Monday, August 22, 2022

Summer / Early Fall 2022 TV Discussion

Hello!  This is our space to discuss all TV/Media that doesn’t have a dedicated post.  See you in the comments!


Mike V. said...

BCS - Read the Saul comments from the other thread. Agree on top 5 finales. Of course I’d have to list out the best finales and see if that is true! Lol But I agree with the sentiment…and the smoking scene was perfect.

Thrones - I’m into season 4 and I’ll be watching parallel to House of the Dragon I guess!

Resident Alien - behind an ep due to vacation. I’ll get there!

She-Hulk - still haven’t watched. Heard about a gag in the first ep that sounds hilarious but not child appropriate. Debating whether to show the kids. I think I’ve resolved that it’ll go over their head lol

MJ said...

She-hulk. Was not going to watch. But hearing like Deadpool without cursing and gore. Supposed to be funny so might give a look

Dragons. Maybe tomorrow.

Rings. Figured Amazon would be on it's knees so giving a day or two. Thinking Sunday. Dropped 2 tho on premier night

I really wish the rest of streamers would just Netflix it and give them all. Sigh

Handmaid's coming soon. Only get Hulu when that is on. So will wait til at least half out.

Also watching a new show from network tv fr last fall. Name eluding mm e but about poor school in Philly. Heard great things. It's not bad. They talk to the camera which has become so popular.

Enjoy the long weekend!!

Mike V. said...

Abbot Elementary Right? I watched the first 3. My wife and son finished the whole season. So I think I’m gonna start over with my daughter and it’ll be a family show lol.

Quantum Leap is the only other network show I’ll pick up this fall.

She-Hulk - I usually love all these marvel shows. This is the corniest one so far. But it has its moments lol. Definitely 4th wall breaking a la Deadpool.

Rings - Watched both last night. It looks really good. But some stuff looks cheap…like the look of the hobbit like folk. Enjoy Galadriel and Elrond actors. It’s entertaining enough to keep watching and see where it goes…but don’t go in expecting LOTR films!

I still don’t like the Netflix model of all at once. I can’t keep up. And it eliminates the discussion that fueled TV talk for so long. (Including blogs like this! Lol). I do think Netflix compromise of splitting in 2 may be good. They’re going to do it with Manifest’s final season too. (Returning 11/4).

Yep on Handmaid. I need to start unsubscribing when I’m not watching stuff…but I never know what the Mrs. Is watching when I’m not watching with her! Lol

Thanks same to you!

MJ said...

Well you know I have to look at Winchesters. Lol. Quantum too.

Abbott - yes that is it

Sigh. Busy week. Still not seen Rings or Dragons

Mike V. said...

Yeah getting tough to stay on top of everything. Doesn’t help that I’m binging GoT still lol.

Yep figured you’d watch winchesters. Lol

After listening to podcasts I’m getting a little more excited for the potential in Rings. I knew what the show was essentially about. But knowing all that’s in play from the books/movie trilogy. It’ll be cool to see that stuff developed. I’ll wait until you watch to cover more!

M said...

Rings - trying to get it started

Network tv. -. Yeah not much to be picked up. Streamers are killing me tho. And Disney+ just dropped more

Mike V. said...

Rings - I’m in the middle of ep 3. It really picked up. May need to go back and rewatch the first 2. It looks amazing visually. Like you can see where the money was spent in comparison to the Marvel/Star Wars shows of late on D+. I’m enjoying this focused 3rd episode on specific characters.

Network/Streaming - yeah…it’s an archaic way of watching tv. Streaming this fall is the new “MUST SEE TV” lineup…lol. Thrones/Rings/D+ regular onslaught….i can’t keep up. Now Cobra Kai new season dropped. Saw Netflix is considering moving to week to week. I know you wouldn’t like that….but I think it really helps. Or at least in blocks like they did Stranger things and will do Manifest.

Mike V. said...

Rings - I rewatched 1 and 2…liked them much better when I was awake! Love episode 3. Got so motivated I actually started rewatching Fellowship afterwards. There are definitely strong ties between the Amazon show and the book/films. I’ll wait until you’re caught up!

Barry - almost done season 3..i.e. everything that’s aired. It’s great!

Resident Alien - I only watched the 1st one since it’s been back. I’m in Thrones S6 inching closer to the battle of the bastards. I’ll wrap that up then binge catch up in RA.

MJ said...

