Monday, September 22, 2014

TV Discussion: Week of 9/21/2014 - 9/27/2014

Fall 2014 TV is here!  This is our weekly place to discuss all non-recapped shows.  Of course, the next recapped show isn't resuming until October (The Walking Dead), so this is a place to discuss any show you want until then!

Today is 9/22, so I must say Happy 10 Years of LOST Fandom!  Always a good opportunity to go back and read a few old recaps to commemorate the occasion!  If I see any links celebrating the 10 years of LOST, I will be sure to share them.

I always realized that LOST and FRIENDS started 10 years apart from each other, but never realized they premiered on the same day either.  So for any FRIENDS fanatics out there, happy 20 years of fandom!

We are getting old, friends!  And with that happy note, I'll see you in the comments!


Mike V. said...

Game of Thrones - I've been seeing articles about this all over the place, but here's Hibberd's take:

People are really thinking flashbacks are coming to Game of Thrones this year. We'll see! lol There is still a funeral to be had and if I recall not very spoilery thoughts from the books, there are some still shots that Charles Dance could be called back in for.

Blacklist - We were on a mission and we accomplished. We're all set to watch tonight! So, they never really confirmed or denied the whole Red is the father/not the father thing. But, the evidence right now is overwhelming that he is. Which leads me to think again that it's still too obvious. So now he has burns on his back and Lizzy has memories of her father pulling her out of the fire. Didn't Red say he lost his whole family to a fire? Maybe I'm getting my details mixed up. Anyway, either Red's the father or he IS the one that pulled Lizzy from the fire...but not actually her father. Now Tom seems to have gotten away alive and told Lizzy her father is still alive. Now Red says he's not....but maybe it's the whole Obi-Wan Darth Vader spin "from a certain point of view" type stuff.

Cooper will live on....I figured once he was in the hospital instead of pronounced dead on the spot, he was going to be okay. But RIP Bend it Like Beckham! (Meera?)

Okay, Richard, I'd love to hear all about all the clues I've missed! lol

Fall TV returns in a big way this week. I'll be trying to check out Gotham tonight, Sleepy Hollow and Blacklist. It's ambitious so we'll see! Oh right, and an hour of BBT since Football is on CBS Thursdays now.

As I mentioned in the actual post, Happy 10 Years LOST and 20 Years FRIENDS Day! I wish I could think of enough material to write a post on the LOST Addicts Blog today, but nothing is coming to mind. lol

Mike V. said...

Oh yeah, on the Summer Part 2 Post, I posted another Game of Thrones news link and HIMYM Pineapple Incident resolution link, in case anyone is interested!

MJ said...

Blacklist - glad you finished up. I just rewatched the finale last night and was going to post today warning you to stay away ! LOL No - they never do say if he is or isn't but now I think Berlin could be her dad ! Red might have pulled her out of the fire and gave her to Sam but I think Berlin is her dad. I had forgotten how meera died - yikes.

Lost - Phineas and Ferb doing a salute to Lost on the 29th - 10 years and 1 week from the premier.

I think cbs screwed me. Madam Secretary was suppose to re-air at 10:30 in case football went over - which it did. So I taped from 10:30 to midnight but when I happened to look at that channel I saw the nightly news.

Def watching Sleepy tonight. We'll see about the rest

Anonymous said...

Outlander--OK, so I'm going to admit to being a guy--lol. This was a lame eps to me--too much ewie gooie wedding and love stuff--lol. Definitely one for the girls--lol. But, this book is basically a love story so I shouldn't be surprised.

BTW, I have two prints over one of my fireplaces depicting the battle of Bannockburn--a great win for Scotland!!

Hellon Wheels--This show is really getting good. I love shows where progress is made.


Anonymous said...

Blacklist--well I don't know if I can recall all the clues, I've been trying to. But, congrats on finishing up. It will help a lot going forward.

There are two main theories about Liz's Dad--one is that it's Red and the other is that it's Berlin. Lots of stuff out there on the web to support each.

Here are a few key things to keep in mind.

1. REd can't recall all that happened that night. So, this is a door you could drive a truck through for various theories.
2. The ep with REd being in a jail with flashbacks of the Christmas fire and him rushing home.
3. The pics of the same girl which the Stewmaker had as well as Berlin. I don't know if we are supposed to know who this girl is. Some have said Liz and others no?
4. Red's scars, Liz's scars and the burned teddy along with the flashbacks of the fire for both certainly point to each being there at some point.
5. The flashbacks of the girl in the play and REd having the production every year on the anniversary. It really seems here that he had a daughter.
6. Liz is about the right age to be his daughter given the flashbacks of the play.
7. He said he wouldn't lie to her and he said he wasn't her father. Obviously this is suspect for lots of reasons. But, with this statement and Berlin having the pic, it makes you wonder.
8. Tom is working for Berlin--as was Jolene--and only wanted to protect Liz. He said her father is alive and so we can suspect that Berlin is the father. Especially with the pic.

