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Fringe: Season 3 Episode 21 - The Last Sam Weiss

Hello Fringe Fanatics, welcome back for our penultimate episode recap for season 3!   Okay, the show has earned it so I'm finally going to do it.  WOW!!!  I kept hoping that the result from the machine would bring a consequence that we didn't predict, and it certainly did.  Of course, because I wasn't able to watch live and some one (I won't name names) assumed I did, I was slightly spoiled about the giant reveal at the end.  But, no matter, it was still awesome and unexpected of HOW it would be revealed.  And we still don't really know what it all means, but something tells me we are getting a preview of what season 4 of Fringe may look like.  And, I'm excited to explore that.  We're getting way ahead of ourselves though.  We need to rewind and get through the recap before we talk about the future of Fringe.   So let's dive in!

When last we left our heroes, Peter was left unconscious from touching the machine activated by the other side.  Sam Weiss came to Olivia demanding to see the machine immediately.   And our world was going absolutely haywire!  The world has continued to go crazy.  We follow an anonymous family driving a Ford Focus (now with torque control thank you very much!) down a street when hair starts raising on the kid's arm in the back.  All of a sudden lighting strikes a car in front of them and keeps striking in the same place. The father runs to high ground to get a better view of what is going on.   Dry Lighting striking all over the place.  Lots of casualties.

Walter and Astrid
Walter has hardly left Peter's side at the hospital.  He has lost all hope and has run out of ideas. But Astrid convinces him to get back to work quoting Ben Franklin: "God helps those who help themselves."  This, naturally, triggers an idea for Walter and agrees he must get back to work.  First, he needs his kite! 

  • Walter starts flying his kite hooked up to some machines to read electrical patters or something.  But he gets struck twice in the process!  Of course we all know the old saying that lightning never strikes twice in the same place!  Definitely not a fact but it givers Walter an idea of repetition and they pack up and head back to the lab.

  • They begin to measure all the places where lightning has struck twice and the frequency.   They then compare that to the frequency of seismic events along with multiple radiation and thermal spikes.  Once they overlay all of those maps there is indeed a pattern.   There is a field of activity spreading out from a central location, where the machine is in our world.   There is a 2nd wave activity spawning from another location: Liberty Island.   Walter deduces that Walternate must have built their machine at Liberty Island. 

  • Walter puts together a fabulous visual explanation with magnets to explain to Broyles.  "It's important that you pay attention!"  Because the 2 machines are separate they are creating a magnetic field between them.  He suggests moving their machine to Liberty Island to centralize the path of destruction.  Of course this is right next to the country's most densely populated city.  

  • By the way, I love how they don't show how they moved that crazy machine.  Unless it was on that boat that they showed in the water by Liberty Island.   But we'll get back to that story in a bit. 

Olivia and Sam Weiss
Prior to the machine being moved, Sam is examining it with Olivia.  We get a brain dump of information of why Sam knows everything he knows.  
  • Before that information though, Sam goes on about how this was not supposed to happen.  The machine was built for Peter and only he can turn it on.  But once Olivia explains that Walternate turned it on somehow, he realizes that the machine has been TRICKED/Hot-Wired into thinking that it is activated.   He said the machine is frustrated which is causing the destruction.  It's not a doomsday machine but it is acting like one.    Olivia wants to know how to stop it and Sam says they need to "break the glass" in case of emergency.  

  • He unspools some ancient pages which turn out to be unpublished manuscript that the Frist People books are based on.   There is an ancient box with a key to open the box.  And basically it contains a "crowbar" that will be used to pry the forcefield open long enough for Peter to get inside.  

  • Olivia wants to know if Peter will die if he gets in the machine.  Sam doesn't think so.  As he understands the machine is indestructible so Peter should be save inside of it.  So, now they have to track down the Box and the Key.  Fortunately, Sam already knows where they both are. 
  • The box is located at Saint Arthelais Cemetery.  Doesn't seem to be a real place, and the story of the Saint doesn't seem to be very relevant either.  But read it if you want

  • What IS important is that Sam reveals that he is not the first Sam Weiss.  And they have gone to the grave of a previous Sam Weiss who happens to be his Great Great Great Great Grandfather.   That Sam Weiss was digging for mastodon bones and discovered an ancient manuscript instead.  But it was the 5th Sam Weiss that wrote the First People book.   The 3rd and 4th Sams spent their lives searching for the manuscript's missing sections.   They took it upon themselves to shield the power to create and destroy worlds.   Well, definitely not what we were all speculating.  And, of course, there still is that "Do not trust Sam Weiss" anagram floating out there.  So, are we supposed to believe everything he says?  Obviously, he seems to be revealing a lot of the truth but maybe there is still something he isn't being truthful about.
  • They get the box out but then Sam is starting to have 2nd thoughts.  He said that it's not supposed to be used unless something is terribly wrong.  Olivia contests that something IS wrong.  But then Sam starts talking about how the timeline is messed up, that it must be some cosmic hiccup and possibly things will course correct on its own.   Woa, did we just end up on LOST?  Now, we do know that the observers transcend time on this show and know what events are to transpire.  But, did these ancient manuscripts give Sam the information of when certain events were supposed to happen?  In any case, this is our first hint to where things are heading in the end of the episode.

