Monday, November 27, 2017

The Walking Dead: Season 8 Episode 6 - The King, The Widow and Rick

Hello friends and welcome back!  6 episodes into season 8 of The Walking Dead and we're 1.5 days into the battle of all battles.  This episode was a chance for reflection on phase 1 of the battle and regrouping for the next phase.  Let's discuss!


Letters were passed around to the 3 leaders of Alexandria, Hilltop and The Kingdom (Carol filling in for an absent King Ezekiel) to update on the progress and losses.  Daryl and the armored cars returned to Alexandria. Aaron, Gracie, Jesus and prisoners returned to Hilltop.


  • The debate continued on what to do with the prisoners.  What kind of people are we?  Gregory and Maggie were siding with eliminating the situation by killing them.   Jesus wants to remember they need to be humane after the fighting.  One dude was given a voice other than that a-hole guy that we know is up to no good.  He kept talking to Jesus while Maggie deliberated. 
  • Gregory was giving the whole Sheep/Wolves speech to Maggie which led to his imprisonment with the saviors. 
  • Maggie decided to bring the prisoners in and to feed them and keep them save, but in a fenced in area.  A-hole dude tried to cause issues and met the butt of Maggie's rifle.  He was still trying to break free when other guy stopped him.  A-hole plans to take over hilltop and Gregory was eavesdropping on the conversation.  Stay tuned for Gregory trying to use this to his advantage. 
  • Maggie let Jesus know that they are only bargaining chips to get their own people back.  (Gabriel? maybe Rick?)   But she also let Jesus know that they can't be left alive if they're of no use to them. 
  • Aaron was still coming to terms with losing Eric.  Maggie said it doesn't get better, but it helps to do something about it.  This was enough incentive for him to take off and "do something".  Enid followed.  All that we know is whatever they're doing may take "awhile".  
  • Carol spent the episode trying to reach out to Ezekiel and ended up reluctantly recruiting young Henry to the cause. He wants revenge for his brother.  Carol felt some genuine emotion when discussing with Ezekiel his need to fake being a king to give others hope and help them grieve. Maybe it will be enough to get him to rise up. 
  • Daryl/Tara - had a talk about Dwight and how they were right not to kill him yet.  But, essentially they both still want to and plan to do it together.  
  • Michonne/Rosita - still recovering from injuries but want to see what has been done in the past 1.5 days.  Michonne has been mentally with them every step of the way.   They got sidetracked on the way by music.  Turns out some Savior scavengers found a cache of supplies.  We heard them talking about the rumors they heard about Sanctuary so clearly they haven't been back yet.  They don't know what has happened.  They mentioned the "fat lady" which we already know was taken out by Rick and Daryl.   Long story short, Michonne and Rosita got caught but were able to resolve the situation with a rocket launcher (AWESOME) and Daryl/Tara showing up with a garbage truck.  BOOM.  
  • The 4 of them together went to sanctuary.  They saw it and then Daryl said they're going to END THIS.  They're going off script and this probably won't please Rick! 
  • Phase 2 of the plan seems to be for Rick to reach back out to the scavengers (is that their name?) and try to convince them to change allegiance.  We found out why they were taking polaroids.  It was to show proof that the tides were changing.   Jadus still said no to Rick's request and threw him naked in a trailer.   Rick mentioned that his team knows where he is and what happens next is up to them.  So, possibly Maggie did keep the prisoners for this reason specifically.  We shall see! 
That's about all I have for tonight.  I look forward to our discussion as always.  Hope you enjoyed my ramblings and I'll see you next week! 


Plumbarius said...

I enjoyed this episode...nice change of pace as our survivors have different opinions on what needs to be done and how. I think A-hole should have taken a bullet and it would have showed the rest of the prisoners what happens when they don't comply, particularly when we are trying to find out who wants to join the new world and who wants to die a Savior. Would not surprise me if A-hole actually kills one of the Hilltop folks before he is finally put down....these people(our people) never learn!

I wonder why Jadis put the letter A on the trailer/jail that Rick is in? That was the same letter used on the rail car when they were imprisoned in Terminus.

Interesting tidbit on Talking Dead...the actor who plays Henry is the real life brother of Sophia!

Daryl and his posse are probably going to screw things up in the next two episodes that will put the whole winning the war in jeopardy...cliffhanger for the 2nd half of S8?

Mike V. said...

