Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Event: Season 1 Episode 9 - Your World to Take

Hello Eventers!  Welcome the the penultimate FALL FINALE recap!  That's right, only one more episode this year before we go on a FlashForward (err whoops) EVENT hiatus!  What's done is done and no sense complaining about no episodes in January and most of February.   I will make a plea for FRINGE though before this posting has come to a close!  That show needs our help, pronto!  But before we get there let's talk about THE EVENT!  This episode was one where it seemed like a lot was going on and not a whole lot happened!  I was seeing a lot of potential in the opening minutes and then the episode kind of ended with a shoulder shrug from me.  But there were plenty of interesting moments to discuss and much more things to laugh at from the Sean/Leila saga (seriously...didn't they have a gun last episode and wasn't Sean badly injured and close to death?)   Anyway, we'll get to it all in the recap.  So, let's dive in now!

Well, this is the first episode in awhile where we didn't have any flashbacks.  Although we did get a few glimpses of the Children's Hospital of Rapid Aging that happened in the past.  Other than that, this was an episode where we checked in on each of our story lines and kind of gave a status update.  So, here is our various statuses!

President Martinez/Vice President Jarvis

No fear VP fans, he is still alive!  He was conveniently in recovery mode for most of the episode so we didn't get much out of him.  But it was enough time for his wife to get to the hospital and cause a bit of a stir.   While the President is still determined to find out who the mastermind behind the initial assasination attempt, the 2nd Lady (get it?) attempted to convince the Vice President to not say a word on anything he knows.  Some shady dudes (we must assume they are Dempsey's dudes) came to their house and threatened the family.  So chances are, Martinez is going to have some more trouble getting Jarvis to speak!  We'll just have to wait until next week to see.  

Sean and Leila 
So Sean has been spending some time in the healing springs of some mystical Island or something because the dude was close to being killed by a nagging gunshot wound until he was fixed by some young hot shot surgeon in the dark outside the local Value Aid Pharmacy.  
  • But that didn't stop him from wanting to have "kissy" time with Leila.  And when she asked if he was in pain.  He said NO.   So, I guess that was for us viewers.  They attempted to sell us on the fact that Sean is a super-human video game programmer with mad healing skills!   Hey, if Jack Bauer can be stabbed at 3am and be okay by 4:30am, then I guess Sean Walker is a 2nd cousin or something. 
  • Guess what?  Agent Collier is back!  And you know what else?  She apparently has no hard feelings about them hijacking her vehicle and never calling to explain what they were up to.   Ohhhh it's okay, Sean emailed her!  Everything is fine now.  They're all LOLing and winky facing each other! ;-)   It's all good! 

  • Anyway, we do get one valuable piece of intel, Collier has a first name and it's Angela!  Whew...if they called her Agent Collier one more time....well let's just say I would probably be LOLing at the TV but for the wrong reasons!  And definitely no winky faces! 
  • Okay, so Angela was able to do a search on the list of girls names.  They are definitely the old faced girls and were all kidnap victims from the past 2 years.  But here is one crazy twist.  One girl, Abby got away.  HUH?  How on earth did a girl just ESCAPE?  I may have missed that detail.  
  • So now they're heading to Tulsa, Oklahoma to question Abby and see if it will help them track down Samantha.
  • Sean and Leila become those annoying doorbell ringers and door knockers who just aren't getting the picture.  Abby and her mother are laying low and don't want to speak to reporters.  Mom eventually does let them but doesn't spill much.  Dad comes home and wants them OUT of the house immediately!  But Abby, in her hoodie, recognized the name Leila and knew it was Samantha's sister.  

  • The Dad still kicks them out and the "not so subtle" car chase begins.  Abby and family were skipping town, packed bags and all.  But they stopped at a gas station along the way.  And they were not alone.  Dempsey had requested that one of his kidnap victims must be reclaimed.  So his hitman was on the job.  And of course, everyone else is expendable! 

  • The Sean, Dad and Hitman scene was being set up outside.   Leila went into the bathroom to chat it up with Abby.  We clearly see that Abby's face is still kind of messed up from the drugs they were giving her.  She told Leila that they were in some kind of hospital and that she and the other girls were told that they are "helping people".  (yeah, helping Dempsey look younger for fractions of a second!)  And that she remembered a logo with a triangle on it.   She also said that Samantha was still "normal" the last time she saw her.  