I know there's more but I'm running out of this at work this AM.

I want to propose another theory I've been working on. I'm not saying it's true and I haven't said which theory I believe in. It's just that evidence is out there for a third option.
1. The pic was not of Liz---again maybe we're supposed to know and I've just forgotten.
2. The man with the apple phoned Meera(this was indirectly confirmed, so maybe questionable) about activity at Liz/Tom's apartment. And Meera reported to the white haired lady who reported to a group at Fitch's level.
3. Both Red and Berlin are attacking each other but trying to protect Liz.
4. Liz has a criminal past. How did she get into that life? I don't know if we're supposed to know yet? It was covered up from the FBI and they do a thorough background check. Which indicates a very high level person gave her a clean slate.
5.The house that REd burned down was likely not Liz's house since that house burned down years ago. This house was a house where REd evidently had a family though. And some very bad/painful things happened in this house.
6.Therefore Liz's Dad could be a third party as yet unidentified.

It's been since last season since I've seen these eps and so my memory has some holes in it--lol. All of the fansites I've read are missing a lot of the above.


Anonymous said...

GoT--should we discuss here or over at GOT? Anyway, thanks for the post. I think we know what he will be doing--lol. It's my suspicion that his scenes will involve some flashbacks and give us some background answers for the TV show that the book readers already know.


Mike V. said...

Blacklist - I thought about Berlin too....crazy Abruzzi from Prison Break lol (I actually thought he played The Hound during that first season of Game of Thrones until I looked it up and saw it was another actor.) Richard, I'll check your Blacklist post out after I post this.

LOST - I did know about the Phineas and Ferb ep. I thought I posted a link here to an interview with Lindelof but I must've just liked it on Facebook. TiVo is set!

CBS - I saw a tweet that Madam Sec was going to be delayed so I just extended my 8:30 recording. We didn't watch though. I'm sure you can find it online!
Game of Thrones - Richard, I think we can continue here. After a few weeks, that game of thrones post is going to fall off of the home page. No one will see it! lol But yes...flashbacks would be just has been something the GoT producers have stayed away from so far. We'll see!

Hell on Wheels - You guys (and friends of ours) convinced me on Blacklist, I don't know if I'll ever get to this one! lol
Legends - Almost caught up! I'm in the latest episode, about halfway through. I's getting good!

Mike V. said...

Blacklist - Just knowing that Red vs. Berlin are the 2 biggest theories is helpful to get me caught up. Here's a newcomer's perspective. Berlin is #8 on the Blacklist. That means there are 7 people more important to Red than him. Could it be possible that #1 or #2 would be Lizzy's Dad? #1 might be Red himself. That would be my theory at this point. Berlin was introduced but that's only a climax to the 1st season's arc. We have to assume this web will get more complex as additional seasons build onto it.

Putting that aside, I'll entertain your theories now! lol

Key Points #1
1.) Good point.
2.) There weren't flashbacks, he was telling a story to trick a woman, but we are to assume that story is true. Yes. We certainly rewound that one because the kids were getting punchy and loud! lol
3.) Didn't someone else have that pic at the end of the finale too? I didn't realize stewmaker had the pic too. But there was a #49 on it too. I figured that meant it was #49 on the Blacklist.
4.) Agreed.
5.) Yep...he definitely had a family because he brought it up when he blew up that house. He had visions of a girl in the backyard there he probably had a daughter, or at least watched over one that wasn't his.
6.) Yep
7.) Again...could be the Obi-Wan "from a certain point of view"...i.e. George Lucas writing himself out of a corner lol The person that was her father ceased to be her father when he became RED REDDINGTON! But...I think him being the father is way too simple for the show. It's like saying LOST is Purgatory. lol
8.) True...but every man answers to someone...maybe Berlin answers to someone as well.

Richard's Theory:
1.) I didn't think it was Liz...unless Liz is on the blacklist too. There was definitely a number on the pic...I think it was Red's and it said #48. I really can't believe someone hasn't created an online blacklist with these corresponding numbers so we can follow along as each episode reveals a new line item! lol I would think that's where the theories should come into play! I need to create a!! lol Don't get any ideas!4
4.) Ahh basically what i mentioned in #1 above. lol Maybe Liz is on the list. I doubt it though.
6.) I think I agree with this for now. Everything else seems too simple.

