Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Event: Season 1 Episode 16 - You Bury Other Things Too

Hello Eventers!  So, how did the show measure up after the decent episode last week?  It was pretty good! But, I think I might be back into complaint mode this week.  Some highly improbable plot devices were used which is what THE EVENT excels at, but which are so fun to comment about!   A couple more things were revealed this week concerning the show's deeper mythology, but for the most part it was a lot of talk about things that we already knew were coming.  But, as always, I'm still enjoying and will look forward to the show returning in 2 weeks for what I'm guessing will be the final 6 episodes in 6 straight weeks.  The question still remains with NBC whether that will be the final episodes in the series or the season.  For now, we'll just deal with the questions being brought up within the show.  Here we go!

Okay, so there were some things that happened in the beginning of the episode that set up the storylines.   We watched Sophia's bus with herself, Michael, Leila, Andrea Zuckerman's husband and a slew of others go through the portal.  This was the first time that we witnessed travelling through the portal.  It doesn't seem as instantaneous as it did when we first saw it in the pilot.  But it still beats driving or flying the traditional way!  The portal takes Sophia and crew to their Cookie Cutter neigborhood that Thomas built all of out Little Boxes and Ticky Tacky.  (Yep, and they all look just the same

Meanwhile, Martinez and Sterling are reacting to the bus disappearance and also ID'ing the bodies from the 2 buses that DID explode.  They figured that they had to track Simon as he tried to contact Sophia one more time.  But, someone stuck a bluetooh headset and cell phone underneath the desk of Simon's hiding place.  (convenient that Simon chose that room, right?)   So, then the voice of the SCREAM killer came on the phone and was all, "HELLOOOOOO SIDNEY!!!!"  So this person with the disguised voice helped Simon escape the clutches of the evil U.S. government into a nice sporty black SUV that took him to an evil alien nation.   And we were all left wondering, WHO MADE THE CALL?  Is there another sleeper working in or close to the government?  Well, probably.  And we'll dive into that more in our broken out sections below. 

Alien Nation
This whole storyline was mostly a period of reflection for the loss they got served at the hands of President Martinez's orders. Here's what went down.
  • Leila was snooping around the next day in what seemed like an empty housing development.  She saw Simon arriving at the gates and saw her chance to get out of there.  But, Sophia seems to have hired a guy to watch her.  She was threatened in so many words to not leave, as the place has everything she would ever need.  She isn't too thrilled about her predicament and Michael is siding with Sophia on this one to stay on her good side.  

  • Sophia took some time to mourn in Thomas's house and then talked to the surviving group.  She talked about how she swore an oath to never bring harm to any benevolent civilizations they came across like they did on Earth.  It was her guiding principle.  But now she no longer sees this civilization as benevolent and she's going to do anything that stands in the way of their people's survival.  2 billion lives are at stake of being lost on their home planet and she plans to bring every one of them here, no matter what that means for those that call this place their home.  That would be all of us humans!!  

  • Well, we have a number now.  2 Billion people.  There are 8 or 9 Billion on the planet and definitely not room or resources for 2 billion more.  I still have to say that the bringing of these people to Earth cannot be THE EVENT.  I mean, maybe it is but it doesn't fit with how THE EVENT has been referred to in the early episodes.  Sophia felt that Martinez should not know what The Event is.  If taking over the planet was something she always had planned on doing, then why swear an oath for 66 years to stop it from happening?  Something just doesn't add up there.   So I'm gonna need an episode where they say "The Event = X" please! 
  • So here's my other issue.  Sophia blew up the Washington Monument causing casualties and death.  Did she not expect retaliation?  Martinez was planning to invade the Church with his 10 minute time frame but I don't think their plan was to kill anyone in that invasion.  So, I have to say...did Sophia strike first!?   Giving up her whole belief system because Martinez was defending his country, his world?  And she knew that her people had played a part in setting up the whole scenario in the first place, of causing the distrust?   Yeah, I'm not buying her 180 even with the death of her son that had betrayed her and attempted a 180 himself for redemption.  But whatever.
  • What I did buy was Simon's refusal to go along with the plan.  We had speculated last week that he might be an asset to the humans in the long run.  He tried to convince Michael to come with him and to bring Leila too (who clearly does not want to stick around).  Michael "pretended" to go along with the plan but it was all a setup to catch Simon. 

