Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Event: Season 1 Episode 10 - Everything Will Change

Everything will change, eh?  Well, thank goodness for that!  I will not be the first one to say that the show has seemed to be running in circles for the past couple of episodes.  I know I tended to reflect that in my recaps!  Joking my way through the Sean/Leila story, joking about logistics of travel, and latching on to some hope with the EBE story lines.  Well, I also said that everything is a building block to get to payoff episodes.  This final installment of the fall is partially a payoff episode that rewarded the viewers that have stuck with it.  There was a nice twist in the EBE story, there was a twist that MAYBE we kind of saw coming with the Sean/Leila story and there was a promise of a whole lot more good stuff to come.   So my verdict on our fall finale?  Much better than last week's episode!  I'm excited about the cliffhanger, I just hope NBC has a plan to lure the viewers back at the end of February.  3 months is a long break for a show with dwindling ratings.  Maybe with Monday Night Football off of the air they'll be able to get some of their DVR audience to tune in LIVE.  We'll see!  But until then, we have this recap to tide us over.  So, let's dive in and see if we can get some good discussion out of this one!

The EBEs

Our resident aliens have been split into 2 factions.  We saw it coming many episodes ago and it's in full force now.  Lots of pieces at play here but it all seems to be coming together.  We start off with some interesting ritualistic drinking of tea or Romulan Ale or something with Sophia, Simon (with no sling), Thomas and the recently crippled Isabel.  

  • Everyone was pretty much exchanging niceties to each other's faces and then they parted ways.  Sophia knew her son was lying to her and Thomas knew that Sophia knew.  Man, it was like an episode of FRIENDS in there!  "They don't know that we know they know we know!"  
  • So Thomas decides it is time to execute their plan.  He wants to make sure Isabel is ready for this as many people will die.  Remember when Thomas mentioned before that the Avias passengers were going to die anyway to Simon?  Perhaps this is what he was referring to?  We'll get to that in a bit.  For now, we had to assume they were posing a nuclear threat. 

  • Okay, I have to nitpick, right?  It has become customary with this show.  Wasn't Isabel just telling Simon last week how smart his mother is and how she can outwit both of them?  Why was she questioning Thomas this week when he knew that Sophia knew they were up to something?  These writers need to check each other's notes!  Come on!! 
  • Anyway, Sophia and Simon set their pieces into motion as well.  Sophia investigated Thomas's financial gains and found out that he was hiding some funding.  So, she sent Simon to investigate his broker in Winchester, VA.   Of course, when he got there he found the man dead in his tub (via Thomas).  But he did find out that Thomas purchased a nuke with his extra funding.  

  • Meanwhile, Thomas and Isabel were prepping the missile for launch.  We'll return to this in a bit. 
The Executive Branch
We last left this story with the VP getting a stern lecture from his wife on keeping the name of Dempsey to himself in order to save their family.  So, this story gets about 3 minutes or less of screen time as the Pres is pulled into an emergency meeting.  But let's break it down anyway! 
  • Vice President Jarvis gained some of his swagger and told the President how it is!!  He pretty much blackmails Martinez saying that he will reveal his involvement in the Avias Flight 514 cover up.  He intends to stay Vice President and is not going down!!  He does indicate that there are powerful people that are at play here and the President is just a small speck to them and would be just as vulnerable to them as he was.   

  • I did like how they did some Republican vs. Democrat jabs on the show by having Jarvis indicate that Martinez has an Ivy League Diploma, charm and a "smooth" way about him that got him the job.   Surely, they weren't taking a jab at the current administration!   I'm not going to turn this blog into a political debate (as I have no interest), but I did find that comical! 
  • Anyway, Martinez pretty much dismisses the issue for now.  But "THIS ISN'T OVER!"   Sterling assures Martinez that he lied to the American people to protect them so it's totally different than the game Jarvis is playing.  Of course, Jarvis is only protecting his family.   Someone needs to talk to Mr. Spock about the needs of the many

  • So anyway emergency calls!  Martinez and Sterling rush off to the war room to discuss missile preps in a country known as Amala??  (can't find it anywhere on the map, google and never heard of it.  Made up?  Or am I just too geologically dumb to know about this country and how to spell it?   All I know is, the US fighters need to fly over China to get there.)   

