Sunday, November 5, 2017

The Walking Dead: Season 8 Episode 3 - Monsters

Hello friends and welcome back to our Walking Dead season 8 coverage!  The war continues, the intensity continues.  Predicted deaths are happening and we keep marching in grass and debating killing humans.  And on occasion we see some zombies! That pretty much sums up the recap, but we'll dive down one more layer below.  Let's do this!

Discussion Points

Team Ezekiel

  • Ezekiel kept on preaching about losing no one and they successfully mounted some attacks on saviors.  Working their way from compound to compound.  But just when they seemed to be invincible, there were some saviors stashed in a tower and took some dudes out.  That's where this episode ended so we'll see just how bad the casualties are next week. 

Team Rick

  • Rick faced off against Morales.  The whole thing just seemed pointless in the end.  It seemed to be fan service more than anything to bring this guy back.  He kept preaching about how he and Rick are the same and the only difference is he has a gun.  His family died as predicted, but he didn't blame Rick.  He just discussed how they're both just doing what they have to do to live.   Then Daryl just took the dude out.  
  • Turns out there's no guns in the place, so they needed a new lead.  They were able to escape with the help of Aaron who had to leave Eric wounded by the tree to help them.  We totally called last season that Eric was a goner.  Once Jesus stated his preference for men things were getting set up.  Maybe not right away, but it's coming.  We know it's coming!  Anyway, it was a nice way to handle his death to see him walking away as a walker.  
  • Aaron ended up taking baby Gracie to Hilltop in the end.  Maybe not the best place to take her with the savior prisoners going there. 
  • Speaking of Daryl showing no mercy, how about him killing that savior at the end that tipped them off on the guns?  Couldn't tell, but I thought even Rick wasn't too happy about that. He didn't seem too happy that Daryl killed Morales either.  Maybe something brewing there. 
  • But, I guess next stop is to go west to the guns! 

Team Morgan/Tara/Jesus and the Hilltop Arrival

  • So we found out Morgan is wearing Kingdom Jeremy's armor. The one that Jared killed.  Jared realized this and started making fun of Morgan more.  The debate continued with whether they should kill the prisoners.  Walkers showed up and rolled down the hill and started eating brains.  This gave the saviors an opportunity to escape and Morgan a chance to kill.  But Jesus ended up getting into it with Morgan.  
  • In the end, they did go to Hilltop (as did Gregory who Maggie surprisingly let in).  Maggie was very reluctant to let the prisoners in.  It wasn't really clear what they were going to do, but I'm guessing they'll be there for now in the trailers that Jesus mentioned.  

That's really all I have folks!  I'm running out of things to say about this show.  It's still fun to watch, but they're not really encouraging deep thought for me!  We'll see if I can keep it going, but let's continue to discuss in the comments.  Hope you enjoyed my ramblings and I'll see you next week! 


Jason B. said...

One thing that I don't think you caught: the outpost that the guns were moved to is the outpost that Carol and Ezekiel are at (Gavin's outpost, who was the one doing the "trades" with the Kingdom last season). So in the ending scene they are being attacked by those guns.

When I mentioned the idea of Morales dying right away last week, not in a million years did I think it would actually happen haha. I was actually pretty mad right away, but whatever. I always enjoy old character names being brought up, so at least we got that. I really liked that Morales showed how easy it would be to see Rick's group as the bad guy for anyone who doesn't know the whole situation.

Which is why I completely disagree with what Daryl is doing, and somewhat disagree with Tara and Morgan. I feel that the latter two are right in that they should kill those who actively try to attack/escape, but Jesus is right in that if they are willing to surrender they should be given a chance. I know it's hard though, because you can't trust everyone. I really like that there are so many characters in different mind sets right now though. And then you have Rick, who doesn't know what to think at the moment.

MJ said...

Crap - Morgan 3 has reverted back to Morgan 2. They really are hammering home the argument about when it is ok to kill aren't they ! It's almost constant this season so far. Good fight with Jesus and Morgan though - but how weird - it's like Morgan awoke from a fugue state or something. And we all kndew that Ezekial was jinxing himself when he kept talking about no one getting hurt. Couldn't tell who all jumped to cover him. Guess we should be sad about Eric - but we hardly even knew him so not so much ! Rick def not happy with Daryl - and yet again more talk and focus on should we shouldn't we kill. The rolling walkers were cool.

The people who Eugene saw at Negen's place - like those women and people in the food line - they were pretty much conscripted by the Savios and should be let go. But these poeple like the guy who killed the kid - the ones on the raiding parties - they should be killed. You cannot trust them.

Still don't get how bring back Morales is fan service. I have never heard 1 person wonder about this guy and his family. LOL

Lots of speculation now that the girl in Ricks future vision is Gracie and Not Judith. Something about the toy in Gracie's crib.