  • Sophia and Simon have an emotional standoff where Simon proclaims he will have nothing to do with the deaths of millions of innocent people.  Sophia gives him the ol' "you're with us or you're against us" ultimatum and he declines to join the dark side.  They take him captive and Leila witnesses the situation.  Who thinks Leila will attempt some breakout of Simon next week?  That should be pretty fun to write about!  And talk about an unlikely pairing! 

  • And I'm sure in all of this, they're going to forget all about Samantha again hanging out with Andrea Zuckerman! 

Team France
So when we last left Sean and Vicky, there was some romantic tension heating up and they were hot on the trail of Dempsey.  Some French dude that liked to drink wine was helping them out.  And they hatched the plan in the beginning of the episode.  Here's what went down. 
  • The plan was to sneak into some chateau before daybreak and catch their guy.  It all seemed too perfect. 

  • Except for the fact that Sean really didn't have a plan.  Vicky asked Sean what the plan was and she insisted that the only way to truly end this is to kill him.  And that deep down, Sean knew this is what had to happen.  Sean, pulled up the VIRAL VIDEO PROGRAM that he had for blackmailing Vicky and disabled the program.  He set Vicky free, told her she had done enough and to go back to her family.   Naturally, we knew the next scene we would see her getting in the car with Sean.  Clearly, they're setting up some kind of twisted love triangle for Sean.  But, Vicky uses the guise that this is for revenge for all that Dempsey has made her do.  Which probably isn't too far from the truth either! 

  • Anyway, they get on their way have a moment in the car where she tells him how to get over killing people.  Sean claims that he wants to be the one to end it.  When they get to their location there is no chateau but a couple of vehicles with some armed men ready to ambush them!  Oh boy.   There's lots of shooting, Vicky hits someone, Sean does not.  But, he still manages to take a car down by running on foot and having it drive into a ditch!  Vicky also got captured by the way. 

  • So, Sean does what anyone else would do and went back to the French guy, hit him over the head with a shovel and tied him up.  Then he totally tortured the guy Jack Bauer style trying to get him to admit to setting up the ambush and giving the REAL address of Dempsey.  The endless punches to the face didn't do it, but a nice hammer to the hand did.  (Both hands!)  Sean wasn't messing around, even though breaking people's hands apparently causes him to develop a coughing fit! 

  • Anyway, the guy finally spills the beans before the 3rd hammer attempt.   I don't remember what he said, but I'm sure it was the correct location.  So, we knew Dempsey and Sean would "cross paths" eventually, it appears to finally be set up for the next episode. 
Speaking of Dempsey
  • He was looking into one of those antique pottery contraptions his team found in the dig.  The guy dated the item as 3rd millenium BC.   The glyphs tell the story of what is best described as "GUARDIANS" or sentinels which doesn't come as surprise after Dempsey went on and on about Guardian Angels last week.    

  • Dempsey grew impatient with the analytics dude and just took a hammer to the relic and found a scroll inside.  Ooooooooh!   I'm sure this scroll says something really interesting, but there's no way to translate that thing, so I'm fine just waiting to see if anything comes from it. 

  • Anyway, Vicky shows up and Dempsey welcomes her so kindly.  He tells her that they're pretty much on the same side and that he comes from a long line of sentinels or guardians whose sole purpose is to protect from "THEM" (pointing above).   Ironically, if you want to still kick around the literal angels thing, you could say he was referring to them descending from heaven.  But, he was probably just referring to the aliens.   So, it would seem that maybe Dempsey is NOT as old as we were speculating, and that this JOB of "PROTECTOR" passed down from person to person when the find a viable candidate.   And they need to do anything at any cost to protect it.    Regular commenter AuStarWars will probably throw out a Cigarette Smoking Man reference from the X-Files.  But I'm going to go with something more recent.  Jacob anyone!?  

  • Dempsey starts asking Vicky about Sean and how he was able to recruit her to help him.  He seems very impressed by the boy and his ability to thwart his plans to capture/kill him at every turn.  (and of course, rescue Leila and Samantha)   Anyone want to bet that Sean Walker is being groomed as the next Island...errrr...Planet Protector?   This would totally fit into my consistent thoughts on the fact that Hal Holbrook doesn't seem to be in this show for the long haul.  Of course, probably none of the writers or actors involved with The Event will be in this for the long haul.  But, it certainly does seem where this is going.  Sean needs a way to stay relevant to the story, and Dempsey is on his way out for being so old.  
  • Of course, he definitely isn't one of our favorite people when he orders the death of Vicky Roberts.  He then goes back to his stone tablet, and throws the "Vicky" stone into the fire.  Perhaps the tablet is tracing his replacement candidates and he just crossed Vicky off of the cave?   And the fire was symbolic as well, as Dempsey's men were setting the room on fire around her.   Something tells me Sean will get there just in the nick of time! 