  • The question I guess is answered by Sam himself when he says that generations of knowledge have been passed down to him, but no one ever told him that the machine on the other side would be turned on first.   Olivia got tired of his hesitation and threatened that she is armed and wants the key.  That's all that she needed to do! 
  • They were off to a museum where the key is.  They have run into a bit of a problem though.  There is spontaneous lighting striking in buildings all up and down the street that the museum is located.  Olivia decides it's a chance they're going to have to take.  They get the layout of the museum and the wing they have to get into and make their way into the place.  
  • The key was located in a rock that was hidden in plain sight.  Olivia notices some electrical activity as Sam is about the break the glass open.   She pushes Sam out of the way just in time before lighting struck right in the spot they were standing.  Of course this causes the alarms to go off and the gates to start coming down.   Sam breaks the glass and gets the rock and Olivia is having a hard time trying to keep the gates up.  No fear, Sam grabs a different rock and tosses it down the hall knocking a big vase over to stop the gate.  Even before he mentioned he worked in a bowling alley I could identify that form and release anywhere!  Good times. 

  • Sam proves to not be as helpful when figuring out how to USE the key.  The manuscript was missing pages but as he is blabbing on about how his father used to take him to the museum all of the time and how boring it was, the key magnetically was drawn to the box and it unfolded to reveal ANOTHER manuscript (i.e. the crowbar)

  • And what did it reveal?  Another drawing but this time it wasn't just Peter in the machine.  No, it was OLIVIA!!!!  WHAAT?!   Yes folks, Olivia is the crowbar and she has been trained for this event all her life, even though she didn't realize it.    You know what this means.  Back to the lab!!

Unleashing the Crowbar
  • Walter examines the drawing closely and assumes that Peter and Olivia BOTH have a connection to the machine.   She must possess the power to open the forcefield and the answer to how lies in the drawing.  Walter begins to look at the paper in sideways, upways, slantways and then starts to roll the document up.  Sam's reactions to Walter messing with an ancient document were priceless.  But Walter did figure it out.  Olivia is using her MIND in the drawing, telekinesis.  She has the power to bend things with her mind. 

  • And kudos to Walter for referring to season 1 again and how Olivia used this power then to deactivate a bomb.  Remember when Jones was testing her by forcing her to use her power under intense pressure?  Olivia was not a believer but then she knew she had to be to give it a shot.  Peter stayed there and watched Olivia as time was running out.  With her mind she started turning the lights off.  Even Jones knew she would need this power one day.  I love that they're linking all of this stuff up to season 1.   By the way, that episode is very fresh in my memory having just completed my rewatch of season 1.  I'm onto season 2 and it's just as fabulous as I remember. 

  • Of course there is another part of the puzzle they'll have to resolve.  The machine that is turned on is the one on the other side so Olivia needs to interact with that one.  Olivia is not happy with what is going on here.  She definitely does not want to return OVER THERE!   But Walter suggests that the same part of her mind that allows her to cross over is the same part of her mind that possesses the power of telekinesis.  She'll be able to operate the machine on the other side from over here.  
  • Naturally, Olivia does not believe she has the power to operate something so big.   She did the lights but this thing is massive!    And now she has to operate the machine across universes too?  Yikes.
LUKE:  Master, moving stones around is one thing.  This is totally
YODA:  No!  No different!  Only different in your mind.  You must unlearnwhat you have learned
  • Walter suggests that they start with something smaller.  The typewriter to communicate with the other side!   And she does try and try without success.  Walter tells her to focus on a word or a phrase and she does, but cannot get the thing to type.  She is extremely frustrated and it leads to a fabulous scene with Walter.   Walter talks about how he knows what it's like to feel inferior to the task at hand.  He'll never be the man he was when his brain was in one piece, but he has learned to embrace is eccentricities and that it is what makes his mind special.  (this is the lesson the animated William Bell shared with Walter within Olivia's subconscious)  He then becomes very sweet and tells Olivia that he wishes she could see herself the way he sees her.  "You have no idea how extraordinary you are."  awwwwww  Walter explains if she can embrace how special she is, there is no limit to what she can do.   Olivia cannot share in Walter's faith in her even if she wants to.  But he encourages her to keep trying.   

  • And that she does, but it seemingly doesn't work again.  She is beyond frustrated and upset.  So, naturally, Astrid comes in to provide icing on the cake.  The hospital lost Peter!!!    Hmmm, let's take a break on this subplot and see what Peter has been up to this episode.

  • When everyone had left Peter in the hospital, he just woke up out of nowhere and began tearing off all of the equipment attached to him.  Very disoriented he gets out of bed and looks in the closet finding keys, a cell phone and a change of clothes.  