We need an online BLACKLIST! This needs to happen! lol

Mike V. said...

Blacklist - whew...I knew someone wouldn't let me down. I was actually just putting a spreadsheet together but got stuck on Zamani from the pilot because they didn't give him a Blacklist #. lol It's listed as an unanswered question from the pilot.'s the Blacklist in order so far:

Anonymous said...

The man with the apple is one of the biggest remaining questions I have to be confirmed. For a while it was thought he was working with Tom or Berlin. But I don't think so. I think he's tied into a third party. But this third party has not yet been identified. I'm hoping the clues surrounding him are those kinds of nuggets that pay off this season.


Anonymous said...

BTW, I've not been too concerned with the Blacklist itself as it seems to be a list of whom Red is targeting with the aid of the FBI. He as much admits that's the case in a few eps. Liz has accused him of this.

Maybe I should be concerned about it? But to some extent I've seen it as a means for him to get close to Liz while taking down some of his enemies. Kind of basics of first ep.

It is fun to track.

BTW, don't you consider scenes being retold from memory as flashbacks?


Mike V. said...

Blacklist -

Man with Apple, yeah there's still some questions there to be resolved.

I just think the rank of the person on the Blacklist is telling of how important the person is on Red's hit list. I don't think it's a coincidence that the season ended with #8 and that the most popular episode was someone ranked #12 (the 2 parter). If the show goes on for 8 seasons (let's say)...that leaves room for 7 more season finales that deal with 7 people more important than Berlin. Meanwhile, you have an episode that deals with someone 157 on the list....even Red acts like they're a nobody. (AKA a non sweeps episode lol)

Sure, it's mostly just fun to track, but I think there's strategy in the numbering of the people and how long they potentially plan for this story to go.

What did you guys do without my insight on this show!?! lol (J/K)

From a TV tropes perspective, I do not consider someone retelling a story from the past as a "FLASH" back. I didn't consider Jaime telling the story of the Mad King ordering King's Landing burned down as a flashback but him telling a story of the past in present day. And clearly the critics/fans/producers of the show don't either since everyone is in agreement that Game of Thrones has not had a flashback yet. I would classify a Flashback in the TV/Movie sense as when the perspective actually changes to the past to show us visuals from the past.

Anonymous said...

Thanks. Well,there you go, I'm not a TV expert and so the term flashback is more specific to you. Most of my friends called those flashbacks, but hey they're not TV making experts either. For us the notion of flashback was when the TV screen(visuals) suddenly flashes with scenes from the past. So, what do you call the scenes from his past as a category? Like with his daughter/home?

Definitely agree that the Blacklist has a ranking order. Your point about 8 seasons to get to number 1 I hadn't even thought about--lol. You're such a TV producer at heart.

BTW, lots of speculation on whether Fitch will make an appearance this season. I think he will as Alan Alda says he loves the part.


Mike V. said...

Blacklist - I'm sure you're being sarcastic with calling me a "TV expert" lol because I am by no means claiming to be that! I just never really considered people talking about the past as a flashback. Certainly achieves the same result, but you have to question the narrator's honesty. Maybe it's a callback? I dunno...I never thought that it had a name. I just think if a flashback as you said...TV flashes to scenes from the past. Obviously, LOST made this more commonplace in modern serialized television.

But yeah...I do think a lot about how the sausage is made with TV shows....after my obsession with LOST, I've learned a lot more about how these shows are made...and there's a lot more information made available to us. It's kinda like when we get into the Game of Thrones debate of 10 vs. 13 episodes. I'm thinking production schedule and all of the countries they're shooting in, visual effects and thinking 3 more episodes would delay the schedule or reduce quality. Meanwhile, you're thinking 3 more hours of Game of Thrones per year would be awesome (and I totally agree if those other variables weren't concerns).

I have no doubt Fitch will be back!

Anonymous said...

I wasn't being sarcastic, more a complement.

A few more observations.
1. Reddington may be behind Berlin's daughter being cut up and sent to him in pieces. But I don't think so.
2. Berlin and Reddington seem to have each had a daughter. We know Berlin's is dead and suspect that REd's is too based on the annual play production. What is strange is that one would assume the pic that Berlin carries was his daughter. So, why did Red take the pic from the Stewmaker of the same girl? Maybe the Stewmaker cut her up and sent the pieces for Red? He says he's done some awful things.

Figuring out these clues makes the show awesome!


Mike V. said...