White House Stuff

So, the government stuff wasn't too exciting after the Simon man-hunt ended.  But there are definitely a few developments worth discussing.
  • After identifying the bodies of the bus explosions, the President realizes that the infiltration into their government goes pretty deep.  Even the past President appointed someone to his staff that was a sleeper.  (probably unknowingly but you never know)   
  • Martinez wants to develop a method of testing every human on Earth to see if they are a sleeper.  He recruits Senator Lewis (Virginia Madsen) to work on this development.  He even pulled her into the circle of trust by telling her what really happened with the Washington Monument.  Obviously, the sleeper is going to be someone we know, right?  So, my first guess was that it will be either Lewis or the Chief of Staff Richard so and so.   

  • Many episodes ago, we had heard a weird story about how the President and First Lady met and the time table seemed to suggest that maybe she was a sleeper herself.  Of course, we have only seen glimpses of her since then but she came to the forefront in this episode.  She asked her husband why there is a mandatory testing for "tuberculosis" for the entire White House staff.   Martinez came clean and said it's a cover story.  She went into this whole invading the country's rights and all of that fun stuff.   And she went one step further by declining to be tested. 

  • When Senator Lewis informed the President of this, he told her to drop it and let it go.  But it doesn't seem like she'll give up that easily.  Plus, she did enough by putting the suspicion bug into Martinez's head.  

And that's where we leave off for this week!  It does seem pretty heavily handed that all signs are pointing to the First Lady, right?  Especially with the preview for next week which I'm sure is skewed to make us think one thing over the other.  So, my guess is that there will be a twist in the reveal.  So, I'll stick with it being someone else.  And who better for the sleeper to be than one of the 2 people besides Sterling that were in the room when he hatched the plan?  We'll see. 

So that's all I have for this week folks.  Yes, maybe a letdown of an episode from last week but it kept the story moving and that's really all we can ask.  Looks like we'll get a 2 week break before the final run of episodes.  No Fringe again this week either but it will be back next Friday so I'll be blogging that.  Game of Thrones also starts next weekend (the 17th) which I'm actively trying to get into the book and get psyched for the show which looks amazing.  The one drawback it has right now for me is that the author of the series has slammed the ending of LOST and cited it as a reason why he is taking forever with finishing off his book series the right way.  This has only convinced me that he's going to mess it up naturally!  But, that personal slight aside, I'm looking forward to the HBO series.  Not sure if I'll recap or open up for commentary.  But if anyone out there is planning to watch let me know!   And of course tune into the End Credits for other shows I'm writing about and/or looking forward to. 

And as always, feel free to check out www.TheTVEvent.com for additional discussions on The Event.  Hope you enjoyed my ramblings and I'll see you next week! 

End Credits

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  • I TiVo'd AMC's new show The Killing.  Planning to watch soon.  We'll see if it's worth additional discussion! 
  • Upcoming shows I'm looking forward to:
    Game of Thrones (HBO) - Winter Arrives April 15th!
    Terra Nova  (FOX) - Pilot moved to air in Fall 2011 with rest of season 1
    Breaking Bad (AMC)
    Alcatraz - with Jorge Garcia in lead role
    Odd Jobs with Michael Emerson and Terry O'Quinn (This has been put on hold.  Both Emerson and O'Quinn have other shows this fall that I will be checking out.)  
  • And yes, I am still watching American Idol and couldn't resist my lack of commentary any longer.  I've resumed for the live rounds, so feel free to check it out!  


AUStarwars said...

I dont think Sean was having a "coughing" fit, I think he was sick at himself for doing what he was doing..but I understand..Vicky is probably one of the hottest chicks I've ever seen and I'd be upset if she was captured too..honestly, she didnt seem THIS HOT in the first few episodes..but man...