  • He walks into the hospital halls and it initially seems empty but then runs into chaos as the lightning victims are all being tended to.  A nurse sees that he is a patient but gets called away.   He also seemed to have forgotten his name.  Peter takes the opportunity to go outside, witness the lightning storms for himself and then hails a cab.  The cab driver asks for his destination and he said 42nd and Lex.  The driver looks at him strangely as they are in Pittsfield, Massachusetts and 42nd and Lexington is in New York City!   (btw, nice LOST number shout out intentional or not!)    Peter hands over his credit card and the driver accepts the fare and they go on their way.  

  • In some crazy way it seems like Peter was being drawn to the machine that was being moved there.  But what drew him to the pawn shop that he couldn't find?   He could have sworn there was one on 42nd and Lexington but it was not there.   He asked someone where a pawn shop might be and the guy said he though maybe on 3rd Avenue.   3rd Avenue is just one Ave over from Lex so maybe he was just a little off.  He goes to the pawn shop looks around but then wanted a closer look at the coin collection.   He remembers being a collector when he was a kid.   He picks out a silver half dollar which he says is his favorite and it always brings him luck. 

  • Then he finds his way to Liberty Island which is clearly being evacuated of all non-essential personnel because the machine is there now.  When he gets there he says he has to talk to his father and has something to show him.  The thing is, he thinks his father is the Secretary of Defense, Walter Bishop.  Of course, he is absolutely right but he wouldn't have just blurted that out or have wanted to go to Liberty Island to talk to him if he was in his right mind.   I would say that maybe his mind melded with a Peter from another dimension or timeline where he was with his father on the other side and where he was the secretary of defense.  But Peter is the only Peter we know of and he has lived most of his life on THIS side.  

  • Then again, that machine has the power to create and destroy worlds, maybe by touching it, it triggered memories of another world or timeline or whatever.  We know for certain though that he wasn't being himself for awhile. 
  • Walter, Olivia and crew track Peter's credit card purchases to figure out where he was.  Then they get reports that he is at Liberty Island.  When they arrive in New York he seems to recognize them but things seem off to him.  He knows that this Walter is not the secretary of defense and acknowledges there must be more than one of him.  He knows Obama is the President and that it's 2011.  When he is asked who the blonde woman is he smiles and knows it's Olivia.  He also remembers going into the machine.  Walter knows that this means that his confusion is only temporary. 

  • Sure enough, as time went on he seemed to regain his composure of who he was.  Walter noticed the coin that he had with him and shockingly asked where he got it.  Before we could get more information on the coin there was a tremor and everything started shaking.  The machine was still acting crazy.  

Entering the Machine and changing the game 
  • Walter informs Broyles that the system wasn't designed to handle sudden fluctuations and as long as the machine is on there is nothing they can do.  
  • Still Olivia does not know how to crowbar Peter into the thing yet.  She shows the drawing to Peter informing him of how she needs to be involved too.  She explained how she tried using the typewriter on the other side and it wouldn't work.  Peter asked her what the phrase was and while she is thinking about it Astrid is back at the lab and starts hearing the typewriter.  It started typing on the other side and printing on this side.  The same phrase over and over and over again.  "Be a better man than your father."   Fortunately, I have started season 2's rewatch so I remember when Olivia first went to the other side and had a conversation with William Bell, he uttered a phrase in latin "Einai kalytero anthropo apo ton patera toy" for Olivia to tell Peter because she is going to need him.   Olivia was unconscious for awhile when she returned, but immediately when she woke up she uttered the Latin phrase.  It turned out to be something that Peter's "mother" said to him after Walter had left them.  And it translated to "Be a Better Man than your Father."  Nice way to tie things into last season as well. 

  • Olivia now thinks she knows how to use her powers and is ready to send Peter off into the machine and save the world.  
  • Broyles evacuates everyone out of the place except for essential personnel.   The tremors are building towards what Walter believes is a massive event.  There is not much time.  

  • Olivia and Peter share a moment before their big final act, the hold hands walking up to the machine until Olivia goes on alone.  She concentrates and the machine starts to respond.  The arm and foot restraints open up in order to welcome Peter into it.   (Alterna-Brandon detects something wrong with the machine)

  • Before Peter goes into the machine, Olivia professes the 3 words to him over a Michael Giacchino soundtrack that is sure to make people well up a bit.  And with Empire Strikes Back on the mind, I half expected him to say "I know" in return.  But they share a kiss and then it's showtime!

  • He takes one glance back at Walter who sadly nods in approval of him going in.  Then, he starts climbing the steps up to the machine.  We see flashes of many events over 3 seasons that led us up to that point.  It is unclear if this is what is going on in his mind as he enters.  But there is a clear emphasis on his love for THIS Olivia in the shots that come.  And as we know, Sam Weiss said whatever Peter is feeling when he goes into the machine will determine which world lives.  

  • He steps into the machine with everyone looking on nervously.   His final flashes of memories are all about his relationship with Olivia from childhood to now.  He puts his last appendage into place.  The machine closes up and a surge of energy seems to go into Peter.  