  • They narrow this down to a terrorist organization that must be involved but none of the the ability to launch a nuke on US soil.   When the Ambassador from Amala arrives, Martinez makes some threats but the ambassador provides his research to Sterling.  Sterling realizes that the board of trustees of this "independent company" that owns the facility is the 97 names of the detainees in Inostranka.  It's the SLEEPERS!!   Well duh! 

  • Martinez knows that Thomas is behind this.  Sterling thinks Sophia is behind it too, but it would seem Elias still has some faith in her by not calling her out.  
  • Anyway, long story short, Thomas is able to initiate the missile launch and to everyone's surprise the missile does not head to U.S. soil but into Earth's orbit.   There was no nuclear payload onboard but an advanced satellite that faced outward from Earth.  Thomas orders to send the transmission.   Yep, some loud noise happens and Thomas sent his message to his people!   What happens now?  Well, I guess we tune to ABC in January to watch season 2 of V!  Because the VISITORS are coming to Earth! 

Well, that's just a guess.  Maybe contact with their "home" is what initiates THE EVENT?   If so, then why would Sophia be opposed to contacting them?  Thomas did say that many people are going to die.  Why would they have to?  Ooohh wait!  I know!   Thomas and his people want to inhabit Earth because their planet is dying!  Sophia wants to get their people home and deal with the hand they have been dealt.  Follow their "code" or whatever.  That's my theory anyway!  And it's a pretty darn good one I'd say!   Because if Thomas has support from his home, they're definitely going to eradicate the humans so that they can take over the planet, right?   Is that THE EVENT?  Perhaps it IS the apocalypse after all.  But the Bible just didn't go into explaining that the End of Days for Humans was due to an alien invasion! Okay now I'm just getting crazy!  What's even crazier?  I saved the Sean/Leila saga for the final segment! 

These crazy kids get into the most interesting situations, don't they?  Well, we return to the cornfield where Leila has her gun pointed at the guy that was after her.  Yes, she still has maintained to keep a gun from one episode to the next.  But no fear, she loses it again by the end of the episode when they're invading hostile territory!  
  • So, I really thought that Sean was going to use this gun to its advantage.  He promises the man that he will shoot them if they don't tell them where Samantha is.  I thought, you know, a twist here would be that he actually WILL shoot the guy even though he has never shot anyone in his life.  But no, Sean says "you're right" and puts the gun down.   

  • But what does he do instead?  He injects him with the needle he brought for Leila!  Then the chase begins.  They chase him like 100 yards further into the cornfield where the man collapses and has rapidly aged into an old man!   Yes, this certainly is an aging drug we have on our hands folks.  Perhaps when mixed with the right person, it behaves differently?  

  • Anyway, the man wants to be taken to Willowbrook.  It's the only place that can return him to normal (supposedly) and that's where Samantha is too.  
  • We get interrupted by Abbey's dad (thanks to the commenter pointing out that this guy is Nathan from the Tail Section in season 2 of LOST.  Can't believe I didn't place him!).   He says whatever the guy is telling them to do not to do it.  Things are better off unknown and go have a normal life blah blah blah.  He runs off. 
  • And then the man that Sean injected died.  So all they have is a name and a triangle card to go on.


Crazy lady that brought Samantha to the institution called Dempsey and said that the new person had not arrived (Leila).  Dempsey suggests that if they don't arrive within the hour, assume they have been compromised and follow protocol (i.e. get everyone out of there!)  

  • Apparently, they were testing the drug on Samantha as well.  We see her writing on the wall with chalk but no clear shot of her face.  The woman says she is taking the drug very well.   Hmmm perhaps she didn't age?  Who knows??  
  • I still wonder if Dempsey is taking this same drug which has aged him.   It would look like they aren't taking the life from the kids and giving it to him.   So, maybe he was a young man that took the drug but has been able to control it so he doesn't die.  But now he's looking for a way to return to his youth?   Eh, just an idea.  

And of course, the next scene has Sean and Leila magically at Willowbrook!  So, we'd have to assume that they Googled the name of the place to get the address, right?  So, wouldn't we think that Leila and Sean already would have discussed that it was a "Behavioral/Psych Hospital" prior to driving up to it and seeing the sign?   I mean, I know that things need to be edited for time but come on!  Some of this stuff is  just ridonk! 