  • So, I'm sure that triangle logo will be our next lead!  But first THE CHASE!  Sean tells DAD to duck, hitman shoots then everyone makes a run for the cornfields except DAD who was shot in the leg! 
  • Okay, here's where I have to cry foul.  Eventually there is going to be a struggle for the hitman's gun.  Are you going to tell me that Sean and Leila didn't hang on to the gun they got from their last attacker in last week's episode?  Leila JUST used the gun to kidnap themselves a surgeon!  Did she just toss it in the trash after that?   Now, you know I don't like to compare this or any show to LOST but Greg Nations would have never let this happen!  (I think it's an extra on season 2 or 3's DVD where he went to incredible lengths to make sure that the possession and exchange of specific guns held up from episode to episode.  Crazy continuity!)  
  • Okay, complaining over.  Back to frolicking in the corn fields!   I couldn't even tell you exactly what was going on during a lot of this but at some point the 100% healthy Sean says he is going to cut off the hitman guy.  Leila and Abby are running for their lives and hitman is gaining on them.  Then Sean comes out of nowhere and tackles the guy.   There is a big struggle for the gun (see previous bullet!)  but in the end Sean knocks him out with a rock.  Abby and Mom keep running. 

You just wait and see if I still have this gun next episode! 

  • But guess what folks?  The guy wasn't after Abby, he was after Leila!!!!!    

  • So, I know I wrote earlier that I was wondering how Abby escaped.  Well, I figured it out and I'm sure others would have figured it out more quickly.  Dempsey let her loose as bait for Sean and Leila.  They need Leila back for some reason.   
  • Remember that the hitman asked Dempsey if he should give her the dosage?  At the time we thought he was talking about Abby.  But now, it seems like that syringe is meant for Leila.  Uh oh.... does the key to everything rely within Leila and her questionable acting skills?  Tune in next week for more!  

Sophia and the Sleeper Cell
So, a large portion of tonight's episode was spent with Sophia and our other EBEs that are out and about.  This storyline was definitely the most interesting of the night and the most promising for future stories.  

Paging all Sleepers
  • We open up with some kind of hearing.   A woman is talking about her husband of 47 years, Roland.  She is suing a man whose factory may have caused her husband to die prematurely from inhaling some crazy toxic dust.   She has memories of him coughing up blood and breathing with a tank.  A woman we will learn to be named Isabel suggested that Roland's disorder could have been caused by various things such as smoking, genetics, etc...  She is defending this "horrible man with a factory".    My first assumption was that this lawsuit had to do with Dempsey somehow.  Which would mean that this Isabel is working for him too.  Based on other things we find out in this episode, it wouldn't be that much of a stretch!  
  • Anyway, Isabel gets a text message as do many other people in random places.  The text says 1121944.  If my memory is correct, 11/2/1944 is the day of the EBEs crashing in Alaska.  

  •  Before we know it, we are in a conference room and Sophia has gotten to the stage and announced that it was good to see everyone again.  And to our surprise there are MANY MANY people there.  Woaa, I figured there may be like 20-50 sleepers.  This room was jam-packed with people!   This vehicle that crashed must have been huge! 

  • Sophia was giving a speech to a smaller sect of the group (who represent the larger crews) stating that they need more raw materials, isotopes and trace minerals to help generate the portal to get them home.  Their time is short now that Martinez is onto them.  

  • We find out that there is a conflict amongst the EBEs.  These sleepers have spent 66 years living amongst the humans and have grown to like it.  They do not want to go home and have even started families.  There is a long camera shot to Simon during Isabel's statement as we know he enjoyed the WATER and time with his female companion. 
  • Sophia warned of the consequences of what staying would do to the native population.  They have to follow directives and are not allowed to damage benevolent civilizations.   Hmm is she perhaps talking about if they stay there they will ultimately overpopulate the planet due to their slow, or non-existant, aging process?    We had discussed that possibility back in our time travel theory days.  Doesn't have to be time travel related for it still to be relevant. 
  • In fact, it sounds like the reason they want to stay is because THEIR HOME is not in good shape. It is not "viable" and there are "other dangers".  Hmmm, very vague.    I still wonder why they're calling it their "HOME" and not their "PLANET".  It still seems like we're waiting for another shoe to drop here, some big twist.  Many are saying another dimension.  Many still are hoping for "they're from the future".   While the odds are stacked against them especially with some statements made, they're still fun to theorize about.   But, even if it is just another planet, there is some kind of threat of returning there.  Could this be a threat of other EBEs?  Just general living conditions?    Why did they end up here in the first place 66 years ago?   All questions that we're still pondering. 
  • Sophia does not budge on her plans though.  They swore an oath and they're going home.   The plan is for Sophia and Thomas to retrieve the "key module" tomorrow and activate it.  Once activated, they can move on to the next phase.   Just like this story needs to move to the next phase!! 
Mutiny on the Rise
  • Yes, we find out Isabel and Thomas are involved romantically and in bringing a new regime to their people.  They want Sophia OUT!   Thomas has agreed to kill his mother after she helps retrieve the module.  When will this Thomas ever learn? 