Blacklist - Ahhh...then thanks! lol

1.) I think I missed that tidbit of info about the daughter. Good to keep in mind.
2.) Red has the pic FROM the Stewmaker? Is that what he was holding at the end of the finale? Stewmaker cutting up people doesn't sound like his M.O. does it? He disintegrates them!

Now that I'll be able to watch from week to week, maybe I'll spend more time looking at the clues. Certainly didn't have too much time on the binge. But, the good thing about a Binge is being able to retain more info from previous episodes as you watch them in rapid succession. That was the issue some casual fans of LOST had keeping up with stuff. Hence put people like me in business with blogs! :-)

Leslie said...

Hi everyone! Have been catching up today and saw that MJ posted about floods in Texas last week. Not where I live, but I was in Florida last week on the beach. Good times!

Glad to hear Mike is caught up on Blacklist. Good show!

Richard - Dome finale tonight against Blacklist.

MJ - Did you see that Fox has Gracepoint starting 10/2 that is our version of Broadchurch? And, I like Debra Messing, too, but have too much to watch, so I didn't set her show to record. I'm gonna check out How to Get Away with Murder and Stalker.

Mike - My how times flies! And, some of us were already old! Lol!

Anonymous said...

I'm recording both Blacklist and Dome, will watch Blacklist tonight and Dome later.

Yea, that was one of the big deals over a few different eps and why I told you to watch that ep carefully with the Stewmaker. The pic is a big key. Also, we find out about Liz's scars. Interestingly the pics seem to be identical of what Berlin has and what Red took from Stewmaker. That's why I thought the number on the pic was one which the Stewmaker put on the pic.


MJ said...

Leslie - I did see that about Grace Point. Still haven't figured out if they are changing the killer but I will probably watch. Will check out Murder and Stalker as well. Glad you had a great vaca.

Sleepy - OMG it has lost nothing ! Still awesome. I was so sad that they'd killed Jenny - but the second Nobles said (paraphrasing) that you can make any one believe a false truth I knew it was all fake. Having watched last season over and seeing how many clues Noble put out about being War now I know that you have to interpret all that he says. LOL

Didn't get to Blacklist or Gotham.

Madam Secretary - what I expected. Very West Wingish.

Anonymous said...

BBT, Sheldon a prof from hell--lol. Good to see the show again even with Stuart and Walowitz's Mom.

Mike V. said...

Watched sleepy and blacklist. Loved both! All day meetings but I'll try to comment when I can.

Didn't get to bbt or Gotham unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

The Blacklist--wow a lot there and Liz is continuing her growth as a profiler. Her diagnosis of Nora was good. And Berlin blames Red for his daughter and that was the big motivation or so it seems for now. I forgot to mention yesterday that it appears Red was involved with Berlin's daughter, the likely reason he took the pic from the Stewmaker.

Very interesting about the background on the divorce and daughter 20 years ago. But we still don't know what happened to the daughter the ballerina. Red's life has been filled with a lot of pain and setbacks.

There was another clue dropped subtlely tonight and that was when Liz had her marriage annulled but kept Keen as her last name--why??? Also, the hooded figure spying on Liz has got to be Tom, at least that's my theory. If he was protecting her for Berlin, wonder if that's still the case now, maybe more to it?

Was I the only one who felt like it was a follow the pics ep--lol?

I sure hope we don't have to go through many eps with Naomi loosing body parts. Maybe there's more to Berlin's actions that just revenge for his daughter?

Cooper coming back was made a big deal and that's cool. Wonder what he's dealing with health wise, maybe it will limit his seasons on the show.

BTW, the taser stuff was lame on two fronts, one that they even had them and two that Liz was almost immune to them. I mean it's cool that she's not weak anymore but that's laughable for an otherwise great show.

Another BTW, it seems more firm now that we have 3 girls about which there is some info.
1. Liz--Also, who's her mother? What last name did she user prior to Keen?
2. Berlin's daughter, not sure of the age difference with Red nor if Red was truly romantically involved with her.
3. Red's daughter with Naomi the ballerina.


MJ said...

Sleepy - The other thing that kept bugging me about the faux happenings was that Headless killed Katrina - which made no sense. But it was good fun that they tried to trick us.

Everytime we see headless attacking people I say it - how can he even see them ? LOL Loved the pendant giving him a head again.

I also quickly picked up on that during the Ichabod on Ichabod fight that the one did not say leftenent ! But - celebrating his 251st birthday ? I know he's been thrown 250 years into the future but he was in his thirtied so wouldn't he be 280 something ?? It was good to see Andy once again - wasn't surprised since I saw his name in the credits though.

So now we have empty armor walking around being controlled by War ! Awesome ! ;-D

Fun: Ich says punk'd. Naked Ben Franklin. Blowing yourself out of a coffin !