Nooooo. I hate the week to week. This is why I am streaming 4 freaking shows. Too long to wait a week. Lol

Sandman. Knew nothing of this. Loving it. Really liking the bad guys. Lol. Constantine was one with Astra (remember from legend?). I will say no more

Watched two of Dragons. We shall see. Still no rings. Waiting to give full attention

Still on Hacks. Love that actress!

Know Handmaid's coming soon but waiting til at least half dropped

Need to get back to She Hulk - but perfect example. Only have dropped one since last watch and only like 30ish mins. Sigh so waiting for more to be available.

Hearing Imperfects is good. Sigh. I got no more real estate. Lol

Think some Star Trek back soon too

MJ said...

Or even sure gonna watch new Daredevil

MJ said...

Omg. Can't believe White Lotus won so much. We could not even force ourselves to watch the whole first season!

I had hoped Saul would win but glad young girl from Ozark won. She is a great actress

Mike V. said...

Well it only won in the limited series categories which is funny because it has a season 2 coming. I enjoyed that show but yeah never saw it as a huge Emmy contender. The winners were deserving though.

I think Saul has another shot for the 2nd half of the final season. That’s where some of the best work happened.

All in all the winners varied and I saw most of it. Hard to argue against Ted Lasso and Succession. Both shows at the top of their game. Just watched succession this summer. It’s awesome.

Sandman just found out that Neil Gaiman is the author of the comics too and he’s behind the show. Pretty cool that he was able to adapt his own story. I’ve heard good things but haven’t watched.

Yep Daredevil is confirmed to be a new story with familiar actors. It’s the MCU version. The Netflix ones were filmed in a way that they could be mcu but feige wasn’t involved. This will be under him in the 616 universe. 18 episode first season is crazy. She hulk is ok. People in my Facebook groups are losing their mind over it and loving it. It’s just okay to me lol.

Which trek is back? Probably discovery I’d guess.

Quantum leap next Monday. The trailer looks meh but I’ll be watching on the hope they bakula will make his way to the series. Lol

I get it on streaming/binging. It’s a shame our impatience as a society has changed the game and has attempted to destroy the “post episode discussions/theorizing”. That’s why I prefer separating it out. I always love binging on a rewatch though. I’ll admit. Watching succession s4 is gonna be painful now that I’m caught up. But it’ll be cool to be part of the discussion.

Mike V. said...

Quantum Leap tonight! Not sure when I’ll watch. So much stuff back that I need to get to. There was a recent statement from Scott Bakula that he’s not involved at all even though he was approached. He had to make a difficult decision to not be a part of it. We’ll see if it’s successful how much that might change things.

Handmaids - we’re caught up on the 2 new ones. It’s good. One season after this one.

Andor - Early reviews are that it’s amazing. If it’s anything like Rogue One (especially with writer Tony Gilroy at the helm) then it just might be. They filmed this one practically so it’ll appear more cinematic than confined. The VOLUME LED screen set that they invented from Mandalorian is certainly very impressive…but it limits what you can do. House of the Dragon is using it a lot now too and now that I know I can tell lol. Anyway….that starts wednesday. 3 of 12 episodes premiere then.

Cobra Kai - haven’t gotten to the new season yet.

Rings - caught up…loving it!

Resident Alien - Had this on hold to binge it after Thrones but…

Abbott Elementary - I may sneak in a quick binge on this one. I watched 3 a few months back. Loved them but was waiting on my son to watch the rest. He watched with my wife without me! Lol. So I’m gonna catch up. Should take a few days once Thrones is done. S2 starts this week.

Mike V. said...

Quantum Leap - it was decent. I know they rearranged the episodes so the first episode wasn’t originally the pilot. They’ll air that ep later. They started a bit of a mystery box thing with the characters. Interesting to move back and forth between present day and the leaps. And the ties to the original are stronger than I expected. Hopefully they don’t overdo it trying to please the old fans but we’ll see. Definitely feels like a network show but it’s good enough to stick around. I compare to Fringe where it may be heavily case of the week but will still tie to an overarching mythology.

Thrones rewatch - I’m up to the long night but need to wait to watch until I have time to watch on a 4K tv so I can actually see it. This wouldn’t not be the case on my treadmill setup lol. Almost done! Some people would just stop their rewatch here and pretends that’s how it ends so they aren’t disappointed. I’m going to see this through!

Mj said...