When his eyes open he sees destruction all around him.  He is in New York City.  We hear tanks and announcements over megaphones to proceed to evacuation routes immediately.   And then we see a memorial sign that reads "We Will Never Forget September 11, 2001" and right under it "Dedicated to their memory September 11, 2021.   Ummmmm WHAAAAT!??!?!   Peter then looks up and what do we see?  No, not the twin towers like we did at the end of season 1.  But the Freedom Tower that has not even been built yet is fully erected and magnificent looking.  (what an awesome mirroring idea by the way)  

Before we have time to digest that he is AT LEAST 10 years into the future, someone comes up calling him "AGENT BISHOP" and wearing a "Fringe Division Blue Badge" on his military fatigues.   Peter asks where the hell he is.  The man says that he has been hit and calls out for a medic. 



WOW again!  Hey, I know it's a JJ Abrams show, so people are bound to ask if his minions can do anything besides time travel, but what an awesome twist!  It would seem that it's 2011 Peter that has been thrust into the future.  It certainly appears to be the BLUE universe (our world), without getting into many spoilers from the awesome scenes of next week's finale.  But here's the question, is Peter just flashing into the future?  Getting to see what events are to come based on their actions in the present?   Will he return to the present?  I assume next week's episode will take place in this future world which is awesome and totally unexpected.  And if they're going to spend an episode creating this sorta "new world" something tells me that we may get to spend more time there next season.  
And who would have thought that the machine would actually be used in the penultimate episode rather than the finale?  Awesome idea to set up the next season.  I'm on board and excited to hear everyone's ideas of where they think it is going.  We have one more section to get to first though so let's do it!   

  • Glyph Code of the Week: MULTI - Hmmm Multiple Universes?  Multiple Timelines? They've both been mentioned on this show before.  Is it a hint that the future we are seeing can be prevented?  Maybe if we save the cheerleader we can save the world?   Thanks to Fringepedia as always for the screenshot. 

  • Observer Spotted: He was watching amnesia-stricken Peter walking down the street in Manhattan.

  • Food of the Week - Tapioca Pudding - It almost seemed like Walter wasn't going to be craving food this week but then one mention of that pudding and he certainly came around! 

  • Walterism of the week:  Not so much a quote again, but the whole kite flying scene was hysterical.  

  • This didn't fit anywhere above but Sam Weiss was beside himself for intervening with the course of events.  Olivia tried to comfort him that she didn't give him much of a choice, but this did not rest his worries.  Things are not going as planned and this seems to be a big cause of concern for him.  We see him later in New York watching Liberty Island from afar with Newton's cradle continuing to go back and forth.  Stay tuned on that I guess? 

That's about it for this episode.  I think I covered mostly everything in the recap itself besides those few pointers.  I'm excited to get to this discussion!  What did everyone think?   Be careful of spoiling anything from the scenes from next week.  I know there are people that choose not to watch them.  I can never resist the temptation!  Just a forewarning, my wife and I will be entertaining an out of town guest next weekend so please be patient with me getting to the Fringe Recap.  I will do the best I can to be timely.  But, as we have all summer to discuss that one, if need be, maybe it won't hurt to wait for the recap a bit!  

Hope you enjoyed my ramblings as always and I'll see you next week! 

End Credits

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Anonymous said...

You do a realy good job of recapping. I've looked at other sites too, but yours have a lot going on for them. But, not too much.

1. Leaving Sam Weiss behind when they went to the machine was a mistake. How can Broyles leave the one who knows the machine the best behind. He also knows what is SUPPOSED to happen more than anyone else. Either a big hole in the plot or major screw up by Broyles.

2. Sam acted almost weak and childish in this ep--probably because he didn't know what was happening and had spent years/generations preparing. Interesting to find out he was not an ancient being of some type. I was kind of fooled on that one.

3. And there in lies one of the BIG MYSTERIES of Fringe. How were Peter and Olivia identified in ANCIENT manuscripts--way before their birth. My theory involves time travel and the observers.

4. It really seemed that the typewriter only started working when Olivia met up with Peter. So I think there's more connection there than we know, especially since they are both tied together by the manuscripts. Another great mystery to me as to some synergistic effects occuring.
5. As I said last week, Peter's son is probably a big deal since he combines both Olivia's and Peter's DNA--I'm really thinking that now. And I don't think Sam or the manuscripts have taken him into account. Especially since he couldn't figure out how the machine could start without Peter. Nor could Olivia or Walter, btw.
6. Peter thought he was in the other world because the machine shocked him and it was started in the other world--at least that's my theory. He recovered in the hospital very quickly and he was SEDATED--should not have woke up. Something triggered that. As Olivia seemed to be taking on personality traits of Fauxlivia, I think Peter was being effected by the other side. At least some connection, somehow.
7. Remember how I've been wondering about the two worlds coming together somehow. That would be one explanation for the WTC towers and the Fringe Division uniforms being together in the future. Not sure though.
8. Which brings up another big mystery, what's happening with the worlds. Is what Peter seeing a real world, or dream/possible world--maybe one possible future? Sam said that Peter would be fine--that the machine is indestructible. So, I'm suspecting Peter, in some, form is still in the machine. But that Olivia can still connect with him. She's the gatekeeper and now we see has super powers that cross worlds. Talk about being able to reach out and touch someone--lol.
9. That last point is an example of how I feel the writers sometime cheat and frustrate those of us who try to figure stuff out. Last week I thought that Olivia would have to go over to the other world and deal with the machine somehow. But, I was focused on her travel abilities, not her telekenesis.
10. I still think someone's got to die in the finale.
11. Fauxlivia and Peter's son I suspect are still going to have big impacts. For example, what about Peter's son in 2021, his age, etc? Which brings up another point, did Peter look 10 years older? He didn't to me, which is a mystery.
12. I thought this was the if not one of the best eps.