  • Sophia pretty much sees through her son.  She even questioned him after their little reunion with the sleepers.  She questioned him like a child but he didn't spill. 
  • Thomas is still skeptical of Isabel too though.  He can tell that she is trying to manipulate him but he wants his mother out of the picture for the good of their people.  
The Module Retrieval
  • On the way to the facility, Sophia has more condescending talks with Thomas.  He is handling his fall from power well blah blah blah.  Thomas says he handled the Martinez situation just fine blah blah blah...

  • What really got interesting was when Sophia said that they could have escaped from Inostranka whenever they wanted!  This makes sense based on her saying before that the people were starting to get restless.  She said that they stayed there because they were protecting Thomas and the sleepers.  This also makes sense since the world had no idea these sleepers existed until now.
  • Sophia told a story about Thomas being afraid of the rain when he was a child.  Sophia brought him out in the rain and kept him out there hoping he'd eventually see there was nothing to be scared of but he cried and cried.  She said she was stubborn, trying to make him into someone he wasn't.  Someone strong.  OUCH!  And she said she repeated her mistake putting him in charge here.  DOUBLE OUCH! 
  • Also note: they had RAIN in their home at some point.   But Simon had a love for the ocean back in the 40s.  Ocean/Rain, yeah a little different.  But both water.  Worth noting I think. 
  • When they get to this facility place they head right into the basement levels.  Thomas enters a security code incorrectly 2 times before entering correctly.  I'm assuming we're meant to think he's nervous about having to kill his mother.  

  • Once entered correctly some box came up and Sophia took over.  Is it me or did it look like that box was SOLID and she put her hand right through it?   It appeared to take a liquid form and she grabbed the module from within.   That was pretty crazy, right?  Don't know what to make of it yet but interesting!   

  • The module is apparently still viable.  That's all well and good Sophia but your son has a gun to your head!   

  • Eh, no fear she is smarter than the rest of her clan.  She already knows Isabel put him up to it and she lets him take his shot knowing that he won't.   In the end, Thomas crumbles like the little scared boy in the rain, like the man who caved to the President of the United States.  

Take THAT Isabel! 
  • Isabel was supposed to meet Thomas after the deed was done but Sophia showed up instead.  She tried to claim that she was doing what Thomas wanted, but Sophia knew the truth.   Isabel pushed Thomas to be more than he truly is.  Just like Sophia had done.  

  • Sophia had to punish Isabel for her treason.  She gave her 2 options.  One: to be excommunicated from all of her people.   Two: to shoot herself in the leg to prove she is trustworthy.   Hmmm, these EBEs have a crazy way to prove their worth! 
  • But hey, whatever works.  Isabel didn't want to do it but before the episode was over we see her shoot herself in the leg and Thomas watch from afar.   Sophia has proven she is one that should not be messed with! 

So that's it folks!  I definitely found a lot to say about an episode where not much seemed to happen, but I tend to do that!  I am a firm believer that these kinds of episodes still are important to build up characters and set up bigger...um...EVENTS in the long run.  All necessary puzzle pieces building towards a complete picture.  We'll see if the "FALL FINALE" pays off next week!  

Help Save Fringe!!! 
So that brings me to my plea for FRINGE.  I am not ashamed to say it.  Since LOST has left the air, Fringe has taken a lofty seat in my "most anticipated show of the week".  Don't get me wrong.   I do enjoy The Event, but Fringe has a couple years on it and is firing on all creative cylinders right now!  Unfortunately, Fringe has been delivered quite the blow by another show that I used to blog about.  Ugh, the dreaded American Idol is returning in January but with a new schedule.  They're taking a dive into THURSDAY territory folks!  What does this mean?  FOX is moving Fringe to Fridays (ugh the death slot)!  Their excuse?  Everyone DVRs Fringe anyway, so why does it matter when it airs?  Well, I sure hope that is the case.    This show needs help!  If you have ever been a casual fan or one of those fans that has said "I want to watch it but I just haven't had time" well NOW is the time folks!  The show will still be airing on Thursdays at 9 for the rest of the year.  Watch them!  Come to this blog or ANY Fringe blog/board and talk up the show!   If you are a purist and want to catch up before you watch, get Season 1 and 2 on DVD or Blu-Ray over the Holidays and start devouring them!   It will be a shame to see such a high quality show be stripped from the air because of lousy scheduling on Fox's part.  That really is the only excuse.  The ratings were awesome on Tuesday when it premiered in season 1, then they "strategically" put it against stiff competition on Thursdays in season 2.  Now, in its most creative and critically acclaimed season yet, the ratings are just not up to snuff and they're leaving it to rot on Fridays.  Let's prove FOX wrong and show them the following FRINGE has!   