  • Sean is skeptical that girls would be held there against their will without anyone knowing.  But no fear, Leila (or should I say Leia) has a feeling that her sibling has been held there!  All we were missing was Han saying "You love him don't you?  Okay, well when he gets back I won't get in the way!"    Man, Star Wars AND Star Trek in one blog post?  You are some lucky readers! 
  • So anyway, they decide to walk right in and wing it.  Leila checks the list of patients while the receptionist isn't looking and says that they're there to see one of the patients.  She claims to be a niece of Carolyn Jones.  
  • And of course, Carolyn doesn't recognize them at first but then just knows that she is David's daughter.  So Leila continues the ruse as Sean goes and gets himself caught in a dark room and kicked out of the building.  
  • But no fear!  Leila got to witness the best line of the entire show so far!  She was trying to play up that her Dad is doing well only to find out that he has terminal cancer.  But just any.  "Cancer in the balls.  Is it painful?  Sounds like it would be painful."  And of course, while the subject is no laughing matter, the delivery of the information was just classic!

  • Anyway, Leila decides to ask Carolyn if there are any children being held there and while she doesn't give the answer Leila is looking for, some crazy guy overhears.   But...too late, Sean and Leila are kicked out! 

  • It doesn't matter, crazy guy runs out to the balcony and says he has heard kids UNDERGROUND!!  Sean, again is skeptical but Leila wants to investigate further. 

  • They do the classic "wait until night fall" and return back into the building.  They are able to sneak into an elevator that has no "basement" button.   Ahh, but Sean uses that computer hacker brain and sees a card scanner in the elevator.   He takes out the triangle card and scans it!   The elevator begins to descend!  

  • Bad news everyone, Dempsey beat them to the punch.  The place was abandoned!  They find the play room where we saw the Old Man Faced kids, Leila decides this is a good time to yell for Samantha!  (and of course, yes, with no gun!)  
  • They do find the room Samantha was held in and we do find out what she was writing on the wall.  LEILA!! 

  • They then find a room where evidence was burned but, of course the clumsy "DEMPSIANS" (For lack of a better term) left some partial files behind.  And what turned up in them?   Abbey's Dad in pictures from various years from the 50's to the present.  He has not aged at all!   

  • Sean tries to put 2 and 2 together.  What if Madeline wasn't absolutely crazy.  Maybe there ARE aliens living amongst them!  Sean tries to keep an open mind, Leila doesn't want to believe it. 
  • Then, the real kicker happens.  They find one more file labeled Michael Buchanan.  And what do we see?  Michael seems to have been hiding a secret of his own!  Pictures across the decades, no apparent aging!   Woaaaaaaa   And Leila finally gets to deliver a line that holds quite the cliffhanger in it: "What does this mean???" 

Well, I can certainly guess and we already have guessed at some point.  We knew that there had to be hybrid children living on the planet now, right?  Part EBE/Part Human.  We had guessed that Sean might be one.  I think we guessed that Samantha might be one.   Did we ever guess that Leila might be one too?   Maybe last week when we found out that Dempsey wanted her.   Now, I believe Leila is Michael's BIOLOGICAL daughter.  Samantha is adopted, but she seems to be responding well to the treatment.  What does THAT mean?   It would seem that Abbey's Dad (Paul) is an EBE.  So was Abbey a mix breed?  Why didn't SHE respond well?  Or did she?   We really don't know what responding well quite means yet.   Let me just play devil's advocate here for a second too.  You can see behind the photos that it indicates Michael Buchanan was a "PATIENT".  Perhaps he is human but only has gone through experimentations with these drugs to appear as an EBE all of this time?  Eh, that's not as fun as thinking he's an EBE, but just remember that I suggested it! 

They obviously wanted to inject Leila with the aging drug too.  So the big question is WHY?  And do these Mixed Breed Children have any qualities that take after the EBEs or are they more like the humans?    Surely, if they were like the EBEs it would have shown up in some DNA tests by now, right?   I mean we have seen what they have had to go through to protect Simon's cover.  Surely, they're not doing the same for all of these kids running about.    

