Monday, May 4, 2015

TV Discussion: Week of 5/3/2015 - 5/9/2015

Hello fellow TV addicts! This is our weekly place to discuss all non-recapped TV. See you in the comments!


Anonymous said...

Madmen--The window, the plane,the meeting where so many are like robots, the kids growing up, Betty showing independence--a new reality for Don. Then he drives to Racine to see the waitress that's nuts. Part of me wonders if he shrank from the competition at the Miller meeting.

Peggy's being treated badly and she knows it. Poor Peggy, she's so dour but doesn't deserve this. The lights going off was great. But, the Roger and Peggy stuff was great. And her walking into the new office with the print and sunglasses with cigarette--that was great.

The octopuss pleasuring a lady print was hilarious.

Joanne was great. JIm Hobart was strong and she stood up to him. The best thing she did was take the money and her rolodex.

I loved when Roger told Jim that Don sometimes just takes off. LOL, Jim wants Don's talent, but not the package it's in--lol. JIm's an old school manager while Don needs to be handled as the talent he is.


Mike V. said...

Ugh..I didn't get to Mad Men last night. We'll try to watch tonight.

(Lots of transitions for the kiddos in our house. Daughter is 1 and we're kicking her out of our bed. She is not liking it! lol)

Leslie said...

Secrets & Lies - MJ, have you watched the finale yet? Don't want to spoil anything, but WOW! Watch the extra scene they have at which shows an update from 14 months later.

Anonymous said...

Madmen--a little more. I found it interesting that they bought a local agency in Milwaukee to get the Miller account. Perhaps when Don heard that it stirred him to leave as well.

For a few minutes I thought that maybe he was going to Milwaukee to see the guys in that agency or something?

It's a good thing he's not driving in the winter-lol.

Anybody worried about the hitchiker?


Anonymous said...

Gotham--kind a WEAK ep. I mean Gordon's girlfriend the doctor and counselor for Barbera. That's just weak. Barb's a psycho as are several of the villains. Fish's return is nuts too. Selina is just ridiculous--too young.

Maroney's dead and Falcone is out. Fish is gone, thankfully/hopefully. Penguin won and has favors coming. So a huge transitional ep too.

Love the secret hiding place in Wayne's room. Batcave of the future.

Is anyone going to watch Wayward Pines on Fox?


Mike V. said...

Mad Men - I think it was the fact that Don was not "the man" in that meeting. It was a whole table full of Dons that made him walk out. The peak of his career is over and he has tons of money. He doesn't need to be in that room.

I think the scene between Don and Betty might have been their last too. Weird that they wouldn't have a moment in the finale. But the way she said "bye" seemed like it could be final.

Peggy/Roger stuff was awesome and yes the painting was hysterical. Her attitude walking in was awesome too. I wonder if we'll see anything else of her at work or we'll be left with that optimistic view of her future.

Really liking this final season.

Not worried about the hitchhiker...I joked that this is the last time we'll see Don but it's not that kind of show. It's just one more thing to delay him from going back to New York.

Of course, no telling how much time will pass between this episode and the next. In previous season it was roughly a month between episodes.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the meeting with having "dozens" of creative directors and him not standing out was a part of it and maybe he would have left the meeting with just that, but the airplane going over the empire state building seemed to be the final straw. He wanted freedom. He's not that excited about decorating his new place either.

I'm not sure Don is coming back to NY. MinStPaul is West of Racine. He might be going to California. He's looking for something. Him not taking the envelope with money, SS card and ring seemed to indicate he may be leaving the Don character???? Don't know, just a thought.

I'm very sad to have to agree that the scene with Betty is probably the last--where she is shown being independent and on a good path. And slightly pushing his hand away.

And good point on time between episodes.


Mike V. said...