Anonymous said...

Blacklist--I've read some comments that the ep was confusing. I guess I can see that if you've not been paying attention.

They could have maybe even should have had some type of catch up show which could have expanded the advertiser slots also. With them selling the reruns to Netflix it may have screwed up the ability to have done so or even run some eps on another NBC asset for catching up.


Anonymous said...

Dome--WAY disappointed in Big Jim and wife euthanasia deal. Rebecca had no business killing someone as she's not even a Dr., had no discussion with anyone else, let alone permission from next of kin when patient could very likely be out of it. Many ways to show Big Jim was going to loose it. Him killing Andrea was crazy awful. And then Julia getting away was weak. But, hey he's a great bad guy and bad guys always have to loose, don't they. Jim walking around with a bullet in his chest was a little nuts, maybe the Dome at work.

And seriously, we now think of Jr as a good guy after his killing the girl and shooting his Dad.

Julia staying behind was predictable. But not with Jr side by side. So, now we have Jim, Jr and Julia in the Dome?? All three with J's--lol.

Overall, I was disappointed in the finale, except for the very end with Melanie. BTW, why was she wet? Something to do with the lake?

Where the show is going is a big question. It had some good stuff this season overall.


Leslie said...

Dome - As a finale, it was kind of a non-event and predictable. Agree that Jim is a good bad guy. I didn't have as much issue with Rebecca doing what she did. I think it was obvious that Jim's wife wasn't gonna make it, and she knew Jim or Jr wouldn't agree to help her end her suffering.

Richard, since you mentioned Julia's skinny jeans before, did you notice they had her leg bandage on the outside of her jeans? How stupid is that?! Guess her skinny jeans wouldn't fit over the bandage! Ha!

As for the ending with Melanie, I'm wondering if her saying, "We're going home" is more symbolic, and the group is walking into the light at the end of the tunnel to go to their final home so to speak. Who knows where they will go from here!

Didn't get to Blacklist or BBT yet.

Gracepoint - MJ, I wondered the same thing about the killer, but I plan to check it out since it is being called a mini-series, so like Broadchurch, it will be a complete story.

Anonymous said...

Leslie on Dome, Great point on the skinny jeans with bandage--lol. I was wondering about that too. And she did more walking after she got hurt than before when she was driving everywhere with that electric car of hers. I kept looking for her to limp on the wrong leg or just not at all.

But as I said, Jim's walking around with a bullet hole in his chest, so maybe we're supposed to think it's the Dome--lol????

Exactly, that's one point I was thinking, where is it going from here? With all the white light and this home business and yet she was soaking wet.

This has moved enough away from the book that I'm not certain about what's going to happen. I think the endings will be the same though.

But, how about the 3 left? It's like rock/paper/ok, not scissors with the circular who wants to take whom out.


Leslie said...

Dome - Interesting with the 3 that are left, but you are assuming the others get out. That was left up in the air. I haven't read the book, so I have no comparisons going with it.

True Detective - new cast is set:

Anonymous said...

Scorpion--REally a pretty good new show. My wife and I really like it a lot. Based on a true story too.


Anonymous said...

Shield-I was hoping for a better premiere.

Forever--actually a lot better than I thought it would be.

Lots of god stuff on


Anonymous said...

Some interesting TV numbers. Poor Sleepy. Glad Scorpion and Forever got good numbers, I liked them both. Haven't seen Gotham. BBT it's really a great show and the changes this year look promising.


Mike V. said...

Hey guys sorry I've been swamped! Promise to catch up this afternoon sometime!

Watched 1st bbt and soa last night. Gotham tonight. Family is away visiting family so I'll have to hold off on a few shows. Lol

MJ said...

Shield - totally did not get that Fitz was talking to someone that was not there ! Damn! That guy becoming whatever he touched was pretty cool though. And how is the guy from 1945 still alive ?? What ??? And they killed off the Lucy Lawless character !

Blacklist - I like Krysten Ritter and wish she were staying on the show. She can actually act and has her real hair. LOL. Loved the twist that she is Lord Baltimore. Red's first wife ? Thought all his family was dead ! And she talked about a daughter! And why is some warloard in Camaroon privy to whom Berlin would hire ?? Loved that Red had no problems just burning 3 million bucks. And what does Cooper have ? I had to laugh that a 'cyber-tracker' is after Red - Red who almost never uses any electronic devices and they came up with her figuring out the type of tie he'd buy and putting trackers in it ? Really ?? I'm not nearly as obsesses as you are Richard with the details of this show - and haven't just finished watching last season like you Mike - but is Berlin saying that Red is the one who was sending his daughters body parts to him in prison ? I don't remember who was sending them but I did not think it was Red. Is binocular guy our new apple eater? We never did find out who that was ! Had to laugh at Liz getting her hair cut - think they got tired of the fans bitching about how horrible her wigs were ??