Anyway, 2 big cliffhangers leading into our 3 month hiatus.  Michael is an EBE (maybe)!   All of the girls probably have 1 EBE as a parent.   How will Sean react to this news? Will he still want to marry a part alien?   Oh and what's up with the transmission that Thomas sent out?  Are the aliens coming to wipe out Earth's human population?  How long will it take them to get here?    The show seems to be finally going somewhere, right?  I'm enjoying the possibilities, I just hope the audience will be there to witness it when it happens!  

So, that is all I have for now folks.  I will be recapping the season finale episode of The Walking Dead on Sunday and will be recapping this Thursday's Fringe!  Please watch it live!  We need all the viewers we can get to show FOX we mean business!   I haven't decided if I'll be taking up any other shows to blog about during the hiatus so we'll just have to see what happens.   But sign up for email updates or follow me on Twitter to stay in the loop!   

Hope you enjoyed my ramblings and I'll see you next year! 

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Screen shots were provided courtesy of NBC, my TiVo and my Mac.


Anonymous said...

On the clipboard at the hospital, the list says that Carolyn Jones is a 21 year old male.

Mike V. said...

You know, I thought I should have snagged that photo but I figured it was pointless in the scheme of things. Actually, it probably is pointless but come on Prop people! That is just a careless mistake!

Sure, I guess it could be signifying greater things like the woman used to be a young man and they injected her with some kind of meds that made her a middle aged woman but I really don't think so! lol

Anyway, here's the screenshot if anyone cares to look.

The funny thing is, LOST and every show in creation has made prop errors too. LOST specifically has used current day's US Dollars in decades old flashbacks causing a whole bunch of unneeded speculation of time travel. That happened several times and is bound to happen. But I have to think that they typed that sheet of names up themselves!

Oh well, thanks for sharing Anonymous!

MJ said...

SO now I'm thinking that they are using these half alien half human kids to test a drug to make the EBE's appear to age. This way they don't have to change identies as often.

Agree - good cliffhanger. Guessing not too many people will come back though. When you have a show with questionable ratings to begin with and you take it off the air for so long I think people realize they didn't miss it much and don't come back. Sad but true.

Did you watch Chuck last night ? Don't want to say anything until I know you did.

Mike V. said...

Ahhh so maybe Dempsey IS an EBE? That actually makes a lot of sense. They definitely left a lot of interesting possibilities on the table.
Totally agree with your theory. The only hope is that the Monday Night Football crowd really loved the show but never watched it live. Word of mouth will spread and NBC will do a phenomenal marketing job trying to get people to come back. Maybe releasing the first 10 episodes on DVD like FF did (not that it helped)...maybe even working a deal with Netflix to stream it with promos for February 28th's return built in to each streaming episode. Now THAT would make way too much sense! Sadly, I'm not the Marketing wiz at NBC!

And...sadly, I may be one of the people that realizes I didn't miss it much when it's gone for 3 months! But we'll see lol

I definitely watched Chuck! And I caught up on Dexter! Chuck was great...I knew I was right about that crazy laptop! I really thought he was going to be uploaded with intersect 3.0 though! And maybe he was because he was able to flash on that Kung Fu stuff without being in any danger. It was a solid episode though. Nice Die Hard reference too lol

Mike V. said...

Oh yeah...and Dexter has not disappointed this season either. I thought it would be a letdown from season 4 but it's been awesome. Julia Stiles has been a great addition to the show.

MJ said...

Yeah - I was cracking up with the Die Hard homage - crawling thru the ducts, barefoot and cut feet, then the gun taped to his back. Too funny. I also felt the laptop would be an intersect. Couldn't leave Chuck without powers !

Still behind on Dexter - figuring now that I will just wait to watch em all in a marathon. Heard it's been great though

MJ said...

Had to run earlier - didn't realize Zach Levi directed last night's ep ! Volkoff in love was hysterical too. This nutball is the guy the CIA hasn't been able to stop for 20 years? LOL

Liking Isabel's character (liked the actress on 24 that last day they had) but yeah they def flip flopped with Thomas and Isabel being so worried about momma EBE.