MM - Good point on maybe he's not going back to New York. I can't imagine him not having one final scene with Roger or Peggy though. (unless they're going to do a flash forward type situation)

But yeah...i originally thought he was going to L.A. before he mentioned he was going to Racine. Him going to L.A. was always some metaphor in the show, so it's not out of the question. But also good point he may be leaving Don Draper behind too.

Anonymous said...

I think it's no accident that Capt could budge Thor's hammer and that the new guy picked it up. It's like setting the stage for thorina-lol. It certainly diminishes the Thor character. Thor fans wouldn't like that.


MJ said...

Avengers/Ultron - went yesterday. Was pretty good - As expected good lines and good action. Heard idiot fans in the twitter-verse are being just that - idiots. While I found the relationship between Widow/Banner to be a bit odd (I always thought she liked Hawk) and the revelations of Hawk's family seemed to come from nowhere - for me I don't know all the facts from the books so I don't see the big changes. LOL I don't even know who showed up at the end - but several fanboys in the audience were excited. They said the name but I don't remember it. No idea who Richard's Thorina is either.

Bates - I can't even remember why that girl left to begin with. I know her dad was one of the drug kingpins and he was the one in the car that drove by on fire - but not why she left town. Norma beating up on Romero was too funny. The scene with her taking all his taxidermy stuff was making me nervous. I swear she is just as nutso as he is LOL Attacking Romero, yelling at him in the station, breaking into his house ! The fact that Caleb finally told Norma how Norman was is some definite fore-shadowing.

Secrets & Lies - thought after last week it might be Abby. Was surprised that after admitting to hitting him once we really find out that she hit him many time. Quite chilling when she said if we'd only made it to the river. The reason is kinda thin - it's not like her Dad was seeing Jessica or anything - just that she heard her parents fighting and mom yelling why doesn't he go live with Jessica. But whatever - it was often a fun show. At the end they said there is one more twist on the abc website - haven't been to it yet though I am going to look at it

Grimm - not sure we even mentioned this last week ? I was shocked Juliette burned down Aunt Marie's trailer ! This week glad they could salvage a few things. Shpuldn't have been surprised that with so many vesen in the Portland area that some hookers are known Vesen prostitutes and charge extra for 'wild' encounters. LOL But it cracked me up. Renard finally goes to someone for help but then runs out of there before she can help him ? What ?? I was uncomfortable that Adalind was there when the three guys come in from the camper and she is made aware that they are stashing what few things he could. I know Adalind is playing victim now (and they have done a lot to her as she states hysterically) but she is not to be trusted. Hated that ending darn it ! LOL I know Monroe won't be dead - but he could be badly injured.

Leslie said...

Mad Men - Great episode! Agree with Mike that Don walked out of that meeting because he doesn't stand out at McCann and doesn't really need to be there. But, that's also why Joan was in her situation. McCann doesn't care what her status was at SC&P. I'm glad she stood up to him, but it was smart for her to take the money and go.

Like you guys, I loved the Roger and Peggy stuff, and Peggy walking in to her new office....finally!

It would be a perfect time for Don to start a new life and for Joan and Peggy to start their own agency! lol

Secrets & Lies - MJ, you have to watch the extra scene! It was a good wrap up, but they left out one important thing which I won't say until you see it. I admit that Abby never crossed my mind, but the older daughter had. Overall, I enjoyed the show.

Bates - Definitely enough crazy to go around on this show!

Anonymous said...

You will receive a lot of support for the idea of Joan and Peggy starting an agency. Lots of people are pulling for that.

I think it would be great.

Everyone's talking about Joane taking the money and I agree that she should have. That's NOT the most important thing I saw her take. Her Rolodex is worth MORE!


Leslie said...

Richard - Yep, that Rolodex is valuable! Joan is not stupid! Then, we could continue into the 70's and call it Mad Women! lol

Mike V. said...

Avengers - The comics have a female Thor now (hence THORINA lol I think he was making a joke name out of it)

It was a good movie. I actually thought Cap and Widow were pretty flirty in his last movie. But he referenced that in the Avengers2 as well. Hulk/Widow was fine with me. Whatevs!