Qleap. - they rearranged the eps? I did not watch most of original but will watch this one

She Hulk. It's amusing. And has credit scenes

He acks also ok be amusing

Heard good things about see succession and euphoria. Is guy no from parks and rec in Succession?

Mike V. said...

Q leap - yeah kinda I guess. The first episode still establishes the premise. So I guess it originally wasn’t the pilot but then when the new show runner took over they added scenes to make it the pilot. Probably the leap wasn’t the first leap and now it is. Maybe the original pilot will have additional scenes to make it continue as well.

She hulk - yeah I enjoyed the latest one. It’s silly and doesn’t require a lot of brain power. Lol they are throwing lots of Easter eggs into the eps though. I don’t even catch them all until I read about them. Lots of x-men clues. Wolverine in a bar fight (man with metal claws), cyclops is in the dude’s sneaker collection. It was shown in the end credits of the latest episode.

Both shows are great. Succession and euphoria. Euphoria is very graphic but it’s really good. I don’t think there’s any parks and red overlap with succession. You might be thinking of severance on Apple TV+. That has Adam Scott in it from parks. Also really good.

Hacks is on the list. I’m sure my wife will get to it before I do lol

Still have a 3 episodes left in Barry.

Mike V. said...

Vince Gilligan and Rhea Seehorn (Kim) - just got bought by Apple for a 2 season straight to series drama set at $15 million an episode. This will be your chance to subscribe and watch Ted lasso and severance! If there are any 2 people worth subscribing for it would be Gilligan‘s Next show starting Rhea.

Watched first ep of Andor. Definitely darker and more adult than a lot of other Star Wars offerings. Critics love it. I enjoyed first ep and can’t wait to watch the other 2 out and the other 9 coming for season 1! (2 seasons 24 eps total and ends where rogue one starts)

Mike V. said...

Community - #ANDAMOVIE!!! Finally going to complete their mission of 6 seasons and a movie. The movie will be coming to peacock…Donald glover returning…doesn’t look like Chevy Chase unless it’s a surprise. But I think they killed him off in the show.

Rings of Power - great episode last night/this morning! Everything built up to this one. Don’t want to spoil anything but I think they kinda confirmed the location they’re at by the end of the episode. It was heavily speculated and may not even have been meant to be a mystery lol.

Andor - 4 eps in and it’s fantastic. Lots of Game of thrones actors showing up in part 4. QYBURN! THE WAIF! And even COUSIN from The Bear (oh yeah…when you get Hulu for Handmaids…watch The Bear…it’s fantastic. Lip from Shameless is the lead. Quick watch too). Tony Gilroy is a master screenwriter. He saved rogue one and he’s really fleshing out the Star Wars galaxy …giving us a look at the every man dealing with the rule of the empire…and even getting into the political theater too. So happy we’re getting 12 of these this season and then a final 12 in season 2.

Handmaid - caught up on this season…it’s good. But glad we’re moving towards the final season next season. Feels like it needs to move to the end.

TWD - final 8 start sunday! Not sure when I’ll even fit them in with the explosion of nerd content on right now!

She Hulk - haven’t watched the most recent one yet.

Mike V. said...

Resident Alien - caught up to the season finale. Show is still good, some crazy reveals and quite the interesting setup for next season! Won’t say more until I know you’re caught up.

MJ said...

Read that about Gilligan/Seehorn. Don't get Apple TV

Andor. Waiting for more to drop

Blood/Treasure finally all dropped

Handmaid's has dropped 6 so starting soon

Twd. Not seen yet

Resident Alien. Can't believe sent baby away! And Darcy knows now!

Watching alot of spooky stuff right now. Til my horror season

Rings. Think only 4 out? Awaiting more

Hacks. Have to get back to that

Know haven't been around lately. Been sick and in hospital 4 days last week. Seem good now

I am sure there are more that I am watching but not coming to me

Oh. Ghosts back! Yay

Mike V. said...

I’ll respond in more detail tomorrow but I think as of midnight tonight rings will have all but one released.

Need a physical keyboard to respond to all! Lol

Mike V. said...

Apple TV - I figured if enough content was there to justify a month of viewing you might consider it! Lol

Andor - There’s 5 of 12 right now. From what I heard they’re doing 4 3 episode arcs. It’s good, but maybe waiting is better. I just need the weekly dose and discussion!

Handmaid - all caught up on this.