I'm glad the a-hole name is sticking. lol I just can't ever remember his actual character name! Oh yeah they're definitely setting up some kind of conflict within the walls of Hilltop and A-hole will be leading the charge! lol

Yeah...I wasn't sure about the A either. But it did remind me of a previous plot...I guess it was Terminus! Also of course the SCARLET LETTER but I don't think that's where they're going. lol

I feel like I knew about the Henry/Sophia connection before but totally forgot again. lol Nice keeping it in the family.

You probably hit the nail on the head with the mid-season 8 cliffhanger!

FTWD/TWD Crossover - Just read that the crossover character has been announced. I won't spoil but it from what I read it sounds like it will crossover in present day TWD I guess FTWD is catching up to TWD time-wise? The theory discussed earlier was that it would be basically present day for FTWD but a backstory for a character that has been featured on TWD.

MJ said...

Swamped as always. Yeah - I thought the same thing - just kill Ahole and teach a lesson. But my husband pointed out if they did that the other 'bad' savious would not act out so you would have a harder time knowing who they were.

Heard Lennie James leaving the show for FTWD ! How odd. Well - they are not saying he is leaving TWD - just that he's going on FTWD.

MJ said...

Why oh why would Rick go to make another deal with the trash heap ? That was just dumb. Though since he came in thru a container I just assumed he was leaving - not realizing he was locked up. And yes - Daryl is probably going to screw this up. Not sure I agree that Dwight deserves to die. I know - he killed pink shirt Denise - but we killed a lot of people in their sleep to start all this. Conveniently 2 days to all meet up - and probably 2 or 3 eps left. LOL Interesting tht Michonne and Rosita stumbled upon an outpost no one knew about ? Loved Rosita killing that guy with the bazooka ! Got very nervous for Carl there for a time - we shall see about Sadiq. Not trusting him yet. Not getting Carls 'I'm responsible for you now' quote either.

FTWD - nah - they are in like the first year or two of the apocalypse now. So Morgan was off on his own. probably before or after Clear. Still no sense how he is going to Texas - which is where FTWD was heading I think

Mike V. said...

FTWD - What I read was that Morgan's arc on TWD will perfectly set up his arc on FTWD. But I guess it could be something reflective in hindsight?

Rick - yeah I didn't get it either. I guess he felt that the trashies figured they had no other choice but to side with negan. I'm guessing because it's written down they will eventually side with Rick. Not that it realistically would've happened that way. lol

Carl - yeah I figured he wouldn't go out that way but yeah they made it seem like he might get got! Sadiq....yeah we tend not to trust anyone these days. Rightfully so! lol Carl being responsible. I'm guessing the rules of bringing new people in is that if you bring them in, it's on you to make sure they uphold the rules they abide by...and if they end up being a bad apple...your ass is on the line...but who knows? lol

Certainly a writing convenience with Michonne and Rosita....then again..>Daryl/Tara showed up there too. So maybe they did know about it?

Jason B. said...

About the "fat lady" - We all thought it was the gun, but it turned out that they meant the speaker system on the back of that truck. I don't remember if we talked about this quote last week, but it goes: "It ain't over till the fat lady sings." So unexpectedly, it was literally a singing lady haha.

I think I mentioned the Henry/Sophia connection sometime last year, it's been awhile though.

Did anyone else watch the chat with Lennie James on Talking Dead? He was acting really weird about it, like he was never coming back to TWD after season 8. He was talking about how hard it was to say goodbye to that cast and crew and stuff. I don't feel like he's one to accidentally let something like that slip (and you would think that people told him what he can and cannot say), so I don't know what was up. Either he spoiled Morgan's death, or they wanted him to make it sound like he was leaving TWD in the present time to join FTWD? I don't know. But yeah FTWD is only about 2 months into the apocalypse, so unless it has a huge time jump (which would be ridiculous), it has to be pre-season 3 Morgan.

Mike V. said...

Hi Jason - yeah that makes sense about the fat lady. DUH. lol not sure why I didn't pick up on that.

I thought it might have been you that mentioned the Henry/Sophia thing.

I didn't watch Talking Dead but I read the article that mentioned it was a sad goodbye. Scott Gimple was clear to say his story on TWD isn't over. But they may be referring to THIS season. lol He still has an arc to complete. We'll see I guess. That makes sense that it would fill in some of the time where he was "away" in TWD.

MJ said...

Forgot that Aaron also went AWOL on Rick's plan - not just Daryl and Tara.

FTWD - I feel that it is more then 2 months in - but not sure. Like TWD they don't talk about time. But they were in several places already and some of them was for weeks at a time. (ranch, hotel, rich guys ranch, briefly at the dam). Nick seemed to be at his Mexican location for many weeks as well. I thought it is more like a year.

Talking Dead mentioned a few other call back besides the A - but can't remember them now.

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