Bates - The real reason she left the show was to film Transformers 4. (i.e. new megan fox) But, I forget why she left for plot reasons too. Episode was good though!

Not much time to comment today unfortunately!

Anonymous said...

Avengers--Mike's right, kind of humerous reference to the new comic change. I don't know if it's been implemented yet.


Anonymous said...

Shield--was I the only one who found this ep to be too much? Lots of things in lots of different directions but at the end of the day so much of the same. I mean we get a new set of bad guys with the inhumans, but who wants to be indexed and treated worse then caged chickens.

Kind of dumb having an advisory board when Maria I thought was Coulson's boss??? So many things don't add up.

Why didn't Ward just kill Bobbi?

So, we see the theta protocol tie in, that was good.


Anonymous said...

Flash--So everyone knows who Flash is as far as the gang. Wells looks like he has an accelerator now.

I think the team is definitely weaker without Wells. He's very smart. Felt sorry for Ed as he was put down in so many ways.

They're making such a big deal about that front page of the paper with Iris/Barry married and Flash missing that I'm starting to think that particular future may not happen.


Mike V. said...

SHIELD - I don't overanalyze this one I just watch. lol

Avengers tie-ins were nice. Nothing too spoilery if you hadn't seen the movie yet.

All the over the top antics with the inhumans? Whatever. lol

As for Ward not killing Bobbi? Well for starters, she's going to be on the spinoff. lol But I think Ward is still towing the line of ambiguity with his character. If he flat out kills one of Coulson's agents, that does not work to his advantage.

Americans - Almost caught up, just have the finale to watch now.

Mike V. said...

SHIELD - Avengers Tie-Ins explained

MJ said...

Gotham - yeah was silly that the ME/doctor played shrink for Barbara. I still don't get it - we know that Gordon becomes commissioner and has a daughter Barbara who is Batgirl. So he either marries Barbara and they name a daughter the same - or he marries someone else and names his kid Barbara ? whatever. LOL Yeah - they are really changing the whole show without Fish and Marooney - and possibly without Falcone.

Wayward Pines - yeah I'll be checking it out.

Ultron - theater I was in everyone went 'ooooooh' when Capt moved the hammer slightly but when the other guy picked it up they were all like 'daaaaamn' in an excited way. No one seemed mad. Ah on the female Thor. Did not know that. LOL Strangely I always felt Widow/Hawk had a chemistry - didn't know they were besties and he was married with kids.

Secrets - she only crossed my mind in the next to last cause she was acting so jealous and bratty. Also - she always seemed to see and hear everything. What do you feel they left out of the 14 month later thing ?

Bates - didn't know about Transformers 4 - but now I think I remember you said something last week when she appeared.

Mike V. said...

Wayward Pines - I'm guessing I'm out on it. Too much to catch up on!

Avengers - Yeah our crowd was similar with the hammer. Can't believe all of the backlash with Black Widow. If I never read the internet, I would've never known it was an "issue". Things just get blown out of proportion. lol If you look at the 2 avengers movies in a silo, She definitely had a bond with Banner. But yeah she shared a lot of scenes with hawkeye too....and in Captain America: winter soldier it was almost implied we should be rooting for them to get together. (Hence CAP's quote that she's flirty in Avengers made for a fun joke)....but the joke may have gone too far on talk shows and all od that.

I dunno..I don't really care either way so I don't have much else to say about it! lol

I will say that the star wars trailer in 3D looked amazing! I'll be lined up at midnight for 3D IMAX no doubt! (of course, if there's a 7:00 sneak preview I'll probably opt for that lol)

New Vanity Fair will have pictures of the cast with some plot details and character details. Drops tomorrow. There were some sneak peaks at it on May the 4th. Brienne/Gwendoline Christie is the Chrome Trooper part of the FIRST ORDER (aka new empire) Adam Driver was confirmed as Kylo Ren (new bad guy)....Lupito Nyungo (sp) will be an all digital character but it won't be a Jar Jar re-hash. lol Abrams even joked about "killing jar jar" in episode VII but sneaking in a CGI shot of his skeleton in a frame. lol

Leslie said...