I think your interpretation of preparing Sean as a guardian is spot on and well thought out..and obv he will save Vicky (again, too hot to kill off)..and yes he is clearly in the mold of CSM (Cig Smoking Man)..its really not even close..but I agree that that tablet is his "Jacob's Wall"

I thought it was a transitionary episode as basic fallout from last week's major one..Michael is clearly proving himself to be "the field commander of the Army of G-d" like Michael the Archangel (remember I never meant all that literally, just interpretive)

I never noticed Virginia Madsen was the Senator from ALASKA lol..i know the prison was there, but clearly she is supposed to be Sarah Palin..just funny...

If you stopped reading or caring about everyone who slammed the ending of Lost, you arent going to have many books to read or TV shows/Movies to watch...face it..it wasnt well done lol

Anonymous said...

I had to catch up on it this morning since the game was on last night. Good job.

1. Sophia did her 180 when listening to Thomas. You may remember we blogged about it. At least to me when I saw her smile,etc. The fact that her son was just killed by the humans I'm sure added to that new position as well.
2. Simon was in the DoD Communications office(at least that's what was on the door). So, it would seem logical that person is connected--assuming Simon's not in that position. I can't recall Simon's title.
3. The Prez's wife toward the end of the ep sure tried to act guilty--even if she isn't. Maybe it's an attempt to throw us off. I'm hoping she is an alien.
4. Dempsey is one of a long line of sentinels--how about that. I sure thought he was older. But in my defense him doing almost anything to get the youth elixer threw me off. But we don't know for sure if he's 80 or 800. I'm wondering if his pursuit of that elixer at the cost of human lives(those he's supposed to defend) is going to cost him.
5. I'm really intrigued by the stone tablet. Recall that Dempsey put a piece for Sean on there. Seems like Vickey's off, but we know Sean will save her(if they don't I don't know if the show's worth watching). I definitely agree with you that Sean is a likely replacement candidate(dejavu). With Vickey and Sean both going after Dempsey it will be interesting if the likely succession will go as Dempsey has planned.
6. All of these artifacts that Dempsey is digging up and researching makes me wonder about his place in the lineage of sentinels. That is, if you're a successor aren't you normally provided the tools and information. Why's he having to dig for all this info?
7. I can't recall if Sophia knows about Dempsey in particular or the sentinels in general.
8. The Event will likely not be the aliens arrival in and of itself. But I could see it connected with resistance from Sean, the new sentinel and the Prez among others. Which would set up a scenario where Sean will not want to battle Leila and her family, etc. I wonder if Sean's new position would bring Vicky closer or just the opposite? Maybe the Event will be a changing of centuries old friend/foe relationships. Leila a hybrid, bridging the gap, that kind of stuff.
8. BTW, I checked out the population info and the US estimates world population at about 6.8 billion, we'll be over 8.8 billion by 2040. That's not that far away.


Anonymous said...

Since Dempsey uses the stone tablet to exercise some control over the people represented by the pieces and it appears gives him insight into those people. I'm thinking it's more like the lighthouse and lamp post combined. But I can see some wall in there too.


Kelly said...

dempsey is probably the only interesting character to me right now. so is he turning out to be "the good guy"? i agree that it seems that dean is being tested to be the new sentinel. but while dempsey has no qualms about killing people in order to stay on track, sean is lacking in that. yeah, sure, he seemed ready to kill dempsey but we all know he probably would've choked. who knows, though. i may be eating my hat if sean winds up killing dempsey after all.
oh, and did anyone else notice that sean was driving on the wrong side of the car? they're in europe! in a car with a european license plate! were they also driving on the right side of the road (i didn't notice)? come on, writers.. at least TRY to give us some continuity!
it's quite annoying that sophia is now all anti-human. ok, let me be totally secretive about why we're here on this planet.. give NO answers whatsoever, then proceed to have all these things happen that make me look bad, then get pissed when the humans kill 2 busloads of people? sorry, but you knock down a national landmark and kill at least 70-something people (the initial cuont we got last week- but that number was climbing) and you whine about you trecherous son and his lady macbeth-like girlfriend getting killed? BOO HOO! sophia saying that the humans aren't the benevolent beings she thought they were was such a hypocritical statement. hello pot? this is kettle. you are black!
and yeah- what is up with them forgetting all about samantha and andrea zuckerman??
i've been thinking since practically the beginning that the first lady is a sleeper. i think she's the one that helped simon out. she BETTER be a sleeper, that would make it more interesting!

Mike V. said...