Catching up to your Blacklist comments - I thought the list was the FBI's and Red is just picking who he helps with. And yes - Red def uses the FBI to take down whom he wants or to get something from the person. It was one of my complaints all last year - that the FBI would just allow him to keep getting infor or things from these targets is laughable to me. So everyone is assuming that Naomi's daughter and Reds dead daughter are the same person ? I'm not. We don't know how many wives or kids that he's had. Naomi's daughter is not necessarily Reds either. And I think we know he's lied now since he does have family alive.

No New Girl yet, nor have I watched Gotham.

Didn't even get SOA in so I'm staying away from alot of websites today. LOL

True Detective - Vince Vaugn ? Not promising. LOL

Sleepy - I heard that about the ratings. Ugh! I think it picks up alot in the +5 though. Heard Forever's rating were even worse then Sleepy. I have Scorpion, Gotham and Forever still to watch.

Mike V. said...

Scorpion - Heard good things. I'll check out online and set DVR if I like.

Ratings - Saw as well. Agree Sleepy will pick up numbers in the DVR ratings. Though, maybe this is a case where doing only 12 episodes hurt it because it's been away for so long. I loved it though.

Blacklist - Gonna take me awhile to catch up on the comments, but based on Monday night it certainly sounds like the Blacklist IS the FBI's. They called Red the #4 on the list or something. Definitely interseting with the introduction of Nancy Botwin (weeds reference) as Red's ex-wife. Though, I'm so confused because I thought his whole family was dead. But, I might be mixing up clues. lol

Liz's haircut...I was commenting the whole episode how different her hair looked...then when she cut it at the end I said "ahh it was probably a wig!! lol" Will comment more later when I have time to digest all the comments! But I did read them all. Just need to re-read and respond.

TD - I've seen Vaughn do serious before...he has been rumored for season 2 for awhile....I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt! He's in need of a career ressurection after the 1000 variations of the dude from Swingers. lol

Forever - recorded..not sure when I'll get to it.

Legends - All caught up!

SHIELD - Resumed watching season 1. lol We'll see how long it takes me to catch up (or if I catch up) I'm still early into the Calvary/Ward affair. lol

New Girl/Scandal/2nd BBT - probably not getting to until next week. Got time for some of these other shows I haven't been watching so maybe I'll catch up on something. We'll see!

back to my busy day!

Anonymous said...

The Blacklist is Red's. You may recall that they didn't even know who some of these bad guys were, that's a big part of the show. That's the reason they need him, it's the old,ie unknown unknowns can be the worst threat. That he had to convince the FBI that these guys were the bad of the bad and the FBI needs him to find and bring these bad guys in.

REd and Naomi had a daughter and there were scenes of that daughter last year. They lived in the house REd burned down. We did not know until Monday night who the mother was. We don't know who the daughter is or if she's alive.

REd knew Berlin's daughter.

I think binocular guy is Tom. Liz killed the apple guy. And Mr. Kaplan cleaned up afterwards.


Mike V. said...

Blacklist - That was my original thought too Richard...that it's Red's list because he knew names they didn't. But then I was thinking maybe the feds know there are people committing these crimes and have a list, but no means to identify these people.

But I think you're right. It's Red's list. The Feds have a list which Red is on and he's #4...but Red's list is a list of people they don't even know how to identify.

Thanks for the clarification on the family...yeah..i think it all gets mixed up with us still theorizing that Lizzy could be the daughtetr. But, basically it's all just still vague and one more piece of the puzzle was clarified that his ex wife was still alive.

Mike V. said...

Not a good news story for SHIELD in the ratings:

Anonymous said...

Yea, at least Forever is looking better. I really didn't like the Shield premiere that much. For a lot of reasons, but I don't know if it's worth the time to spell out--lol.

MIke, you might like Scorpion?

Blacklist--The FBI has always had their "10 most wanted list"--lol. And yes, Red was on it, recall that it was Ressler's job to track him down.

I find it interesting on the Blacklist fansites that almost no one(actually I think I've only seen it once in about a year) asks about Liz's Mom. It is weird that the actress playing Naomi has resemblance to Liz. I would be shocked if she were indeed Liz's Mom. But, the deal with Liz not wanting to go back to her last name before Keen and us not being told what that was is nagging at me.

BTW,I think we'll see more of Berlin.