Kelly said...

well i liked the episode for the most part.. not TOO many plot holes (or maybe i'm just becoming ignorant).. i did think for a second that leila's "aunt" would turn out to be japanese or something, making leila's face turn a bit pink trying to explain that! lol..
i definitely flashed back to V when thomas' transmission was sent!
seems like a good setup episode, but not enough of a cliffhanger to make me care about the show for the next 3 months. i'm sure i'll return to it once it's back though.. shows how boring my life is, HAHA!
it's intriguing that michael and nathan.. er, i mean, abby's dad are looking to be EBE's.. that explains why dempsey's interested in their children in particular. though i really did think it was sean whose parents were EBE's.. but it might still turn out to be true!
it annoyed me that sean kept doubting leila when she was positive about the hospital being the place where samantha was being held. i mean, after all the crap that's been happening to them, don't you think he'd be in the mindset that any and every lead they have should be looked at with an open mind?
on an unrelated note, nbc really wants us to watch "the cape", don't they? so many commercials for it. the only thing that seems interesting about that show was that KEITH DAVID is in it! i heart him, he's my fave voice actor (goliath from gargoyles, anyone?)
*sniff sniff* i'm sad that i won't be reading these recaps for a while!

Mike V. said...

That's so funny. I didn't even put 2 and 2 together with the vent and the bare feet being Die Hard references too. I'm guessing the tank top fit into that too. Hysterical! Yeah Timothy Dalton is really putting his all into the Volkoff character. He is fantastic. Better than he ever was as James Bond! I had no idea Zach directed last night either. Great stuff!

Yeah Dex has been good and I've heard good things from the critics on next week's penultimate ep. Can't believe I'll be in Disney when the finale airs. I know it will be waiting for me when I get home but why can't Disney have SHOWTIME!?!? lol Oh who am I kidding? I won't even be there to watch it!

I knew I recognized Isabel from somewhere! Yeah, I don't know why I drive myself crazy with the inconsistencies in the episodes. Probably so I have something entertaining to write about! :-)

Mike V. said...

@Kelly - I too thought they were going to bring Leila to some woman that clearly couldn't be her aunt. This show may as well put in some intentional humor. They got in a good zinger last night! I think that was the first joke the show ever had. It's all been so serious and unintentionally funny! lol I hear you...it's a good cliffhanger...but 3 months good? Tough to say. I'll be here because I'm blogging it but I may not be excited about it!

I listened to an interview with Jason Ritter and listening to him justify it sounds reasonable. They either could have done a short break, 6 episodes, another short break, and then the final 6 episodes or a long break and then 12 straight episodes....so maybe the 12 sounds the most appealing. All of these networks shows have to end in May afterall. I think Network TV and the whole SWEEPS process needs to be revamped. LOST and 24 shouldn't be exceptions to the rule. They should define NEW rules! Non-stop programming for serialized TV is what seems to work. If it doesn't end in May well so be it! Or start the shows in January and run them straight through. Tough though when launching a brand new show. You want THE EVENT to start in September. Anyway...I'm rambling! back to your comments!

Yeah...I thought Sean would be a mixed EBE/Human...would make things interesting. But I think SOMEONE has to be the whole human hero in this story! So we'll see.

Sean and Leila seemed to both be doubting each other in this episode. I guess after so many episodes on the run with not very good leads, you start losing faith! I dunno.

Yeah they really do want us to watch THE CAPE. It's taking THE EVENT's place so that makes sense. Maybe I'll check it out but I'm not excited about it! Sorry that I won't be able to write you some EVENT recaps! I'm sure I'll find SOMETHING to write about when we are waiting for Fringe and The Event to return. I don't want to fall into the American Idol trap again. I have done it for 9 years and this year just sounds flat out awful (as the show has been for several years now). But...I'm sure I'm going to watch...so that probably means I may provide some kind of commentary (on my old blog..link is at the top of this site). People still wonder how I can be the same guy that did that "AWESOME" blog on LOST but still commented on American Idol with such enthusiasm. In Hindsight...I wonder the same thing! :-) lol

Anonymous said...

Just beating that dead horse again, LEILA IS TERRIBLE! Please somebody get rid of her!