@AUSW - Yeah, I know why Sean was coughing and agree he was sick at himself and having a hard time getting through it. But I just thought I'd have a little fun at his expense. I have seen the Vicky actress in shows prior to The Event and she definitely showed off her "appeal" (to be PC and coming from a married man lol) in those shows too. She's a good looking girl to say the least lol

Thanks for the "spot on" praise of my Sean theory. If I was more of an obsessive X-Files fan and had stuck with it through all of the seasons, I'd probably agree with your CSM comparison. And I have no doubt you're right. But I like to compare to things I'm more familiar (and obsessive) with too!

Definitely, a transitionary episode was needed after such a crazy episode last week. It can't be on full throttle at all times. Every show goes through it. As for Michael, did it not seem like he WANTED to side with Simon but in the end sided with Sophia out of loyalty? But yes, in a comparison where Sophia is God, I could see how Michael would be her "field commander/archangel"

As for Senator Lewis (madsen), I actually think I made a Sarah Palin reference in the blog the first time we saw her. Yeah, I don't think it's a coincidence at all.

And as for LOST, obviously I'm not going to NOT watch Game of Thrones or read the books because of the asinine comment of George R.R. Martin. It was just on my mind last night because Damon Lindelof began a "twitter feud" with him. He referenced the article where Martin said he was an avid lost fan and was quite disappointed by the ending and didn't want to "PULL A LOST" with his Song of Fire and Ice (Game of Thrones) series. As far as it not being well done. That is your strong opinion. And yes, the opinion was held by many. But I think, in the scheme of things, that opinion may have been 15% of the finale audience. A strong minority. Yes, there are things to dislike about what they did or didn't answer. But that's a large burden for the FINAL EPISODE of LOST to take (and a very well done episode regardless of how you personally enjoyed its resolution). There was no way that one episode was going to answer all the mysteries brought before us throughout the series. I maintain that there were a handful of cop-outs in LOST, but all other answers are interpretable throughout the show. So, we'll just have to agree to disagree!

Richard, I'm on your comments next!

Mike V. said...

@ Richard - yeah, sometimes I have to sacrifice any small love for sports I have for the sake of blogging! lol It gets rough during Flyers playoff and Phillies Playoff season! (Flyers are coming up) On to your comments.

1.) Absolutely, they are justifying Sophia's 180 on the fact that her son was killed. But based on her hatred and plan to kill her son in just a few episodes ago it seemed to sudden. Yes, they lost many people and I could see her being angry but for her to say she doesn't find the human race benevolent anymore....it just seemed a little much. Clearly Martinez was retaliating based on everything Thomas had previously done to cause the distrust (mistrust? never know which one it is lol).

2.) I'm not sure if the DoD Communications Office is important or not to discovering the mole. I think that whoever the other sleeper is, knew that Simon would go there to make a call. So, maybe it's Simon's office but it seemed kinda random to me. We'll see as always!

3.) Yeah, it would be very interesting if the First Lady was an alien and if they weren't so clearly pointing to her this whole episode, I'd still be inclined to think she is. But I just don't know now.

4.) Well, what i was saying last week or the week before about Dempsey is that he might be borring life from these kids just long enough to stay alive for something to happen. That's what he said. He needed to be around. Perhaps it was to find his replacement. Maybe it was of ultimate importance for him to stay alive in order to pass on his knowledge to the next sentinel. (i.e. probably Sean)

5.) It seems like Dempsey is HOPING Sean will come to him. So I'm sure he already has a plan to fend off Sean killing him. But yes, it should be an interesting encounter!

6.) Good question on why he is digging for information. I guess maybe there are directions on what to do if an invasion is imminent? It would seem that this would be the first time in a long time that there is a threat of an alien invasion, even if the protector has been passed down through the ages "just in case" it happened.

7.) Well yes, now it makes a little more sense that Sophia isn't asking about Dempsey all of the time. But she HAS to know about Dempsey, right? She knew Michael was kidnapped by people who forced him to go after the President. I think she does know that there is a rival group, maybe she doesn't know specifically about Dempsey.

8.) I guess The Event could be something about the hybrids and that would make sense. But again, it just seems like Sophia and Simon talked about an imminent thing called "THE EVENT". It was GOING to happen. I don't think Sophia was too excited to hear that there are hybrid children roaming about the earth. So, I just don't know if that is THE EVENT either. Eh, who knows?