Secrets - I wish they would have said what happened to the dad.

Wayward Pines - Yeah, I'll probably check it out. Is this a one season kind of show?

Anonymous said...

BlackWidow--yea there's some junk out on the internet about how the show is mysogenistic. (BTW, I could make a case of several marvel related franchises being mysandrist on occasion--lol) I think some people look for a way to either be insulted or find a problem using a cynical mind set. I found in the first movie she had some chemistry with Hawkeye, then in Winter Soldier with Capt--she was asking about his romantic life,etc--lol. IN this movie she is tied with Banner but I didn't get much chemistry, mostly because of the nature of the actor playing Banner. But she actually admits to a relationship with Banner whereas beforehand it was just chemistry without action.

BTW, for those who need a lesson in literature--Blackwidow is often a term used to describe femme fetales. Their mode of operation includes seduction for goodness sake--lol.


Anonymous said...

Wayward Pines is a miniseries with Matt Dillon and some other good actors. Starts May 14th

Has Shannyn Sossamon and I've liked what she's done.


MJ said...

Wayward - kinda being billed that way but we know they lie. I thought Secrets would be one season - now they are saying show might have 2nd season but all new mystery.

Secrets - well they said he's in jail. Cause they need Nat to testify so that they can start the motions to overturn his conviction - so he was convicted and put in jail is my supposition

Ultron - was totally shocked it was James Spader doing the voice ! I had not heard or read about that. I thought regular show would have StarWars promo too but it did not.

Star Wars - I am def not seeing first weekend. LOL

Leslie said...

Secrets - That's exactly what I thought when I first watched it, but then I read something where it said, "Is Ben really dead?" So, I listened again, and the way things are worded with them using the past tense and saying "he's gone", and you can take it that he died.

Mike V. said...

Star Wars - For those prequels I saw them each at midnight and 2 times the next day. lol Spent so much money on those awful movies!

This time, I might get to see it twice in theaters. Once at midnight and then when I bring my son...if I deem it age appropriate. lol

Ultron - I feel like I shared that info about Spader but I share a lot of stuff! :-)

MJ said...

Comics - oh now we have CBS doing Supergirl ! Ugh !

Supernatural - I know that there is only like 1 other person who watches and reads this blog - but last nights episode was gut-wrenching. First to find out that the Steins are the original Frankensteins ! But then they killed Charlie ! I am so freaked by that ! I mean - it never does go well when the Winchesters are keeping secrets from eachother - and when aren't they doing that ? But oh Sam - you have done it this time. And hello - why was that guy only cuffed with one hand ? Damn you Supernatural !

Shield - was pleasantly surprised they were smart enough not to listen to Rayna. Cracks me up that Gonzalez/Adama keeps harping on all of Coulsens secrets yet keeps having secrets of his own. Theta was a little disappointing - thought it was more than just the hidden ship/plane. How did I not see the fake May thing ? LOL They got me on that one but as soon as they landed I knew Ward would be there. Was also surprised Cal was willing to have himself handed over to help save/jeep Afterlife. So is mack leaving part of the spinoff then ? How awesome was Patton Oswald sleeping on the Star Wars sheets ? Swear my nephew had those very sheets !