Resident Alien - Yep! I saw a spoiler that someone found out. I knew it had to be Darcy, but with the way the plot was unfolding I thought it might be the deputy. Also, the mayor was abducted and their baby was taken! So she was actually preggers! Crazy!! And the big one….Harry is Goliath! Goliath is Harry from the future! Lol And Sarah Connor is going to be a good guy!

Rings - As I’re good to start. Finale is next Friday. It’s really good! Looks amazing. Slow start but I’m loving all the storylines now.

Missed this yesterday when I posted…sorry to hear you haven’t been feeling well…Glad to hear you’re better and hope it sticks!

Ghosts, Blood/Treasure, Hacks - still haven’t gotten to these. I’ve been recording Ghosts and I think it’s on Paramount.

Another plug for Abbott Elementary. I’m all caught up and watching with Wife/Son…we love it! It’s the office in a philly school and it’s hilarious. All the philly/Jersey/Delaware valley references are Authentic and don’t feel forced. Lol.

Mike V. said...

Didn’t watch TWD last night. Too much going on with Thrones on too and those crazy kids not wanting to go to bed for school! Lol

No other TV updates besides Thrones which I’m basically just commenting for myself :)

MJ said...

Rings. Am 5 in. Very good. Confusing tho. But took me multiple watching a od Fellowship to get al the players right. I swore either boat captain who rescued them or other guy would be Isthildore. They look just like Aragon. But nope. Some scrawny kid is. Galadrial and Elrond youngsters look just like the older versions of themselves. And isn't that dwarf a cousin to Gimli? Name is familiar.

Mike V. said...

Rings - the boat captain is isildur’s father. Elendil. When he is killed in battle isildur picks up narcel (sp) the family sword and slays sauron. So he’s still a big part of the story. Durin apparently is a name that passes from son to son and is the ruler of the dwarfs(dwarves? Not sure how Tolkien spells it lol). So his fathers name is durin too. There may have been a durin in the hobbit. I forget. People are heavily speculating that halbrand could be Sauron in human form as he showed up in the 2nd age. He definitely can be shady at times. But he also could end up being a ring wraith too. One of the kings of men that was deceived by a ring of power. Galadriel and Elrond (that’s young ned stark!) are fantastic. The whole show is a fun watch. Also the stranger hanging out with the harfoots (early version of hobbits) is heavily speculated to be Gandalf. But could be any wizard lol.

MJ said...

Rings. Also thought a wizard. Either Gandolf or Sauroman. Need to get back to it

Winchesters. You know I had to watch! Was pretty good. Some of their parents stories was on Supernatural but not detailed

Watching alot of the scary/spooky stuff now. Tis the season

Handmaid's. Hearing a good season

Guy who does AHS had show drop on Netflix. Don't know much about it but think ScarJo is in it

Mike V. said...

Rings - finale tomorrow! I don’t necessarily think we’ll get any reveals on these characters yet. And it could be a couple years before the next season.

Winchesters - doesn’t surprise me at all you’re watching! I should’ve got on that train before there were too many seasons. Alas that’s an overwhelming # of episodes to binge!

Makes sense on scary shows. Been trying to convince the kids to watch hocus pocus so we can watch the new one. They have no interest! Granted I never saw the first either. But I was gonna give it a shot!

Handmaid - yep it’s good. Didn’t see last night’s yet.

Forgot to watch the latest abbot. Too. We’ll get to that.

Ryan Murphy? Yeah Netflix bought him a few years back. Him and shonda. Lol. (Greys, scandal, etc). Definitely done with ahs and don’t know about his new Netflix show. I also haven’t found time to watch the new cobra Kai season either. Too much!

MJ said...

Hocus. My sister just watched the first so she could see the second with g-kids. Too funny

Think the Ryan Murphy is h
Just a Halloween thing. Not permanent shoe

Netflix also has The Watcher. Taken from real story in north Jersey. On my list

Saw Rings finale. Won't say more but they fooled me! Not necessarily happy about a part tho

Mike V. said...

Yup watched rings finale. Both big reveals were the speculations I had heard. But they still tried to throw us off all season. Lol. Season was really good. Loved the forging of the 3 rings. Still a few more to forge before the one to rule them all!

Murphy - is he behind the dahmer show? I’m not watching but Evan peters from ahs fame is starring in it.

Still no hocus. Lol

Finished she hulk. That was wacky. Very different. But a fun light comedy. With lots of 4th wall breaks.

Eagles and phillies may be delaying some watches this week!

Andor ep 6 was fantastic!

Mj said...