9) (labeled as the 2nd 8) LOL nice lookup on the stats. I thought for sure there were more people on Earth but I guess it's usually rounded up to 7 Billion. But yes...it really isn't far away. Think about if we added 2 billion people to earth over night? The big question is, where is this portal planning to place all of these people? It's one thing to exterminate humans but logistically I can't see how they'll transport that many people in one shot. I guess maybe they'll pull a whole "Switcheroo" and send humans to their planet which is going to explode? We'll see.

And 10 (comment #2) - Interesting thought with the tablet vs. the lighthouse. I guess it possibly could do that. I just figured it was a tablet and no special technology or supernatural ability behind it. And in the end...we did find out that both the Cave and the Lighthouse were both Jacob's so while the lighthouse did do a little more with the mirrors and all of that stuff, the cave and the lighthouse essentially served the same purpose. (tracking candidates)

Thanks for the comments AUSW and Richard!

Mike V. said...

@Kelly - whoops! Looks like you snuck a comment in there too. lol

I agree that Dempsey is definitely an interesting character and they don't spend nearly enough time on him. It would seem, as AUSW always says, Dempsey might be a good guy who does BAD things for the greater good. But, no GOOD GUY just kills people for sport like Vicky. So, I dunno. Of course, it could be just one more test for Sean in his grooming for a replacement. Of course, we can't expect Sean just to take this job offer willingly either can we?

I think this episode was also showing us that Sean was starting to do "WHATEVER IT TAKES" to get the job done. He didn't have time to argue with the French guy and tortured him until he got the answers to save Vicky's life. It's possible Dempsey set all of that up as a test. Sean also says he, even though he is nervous, he is willing to kill Dempsey if that's what is needed to be done. Maybe Dempsey HAS to be killed as part of some ritualistic transition of power ceremony.

Just FYI - Most countries drive on the right side of the road besides England and Australia and maybe some other oddball countries! I've been to France and can verify that while they are snooty to Americans, they do drive on the right side of the road! lol Here's a map that shows which countries drive on what side of the road lol http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Right-_and_left-hand_traffic

Totally agree with Sophia's change of heart as I mentioned above. And AWESOME Friends Reference! (as an obsessive fan of that great sitcom, I can spot the quotes a mile away!)

I'm sure they won't forget about Sam and Andrea (love that we just call her that lol). But it just seemed funny to have 2 straight episodes where they're not even mentioned. Crazy.

I think we all have been pondering the First Lady sleeper thing. And of course, that could be why the writers are messing with us. I'm sure they read message boards and blogs and whatever. They may throw it out there as a teaser and then surprise us with a twist in next week's episode. But I agree, it would be more interesting if she IS a sleeper. But they can't win either way. If she IS a sleeper then they took way too long to reveal it after first admitting suspicion. Everyone will just be like "DUUUHH!!!!" So we'll see!

Thank you too Kelly for the comments!

Anonymous said...

You did have a Sarah Palin reference when Madsen was introduced.

Just to clarify, I'm not saying the existence of hybrids is the Event. I'm saying that their presence at the Event will change the dynamic. As will Sean having had a relationship with one. Particularly if he becomes the sentinel. In essence you will have 4 groups coming together for the first time, presumably.

1. Aliens, 2. Humans, 3. Hybrids and 4. a Sentinel involved with a hybrid(and who liked her alien father, btw). There could be multiple sentinels???

I just don't see Sean able to kill Leila or her father. But, Vicky will be another wild card--given that she's supposed to be killed.

The table is also like the lamp post in that he can move people--or at least influence their movement(obviously not like a teleporter). He said a few eps he was going to bring Sean to him and that sure is happening through many logistical hurdles.


Mike V. said...

@Richard - ahh I see. On the hybrid thing. I guess there could be multiple sentinels, but that picture on the cave wall seemed to indicate a larger person among others...and showed the same mark on the arm that Dempsey has. I thought he referred to ALL of the people surrounding the large person as "guardian angels"...so it would seem to imply there are more. Eh, who knows?

I don't think Sean will have any intentions of killing Leila. And it seems Leila has every intention of getting out of Dodge. I think Leila and Simon will be the foundation of the resistence against Sophia (from an Alien and hybrid perspective). There could be more that follow....i.e. Andrea Zuckerman and Samantha. I would assume that they would be on the same side as Sean and the US Government (minus the sleepers). But maybe it won't be that clear-cut.