Rick mentioned everyone but Dale !

Mike V. said...

Thanks Jason, that makes sense on the outpost. Totally didn't pick up on that!

I can't even get mad at this show anymore. I just laughed when they killed Morales. But, I wasn't really aware there was huge fan theories of when he might show back up.

I just feel they have been having this debate for 8 seasons now about killing humans. Doesn't seem like it's ever going to get resolved. It's more of a question of "which way is Rick leaning today?"

@MJ - Agree on morgan....he looked like he lost his mind. So when he said "I'm not right" I initially thought he meant that his "mind" is not right. Lol Agreed on Eric. It was written on the wall that he was an expendable character. And when you start focusing more on him in an episode, you know his time his coming!

Agreed that there are certain people that should die and others that are maybe victims. But how can you tell the difference? Remember the guy last week that seemed legitimately to be a victim then he took advantage of the situation on jesus?

I agree on the Morales thing...I didn't ever think of him returning. Maybe I did in season 1, but then I forgot completely about it.

Ahh interesting on Gracie theory. Didn't think about that. Makes sense.

Rick totally mentioned everyone but Dale. Poor DALE!

MJ said...

Yes agree - this same debate keeps coming up. And I could see in this world that it could - but the writers just do it over and over. And I do see how people who have been more sheltered would still be feeling more kindly towards all humans - like how Alexandria was early on.

True - hard to tell who is bad - but you know it. Like the ones who were mean to Morgan and Zeke's people when they were making the payments. The one who killed Morgans padawan ! LOL Simon. So just kill them.

Hey - off topic - you will know - when is the full Star Wars opening at Disney Orlando ?

Mike V. said...

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge (official title) is targeted to open in 2019. No official time of the year stated. But Episode 9 has been shifted to December (surprise!) so I'm sure they're targeting to get it open before that. I would think ideally summer. Pandora opened in May (right after we left. ugh lol). I know Disneyland is further along so it may open first.

Jason B. said...

One thing I really liked with Ezekiel continuing to say that they would not lose one of their ranks, was that he made it clear (well kind of anyway, given Ezekiel's word choice haha) to Carol last episode that he didn't necessarily believe that. He just had to keep hope and optimism up within the group in order to increase their odds. For me, that made it great when Ezekiel had that surprised, happy expression when he realized that they actually made it through without losing anyone. And then of course, it made it that much more tragic when they got ambushed in the end.'

Yeah, with Eric I think we're supposed to feel more for Aaron than actually being sad that Eric is gone. Although I always feel bad for the actors having to leave the show haha, especially after being on it for so long. It's great that they have all the conventions and such where they get to continue meeting up though.

As far as all of the soldiers needing to be killed, back in season 6 when Dwight first found Daryl (and thought he was one of Negan's soldiers) he was talking to Sherry and commented on how he (Daryl) probably hates Negan too. I wish there was a way for them to separate the soldiers that do hate Negan before just killing them all, but of course that would take away their element of surprise haha. Maybe Dwight could have given Rick a list of names (sounds like Lost haha) and their locations, and they could have been given the chance to join the fight against Negan. But who knows, Dwight may not even know who would turn against Negan and who wouldn't.

But people like Jared and Dean (the one who tricked Jesus and Tara), as well as the ones who tried to run away, should be killed in my opinion. There is no reason to trust them in the future if they try to fight now.

Morales was basically a meme/joke for the longest time haha. Every time there was a mystery character (one I can think of is the "boots" character in season 7 that followed Rick and Aaron back from the boathouse), people joked that it was Morales. And then you had people who always thought it was actually him. In fact, when the description for episode 2 said that Rick was going to run into a familiar face, I once again saw several people joking that it would be him. Only this time, it actually ended up being him haha.

Mike V. said...

Fair point Jason on Ezekiel keeping the morale up and the surprised look.

Definitely supposed to feel more for Aaron. And true about conventions.

I think that's the problem...there's no way to know how loyal these people are to Negan. Maybe Dwight doesn't even know. Hell, maybe Dwight still isn't fully on Team Rick's side. lol Daryl still doesn't trust him!

Yes...if they were able to distinguish who are the horrible people vs. the people living in oppression...they should kill the horrible people. But when you have people like Dean being very convincing as a victim it's hard to know which is which.

I remember the boots person from last year, and I could see hardcores making a Morales joke. But the hilarious thing is, I can't even remember who the boots person ended up being! LOL That's how bad my memory has gotten with this show! I mean, that was last season! lol

Of course...I guess the HEATH memes will probably be starting up now. He never died on screen and went away for 24 Legacy.....but that show got canceled. So unless he's working on some movie projects, a cameo might be in his future 7 seasons from now! :)