Rings. Hubby and I argued. I don't think the rings just forged are the ones the elves have in Fellowship. I did not see it coming who Sauron was. That broke my heart. Wonder tho, his claim that he wants to heal middle earth could be legit for now. I mean...I don't think he was always evil

She Hulk had the craziest finale

Midnight Club. Merely eh! Disappointed by finale especially.

Murphy. Think it is cabinet of Curiosities

I had to laugh. Good thing I gave up baseball 2 strikes ago (Yankees) and my mother-in-law is passed (Phillies). Could have got ugly. Giants have surprised me tho (football)

Mike V. said...

Rings - certainly would make his decline more intriguing. I feel this is a darth vader/kylo ren trying to get the hero to join them to rule the world type thing. They feel justified in their thought process but it’s at the expense of everyone else. As for rings I think I side with your husband. Even the song at the end kinda confirmed it. 3 rings to the eleven kings. We’ve seen 3 rings and we need to see the dwarf and men kings then the one to rule them all. You break that down by season and you take 2 years for each season release? Feels like you got a show lol.

She hulk - agreed. Loved the Kevin robot hat and all lol. I thought for a minute Kevin feige might actually join the mcu. Lol.

Sports - yep eagles/giants will be a helluva matchup! NFC east is strong this season.

Sports definitely hurting my tv watching. I’m behind on handmaids, twd and andor. One episode each. Hopefully andor tonight. It’s really good. Not just Star Wars good. Tv good. It’s a shame that it’s the lowest rated of sw shows. But I think it’ll get a cult following over time. Once people can recommend all 12 as a binge. Hell all 24 after both seasons are done.

MJ said...

Awaiting all to have dropped on several shows.

Ghosts Halloween ep this week. I am sure it will be amusing

Mike V. said...

Nice on ghosts still haven’t watched the series yet but it’s on a short list.

You see the trailer for the guardians of the galaxy holiday special? Looks hilarious. Coming thanksgiving.

Andor is still great. Need to watch this week’s.

Been rewatching the standard editions of lotr after watching rings of power. Still great. I watch extended all the time. Wanted to just go back to the original theatrical experience for once. Lol

Mj said...

Guardians. Not seen the trailer but know it is coming

Lotr will be over tgiving for us

Mike V. said...

So behind on stuff because of the World Series! Haven’t seen twd, handmaid or andor this week yet.

Our goal for TWD is to catch up before the series finale next Sunday (not this coming Sunday).

Been rewatching andor in the mornings. Such a good show and gets even better once you know what’s coming. Really good character development for all the main players.

MJ said...

Twd. Watched another two last night. I also want to be caught up for finale. Sigh

Might start Manifest up again. First half of final season ended last night

Hones this weekly drop on streaming is killing me. Keep forgetting they are even dropping. Sigh

Lotr usually tgiving weekend. Challenges this year. Nyg play cowboys Thursday. So cooking our meal Friday. And hosting a bunch of family Saturday. Sigh. Will make it work. And even theater releases get longer with each movie. Saying

Mike V. said...

Totally forgot about manifest landing this weekend! We’re so behind on stuff. Lol we’ll get there.

Good luck with rings! I’m sure you’ll make it work. :)

Mike V. said...

Handmaid - we’ve been catching up. Just have the finale left to watch. It’s been a decent season but they’re just finally getting to the stories I assumed they’d do like 20 episodes ago lol I exaggerate but still!

The Crown - started the latest season. 2 in.

Andor - Top Tier Star Wars, top tier TV…it’s amazing. 2 more eps to go for season 1. They’re about to start filming s2 which will lead right into Rogue One.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever - going tomorrow.

Manifest/Cobra Kai/White Lotus - Still on my back burner. But getting closer I think.

Mj said...

How was Panther?

Still waiting for some to drop more

Watching The Watcher. It's ok. Leftover from Halloween

Now have to put Disenchanted and Xmas Story sequel on the list

Still have Handmaid's, Manifest, etc to get to. But busy times are a coming. Sigh

Heard Resident Alien next season order got cut. Hoping not a bad omen. Speaking of...Good Omens comes back shortly. So snarky! Still watching Ghosts too. Oh and Winchesters did not get additional eps call. Sigh

Watched some silly comedy for a few nights. God's Favorite Idiot. Melissa McCarthy in her usual type roll. Had some laughs but silly

Mike V. said...

Sorry i didn’t get to these comments earlier!