Not sure why there are comments ruling out that Sean is could not be an EBE - did I miss something?

Does anyone have a theory on why all of the test subjects are female? Surely EBEs have had male children?

I agree with the theory posted by M.J. "So now I'm thinking that they are using these half alien half human kids to test a drug to make the EBE's appear to age. This way they don't have to change identies as often." If that is the case, maybe they have not perfected the drug yet to where they can maintain a certain age or control the aging process -- and not become so old that they die of old age in 30 seconds (like the guy in the field).


Mike V. said...


Yeah but Leila is important now! She's a MIXED Species! lol

I don't think anyone has really ruled it out with Sean. I just said it's unlikely because now they've made Leila a half EBE. I think it might be overkill if they start making EVERYONE an EBE or Half-EBE. Just an opinion though.
Interesting question on why they were all female. Also interesting that they were all kids except Leila who is still young but definitely older than Samantha and the other girls.

Interesting that maybe they haven't perfected the aging process yet. Of course, the man was OLDER than Leila and the drug may have been designed for Leila's age. If the man took it...he probably aged more than Leila would have. Maybe... I dunno, just speculating. Plus that was a huge amount of the drug. Maybe it wasn't ALL supposed to be injected? Also...are you thinking that with this theory that DEMPSEY is not originally an EBE who as aged himself?

Leslie said...

Just a couple of quick comments . . . first of all, can we say "ET phone home"? That's what popped into my mind when the satellite went up!

Overall, I'm still interested enough to watch, and I can't say that about several other new shows this season. I still have all The Walking Dead episodes to catch up on so maybe that can fill in some of the space over the next few weeks.

Mike, did you catch Jorge Garcia's appearance last week on HIMYM, and his mention of the numbers? Felt like we were visiting an old friend. Funny episode!

Mike V. said...

@Leslie - ET is another good one! I immediately thought about V since it's on a competing network and just rebooted last season lol And I mentioned in earlier recaps that I hoped it wouldn't turn out to be aliens because we already have an alien show on TV. But yeah....ET phoning home...definitely what was happening there!

Definitely enjoy the walking dead! It really is a treat. I have posted commentaries for all 5 eps that have aired so far. Nothing fancy but maybe worth a read! lol

Yes I saw HIMYM! There were some other LOST references besides the numbers too! When he was no longer the Blitz he gives a speech about feeling like he was on the Island for an eternity and now is going to enjoy life on the other side! lol And then when Ted recalls all the things that Zoey said, he says "We have to go back..." Of course he says "to Zoey's!" But if the writers are LOST fans, they definitely put that in there with LOST in mind. Great stuff!

Have I mentioned how much I miss that show lately? Right about now I'd probably be posting some countdown blog posting saying we have a couple months to go to the season premiere. So sad! :-(

Leslie said...


ET came to my mind first because I had just seen it again over Thanksgiving with my niece & nephew.

The Walking Dead was recorded mainly due to your comments, so I will definitely read your posts as I watch.

I know... I LOVED all the LOST references on HIMYM! Good times! :)

Mike V. said...

I hear ya Leslie...I should watch that movie again. It's been a long time!

Great on Walking Dead, hope I didn't mislead you! :-)

AUStarwars said...

The "cliffhangers" were really nothing..so they are contacting their "home world"..does it matter? So Leila is a hybrid..does it matter? Just seems like a ploy to make her story somewhat interesting lol

i stick by my thoughts in last recap, so Mike, you can comment now lol....off to watch last weeks Fringe

Mike V. said...

AUSW - No, technically it doesn't matter but I still go back to my whole "why does God need a starship?" Star Trek analogy if we're going to stick with the Angels theory. Do they really need a satellite to "Call God" and ask him to send reinforcements? Hell, even call Satan?? (like the play on words there?) I'm just not seeing that.

Ironically, I finished listening to that Jason Ritter interview and he had the same theory that a lot of us had and is still trying to stick to it. He said that he thought they may be humans from a future version of Earth. Of course, he was encouraging people not to take things at face value and try to theorize and what COULD be. But, that's because he's a LOST fan and is hungry for another show that makes you think as well. So, he could be looking too much into it just like all of us! lol

He did indicate that Laura Innes and Ian Anthony Dale both know what THE EVENT is and have known since day 1. They decided to tell the EBE peeps what The Event is because they needed to know to play their parts convincingly. But they are sworn to secrecy. Ritter also said when he was previewing episode 10 that the moment at THE END of the episode was a large step into unveiling what THE EVENT is.