Flash - figured we'd get Iris finally giving everyone hell for keeping her in the dark. Much as we have kinda whined about her not knowing historicaly comics always have someone close who does not know - and Flash kept her in the dark a much shorter time then most. Sure all the fanboys were thrilled to see Grodd - I had not heard of him prior to this show. I know they have referenced him earlier in the season though. I actually laughed out loud when Barry keeps accidently telling Iris more and more people who knew ! The whole Eiling/not really Eiling was pretty cool though. Grodd in the sewers was pretty scary - but I kept thinking why isn't Barry just running thru at top speed to find him ? Grodd not getting whammied by Barry's super punch and instead sending Barry flying was great ! So - is Wells telling Eddie how unimpressive he is going to change who Eddie becomes ? Wells tells Eddie he won't need the ring - but how can that be true ? Eddie has to have kids at some point ti keep that line going into the future.

mj said...

Secrets - that would be odd to not just say he died

Ultron - could be. lol

Americans - i was freaking when they told Paige. And with the other wife being questioned - Martha I mean

Mike V. said...

Revenge - Haven't seen you guys mention this but you saw it was cancelled right?

Shield - The sheets were awesome! It's so funny that every show he's in now addresses his Star Wars obsession. lol Those sheets, we have pajamas like that from Pottery Barn for my son, and I think they make sheets like that too. Love the retro stuff Good times.

Americans - Yeah that stuff has been great. I have about 20 minutes left in the finale. They went to see Keri Russell's mother in West Germany (i think). Husband (not sure why I'm forgetting names right now) was going to those meetings and ran into Beeman's ex-wife. I wonder what they're building that up into. Probably just potentially more layers of drama with him and Beeman. And maybe his own marriage too.

Once I'm done that I gotta decide on Gotham or Grimm as my next catchup. I have a couple Communities to watch too.

After that, I'm on to Daredevil!

Anonymous said...

MJ on Flash---LOL--you're expecting too much mabye on the Eddie stuff??
Someone's got to have kids for this future guy to exist.

BUT, I guarantee you that the ring he bought for Iris won't work for the next girl. ANYTIME a girl finds out that her ring was bought for another girl--the guy is TOAST! They mey not for sure find out, but for some reason they usually do--lol. AND I have some friends whose wives wanted to be involved in the design of the ring. Of course that means all my buds and me had rings custom made--lol. A legacy ring of course is handled differently with a bunch of depends statemetns-lol.

If all the comic shows, including SHIELD, Flash is the best in terms of making sense. With Arrow, you never know what to expect especially since they've got that resurrection pond. With Shield, well I've already stated the many problems with that show's logic--lol. I have seriously wondered if the TV show Shield is being hurt since it's being run by committee and the recent jokes by Coulson and others picking fun at running by committee. ie, they're making fun of their bosses or each other.

Supergirl--that sounds right lol. I wonder if she'll be straight-lol? I wonder how that works with Krypton long dead?

I really think the upcoming Superman vs Batman movie has as it's premise a false notion of equality btw. That is, there's NO way Batman could even compete with Superman. Movie cred can't be good.

I think MJ's right, the comic book stuff is going to become overload.

BTW, AMC has reruns of a 1940ish Batman. It makes the 60s version look high tech.


Mike V. said...

Supergirl - Krypton is always destroyed at the beginning of every Superman Mythology story. What does that have to do with Supergirl? And who's to say that this will be part of a DC Cinematic Universe like Marvel has under Disney? Does Warner own this property?

Comic Shows/movies - It's been overloaded for a long time now. But TV is getting a lot worse now. I'm hearing great things about Daredevil. I don't watch Flash, but based on what I'm hearing I might put it up against it. Granted, I'm hearing The CW is just on fire with putting out good television lately. I've heard good things about The 100, which I only watched the pilot. Jane the Virgin, Arrow, Flash, etc.... Still..I have no time for all of it anyway!

Superman/Batman - The movie is inspired from a comic-book story. I don't really know how it goes, but Batman has a powered suit that allows him to go toe to toe with Superman. I'm sure it's laced with kryptonite or something or whatever makes Superman weak in this rebooted era.

That said...the movie looks horrible from the preview. Soooooo dreary and dark. I know it's Batman...but it's also Superman who is supposed to be an inspiration, not regarded as an ALIEN who thinks he's God.