Black Panther - it was overall good. Lots of great moments, then just the MCU machine throwing stuff in there. That was the end of phase 4 that kicked off with Black Widow. I think I have phase 4 fatigue! Lol They tried to shove so many characters in every movie/disney + series to set up their big stories coming. And not all of it worked. This was one of the better films, but there’s still some of that going on. They obviously had a tough hand dealt to them with Chadwick’s loss…and that stuff they handle really well. It’s worth seeing as always.

Disenchanted/Christmas story - on our lists too..didn’t get to them. We watched SPIRITED on Apple TV+ with Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds’s…silly as you would expect. Worth watching once, but won’t be revisiting lol .

Handmaid’s - we finished! Manifest still getting there.

Resident alien - I’m okay with that. Season 2 might have been a bit too long! But it was never bad.

Lots of other stuff mentioned there that I haven’t gotten into yet. I’ve been watching The Crown too..almost done the latest season. There will be one more after this. Fun seeing McNulty from The Wire as Prince Charles lol. And Dolores Umbridge (Potter 5) as The Queen!

MJ said...

Spirited. No apple tv. Oh well

Just started Russian Doll season two

Holidays will start interfering now

MJ said...

LOTR ext editions starting shortly. Enjoy your holiday!!!

Mike V. said...

I always say…you can do one of those free trials and use any streaming device and binge Ted Lasso, Spirited and any other random Apple TV + stuff you like for a month then get out! Lol

I saw this come on on LOTR….glad you were able to fit it in! Well, Hope you were! Hope you enjoyed your holiday too!

Mj said...

Sorry been so long. Husband had the flu, then I had it. Plus holidays. Sigh

Watched a bunch tho. Echoes - good limited series. Jack Ryan - latest season. Tulsa King was pretty good. Enola Homes. Wednesday was great. Peripheral,Manifest all good. Plus of course Christmas Chronicles, A Christmas Story sequel, Guardians Xmas special. Busy times

Hope you and yours had a great holiday!!

Mike V. said...

Thanks MJ! We did and hope you did too. Sorry you guys were sick.

We’ve been pretty much doing the same thing. Guardians holiday, Christmas vacation, elf.

Finished Willow on D+ today. It was okay. Movie honestly is just okay too. Had fond memories of watching it as a child. But in rewatch it didn’t age well lol.

Watching Star Wars bad batch season 2.

Wife and I watching Wednesday on Netflix. We stalled on white lotus and need to get back. And we had started only murders in the building on Hulu.

Going to pitch The Last or Us on HBO this Sunday. It’s based on a very popular PlayStation video game that was basically like a movie itself when it came out. It’s another zombie apocalypse show but it has a lot of heart and focuses on Joel (Pedro pascal) and Ellie (bella ramsay or little lyanna Mormont from game of thrones). Lots of renowned people in the cast including Anna torv and Nick offerman. The game was amazing and this is an adaptation of the first game. Season 2 would cover the 2nd game and then they’re out. It’s the writer of the game paired with the guy that did Chernobyl. And based on early reviews the curse of adapting a video game may have been beaten. It looks really good and no video game knowledge required to enjoy!

Need to get back to manifest. I know there’s still a 2nd half so maybe we’ll get to it before that drops.

Jack we never finished s2 so need to get back to that. So tough with the age of the kids right now to watch stuff together! We’ll get there. Lol

Happy 2023!

Mike V. said...

One more plug for last of us. Saying it’s a zombie apocalypse show is a disservice. They’re not actually zombies. It’s more of a viral outbreak and the inflicted don’t look like any zombies you ever saw before. And they’re called clickers because that’s the sound they make lol. And they are scary as hell in the game!

Mike V. said...

Last of Us - Really good as expected. My wife did not play the game and I can tell she’s engaged. We watched late last night after the Cowboys/Niners game and she didn’t go to sleep lol. I’m replaying the game along with the show just staying ahead of the story. They’re doing a fantastic adaptation so far and building more backstory into the show that is mentioned in the game but not explored. Really great job. If any game was made for being adapted for TV…it’s this one

MJ said...

Last of us. We are also watching. Liking so far. And yes - lady Mormont! Lol. Love seeing Anna Torv again

Goldbergs. Finally quit it

Treason was good. If you like the British MI5 sort of thing

Jo Koy. Funny comedian

Watching National Treasure now. And finishing up first half of Manifest too

Finally completed Hunters. Season one and two were so far apart due to COVID-19 and other things

Mike V. said...

