watched Legends. lol Of course, that led me to look her up and she played Meera/Mira on Terra Nova. Remember that show? lol Good times.

SHIELD - Plowing through....they found out more info on Skye how she might have some abilities and was being protected by SHIELD. Things certainly amped up in the 2nd half, which I knew. So, I'm sure once they're through this character reveal arcs, it's when Hydra returns a la the Captain America arc. Should be a fun finish to the season . Think I have 10 left in season 1 and 2 in season 2.

GOTHAM - Still no episode 2 but I forced my wife to watch episode 1! So now it's just a matter of sitting down to watch it. lol

MF - All caught up. Funny start to the season as usual. Loved the episode where the Dunphy's seemed perfect because Alex was gone but they were just fooling themselves. lol The "don't push the red button" stuff last night was pretty funny too. Gloria's "non-makeup" then "quick make-up" schtick was pretty hysterical too.

Anonymous said...

Gotham--ep 2, Selina Kyle looks more Bruce's age--13 was stated age.

Legends--yea, 2 more eps to go, which is indeed as you say a 2 hour finale.


Mike V. said...

Legends - Right, I was just clarifying that both eps would air next week and it's not 2 more weeks. lol

Gotham - Cool, hopefully tonight!

MJ said...

legends - didn't watch yet but finale is next week ? Yikes

SOA - agree that Tig and Venus are getting just too weird now. What a body count this week ! And my jaw dropped when Mansons guys shot those cops. Snd the hand grenade as the Sherriff is sitting with them. LOL Then all the Ho's and Johns and Diosa ! And Jax should have been wondering where Gemma was cause she was there earlier. Sadly agree about Juice too - looking like he might kill himself and now they got us feeling like just hurry up and do it. Hysterical that the preacher they killed is who Marks needs though. Wondering if Tig getting shot and them already worrying about infection is his characters path now. It's been my husband that can't stay up and watch this year so I've been waiting on him. LOL

New Girl - sponge stuff was dumb but rest was ok. Def great with Dice dating last week.

Yay on Shameless, House of Lies and Episodes.

Shield - heard ratings bad again. They need to be paired with something better then 2 lame comedies. It's actually been really good so far this season. Glad Hunter is staying around.

Forever - still decent. Probably won't last due to ratings.

Gracepoint - starts tonight. Brit version was very well done - and the mystery was ended at the end. Def checking out this one. David Tennant was a Brit cop in last one and is playing american in the same role.

Anonymous said...

Forever--OH yea, that's a good show too. ONe I can watch with wifey. I hope it makes it. There's some complexity there, but not too much.

Shield--OK, I confess, I watched--lol. It was a better ep, but I'm still not crazy about it right now. Where is their funding coming from?? They can't pay people and have all those gadgets without money.


Mike V. said...

Gracepoint - Haven't heard good things about the import but I never watched Broadchurch either and sometimes the critics I listen to on podcasts are overly harsh on everything. lol

Running out so I'll respond on SOA later!

Mike V. said...

SOA - Had a little extra time. That's funny that you're in my boat that I was in last year! At least Sutter hasn't gone and made the 2 hour episodes too much this season. Just a standard 15 minute extension every week. lol

Interesting thought on Tig. Wouldn't be surprised. SOA is a cover story for EW this week. (VAGUE SPOILER AHEAD)

Sutter did tease that we'd lose someone before the 9th episode (or maybe in the 9th) and because people really want Juice gone at this point, he teased that it's not Juice. lol

Ratings - I think they're pretty crappy across the board. CBS is still doing well and ABC is mostly doing well with their Shonda brand. So maybe SHIELD will stick around for a bit. Fox is suffering now and doesn't really have the Idol juggernaut to bail them out anymore. Speaking of which....

Utopia - Leslie, I saw this got pulled from its timeslot! lol

Leslie said...

Utopia - It was on twice a week which wasn't really necessary, so once a week is just fine. lol

Stalker - watched premiere last night. Thought it was pretty good. Dylan McDermott was good, as always. Some pretty creepy stuff went on! Although I didn't get to watch yet, it's a good companion show following Criminal Minds.

Gracepoint - will definitely check it out since I liked Broadchurch, and I like knowing it will be a complete story.

AHS - Are you guys planning to watch the new Freak Show next week? I know I am.

Mike V. said...

AHS Freak Show - I have the TiVo set. Make sure you guys set your DVRs because it has a different title every year! Not sure when I'll get to it but I will watch. Next week is a busy week for me.

Utopia - Ahhhh gotcha! I just figured it was getting canceled. lol

mj said...

Ahs - def watching

Shield - they did make the joke about their plane running out of gas

Soa - funny that its not Juice.