Sorry I have had to resort to this on The Event recap, but the more eyes the better!  Hopefully, we won't have to go through a similar period of panic with THE EVENT come renewal time next year.  With NBC struggling in 4th place right now, something tells me they may give this one a shot for a 2nd season regardless.  As long as the ratings don't reach levels of embarrassment!   Anyway, I have been rambling on enough so I will bid adieu for the week.  Hope you enjoyed my ramblings as always and I'll see you next week! 

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  • Keep checking back for posts on other shows.  I have been recapping Fringe this season as well as keeping up with other shows I enjoy from time to time.  I have recently taken a liking to commenting on The Walking Dead.  I look forward to great discussions with everyone! 
Screen shots were provided courtesy of NBC, my TiVo and my Mac.


Anonymous said...

So-So episode, but like you said, probably important from the building-block perspective. Leila's acting -- STILL BAD! Just look at the difference between the mom of the recently returned Abby and Leila, with her sister still missing! Oh well, beating a dead horse here!

Thomas is such a wimp -- I hoped for a minute there that Sophia would kill him! But I guess somebody has to be the person you love to hate!

I had to laugh at the cars following each other when Abby's family was leaving town! Sean & Leila following family, bad guy following Sean & Leila, all in one camera shot! Who taught these people Tailing 101? And yes, they had a gun. Given their circumstances, why wouldn't they be carrying that gun EVERYWHERE?

Also, recent gunshot victim Sean fighting trained hit man, and winning?

I'm starting to lose interest -- I am curious but it's starting to get sloppy.

I didn't get to start watching Walking Dead yet, maybe over Thanksgiving weekend!

Cajun QT

Mike V. said...

@cajun - I'm being highly optimistic with my "building block" comment! lol I've jumped on board the "Leila acting" bandwagon, don't worry!

I really did think Sophia was just going to break Thomas's neck and show how cruel she can really be. I guess if that didn't make her want to kill him he's going to be around for some time!

The car tailing was ridiculous. I love how Sean and Leila turned their heads away when Abby and family were backing out of the driveway. Yeah, that's really going to covince them that there is not a car parked outside their house with people sitting in it!! I've said my piece on the gun. That is just some bad continuity at play! Unless we missed a scene edited out where Leila was uncontrollably flailing her arms about because she doesn't know what to do next that the gun went flying miles above her head and never landed!

Yep...agreed on Sean and his injury, his video game programming background and his ability to take down the hit man. Just insane.

I'm going to stay optimistic that things will turn around but they're making it tough!

If you are able to get your hands on all 6 episodes of Walking Dead at one time, I'll bet that would be a great marathon viewing! Of course, catching up on 4, watching the 5th on Sunday and then waiting a week for the 6th isn't bad either. Good Luck!! It's totally worth it.

Kelly said...

ugh, i feel like the writers of this show think we're stupid! sure, we can be in oklahoma (or wherever they went) in 12 hou- BAM! we're here! the good part about that is that at least the storyline's moving, i guess. i mean, what are they gonna do, have the next two episodes be filled with Sean and Leila's 12-hour road trip? how many renditions of "99 bottles of beer" do you think they'd get through? haha.. i suppose it would've looked better for the writers if their destination was a bit closer to Georgia (where we last left them, correct?).
i totally noticed that whole bit about the rain and all that.. the first thing i thought was, "hey, didn't simon say they didn't have water where he came from?"
hey, did you notice Abby's father was Nathan from "The Other 48 Days" on Lost? i kept hearing him say, "i was in the bathroom!" (for two hours??) lol
i can definitely see myself (and many others) not coming back to this show after the hiatus. good job, NBC.. you're killing the show that you hyped for months and months. thumbs up, you're following in the fresh footsteps of ABC and Flashforward!
ugh, i'm feeling a little more jaded today.. i think the whole news about the Buffy movie is making me mad.. Joss Whedon got screwed on that whole deal, in my opinion (sorry, wrong show!)