Some interesting info on Blacklist with a timeline.

Note the 1987 dance date and I would add the divorce in 1994. Other key changes around that time.


Mike V. said...

Heads up scorpion and madam secretary pilots are available free on iTunes. Probably other mediums like Amazon too. I know nfl messed up madam sec so it's another chance to catch it free. Gonna watch scorpion on the Apple TV!

Blacklist - why wouldn't we see more Berlin?? Lol I would think that's a given! Plus the actor playing him is awesome. I would assume he has a recurring contract set up.

I remember now with the fbi's list. So I'll stick with my theory that in red's mind there are 7 more important people than Berlin on his list. And i still think he includes himself as one of them.

I'm sure liz's mom will play into the mythology eventually. And yes it's surprising the fan sites aren't at least mentioning it as a discussion point. It was the first thing that popped in my head when they introduced Mary Louise Parker to the show (aka Naomi). Not that she's the mother like you said but it at least made me think of her mother more considering all the theories around who red is in relation to lizzy.

Anonymous said...

LOL, I meant to say Baltimore, not Berlin--lol. Part time brain posting at work here.

From all the posts I've read, you have the only theory I've seen about the number of seasons relative to the numbers on the blacklist less than 8--lol. And I think it makes some sense.


Mike V. said...

Ahhh that does make more sense now! Lord Baltimore. Lol

Yeah I guess it's not even really too far a stretch of a theory. The biggest episodes of the show were low numbered blacklisters. I think it's pretty clear that sweep episodes will continue to focus on low numbers and that they would unravel more of red's master plan and the mythology around his relationship with lizzy. my only theory is that red is on the list himself. I can envision a series finale where he turns himself in or sacrifices himself after finally revealing why he did all this. He's a bad person but was doing this for the greater good and now he deserves his just punishment or something like that. Obviously things can change over the series but I could see it ending somehow like that.

Scorpion - watched it. Not bad. Kat McPhee still isn't the greatest actress (she was runner up in season 5 of American idol) but she sure is perty. Lol finch from American pie as a badass is funny. Show has potential. We'll see!

Anonymous said...

Legends-so, the wifey wants him back--surprise, surprise--lol. But will the explosion set in his mind that he was in Iraq not in a wreck.


Mike V. said...

Legends - I'm halfway through last night's episode...wasn't the chief dude convincing them both to get back with each other to keep Martin from investigating himself further? Supposedly she still does love him though. I looked on IMDB and it looks like this is a 10 episode season. Unless they haven't added more episodes that will air yet.

Gotham - It was good for a pilot! I guess the critics are saying it's one of the better pilots...rightly so because Fox has been working on it for a long time and had a chance to get it right rather than going through the traditional pilot season madness of other networks. I can sort of identify with one podcast guy I listen to who says "how many times to we have to see Thomas and Martha Wayne get shot in an alley with the pearl necklace and blah blah blah?" It's the origin story stuff that could get a little cutesy....we've met a child Poison IVY, the Riddler works for Gotham PD as Edward Nygma, Penguin is basically already becoming the Penguin, and there was a guy doing stand-up for Fish Mooney who MIGHT be the Joker. lol And of course Selina Kyle witnessed the murder of Bruce's parents. I like the idea of Gotham as a cop show set in Gotham City....but I don't know how they'll drag on the Bruce Wayne story on a weekly basis.

That said, I read an interview with the showrunner months ago and he seems very confident with where he wants to take the story. It seems fully realized. And the visuals in the episode were very good. Gotham looks like a living breathing city....and McKenzie and Logue are great (and funny! important quality) as the 2 lead cop characters. (obviously one being future Commissioner Gordon) I think it can work...we'll see if people stick with it!

Scorpion - Pretty much gave my thoughts on it last night. I certainly was entertained and pilots are usually pretty bad in comparison to the potential a show can become. (LOST's $14 Million pilot being an exception) The rag tag crew of geniuses is interesting. The girl of the group has a very weird voice that will take some getting used to. There's Finch from American Pie, and the token fat guy. lol Then of course the lead guy is quirky and awkward but secretly lovable....will they be able to make chemistry happen between him and the pretty girl from American Idol? we'll see! All that said, I like the concept and the show has potential to be fun.

Mike V. said...

LOST - Not sure how I missed Doc Jensen's article on Monday, but I have been busy lol

Anonymous said...

Legends--yea his true boss vs his handler(suppossed boss being Larter-lol) had a meeting with wifey last ep and him this ep trying to encourage them getting back together for lots of reasons. But, mostly for keeping his "reality legend"(my just made up term--lol) alive. I'm thinking the bombing at the end will have an effect on this however.