AUStarwars said...

My bad about emailing was bad...

I dont see the Observer in that pic..might just be me, but I just dont see him

and yes...JJ Abrams=Time Travel..what happened in his life to make him SOOOOOO obsessed with Time Travel..I just dont get it...

overall it was a very good episode..but I was disappointed as to how little they either explained or showed what Sam Weiss knew..i was hoping it was going to be more..and I still think the Observers are the First People, but that may still revealed..

AUStarwars said...

I love that you invoked the Holy Trilogy btw...i thought the SAME thing when he said "you have to Try" and all I could think about was...NO TRY NOT, DO OR DO NOT, there is no TRY..

AUStarwars said...

Dude 42nd street is a major street in NYC (you can tell im reading this as i go along lol..sorry for posting so much...when you see the # of comments im sure your ego will spike up, but you'll see its just me vomiting ideas and be :( lol)

not EVERYTHING is a Lost Numbers Reference...god you are worse than the people on the blogs for Lost that pointed out EVERY TIME a number was mentioned..oh wait ;-)

Mike V. said...

Dude, first you spoil the biggest reveal of the season for me now you're making fun of me for jokingly referencing LOST? LOL Seriously, it was a joke! Did you not pick up that vibe when I put "intentional or not" after it? Obviously by referring to the geographic make up of NYC and that 3rd Ave is not far from Lexington, you can probably assume that I know 42nd Street is a major street in NYC. If only I used LOLs in the actual recap! But, alas, sometimes I try to be professional and just hope the jokes translate in the text! As far as EGO...naaaa...I know who reads this recap and who comments. Plus, they all hit my email when they come I saw I had 3 comments from you on my phone lol

Yeah, I would have quoted all of ESB given the chance but I just gave a small snippet and referenced it later on lol

I'll admit, I was a bit disappointed with the Sam Weiss stuff too. I thought there would be more to it and there still could be. But yeah...I still agree with you on the Observers and First People stuff. But I may agree with Richard too on his time travel idea tying in Peter and Olivia to those ancient documents. Because I too have been wondering how these ancients would know about Peter. It might explain why the Observers are so knowledgeable too and why they're able to time travel in the first place.

As far as JJ Abrams goes with Time Travel...I will once again state that it is not him doing the day to day operations of these TV shows. The only one that really can be attributed to him with Time Travel is the Star Trek reboot. Maybe in some high level discussions they had discussed it on LOST and Fringe, but I think that's the showrunners' calls.

Richard I'm getting to your points next!

Mike V. said...

First of all, thanks for the props on the blog and recapping. I appreciate it as always. Let's get to the bullets.

1.) Agreed. I thought it was very strange that Broyles made such a big deal of leaving Sam behind. I don't think it was a plot hole though. It seemed very intentional...especially with the scene of him watching from afar.

2.) Yeah I was fooled too on Sam....but yeah...he went from the all knowing Yoda -type to a scared and clueless guy. But I agree it's because everything he prepared for wasn't right.

3.) I mentioned this in the previous comment. I like where you're heading with that one. They may have knowledge of Peter and Olivia via Time Travel and Observers. Kind of like LOST how the characters influenced their own arrival to the Island (mostly John Locke who talked to Richard to go and check him out as a kid) I guess we still don't know enough of what is going on after the machine to fully come up with a theory though.

4.) This makes sense too....Peter and Olivia together seem to be an unstoppable duo. Which ironically, Peter was present when she turned the lights off in season 1 also. She had told him to leave, but he stopped and watched from afar.

5.) Well it has FAUX-LIVIA's DNA, but I think we were told that the DNA is exactly the same in each doppleganger, right? So you could be on to something. And yes, good point about 10 or however many years later...we can see that kid all grown up. IF he survived a potential destruction of the Red World.

6.) Interesting theory on that one. And you could be right!

7.) I'll say it again...we BOTH have been wondering about the 2 worlds coming together lol But that's not what I thought about the Fringe Division in the future. It seemed to me that we were seeing some kind of aftermath of using that machine....maybe it didn't work...maybe it did destroy the red universe...but maybe it also affected OUR world....indicating the need of a dedicated FRINGE DIVISION and amber quarantines and what not. It looked very apocalyptic. Of course...I'm swayed by the previews of next week but I don't want to talk about that just yet and what characters we saw and heard from.