Well, Alien Invasion isn't too far of a stretch, right? The whole Aliens inhabiting the planet due to them sucking their resources dry is an interesting spin... Fallen Angels bringing on the apocalypse is certainly still appealing but I'm just not really putting much stock into it! Future Humans going back in time due to sucking their resources dry is still an interesting spin as well. But would that satellite point outward away from earth to send a message through time? Eh...not really sure they'd do THAT much of a red herring! lol

I guess we'll see!!

Hope you enjoyed Fringe - I added a comment to that blog posting yesterday with an awesome Movie-Style trailer for this Thursday's episode. FOX still seems to love this show and want to show the fans they support it. We'll see!

Mike V. said...

Oh right...forgot the "X-Files" twist that we discussed as a theory. Future Humans that have inhabited another planet and have returned to Earth in the past! That is still plausible too. Well Science-fictionally plausible I mean!

Candidate said...

@ Kelly
I also, totally thought that Leila's "Aunt" would be of a different color or radically different nationality. I was thinking African American. Japanese would have been a hoot.

@ Mike great recap with some great jokes. "WHAT...Does all this mean???" I loved the Romulan Tea reference. So No green blood from Isabel (Oops I almost typed Isabella) but we did have green tea with vapors lol. Now That I've lived through these 10 hours, I feel terrible that I have criticized Lost for a mistake here or an oversight there.
Still, I will return for more of The Event mostly for fun and games I guess. What the heck it's free and still waaaay better than the procedural shows like Law and order and CIS franchise

I am not sure if anyone will get this, but I thought Eric Clapton Is God should have been posted on the chalkboard just above the Leila. Anyhoo I'm on board the laugh wagon of The Event and will return for more good times. The show has potential to be really good...Maybe the props crew and lead actors will display improvement. I think this break is absolutely necessary, I hope the creators of The Event use the time wisely to make the obvious much needed improvements such as acting school and cleaning house on the screenplay/script writers to make room for a more seasoned writing team....OR they could just fast track this to the quick ending on season 2. Enjoy the Jolly Season....Namaste

Mike V. said...

@Candidate - Glad you enjoy my jokes! You wouldn't believe how many times I have typed Isabella instead of Isabel the past 2 weeks. I mean...she was in ONE episode of LOST! So crazy lol My sentiments exactly on The Event. It's still serialized television and there's always a chance that they're going to retool, tweak and make it a better show. I'm still enjoying the concept behind the show. Just some of the storylines getting to those concepts have been silly!

Definitely not picking up on the Eric Clapton thing. I googled it and see there is some history behind graffiti of devoted fans but maybe there's more to it I'm missing? lol I think the break for THE EVENT Crew is much shorter than the break that we're getting from seeing it air. They're only getting 1.5 weeks off during the holidays and will be right back to work. But, maybe they'll have some time to tweak...or maybe they already have taken that time. I sure hope so! If they do get canceled it will be nice if they give Nick Wauters enough heads up to jump to his "quick ending". I hate shows that seem incomplete! Deadwood being the most painful. FlashForward was pretty unsettling but at least we got to see the visions pan out in the final 2 episodes. They just left that tease for season 2 and possible future seasons that will never come to fruition!

Oh well, thanks for the comments Candidate!

Candidate said...

There was some famous grafitti on chalkboard and hospital walls that read Eric Clapton is God waaay back when he was still not quite famous. Yeah Deadwood w/out an ending was tough same with FF. I guess thats my point is that whatever NBC does or doesn't do I hope we get an ending. After all this we deserve to know what The Event is. cheerz.

Mike V. said...

Ahh thanks for the info on Clapton. I'm surprised I don't know that but always nice to learn new stuff!

Oh yeah, Wauters said that he has a plan to provide an ending should NBC decide to cancel the show. He wouldn't want to cheat fans. That's why I'm hoping NBC would just give him enough advanced notice either way. (of a renewal or cancellation) It's the only way to properly map out the season's end-game and either set up a future season or end the show.