Mike V. said...

@Kelly - That's hysterical. I had a whole thing written about the 12 hour journey from Atlanta to Tulsa and how Sean and Leila must be tired of playing driving games by now. And then I went into questioning where they are getting their funding for these trips. Gas, Food, Lodging. I assume they aren't still being paid by their employers! But then I just figured I was looking TOO much for things so I deleted it :-) lol But yes...they definitely were in Atlanta. Which really makes no sense considering they were in Texas with Collier and then just drove off to Leila's parents' house, which is supposedly in Atlanta. It is crazy how quickly they are getting from place to place by car. Meanwhile, Sophia and Thomas need to take a private jet wherever they are going and it's a "few hours" each way lol

AHHHH I knew I knew the dad from somewhere. Once you said Nathan and The Other 48 Days it all came back to me. Good call! Yeah the hiatus is not going to bode well for this show. We'll just have to see what happens. Maybe next week's 44 minutes of story is just going to blow us away! lol

As for Buffy, I never watched the show but I have heard great things about it. I know all of the seasons are streaming in Netflix so I may get around to it eventually. But yeah...I don't know how the show ended but I would think most people would want to see a movie with THAT cast and helmed by Whedon. It's kind of ridiculous.

It makes me wonder how I'll feel when Disney/ABC Studios decides to to something to make more money off of the LOST franchise without JJ, Damon or Carlton attached! lol

Kelly said...

oh, i can only imagine how much they'll butcher Lost!!
and amazing point about how they're paying for all this crap.. maybe they're sneaking into hotel rooms, eating road kill, and ciphoning gas :)
definitely give Buffy a shot- i know you are probably very busy watching shows and blogging and watching more shows, but i used to LOVE Buffy when it was airing. now that it's in syndication i am falling in love all over again :)

Mike V. said...

With LOST, I just hope they are smart about it. Maybe eventually a TV show will be acceptable but certainly not right away. I think they should venture into the BOOK world similar to what Star Wars did. There are plenty of stories to tell PRE and POST (and possibly even DURING) the tale of the 815ers. I'm sure there are plenty of authors out there that would love to take their shot at a LOST tale. It would be interesting!

As for Sean and Leila...yeah that would be hysterical if that's what they were doing! But I'm guessing this is just something the writers are hoping we're not too concerned with!

It's good to know that Buffy holds up over time. I would love to give it a shot one of these days. But like you said...I'm quite busy! :-) And I have summer shows already queued up with The Wire and Sons of Anarchy! Yikes... Maybe I can fit it in somehow!

MJ said...

Good one on Sean being Jack Bauer's cousin !

Man - Sophia is a harsh mom ! LOL

DId you watch HIMYM ? Was great ole Hurley - and the Lost jokes were just flying.

Chuck was pretty decent as well. They just have no shame - Yvonne duming that water on herself before the big fight. LOL

Mike V. said...

Thanks MJ! Agreed on Sophia too!

I did watch HIMYM. It was a classic episode and Jorge being in the episode was just icing on the cake. LOST jokes galore...agreed. The Numbers, the comment about living on an Island and enjoying life on the other side. Then there were more subtle ones like when Ted realized "we have to go back" lol It was great! THE GENTLEMAN!!!!

And I thought the same thing about Chuck. Although the recurring comment about Sarah being some crazy SHE HULK or whatever they were calling her was hysterical. Especially when it was written in subtitles LOL I was really hoping they didn't go the amnesia route with Chuck for the near future, so I was very glad when he was back to his normal self in Burbank!

And I was DEFINITELY hoping that Ellie or awesome didn't accidentally upload the intersect. So, here's my theory: Linda Hamilton (forget her name on show) talked to Ellie to lead her down the path of getting that laptop. But, my guess is that it's all for chuck. She suppressed the intersect in Chuck for some purpose but helped Ellie find the reactivation switch in that laptop. My guess is that Hamilton and Sam Beckett (Orion, Scott Bakula whatever!) had devised this emergency plan way back when and she put it into action. I would love it if they brought back Scott Bakula for some kind of flashback scene with Linda Hamilton. Of course...the laptop may be more important than reactivating the intersect for Chuck. Maybe that's a little too obvious! lol

MJ said...