Last of us - Nice! Awesome to see this is appealing to more than the gamer crowd. This is a great sign for adapting other games that will find mass audiences. I know Amazon is adapting God of War. That might be a bigger sell, but the newer games are really good.

Goldbergs - welcome to the other side! I haven’t missed it lol.

Treason - I probably would like it…maybe I’ll check out!

Jo Koy - comedy show on one of the streamers?

National Treasure - Haven’t checked o it the D+ show. Manifest still need to do!

Finished Wednesday which was good (Same creators of Smallville did this one, so it’s Harry Potter meets Addams Family in High School lol).

Been watching Rick and Morty from the beginning…I had never watched even though I loved Community so Dan Harmon’s humor is in my wheelhouse. It’s pretty funny….apparently the co-creator who is also the voice of Rick AND Morty just got fired from the show because of a problematic off-screen life. But they’re going to keep going with a new season and new voice.

Gonna start my Mando rewatch soon! MARCH 1ST!!

Mj said...

I should probably rewatch Mando too

Irregulars are what we are watching

Also new show on network just started. Not Dead Yet I think

Still watching Ghosts

Still watching Quantum Leap

Still have to get to handmaid's

Manifest. You can tell they thought they had more time when cancelled. Stories are arcing much more quickly now

Abbott Elementary is amusing

Mike V. said...

Think I’m gonna start next week with mando but lots of shows coming back too. Final season of flash started. May as well see it through now. Bad batch has been ok. Quantum leap is good. Definitely space for Scott to return if he ever wants to. Definitely got preachy this week but it was well done.

Saw parts of not dead when I watched Abbott last night. Seems like abc’s version of ghosts but I’m sure I’m way off. Lol. Didn’t start ghosts yet either. Love abbot.

Last of us is fantastic. They’re following the basic story of the game but really fleshing stuff out. I just finished replaying part 1 of the game. Still awesome. Can’t wait to see how they handle it all.

Oh and…. Go birds!! (I know you won’t join me on that lol)

MJ said...

Last of us is awesome. You def need to hit Ghosts! Not Dead is ok

Starting rewatch of Mando now. Not sure if we will watch weekly or wait a bit for season 3.

Funnyish movie. We Have Ghosts

Mike V. said...

Agree on last of us. They’re doing an awesome adaptation! My wife wasn’t happy about this past week’s cliffhanger. I asked if she wanted me to tell her what happens. Annoyingly, “I guess not!” Lol. Tonight’s looks like it’s going to adapt the downloadable content additional story for part 1 and give us more Ellie background. Looking forward to it!

Ghosts I know. We need to.

Funny how many ghost stories you’re watching right now! Lol

Mando- don’t forget to watch the last 3 book of boba fett eps in your rewatch too. I forget if you watched the show before. But they’re essential for mando! Lol so confusing. I wonder if some casual fans will be confused at the start of s3 lol

MJ said...

Last of us. -. Already heard some girl we saw in what I am calling cafeteria is from the game.

Yeah. Love my supernatural type stuff

Not Dead yet more amusing then supernatural

MJ said...

And watching Mando again before new ones

Mike V. said...

Mando - I have 2 more s2 eps and the last 3 book of boba eps. Don’t think I’ll make it. But I’ve seen them enough to not forget anything. Lol

Last of us - heavy speculation on that character he’s? but the creators said it was meant to be ambiguous. It’s a potentially a character from the sequel game. She tells a similar story in the game that we kinda see play out here. Last night’s ep seems to have been the first one non gamers are “meh” on. I loved it but it was very much like the game’s dlc. Of course the fact that it was extra content and not part of the main game means we didn’t get held up from the main story for a week like we did here. Anyway 2 episodes left feels right for where we are. And the last 2 will be nuts!

White lotus - finally making progress on s2.

Shrinking - if you ever cave and get Apple TV+ for a month you can add this one to your list too. Jason Segal, Harrison Ford and another comedy from Bill Lawrence (scrubs, cougar town, Ted lasso). It’s great stuff!

Mike V. said...

Lost - apparently today is the 15th anniversary of The Constant airing. Still my all time top episode of television. If I wasn’t trying to finish my mando eps rewatch by tomorrow I’d probably have given it a rewatch tonight! Lol but I basically have it memorized anyway!

MJ said...

True enough. Now on season 2 of Mando!

Mike V. said...

