Monday, November 20, 2017

The Walking Dead: Season 8 Episode 5 - The Big Scary U

Hello friends and welcome back for another dose of The Walking Dead season 8!  We got up close and personal with Negan this week and what has been happening at Sanctuary, while still moving Team Rick's story forward (and maybe a step backwards).  It was entertaining even if it recycled some old walker tactics and anatomy jokes!  Let's dive in for a brief brief recap.


So we got caught up on what happened between seasons prior to the Team Rick onslaught on the Sanctuary.  Gregory was trying to make his case to Negan for how he's still "the man" at Hilltop and he wasn't buying it one bit.  Simon was trying to make decisions for the group and Negan put him in his place.  We were informed that there was no defensive weaponry on site that could defend against an attack.  The big guns were somewhere else, and Rick and crew knew this (Thanks to Dwight).  We followed the meeting of Lieutenants right up to the moment that Rick and his armored armada showed up.  And we met up with them in the aftermath where they picked up on the fact that there was a mole in the house telling Team Rick their every move.  Most people of course assumed it was Eugene, but by the end Eugene was clearly able to pinpoint Dwight.  

Meanwhile, Negan and Gabriel got close in the trailer.  Gabriel was trying to find his purpose.  He doesn't want to die a meaningless death.  First he thought his meaning was to get a confession from Negan, which he did.  We learned that Negan helped children in his old life.  And he screwed around on his first wife while she was dying of what I'm guessing was a form of cancer.  He basically also confessed that she was the only person he loved.  Gabriel did take his shot to take down Negan, but it failed.  And they used the ol' guts routine to escape the trailer.   Negan made it back just in time to stop unrest by the worker bees in the Sanctuary and for Gabriel to witness them worshipping him.  So, this attempted to humanize the monster.  That he has formed some sense of order and reliability by these people.  They have faith in him and not his subordinates.  Negan also made a side comment about people getting sick from the guts.  This is the only thing I can assume is what happened to Gabriel at the end.  He was not looking good. Eugene was going to take him to the doc.  Gabriel then thought that getting that doc to Maggie was his purpose.  To be continued! 

Meanwhile, Rick and Daryl were getting scoop from the one surviving outpost man that Rick kicked out of his truck with the fat lady (big gun).  It was hard to make out what he was saying, but basically Rick and Daryl found out the Kingdom was essentially wiped off the map.  Daryl decided that they needed to end this war fast and blow a hole in the sanctuary with the dynamite they found.  Rick didn't agree with the strategy. He didn't want to turn the workers on them when there was a chance to free them and give them a better life.  They threw down a bit, which led to a giant explosion killing the fat lady and the dynamite.  There was no way they were getting that gun out of there anyway!  

So Rick came up with another plan and he was going to walk to it.  I watched the previews so I think I know where he was going.  We did see the woman with the scope watching Rick coming, so that was probably a pretty clear indication of where he was going, but I'll save it for next week!  Daryl rode away in the opposite direction.  

And that's about all I have for this week.  I'm sure we'll have more to discuss in the comments and I look forward to that.  Hope everyone has a good holiday this week and I'll see you next week for ep 6! 


Mike V. said...

Forgot about the helicopter! We haven’t seen that since season 1 or really early right? Do we think it’s the same one?

Plumbarius said...

Interesting point about the helicopter...I had always assumed that the helicopter from S1 in Atlanta was the same one that crashed in S3? That was the episode where Michonne and Andrea first saw the Governor as his men came upon the scene and killed the crew and then captured the women and brought them back to Woodbury.

Mike V. said...

RIGHT...I thought we got an update on that helicopter. You're probably right. If so then is it another one? or is Rick going nuts? lol

Jason B. said...

My immediate thought was that Gabriel was bitten, I hope not though. The workers made a point of how hot the place is without the power on, so he could also just be overheating. Especially in that closed off room. Who knows, but if he was bitten I'm not sure why they wouldn't have just shown it, which makes it feel like a red herring.

No idea on the helicopter haha, but the callbacks to season 1 have sure been abundant in these past episodes. Rick's "choke holds are illegal" comment is a callback to episode 2 or 3 of season 1, when Rick met Daryl for the first time and informed him that Merle was handcuffed on the roof. He attacked Rick, and Shane ended up having to put him in a choke hold, to which Daryl yelled out that same line. I burst out laughing when Rick said it last night haha

MJ said...

Hearing raves about Netflix show dropping tomorrow called Godless

Negen/Simon - let's not back slide was a very interesting comment. Eugene's fae throughout was hysterical. Whether it was the coucil arguing, Negen yelling, or when he figured out that Dwight is the rat. Eugene will def keep that to himself - until he needs the info to save his own hide.

Not surprised Negen cheated on his wife - but did not see him working with kids. I'm thinking youth/drug counselor - some sort of social worker.

Gabriel - the obvious would be he got bit - but I dunno. Negen was saying weird stuff about getting sick from putting the guts on - didn't make sense at the time ...

Brilliant move - fist fight on how to do things then blow up the big gun you just got. Lisa Edelsen's comments on Talking wer hysterial on this point.

Mike V. said...

Gabriel - yep I thought the same with the guts. But yeah, I actually didn't consider the obvious of being bit. lol

Negan/Simon - Agreed on Eugene.....definitely interesting comment with Simon. Social worker also a good bet!

Choke holds - damn...totally forgot about that. Good catch! agreed on callbacks too!

Godless - haven't heard to much...will add to the list that's getting harder to get to! lol

Speaking of Shane not sure when I'll get to The Punisher either.

MJ said...

Forgot helicopter too. LOL But no - I don't think that Rick has lost it. They are in VA now and there was/is a lot more military hardware in that state is a thought

Between this show and FTWD there have been numerous times someone is bit and does not say anything until they have to - so to me that is obvious and boring.

Jason B. said...

By the way, this helicopter thing is a perfect example of the type of situation when people would start saying that it must be Morales coming back haha.

I didn't quite get Negan talking about getting sick with the guts trick either, as we've never seen that. But since the episode I saw a screenshot that someone posted from way back in season 3 on Morgan's chalk writing wall, and one of the things he wrote was "Sick after blood cover." The good news is that means it's not necessarily a fatal sickness, if Morgan got sick from it and recovered.

Yeah, the backsliding comment between Negan and Simon was very interesting. The two biggest theories I've seen are either Simon was the one in charge before, or he was the one who ordered the execution of Oceanside's men and Negan was not happy about it. It's also worth noting that the first time we saw Simon in the season 6 finale, his group had just killed off that library community. Sounds like there would be a lot more killing if Simon was in charge haha. He's not in the comics at all, so I don't know where they are going with that.