8 - Did you notice that when Peter opened his was still Present Day peter with the cuts on his face? Then all of a sudden we were in the future with him waking up. But then again...future peter seemed to be present day consciousness peter. Half of me thinks that he is going to see a vision of the future before returning to the present day with that knowledge. I don't think we will be in the Future World full time now. But yeah...Peter may still be in that machine..who knows what the hell is going on? lol

9. did seem kind of cheap that she didn't have to go over there to do her task....but...they still tied it in really well to previous episodes with her other "gifts/abilities"

10. I don't think someone HAS to die...but it wouldn't surprise me if someone does. Nina Sharp may have provided all of her usefulness...or perhaps a Brandon!? lol

11. I think I talked about Henry (the kid) earlier and agree we will probably see him in the future (2021 or possibly later...we weren't given an official date. just the date that of the memorial). I think they tried to make Peter look "a little" older. We have to be understanding that this is a television show and they're going to use the same actors even 10 or 15 years later. We may have to suspend our disbelief if they don't look THAT much older!

12. was a fantastic episode! I rank it up there as one of their best too.

MJ said...

I don't usually watch comings but today I decided to watch a video ! Holy crap is all I will say.

This is it if you want to see it

Mike V. said...

Thanks for posting it MJ! I saw it too and have been trying to retweet from my phone and it just won't submit! LOL It looks phenomenal!

Anonymous said...

Thanks MJ. Wow, well if they're giving us that much, there must be some awesome stuff coming.


MJ said...

What a strange coincidence that Friday Fringe shows what will be the Freedom Tower one day and Monday Chuck shows a Wanted poster for Bin Laden on the very weekend we finally get him.

Chuck was fun this week. Though have to say I saw the reveal coming before we got there. Don't want to say in case you haven't seen yet.

Mike V. said...

Totally thought the same thing MJ! Of course, one has to wonder if that Freedom Tower will actually be up by 2021! lol But it was a good guestimate on the part of the Fringe team!
As for Chuck...I enjoyed the episode too. Las Vecas!! lol Renaux!! Great stuff...bringing whatserface into the fold after all of these seasons of winding goofy ways to continue lying to her. Finally everyone knows! (you could almost hear Joey Tribbiani singing "we know, we know, we know!!") As for the reveal at the end. I wasn't sure it would be him...but it definitely made sense. I knew it would be someone we I guess if I took the one extra step to piece it together I probably would have figured it out! lol So I wonder if ol' V still has the intersect in him?
HIMYM was good again too....(SPOILER - don't read ahead if you didn't watch!!)

the lurkers at the bar was a good time. the different types of drunk....the return of the Cockamouse lol good stuff!

Anonymous said...

OK, so since we're quickly coming up on the season finale--how about guesses as to who's going to die Friday night on the show?

I'm going with Fauxlivia. Although I would prefer to see someone on this side go. But with Peter being set up for this side to win--easier to see someone else from the other side go.


Mike V. said...


While it's a likely proposition that someone is going to die, I'm not sure it's a guarantee. Plus, if someone dies in "future world" it could all but be erased. I guess in the preview "SPOILER ALERT"

we do see Peter with a coffin. So someone is going to die in the future.


BUT...what if this is only a GLIMPSE of a possible future? What if the entire episode is that glimpse? We already know that Olivia promised Alterna-Broyles that she will save BOTH universes. If the battle between universes is the CORE backdrop of this show....there's no way one universe is going to win out at the end of this season. And if both universes DO survive...I just don't see them killing off Fauxlivia just yet. I think they need to milk the Love triangle of Peter and the 2 Olivias (one with his child) a little more. It would be awesome if Peter finds out about his kid in the future vision and wakes up in the present with that knowledge at the end of the episode.

So who dies? Complicated question. It could be anyone if it's only a POSSIBLE future. Walternate, Walter, Olivia, Fauxlivia, Henry (Peter's son)...... Present day death? The ony people I could see as somewhat expendable right now would be Nina Sharp and Sam Weiss. And I'm not sure that's entirely true (their expendability). I just think the core cast is pretty safe for awhile: Olivia, Peter, Walter, Astrid, Broyles We'll see!

MJ said...

I can't even hazard a guess as to who dies.

Fauxlivias team are kind of expendable - though I'd miss them.

Because we are moving the future there will be newer chars - I have read a tidbit so I know the identity of a young Fringe officer. Spoiler below....

Olivias niece ??Emma?? will be an young adult and a Fringe cop.

I would be ok with Walternate dying - they've made him more likable, but I still don't like him. Robotic Astrid could also go. Oh wow - Peter's kid could die - that could be huge.

Loved the return of Cockermouse! Disappointed Ted joined Zoe's side though. She needs to go. LOL

Mike V. said...

But are we moving to the FUTURE full time? Or will we be alternating back and forth from Future to present blue world (and present red world)? Or is this just one singular jump to the future? I didn't think they had made that clear it's tough to say who may die. Cool on the spoiler thing. I forget her name too lol
That's just it...any of this stuff could happen in the future...but I just don't think this future is necessarily PERMANENT. I don't know if we'll be living in a "whatever happened happened" world with Fringe. I think we've already proven with the White Lilly episode that we're not dealing with those kind of rules. 2 quotes from the preview make me think that they're going to get a chance to prevent that future.