AUStarwars said...

"AUSW - No, technically it doesn't matter but I still go back to my whole "why does God need a starship?" Star Trek analogy if we're going to stick with the Angels theory. Do they really need a satellite to "Call God" and ask him to send reinforcements? Hell, even call Satan?? (like the play on words there?) I'm just not seeing that. "

But as ive said before dealing with both X-Files and Star Trek analogies, its all in how you interpret them actually being "angels"..remember the Bible was written 5000 years ago (and 2000 years depending on who you ask lol) so our ancestors still could have interpreted these sleepers who have CLEARLY been here a LONG time as "angels" as easily as we could now call them "aliens"

dont take my thoughts so literally ;-)

Mike V. said...

Yeah yeah yeah...I remember! But I still like taking them literally. It's more fun that way lol

All good points. I have no rebuttals at this time :-)

heri said...

not sure Michael is an EBE.

Simon had to place a plastic tube in his arm in order to draw fake blood and not his own.

Wouldn’t they have drawn blood from Michael while he was in the hospital?
They would have found out he was not human then, rgt?

Anonymous said...


Thanks for your recaps, very informative and entertaining.

I read somewhere that Michael was going to get out of prison but I did not believe it. How could someone who murdered his co-pilot and attempted to murder 200 others be set free? But on the latest Deconstructing the Event they seem to confirm that this will happen and that Michael will "explain some things about the family" to Leila. Do you have any thoughts on how Michael will connect with Leila? I'll be disappointed if Sean and Leila bust him out.

Also, what's your take on the satellite? They said on Deconstructing that "it does not appear to be an immediate threat but it is an immediate threat." Sounds like more than just a communications sat. They said it will be the "key to the entire second half of the season."

Of course, we have to take what they say on Deconstructing with a grain of salt. They promised that in episode 10 we would learn "what Dempsey is up to," and that was not true at all.

Mike V. said...

@Heri - Yeah, I speculated also that they may be throwing a red herring at us with Michael. He may not be an EBE. I had the same questions as you with drawing blood and finding out that Michael is an EBE or not. The only thing I don't have a lot of faith in with this show is their attention to details and consistency in plot lines! So, I'm thinking in one episode they may have shown us the careful attention that the EBEs do to prove they are human but then in a scenario like Michael's they may "FORGET" to actually test him for being an EBE. LOL I'm trying to respect the show a little more than that but they have been making it difficult so far!

But yeah...it's not definite that Michael is an EBE. But there is no doubt that he was in those pictures across the decades. Would be interesting to explain how that's possible without time travel being involved!

@Anonymous - You're totally welcome for the recaps! It sounds like you are really into this show and checking out stuff after the episodes on NBC.com for additional
information. I have to be honest, I have not watched one "Deconstructing the Event" that NBC has posted. I'm sure at some point Michael is going to get out of that holding cell though. How ever they do it, it's going to have to be done. Remember how boring and redundant it was with Sophia locked up for the first 5 or 6 episodes? If Michael IS an EBE, then he may be able to escape on his own free will. Remember that Sophia said they could have left Inostranka at any time? Just a thought. Or....someone may rescue him....or...maybe he'll say something that convinces the President to release him. I dunno....I guess we just have to have a little faith that they'll be somewhat realistic about it! :-)

Really have no idea about the satellite. It's obviously a communications device and I assumed they're "CONTACTING HOME"...whether that means they're requesting reinforcements to invade OUR home or have something else in mind....I dunno. But I'm sure it is a catalyst that sets up the remaining 12 episodes of this season.
As far as if we learned what Dempsey is up to...well we did learn something...Sean injected that man with the drug and he aged rapidly...so that confirmed our suspiscious that this is what he did with the little girls. I mean, we figured that out from Dempsey "getting younger" for a second in that other episode....but it confirmed that the drug is a "forward aging" drug. Does this mean that Dempsey is trying to deceive people and is actually an EBE and actually a younger looking fellow and he's using the drug to appear old? Well, that I don't know. But we did learn MORE I guess.

The big question is if we'll still care 3 months from now! And only time will tell on that!