I loved that one of his legends is a famous author. And almost no one at DCO knew.

Rice going to DCO was too easy. That part of the storyline was given way to little attention. It's a huge change for the family, him and his security clearances.

Also, for them to be in the security side of things doesn't make sense unless it starts out with using DCO tactics--which they didn't up front. Kind of a weakness in the ep. But, I'm being picky again--lol.


Mike V. said...

Legends - Yeah...well it makes it sound like they're doing it for his benefit and not because they're working against Martin. But, definitely lots of layers to be unveiled there.

I didn't finish the ep yet so I didn't know about the bombing, but all hints seemed to be pointing towards something like that! lol

As for Rice...they've been alluding to the late hours leading to family issues for him....he had that phone conversation with the wife in a prior ep...and then he overheard tech girl talking to her boyfriend about all the hours she's putting in. That pretty much is all setup for an eventual conflict with Rice's wife I'm guessing. I don't think they overlooked it.

But the fact that he's just working with them all of a sudden now is pretty comical. lol

Anonymous said...

What a well written article on LOST. I like that he gives credence to those who were unhappy with the ending. IT's like he's come to understand that the differences intended to cause discussion have grown to cause mostly disagreement hardened to the point of frustration--intransigence even.

Given the commercial progeny of LOST(or lack tereof)as he points out--would seem to make the show runners question themselves. And that's OK, that's how you get better. Nobody's perfect and the rearview mirror offers a perspective inclusive of reaction, not available to those looking forward with fervor.


Mike V. said...

LOST - Yeah I think he did a good job summarizing the Pros and Cons of LOST. I think the Pros certainly outweigh the cons. i.e. the very fact that the show existed was worthwhile for human nature! lol

Basically what I tweeted on anniversary day "10 Years ago today, Flight 815 crashed on an island and changed the game forever. I still have no desire to move on. #10YearsofLost"

Lost changed the game of television for the better. The very fact that we're here having these conversations about pretty much every TV show under the sun is a movement that was made popular by LOST's advancement in watercooler discussion potential. It was an event. People wanted to talk about it. And it was a well done show. People can choose to love or hate how it ended....but even the haters are so mad because deep down there was a love for the show that they wanted to see fulfilled through to the end.

His decision to leave LOST in the past...not sure if I agree with all of that. Great shows should be celebrated. Sure, I do hope with him that something even greater can come our way...but sentimentally I don't know if I could rank something higher than LOST! lol

MJ said...

Madam Secy - hooked my laptop to the tv and watched from CBS or NBC (whatever channel) LOL But thanks. Only pain was having to watch commercials.

Ratings - hoping they all improve with +5s. Alot of Shield haters but i like the premier.

New Girl - Rhea Perlman was perfect for Danny's mom - though she's looking weird these days. Loved it when she thought Mindy was the maid.

Blacklist - The actress playing the ex-wife I think oddly was in the movie Reds. LOL Agree - we know Red had a daughter. I'm saying maybe he had more then one and maybe more than one wife. Obviously we don't know for sure that the daughter she talked about was the ballet dancer yet. They'll tell us eventually. Oh yea - fogot Liz killed apple guy. Loved Mr Kaplan.

Legends - not sure I am caught up. But - meant to comment a ways back that I loved watching him become that Texan. Sean Bean does that so well. they caught me by surprise having the wife in on the whole 'his identity is fake' thing.

Scorpion was ok - nothing we haven't seen before in other show iterations but it was entertaining. ha ! My husband and I said the same thing about the girls voice.

MJ said...

OMG ! I've lost it. I wrote about Mindy under New Girl. LOL

Mike V. said...

Blacklist - I'm shocked no one else has watched Weeds! That's Mary-Louise Parker (aka Nancy Botwin!) lol Anyway, yes she was in the movie Red (and maybe the sequel) too...which is funny! lol Agree on Mr. Kaplan...good stuff.

Funny on New Girl vs. Mindy...I'm still on s1e1 of Mindy until we find a way to watch in one of our subscription services! lol New Girl gotta wait for the Mr.s to get home.

Scorpion - Yeah...the voice was just jarring. I'm not sure how she got through the audition. Unless they said, "wow what a strange voice, we have to have to have that on the show!" lol

Legends - Yeah, all his accents are great but the texan one was awesome. I actually suspected that the wife might be in on it. I don't know why...probably just having watched so much of this stuff before! lol But, of course, she still loves him and thinks she's doing it for his own that's the twist.

So annoyed I can't watch Scandal tonight! Unless I watch and just don't tell. :-) lol Naaaa