Mando S3 E1

Spoiler Free commentary - I HIGHLY recommend rewatching/watching for first time the last 3 episodes of The Book of Boba Fett. While some plot points are restated, not everything is. The continuation in S3 is fully expecting you to have watched Book of Boba Fett. But only the last 3 are essential.

Spoiler Commentary -

Decent opening! Glad to have these characters back in our lives. That said, the episode was all over the place. Trying to accomplish a lot to set pieces in motion. I think on a rewatch once full season is done it will play fine. But as a stand-alone episode a lot happened and nothing much happened lol. Favorite parts - Grogu force swiveling the chair, Bo Katan just hanging out on a throne in full armor just waiting for people to come visit her pity party lol. And the space dogfight with mando’s new ship was a fantastic display of what they can do on TV now. Obviously visiting Navarro was great too…seeing how the place keeps improving each time we go is cool. Apparently Jon Favreau dropped out on a podcast that it’s been 5 years in the full mando timeline. Apparently Grogu was with Luke for 2 years. That math doesn’t really fully work and would’ve been helpful to convey better…but it’s not like Star Wars films really talk about the passing of time. Empire Strikes Back is very ambiguous for how long Luke was on Dagobah and how long Han/Leia/Chewie were on the run. So it’s just Star Wars I guess. But I think knowing that passage of time would’ve helped the feeling that Mando/Grogu were apart longer than we thought. And all Grogu learned to do with Luke was jump in 2 years? Lol. All that said….love this show and can’t wait to see what plans they have in store for this year!

Mike V. said...

Happy Mando day! Haven’t watched yet and I’m sure you’re still rewatching and waiting to binge. Instead I provide this info:

Lost documentary in the works!

Wonder if the blog will get mentioned if just in passing when they cover the “fan forums” lol.

Mj said...

Hey stranger! Been away. Then crazy busy.

Rewatched Mando 1 and 2 and last few of Fett. Awaiting a few more to drop to start season 3. Same with Picard.

Saw Michelle Yeoh won big at Oscars - she was in Trek Discovery.

Finished Last of us of course. Ellie is gonna be pissed when she finds out Joel lied! But glad he did. there were only 2 games? So only a two season show? We shall see. Handmaids was only 1 book!

Quantum Leap has been good. Finale next week

Watching Night Agent on Netflix. A little Jack Bauery. Not looked at Keifers new show on Paramount+ yet tho.

Went to see niece in a play in your old town. At Burlington County Institute of Tech. They have big drama course there

Lost docu? Sounds fun

Know I have watched more but not coming to me

Mike V. said...

Hey MJ! Hope all is well. Yep I haven’t been checking here a lot either. Probably need to put up a new post just to stay date relevant lol

Mando - probably good to hold off. I could never with Star Wars. I’ll be watching ep 5 tonight! Mix of good and okay so far. But on a binge it might be better.

Michelle Yeoh - oh yeah I’ve been a fan since her James Bond appearance back in the brosnan era. Lol she was in crouching tiger too. But I saw everything everywhere all at once the night before the Oscars. It was wacky and I can’t believe it swept everything. I enjoyed it but not your typical best picture film. And short round winning an Oscar too. Crazy stuff.

Last of us - oh yeah…we’re through the first game. The 2nd game has a lot more going on and they’ve already confirmed it’ll take more than one season to cover it. I also have a suspicion that they’re secretly working on part III. Naughty Dog (the game studio) are working on a next gen title but haven’t committed to a date or a title to ease pressure on the developers. With uncharted story wrapped basically it seems a given that they’d do a part iii or do a new game. We’ll see! There’s a lot of controversial stuff in game 2 but I loved it. Should make for good tv. First season was incredibly faithful but expanded on stuff from the game.

Quantum leap - really been enjoying. Keep hoping they’ll get Scott bakula in there. Seems like he would fit any time he decides he wants to be a part of it. We’ll see.

Picard - season 3 is phenomenal. Like so much better than the first 2. I enjoyed s2 but this is good. It’s what everyone wanted lol

You were in Medford? Is that where bcit is? Doesn’t sound familiar but sounds fun!

Watching Ted lasso s3. Still finishing white lotus. Final season of succession started! So good.

I’m sure I’m watching other things too. (Flash - terrible but last season. Superman and Lois still good. ) but that’s enough for now!

Mike V. said...

Okay, well a few days later I kept my word. Started a new thread that’s at the top of the page. We can continue the infrequent discussion there!