I know ! The She-man thing was hysterical. I paniced for a moment when I thought Ellie was gonna get the intersect ! I like Ellie as a support character but don't want her to the the intersect. And Ewww on all that poor Awesome had to go through. LOL

Agree with Kelly about Buffy ! They need to leave it alone and do NOT need a rebbot, especially one without Joss Whedon. That said - Summer Glau would be a fab Buffy, but I don't want another one.

Mike V. said...

Yeah that was a nice use of the Buy More crew in this episode with Awesome lol But definitely EW!

No fear on Buffy...at least Kristy Swanson is okay with the reboot! LOL Yeah..like she would really care. That was a one-off movie. It's the WB Show fans that are the ones to worry about. There really doesn't seem like a need to reboot that one. But then again, there's no need to reboot Spiderman again either but they're doing that. We need some more original concepts in Hollywood!

btw...new EW cover story is The Walkind Dead. NIIIICE!

Candidate said...

Kelly... Good eye for spotting Nathan. I KNEW I recognized him but couldn't place it.
Mike... great recap again. Personally I liked this episode better than the last one despite the gun flaw and the Sean recovery skills. Maybe He's a Hero. It seemed that there was less screen time w/ Sean and Leila and more time spent with the EBE's which is A-OK with me. So what do we need to do to help Save Fringe from cancellation? Is there an Email sign up collectively...Should we call the Fox exec assistants? The 3 shows that have been cancelled that have been most dissapointing for me are Caprica,Rubicon and FF. BTW The Final 5 episodes for Caprica have been airing in Canada and probably You Tube if anyone cares. I'm psyched that you have Sons in Queue. Confirmed that was not Jorge I saw in Sons but what I would consider a lookalike that says "DUDE" now and Then. I'm gonna have to check out Jorge in HIMYM.
Happy Thanksgiving to all

Candidate said...

One more thought on The Event. Wouldn't Isabel have EBE color blood dripping as a result of shooting herself in the leg. Do they have green blood like on Star Trek?

MJ said...

Green blood would be cool ! LOL

Have a great holiday everyone !

MJ said...

Oh - also wanted to say that Being Human is being re-vamped also. Was a brit show that was great. I'm sure the american version will suck. But their orig version is on netflix if any one is interested. The brits also did a show called Survivors - doesn't have zombies but had a plague wipe out large amounts of peeps and what the survivors had left to work with. Very well done. ACtually - I thinks Survivors was a re-do of another brit show called survivors from the 70's - nver saw that one though, but if you check it out make sure it's the one from the last few years. LOL

Mike V. said...

@Candidate - Happy TG to you as well! That's cool that you enjoyed the episode. It was slightly better than last week's I would agree. The EBE stuff is definitely interesting but I couldn't get on board with the Sean/Leila stuff without a bit of laughing!

As far as FRINGE saving. I think there are a couple Petition sites going up. I'll have to find the links. But I don't think anything works as well as just watching the show!! I'm hoping that lots more regular fans will tune in LIVE next Thursday when it airs to show their support for the show. We'll see what happens. I was upset about Rubicon and FF as well. Rubicon was just getting good! Oh well... Caprica, I never fully caught up so no big deal for me. Plus, the new show sounds a lot more promising! I hear the final 5 episodes are going to air in the states too. Maybe in January? I forget where I read it and when they said. Glad you approve of SOA in the queue. I'll get to it eventually!

Ahh the green blooded vulcans! lol I'm not so sure that the EBEs have different color blood. Wasn't Simon all bloodied after the building collapse? I think they appear very similar to humans and even bleed the same color as us...but their DNA make up is slightly different.

@MJ - I heard Being Human was coming to America. I read Matt Roush's tweet about it and he didn't sound too optimistic. I haven't caught the UK version of it either. Maybe I'll check it out on Netflix. Maybe I'll look into Survivors as well. TOO MUCH TV!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

AUStarwars said...

Was on vacation, now im back and watched the episode finally (wont watch tonights till at least tomorrow though)...it seems obvious to me they are angels now..why else would she care about being Maimed? Its just like when the angels in the scriptures/stories are forced to cut off their wings to live amongst humanity as punishment..same thing here..the other option was for her to be ostracized and have no contact with her people..just like Satan, especially if you read The Inferno by Dante..Hell exists because the Devil cannot be part of G-ds love and world..now im not sure this says that Sophia is "G-d", but who knows..again, remember that this is all interpretation of our own ancestors saying that there were "angels and gods" and what not and it wasnt just EBEs to begin with

Sean and Leila are Sean and Leila, therefore theres nothing to comment on lol

Mike V. said...

AUSW - no comment from me...I'll wait to see if you change your mind after the next episode lol