Olivia, "I will find a way to save both worlds" (from a past episode this season)
Peter, "I have seen doomsday and it is the worst possible fate imaginable" (paraphrased, but concept is there and will be in this season finale)
This makes me think Peter is going to experience this vision but then return to the present. But...what do I know?? lol


As for HIMYM - well, we know Zoe will inevitably go! lol I'm very interested to see what they have in store for this cliffhanger finale!

Anonymous said...

I'm OK with Walternate going too. Except I like to see someone for Walter to have as a sort of equal to challenge him. And with Bell gone, Walternate is the only one left. And I don't know if I'd be so nice when someone stole my son.

IMHO--lol--Peter in the future world can't be permanant without him getting out of the machine. I think we will see Peter back in NY with Olivia at some point--still in the machine. I agree, these guys won't treat time the same way as did Lost. From prior eps we know that the machine was taken apart and the parts buried after the last use. We also know that it will keep him safe while working. It's not been billed as a transporter, it's been described as a vacuum, destroyer and creator. So, with that in mind, maybe the machine gives you a "rewind/reset button" before finishing the job? ie, you can check out what you're getting ready to do with the machine before finishing.

You guys are probably going to hate this, but I would like to see Olivia go, leaving Fauxlivia and Henry. But that's not likely to happen especially since Fauxlivia doesn't have the superpowers that Olivia has.

Henry has to LIVE!! Just think about the powers he could have and develop--especially if Walter gets a hold of him and gives him cortexaphine.


MJ said...

Oh no - I think I could be ok with Olivia going. I actually like fauxlivia better. I know the character of Olivia has lightened up lately - but it's almost over-the-top and cartoonish. We'd have the great drama of them killing Olivia but we'd still have fauxlivia and Anna Torv. I think that would be great.

But - Peter losing his own son would really make him understand what Walter felt and what he did. Everyone can empathize, but until you have the same experience you really can't understand.

Mike V. said...

I dunno guys...I know how people really never warmed up to Olivia...but one cannot argue she is a KEY piece to the puzzle of FRINGE. If not...THE key. She's OLIVIA! lol The protaganist! Yes, I know Peter and Walter are equally important but Olivia has been told that SHE IS THE ONE!! SHE IS IMPORTANT! She has special powers to cross worlds....granted...Walternate has the techology to do that as well now. I know it makes sense that Fauxlivia would still be alive and therefore Anna Torv is still employed but we have been following Walter, Peter and Olivia since day 1. I think we end with them too. It's just not fringe without those core 5 "our universe" people.

But hey, I could be eating my words after Friday! And I'm sure I may be horrified if it happens but I'll be excited about the potential for where the story may go. But for now...I can't picture a FRINGE world without them. (btw...I have warmed up to Fauxlivia also so I'd be sad to see her go too)

Very interesting about Peter losing his son mirroring Walternate/Walter losing theirs. But will 15 years later Peter have enough time to bond with his son having the consciousness of a 2011 Peter? Of course, maybe the machine works similarly to when he first touched that he had different memories and then came back to remember who and where he was. Maybe right now he's disoriented in 2026 but eventually he'll be back to Future minded Peter?! lol Am I even making any kind of sense? lol

Anonymous said...

Good point MJ, on Peter losing son. That would be tragic.

But, I am hoping for the show to not kill off a baby with so much promise. Killing a baby could potentially hurt viewership. Henry has to live! Especially since my theories require it--LOL.


Mike V. said...

Richard, I could be wrong but I assumed that MJ meant FUTURE HENRY could die. I agree, I don't think we'll be seeing baby Henry (present day) die!

Anonymous said...

When they killed off young Peter, they had another(current) substitute so the effect was muted.

If Peter saw Henry today-2026, he would be 15 or so. It would be a wild meeting for him, Fauxlivia, Henry and Olivia to meet up in 2026!! And how about the 2 Grandads--LOL? Of course the maternal cousin, maternal aunt and grandmother would be interesting too--lol. Reminds me of a soap opera. So, I don't think all of those people will survive in the future world.


Mike V. said...


well I guess this is why so many are convinced someone is going to die lol

Anonymous said...

Spoiler AL

Do you think it's either one in that pic?


Mike V. said...


I really don't. lol I guess Astrid would be the most expendable of the core 5 but I really don't think they'd kill her off. She's Walter's right hand "man".

Anyone in the alternaverse may be expendable as already mentioned.

But all could be a ruse and it could be someone dying in the future. Still think Nina Sharp, Sam Weiss could be possibilities. about September? our favorite observer? I just happened to watch AUGUST this morning...and they noted the significance of an Observer dying. It made the girl August saved important because it signified the first observer dying or something like that. I would hate for September to die before revealing some info....but I guess it could happen! I'm trying to think of characters that are not Walter, Peter, Olivia, Astrid or Broyles. It would be a total shocker if it's one of them and it's permanent.

Anonymous said...