I think the idea of Dempsey "actually" moving people via placement on the tablet is all speculation. As I mentioned earlier, I see the tablet as basically that...a tablet. I don't think it is necessarily has any mystical/supernatural/alien technological power behind it. After last night's episode, I was going to suggest that the theory was warranted when we saw him thrown the stone in the flame and then saw flames around Vicky. But we saw the guy pouring gasoline all over the room and lighting it himself. But, I guess we'll see if there's more to it.

And as for the Lamp post, all that the place did was identify the location of the Island, not influence where it is moving! But, I guess I kinda get what you mean lol

Anonymous said...

I guess I view setting your course, identifying a destination as having some influence on your travel. I think that is the minimum of what the tablet does.

The way the lines are and their intersection make me think of one's life path in a way too.

I'm obviously thinking too much about it--LOL big time.


Mike V. said...

It makes sense from that perspective Richard. And I encourage OVERTHINKING! I haven't been able to do it as well as I did with LOST, but I always hope something will capture my imagination as well as that show did. I'm sure one day something will do it again.

Anonymous said...

Late as usual -- so I don't think I have anything to add! Just wanted to let you know I'm still watching and reading. I missed the first 15 minutes (stupid weather alerts!) so I need to go find it somewhere on line to watch. I'm sticking with my theory that wifey is a sleeper! Cajun

Mike V. said...

Hey Cajun, no problem on the lateness! Sorry you missed the first 15 minutes. You really didn't miss much though, I think I pretty much covered it in the first couple paragraphs lol

As for the First Lady sleeper theory, I have already stated my piece and will just say "we'll see!" lol I won't be surprised either way at this point.

MJ said...

And who believes that there is an unguarded,not on video exit from the WH kitchen to an alley outside ? Uh-huh !

Yeah - we haven't had a good torture scene since 24 went off the air. LOL

I think Dempsey took 10 years off that guys life when he smashed that urn.

Not buying First Lady as mole either - too obvious. And it's the mole who helped Simon when he needed it and she's not around that part of the white house enough to have helped him and seen that he needed the help.

Mike V. said...

@MJ - agreed on the WH ridiculous escape. In their defense the SCREAM Killer voice guy/girl did say that it was a "SECRET PASSAGE" lol

Agreed on the torture scene. That was right up there with any good Bauer scene. I just missed Bauer screaming! "DAMN IT!!! WHERE IS THE GIRL!!!!????"

LOL on the urn comment. Yeah, that guy was NOT happy!

Obviously, I agree on the First Lady thing too. They're making it seem WAY too obvious. So if she does end up being an alien, there would have to be an additional twist involved to make it more interesting.

MJ said...

By the way - TvLine has some scoop on the HIMYM finale and the wedding. I couldn't help myself and read it !

Mike V. said...

Thanks for the heads up. Just read it too. I like their approach!

LostFamily said...

What was the deal when Sophia referred to Thomas (when speaking to Simon) as "our son"? Simon was Thomases father? But he and Sophia certainly didn't seemed married or anything. Then later when Simon betrayed Sophia she said to Michael that they lost "another son" - what? Are they all just "sons and daughters" generically? Also, so apparently when you want to kill someone you torch a chateau- just for some added flair, LOL

Mike V. said...

@LOST Family - I didn't really think much of it when she referred to Thomas as "our son"....Actually, I don't even remember it! lol But I just assumed she was being metaphoric. We know Thomas was Sophia's son. I think we were meant to think that she thought of Simon as a son even though he wasn't related by blood. But hey that's just me! And yeah, the burning of the chateau may have been a "tad" dramatic! lol

Just a Fringe note to anyone who cares. (and SPOILER ALERT to anyone who plans to watch from the beginning and have not yet)

Finally to a point in my rewatch where I can say that the show really hasn't strayed from its basic principals that were out there in season 1. It all ties in very nicely with what's going on in season 3. The pattern, ZFT all tied to a bigger event all seemed to be tied to Jones who was prepping for a war against the other side. And who inspired him to be prepping? Yep, Dr. Walter Bishop. Season 1 actually holds up pretty well and I'm thoroughly enjoying it. Dare I say it? They actually might have planned a lot of this in advance! lol I'm looking forward to getting through season 1 and marching right on through season 2. And by the quickness I get through this, you'll be able to judge how well my new morning workout routine is going! :-) lol Excited for a new ep tonight!