Stalker - def darker then I thought. I agree great companion to Criminal Minds.

Legends - my recording cut off just as the guys were peering into his wifes house. So I'm assuming she got kidnapped ?

Terra Nova! Lol. too funny

A to Z - any one see it? Def had its charms.

Blackish - saw the first one and was not impressed.

Leslie - you watch Bones??

Mike V. said...

SHIELD - 10 left to catch up. Skye was just saved by injecting her with meds that were used on Coulson

Legends - She and the son were in the bathroom hiding and they came in with a gun on her...roll credits. I thought it was meant to be ambiguous that the guy might have been sent there to kill her/them and not take her. But, I'm guessing she'll be kidnapped. Makes more sense given a 2 part finale coming up. lol

A to Z - We watched but MY dvr cut off the last minute of this one! lol Did they end up kissing or anything? It cut off right in the middle of their last conversation where she said she was the girl in the silver dress. I liked it though. definitely has charm and can grow from there. I have to think they're going to repeat letters of the alphabet each week and that they won't be doing 26 episodes a season lol

Blackish - nope...didn't even bother.

Bones - Can't believe that show is in its 10th season. I remember watching the pilot shortly after watching the season 2 premiere of LOST (ahh Mama Cass and Desmond!!) 7 weeks after the blogging obsession would begin! Guess that means I started my blogging 9 years ago. Wow.

Was recapping Idol years before that...just in email form. lol

Mike V. said...

Scandal - Forgot to mention I watched this too. I noticed that it was episode 3 airing so I IMDB'd it. Episode 2 is slated for next week but when I look at the cast list it looks really weird. And the previews suggest that they'll just air episode 4. Not sure what happened here. I know sometimes episodes air out of order for shows when there are no continuity issues.

This is shaping up to be Mellie's Emmy Reel season. lol Loved the ugg boots at the graveyard and the chips. The newspaper article read "the chips are down" Good times.

TVD - Actually watched the premiere of this. Some strange things happening on that show these days. We waited until summer to watch all of last season. Now Thursday's load is a little lighter. I dread that this means we'll keep up with it this year. lol

MJ said...

Bones - yup and it probably needs to go. Supernatural too - I love that show but 10 years is enough.

Blogging 9 years ! wow. I never remember if I found you season 2 or 3.

A to Z - yes they did kiss. Recognize the person doing the voice over ? Katey Sagal from SOA

Shield - didnt' remember ther being 10 eps after they injected Skye. You're coming to the better ones now

Scandal - I have not have time to go to Shonda-land yet. Or Once Upon a Time either

Blackish - I read how they finally found a good match for Modern Family so I watched it.

Mike V. said...

SHIELD - There's 8 episodes left in season 1...but 2 have aired for season 2 lol Yeah I looked at IMDB and they all rate pretty high from here on out. That would have to do with the Captain America plot boost. What a great movie!

A to Z - Yep, I recognized her and heard about it beforehand too.

LOST - I think you found me during season 3 when everyone else did too! I put a link on EW one week and somehow it really clicked. After that google searches took over. lol

mj said...

Lost - yeah def found u off ew which became impossible to keep up with

A to Z - my bavd. Since u missed them kiss means you missed awesome ending. After kiss cut away to Leah Thompson - Bact tobthe Future - hover boarding into her kitchen to grab a beverage then taking off a la Marty! So awesome.

Mike V. said...

A-Z: we saw it tonight on my iPad nbc app. Definitely worth the extra minute! Lol thanks!

mj said...

Scandal- just caught up. Mellie a hot mess! So is 'gun control couple'. Last season and this so far not loving Huck like I used to. Harrison so not dead - knew that was crap right away. Cy an idiot. Still hating Olivia's dad - as we are supposed to. David growing a set is interesting.

Mike V. said...

Scandal - wait Harrison isn't dead? Was there something that hinted to that? I think I missed it. I thought there were issues with the actor or something and he was let go. Maybe I'm wrong.

I hear you on huck. The dad as character yeah don't like him. But the actor nails the part. I can't believe that's the same dude that played the police chief in speed. Lol

Leslie said...

Bones - MJ, Yep, I watch. Couldn't believe they killed off Sweets! It was a shocker, but I think his show has run its course.

Gracepoint - Watched first episode this weekend. Stayed with the Broadchurch script so far. Didn't know Nick Nolte was in it! The lead detective has it easy. He already knows his lines, but just has to use an American accent! lol

LOST - I also found you in season 2 or 3, but not from EW. Earlier this year when I was explained to my boyfriend about your blog, I said that since I had been following you, you got married and have had 2 kids! WOW!