They've already killed off a main character--Broyles on the red side. If you count that as main--I do. They also killed off young Peter on this side--I don't know if you count that one. I picked Fauxlivia since they seem not to mind beating up on people on that side--lol. But, if you're keeping up with the main characters, it's this side's turn.

After thinking about it a few times, I will be very unhappy if they use the timeline in a way to kill people, but not really. This show already has 2 worlds where they've done that twice--Peter and Broyles but yet they still live since there were two of each. If you add in time travel in a way where they cheat death--you know with possible future stuff. I think that will be too much.

With all that in mind, I think that someone on this side will die in a way like we've seen before--so maybe Olivia or Walter? But after thinking it through the most obvious one would be Astrid on this side that is key but not critical to the show. She also has a twin in red land. If Olivia or Walter are killed, I don't know how you have a show. But, maybe they have a way.


Mike V. said...

As I've stated many times now...i consider the MAIN characters:

BLUE WORLD: Peter (even if he's from the other side), Walter, Olivia, Broyles and Astrid. Broyles and Astrid are sub-characters but important regardless.

Yes their red-world counterparts are important too and sometimes main characters but they are still "new" characters in the scheme of things when looking back at the entire show.

They could kill off Lincoln in the Red world and that would be a big loss because we've grown to like his character. But, he would still exist in the blue world so the actor could still come on the show (plus they intentionally set up that possibility with the episode earlier this season).

The 3 people I think are absolutely untouchable are Peter, Olivia, and Walter. That should be a no-brainer. Unless there is some melding of the 2 olivia's minds (which we have seen before) where both of them can exist in one....then yes...maybe we can kill off original Olivia. I just don't see it happening.

You really can't count the Peter from our world as being killed off on the show. Yes, we did see it in a flashback in season 2....but he was never a main character on the show. So that's cheating a bit. The 2 biggest deaths this show has done have been Charlie and William Bell. But while Bell was an important character and mentioned in the show a lot, Leonard Nimoy was never a series regular. I remember when Kirk A (never can spell his last name but Charlie) first read he was being killed off in season 2...he flipped out. But they were setting up a bigger story where he'd still exist in another world. I just don't think they would do that with the Core least not yet. And I think Astrid and Broyles are safe too.

But maybe that's just wishful thinking.

Mike V. said...

but yes i agree...Astrid is the most vulnerable if it's gonna be one of those 5. I'd rather see her red counterpart killed off though. She's an interesting character, but not my favorite! lol

Mike V. said...

Tv guide tweeted this earlier. Read at your own risk!

TVGuide: #Fringe Finale Scoop: Producers tackle burning questions (including "who's going to die?") @FRINGEonFOX

Anonymous said...

Well only a few hours until we know.

I tried the link, but it didn't work.


Mike V. said...

Richard the link should still work unless you copied the @fringeonfox part too lol but here's the actual link to tv guide

Anonymous said...

That was great stuff. Thanks for following that stuff and posting. Don't read further due to possible spoilers:

Wow, he used the word both when describing deaths and he did confirm what we've been thinking--that there's two. So, I think we lose one from each world.

It looks like we have the possible future stuff at play, but that when it's chosen, it's done. As long as we know or can figure out we're looking at a possible future vs one that's done, I'm OK with that. I just don't like being jerked around. Or at least we have clues that we're in a possible future. Which adds to some level of mystery.

The pic with this story seems to support my Fauxlivia death. Which makes me wonder about Henry.


Anonymous said...

I need to restate that 2nd paragraph.

That there are probably 2 deaths and he mentioned that there are two versions of each person. So, one killed here, leaves one there--unless one of the 2 versions is already dead. I think one from each world makes sense as the worlds want balance.


Mike V. said...

Yeah, I already assumed it was a "POSSIBLE FUTURE". I remember the Observer saying that there are many different timelines at play. And we've seen time altered on the show before.

I still don't think the deaths will be as simple as one over here and one over there. It seems like there will be some "trickery" involved. I saw some people comment that maybe something will happen where someone will just cease to exist. (due to messing with timelines) I think I'm willing to just sit back and wait until the excitement unfolds on the television. Some people just asked me to go out tonight. And I said, NOPE! No way! FRINGE FINALE!!! I can show restraint for one more week! lol

Mike V. said...

For the future of this blog, I thought I'd pass along this article talking about anticipated fall shows.

I'm a little worried that Alcatraz may not get a spot in the fall because of other high concept shows being lined up. I am interested in Terra Nova, but I have a feeling it's going to flop. Maybe they'll position Alcatraz for a mid-season premiere. We'll see! The Kiefer/Kring series "TOUCH" sounds interesting...but after Heroes I don't know if I can trust a Tim Kring series.

I posted this on the latest EVENT recap too.

Mike V. said...

Whoops..forgot about the NBC shows...Grimm is created by andexecutive produced by LOST writers Eddie Kitsis and Adam Horowitz which makes me very interested. Ron Moore (BSG) is behind 17th Precinct which is a "Grown up Harry Potter" themed show.

And we can't forget Cartlon Cuse has a Civil War drama in the works for ABC!