That also said...of course I'll go see it! lol

Leslie said...

Serets - MJ, I just read this and wonder if this is why they worded it the way they did - from TV Line -

"Question: I was wondering if you have any details on a Season 2 for Secrets and Lies? The bonus clip made it seem like Ryan Phillippe would not be returning. Please say it ain’t so. —Christina
Ausiello: It ain’t… actually, it is so. Phillippe only signed on for one season (which explains why ABC killed off his character Ben, as strongly intimated in that flash-forward scene). Season 2 would feature a new case, once again presided over by Juliette Lewis’ super-cheery, positively effervescent detective."

Revenge - I've kept up with it, but I'm glad it's ending! It was one of those shows I let pile up on the DVR, then watch several episodes at time.

Leslie said...

Oops - that was supposed to be Secrets!

Anonymous said...

Supergirl--Well, Zog and a few other criminals escaped from Krypton, so that's where I was going. But, I don't see how one can call her Supergirl if she's not from Krypton. I mean that's really the defining source of power. So, unless she's some kind of much lesser powered inhuman(LOL) in a girls costume with an S, I don't know how you call her Supergirl--lol.

OK, wait a minute. I'm starting to feel like i"m on BBT arguing with Leonard at the comic book store--lol.

Of course, I'm Sheldon--LOL.

When and where is Daredevil? I only recall the movie, which wasn't bad to me but panned by many.


Mike V. said...

I was saying it might be a totally different entity than man of steel. Unlike marvel where everything is connected. But even if it was connected. Who's to say Kara didn't escape? I say Kara from my small like knowledge. Lol

Nice on bbt. I can accept that I'm a Leonard! Lol

Daredevil is a new Netflix series getting rave reviews. Already out.

Anonymous said...

BBT--relationship ep-lol. OK, so Sheldon and Amy are out for now. Sorry but to me it was way to hard to swallow that Sheldon had a ring. Leonard and Penny just don't look too happy about getting married. But, hey they have been dating for a LONG time and so the lust phase has been over some time ago.

It will be interesting how those relationships move forward


Anonymous said...

Blacklist--what a great ep. Finding out something more about Liz's mom,etc


MJ said...

Secrets - damn ! I have to watch that clip again. Did not pick up that he died at all. I do know that Phillipe was on a talk show and said he was def not coming back - so why would they have asked him if he was dead ?

Revenge - yeah I gave that one up last year.

I'm devastated over Mindy Project - though have heard possibly goign to Hulu - which I don't use.

Flash - it was his anunt or grandmas ring so he didn't buy it. LOL

Mike - you should jump on Flash.
I regret not staying with Arrow. I also only watched 100 pilot - but didn not want another show about a bunch of young peeps - getting too old for that to be entertaining. LOL

Have a great weekend all !

MJ said...

Crap ! They are going to make me see Ant Man !

Found a really cool Westeros map (I know I'm not in GofT LOL) but it's a bitmap that was sent to me so can't share it here.

Mike V. said...

AntMan - Previews have looked good! It's Paul Rudd, Michael Douglas, Corey Stahl and Evangeline bad could it be??? But yeah...kinda had to figure he'd be pulled into Avengers and Civil War. I know the basic plot idea to Civil War, so I'm guessing all the additions aren't finished yet. I'm guessing Spiderman will even be in there. Or the introduction to Marvel's Spiderman (as Sony owns the right to the Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield versions) They worked out a deal with Sony to bring Spiderman into the MCU.

ABC Renewals/Cancellations - You guys see that Agent Carter and SHIELD are coming back? Sounds like the SHIELD Spinoff is NOT happening now.

Flash - If it comes on netflix (it's CW so it will)...maybe I'll catch up. You guys haven't steered me wrong in the past!

100 - I'm with you on young kid shows...but this one has Desmond! lol

Mike V. said...

Westeros Map...i want to see it!! lol